barrydkMorning everyone05:25
inetpro_good mornings06:14
Kilosmorning inetpro_  and others06:15
SquirmI best be off to work. Be back in 30.06:19
Kilosso brainy peeps how do i make my ubuntu email address the default? I only see choices for other email addresses07:02
Kilosi keep forgetting to tick on each mail to choose and end up at the moderator eveytime07:03
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inetproKilos: google is your friend07:14
Kilosi have man, and the advise they give doesnt show the ubuntu alias as an option07:15
Kilosdefault is grayed out07:15
Kilosmaybe i must just try remember everytime07:20
Kiloshi TinuvaMac  07:26
TinuvaMacmorning Kilos07:27
Spekkomore manne07:34
Kiloshi Spekko  07:35
Spekkoanother day in paradise hey ?07:42
Kiloshaha i just said that to a guy in some other country07:43
Kiloshi Jacques_Stry  08:07
Kiloshi SDCDev  what you doing?08:46
LangjanHi marius10:49
Langjanand Kilos 10:49
Kiloshi Langjan  10:50
suiramLangjan, dit lyk of ek op die pad ios10:50
LangjanKilos,  why does marius name not work in tab10:50
Kiloshi suiram  welcome by ubuntu-za10:50
Kilosworks here10:51
suiramKilos, thankyou - still learning10:51
Langjansuiram, 10:51
Kilosnot a problem10:51
LangjanOk its old age, trying marius10:51
Langjannou het ons nog 'n oompie10:51
Langjanhys 4 jaar ouer as ek, ancient10:52
Kilosmooi man nou voel ek beter10:52
Kilosregte egte ballie ne10:52
suiramKilos, ek speel nie saam met kinders nie10:52
Langjanjy word nou 'n junior Kilos 10:52
Kiloshier is baie jonges hier, hulle is die slimmes met die nuwe goed10:53
suiramKilos, cheers vireers10:53
Kilosek sien daai ding Langjan  10:53
Langjanmooi loop en lekker dag10:53
Kilossien jou weer10:53
stickyboyGreat article about retro games and pixel art: http://www.dinofarmgames.com/a-pixel-artist-renounces-pixel-art/11:39
magespawngood evening16:14
Kiloshi magespawn  16:15
magespawnhow are you Kilos?16:17
Kilosim good ty magespawn  and you?16:17
magespawnall good thanks16:17
Kiloswe had a bally here older than langjan16:18
Kilosthey just installed 15.04 on his old lappy16:18
magespawncool beans16:18
Kilos86, whew ill never get there16:18
Kilosnono 7616:19
magespawnthat is very cool16:19
magespawndid he get along well?16:19
Kilosits just slow with only 1g ram16:19
magespawnthe full unity?16:20
Kiloshe is going to try get more but looks like 2g is max16:20
Kilosyeah the full unity with xchat hehe16:20
Kilossuiram is his nick16:21
magespawni would suggest going with xubuntu rather16:22
Kilosthey tried lubuntu but decided to go full unity16:22
magespawni run kali linux on my older machine, that has gnome for the desktop16:22
magespawni have never really liked lubuntu, it is lighter, but you give up too much functionality16:23
Kilosoh you must look at bento sometime the pro tried it too16:23
magespawnand with me they always seemed to be buggy16:23
Kilosubuntu with openbox16:23
Kilosi didnt like lubuntu either16:23
Kilosbemto seems quite lekker16:24
Kilosand fast16:24
magespawni did like elementaryOS as well but it is too far behind on the base ubuntu16:24
magespawnlet me go look16:25
Kilosinetpro  you have the bento link please16:25
Kilosi dont know if google can find it being unofficial16:26
magespawnlets see16:27
Kilosi think thats it16:29
Kilosthat ones is based on 12.04 but she is already working on the 15.05 i think16:30
magespawni might wait for that16:31
Kilosshe needs testers16:31
magespawnwhat is that malinux? in the same directory16:32
Kilosthe 14.04 one is out already too16:32
Kilosi have no idea16:32
magespawnunfortunately i depend too much on the computer for work to be go too much out on to the edge16:38
Kilosbut bento is nice and uses ubuntu repos16:38
magespawni was looking into chromeOS16:58
=== magespaw1 is now known as magespawn
magespawnback again17:15
Kiloswb magespawn  17:20
inetprogood evening18:02
Kilosevening inetpro  18:03
stickyboyAnyone been to Khartoum?18:24
kulelu88any experienced Pythonistas here?18:39
magespawngood night all19:01
Kiloswb confluency  19:54
superflykulelu88: some people call me that20:31
superflykulelu88: ping me tomorrow evening around 20:30 if you still have a query20:32
kulelu88thanks superfly 20:59
kulelu88unless you're still here20:59
Kiloshi qwebirc70641  21:11
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za21:11
Kiloshi sharky1  21:11
Kiloswelcome to you as well21:11
qwebirc70641hi guys21:12
kulelu88qwebirc70641: aren't you sharky1 ?21:12
Kilosyou visiting here from the site?21:12
Kilosqwebirc70641  sharky1  if you need help just state what your prob is and someone will help you21:14
Kilosnight all. sleep tight21:27
melodiegood evening21:30
kulelu88melodie: can you send me that free .me coupon again?21:31
kulelu88I lost the email :(21:31
melodiekulelu88 sorry, the promo is over21:35
kulelu88is it? aah well21:35
melodieit expired on april 30th21:35
kulelu88no problemo21:35
melodieit's not expensive at all if you want to buy one21:35
kulelu88I don't want to hold on to many domains. 21:35
kulelu88$10 a piece can add up quickly21:36
melodieyou can have the .me for a smaller price I think21:36
melodiesmallandbeautiful.xyz || 2.50 euros21:37
kulelu88that's cheap21:38
melodieit's a one year promotion21:38
kulelu88and the normal price thereafter?21:39
melodieit looks like it woult b21:39
melodie10.48 (vat needs to be addedà21:39
melodie-à +)21:39
kulelu88I don't get how VAT on digital goods works in europe21:41
kulelu88So if I am in South Africa and you buy a domain for me, do I need to pay your government 20%?21:45
melodiekulelu88 I don't know, but: you might want to ask #gandi : they might know21:46
melodieit's their job, right? 21:46
melodiekulelu88 if your domain has anything to do with ethics, alternate, free software, humanitarian or such you can request a free / no cost domain ending with ".eu.org" ie: somedomain.za.eu.org21:47
melodieyou can check http://eu.org21:48
melodiekulelu88 sure22:24
melodiewe got #gnubirthday.eu.org22:24
melodiefor the 30th Gnu birthday !22:24
melodiewe : a bunch of buddies22:24
melodiethrough internet/forums and linux chans22:24
kulelu88melodie: you must be the only woman I've ever met on IRC.22:25
melodieI have met other ones and so will you22:26
kulelu88melodie: it's not about meeting women, it's just that representation is women in tech is so low and women can be and probably are better programmers than men22:29
kulelu88*of women in tech22:30
melodienot better22:30
melodieas good when interested22:30
melodiejust many women are less interested than men in techs22:31
melodieor less women are22:31
kulelu88or they prefer the sales work instead of the code22:31
kulelu88I don't blame them though. programming can be boring22:31
melodieI don't do programming either, never found any time to learn22:32
melodienot that I didn't try to get myself started22:32
melodieI read the comments in the source :D22:32
kulelu88do you game? melodie 22:33
melodiekulelu88 I don't game either22:34
kulelu88aah okay.22:34
melodieI do Bento Openbox, and hold the website, forum and wiki 22:34
melodieand a bit more22:34
melodieI do hardware (some of it) and help people with their computing issues22:34
melodiekulelu88 what about you?22:35
kulelu88I'm currently doing a bit of coding. 22:36
kulelu88a bit of gaming22:36
kulelu88a bit of tv22:36
melodiewhat do you do in coding? one language, several? a particular goal or just attracted to it?22:37
kulelu88I code mainly in Python22:37
kulelu88but I am learning a bit about static languages too22:38
kulelu88I want to build a few webapps22:38
kulelu88Do you work?22:40
melodieonce a while, it happens 22:41
melodieI hope it will happen more and more :D22:41
melodiedo you?22:41
kulelu88yeah ... why wouldn't I :-/22:42
melodieby lack of work?22:42
kulelu88there is plenty, but I made a plan :)22:42
melodiefinding work around here is a bit hard, but I hope to get more and more to do with time22:42
kulelu88yeah France is a shit country, no offence22:43
melodiekulelu88 no offense, and it is heading to worse and worse22:43
melodiehow is za?22:43
kulelu88Probably worse than France22:43
melodieor whatever country you're living in?22:44
melodieare you living in za?22:44

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