gzcwnkbashing-om yeah taht's fixed it thanks00:00
NairwolfHi, I've found something interesting which doesn't work correctly (I think). When I use the terminal, first thing I do is to type "~∕Doc", and then I press tab to use the auto-completion, but my terminal does not propose me something. Why ?00:00
gzcwnkwhats boa noite mean?00:00
daftykinswhat about "cd Doc *tab* " ?00:00
daftykinsit's not english so who cares (:00:01
Nairwolfyou mean to use the "*" ?00:01
bazhangportugues for good evening00:01
gzcwnkah, good evening  :)00:01
daftykinsNairwolf: no, i meant what i typed00:01
Nairwolfyes, it works without ~00:02
NairwolfI type "cd Doc" then I press tab00:02
Nairwolfbut why it doesn't work with this "cd ~/Doc" then, tab ?00:02
daftykinsno idea00:04
daftykinswhy does it need to? :)00:04
OerHeksNairwolf, it works, but only from an other folder like /00:05
OerHekscd /  # cd ~/Doc<tab> works00:05
NairwolfOerHeks : Sorry, I don't understand what you've said00:05
OerHeksit works from your root = /00:06
Nairwolfwhat means # cd00:06
Nairwolfah, ok00:06
NairwolfNo, it doesn't work from my root /00:06
Nairwolfdaftykins : As "~" mean "/home/nairwolf" I would like to use it and auto-completion also00:07
daftykinsin what circumstance?00:07
daftykinshonestly i think you should just accept it00:07
Nairwolfit's like the use of "~" disable auto-completion00:08
OerHeksHere it works, don't know why it does not work for you00:08
Nairwolfyes, I should just accept that, but, it means if I need to type a long command with ~, I won't use the autocompletion00:09
Nairwolfokay, so, I've an issue....00:09
Nairwolfmoreover, I think it worked before on my system00:09
Nairwolfoh, I've typed "bash"00:10
Nairwolfand now, it works again ;)00:10
daftykinsso apparently your default shell isn't bash 0o00:10
daftykinsthe above works fine here00:10
daftykinsi did "mkdir Test" then "cd ~T *tab*" and it worked fine00:11
Nairwolfand you didn't use "/" between "~" and "T" ?00:11
daftykinsi did00:12
daftykinsbecause that's correct00:12
buddhabuAnyone know the simplest way to disable all kinds of VSync and disable all kinds of frames per second limits in the 'radeon' driver on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS?00:13
daftykinsyou probably can't00:13
buddhabuI'm virtually completely sure it's possible, I just am not sure which method is simplest00:14
daftykinsdoesn't look like it from my searches00:15
daftykinsnot with the radeon driver00:15
buddhabuI've read one thing that said to make a file called something like driiconf in \home00:16
buddhabuAnother thing I think might do it is turning off all effects and animations and eye candy but not sure how to do that properly00:18
buddhabuRead something about turning off compiz completely might help00:18
daftykinswhat are you trying to achieve in general?00:19
buddhabuWell I'm trying uncap the 60 fps limit in this game "Quake Live" which I'm playing through Wine00:19
buddhaburunning it with vblank_mode=0 does the trick for windowed mode but not for fullscreen mode00:20
buddhabuOh actually the file was called something.drirc00:24
buddhabuNot driiconf00:24
gzcwnk60fps is twice what your eyes can see anyway...00:28
daftykinsthat is rubbish00:28
gzcwnkgot a url on that?00:29
sunstartotal bs. i can definately percieve fps higher than 6000:31
daftykinsgzcwnk: not my responsibility to prove it to you i'm afraid :)00:32
Jordan_Usunstar: I think you intended that for another channel.00:32
sunstaryup. had no idea what channel this was00:32
Jordan_Usunstar: Sorry, now I see the context. Replying to messages with that user's nick helps.00:32
phi0xhey :) just wondering if anyone can help point out how I can apt-get bind 9.10.2? (currently stable)00:32
gzcwnkso you cant prove you are not talking cwap(TM) then...00:32
phi0xwhen i try apt-get install bind9, it gets 9.9.500:33
gzcwnkIve read stuff and 60fps sems to be heaps.00:33
daftykinsgzcwnk: please approach channels such as this with a mature attitude in future.00:33
gzcwnkand your reply was mature?00:33
daftykinsfeel free to take that topic to #ubuntu-offtopic :)00:33
buddhabuthere you go gzcwnk00:34
Jordan_Ubuddhabu: What is the refresh rate of your monitor?00:34
gzcwnkwhich kind of proves my point....00:35
buddhabuIt's 60, but with higher fps it still looks better than if capped at 60 for me. Also my latency to servers in the game are lower with no fps caps00:36
buddhabuI know because of testing with Windows where I can make no fps caps easily00:37
daftykinsi'm surprised you're not using fglrx if gaming00:38
* gzcwnk watch bacual backup......bored00:38
gzcwnki need faster disks00:38
buddhabuHow much better is fglrx compared to the 'radeon' driver00:39
daftykinstry it.00:39
buddhabuSeems like a lot of trouble if I want to stay on 14.04 LTS00:40
daftykinsto do what?00:41
buddhabuto switch to fglrx00:41
daftykinsinstalling an entire package? :)00:42
sunstarall i have is legacy hardware but in my experience it actually makes things worse (using fglrx)00:43
daftykinshmm well if you are at legacy status you can't even use fglrx anymore00:43
Jordan_Ubuddhabu: One advantage is support for OpenGL 4.0, but if you don't have any apps that require OpenGL features unavailable in radeon, then that won't matter much to you. Performance may also be better, but that gap has been growing smaller.00:43
daftykinsi think that'd depend on the card00:44
=== JuneBUG is now known as JuneBUG-M-40
buddhabuOh this is with a Mobility Radeon HD 365000:44
daftykinsoh that sounds too old to be supported anymore00:44
daftykinsso no fglrx nope00:44
Captonjamasonso i downloaded a file in the form of .raw that is full of data, i know that this is normally a picture file but how can i extract this file on to my thumbdrive00:45
denis_hi, how to remove Wine in linux ?00:46
=== screedoz is now known as screedo
Captonjamasonsudo apt-get autoremove wine00:46
denis_that is not good program for run application windows.00:46
Captonjamasontry that00:46
Captonjamasonits thye only one though00:46
denis_ok i type that00:46
denis_on terminal00:47
sunstaryou can open Ubuntu Software Center and uninstall it from the list of installed programs or you can go to terminal and type sudo-apt get remove wine   denis_00:47
SchrodingersScatCaptonjamason: so, is it not in fact a picture file?00:47
daftykinsCaptonjamason: it's not an archive, there's no extraction with raw00:47
Captonjamasonwell its a OS on it00:48
Captonjamasonand i know that for a fact00:48
daftykinswhere did you get this...00:48
OerHekspictures in .raw can be converted to .jpg00:48
=== joao is now known as Mete-
OerHeks!info ufraw00:48
OerHeksor use darktable00:48
SchrodingersScatCaptonjamason: maybe you want dd then? if it's like a disk image, or etc.00:48
ubottuufraw (source: ufraw): standalone importer for raw camera images. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.20-2 (vivid), package size 555 kB, installed size 2394 kB00:48
denis_the application is always in my menu why ?00:48
=== help is now known as Guest12520
Captonjamasonhow do i extract it with dd then,00:49
daftykinsCaptonjamason: tell us where you got this file00:49
Captonjamasonjust can i know how to use dd to extract a file00:49
Captonjamasonthats all i need00:50
denis_i go to restart my computer and i go back00:50
daftykinsno, because i don't believe that's appropriate00:50
Guest12520running warty warhod and can't download ndiswrapper00:50
daftykinsso state where you got it so the answer can be confirmed00:50
OerHeksCaptonjamason, don't dd, use a tool to make a regular jpg file00:50
Captonjamasonits not a picture00:50
SchrodingersScatCaptonjamason: yeah, tbf idk if it would work not knowing anything about this, but something like dd if=/foo/bar/mysterious-file.raw of=/dev/sdx # could do it.  That's running on the assumption that this is like an iso, or drive image, or something.00:50
Captonjamasonand ive already found a fourm post that somebody asked with the same question and it worked when he used dd00:51
Captonjamasonso i just flatout want to know how to use dd00:51
daftykinsthat is an incredibly stubborn attitude00:52
SchrodingersScatCaptonjamason: where sdx is your thumbdrive, make sure you get if and of correct, if for the input of dd and of for the output, otherwise it's sad days.00:52
Captonjamasoni dont know how to use dd to extract a file, i dont even know what dd is, all i need is a simple explanation of what command i need to run in terminal00:55
daftykinsand you got one00:55
SchrodingersScatCaptonjamason: there's also 'man dd'00:55
daftykinsbut i will not be helping until you state what this file is and where it came from00:55
daftykins(because i don't like guessing)00:55
OerHeksthere is no archive format in raw AFAIK00:56
SchrodingersScatcould run file on it, see what file has to say about this00:56
daftykinsdoubt it's gonna know00:56
SchrodingersScatprobably DATA00:59
OerHeksprobably a picture of me00:59
daftykinsCommander Data?00:59
joshh20Please help, my server running Ubuntu 15.04 keeps rebooting more than once a day: http://pastebin.com/NaAQ8b7A01:04
joshh20It's some kind of crash but I dont understand whats going on01:04
daftykinsusing 15.04 server isn't too wise as it's non-LTS01:05
daftykinsmaybe start again with real LTS (14.04) if you haven't done much to it.01:05
cryptodanjoshh20: this could be why May 12 08:12:40 sys-ubuntu smartd[1274]: Device: /dev/sdb [SAT], SMART Usage Attribute: 194 Temperature_Celsius changed from 214 to 22201:11
gzcwnk105Dec C is way to hot for a disk01:13
gzcwnkoh wait 194Deg C not f...01:13
gzcwnkthat drive is being killed01:13
Johnny_Linuxput a fork in it01:14
joshh20Wait is that really what it is?01:14
gzcwnkyou should be able to hold your fingers on a disk, ie 40~50 deg c01:14
cryptodancheck your log that you just pasted01:14
joshh20Its hosted by a company in a datacenter01:14
daftykinsway under 40 deg C.01:14
gzcwnk194dec would melt the solder on the circuit board btw01:14
gzcwnkit melts at 122 deg c01:15
gzcwnkso its probably F01:15
cryptodanI see that repeated at or around 0800 to 090001:15
Johnny_Linuxsounds like the servo ic01:15
joshh20I just ran 'smartctl -a /dev/sdb' and it outputted this under one of the lines '194 Temperature_Celsius     0x0002   206   206   000    Old_age   Always       -       29 (Min/Max 20/45)'01:15
daftykinsjoshh20: and?01:17
joshh20Well that looks like it's saying the temperature is only 29 degrees Celsius01:18
daftykinssure does01:18
gzcwnksmart should say passed or not01:19
gzcwnk29deg c is fine01:19
joshh20gzcwnk It says the SMART test is passed01:19
joshh20'SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: PASSED"01:19
gzcwnkanything on the console when its rebooting?01:20
joshh20Well its headless so I'm not sure01:20
Idlerif you set quiet splash on booting ubuntu will ubuntu information that is quickly displayed later be available in syslog?01:21
daftykinsmight be on boot.log01:22
gzcwnkI had a quick look in your paste nothing jumped out as an issue01:22
Jordan_UIdler: Yes.01:22
joshh20Should I paste kern.log and boot.log ?01:23
Idleris that later deleted when ubuntu shuts down? like cleaning /tmp01:23
gzcwnkwell that went badly....i just put a gui on my server and now I have no terminal at all01:23
daftykinsit'd probably be better to use the channel as support, like it's intended - rather than a chat spot, gzcwnk01:24
gzcwnkok so how do i recover from no video?01:27
ubottuIf your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode01:28
daftykinstry modifying GRUB_GFXMODE01:28
joshh20Here is my kern.log : http://mythicraids.com/docs/kern.log.txt01:30
joshh20Tried to use pastebin but it said it was too big01:30
Idlerhow many lines is this?01:31
anibal_no body now rietr in spanish01:31
gzcwnkany idea after I try and login I get "failed to load ubuntu"?01:31
daftykins!es | anibal_ english only channel here01:31
ubottuanibal_ english only channel here: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:31
gzcwnkload session ubuntu01:31
Idlerso when you select ubuntu on grub is says failed to load ubuntu01:32
gzcwnkyes...ive selected recovery now so I have a terminal01:34
=== sleepypc is now known as `hypermist`
gzcwnkinteresting how 2 identical vms can behave so difeerent;y01:34
`hypermist`Interesting thing i have here, I have windows 7 on my pc. but want to dual boot ubuntu, i get into the ubuntu installation then it says it cannot detect any operating systems and wants me to format my whole drive, what do i do ?01:35
daftykinsmust not be identical :D01:35
gzcwnkI might go back to 12.04 even 14 seems somewhat unstable01:35
daftykins`hypermist`: sounds like you're booting as EFI when Windows is installed as legacy01:35
daftykins!efi | `hypermist` read here01:35
ubottu`hypermist` read here: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:35
`hypermist`Okay so time to go look at my bios :X01:36
joshh20I bet my RAM is bad01:36
gzcwnkjoshh20 then run memtest01:36
daftykins`hypermist`: well that or the one time boot menu01:36
gzcwnkstress it01:36
`hypermist`daftykins, i need it so yea.01:37
`hypermist`TO THE BIOS!01:37
`hypermist`To test if my project is windows resitant01:37
`hypermist`I need to use ubuntu haha01:38
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
=== uwishununoware is now known as uwishuno
dmuckwtf twinkie01:42
hyperbuntuUhm dafty.01:42
hyperbuntuI uhm dont have any of the things listed in that page01:43
dmuckhey guys01:43
daftykins'the things' ?01:43
dmuckmy computer is being stupid, i cant install wine and its pissing me off what do i do01:43
hyperbuntuLike disable quick booot and all01:43
coaxHi folks, I have a question. I just bought a 4k diaplay and am using i301:43
Idlerif you are having a boot problem you can just completly reinstall ubuntu and overwride everything, fixes almost anything, new grub etc, fresh install, but WARNING- DELETES ALL YOUR FILES01:44
coaxI am trying to get my ubuntu font sizes to be readable. I have ubuntu-tweak-tool isntalled and have adjusted the font sizes01:44
coaxBut it doesn't seem to take effect...01:44
daftykinshyperbuntu: the bit you're meant to look at is boot menu options, where boot devices are listed twice - one UEFI and one not01:44
hyperbuntuOh hehe i didnt see that01:46
hyperbuntuLets hope this didnt freeze look l01:49
hyperbuntuLol *01:49
hyperbuntuHow long should it stay on the ubuntu loading screen?01:51
daftykinsfrom a USB flash drive?01:52
daftykinsnot long01:53
hyperbuntuWell its not progressing haha01:53
daftykinswhat's your graphics hardware?01:53
hyperbuntuIts a laptop inbuilt gpu01:53
hyperbuntuIntel graphics01:53
daftykinsand it's...?01:53
codepython777I've a usb 3 drive for mac, how do i turn it into a bootable ubuntu? I dont have anything else with me right now.01:53
hyperbuntuThats all i know lol01:54
hyperbuntuIt was faster lastnight01:54
hyperbuntuBut it froze when i told it to shutdown01:54
daftykinsjuean: ...01:55
coaxnobody is going to help me :(01:55
jueanwhat is ubuntu?01:56
daftykins!manual | juean01:56
ubottujuean: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/01:56
deadmundjuean: ubuntu is an operating system.01:56
codepython777coax: what do you need?01:56
hyperbuntuSo does that mean its crashed dafty?01:57
jueanlesson plis01:57
daftykinshyperbuntu: i can't see from here01:57
coaxcodepython777: I have a high resolution display01:57
daftykinshyperbuntu: experiment with USB ports01:57
coaxcodepython777: and I am trying to get text to be at a readable size01:57
hyperbuntuKk dafty01:57
coaxcodepython777: I've never been able to get anything under unity-control-center Displays to work01:57
coaxcodepython777: Always get an error01:58
coaxcodepython777: Been using xrandr01:58
coaxI want to scale up UI elements, that's about it01:59
jueanWhat day is today?01:59
codepython777coax: perhaps do a 15.xx install? I'm guessing they took care of that problem by now?01:59
deadmundcoax:   Have you seen this guide / done this stuff?  http://askubuntu.com/questions/472262/adapt-ubuntu-to-a-high-dpi-resolution-screen02:00
jueanno i am not02:00
hyperbuntuDafty its still not detecting win 702:01
daftykinsyou didn't mention what you did02:01
hyperbuntuI turned on uefi02:01
coaxdeadmund: I have issues with that displays menu working02:01
coaxFailed to apply configuration: %s02:02
daftykinshyperbuntu: no that's not a thing, you want to boot legacy02:02
coaxGDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SettingsDaemon was not provided by any .service files02:02
deadmundcoax: Then I'm afraid I'm not any more help! :(02:02
coaxThat's what I get ...02:02
hyperbuntuIt was already legacy before hand dafty and it still didnt detect02:02
daftykinshyperbuntu: ok boot either way then open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get install pastebinit && sudo parted -l | pastebinit"02:03
deadmundcoax: some guy fixed that by removing all of his ~/.* files.  Is that unacceptable for you?   http://askubuntu.com/questions/301373/display-settings-fail-to-apply-on-13-04-with-gnome-3-6-3-802:06
hyperbuntuLol dafty i use legacy and my trackpad stops02:07
codepython777is there an iso somewhere that i can burn on an external hard drive for mac - and boot from it?02:08
daftykinscodepython777: not mac but a standard 64-bit desktop ISO would work02:09
daftykinsdd it onto the drive02:09
=== Munt_ is now known as Munt
codepython777daftykins: my external drive is 256GB. Can i expand to fit?02:10
daftykinscodepython777: you would have to boot from other media to install to that02:11
codepython777daftykins: dont have other media is the problem02:14
daftykinstreat yourself to a flash drive from your local supermarket02:15
preyaloneAnyone know of a similar feature to policyc.d in Debian, for preventing services from auto starting upon installation?02:15
hyperbuntuhttp://imgur.com/YIa6U9b dafty02:15
hyperbuntuIts stuck there02:16
rik_ferreirahello, does anyone knows a free vpn software for ubuntu?02:17
daftykinshyperbuntu: hmm, beginning to think your media / machine is a bit suspect02:17
daftykinshyperbuntu: md5 your download of ubuntu to check it then remake the flash drive from scratch02:17
hyperbuntuIt was downloaded lastnight haha02:18
hyperbuntuGoimg to remake usb02:19
daftykinshyperbuntu: use universal USB installer from pendrivelinux.com02:19
jay_hi everyone02:19
jay_I got a little puzzle here02:19
deadmundjay_: what?02:20
daftykins!details | jay_02:21
ubottujay_: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)02:21
jay_i have a seagate hard drive, it was external i put it on an ubuntu system Im trying to copy the data off as the enclosure is dead02:21
daftykinsjay_: so where's the problem?02:22
jay_i mounted the drive using the ext2 pacakge02:23
jay_but when i do ls /mnt/seagate it just sits there02:23
daftykins'package' ?02:23
jay_also cannot see /seagate in the file manager under mnt, but if i view /mnt properties it shows seagate02:23
jay_ext2 install02:24
jay_sorry fuseext202:24
daftykinsext2 is supported by default, nothing needs installing02:24
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=== bill is now known as Guest21541
jay_the package is fuseext2_0.4-1.1_i386.deb02:25
daftykinsjay_: "mount | pastebinit"02:26
jay_daftykins I am a bit confused02:26
daftykinsok well take it one step at a time and run my above command02:27
jay_is this what you wanted02:28
daftykinsjay_: also "sudo parted -l | pastebinit"02:28
daftykinsjay_: so it's this 4TB one?02:29
jay_yes correct02:30
jay_3.6 tb is data i need back02:30
=== NiTeMaRe is now known as trobotham
daftykinsjay_: you've been trying to mount the external's OS partitions not the data one02:30
jay_DOH sorry <newb sorta02:30
jay_whats the next steps02:30
daftykinsjay_: so run "sudo mkdir /mnt/disk" then "sudo mount -t ext4 /dev/mapper/vg1-lv1 /mnt/disk" then "ls /mnt/disk/"02:31
daftykinssee if it shows your data02:31
jay_im getting a wrong fs error02:32
jay_on the second step02:32
daftykinstry skipping the "-t ext4" bit02:32
jay_yeah it says bad superblock then it gives the drive02:32
daftykinsmight need someone with LVM skills at this point02:32
jay_yeah same error02:33
hyperbuntuWhat is better lubuntu kubuntu or normal ubuntu?02:33
daftykinshmm well it could be a corrupted volume, but best someone who knows LVM suggests something02:33
daftykinsjay_: although how did it die?02:33
jay_the nic card fried in the enclosure02:34
jay_the drive itself is fine02:34
renderoi can only enter ubuntu from rescatux and then i can see the grub menu and i have to enter in recovery mode, the error is modeprobe error unknown filesystem02:34
daftykinsjay_: ah.02:34
jay_they sent me a new drive, i thought about cracking it open and putting old drive in, but i have no idea what that might do02:34
daftykinsbad idea02:35
jay_why do you say that02:35
daftykinsi think that drive took some of the damage02:35
daftykinsmany reasons02:35
daftykinswarranty, this disk is obviously a bit funky02:36
daftykins'/win 1302:36
jay_ok well no offense but the linux recovery route has been a dead end for days02:36
jay_many people start to help then drift off02:36
jay_i could care less about the warranty, tehy gave me permission to crack open the drive (seagate) i just want my files back02:36
hyperbuntuDafty out of 3 what one is nicest, lubuntu kubuntu or straight Ubuntu?02:37
daftykinsjay_: well it looks to me like that drives file system has been corrupted02:37
GibarianDepends on your machine02:37
daftykinsjay_: it's only been a dead end since you're new to it clearly02:37
hyperbuntuWhat has the nicest feel gibarian02:37
jay_daftykins ok , so i have tried everyones "cure" and none have worked02:38
daftykinsi haven't supplied one.02:38
jay_i tried xubuntu and something called r-linux DEAD END, i tried a software called parted, DEAD END,02:38
jay_i could go on and on02:38
daftykinsjay_: dmesg | pastebinit02:38
jay_ive written in forums, performed steps,02:38
daftykinsah so you want this to require no effort?02:39
daftykinshyperbuntu: lubuntu is for old low spec machines really02:39
daftykinsit's personal preference for the other two02:39
jay_no i do not mind effort im a network admin for windows, so im ok with effort, i just hate dead ends02:39
jay_ill go to the ends of the earth to get that data back02:39
Ben64jay_: is the actual drive good02:40
daftykinsalright but just bear in mind your tone isn't hugely bearable right now02:40
jay_the NIC card blew in the enclosure02:41
jay_im frustrated02:41
jay_seagate sent me a brand new 4tb central its an exact copy02:41
daftykinshrmm - EXT4-fs (dm-0): bad block size 6553602:41
jay_i have a few days to send the cannibalized drive back before they bill me an asset fee for the new drive02:41
Gibarianhyperubuntu I like Lubuntu, and Xubuntu02:42
Gibarianand LXLE02:42
Ben64jay_: trying to recover /dev/sdb8 ???02:42
=== test is now known as Guest11505
Gibarianthose three are nice02:42
jay_correct ben6402:42
daftykinsBen64: yeah you any good with mounting LVM?02:42
jay_thats where i think the data lives02:42
daftykinsi don't have a clue with LVM.02:42
Gibarianalthough Dropbox is making my ocd life miserable02:42
Ben64daftykins: oh is it lvm02:42
hyperbuntuIm just trying to find a sweet spot to start deving gibarian haha02:42
Gibarianin LXDE02:42
Ben64yeah it is :(02:43
jay_seagate apprently set the drive up like a raid-102:43
Ben64daftykins: i don't use fancy stuff like lvm or encryption, for this exact reason02:43
jay_several of the "drives" show the drives software, the large chunk holds the share data02:43
GibarianThe sweet spot, hard to find02:43
jay_i was told to mount it and remove the data02:44
daftykinsfound a forum post on this exact drive02:44
jay_probably my post lol02:44
jay_daftykins link?02:45
daftykinsare you samosater?02:45
jay_no im jaysodyssey02:45
daftykinssudo fuseext2 -o ro -o sync_read /dev/mapper/vg1-lv1 /mnt/disk02:45
jay_ive seen numerous posts but they all end suddenly02:45
daftykinspost 2302:45
jay_daftykins i got a bunch of fuse-umfuse lines02:46
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:46
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daftykinsjay_: ls -al /mnt/disk/02:48
daftykinsjay_: and also "ls -al /mnt/disk/Public/" ?02:48
daftykinsshould see your data02:48
jay_yeah i can see it all!02:50
daftykinsok so your next task is to mount the new drive over the network so you can back it up, correct?02:50
jay_yeah if i do not crack the new drive i can sell it on beay02:50
jay_i dont want the damn thing lol02:50
daftykinsso what do you want to do now? as i guessed above, or?02:51
jay_so my guess is i unbox the new drive, plug it in to the linux box and then away we go?02:51
daftykinsif i owned that drive i'd want rid of those awkward partitions02:51
jay_can i see my data in a folder structure on this box02:51
jay_Im not keeping it daftykins02:51
daftykinspretty sure you should have just done so with my lass command02:51
jay_im backing it up then sending the old drive back to seagate then selling the new one02:52
jay_no i mean in an explorer window02:52
jay_sorry nautilus02:52
daftykinswhy must it be graphical?02:52
jay_lol sorry im a winblows guy02:52
jay_i guessi can drill down02:52
daftykinsso am i but i still prefer CLI02:52
jay_but i would like to be able to open a few files02:52
daftykinsi don't understand where your data is gonna live once you get rid of both :P02:52
jay_on a lacey vault02:53
daftykinsok "ls -al /mnt/ | pastebinit"02:53
daftykinsi'll be back in 5, i gotta do a couple of house chores02:53
jay_cool ill be here02:53
jay_thanks for the help btw some headway finally02:53
daftykinsjay_: can you run the above?02:57
kruugis there a version that doesn't install with a GUI?02:57
kruugis that still the server edition?02:57
jay_i executed the command, it has nto returned any output02:57
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daftykinsjay_: hrmm it really should have. that's "ls -al /mnt/" (lower case L)03:00
melissa_Hi there everyone03:01
Bashing-om!minimal | kru03:02
ubottukru: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:02
Bashing-omkruug: ^^03:02
kruugBashing-om: Is that still LiveCD-able?03:02
melissa_Well I have learned a little more about xubuntu and I am  really enjoying it.03:02
Bashing-omkruug: No live mode with that .iso .03:02
daftykinsmelissa_: ok, got a support question? that's what this channel is for03:03
jay_yeah i did it the way you put it in, it hangs03:03
kruugIs there a LiveCD that doesn't have the GUI?03:03
melissa_I am still of course new to linux to begin with but I am enjoying it.03:03
kruugmelissa_: welcome :)  It's a great time :)03:03
Bashing-omkruug: I think the two are mutaully exclusive .03:04
melissa_thanks for the reminder daftykins just mentioning it is all03:04
daftykinsjay_: hrmm ok well install gksu/gksudo then click the dash top left and run "gksudo nautilus" to be able to browse to /mnt/disk/Public and try some files i guess03:04
daftykinsmelissa_: ok, well chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic :)03:04
kruugBashing-om: alright, thanks.  Is there a lighter version of Ubuntu for LiveCD's?  I have a 4GB USB, and I tried the regular/Unity version, and updating it took up the majority of the USB drive.03:05
daftykinskruug: you don't run from the flash drive permanently :)03:06
melissa_Is there a good program for playing dvd's?03:06
daftykinsyou just install from it03:06
daftykinsmelissa_: vlc03:06
jay_daftykins i cannot find gksudo03:06
Bashing-omkruug: lubuntu is the lightest live install that I am aware of .03:06
daftykinsmight be gksu03:06
kruugdaftykins: I'm wanting to.03:06
kruugBashing-om: thanks, I'll give that a shot :)03:07
daftykinskruug: to which?03:07
rik_ferreirahello, does anyone knows any free vpn software for ubuntu?03:07
jay_nmv im installing gksu now03:07
melissa_I found xubuntu fairly easy to install03:07
kruugdaftykins: run from the USB long-term03:07
daftykinskruug: bad move03:07
kruugI don't want to run a HDD/SSD, I just want access to the processor and GPU03:08
kruugand RAM03:08
kruugfor altcoin mining03:08
kruugdaftykins: :)03:08
melissa_all my hardware was supported with xubuntu no editing needed03:08
est31kruug, there are lighter linux versions03:08
Bashing-omkruug: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu .03:08
jay_daftykins it is isntalled but i cannot locate it03:09
est31kruug, try LFS, it has many options03:09
kruugest31: do they run off USB?03:09
est31yes that too03:09
est31kruug, easiest is network based boot03:09
daftykinsbear in mind est31 doesn't understand the situation since those suggestions don't help03:09
kruugest31: LFS is too involved for my needs now, and netboot won't work03:09
jay_ok i got it to pop up the run command03:09
est31there are other options on the spectrum too kruug03:10
daftykinsjay_: yep so 'gksu nautilus' should open a GUI file browser that can navigate to and allow opening of the files on that disk for testing03:10
sunstarif gksu is installed03:10
daftykinssunstar: see above where we did that part03:10
est31in theory kruug you can properly install ubuntu onto an usb stick too03:11
jay_i popped the file manager but i cannot see a drive with my data in it03:12
melissa_The only thing I can't do is use magic jack as I have the usb version and I have a Sprint Aircard no router but oh well03:12
jay_not like i can see in the shell03:12
est31just google for "rescue linux" kruug03:13
est31most of them can be installed onto an usb drive03:13
est31and on most of them you have root03:13
daftykinsjay_: you have to browse to the path /mnt - this isn't Windows :) you don't get graphical entries for each drive03:14
kruugOk, currently the way I know is to use Universal USB Installer to "install" Ubuntu onto the USB03:14
kruugbut that goes for the "LiveUSB" approach03:14
daftykinsthat's not install03:14
est31you need two sticks03:14
daftykinsyou'd have to either throw it on USB with persistence, or have a second flash drive to install from one to the other :D03:15
est31the first one is the "live usb" one03:15
est31which you install using that universal installer03:15
est31the second one is used as "HDD" in the installation dialog when you boot using the first stick03:15
est31it also works with just one stick03:15
est31when you start with qemu for example03:16
kruugah, that's a good point03:16
melissa_I found the easiest way to install was to burn the ISO to dvd and change the setting in the bios for the system to see it03:16
kruugmelissa_: my DVD drive on this laptop is eSATA external, and I left it at the office :/03:16
est31you give qemu-system-i386 -hda path-to-iso.iso -hdb /dev/sd-something03:16
est31that should work I think03:16
melissa_krug that could cause problems :)03:17
est31perhaps replace -hda with -cdrom03:17
kruugHmmm...I wonder if I could plug this stick into my ESXi server and pass-through to Debian to install from there03:17
* daftykins shakes his head03:17
daftykinsjay_: found it yet?03:17
melissa_I am not an expert or anywhere past a linux beginner so :)03:17
est31daftykins ?03:17
melissa_Right now I am learning linux with fun.03:18
kruugmelissa_: Linux is fun, and totally worth it!03:18
melissa_krug as I think I mentioned before every time was running windows I wanted to be like Ernest T and break a few :)03:19
jay_daftykins i am trying to but whenever i get near that drive it freezes03:20
daftykinsmmm sounds a bit sickly03:20
jay_ii know that why i want my data off it03:21
jay_i did sudo ls /mnt and it sits there03:21
daftykinsjay_: sudo apt-get install smartmontools && sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdb | pastebinit03:21
jay_daftykins are you going to be here for an hour or so?03:21
daftykinswaiting for this baseball game to end then i'm gone03:21
jay_ok so hang on then03:21
melissa_Years ago I used linux just briefly but I see linux has really advanced.03:22
daftykinsmelissa_: still not a chat channel. you can chat aaaaall you like in #ubuntu-offtopic :)03:22
daftykinshmm good old seagate and their confusing SMART data03:24
jay_sorry daftykins not trying to be difficult03:24
jay_i wonder if there is a command i cna execute to jsut dump that entire partition to the new drive03:24
daftykinsis this a live session you're using?03:24
jay_we can see it so thats a start03:24
jay_no i installed ubuntu03:25
jay_i didnt waste time with livecds03:25
daftykinswell, are you planning on cracking the other one open to plug the second 4TB disk in internally?03:25
jay_not if we can get this one to show up03:25
phi0xanyone know how long it may take for a ubuntu package to get updated? I'm waiting for bind 9.10.2 to be released.03:25
jay_ill just hook the external up via IP03:25
jay_and send it all over using samba i think03:25
jay_that should work03:25
phi0xi've posted on launchpad a request for update but have not seen anyone comment in the past few hours since i posted it.03:25
daftykinsjay_: ok well i think you should reboot this machine and remount the drive, given the other failed attempts so far03:25
daftykinsget the other drive setup and running on the network03:26
jay_ok ill brb03:26
jay_its still in its box03:26
jay_im nowhere near that point03:26
jay_last time iwaso n linux wasb ack when debian and suse first came out03:26
jay_ill reboot to start brb03:26
daftykinsNrk9t1x: off topic no thanks03:26
OerHeksNrk9t1x, please dont spam, thanks03:27
Nrk9t1xits not spam, its an information03:27
OerHeksNrk9t1x, yes you spam03:27
Nrk9t1xsome will like it to know about, others will not03:28
Nrk9t1xthat's life03:28
OerHeksit is the only reason why you come here. please leave03:28
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drewbiousIf I'm adding a user, how do I set it so that they only have access to their own /home/username folder?03:30
cothandon't add him as admin03:31
drewbiouscothan: I am just adding the user as a regular user with adduser.03:32
OerHeksuseradd -m USERNAME03:32
jay_i am back with a fresh boot03:32
drewbiousOerHeks: Is that for me? :p03:32
OerHekssee man adduser03:32
OerHeksdrewbious, yes03:32
daftykinsjay_: cool, so repeat the mount command from earlier and confirm you see the drive contents again03:33
cothani have problem with my graphic after update kernal03:34
daftykinswhat kind?03:34
cothanmy screen is randomly freeze03:34
daftykinswhich card?03:34
cothanand has vertical green line03:34
cothanAMD/ATI 647003:34
daftykinswhich driver?03:34
cothanx.org driver03:35
daftykinsgive it a reinstall, i am more expecting 'fglrx' or 'radeon' though03:35
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cothani installed fglrx before. try to uninstall it as well.03:36
ersteHi, does the Backup from Ubuntu 14.04 backs up everything?, Like, can it take a "snapshot" of my current Ubuntu? .. I want to make some changes to it, which I'm unsure of it will work or not.. so in case it goes wrong, I would like to restore it back to how it was now.. anyone?03:36
jay_daftykins all data is visible03:37
daftykinsok got the new drive fired up yet?03:37
jay_no lol im not that fast stand by03:37
jay_like i said its been a long time for linux and me03:37
daftykinschop chop!03:37
Munthello gentlemen, i’ve been spending the day setting up a virtual host on a ubuntu desktop machine.     it’s all going well except it will not run php code.   it displays static pages ok … but php doesnt execute.   any ideas what i’m over looking ?03:38
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daftykinsan apache virtual host?03:39
daftykinsso a website03:39
cothanhave you start php server like apache ? @munt03:39
Muntapache2 is alive and well … and directing web users where they need to go03:40
est31doesn't apache do that autmatically cothan?03:40
est31(when its instructed to)03:40
Muntphp5 module is loaded and running03:40
daftykinsMunt: so libapache2-mod-php5 is on ok? sounds like you need to do that site config that tells apache to execute the PHP03:41
Muntphp_admin_flag engine on ?03:41
daftykinsno idea.03:42
jay_new drive is plugggedi n and initializing daftykins03:42
jay_its booted but i have to try to find it now03:43
daftykinsinstall nmap03:43
daftykinssudo nmap -sP
daftykinsif that's your home subnet03:43
wafflejockMunt, I did a video walk through here https://youtu.be/zQNbsCTFrAA?t=17m42s03:44
Muntthanks wafflejock i’ll look atthat now03:44
wafflejockMunt, can check the steps there, small change is in apache 2.4 vs 2.2 I was using /var/www is now /var/www/html for apache 2.4+03:44
jay_ok doing03:44
Muntmines at var/www03:45
Muntafter lamp-server^ install03:45
daftykinsMunt: which ubuntu server?03:45
MuntDesktop 1503:45
Munti have the same issue on debian03:46
jay_ok it says it scanned 12 hosts03:46
daftykinsjay_: should show all their IPs too so then try and hit those with a web browser assuming that thing has a web admin03:46
jay_it does03:47
jay_im on it03:47
uncle_ben does anybody here use fsarchiver on a regular basis?03:47
wafflejockMunt run, sudo a2enmod php503:48
jay_found the printer lol03:48
Muntwafflejock: done too … its loaded03:48
wafflejockMunt, if that works the module should be enabled03:48
wafflejockMunt, k then make a test.php with <?php phpinfo(); ?>03:48
wafflejockMunt, restart apache as well just for good measure03:48
wafflejockMunt, sudo service apache2 restart03:48
jay_it was the 12th ip03:50
Muntmmm ok … that works, but my php file doesn’t i’ll have to look into that.    thanks for helping me wafflejock03:50
jay_setting it up now03:50
wafflejockMunt, yup np03:50
Muntwafflejock: my php files permmissions were all screwed up >,<03:50
daftykinshyperbuntu: type a question along with a highlight next time03:51
daftykinsotherwise you're just getting my attention so i can have my time wasted :)03:51
wafflejockMunt, ah yeah permissions gotchas happen a lot with web server setups03:51
hyperbuntuhttp://imgur.com/2lMkd54 with a fresh ubuntu iso i downloaded daftykins03:52
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Muntwafflejock: my php says “Please verify proper write permissions to continue. If this persists, contact your web hosting provider and tell them that is_writable("/home/munt/Webs/bigshop/") returns FALSE in PHP.”03:52
daftykinshyperbuntu: and the command i asked to run? :)03:52
jay_making the ip static daftykins03:52
jay_its initialized03:52
hyperbuntuCan you paste again please dafty03:53
daftykinsnevermind i don't have time to help anyway.03:53
jay_daftykins the drive is ready03:53
wafflejockMunt, yeah so whatever you're trying to run there needs the process running the php processing to have write access to the folder it specifies there03:53
daftykinssomeone else might be free, hyperbuntu03:53
cothanwhat is your best hexditor, i use bless, but it don't let me save the same file when editing. then i use ghex, but can't copy and paste data to it.03:53
cothancan you suggest me a few app?03:53
wafflejockMunt, typically apache2 process and the modules will be run as www-data03:53
daftykinsjay_: alright so does it require a user+pass to mount via samba (e.g. map network drive on Windows) or does guest access work?03:54
wafflejockMunt, so chown www-data:www-data /home/munt/Webs/bigshop/ or whatver the path is should work03:54
jay_when i mount it in windows we use user pass03:54
jay_like mapping ad rive03:54
wafflejockMunt, typically I keep my stuff as some sub-folder of /var/www though so not sure if you'll hit other issues or not03:54
Muntwafflejock: is it a setting in the Virtualhosts conf ?        the folder is symblinked to my www folder from home03:54
daftykinsjay_: was it just admin:something or did you just now have to set up a user?03:54
jay_i setup the user03:54
Muntlet me try that command thank you03:54
jay_i vguely remember samba shares03:55
jay_its been awhile03:55
jay_back then getting linux to talk to anything but itslef was a chore03:55
daftykinsjay_: in a terminal on the ubuntu machine, try "sudo mkdir /mnt/nas" then "sudo mount -t cifs //IP address/sharename /mnt/nas -o username=blah,password=blah"03:55
wafflejockMunt, yeah you'll want -r in there too for recursive, can check man chown for details, basically changes the ownership user:group for a folder/files03:55
wafflejock!permissions | Munt03:56
ubottuMunt: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions03:56
Muntthanks man03:56
jay_daftykins: like this03:58
jay_sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/nas -o username=Jay ,password=Toshib@202003:58
jay_it spits out mnt help03:58
daftykinshrmm wonder if i'm forgetting something03:59
Encapsulationwhy is ubuntu so bloated03:59
Encapsulationand what can be done03:59
jay_never mind i missed a space03:59
jay_ok its executed03:59
jay_ls /mnt/nas04:00
jay_grr ooops04:00
jay_ok i created a folder called olddrive04:00
jay_on the nas04:01
daftykinsEncapsulation: so installing an OS that's <5GB in 2015 is bloated huh?04:01
daftykinspeople today.04:01
jay_he obviously has not looked at windows8 lol04:01
jay_I do agree though ubuntu hesitates when launching apps, xubuntu didnt do that04:01
daftykinsjay_: "sudo rsync -arv --progress /mnt/disk /mnt/nas/olddrive" should work04:02
vonsyd0wdaftykins, my server installs are 706MB ;)04:02
daftykinsyes where the key word is 'server'04:02
daftykinsalso i doubt that's serving much04:02
jay_transfer has started04:02
jay_im guessing this willtake a little while04:03
daftykinsshould start going through all the files and folders?04:03
jay_it is yes04:03
daftykinsand show copy progress04:03
Muntneeded to add my user to the wwwdata group with a *04:03
vonsyd0wthey're load balancers, dont need much of an install04:03
daftykinswith no mention of errors with any luck04:03
vonsyd0wand they serve a lot04:03
jay_yes each file is displaying with a percent and timer04:03
jay_no errors and the new drive is chugging away04:03
daftykinsyep so depending on how much data you have, come back in x hours ;)04:03
jay_thanks so much daftykins04:04
jay_i really do miss linux04:04
daftykinsno problemo, to be honest it was all down to that post already existing04:04
daftykinsi'd have never thought about using some weird fuse ext2 mount for a drive claiming to be ext404:04
jay_i just bought an ultrabook with win8 on it and its a 1.9 pounder,  want to run it strictly on linux but i would be lost04:04
jay_i need to run graphics design, a blog, a video editing suite, and email04:05
jay_but i knwo thats antoher forum04:05
daftykinson a laptop? :S04:05
jay_yeah im a travel blogger daftykins04:05
jay_i live on the road04:05
daftykinsoh wow04:05
daftykinsfun life!04:05
jay_daftykins to see who you just helped go to jaysodyssey.com if your inclined04:05
daftykinsok :)04:06
jay_follow me on twitter and we can talk04:06
jay_not advertisingbtw04:06
jay_just information04:06
jay_going to eat some all you can eat chili and scream daftykins name to the stars04:06
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jay_ill ahng here should something go wrong but i think its good04:06
jay_it will be quite some time before this finishes04:07
daftykinsthose poor stars... ;)04:07
jay_so daftykins this xfer is ldap right04:09
jay_over ethernet04:09
daftykinsnewp samba04:09
jay_so its going to be limited by i think 100 MPps04:09
jay_wait or maybe a gig04:09
jay_grr whatever its happening thats all that matters04:10
daftykinsdepends what your network speed is, mmm04:10
jay_gig a bit04:10
daftykinsbut you'd unlikely see >50MB/sec on a single disk transfer04:10
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jay_ok i thought as much we would be limited by disk speed04:10
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TheEternalAbysshttp://pastebin.com/Wtiu4r76 <-- can someone look into this for me? How can I fix this issue?04:20
daftykinsTheEternalAbyss: find a Plex channel and ask them for help04:22
TheEternalAbyssi have04:22
TheEternalAbyssi thought i'd ask here as well since.. you know.. i'm running ubuntu and it's a linux permissions thing04:23
daftykinsi was expecting your pastebin to actually show the file system permissions04:24
TheEternalAbyssI can give some info about that04:26
TheEternalAbyssessentially main user is theeternalabyss 775, group and other: theeternalabyss has read access04:28
TheEternalAbyssthe plex user id is "plex"04:28
TheEternalAbyssi added plex id to the group theeternalabyss, but the plex server says permission denied essentially cause it won't read the file04:29
rigobert_i added yesterday a problem with ubuntu and windows 8. Bing04:30
rigobert_has any one a solution?04:30
daftykinsadded it where?04:31
TheEternalAbyssthrough terminal04:32
daftykinsthat wasn't to you04:32
rigobert_i dont now where i can find my qestion04:33
xanguarigobert_: this is not an ask, leave, come back later thing04:36
Munti alsomost have my server configured … i think.       i can get php to run, but it doesnt look right.     https://www.dropbox.com/s/wx3xsw5xmz5ylje/Screenshot%202015-05-13%2005.35.52.png?dl=0      the top “import buddy”  is how it looks on my server.      the bottom is how it /should/ look04:37
Muntany ideas what might cause that sort of behaviour ?04:37
Muntthe images are encoded in the importbuddy.php file04:38
daftykinsi see evidence of webmin04:38
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.04:39
Muntdaftykins: yes its got webmin installed … >,<04:39
daftykinsare you just dumping and restoring a MySQL database?04:40
Muntmore or less04:40
daftykinsi don't see the need for all these products and junk04:40
daftykinsi did mine recently to migrate to trusty server, using mysqldump04:41
MuntI’m concerned that this php file is not running correctly at all04:41
Muntdaftykins: i am quite ignornat to how to use linux04:41
Muntim only doing what i read online04:41
daftykinsi was learning too04:41
diuneighcan someone help me? I cannot get the trash to permanently delete... I tried rm -rf in terminal and it doesn't work.04:41
daftykinsi don't know what's up there but maybe apache logs will help04:41
diuneighany ideas to help?04:45
teeray76any one else new to #linux and #ubuntu ?04:48
TheEternalAbyssnot particularly new, but far from expert here04:48
TheEternalAbyssand not super active on the channels04:49
teeray76I have had my new laptop for about 2 weeks.  I have never used linux nor ubuntu before04:49
crankharderI have this: "jsharpe ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL" in my sudoers file (saved w/o syntax errors) and yet that user still is prompted for a password every time they sudo. any ideas why?04:51
diuneighcan anyone help with my issue? trying to permanently delete my trash... not working interminal.04:51
wafflejockdiuneigh, did you sudo rm -rf04:54
diuneighyes... but it doesn't work.04:54
diuneighwhen I use nautilus it takes "forever" to prepare... apparently there are 33K + files in the trash but I can't see them in terminal or nautilus. any thoughts?04:55
wafflejockdiuneigh, cd ~/.local/share/Trash/files04:56
wafflejockdiuneigh, rm -rf *04:57
wafflejockshould do it04:57
diuneighI'll try it...04:57
diuneighI did it and it doesn't show a prompt.. it just goes to a "blank" line. does that make sense?04:58
diuneighafter I put in the code..04:58
wafflejockit should show a prompt04:59
wafflejockit shouldn't have any output but should go back to the prompt04:59
wafflejockopen another terminal and try to ls -al ~/.local/share/Trash/files04:59
diuneighit didn't go back to the prompt.... just showing a blinking cursor..04:59
wafflejockdiuneigh, run the ls -al a couple of times see if the file count is going down05:00
wafflejockdiuneigh, if not verify the files are owned by your user in the output from ls -al05:00
swiftynbTodays ubuntu poll, What software do you like to use to do analysis on network traffic to your server?05:01
diuneighwow.. 517664 files....05:01
wafflejockhad a little spring cleaning?05:01
diuneighI guess..05:01
diuneighfiles count is not decreasing... stays the same..05:01
wafflejockdiuneigh, does it look like they're owned by your user?05:02
diuneighall except for one dir... it is root..05:02
wafflejockdiuneigh, well can try throwing a sudo before the rm -rf to be sure it can delete that dir as well, everything in there should be owned by you from what I saw of my own05:03
wafflejockfigured it would just bail on that folder though05:03
TheEternalAbysswell i'm still stumped05:04
diuneighstill no luck... using sudo.. it just goes to a blinking cursor on the next line..05:05
diuneighi can't see any of the files though in terminal or nautilus...05:06
wafflejockdiuneigh, you mean ls -al is reporting 0 files now?05:08
maziarwhen i use last i see : "reboot   system boot  3.2.0-4-amd64    Sun May 10 19:24 - 00:06 (2+04:41)  " in result , why my system is rebooted ?05:08
diuneighnope.. still at 517644 files.... I know that my inodes is at 100%..05:09
diuneigh517664 files... didn't budge.05:09
mark_chang_149215.04 64bit boot with live usb and select without install(test mode), after reboot, all the settings are dispear? is it normal? I try 32 bit version with same way, and all the changes can be saved. Any one has suggestion?05:11
wafflejockdiuneigh, do you have the option to boot from live media mount the drive and try to delete that way?05:12
wafflejockdiuneigh, if you haven't tried rebooting and giving it another try would do that first, then try a live media if possible05:12
diuneighI've rebooted multiple times and even tried the "safe mode" to repair and clean up space... it would alwyas hang..05:13
diuneighwhat isthe live media mount?05:13
rajumohwho do we determine which application xdg-open would open given a mimetype ?05:14
wafflejockdiuneigh, just mean using a boot CD (install CD) going into the "try out linux" mode then mount the drive to some folder just open it if it's shown and do it from there so it isn't using anything in your main system when you're deleting the files05:14
diuneighah... ok... I'll try that..05:15
admin3i am tring to add j2ee in my eclipse what should i write in type filter text?05:15
wafflejockdiuneigh, yeah np good luck, have had the out of disk space problem before with a runaway log file and couldn't install anything to find the offending file, but not sure exactly about what's stopping your system from deleting those files05:16
admin3can any one help me?05:16
wafflejockadmin3, try #java or #eclipse or ##programming05:17
fotografistowhat is a good dvd shrink alternative on gnu/linux?05:17
wafflejock!info handbrake | fotografisto05:19
ubottufotografisto: handbrake (source: handbrake): versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder (GTK+ GUI). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.9+svn6422+dfsg1-2 (vivid), package size 5357 kB, installed size 10018 kB (Only available for any-amd64; any-i386; powerpc)05:19
wafflejockthink that might be similar05:19
TheEternalAbyssso would anyone have any ideas on my permissions issue #plex is not providing any help05:20
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wafflejockTheEternalAbyss, what's the problem?05:22
TheEternalAbyssi installed plex on a fresh ubuntu 15 install. and it won't read my FAT32 formatted HDs where all my media is05:22
TheEternalAbyssi added plex to authorized group that should have access to those files in permissions yet still nothing05:23
wafflejockyou show the ls -al of the folders and files you're trying to share?05:23
TheEternalAbyss i can pastebin that.. one moment I have to go on the computer and execute the sommand. give me a few minutes05:24
wafflejockubunturos, you can PM ubottu with /msg ubottu !something to see if it knows05:25
wafflejockubunturos, !info packagename works too so long as it can apt-cache search for the package I think05:25
ubunturoswafflejock: Thanks for the information.05:26
wafflejockubunturos, yup np05:26
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diuneighwafflejock:  I'm using a live cd.. can you still help me?05:27
wafflejockdiuneigh, yeah, pop open a terminal and run lsblk05:28
wafflejockdiuneigh, that should show you all your "block devices" so your HDD05:28
wafflejockand should show if it's mounted somewhere where that is05:28
Voyage MTA postfix/send mail is installed. Now how to send the email with a text, subject, to: email?05:28
diuneighnot sure what I am looking at.. but I believe the drive is already mounted..05:29
TheEternalAbysswafflejock: paste.linuxassist.net/view/e394faa705:29
wafflejockdiuneigh, sudo apt-get install pastebinit05:30
=== stryx`__ is now known as stryx`
TheEternalAbyssnow the kicker is this... I can access the files and such just fine through ubuntu's GUI, but plex asks me to add folders through the web console they have (just a browse to and click window) and it keeps failing05:31
wafflejockdiuneigh, then, lsblk | pastebinit05:31
wafflejockdiuneigh, and throw the URL here so I can take a quick look05:31
wafflejockwill just show your drive sizes and stuff nothing personal in there05:31
diuneighwafflejock: done05:31
wafflejockdiuneigh, need the pastebin URL it gave you05:32
wafflejockTheEternalAbyss, k so plex is running as "plex" ?05:32
diuneighwafflejock: done05:32
wafflejockTheEternalAbyss, you confirm this with ps aux | grep plex05:32
TheEternalAbyssyes, that is the user id wafflejock, let me run that05:32
wafflejockTheEternalAbyss, it should show the process and the user info for the process... oh actually needs sudo I think for the ps aux maybe to list users05:33
TheEternalAbyssdidn't ask for sudo05:33
diuneighwafflejock: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11107849/05:33
TheEternalAbyssyes i see plex there05:33
wafflejockTheEternalAbyss, assuming it's "plex" you can do , "groups plex" to get the groups plex is in, and see if plex is in the theeternalabyss group05:33
diuneighwafflejock:  it's sdc605:34
TheEternalAbyssit's in plex theeternalabyss05:34
wafflejockdiuneigh, yeah k so it's mounted already just cd /media/ubuntu/f5248fb9-f970-40a2-a606-264ea8d7405:35
wafflejockTheEternalAbyss, so you see theeternalabyss when you do groups plex?05:35
cipher__I have 7GB of freespace (unallocated) and yet I can't extend sda1. sda2 and 5 (extended and swap) are both locked. V05:35
TheEternalAbyssyes i do05:35
wafflejockTheEternalAbyss, okay maybe can try just setting the permissions across that whole folder and sub-folders if it's all just media in there anyhow05:36
TheEternalAbyssyea I tried that as root changnign it all to 77505:37
TheEternalAbyssi got no errors yet permissions are as you see them05:37
diuneighwafflejock:  permission denied...05:38
wafflejockTheEternalAbyss, can sudo chown theeternalabyss:theeternalabyss -R /media/theeternalabyss/SEAGATEM && sudo chmod ug+r -R /media/theeternalabyss/SEAGATEM05:39
TheEternalAbyssok i'll try it on moment05:39
cipher__I'm completely out of hdd space05:40
wafflejockdiuneigh, try sudo -s05:40
cipher__Can I move locked paritions?05:40
wafflejockdiuneigh, should drop you in a root terminal, not sure if it will prompt for a password but try just hitting enter05:41
diuneighyes.. in root now... but not seeing the dirs...05:41
diuneighwafflejock: see line above05:41
wafflejockdiuneigh, if you cd /media and ls -al you see anything in there?05:41
wafflejockseems strange05:42
diuneighyes.. I can go all the way to the mounted drive but in the mounted drive I cannot find .local05:42
wafflejockdiuneigh, should be in /home/username/.local05:43
diuneighyes.. I can go all the way to the mounted drive but in the mounted drive I cannot find .local05:43
wafflejockI mean within that /media/ubuntu/whatever/home/username/.local05:43
TheEternalAbyssit's processing the command (there are lots of files..)05:44
wafflejockif not that might be the wrong partition cause one of them has to have the /home/username/.local file in it05:44
diuneighwafflejock:  Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop  README.txt05:44
diuneighthat's all I see.. no other dirs..05:44
wafflejockhmm k well cat README.txt05:45
=== Zhrebec is now known as AtuM
wafflejockfigured since it had a mount point there we didn't need to do anything else05:45
TheEternalAbyssok it completed05:45
wafflejockTheEternalAbyss, cross fingers and use your best hoping mechanisms05:45
TheEternalAbyssls -al doesn't seem to show any difference..05:46
wafflejockI need water... and sleep soon05:46
diuneighwafflejock: oh.. I forgot that I encrypted the drive...05:46
wafflejockTheEternalAbyss, yeah it looked okay from the base directory perspective to me but figured a recursive call on everything in the media can't hurt05:46
wafflejockdiuneigh, ah okay05:46
wafflejockdiuneigh, that complicates it05:46
TheEternalAbysswell I'll see if plex reads it now05:47
cipher__When I try to unmount sda2/5 it says they're not mounted05:47
cipher__despite the partitions being locked05:47
TheEternalAbyssno nothing..05:47
diuneighwafflejock... that's great... impossible or just complicated?05:48
TheEternalAbyssi don't understand this at all..05:49
wafflejockdiuneigh, this should do it http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/utopic/en/man1/ecryptfs-recover-private.1.html but I haven't used it05:50
wafflejockdiuneigh, I value the simplicity of not encrypting over the security of encrypting my personal stuff so haven't used it myself05:51
diuneighwafflejock.. I'll read it.. thanks..05:51
wafflejockTheEternalAbyss, yeah sorry dunno about plex itself to help any further just general file permissions things, so Plex literally tells you it can't read the files?05:51
VoyageI used 'mail -s "subject" emailaddress and it worked. what do I need to send emails via php scripts? (I mean on server side)05:52
TheEternalAbyssit says it can't find any media and when i click on y HD it shows no folders or files05:52
wafflejockVoyage, you can just use the "mail" function05:52
TheEternalAbyssso in the eyes of Plex, it seems nothing05:52
wafflejockTheEternalAbyss, very strange05:52
TheEternalAbyssi am at a loss05:53
cipher__"busy at least one logical partition is mounted"05:53
hateballTheEternalAbyss: what user is plex running as?05:53
TheEternalAbyssthat's the id05:53
TheEternalAbyssi appreciate the efforts though wafflejock05:54
hateballTheEternalAbyss: And the folder you're trying to have it read, is that an ntfs drive automatically mounted as your regular user?05:55
TheEternalAbyssautomounted by ubuntu FAT3205:55
wafflejockTheEternalAbyss, np since it's fat32 I wonder if the permissions despite appearing to show there are actually working correctly, maybe check out the stuff on this page (is for suse but believe the mount command is the same and shows mounting a fat partition with -uid and -gid https://www.suse.com/communities/conversations/manually-mounting-a-usb-flash-drive-in-linux/05:55
Voyagewafflejock,  well need to send by php script.......05:56
wafflejockVoyage, yeah http://php.net/manual/en/function.mail.php05:56
TheEternalAbyssi could try that wafflejock05:57
hateballTheEternalAbyss: by default it'll automount with only user permissions, so have a look at the link wafflejock gave you. if it's a permanent solution you're better off mounting the drive manually in !fstab05:57
Voyagewafflejock,  so if  'mail -s "subject" emailaddress and it worked. Thats all I need to send emails via php?05:58
hateball... and if it's permanent, you're better off using ext4 :p05:58
wafflejockVoyage, yeah the mail function in PHP should use the mail command on the system so that should work fine too at this point05:58
wafflejockVoyage, a few things you'll run into if you're actually using this as a mail server though are DKIM and SPF05:58
wafflejockVoyage, would check those out so you don't get marked as SPAM also some other places you can check to make sure your server doesn't get blacklisted05:59
TheEternalAbysslfstab.. ok06:00
wafflejockVoyage, also if you haven't already you probably want to get SpamAssasin installed on there to mark bad incoming e-mails if you plan on receiving messages as well06:00
hateball!fstab | TheEternalAbyss06:00
ubottuTheEternalAbyss: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions06:00
TheEternalAbyssoh fstab ok06:00
Voyagewafflejock,  thanks!06:01
coaxI was in earlier and nobody was able to answer my question06:03
coaxI am trying to get ubuntu to play nicely with a high res monitor06:03
wafflejockVoyage, yeah np06:03
coaxI am using i306:03
coaxso I cannot just scale up the size of text and items through the unity-control center06:04
hateballcoax: It's much easier if you type your question on _one_ line06:04
coaxhateball: good point06:04
wafflejockcoax, you have unity tweak tool installed?06:05
coaxThat pretty much sums it up06:05
coaxYeah, I tried changing settings in there06:05
coaxand it doesn't seem to do anything06:05
wafflejockcoax, you try the "Scaling factor" in fonts06:05
wafflejockseems to work here but I'm on gnome06:05
coaxIn unity-tweak-tool?06:05
wafflejockeh I was guessing it's in gnome tweak tool06:05
coaxSo should that take effect immediately?06:06
wafflejockyeah it does here just scaling factor at 1.006:06
wafflejockI just bumped to 1.1 and 1.2 though and everything gets very noticeably bigger06:06
coaxNothing changes for me06:06
coaxI am assuming because I am in i3 and that uses x ...?06:06
wafflejockyeah doesn't seem to change icon sizes at all I've got an i7 in this laptop but the GPU is just Intel HD 4000 so nothing super fancy there06:07
coaxNothing changes for me06:07
coaxI have it set to 1.5 and most text is still too small to read easily.06:07
wafflejockcoax, yeah not sure what to tell ya I'm not too sure any of the desktop environments have totally handled high DPI and even then not all the apps06:09
coaxI also think I borked my gnome desktop06:10
wafflejockcoax, but maybe try KDE or Gnome and see if they're any better06:10
coaxwhen I try to log in it generally crashes :p06:10
wafflejockheh yeah that's probably not gonna work then :)06:10
wafflejockcan try to --reinstall with apt-get06:10
wafflejocksudo apt-get install gnome-desktop --reinstall06:11
hieronemus001turned on proprietary graphics driver -it's ati card, and system got unresponsive06:11
wafflejock!nomodeset | hieronemus00106:11
ubottuhieronemus001: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:11
TheEternalAbysswhat is dmask and fmask?06:11
coaxAre you sure it's called gnome-desktop06:11
wafflejockcoax, might be gnome-desktop-environment06:12
hieronemus001after reboot all seems fine - i'll stick with fglrx, wait&see06:13
TheEternalAbysssays permission denied when I try to mount it manually06:14
TheEternalAbysshold up let me try something06:14
coaxSo, I don't even have ubuntu-gnome-desktop installed. That seems odd to me06:14
coaxWhat I have is called "ubuntu.desktop"06:14
JadedFunkI'm trying to get lubuntu 14 32-bit live ISO booting on my macbook 200606:15
JadedFunkaka macbook1,106:15
wafflejockcoax, the .desktop files are just used for the launchers and application menus typically06:15
hieronemus001the thing that freaks me out is the way the two monitors setup work06:15
wafflejockcoax, the package you listed is right though for gnome06:15
wafflejockcoax, the one I listed is just the desktop itself you got the right one for the metapackage with all the standard gnome utils in there too06:16
TheEternalAbyssnope. permission denied06:16
wafflejockTheEternalAbyss, what's the command you're using?06:17
hieronemus001if i run terminal on my monitor it pops up on the 2nd, the same with chrome06:17
hieronemus001while other apps behave normal06:17
TheEternalAbysstrying to use fstab06:17
hieronemus001any advice how to configure two monitors on trusty06:18
wafflejockhieronemus001, regarding window placement you can install ccsm and check the "places" configuration06:19
brine_that one is quite a complicated process06:19
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wafflejock!mac | JadedFunk06:19
ubottuJadedFunk: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages06:19
hieronemus001i've configured compiz to move the app with certain key combination06:20
hieronemus001but not happy with this - i'll google ccsm06:20
wafflejockhieronemus001, it's just the compiz configuration settings manager, GUI for modifying compiz settings, but one of them is for where windows are opened06:21
wafflejockhieronemus001, called "places" in there06:21
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages06:21
brine_i know of how to config to monitors on xubuntu but i thnk the same process would apply06:22
brine_try this06:22
hieronemus001@brine_ thanks06:23
JadedFunkI'm also using rEFIt06:26
TheEternalAbyssok fstab worked but now i am really confused... plex still sees nothing...wtf06:26
mehrdadeyektahow to use cron job in ubuntu06:27
milamber!cron | mehrdadeyekta06:28
ubottumehrdadeyekta: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto06:28
lotuspsychjemorning to all06:28
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JadedFunkI seem to be going around in circles here06:39
TheEternalAbyssthis is aggravating06:41
TheEternalAbyssall permissions are solid now. yet plex refuses to see my library06:42
TheEternalAbyssugh... screw this i'm not dealing with it tonight... thanks for all the assistance though06:42
brine_need someone who is well endowed in hacking06:43
brine_anyone here06:43
cipher__brine_, only in hacking?06:43
lotuspsychje!warez | brine_06:44
ubottubrine_: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o06:44
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`hypermist`can someone point me in the right direction for. torrenting on ubuntu07:02
`hypermist`aka i need to make a .torrent of something i own07:02
`hypermist`but need to download it onto my ubuntu haha07:02
trijntje`hypermist`: transmission can do that for you07:02
`hypermist`thanks trijntje07:02
lotuspsychje`hypermist`: or Qbittorrent is also nice07:02
`hypermist`lol i can only do things via ssh07:03
=== walker is now known as Guest17339
trijntje`hypermist`: transmission-cli07:04
`hypermist`Getting there. haha07:04
lotuspsychje`hypermist`: if you need remote browsing on cli, try links207:05
`hypermist`Your all confusing me07:05
lotuspsychje!info links2 | `hypermist`07:06
ubottu`hypermist`: links2 (source: links2): Web browser running in both graphics and text mode. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8-2 (vivid), package size 1834 kB, installed size 3007 kB07:06
=== Codmadnesspro_ is now known as Codmadnesspro
`hypermist`So many things07:06
`hypermist`TO much stuff = confusing for me hahah07:07
TheEternalAbyssi think i see my problem.....07:08
circ-user-dq86Ddiuneigh: open nautilus from terminal with 'sudo nautilus'07:08
lotuspsychje_!yay | TheEternalAbyss07:08
ubottuTheEternalAbyss: Glad you made it! :-)07:08
`hypermist`lotuspsychje_, you confused me so hard07:08
JadedFunkLooks like ubuntu is finally booting.07:08
JadedFunkTook me soooooooooo freaking long07:08
TheEternalAbysseven though /media/theeternalabyss/seagatem has 777 for plex, /media    /media/theeternalabyss is root07:09
lotuspsychje_circ-user-dq86D: opening GUI with sudo isnt reccomended07:09
JadedFunkUsed usb universal installer on windows and then used this07:09
TheEternalAbyssi think that's why plex can't see the files07:09
TheEternalAbyssor am i wrong on this?07:09
lotuspsychje_!gksu | circ-user-dq86D07:09
ubottucirc-user-dq86D: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)07:09
TheEternalAbyssam i off base on this?07:10
circ-user-dq86Dlotuspsychje_: I know but it allows you to get into the trash and both see and manipulate the file. Apologies if I said something I shouldn't have.07:10
nandhuhey guys!!07:10
JadedFunkHow can I check a disk for bad sectors using a xubuntu live ISO?07:10
nandhui have a problem at splash screen after upgrading to 15.0407:11
lotuspsychje_nandhu: and the problem is07:11
nandhuat the start "Insecure boot" is being displayed07:11
nandhui googled and it lead to me to shim package07:12
TheEternalAbyssi don't think I want /media/theeternalabyss to change permission... I think I'll just modify the mount point..07:12
lotuspsychje_!info testdisk | JadedFunk07:13
ubottuJadedFunk: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool, and PhotoRec file recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.14-3build2 (vivid), package size 343 kB, installed size 1382 kB07:13
lotuspsychje_nandhu: sounds like an uefi thing: http://askubuntu.com/questions/549444/c-22-ubuntu-14-10-64bit-booting-in-insecure-mode-message07:14
nandhuThanks, i'll check into it!!07:14
TheEternalAbysscan i make a directory that a different id/user can access besides currently logged in user?07:15
nandhuis there  a command to uninstall shim signed packages?07:15
nandhui googled it,no hope07:16
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotuspsychje
lotuspsychjeTheEternalAbyss: you might wanna check #plex07:18
TheEternalAbyssthey aren't helping me07:18
lotuspsychjeTheEternalAbyss: or maybe #ubuntu-server guys have experience with a plex server?07:18
TheEternalAbyssmaybe.. but i'm merely asking a directory ownership issue at this point07:21
lotuspsychjeTheEternalAbyss: chmod?07:21
TheEternalAbyssyea... will i fubar things majorly if I chmod /media/username/  ?07:22
lotuspsychje!chmod | TheEternalAbyss07:23
ubottuTheEternalAbyss: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions07:23
hateballchmod is not what you use to change ownership with, it's chown07:23
TheEternalAbyssyes chown...I am asking since that is default mounting directories, if i change ownership will i mess it up for other external devices07:24
TheEternalAbysswhen mounting them07:24
lotuspsychjehateball: chown and chmod gives the same trigger url07:25
hateballTheEternalAbyss: I was under the impression you had mounted this external device in fstab, for the plex user?07:25
TheEternalAbyssi did07:25
TheEternalAbyssit still won't read my files07:25
TheEternalAbyssso i searched a bit online and found someone mentioning that the enter-tree was the problem07:26
b0nnso, I'm having some weird issues with the current ubuntu; Some websites are slow to difficult to load, and ssh over a VPN is next to impossible, I suspect the MTU size is an issue, but, other than trial and error, I can't find a solution. So.. is there an easy way?07:28
TheEternalAbyssso... will changing those permissions fuck things up?07:30
Starf0xHello. :) I was wondering, is there a way to change the brightness of your LCD while in TTY? I can change the brightness of the LCD normally, but as soon as I am using the terminal CTRL+ALT+F1 it is very bright again. I only ask because I like using screen's split mode with two terminals and working from the command line. Thanks! :)07:31
Starf0xFor further clarification, the function key doesn't work from the TTY07:32
TheEternalAbyssit works07:41
TheEternalAbyssthanks. i'm out07:41
AliRezaTaleghaniI am looking for something to let me lock an application! for example I would like to lock my Gome on a screen with button like close one in title bar which protect the locked app to get focus via alt-tab or alike ways...07:42
EriC^AliRezaTaleghani: put it in another workspace maybe?07:43
AliRezaTaleghanias an axample..07:43
AliRezaTaleghanithere are some text I noted in gedit07:44
AliRezaTaleghaniI just wana have them as a checklist in my screen07:44
InokiGuys is there a way to set every new connection (wireless or ethernet) to use different DNS servers by default?07:44
EriC^AliRezaTaleghani: so you dont want it locked, you just want it out of alt+tab and the taskbar07:45
lotuspsychje!dns | Inoki07:45
ubottuInoki: To set up a Domain Name Service see the !serverguide - https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/dns.html07:45
AliRezaTaleghanior an apecific terminal which is doing some compiles and I would not like to suddenly break it ;-)07:45
AliRezaTaleghaniEriC^: yep I don't have any concern on the solution, but it's what I faced with daily ;-) and m looking for a way07:46
Inokilotuspsychje: appreciated, but as I see that's for servers mostly. I am running a personal computer and all I want is whenever I connect to a new network it would automatically have a set of added custom DNS servers to avoid censroship.07:49
hateballAliRezaTaleghani: I dont use Unity myself, but dont you have an option to "always keep on top" if you rightclick the title bar?07:51
AliRezaTaleghaniyep exactly07:52
AliRezaTaleghaniI like some thing like it to let me poll an application out of alt-tab ring...07:52
explodingmangoIs there a word for when you make a partition available for mounting (i.e. show up in your file manager sidebar)? e.g. "I [verbed] the partition without actually mounting it"07:53
explodingmangonvm, I found a more on-topic place to ask, sorry about that07:55
sinepregginI HATE NIGGERS08:00
sinepregginYOU CAN'T BAN ME KLOERI08:00
sinepregginYOU KLINED ME 40 TIMES08:00
sinepregginFUCKING NIGGER08:00
`hypermist`can i have some with transmission-remote08:06
NoDRMinBookshow do I find out the root password of my computer?08:07
NoDRMinBooksI am trying to install drivers and it requires me to type in my root/superuser password08:08
=== icedwater is now known as CaptainObvious
hateball!sudo | NoDRMinBooks08:09
ubottuNoDRMinBooks: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo08:09
farciarz84hi folks, I have a bunch of Ubuntu servers and I would like to monitor them. Nothing facy but basic stats: hdd space, load average... etc. Would you recommend me somthing?08:09
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gtuckerkellogg_My rpc.stad is running, but when I can only mount an NFS share the system says it is not, and i can only mount with -o nolock08:09
hateballNoDRMinBooks: By default you're a member of sudoers when you install a new system, so it's whatever password your user has08:10
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NoDRMinBooksthank you ubottu08:10
gtuckerkellogg_*rpc.statd, that is08:10
jay_hey everyone i got some really awesome support in this chan earlier, i just wanted to say thanks to daftykins for all the help and all the people who help us newbas08:10
gtuckerkellogg_I'd appreciate some insight into htis08:10
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jay_can anyone recommend a chan where i can ask some questions about setting up a system on ubuntu (software types, hardware) things like that08:11
JNixxjay_ Whats your question?08:12
jay_Jnixx I am trying to decide if setting up my new ultrabook would be better in linux or windows, ultimately i will go with a dual boot if it can be done on this system08:13
JNixxWhat's the ultrabook?08:13
k1ldualboot should be not an issue08:14
Visitordepends on what windows OS you have/will have08:14
jay_I need alternatives for the following software, (adobe audition, photoshop, cyberlink powerdirector, )08:14
Visitorwhat do they do?08:14
Visitorand GIMP can replace photoshop08:14
jay_i want to run 7 ultimate and linux ubuntu or whatever would be friendliest08:14
Visitorwell ubuntu is a good place to start08:14
JNixxjay_ most likely the ultrabook will work fine on Ubuntu.08:14
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot08:14
icedwaterIt can, but you'll need to get used to it for a bit.08:14
hateballThe only trouble can be using UEFI08:15
Visitorlikley will be fine with any option you take08:15
Visitordual boot, only windows or only ubuntu, should be fine tierh way08:15
k1linstall the windows. then shrink the windows partition to make space for ubuntu. then install ubuntu into own partitions in the new free space08:15
jay_lol seems so easy08:15
JNixxUEFI should be fine. you can normally disable secure boot and then everything will work. you shouldn't have any problems.08:15
jay_apprently this ultrabook model doesnt play friendly with other OSes08:15
JNixxjay_ model??08:15
jay_It has windows 8 on it right now which is going bye bye08:16
jay_ideapad U31008:16
jay_it has atouch screen08:16
Visitorif you want to dual boot, then install win7 then ubuntu and you should be fine08:16
jay_can i install ubuntu and win7 on the ssd08:16
JNixxI dual boot Windows 8.1 and Debian on a dell laptop with UEFI, no problems for me at least08:16
k1ljay_: how big is the ssd?08:16
jay_this has a 26 gb ssd and a 500 gb drive08:16
JNixxSo what k11 suggested. Install Windows. THen shrink the windows partition. THen install Ubuntu on that unused space.08:16
XxHardXtremexXHello ;)08:17
k1ljay_: 26GB is too small for windows and something else08:17
jay_how about drivers08:17
jay_oh ok08:17
Visitorjust wipe hdd to zero, (removing win8), then install windows, then ubuntu08:17
Visitorif you got 500 gb hdd you shoudl be fine with space08:17
k1ljay_: ubuntu only would match on the small ssd.08:17
jay_ubuntu is 26gb?08:17
JNixxjay_ 26GB is almost too small for Windows. Why so small?08:17
jay_its only used to cache to make things go faster08:18
jay_i have no idea why they set it up like that08:18
jay_you would have to ask lenovo08:18
JunkHunkhello I just installed the free version of nagios on ubuntu 14.04 and configured nsclient on a windows vista...I can monitor the use of resources my windows machine perform in real time but I would like to add something: I would like to monitor the status and know when the system is suspended how would I achieve this? thanks08:18
k1ljay_: ubuntu (system only) fits on something around 7-10GB. but windows uses too much , so it wount fit both on the ssd part08:18
Visitorjust fit into hdd08:19
zzarrhello! I get the following message when I try to ssh in to a server "fatal: Write failed: Connection reset by peer" in the auth.log file on the server08:19
zzarrwhat could be wrong?08:19
XxHardXtremexXzzarr: Check your internet.08:19
zzarrI can connect via another client, it's just one client (there's no problem with my or the servers internet)08:21
=== Celphish is now known as wdbot
hateballjay_: Depending on what you are going to use your machine for you can save yourself some headache by just installing Ubuntu, and then running Windows inside a VM if needed08:21
XxHardXtremexXWhat the client you are using? (Sry 4 my bad eng.)08:21
=== wdbot is now known as Celphish
XxHardXtremexXI recommend Putty08:21
Visitoror other way around, windows and then ubuntu in vm08:21
XxHardXtremexXFor connect to your server08:22
hateballVisitor: Well that's not really going to fix bug #1 ;)08:22
ubottubug 1 in Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108:22
jellowzzarr: ssh client has a verbose mode perhaps will give you better idea what is going on ssh -v user@host -p port08:22
JNixxJay_ it's also worth mentioning that Linux doesn't have the best support for Blu-Ray. You mentioned Cyberlink, so it's possible that you might not be able to play the latest new released blu-ray film.08:23
JNixxThis is due to the closed source nature of the movie industry and the way they encrypt blu-ray content.08:23
zzarrI get "Timeout waiting for reply from server."08:23
zzarrI'm trying to use QSsh in Qt08:24
XxHardXtremexXzzarr: I recomend Putty for this.08:24
zzarrwell the openssh client works fine08:24
k1lzzarr: does "ssh" from treminal work?08:24
zzarrk1l: yes08:25
k1lzzarr: see if the qssh can log or make a verbose output.08:25
k1lzzarr: like starting it from the terminal and see if it spits errors in the terminal08:25
zzarrthere's a terminal in the Qt environment08:26
=== mate is now known as Guest23875
Guest23875Hello guys anyone knows on ubuntu mate if I can get rid of the borders on left and right I want to scroll with the we browser but if I go on the edge then It doesn't scroll cause it has got a bit of space/08:31
zzarrwhen I set a timeout on the ssh connection my application crashes08:33
k1lzzarr: maybe ask the qssh guys since that seems a special issue with that client08:33
zzarryes, will do08:34
jay_Jnixx sorry iwandered off, are you saying install ubuntu on the ssd and then run windows directly in a VM from linux?08:34
k1ljay_: dualboot is fine08:34
JNixxjay_ It was Visitor who mentioned a VM08:35
zzarrI have no idea how to reach them though08:35
JNixxjay_ I said that playing Blu-ray films on any Linux distribution could be troublesom08:35
jay_sorry guys when two people are talking it can get confusing08:36
jay_to clarify the cyberlink was NOT for watching movies, i create them08:36
jay_what i do is i travel to exotic places across the world and film movies and conduct interviews08:36
jay_then i will use my laptop to put them together and redner them for production08:37
jay_i dont create or watch blu ray, tbh i think its another wasted technology08:37
jay_but thats just me08:37
JNixxWhy "wasted" seems to get used alot :P08:38
JNixxYou can use http://www.openshot.org/ to make movie on Linux08:38
jay_im a minimilast guys, i travel out of a backpack and panniers, i meet film crews when i get to the locations, my whole life is under 50 pounds lol08:38
yakimotoпривэт пагни!08:38
XxHardXtremexXyakimoto: Russian?08:39
k1l!ru | yakimoto08:39
ubottuyakimoto: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.08:39
jay_thats why i tried to sell my tablet and dock and netbook and g ot the ultrabook, i still have the other tech since everyone is continuosly offering me 25 dollars for mint condition hardware08:39
jay_ok so openshot for composing the movies08:39
jay_i wrote that down08:39
JNixxYou can use Handbrake to compress and convert08:40
jay_openshot wobnt do that08:40
jay_kind of looking for an all in one08:41
MonkeyDustlooking for an app to convert video files?08:41
jay_i know there was an article on this not to long ago, saying linux had come some of the way for video editing, but had a long way to go08:42
jay_Right now i use a software called Muvee that autocuts all my clips and titles08:42
MonkeyDustthere's lightspark or so, i forget the exact name08:42
jay_i know the one your talking about08:43
jay_it wasm entioned in the article08:43
jay_i think to start ill install 7 ultimate and then put ubuntu on another partition, ill see which one gets more use08:43
jay_i can always wipe it out on the road08:43
jay_i doubt ubuntu will give me the touch support08:43
k1ljay_: linux in general got touch support. but that depends on the actual make and model how good that works (because not all manufacturers are sticking to the standards). so give it a try08:45
k1ljay_: you can actually run a live-system on a usb drive or cd/dvd to test it08:45
jay_can i isntall stuff to that08:45
jay_like applications?08:45
k1lin limit ways, yes. but see it as a testing setup.08:46
jay_i gotcha08:46
k1li mean you could already be using ubuntu on that machine :)08:46
jay_i like linux i just do not know if im A smart enough, B ready C able to convert completely to it on a machine i will use every day of my life08:46
hhtesthi guys, I'm trying to install java on ubuntu server, when I tried to extact the .tar.gz it's not working, why?08:46
somsiphhtest: why aren't you installing from the repo?08:47
XxHardXtremexXhhtest: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/09/install-oracle-java-8-in-ubuntu-via-ppa.html08:47
jay_I know ill have you guys if something goes wrong ;) Daftykins was immensely helpful last night08:47
XxHardXtremexXThis tutorial is helpfully ;)08:47
jay_hes one smart dude08:47
MonkeyDusthhtest  find java in the software sources, no need for a ppa or tar file08:48
willpwrI can't copy file in terminal with that comman : willpwr@willpwr-N10E:~/Downloads$ cp "libflashlayer.so" usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins/08:49
willpwrcp: cannot stat ‘libflashlayer.so’: No such file or directory08:49
hhtestMonkeyDust it's showing that the command "add-apt-repository" doesn't exist08:49
k1lwillpwr: does "ls -al" list that file?08:50
XxHardXtremexXhhtest: If the add-apt-repository doesn't work try this: sudo apt-get install python-software-properties08:51
hateballwillpwr: Your regular user cannot cp to that directory, use !sudo08:51
XxHardXtremexXAnd if you install this, try add-apt-repository ;)08:52
hateballwillpwr: Or use ubuntus installer for flash08:52
willpwrthx , so i should use another user with roots?08:52
hateballwillpwr: assuming a default setup, your standard user is a member of sudoers so you can sudo. also the patch is missing a leading /08:53
kopelehi i got a problem with gnome flash back08:53
kopelemy mouse disappear08:53
kopeleactually the cursor disappear08:54
hhtestXxHardXtremexX, it's not working still08:54
kopelebut mouse still works08:54
willpwrthanks everybody08:54
XxHardXtremexXhhtest: What is your version of ubuntu?08:54
XxHardXtremexXSry 4 my bad eng. :X08:55
hhtestthe latest one 15.0408:55
hateballhhtest: the command is apt-add-repository08:55
Wolf1098.ssh is suppousted to be 600 or 700 permissions08:55
XxHardXtremexXhhtest: I don't recomend use this version of ubuntu at now :/08:55
XxHardXtremexXhhtest: You can add repository manually by editing...08:56
hhtestOK, no problem I'll remove it and install 14.1008:56
kopelecan any one help me with that problem with the missing cursor08:56
XxHardXtremexXhhtest: I'm using 14.04 LTS and this is best version ;)08:56
Wolf1098.ssh is suppousted to be 600 or 700 permissions in the home director*08:57
XxHardXtremexXhhtest: If you like to add repo for apt, you can edit this file: /etc/apt/sources.list08:58
hhtestXxHardXtremexX, thanks I'm now downloading the 14.04 version08:58
XxHardXtremexXhhtest: Ok08:58
XxHardXtremexXhhtest: And... burn to your CD, or a USB08:58
hhtestXxHardXtremexX, I'm using it as VMware08:58
hhtestXxHardXtremexX, just for practicing08:58
XxHardXtremexXhhtest: :p08:59
XxHardXtremexXI have Ubuntu on my live PC.08:59
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=== Guest5723 is now known as RahulAN
hhtestXxHardXtremexX, I have got and from EDX.org linux certification09:03
XxHardXtremexXhhtest: I know.09:03
hhtestI will try to get linux administration certificate09:04
=== heena is now known as fsnovice
snadgezomg firefox 38!09:06
snadgei want it nao09:06
XxHardXtremexXsnadge: Try it ;)09:07
gtuckerkellogg_I'm having some NFS trouble, not sure what the issues is09:07
nos09E: Unable to find a source package for linux-source-3.16.009:07
gtuckerkellogg_My rpc.stad is running (I see it in ps -ef | grep rpc)  but when an NFS share the I get a message that says it is not09:08
gtuckerkellogg_i can only mount with "-o nolock"09:08
k1lsnadge: it was just released. so let the ubuntu maintainer make it work nice with ubuntu.09:10
max12345hello, I'm trying to install teamspeak3 but get this problem when I want to start it: https://tinyurl.com/msoepds my system is up to date09:10
nos09how do i download linux source 3.16.0 ?09:10
XxHardXtremexXmax12345: Try this: http://www.mediafire.com/download/m9d0axrdcb279bl/TeamSpeak3+%2B+Spolszczenie+przez+Minecreeper100.rar *This is compiled TeamSpeak 3 with Polish Language Pack addon. English language is also here.09:13
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
nos09insmod: ERROR: could not insert module /lib/modules/3.16.0-30-generic/kernel/drivers/media/usb/usbtv/usbtv.ko: Unknown symbol in module09:29
rahsdi am on ubuntu server and want  an easy way to change the mirror list to best speedy one!09:33
Ajacobssonfind a mirror list generator online?09:34
MrElendigjust pick a few mirrors close to you by hand and try it™09:34
Lunariohi guys. i am planning to get myself a 21:9 screen for my ubuntu laptop and i want to use it as a second screen. what happens in terms of resolution if i attach it? will i have two different resolutions on each screen or does ubuntu not allow for that?09:34
MrElendigLunario: you can set the res independently on the screens09:35
Lunariooh great09:35
Lunarioand ubuntu can handle 21:9 resolutions?09:35
MrElendigofcourse not, only windows xp can09:35
Lunariohaha :P09:35
=== Spr0cket- is now known as Spr0cket
acosonichi all, how can i make www-data user run .sh script, and inside that script run .sh script where www-data is not an user, assuming that www-data user is not in sudoers?09:38
MrElendigyou don't09:39
somsipacosonic: you don't. It's ugly and unsafe.09:39
MrElendigalso I smell a xyproblem09:39
acosonicI need to run svn update from another user's directory09:39
MrElendigwhat are you *really* trying to do?09:40
somsipacosonic: PHP should drop some trigget/event that should be picked up by a safely-running background process to do the thing you want (run the script)09:40
acosonicI'm running post-commit hook as www-data user, and I need to run svn-update in other user's public_html, but it's owned by that user09:41
MrElendigyou could write a small daemon that is running as the user, that your webapp asks to do the svn update09:41
acosonicMrElendig, perhap's that's right choice, www-data leaves some flag, daemon picks that flag, updates, deletes the flag...09:42
MrElendigor just use sudo (but be carefull, a lot of svn commands can be exploited to gain a shell)09:42
acosonicI'm trying to avoid adding www-data to sudoers, currently I have cron job updating server every 15 mins... I guess I'll leave it that way since I can't find any other solution except programming daemon or09:43
acosonicadding www-data to sudoers...09:43
MrElendigor just use something else than php, that allows you to run the webapp as the correct user in the first place09:44
acosonicI'm not running php, I'm running svn server trough web-dav apache plugin09:44
kopelecan any one help me09:45
rahsdI dont want to edit /etc/source.list file by hand09:46
acosonickopele, what's your problem I joined later...09:46
kopelea mouse pointer disapper09:46
rahsdI was reading about apt-get mirror on something09:46
rahsdany pointers on that?09:46
kopeleits still working but its not shown09:47
kopeleacosonic, do you have any idia09:49
acosonickopele, have you touched x server's config file, or some other script09:49
acosonictry looking at backup xconfig file, or09:49
kopeleits a user computer09:50
kopeleand she don`t have any sudo or root at all09:50
acosonicOption "HWCursor" "off"09:50
kopelethe strange think is that the pointer works fine and after X time it disappers09:51
kopelebut the buttons and events still work09:51
bishopsI'm running ubuntu 14.04 and it only detects one of my usb port (I have two). how can I make it detect the other?09:51
acosonicsmells like driver issue to me, try that Option09:51
Alina-malinais it posible to do a tunneling over sftp connection rather then ssh?09:51
kopelei have to create xorg first right ?09:51
acosonicno you have it09:52
acosonictry sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf09:52
kopelenope its not there09:53
kopelei tihnk i need to do X -configure 1st09:54
ayigahi i have a problem can someone help m pls10:00
acosonicayiga, what kind of problem_10:04
bishopsHello all! I'm running ubuntu 14.04 and it only detects one of my usb port (I have two). how can I make it detect the other?10:05
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acosonicbishops, is it port problem, or device you are trying to use?10:09
bishopsacosonic: I think port because my other usb port is working fine10:10
=== erste is now known as erste-away
bishopsacosonic: And when I was running ubuntu before as I did a new install both ports were recognized10:10
k1l!away > erste-away10:10
ubottuerste-away, please see my private message10:10
ubottuPlease do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»10:11
erste-awayI see :P10:11
=== erste-away is now known as erste
acosonicbishops, is it usb 3.0 port not recognised or both ports are same_10:13
chotaz`whey guys, I have my SSH auth keys in a specific folder. However, everytime I boot, I need to ssh-add each of them to the sshagent, is it possible to have it scan a given folder automatically?10:14
bishopsacosonic: I think both are the same but I'm not sure. It is a normal usb port (sorry I'm not very knowledgeable)10:15
bishopsacosonic: Yes it is usb 3.0 :)10:15
MrElendigwhy not just keep the key in .ssh?10:16
MrElendigalso https://github.com/vodik/envoy10:17
chotaz`wMrElendig, im picky with organizatio i guess, but do any other keys other than <type>_id get loaded?10:23
chotaz`wby default I mean10:24
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bojanhow to make a folder not to delete by any user??10:29
chotaz`wbojan, chmod 000 ?10:31
Promillebojan: Make a folder undeleteable by other users? Make it hidden can work. Add a "." before the name the folder. E.g. .hiddenfolder, instead of hiddenfolder10:31
Promillebojan: to unhide it in nautilus use CTRL-H10:31
MrElendigit says what it imports by default10:32
=== RAX is now known as rax-
MrElendigbojan: you can10:32
MrElendigroot can always delete it10:32
bojani have lvm partition which is mounted in /mnt and have some folders and inside that there are some files...I dont want my users not to delete the main directory..10:32
=== jkw is now known as Guest19903
MrElendigbojan: I just said you can't10:33
bojanMrElendig:User can delete the main directory??10:34
MrElendigyou can make a hidden chattr +i file in the dir, but root can always just undo that and delete it anyway10:34
=== sts is now known as Guest68378
Promillebojan: As I said, best bet would be to hide it. But still deleteable, ofcourse10:34
MrElendigbut this is a xyproblem10:34
MrElendigtell us what you are really trying to do10:34
=== zz_Thelks is now known as Thelks
mactzuhey guys, I need a hand with lirc10:40
pumphaushey, i'm having a little problem with a usb-serial converter device10:41
mactzuI have installed it, but I am unable to get the service to load correctly10:41
pumphausI have a PI Stage controller, which is attached to the PC with an integrated USB-serial converter10:41
pumphausas soon as I plug it into the ubuntu PC, it goes into an error state10:41
mactzuI have only been able to load successfully after i have run dpkg reconfigure lirc10:41
pumphausthe same thing works fine on computers running arch linux10:41
pumphausis there any driver in ubuntu that sends commands to newly attached serial devices?10:42
mactzupumphaus is it a FDDI device ?10:42
Promillepumphaus: Error message?10:42
pumphausmactzu: I think so, but I'm not sure how to find out10:43
pumphausPromille: no error message. the device itself switches to an internal error state, as if an invalid command has been sent to it10:43
pumphausmactzu: Bus 001 Device 005: ID 1a72:1007 Physik Instrumente  from lsusb10:44
bishopsacosonic: Any thoughts? :)10:44
mactzupumphaus: ok so it reading off the bus, what kind of output are you expecting10:44
mactzuie the kernel can see it10:44
mactzuthat is good10:45
mactzuI need help with LIRC does anyone have experience with it ?10:45
mactzupumphaus: FDDI is a serial to usb driver loaded in kernel and used for serial devices, ie I have use it to connect my car ECU to my computer10:48
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marietaIs videohelp.com trustble download for older software versions?10:55
Promillemarieta: Thats a judgment you have to make yourself I guess. What is the goal?10:56
marietamkv editing10:56
marietaThere's a software who promises to take .mkv audio track without re-encondig but it doesn't weks on Windows XP unless I have an older version of it.10:56
Promillemarieta: Hm ok. Are you sure the developer doesnt maintain older versions?10:57
k1lmarieta: for windows xp better ask the windows support what program to run. we focus on ubuntu support in here11:00
k1lmarieta: #windows that is11:01
marietaTha's their link.11:01
marietaAnd #windowss are all bunch of fags11:01
BluesKajHowdy folks11:02
mcphailmarieta: please don't use that language here11:02
k1lmarieta: but that doesnt make it an #ubuntu issue. so please at least ask in #ubuntu-offtopic if you cant handle the users in #windows11:02
Promillemarieta: here are all the versions from the developer himself: https://www.bunkus.org/videotools/mkvtoolnix/windows/11:03
MonkeyDustmarieta  type /j ##windows and ask there (that's double #)11:04
mactzuI need help with command dpkg --reconfigure11:04
marietaHow this trick can be done in the future? Just /windows/?11:04
MonkeyDustmarieta  what was your initial question?11:05
k1lMonkeyDust: looking for a program for windows.11:06
PromilleMonkeyDust: "There's a software who promises to take .mkv audio track  without re-encondig but it doesn't weks on Windows XP unless I  have an older version of it.11:06
Promillewas the initial question11:06
MonkeyDustmarieta  sure you're in the right channel? seems not11:07
blurkishow come, when I close my laptops lid, I get logged out of the desktop, and the login manager seems to restart.. even though I have all settings set to do nothing when the lid gets closed?11:11
barnexHello. Is there a site listing various dotfiles and their purposes? I'm trying to cleanup my home and there's lots of stuff that I don't know if it's safe to delete.11:12
barnexThere are some weird sites, like the one saying you which programs on windows work with specific file extensions, so I thought maybe this exists, but no luck googling.11:13
ioriablurkis, http://askubuntu.com/questions/15520/how-can-i-tell-ubuntu-to-do-nothing-when-i-close-my-laptop-lid11:13
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mactzuDOES ANYONE know anything about how dpkg work when you pass the reconfigure options ?11:15
blurkisioria, thanks.11:16
mactzuANYONE  ?11:17
MonkeyDustmactzu  maybe in #bash11:17
velefbarnex: you could try the program "file" in a terminal. Just type file followed by the path to your file11:17
MonkeyDustmactzu  and drop the caps, it's impolite to shout11:18
mactzuMonkeyDust: really ? dpkg is kinda a debian/ubuntu thing11:18
barnexvelef: that's not really what I'm asking, most of those dotfiles are xml and text files, but I have no idea whether I still need them or not.11:18
mactzujust trying to be heard amongst the windows comments11:19
EriC^^mactzu: man dpkg11:19
MonkeyDustmactzu  as soon as someone has the answer, they will give it to you11:20
velefbarnex: how could we know? please tell us more about these files11:20
velefwhere did you find them11:20
barnexvelef: Like I said, I'm trying to rid my home of old dot-files and dot-folders, that are no longer needed, and there are houndreds I have and I'm looking for a way to identify what they do and whether I need them. Wondering if there's a site or command that does that.11:21
ioriamactzu, in few words it's like re-run the installation again11:21
mactzuEricC^^: thanks I have read it, but my issue is that i am loading a service at startup and it is not working.  in my many tries to get it working I have run dkpg reconfig.  THe package runs fine after then but I lose it on reboot.  so dkpg is doing something after it edits the file that is making the package run correctly11:22
mcphailbarnex: most dotfiles can be nuked, but you will lose the configuration options for whatever program uses them. If they are named after a program you no longer use, _back_it_up_, delete it and (if no ill effects) remove the backup. Don _not_ delete .Xauthority11:22
barnexmcphail: is there a list of ones that cannot be nuked?11:22
EriC^^barnex: depends on which programs you have installed11:23
barnexheh, I had all of them at some point I think, since this homedir survived over 10 years11:23
mactzuThe package I am Having issues with is lirc11:23
barnexcurrently I care about gnome and ubuntu working11:23
mcphailbarnex: no, of course not. There are 10s of thousands of packages you can install. Any one of them can create a dotfile. No list would be comprehensive11:23
EriC^^barnex: maybe you could delete them based on the last modified time or time created or something11:23
barnexif a file in a folder gets modified, does the modified time on folder change?11:24
EriC^^barnex: did you move them from another home dir you had?11:24
mcphailbarnex: when a new user account is created, it is "bare" of dotfiles. GNOME etc will recreate whatever they need: you'll simply lose the configuration11:24
barnexEriC^^: yeah, moved them since mandriva 10 :311:24
mactzuioria: I have purge and installed the package11:24
EriC^^barnex: ok, did it have a different username?11:24
barnexnah, same username through the years11:25
barnexevery time I change systems I want to keep my configs and that lead to the mess11:25
EriC^^barnex: 10 years you say11:25
ioriamactzu, i did't mean, that  . meant the main installation11:25
mactzuioria: this is a fresh system 15.04 install on sunday11:27
EriC^^barnex: nevermind i was thinking maybe being created on ext3 or something might help11:27
EriC^^to weed them out11:27
ioria!find lirc11:27
ubottuFound: liblircclient-dev, liblircclient0, pulseaudio-module-lirc, pulseaudio-module-lirc-dbg, banshee-extension-lirc, freevo-lirc, gnash-ext-lirc, gnome-lirc-properties, inputlirc, kdelirc (and 4 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=lirc&searchon=names&suite=vivid&section=all11:27
barnexheh, I think I'll just move everything-dot somewhere and see what fails11:28
MonkeyDustirc means infra-red remote control, here11:28
ioriamactzu, seems default11:28
* lordramus new to this thing11:28
mactzuioria: yep I have in install and I can get singal with irw.  but the only I seem to get it working in other app vlc kodi/xbmc is after dkpg reconfig11:28
arcskyguys i try to install linux debian from usb but i get: Failed to load ldlinux.c3211:28
mactzuioria default az baby !!11:29
MonkeyDustarcsky  wrong channel, this is ubuntu, ask in the debian channel11:29
jsheldonI'm plugging in a windows keyboard that i've used in the past and the system is not recognizing it.  Is there a way to reset the usb port from the command line?11:30
arcskyMonkeyDust: sorry i meant ubuntu11:30
arcskyversion 14.1011:30
jjavaholichow can I add change my time locations using gnome-flashback-compiz session11:30
ioriamactzu, maybe you installed it again on top11:31
ioriamactzu, did you use this : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LIRC ?11:31
ioriait's for maverick11:31
lordramuswant some help11:32
MonkeyDustlordramus  like everyone else in a help channel11:32
mactzuioria: I appreciate your advice I will spend some time reading that and come bck if needed thx11:32
auronandacelordramus: people can't help if they don't know your issue11:32
ioriamactzu, i meant that it's old !!!!11:33
ioriamactzu, don't use it11:33
lordramusim new to irc and hoping u guy can be nice to show me arround11:33
auronandacelordramus: if you want help with irc then #freenode is a good place to ask11:34
auronandacelordramus: this channel is for help with ubuntu specific issues11:34
XxHardXtremexXHello ;)11:45
barnexthat nick... soe extreme11:45
haye_Xbox live much? :) Hello there!11:46
barnex360 noscope rm -rf /11:46
k1lbarnex: dont do that malicious commands in here11:46
barnexk1l: sorry. Afair it won't work, even when you remove the '360 noscope' thing.11:47
barnexbecause --no-preserve-root is needen?11:48
k1lbarnex: yes it doesnt work on ubuntu. but we dont like the attitude that people give possible malicious commands out. this is a beginners channel and people cant judge if its ok to run11:48
hidi'vejust installed mozjpeg and i'd like it to be executed wherever i am (like in ~)11:48
hidto use cjpeg, i have to go to my build folder: ~/builds/mozjpeg-3.0/11:49
barnexk1l: again, sorry, bad joke.11:49
hidso i'd like to use cjpeg without going to ~/builds/mozjpeg-3.0/11:50
hidhow can i do?11:50
hateballhid: put it in your PATH11:50
hidhateball: is there a good tuto?11:50
barnexhid: either add it to your PATH variable or symlink the binary where PATH variable already points (like /usr/bin)11:50
barnexecho $PATH will show you what's currently in PATH11:51
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barnexand just pitting your binary in one of those directories is probably the simplest option11:51
ubottuGuest56166: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:51
iptablehid, echo "PATH=${PATH}:/home/someone/builds/mozjpeg-3.0" >> ~/.bashrc11:52
iptablehid, then logout and log back in again, or use: . .bashrc11:52
hidthank you iptable and barnex :)11:55
hidi try that11:55
iptablewarninig: may blow your machine up. always keep at least 1.5 metres away from the machine while typing that :P11:56
SohamGWhen is a LTS release for 15.x expected to comne out?12:02
=== joao_ is now known as Mete-
EriC^^april 2016, 16.0412:03
auronandaceSohamG: there isn't one12:03
iptableSohamG, it's not. 5G is currently in development though, to keep networks busy with something12:03
iptableSohamG, sorry, was just discussing LTE networks. duh :/ LTS is 16.04, then 18.04 and so forth12:04
SohamGiptable: so 15.04 isnt LTS and there wont be a 15.xx LTS?12:04
SohamGyou confused me for a sec :P12:05
auronandaceSohamG: LTS are release every 2 years, the previous one was 14.04 so the next one is 16.0412:05
iptableSohamG, no, there will not be 15.xx LTS. LTS comes out every 2 years. so 14.04 LTS + 2 = 16.04 LTS12:05
iptableSohamG, the 14.04 refers to dates, nice versioning. 2016.April12:05
iptableSohamG, 2014.April release was also LTS, 2016.april will be too12:06
SohamGI thought every version had a LTS!12:06
SohamGThanks for letting me know!12:06
SohamGSo is it worth updating from 14.04 to 15.04?12:06
Ben64not if you want LTS12:07
auronandaceSohamG: depends if you really want/need to12:07
SohamGIf it'll increase overall speed/fluidity.....12:08
auronandaceSohamG: if you do want to upgrade then you'd need to go to 14.10 first12:08
iptableSohamG, if it's your desktop and you want cutting edge, go for 15.04. If you want long term support as you don't want to reinstall often (mostly servers have this requirement), stay on 14.0412:08
pkircherthat very  much dep on whats running on your node .. 15.04 comes with systemd12:09
pkircherso thats on its own is worth it12:09
SohamGyeah i've heard systemd is faster...12:09
ioriaSohamG, if you have stuff kernel-related you could have problems because the kernel is different12:09
iptableSohamG, I'm reinstalling a fresh install to 15.04 in a few days. I was on 14.10 so far. my laptop is too new for the drivers in 14.04 and I couldn't be bothered to backport.12:09
pkircherkernel can be updated by hand12:09
pkircherso thats not a “blocker”12:09
iptableSohamG, my servers are 14.04. I will not be reinstalling for another 3 years or so. so there, depends on what you need.12:10
pkircheriptable: whats on your servers?12:10
pkircher.. coreos does a good job in keeping the boxes uptodate12:10
SohamGI just want a plane desktop that I can do geeky stuff with, if need be.....one of the reasons why I switched from win712:10
pkircherif yo/u are able to containerize it ..12:10
pkircherthats worth a shot12:10
iptablepkircher, websites, email server, owncloud, dns, dhcp, dlna etc. you know, home stuff12:11
pkirchermeh mailservers and you wont update for 2-3 years12:11
pkirchersecurity ..12:11
iptableSohamG, plane desktop? try ubuntu gnome, or xubuntu12:11
SohamGAnd I am looking to update because I am getting sick of gnome 3 :P12:12
iptablepkircher, no, I said I will not reinstall12:12
SohamGI wanna give unity a try12:12
SohamGnever used it...12:12
pkircherstill killing the sec holes in a mailserver12:12
iptablepkircher, updates run daily with snapshots before update for rollbacks12:12
pkircheris a fulltime job12:12
auronandaceSohamG: 14.04 has unity12:12
SohamGYes I know!...12:13
SohamGI wanted to try out 15.04 for the spped12:13
iptablepkircher, hence my emails first go through latest postfix, handover to latest exim and hand over to my final zimbra mail server. there, security holes closed.12:13
SohamGespecially boot up speed12:13
pkircheror more introduced12:13
pynthonCould somebody tell me how to install version 0.5 of Guake?12:13
pkircherdep on point of view12:13
pynthonIf I do sudo apt-get install guake I get version 0.4 but it contains a bug (see https://github.com/Guake/guake/issues/45)12:14
Garheadepynthon: what version of ubuntu are you running?12:14
pynthonGarheade : I am using 14.0412:15
pynthonThe developer on Github says: so it's solved for 0.5, it's a pity ubuntu 14.04 LTS still ships something based on 0.4.12:15
ioriaiptable, did you use clamav or amavis ?12:15
SohamGIs 15.04 known to have issues with nvidia gpu's12:15
iptableioria, yes, using amavis, clamav, spamassassin, dspam, razor, pyzor and bayesian12:16
Garheadepynthon: 0.5 is available for vivid12:16
ioriaiptable, have you ever had problem with clamav and amavis updatings ?12:16
jjavaholicI have no time & date in gnome-fallback-compiz12:17
iptableioria, not once. for some reason ocasionally I have to nuke the clamav DB and manually run an update to redownload. amavis not a problem. ALWAYS backup configs though, amavis sometimes feels adventurous during updates12:17
iptablefor package update (apt-get), no, always works12:17
pynthonGarheade : I am a linux noob so please forgive my ignorance  but Vivid is Ubuntu 15.05 right?12:17
ubottuUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/ - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/vivid12:18
ioriaiptable, thanx12:18
iptableioria, no worries12:18
pynthonAh, I see. But would it be possible to install Guake 0.5 on Ubuntu 14.0412:19
BluesKajpynthon, why not, it should be in the repos12:21
pynthonBluesKaj , again please forgive my ignorance but I am a Linux noob but you mean installing it from the Github repository?12:23
iptablepynthon, apt-get no?12:24
BluesKajpynthon, no the repository your package manager or apt connects to for package installation12:25
ioria!info Guake12:25
ubottuguake (source: guake): Drop-down terminal for GNOME Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.0-2 (vivid), package size 217 kB, installed size 1285 kB12:25
pynthoniptables BluesKaj Ah I see, I did sudo apt-get upgrade etc. and then sudo apt-get install guake version=0.5.2 but it says it cant locate that version of the package. When I just use sudo apt-get install guake it installs version 0.412:27
BluesKajpynthon, what's wrong with version 0.4?12:28
pynthonBluesKaj it contains this bug: https://github.com/Guake/guake/issues/4512:28
pynthonBluesKaj , one of the developers says it is fixed in 0.512:29
ioriapynthon, you have to install from source, then12:30
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BluesKajpynthon, check this, http://dalibornasevic.com/posts/48-guake-terminal-for-super-productivity12:34
torjvHi, I have a ubuntu machine used for only displaying info. For different reasons i need to restart the xserver on it, and don't have physical access to it. So I want to do this over ssh, is this possible?12:36
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pynthonBluesKaj , ioria , I got it using this tutorial: http://linuxg.net/how-to-install-guake-0-7-0-on-ubuntu-15-04-ubuntu-14-10-ubuntu-14-04-and-derivative-systems/12:40
pynthonBluesKaj , ioria this bug isnt gone though12:40
ioriapynthon, sorry to hear that12:43
ioriapynthon, try the BluesKaj link12:43
`hypermist`Damnit ubuntu why wont you just detect that i installed setuptools12:43
ioriapynthon, you used pps12:44
ioriapynthon, but that is 0.712:45
ioriapynthon, and purge that ppa12:45
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jasper__hello everyone12:55
=== viper is now known as Guest73377
DrDroidHello jasper.12:56
DrDroidDoes anyone know why Ubuntu 14.0412:57
DrDroidDoes anyone know why Ubuntu 15.04 is not an LTS12:57
k1lDrDroid: because its not supposed to be12:58
k1l!releases | DrDroid12:58
ubottuDrDroid: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases12:58
DrDroidI was under the impression that versions ending with .04 were LTS and .10 were not.12:59
invaders_hi people13:00
k1lDrDroid: LTS were 10.04, 12.04, 14.04 so 16.04 will be the next.13:00
D-SpairHi all, need some help with my laptop.. Since upgrading to 15.04, my system is only showing a single core on my i5-3337U (dual core with HT). I check the BIOS, but core multiprocessing IS enabled. I tried a couple of different kernels from GRUN boot, but no differences. Any suggestions?13:02
DrDroidOk thanks k1l for that.13:02
D-Spair*checked *GRUB13:03
* D-Spair is not good speller when typing fast..13:03
D-Spair'cat /proc/cpuino' shows a single processor too! This is not good!13:04
DrDroidD-Spair, did you install the 32 bit or the 64 bit version.13:05
D-SpairDrDroid:  64 - Linux satellite-p55.ad.zanclus.com 3.16.0-32-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Wed Mar 4 15:01:53 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:07
k1lD-Spair: see the porp. drivers tab in the software and updates system settings13:07
k1lD-Spair: that is not a 15.04 kernel13:07
k1lD-Spair: make sure the "linux-generic" package is installed13:07
D-Spairk1l:  I know, I booted into an older kernel to see if it was a kernel problem...13:07
D-SpairI have tried several13:07
kostkon!info linux-headers-generic13:08
ubottulinux-headers-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel headers. In component main, is optional. Version (vivid), package size 2 kB, installed size 27 kB13:08
arcskyAnyone got wlan adapter TP-LInk T2U installed ?13:08
manoharhello every one13:09
D-SpairDrDroid:  k1l : I have tried every kernel I still have in my GRUB menu and I still have the same problem... So, that kinda makes me wonder if it is a kernel params issue... Let me check my grub settings...13:09
k1lD-Spair: see what i wrote above13:09
manohari am using  ubuntu 14.04 .  i am new in compiling a package13:10
DrDroidHave you tried htop D-Spair?13:11
ricardhola a todos13:11
ricardalguien sabe si el kernel-3.13.0-53 va bien?13:12
manoharif i do make i got "dpkg-shlibdeps: error: no dependency information found for /usr/lib/libhtp-0.5.17.so.1 (used by debian/cs-suricata/usr/sbin/suricata)13:12
manoharany one help me?13:12
k1l!es | ricard13:12
ubotturicard: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.13:12
D-SpairAHA! I was right... Some changes I made to try to get my keyboard to work through sleep/hibernate cycles had disabled multicore! I'm back baby!13:12
meat147Hey guys, i want to put my current system on a USB Stick how can i archive this ?13:12
jmfurlottIs it possible to have more control over the tiling in unity?13:13
DrDroidD-Spair your kung fu is strong :-)13:13
meat147nvm found the solution my searching terms where just bad before13:14
ricardis good kernel-3.13.0-53?13:18
k1lricard: what do you mean?13:18
manoharwe are getting error in compiling a package any one help me?13:19
ricardthe main is correct this version13:20
k1lricard: can you explain the problem a bit more?13:21
k1lricard: for 14.04 the main kernel is linux-image-3.13.0-51-generic13:21
ricardyes but done problems13:22
OneiroiDoes anyone know the ubuntu lp bug id for CVE-2015-3456 ?13:25
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2015-3456)13:25
k1lOneiroi: see ubuntu.com/usn13:26
ricardalguien sabe decirme si es fiable kernel-3.13.0-5313:27
k1lricard: this channel is english only. for spanish please see the #ubuntu-es channel like you have been told several times now13:27
bishopsHello all! I'm running ubuntu 14.04 and it only detects one of my usb port (I have two). how can I make it detect the other?13:28
k1l!es > ricard13:28
ubotturicard, please see my private message13:28
blibhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11113695/ - any ideas how to fix this?13:31
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Guest63055current windows manager is unsupported whats this mean13:32
Guest63055anyone knows anything13:32
k1lblib: running in vbox?13:32
k1lGuest63055: what ubuntu? what version? where does that error happen? whats happening at all=13:33
Guest63055ubuntu mate 15.0413:33
blibk1l: yes - and vbox guest additions installed13:34
Guest63055while clicking the windows in menu13:34
Guest63055looks and feel > windows13:34
k1lblib: make sure kernel headers are installed so it can build the modules needed13:34
k1lGuest63055: what is the issue? i still dont know what the problem is where you get that message?13:35
blibk1l: Indeed they are - vbox guest additions installed properly13:35
blibk1l: What is surprising is, apart from one user, everyone else can login without problems13:36
Guest63055okay i will google it13:37
asdfghdn1centos 713:38
BubbaGracei know this isnt exactly an ubuntu question, but how do you make xchat open urls on double click?13:38
=== Guest63055 is now known as rajesh-p
BubbaGraceits been driving me nuts and i just thought to finally ask someone13:38
asdfghdn1reg xubuntu13:38
asdfghdn1any idea13:38
k1lasdfghdn1: what is your ubuntu support question?13:39
asdfghdn1to setup nginx on it13:39
k1lasdfghdn1: what about that? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Nginx13:40
BluewolfHi all, anyone know of a program which edits the information of audio files, as well as allowing their album covers to appear in place of the actual files?13:40
asdfghdn1nginx with php-fpm13:41
asdfghdn1give me suitable link13:41
Dreamanhow to install timeviwer in ubuntu 15.04 64 bit error instalation13:41
BubbaGracebluewolf: kid3 is in the software center13:42
BubbaGracei have never personally used it but its there13:42
basil2xBluewolf, Puddletag will edit music file tags.  As for the other, I'm not sure13:42
BubbaGracethere is also tagtool13:42
BubbaGracekid3 is kde though13:43
basil2xPuddletag can use Amazon's music DB to fix dodgy tags.13:43
basil2xAs well as musicbrainz and several others.13:43
basil2xNot seen kid3...  Perhaps should look13:43
BluewolfBubbaGrace: Audacity, does that also do that?13:43
BubbaGraceill have to look into that myself. I used to let exaile do that for me when I cared about that kind of stuff13:43
BubbaGraceaudacity? no13:44
BubbaGracethats an audio editor13:44
BluewolfExactly, so it should allow one to save the information right?13:44
BubbaGracepuddletag looks much better than kid313:44
BubbaGraceyea it allows you to edit idv tags, but its not exactly user friendly or has any sort of bulk actions13:45
basil2xGrrr--- reboot... k-button gone all strange.13:45
Bluewolfokay so puddletag then?13:45
BubbaGracewhat exactly are you trying to do? If you arent cutting audio or recording dont use audacity for that13:46
BubbaGracepuddletag looks the best to me13:46
BubbaGracewhat do people use for music players these days? Im sure there has to be a better option than exaile right?13:48
xubuntuoi gente13:48
xubuntutem algun br13:48
BubbaGraceand please not songbird13:48
k1l!br | xubuntu13:48
ubottuxubuntu: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.13:48
MuntHey folks have you got any idea why my x11vnc  server on my ubuntu desktop 15 VM    cant be accessed ?      it shows up in the bonjor list but spits out connection refused in all the clients im testing it in13:49
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest83166
BluewolfBubbaGrace, I just like my music in order. Specifically it information, artist, album and so on. I hate redoing everything each time I reinstall, sitting an changing all that information. So I want I program which will allow me to make those changes and save them as such.13:49
k1lBubbaGrace: i gave up on rhythmbox and such and hear radiotray or from my mobile-phone running my google music app. :)13:49
BubbaGraceradiotray huh13:50
* basil2x uses IDJC to listen to music... also to internet JD13:50
BubbaGracethat any good? I seen it before but thought it would just be cheesy online streams. Does it have real FM channels?13:50
k1lBubbaGrace: for streams.13:51
k1lbut my fm radio stations provide streams so i hear them with that13:51
BubbaGraceright of course they will be streams. but how is the selection say compared to tunein?13:51
basil2xThe version of IDJC in the repos is old and crusty.  Build the latest git.13:51
BubbaGracebasil2x just like avidemux. It took me a bunch of renecoded videos to realize the repo version is old as hell and sucks with h26413:52
basil2xavidemux is very sad recently13:53
basil2xkdenlive is better, and since kdenlive is tragic, that's sad.13:53
BubbaGracethe version in the repos cannot handle vbr audio at all. it will be out of sync every time13:53
basil2xcinelerra is best... until it gives up and explodes without warning.13:55
BubbaGraceman this music on the cinelerra site is weird13:58
BubbaGraceim going to check it out though. thanks for the suggestion13:58
BluewolfBubbaGrace: Thanks for the help14:01
=== lenny`atnight is now known as lenny
BubbaGracecinelerra looks like a real pain to get running14:03
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:12
NikLPright I'm having trouble with partitions. lots of reading, not much success.14:14
NikLPI'm making a dual boot with win7 (because)14:15
NikLPso I have a primary (system) partition (because, windows)14:15
NikLPand a NTFS win partition which is the main windows one14:15
NikLPand I have one more for an encrypted dropbox area which has decided it's also going to be primary14:16
victor__Hi guys, i'm a KDE lover but since kubuntu took plasma 5 i find it very green for my needs (even if it's beautiful as hell...). I'm thinking about giving a chance to ubuntu unity. I'd like to try both unity and cinnamon and so, is there any imcompatibility installing ubuntu unity and then adding cinnamon from ppa?14:16
NikLPnow I want to delegate some space to ubuntu (split between home slash and swap) and have the rest left to spare shareable drive space14:16
NikLPbut win7 says I have run out of partitions14:16
NikLPso how can I make it happen? :/14:16
k1lNikLP: you can only have 4 primary partitions14:17
tewardNikLP: screenshot diskmanager14:17
NikLPk1l: yes exactly. but I had this exact setup before with no issues, so how can I make the ubuntu installer use extended partitions or something?14:17
NikLPteward: in win7?14:17
NikLPI deleted the ubuntu partitions again cos I figured I would have to use an extended partition14:18
tewardNikLP: yes, but k1l can help you more, at this second i have to fix a wifi problem (complex networks are complex)14:18
k1lNikLP: so we still dont know what exact partitions you actually got now14:19
NikLPk1l: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72790/diskmanager.PNG14:19
tewardNikLP: and a screenshot of the Disk Manager on Windows might help, or gparted from a liveusb/livecd14:19
k1ljust do the partitioning you would like there. like making an extended one and then put /, /home (and maybe swap) into that.14:20
k1lthen just direct the installer to use that partitions14:20
NikLPk1l: when I right click the free space I only get "new simple volume"14:21
k1lNikLP: this is windows, right?14:21
NikLPk1l: that's a win sshot yes14:22
k1lNikLP: you cant do that in win.14:22
k1ljust boot up ubuntu (live) and start gparted or the installer14:22
NikLPk1l: right :/ but when I allocate logical partitions of 6g swap, 10g each for home/slash, it just makes primarys instead and kaboom :/14:22
k1lnope it doesnt.14:23
NikLPwell... that works ok but then I can't access the free space in the win diskman14:23
k1ljust use manual partitioning and do it yourself.14:23
NikLPit says I can't create a nother partition in win7 :(14:23
k1lNikLP: ?14:23
NikLPI've done this twice already14:23
k1li dont care what win says or wants.14:23
NikLPk1l: ok let me outline.14:24
NikLPk1l: installed win7, which makes two ptns for itself14:24
k1lwindows doesnt work with ext4 what you need for ubuntu.14:24
NikLPright I know14:24
NikLPbut I *can* do this dual boot thing14:24
NikLPI've done it beofre14:24
NikLPk1l: or am I losing my mind ? :)14:25
k1lNikLP: what is your issue?14:25
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=== Jabo_ is now known as Jabo
k1lyou can not (!!!!) make the partitions needed from win. you need to run the ubuntu live system for that anyway.14:25
NikLPk1l: I have 2 win parts. then I manually allocate three logical partitions in the parted in ubuntu mate installer, but when that finishes I can't add more partitions in win 7 disk manager14:25
k1li dont get what your issue is now?14:25
RedPenguinhey all14:26
NikLPI'm not trying to make ubuntu partitions in windows k1l - I have done that in parted in installer14:26
NikLPk1l: but I have 140gb of disk which I can't use because the installer uses primary partitions and then I run out and can't use the free space14:26
=== txspud` is now known as txspud
k1lNikLP: right now you just have 3 windows partitions.14:27
RedPenguinIs there a way to verify free space on ext4? For some reason df's results and du's results make it appear like 200GB or so is missing14:27
NikLPk1l: effectively, yes - one is a ntfs truecrypt partition but it's ntfs so windwos yes14:27
k1lNikLP: ok. lets stop right here. please boot into a live ubuntu system. come back here when that system is running.14:27
mcphailRedPenguin: how big is the disk? 5% will be kept for root14:28
mcphailRedPenguin: but that amount can be tweaked up or down14:28
NikLPk1l: right I'm booting into ubuntu mate 15.04 installer from usb14:29
RedPenguinwell it's two together, at 910GB and 917GB, supposedly 990GB used with 676GB free14:29
RedPenguinI would figure with 990GB used, the free would be closer to 1TB14:29
NikLPk1l: so I want to select "install ubuntu mate" I guess?14:29
mcphailRedPenguin: 2 together in a RAID? One mounted over the other?14:30
RedPenguinone mounted over14:30
RedPenguinI get like 45GB each being 5 percent, so still doesn't sound right14:31
mcphailRedPenguin: and, if you unmount the top disk, do you have anything is the bottom disk at that mount point which is being hidden by the stuff in the top disk?14:31
mcphailRedPenguin: i.e. if it is mounted at /home, if you unoumt it do you have existing stuff in /home?14:32
NikLPk1l: am I on the right track, or is it better to "try" and get into the os that way?14:32
mcphailRedPenguin: (and bear in mind df is not a reliable source of disk usage anyway, although I think it is generally fine for ext4)14:33
k1lNikLP: open "gparted" and do the partitioning you like14:33
=== Jabo_ is now known as Jabo
NikLPk1l: right but I'm to open the "try" before attempting the install, yes?14:33
RedPenguinmcphail: one sec, guess gotta wait a little bit, mythtv is currently using the disk so can't umount it now to check and not mounted at /home14:34
mcphailRedPenguin: the other thing I can't quite remember is whether df and du report sparse files differently...14:35
welovfreecan you tell me if c program is running gedit in background http://pastebin.com/iuN7XwqM or tell me what he's doing?14:35
k1lNikLP: yes14:36
welovfree*this c program14:36
NikLPk1l: ok so in gparted, I just create the three partitions that I tried before? 6g swap / 10g home / 10g slash ?14:37
NikLPk1l: or do I need to create extended partition and put those three inside that?14:37
NikLPk1l: ie, create 26g ptn then three logical?14:37
k1lNikLP: please read what i already said: make aextended one and put the ubuntu one into that14:38
segaboyCan anyone recommend a USB 3.0 port replicator that works well with ubuntu?14:39
vcoinminerhi. I am using ufw, does ufw allow login from pem? or if I ssh with pem, I can skip ufw?14:39
NikLPk1l: that's fine, I will make an extended one - you haven't said anything about ptns after that, I read the backscroll :/14:40
NikLPk1l: do I just make those three as per my initial attempt in the installer?14:40
=== Overand_ is now known as Overand
NikLPk1l: sorry I missed a bit, will try with this and see what happens14:41
thedarklordAnyone know how to update CMake? My current repo isn't allowing me to upgrade to it (may be out of date?)14:41
thedarklordThing I'm trying to compile requires 2.8.12, I have 2.8.914:42
welovfreeany body here?14:42
god_phantomI'm here14:43
ioriawelovfree, dit-moi14:43
ioriawelovfree, what you wanna do with that prog ?14:43
ioriawelovfree, not in background in foreground :-)14:45
thedarklordWhy am I seeing none of welovfree's messages now .-.14:46
NikLPk1l: ok I have three partitions in an extended - do I need to do anything to assign those to different mount points? slash/home?14:46
somsipthedarklord: when people say nothing, no messages are shown14:46
=== Guest21457 is now known as sUbMuNdO
tewardis there a way to have my system automatically start up with bluetooth off?14:47
tewardnot disabled, but just 'off'14:47
thedarklordSo, asking again in case anyone didn't see it: How do I upgrade CMake without apt-get?14:48
thedarklordMy repo isn't up-to-date with the newest version14:48
k1lNikLP: yes, you need to make sure they get mounted to the right mount point from the installer.14:48
xangua!compile | thedarklord14:48
ubottuthedarklord: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall14:48
somsip!ppa | thedarklord14:48
ubottuthedarklord: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge14:48
xanguaand why do you want "newest version" thedarklord ¿14:48
thedarklordOh. Thanks14:48
NikLPk1l: so when the installer runs it will ask me where to put what? :)14:48
thedarklordProgram I'm attempting to compile doesn't appear to work with current version.14:49
k1lNikLP: but that is quite simple task. just go with manual installing entry and make sure you check the partition settings14:49
k1lNikLP: that is not rocket science14:49
NikLPk1l: ok, just had issues previously (obviously)14:49
thedarklordAlso, almost certain this matters, but I'm using a version of Crunchbang that may be Debian (???)14:49
xanguaneither supported here thedarklord14:50
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k1lthedarklord: better ask the crunchbang support (didnt they stop with that distro anyway?)14:50
thedarklordYes, development's stopped. Only suitable place appears to be either the debian IRC or the crunchbang forums14:51
sersesit is possible to reset ubuntu ?14:51
somsipserses: define 'reset'14:51
serseslike a fresh instal14:52
somsipserses: yes. Do a fresh install14:52
sersesis this my only option?14:52
thedarklordanyways, i'm gonna get outta here so I can go ask people in the debian IRC14:52
thedarklordbye y'all14:52
somsipserses: you want to reset ubuntu to it's state when it was first installed? Recover from backup made immediately after you installed before. In the absence of one, reinstall and prepare for next time you want to do this14:53
=== sturmflut is now known as sturmflut2
sersesi want to do a reset because i want to change from gnome to kde14:53
Foddhey guys14:54
guest12345_does anyone know the difference between nvidia driver with and with 'updates' suffix ?14:54
Foddthanks for your help yest, i got the USB stick to work, and installed Ubuntu 15 :)14:54
EriC^^serses: just type sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop14:54
NikLPk1l: respectfully, I see the partitions in the installer but nowhere can I see how to assign home to a partition. Or is the only option to select which partition to install the OS onto, and then pick a /home later?14:54
somsipserses: just install the kde package(s) you want. Gnome can remain in the background14:54
sersesso i can switch between these 2?14:54
somsip!kde | serses (I think this tells you about packages for KDE, and yes, you can)14:54
ubottuserses (I think this tells you about packages for KDE, and yes, you can): KDE (http://kde.org) is an open community that creates and maintains software including the Plasma desktop.  To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install  kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See  http://kubuntu.org for more information.14:54
NikLPserses: I believe you can install whichever desktop you want and switch at login14:55
k1lNikLP: http://i.stack.imgur.com/C8yln.png14:55
sersesok thanks for you help14:55
k1lNikLP: see "mountpoint"14:55
somsipserses: np14:55
k1lNikLP: i dont know what installer version you have there and what it should look like. but just ba sure to make that partitions you see their are directed to be mounted as /, as /home and swap etc. formating might be clever, too14:56
k1lNikLP: or something like this: http://www.howtoplaza.com/images/Howtoinsta.04onamanuallycreatedpartition_9303/installingubuntu9.0411.gif14:56
god_phantomI'm a DBA so I don't do a ton of server administration. If I got a RHCA you think Canonical would at least consider me for a position?14:56
k1lNikLP: really. that is a easy task. its the same as you install windows.14:56
NikLPk1l: no it's ok, I have it now. I think (strongly)14:56
NikLPk1l: there was some oddness in the Change bit of the partition editor in the installer but I'm certain this will be ok now14:57
NikLPas long as the ext part works :p14:57
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jostI just removed myself accidentially from group "sudo", and am the only admin for a machine15:02
jostHow can I give myself sudo-rights again?15:02
somsip!recovery | jost15:02
ubottujost: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode15:02
somsipjost: no, that's not what I meant...15:03
jostThe machine is a rasperry pi with ubuntu on it, so I can't reboot it - the SD-card would get into an unstable state and the machine would fail to boot afterwards15:03
jostand since I have not root rights, I can't just shut it down cleanly15:03
OerHeksjost,  http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo15:03
=== Guest73908 is now known as help
OerHekssomsip, it is named in the !sudo factoid15:05
=== help is now known as Guest89225
somsipOerHeks: ah - cheers15:05
jostOerHeks: Ok, but what if I can't reboot (because it's a raspberry pi which needs a software command issued by root to shutdown cleanly)?15:06
jostI I could just take the SD card and mount it on my main machine, it wouldn't be a problem15:07
somsipjost: IME, I've shutdown Pis plenty of times unsafely with no problems. Except old versions of XMBC which could take the SD card down if that happened15:07
jostsomsip: I've done that two, three times15:08
jostand each time it would not boot afterwards (its a pi 2 B)15:08
somsipjost: definitely had a power cut since I got my 2B and it15:09
somsipjost: it' still fine, but difference experiences. Anyway, you need a solution15:09
dschensehi, anybody online who can help with graphic problems on acer aspire 7745g switchable grafics ati mobility radeon hd 5850 / intel gpu15:13
NikLPk1l: ok this is fun. I'm back at exactly the same point as before. :) can't create another partition for my data in win7 https://www.dropbox.com/s/hyub83dntfm2ayv/Screenshot%202015-05-13%2015.13.27.png?dl=015:14
manohar__hello every one.15:14
NikLPk1l: would I be able to create one in gparted that I can access from win/ubuntu?15:14
bazhang!info nvidia-prime15:14
ubottunvidia-prime (source: nvidia-prime): Tools to enable NVIDIA's Prime. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.1 (vivid), package size 10 kB, installed size 114 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)15:15
manohar__i am getting error in comping a package.15:15
k1lNikLP: why didnt you create that on gparted?15:15
bazhangwhat package manohar__15:15
NikLPk1l: because it needs to be ntfs and I figured I would have to create it in win...? :/15:16
manohar__suricata 2.0.815:16
k1lNikLP: sorry but you are making it waaaaay harder than it is. forget about that "i want to do that in windows" at all. just use gparted on (live)ubuntu.15:16
bazhang!find suricata15:16
ubottuFound: suricata15:16
bazhang!info suricata15:16
ubottusuricata (source: suricata): Next Generation Intrusion Detection and Prevention Tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.6-3 (vivid), package size 747 kB, installed size 2878 kB15:16
k1lNikLP: gparted can create all formats you want15:16
bazhangmanohar__, install from repos15:16
manohar__error " error: no dependency information found for /usr/lib/libhtp-0.5.17.so.1 (used by debian/cs-suricata/usr/sbin/suricata)"15:16
bazhangmanohar__, sudo apt-get install suricata15:16
NikLPk1l: ok so I guess I can just make the partition there. Maybe that's where I was going wrong - I really thought I'd created the partitions in gparted last time, but I couldn't find the same guide I used. no worries.15:17
k1lNikLP: anyway. i need to leave now. forget about handling stuff in windows because it doesnt care about other OSs. just use gparted from a live-ubuntu. thats it.15:17
manohar__bazhang, we download suricata from his websit15:17
bazhangwhat version of debian manohar__15:17
NikLPk1l: thanks very much for your help :)15:18
RedPenguinmcphail: nothing under mount15:18
manohar__i am using ubuntu 14.04 and try to compile suricata package15:18
manohar__bazhang, i think error is from ubuntu15:18
bazhangmanohar__, dl'ing from websites is not how to manage packages15:18
OerHeks!find libhtp15:18
ubottuFound: libhtp-dev, libhtp115:18
OerHeksmanohar__, not an error, just install the dependencie -dev15:19
manohar__OerHeks, i dont know which dependency is pending to install?15:20
OerHeksmanohar__, ubottu gave the answer15:20
jostsomsip: yes, I need a solution - attaching a monitor and a keyboard to the pi2 would help, since there is another account on it, but that account can't be used via ssh, only physically. But the monitor won't get a signal (the pi is running, I can ssh in)... ideas how to fix that?15:21
dschensemanohar__, sudo apt-get install libhtp-dev15:22
somsipjost: no. it appears you're hitting the wall that is linux security. you are not authorised to close it down safely, so you can't. It may be as simple (and frustrating) as that15:24
* OerHeks wonders how one exclude himself from sudo, by accident15:25
jostsomsip: Yes, but I meant regarding the "no signal"-thing15:25
somsipjost: it's not a hardware support channel, not a Pi channel. Maybe #raspi can help?15:25
jostOerHeks: simple: You discover that your primary group is "sudo" for some reason, and set out to fix it, without too much thinking :-)15:25
ki7mtjost, I looked through the history here, but did not see it, which image did you burn to the mSD card?15:28
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aikidoukei'm trying to read through ubuntu kvm docs, is it possible to build centos vm's in ubuntu, the man page for vm-builder says ubuntu only?15:33
cfhowlettaikidouke, I've run centos in virtualbox15:33
manohar__dschense, error is still same after installing libhtp-dev15:34
aikidoukecfhowlett: yes me too, im wanting to use kvm to set up a virtual lab15:34
shay_shayaikidouke: consider lxc instead if you're wanting to do Linux on linux15:34
manohar__i am using newest version of libhtp115:34
OerHeksmanohar__, their page suggest to use the ppa, and you would get updates15:35
aikidoukeshay_shay: i will look into that15:35
niklaswhats that15:35
niklaswhats that?15:35
shay_shayaikidouke: lxc allows you to share your system resources dynamically, as opposed to VMs which partition the resources15:36
niklashow i can use the picamer module on the raspberrypi with ubuntu mate15:36
manohar__0erHeks  i am new on ubuntu i dont know how to use ppa15:36
aikidoukeshay_shay: that sounds useful, thank you15:36
shay_shayniklas: there's one option in the config.txt ... let me get it15:37
jostki7mt: I used the ubuntu-arm image: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RaspberryPi15:37
OerHeksmanohar__,  next to Ubuntu with ppa url, there is a doc, if you don't know howto use ppa15:38
OerHeksmanohar__, https://redmine.openinfosecfoundation.org/projects/suricata/wiki/Ubuntu_Installation_-_Personal_Package_Archives_%28PPA%2915:38
ki7mtjost, I've used that one as well, that's not an official Ubuntu Image, and it's missing a few items. I would suggest the official RPI image, then dist-upgrade it to Jessie. But that is all Off Topic here in the Ubuntu Support Channel.15:39
jostki7mt: yeah, just wanted to make sure there is no other option than hard resetting the PI and manipulating the SD card15:40
mojtabaHi, Do you know how can I have side by side windows in Screen?15:40
shay_shaythat Ubuntu RPI image is very professionally done15:41
shay_shayits based on the work of this guy: http://sjoerd.luon.net/posts/2015/02/debian-jessie-on-rpi2/15:43
ioriamanohar__, this is the list of dependencies ... you can figure out http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/trusty-updates/suricata15:43
shay_shayadapted by an Ubuntu employee15:43
ki7mtjost, That's what I would recommend. Save your data, re-image the mSD card. Then, then you start again, create a second user, with the same exact groups as the user <pi> and never use the pi account except for recovery things like this.15:45
jostki7mt: I still have a recovery user15:45
jostNamed "ubuntu" in this case15:45
jostbut I can't login using SSH with it, since SSH passwort auth is deactivated, and no public key is put into that users directory15:46
ki7mtjost, That's good. Use that and I would recommend the Wheezy to Jessie Upgrade path, that image is works nicely.15:47
jostSo I tried to plug a keyboard and monitor, but that does not work either - no signal on the screen15:47
ki7mtjost, The RPI does not provide power to the HDMI connector. you need a a TV or adapter that provides signal power.15:48
jostki7mt: ah ok - thanks for the hint15:48
ki7mtjost, Your KB/Mouse, if they are USB should work though.15:48
jostyeah, but they're not so much of use when I can't see anything15:49
ki7mtjost, Indeed. it is a pandora's box so to speak.15:50
jayjoI want to set up a name lookup for an internal webpage, but I don't want to edit each machines' /etc/hosts/... is there a way to adjust lookup just on the internal network15:51
=== BOHverkill_ is now known as BOHverkill
jayjois it dhcp settings? is there a good resource for this topic?15:52
mcphailjayjo: the machines don't have avahi/bonjour/whatever?15:52
jayjoI'm sure they have bonjour - they're all macs15:53
Dumle29Hello there. I'm having some issues with an NFS mount of my NAS, that seems to have appered out of the blue. I suddenly don't have any write access. I believe it is mounted via NFSv415:53
mcphailjayjo: then you should already be able to access the page at "http://hostname.local"15:53
jayjoIs that all done through bonjour?15:53
jayjowell the page is hosted on ubuntu ec2 instance15:53
jayjopublic ip, restricted to access from only internal (our ip)15:54
jayjomaybe not the best way to do it, but I can't host it from my macbook15:54
mcphailjayjo: aah - that's different :)15:54
jayjoI know I could manually adjust each machines /etc/hosts to lookup to that ip with whatever name I want, but is there a way to force any machine from my network to resolve to an ip with particular name lookup?15:55
jayjoI don't know much about this topic, to be fair so any bit of information could be really enlightening15:55
mcphailjayjo: you could run your own dns server, I suppose.15:55
mcphailjayjo: I can't see how that would be any easier, though15:56
jayjoso really I should just adjust etc/hosts15:57
cowbaconjayjo: just put a DNS server infront of the network and have it resolve to w/e you want?15:57
ioria!info bind915:57
ubottubind9 (source: bind9): Internet Domain Name Server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:9.9.5.dfsg-9 (vivid), package size 305 kB, installed size 1044 kB15:57
mcphailjayjo: or run the webserver internally :). Easier than running a dns server15:58
_KLINE__卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐 HEIL HITLER 卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐15:59
cfhowlett!ops | _KLINE__ ban requested ...15:59
ubottu_KLINE__ ban requested ...: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang15:59
snowly2hello folks, i have a fresh install of ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS on a laptop with hybrib graphics (w/ nvidia gtx850m). i want the system to use the integrated gpu for everything unless i run something with "optirun". how can i achieve this? (a complete fresh install, nothing except an apt-get update/upgrade/dist-upgrade so do not have even nvidia drivers yet)16:02
cowbaconsnowly2: can this be what you're looking for? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee16:03
snowly2cowbacon: checking right away, thank you very much.16:03
=== lenny is now known as lenny`sleep
snowly2cowbacon: i see, i followed the steps explained on that page before but got an error stating that optirun couldn't find the drivers for the secondary GPU.16:06
ismail_türkçe bilen var mı16:07
ubottuCertain Ubuntu IRC channels are English only.  For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList16:07
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.16:07
cfhowlettis that Turkish?16:07
ismail_hadi canım16:07
maribelsolo español16:07
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:08
ismail_speek is turkish16:08
OerHekssnowly2,  the 337 and up driver should work, surely the 340 http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverresults.aspx/74888/en-us , is that nvidia enabled in your bios?16:08
snowly2OerHeks: i checked my bios for the option but did not see any regarding GPU16:09
snowly2OerHeks: shall i just try to install the 337 package from the official repo and then bumblebee?16:12
snowly2i just want to stop the overheating unless i actively want to use the nvidia card for an application.16:13
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bstareknfs for streaming videos? anybody? =)16:18
SchrodingersScat!cn | ful16:18
ubottuful: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:18
fulis there any one?16:19
cfhowlett!cn | ful16:19
ubottuful: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:19
nikkodoes anyone know how to set up remote desktop?16:19
fulhehe ,i‘m chinese16:19
SchrodingersScat!vnc | nikko16:19
ubottunikko: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX16:19
cfhowlettful, english only in this channel please16:19
nikkowill it work from a mint 17.1 to mint 17.1 machine?16:20
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:20
cfhowlett!mint | nikko, mint is not supported here.16:21
ubottunikko, mint is not supported here.: please see above16:21
nikkooh ok thanks!16:21
Fingelthis channel is great16:21
Fingel!42 | Fingel16:21
ubottuFingel, please see my private message16:21
fulubuntu is slowly。。。than win16:22
Fingelubuntu is win16:23
god_phantomful: slowly what?16:23
Fingeloh, slower than windows?16:23
FingelI think not16:23
fulyes slower than window16:24
cfhowlettful false16:24
god_phantomi wouldn't say that at all16:24
Fingelthem's fightin words16:24
MonkeyDustFingel  did you have a support question?16:24
MonkeyDustful  ^^^16:24
cfhowlettful, do you have a technicl problem?  ask it now16:25
god_phantomhave you tried ubuntu, ful?16:25
cfhowlettful, try ubuntukylin.16:25
cfhowlett!kylin | ful16:25
ubottuful: Ubuntu Kylin is a variant of Ubuntu that focuses on Chinese users. It is a formal part of Ubuntu. For more information, see http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/ubuntukylin16:25
dschensei have this error on my acer aspire 7745g running in switchable mode: http://askubuntu.com/questions/613602/ubuntu-15-04-freezes-for-a-second-every-6-10-seconds-pci-radeon-related-message16:25
fultry it ago16:26
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fulubuntu phone,i want it16:27
popeyful: http://www.bq.com/gb/aquaris-e4-5-ubuntu-edition16:27
popeyClick "Buy" :D16:27
fulmeizu phone,up ubuntu,but test16:28
fulu use ubuntu or windows often?16:29
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MonkeyDustful  stick to support suestions or go somewhere else16:29
cfhowlettful please take your chit chat to #ubuntu-offtopic.  thank hyou.16:29
fulhehe ,sorry ,88 haha16:30
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lenny`bakingI . want . to use Ubuntu. Not sure if I can.16:33
cfhowlettlenny`baking, download ubuntu.  make a boot usb.  boot the usb.  test.16:33
MonkeyDustlenny`baking  then learn it like you learned windows or mac: by using it16:35
Samul`hi all16:35
lenny`bakingAlthough I'm not sure I have much of a use for Ubuntu also, now that I figured out how to use lua on windows16:36
cfhowlettlenny`baking, then ... don't.16:36
Samul`I want to add some chars to my italian keyboard layout, but I just can't remember how I did this the last time I used ubuntu, in 201416:36
Samul`is there an easy way to do that?16:36
MonkeyDustlenny`baking  use whatever system you need or like most16:36
Samul`I found a tool, keyboardlayouteditor, but I can't get it to work. it actually runs but it's too tricky for me16:36
Samul`it may sound weird, but I feel more comfortable editing text files rather than using GUI's16:37
MonkeyDustSamul`  try this is a terminal    sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration16:37
Samul`that's not what I want to do, MonkeyDust16:38
Samul`I want to add new chars so that for example alt gr + J equals an 'en dash'16:38
MonkeyDustSamul`  is this useful (not sure what dvorak is, beside a music composer) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=222105216:41
delinquentmeUnsure where else to ask this .. but it seems slightly off topic : SHA1SUM.... will this be influenced by the NAME of a file?16:45
cfhowlettdelinquentme, no.16:47
=== lenny`baking is now known as lenny
Samul`MonkeyDust: if I'm not mistaken, dvorak is a keyboard layout16:50
Samul`nothing I really need actually16:50
Samul`my goal is to keep my current layout and just add some characters16:50
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MonkeyDustSamul`  last attempt http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86838316:57
Samul`xkeycaps, that's the script I was looking for!16:57
Samul`I just couldn't remember its name16:58
Samul`thank you MonkeyDust16:58
chotaz`wSamul`, there's this aswell: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Custom%20keyboard%20layout%20definitions16:58
MonkeyDustSamul`  learned something new myself16:58
Samul`glad to hear that16:58
Samul`thank you chotaz`w as well, but xkeycaps is really what I was looking for!16:58
EriC^^!cookie | MonkeyDust16:59
ubottuMonkeyDust: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!16:59
* MonkeyDust eagerly devours cookie16:59
* cfhowlett misses !beer ...17:00
Samul`^ lol²17:00
Munthey folks … how can i check the cause of the apport system program problem pop up ?17:01
k1l_Munt: click on "more info" and see what program called apport17:01
ubottulenny: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:03
Muntnmcli    most likely from my autoload vpn script during bootup :(17:03
mkantor1Does anybody know the difference between the https://uec-images.ubuntu.com/ and http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/ ? The sites use different AMI IDs for the same release/arch and some AMIs are only available on cloud-images, but I can't figure out why they both exist.17:04
Muntthanks k1l_17:04
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Exagone313hello, how to install mariadb without uninstalling mysql?17:07
Exagone313i'll delete mysql when i'll be sure17:08
Exagone313ok it seems to be not easy, i just make a backup ...17:10
ioriaExagone313, you have to purge mysql17:11
Exagone313why it's not possible to run mariadb on another port?17:12
ioriaExagone313, no clue17:12
bstarekExagone313, whats your question? uninstall mysql or installing mariadb17:14
Exagone313i wanted to try mariadb without uninstalling mysql17:14
Exagone313but i give up17:14
bstarekthen fireup a new vm, or try on different machine17:15
Exagone313i use mysql for different apps17:15
bstareki have never tried both on same ubuntu and i dont suggest it17:15
Exagone313but to upgrade teamspeak i need to use mariadb17:15
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bstarekcreate a dump.sql file and upload on mariadb17:16
bstareksee if there are differences..17:16
bstarekyou wont know until you try it17:16
bstarekset up a test environment17:16
ioriaExagone313, it seems possible.... but....17:19
sourav_8yt3c0d3hello world17:19
Exagone313too late i upgraded to mariadb, i try if it works well17:19
Exagone313thanks for helping17:20
ioriaExagone313, i would't do that, anyway : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17260125/running-mariadb-mysql-on-the-same-server17:20
ioriaseems too easy17:21
muresanvladHello! I just installed smartgit,but I dont like it and I would like to remove it.How can I do that?17:23
daftykinshow did you put it on?17:23
muresanvladusing ppa17:23
bstarekapt-get --purge remove17:24
daftykinssudo apt-get purge <package>17:24
muresanvladokay,Iĺl try17:24
kokutHello, how can i check if the mouse is being detected by ubuntu?17:25
muresanvladbstarek: Thanks,it works!17:26
bstarekmuresanvlad, np!17:26
kokutk the mouse is being detected, nvm17:28
maarhartwifi not working anymore17:29
maarhartat least not appearing in the gui17:30
maarhartcould anyone help?17:30
maarhartI tried rebooting but nothing17:30
ioriamaarhart, open a terminal and ping
maarhartI am using usb tethering at the moment17:32
=== aktx_ is now known as aktx
maarhart64 bytes from icmp_seq=29 ttl=55 time=432 ms17:32
maarhartioria, here is a bit of dmesg http://paste.debian.net/17645517:33
daftykinsso you need to tell the channel what changed to make it stop working - and also say what model card you have17:33
maarhartifconfig shows eth0, eth1 and lo17:34
maarhartI don't know what changed17:34
daftykinsboot an older kernel as a test17:35
Cundhisomeone have hacker irc?17:35
maarhartdaftykins: I tried that17:35
maarhartits a macbook airport17:35
ioriamaarhart, you turned on usb tethering in your phone after connecting the usb cable ?17:38
daftykinsioria: you're focussing on the wrong thing :P17:38
imAsheepcan i use tethering to connect my bath tube to the internet?17:39
imAsheepcan i use tethering to connect my bath tube to the IOT?17:39
daftykinsimAsheep: stop wasting our time and leave.17:39
imAsheepthats rude17:40
bleurgHi. My new Gnome 15.04 install is disconnecting from Wifi whenever it wants. Gnome 14.10 never did that. but 15.04 solved some graphics freez.. Any idea what I should try pls?17:40
maarhartyes, usb tethering works. wifi doesn't17:40
ibjmy Internet is wi-fi too. i use xubuntu and it doesn't disconnect itself.17:42
ibjit's cable connection from my wi-fi device. ( sim card network )17:43
daftykinsthat's not wifi, that's mobile broadband17:45
ioriamaarhart, maybe it's the firmware17:45
maarhartioria: you are right. firmware-b43-installer was needed17:45
maarhartI think17:45
bleurgyeah my problem is from the new ubuntu 15.04 gnome. I can run windows or macos wifi no problemo here.17:45
maarhartinstalling it now17:46
bleurg15.04 solved a lot of problems with new cpus/graphics cards tho. (broadwell).17:47
ibjbleurg, Ubuntu GNOME make my Plank dock freeze so I returned to Xubuntu but i don't use Plank anymore.17:49
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jay__daftykins you here?17:54
daftykinssorta, about to head out17:55
BrowncodesHey all, I'm having an issue with Ubuntu 14.04. Problem and error are at http://paste.ubuntu.com/11116857/ issue is with execv17:55
jay__just wanted to say thanks17:55
jay__10% xfered so far17:55
daftykinsten!? crikey17:56
jay__ick on windows using remote to monitor it17:56
jay__yeah its a lot of production video17:56
jay__very large files17:56
jay__the data rates change every file17:56
jay__seen it as high as 15 mb17:56
jay__it will be awhile lol17:57
daftykins:D ah well glad it's chugging away17:57
jay__that it is17:57
daftykinsimAsheep: either adhere to the topic of the channel or leave, please - NO more links.17:58
jay__i blasted seagate on twitter and they sent me a DM telling me the seagate drive is NOT a backup17:58
k1l_imAsheep: offtopic in here17:58
jay__WTF lol17:58
bleurgibj , i never used plank. Gnome extensions are sleeker imo. I'm new to Linux  (few months) but i really like gnome shell exensions. Juste I traded some random freez (14.10) for random wifi disconect (15.04) which piss me off.17:58
jay__they said i would be safe if i did a backup, so i said im getting rid of seagate i am safe lol17:58
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imAsheepbleurg: if you are a gnome fan try fedora17:59
jay__dont get me wrong they had good drives for internal back in the day, but their externals are NOT to be trusted17:59
jay__im vstill trying to decide what flavor of linux i want to put on the new ultrabook18:00
jay__i think there are snappier versions then ubuntu  no offense18:00
ioriaBrowncodes, what version og gcc are you running ?18:00
imAsheepchromeOS is linux right?18:01
jay__i think some of it is18:01
jay__its built on a kernel18:01
jay__but it sucks lol18:01
bleurgImAsheep, yeah why not. I want Gnome. but I thought, as a noob, i'd rather stay Ubuntu. For the support and all.18:01
k1l_since this is #ubuntu the answere is obvious18:01
jay__good luck running non google stuff on that thing18:01
Browncodesioria: 4.8.2, I've also got gcc with gcc-opt because I need 4.0 for a specific item18:01
imAsheepyou can also install android on a PC18:02
ioriaBrowncodes, so gcc -v and g++  -v are  ok ?18:03
imAsheepi think android store as more apps then ubuntu store18:04
Browncodesioria: yeah, but the moment I try gcc-4.0 (the main item that is triggering) I get gcc-opt: Failed to open /CurrentlyBuilding followed by a ccache error18:04
ibjbleurg, I am new to Linux too actually i started downloading Linux distributions ISO images last year ( February ); I don't know how to tweak much the desktop environments but I find XFCE the best DE for me.18:04
ioriaBrowncodes, yes, a bit old18:04
k1l_imAsheep: this is not ##chat . this is the ubuntu support, so what is your ubuntu support issue?18:05
imAsheephow do i run an adfroid app on ubuntu?18:05
Guest56850same problem as imAsheep18:05
ibj...and not because of the specs of my PC ;)18:06
k1l_try if that helps: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/09/install-android-apps-ubuntu-archon18:06
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=== Odin is now known as _Odin
PaulCzarAre we going to see updates in the various cloud archives for qemu for venom?     example - https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cloud-archive/+archive/ubuntu/icehouse-staging18:12
ioriaBrowncodes, where did you get gcc 4.0 ?18:13
Browncodesioria: I got the installer through an older repo, I've uninstalled it, and now trying to compile it from source (with a minor patch due to newer system)18:21
ioriaBrowncodes, this ? patch -p0 < gcc-multilib-fix-v3.3.x-to-v4.2.3.debian.x86_64.diff18:21
Browncodesioria: yeah18:22
ioriaBrowncodes, good luck mate18:22
Browncodesioria: thanks, this has been bugging me all night. And again, thanks for the chat, it might of got me through this18:23
ioriaBrowncodes, np18:23
ibjMy Xubuntu 64bit 15.04 LTS Kernel 3.19.17 is LTS ? Will Linux Kernel above 4 arrive to repository? Is it mandatory to upgrade to the latest Linux kernel available?18:24
thrOMG! my keyboard is going crzy18:25
MisterMomoperator error lol18:25
thryay.... i have installed seamonkey 2 min ago :)18:26
k1l_ibj: 15.04 is not a LTS! what is your issue?18:27
ioriaibj, no, 15.04 it's not LTS,     as far as i know there is 4.1... but it's not mandatory18:27
k1l_ibj: and ubuntu version will stay on the same kernel version with which they got released. exception is the LTS versions, that get a backport kernel from the midterm releases in the enablement stack18:28
ioriaibj, 4.03, sorry18:28
ibjI have no issue with my Xubuntu Linux kernel, i am only afraid that the kernel verson i use now it will be old. Any way i will upgrade to Xubuntu 15.10 when released18:31
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bennieha met  benie18:33
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IJOY94I have a problem with the nvidia proprietary drivers, is anyone willing to help?18:33
=== fguzzo is now known as chebit
k1l_ibj: an "old" kernel is not an issue. ubuntu provides bug and security updates for the kernel as long as the ubuntu version got support18:36
k1l_!ot | aktx18:47
ubottuaktx: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:47
aktxk1l_, sry18:47
mcphailI've just received the 38.0 version of firefox on vivid. I think this one is supposed to enable the drm video plugin for netflix etc. Doesn't seem to work, though. Has anyone got it working?18:49
mcphail(not looking for silverlight etc)18:49
lihhemcphail: EME is only enabled for Windows Vista and later, x86, currently18:51
mcphaillihhe: thanks. That's a shame. Will have to stick with chrome for now18:51
ibjIn Xubuntu 15.04 there is no Firefox 38 available.I  Just download a binary archive and I run it from the extracted archive18:51
lihheI hope Ubuntu won't take it. That would be a shame18:52
bazhang!info firefox18:52
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 37.0.2+build1-0ubuntu0.15.04.1 (vivid), package size 40503 kB, installed size 96493 kB18:52
k1l_ibj: just run the updates on ubuntu. its given out right now18:52
mcphaillihhe: I don't agree, but that is prob for #ubuntu-offtopic :)18:52
lihheyeah, I guess18:53
ibjk1l_, update now working...18:53
italyswhere is /etc/event.d or its equivalent located at?18:56
italysit's not on my system, curious if upstart changed its implementation recently.18:56
ibjhttp://fuckyeahubuntu.tumblr.com/   helped me today on how to prevent the Linux time not to be set to UTC ;)18:59
Exagone313ibj: why to do it?19:00
=== slinnky is now known as MILFhunter2000
Exagone313ibj: you can configure windows to use utc time if it was the problem19:00
ibji dual-boot Xubuntu 64bit with Windows Vista 32bit , TIME was UTC in Xubuntu after installed Vista19:01
jd8How can I install java.  Noting I've tried works.  I still get "The program 'java' can be found in the following packages"19:04
bazhang!java | jd819:05
ubottujd8: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.19:05
FoddHey guys19:06
FoddI've download chrome, however cannot get on netflix.19:06
FoddM7357-1003 - thats the error code. its something about DRM?19:06
ubottuIf you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop19:07
mcphailFodd: which version of Ubuntu?19:07
bazhangthe drm was just added iirc19:07
mcphailFodd: should work fine. "Just Works" here. Perhaps netflix are having network problems?19:07
mcphailbazhang: drm has worked in chrome for a while now19:08
Foddmight be, however i can view it on my phone19:08
jd8I need java somewhere though?  When I try compile stuff with mvn I get the error  Error: JAVA_HOME is not defined correctly.19:08
jd8  We cannot execute /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-oracle/bin/java.   So I think I just need to find where java cmd lives19:08
mcphailFodd: did you install chrome from the chrome website?19:08
FoddI've got a blue chromimum browser button19:08
Foddis that proper chrome?19:08
mcphailFodd: you need chrome, not chromium19:09
Foddubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about chrome19:09
ubottuFodd: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:09
Foddoh bum, lol19:09
mcphailFodd: get it from the chrome website. It will add a PPA and download, but see !PPA19:09
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge19:10
mcphail(not actually a PPA, but same warning)19:10
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Foddthank you mcphail19:15
Foddalthough, on my taskbar, or startbar? i've got like a grey box with a question mark in it19:15
mcphailFodd: related to what app? Has chrome installed? The software centre should open and install it19:17
Foddmcphail: chrome19:18
dsol_After I upgraded to 14.04 I can't change channels in weechat with alt+number anymore. How can I fix this?19:18
mcphailFodd: if it has installed properly you should get the chrome icon19:18
laskodsol_: Seems to be working for me.19:19
dsol_lasko: I get the "type command" in Unity instead19:19
laskodsol_: Yeah I only get that if I do Alt+F2 but Alt+Number still works19:21
bruceryanis this the right place to report bugs??19:22
dsol_I have looked in the keyboard shortcuts for Unity in Compiz settings, but couldn't find it19:22
laskodsol_: Maybe change your keyboard shortcuts so unity doesn't respond to that?19:22
byerleyHi, is there any way I can get a list of network login names? (/etc/passwd only has local stuff and I'm trying to determine if I need to get a new user setup or if I'm just fumbling the password)19:23
mcphailbruceryan: best place to report bugs is on launchpad.net19:23
bruceryanmcphail: cool..will check it out..cheers!19:24
ioriajd8 try    export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-i386    ( in my case)19:24
mcphailbruceryan: np :)19:24
dsol_lasko: Can't find it19:25
General-NemoHello, do you know a good text only reader in TTY linux terminal for numeric book in epub? :) (I think i had already post this question, but my internet bug last time)19:26
laskodsol_: I'll look around and see if I can find it.19:26
jd8I've got this java version /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd6419:30
jd8but there's no /bin/java in there19:31
jd8I think I've completely messed java up19:31
ioriajd8 are you kiddin ?19:31
byerleyoh, finally got google to cooperate, was "getent passwd" if anyone was curious19:32
FoddHow would i update the video drivers?19:32
FoddNvidia 450GTS19:32
Foddi downloaded the driver from nvidia19:32
jd8I've tried everything I can find online and still nothing works19:32
Foddjust dont know how to install it19:32
ioriajd8 you should have it19:33
mcphailFodd: use the drivers from the Ubuntu repos, not the nvidia website19:33
ioriajd8 no java, ---- javac !!!19:34
jd8ioria: I have that in there.  so java_home needs to point to javac19:34
ioriajd8 yep19:35
=== chef is now known as Guest54992
ioriajd8 but you should have a link to java19:36
jd8ioria: yeah when I run mvn it's looking for the /bin/java.  so I just link that to /bin/javac?19:37
ioriajd8 to ... /jre/bin/java19:37
ioriajd8 no19:37
ioriajd8 don't you have a lik to java in the folder ?19:37
jd8no java in /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64/bin/19:38
jd8it should be there, right?19:38
ioriajd8 yes19:38
ioriajd8 this is mine : lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root   15 Apr 15 21:11 java -> ../jre/bin/java19:39
jd8yeah this is all messed up19:39
jd8nothing for `which java` either19:39
ioriajd8 just make one19:39
ioriajd8 are you in /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-i386  (or 64) ?19:42
General-NemoHello, there is someone who habbit to work only in terminal on ubuntu?19:42
jd8ioria: 6419:42
ioriajd8 ok, ther's no jre folder ?19:42
General-NemoIl want to have a epub reader dans a IRC client in command line19:42
jd8nope no jre19:43
punjabican anyone help?19:43
punjabii have some questions about IRC19:43
ioriajd8 if you type  java ... what you got ?19:43
lihhepunjabi: you should ask on #freenode maybe19:43
jd8ioria: The program 'java' can be found in the following packages:19:44
jd8 ....19:44
General-NemoIt is funny because i also search a command line client to IRC :)19:44
punjabii went there first but couldn't find anyone online19:44
ioriajd8 you didn't install it19:44
FuchsGeneral-Nemo: irssi or weechat19:44
monstHave an issue with google authenticator for SSH. Here is my code, http://paste.openstack.org/show/222106/ after running threw google-authenticator menu and restarting ssh I am still not getting prompted.19:44
monstAny ideas? or maybe a better place to ask this question19:44
General-NemoFuchs Tanks :) and for epub, do you know something?19:45
FuchsGeneral-Nemo: I'm afraid not, I have an ebook reader for these things19:45
punjabiwhat does the green dot mean?19:45
punjabinext to the people19:45
jd8ioria: I did sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk19:45
jd8 and sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre19:45
Fuchspunjabi: depends on your client, probably: operator19:45
jd8both are installed19:45
ioriajd8 that's the developer kit19:45
punjabiok.. and whoever is in the list on the right is online right?19:46
ioriajd8 you need the vitual machine19:46
FuchsGeneral-Nemo: apparently some people just use command line browsers and some trickery to do it, see http://wiki.mobileread.com/wiki/Command_line_eBook_Reader19:46
lihhepunjabi: yes19:46
jd8I need to compile some stuff with mvn19:46
ioriajd8 the 'passive' side19:46
punjabii feel stupid asking this but where am i right now?19:46
jd8and know nothing about java19:46
punjabido i need to go into a channel19:47
lihheyou are in the channel #ubuntu already19:47
punjabiare rooms different?19:47
mcphailGeneral-Nemo: I haven't tried these, but you might want to explore https://zaplanincan.wordpress.com/2013/06/30/console-e-book-readers/ . I have no idea if the recommended options are good, safe or working19:47
lihheshould be the same thing19:47
punjabilihhe: thanks for your help19:47
ioriajd8 sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre-headless19:49
jd8ioria: openjdk-7-jre-headless is already the newest version.19:49
rebsif i update to 15 from 14.10 is there a chance my gfx support will die19:50
ioriajd8 type java19:50
mcphailrebs: how did you install your drivers?19:50
jd8ioria: same ... The program 'java' can be found in the following packages:19:50
ioriajd8 come on...19:50
jd8maybe I need to just remove anything java related and start over19:50
rebstheyre proprietary ones from nvidia19:50
mcphailrebs: you downloaded from the nvidia website?19:51
rebswas just offered and i accepted19:51
mcphailrebs: from the default ubuntu repos? Or did you install a PPA?19:51
rebsi thikn i must have installed a ppa19:51
mcphailrebs: If you have a PPA installed, the updates will probably not work19:52
rebsis there an ez way to test if its a ppa install or an ubuntu repo19:52
rebsi know the driverversion19:52
mcphailrebs: apt-cache policy nvidia-driverversion19:53
vistaarfor some reason, "suspend" does not work in my ubuntu19:53
mcphailrebs: i.e apt-cache policy nvidia-304 etc19:53
vistaarany guesses?19:53
mcphailrebs: or apt-cache policy nvidia-current if you're using the default driver19:53
rebsand what do i look for?19:54
rebsit looks to be off ubuntu website19:54
vistaarmcphail: i'm new here... where do i ask these questions19:54
mcphailrebs: it'll tell you the source of the package19:54
rebsaha so basically i dont have a ppa then since its all off archive.ubuntu.com19:55
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
rebsin which case the update should be ok!19:55
vistaarCAN ANYONE HELP?19:55
mcphailrebs: should be19:55
rebsthanks mcphail19:55
rebsand vistaar, just ask19:55
mcphailrebs: but remember to back up19:56
rebsofc ofc19:56
vistaarmcphail, suspend does not work in ubuntu19:56
vistaari've tried a lot of things19:57
jd8ioria: getting closer.  I followed this http://askubuntu.com/questions/84483/how-to-completely-uninstall-java  then installed virtual machine19:57
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest24153
ioriajd8 good job19:57
melissa_Hi everyone for the most part I'll just watch and learn for awhile19:57
auronandacevistaar: you could try changing the graphics driver19:57
vistaarhow can i do that?19:57
EriC^^type drivers in the dash19:58
auronandacevistaar: check which one you are using from the update settings19:58
=== darkdevil is now known as wtf
=== wtf is now known as darkdevil
auronandacevistaar: i know on one of my laptops i couldn't suspend with the nouveau driver so i had to install the nvidia driver19:59
xcyclistI've got an SQL file to import which misbehaves after a massage with sed.  I'm using phpmyadmin.19:59
vistaarauronandace: thanks for the info, i'll check it out19:59
xcyclistSo I download from phpmyadmin (export), then sed out one URL to another, and all the stuff is there, but on reload the db changes.19:59
xcyclistOkay, sorry.  Question for phpmyadmin group.20:00
anewthis makes no sense - my db inserted rows into a table today when i wasn't home... how can i see if there is any record of this in ubuntu?20:03
vistaari've noticed that installing from the terminal is almost always faster than the ubuntu software center, etc20:04
vistaaris this true?20:04
rebsusing a gui overlay program to do what the terminal does?20:05
th3_m0l35t3rcus there is no ram being allocating for GUI20:05
vistaarahh.. ok20:05
th3_m0l35t3rhello mate20:06
ubuntu-matewhere are u_20:06
=== Samul` is now known as Samul|AWAY
ubuntu-matewhich country_20:06
ubuntu-matehola carlos20:06
ubuntu-matebe serious20:07
jcarlospquiero poner sonido 5.1 en ubuntu mate 15.420:07
ubuntu-matelo puedes20:07
jcarlospsolo me salen 2 canales20:07
jcarlospen la configuracion del sonido20:08
rebsq paso20:09
jcarlosprebs puedes ayudarme a poner 5.1 en ubuntu mate 15.420:10
jcarlosplas indicaciones que aparecen por internet me dan error20:10
rebsno puedo, no se nada sobre ubuntu mate20:11
jcarlosprebs gracias de todos modos20:11
jcarlosphay alguien que hable español que me ayude a poner el sonido 5.1 en ubuntu mate 15.420:11
auronandace!es | jcarlosp20:12
ubottujcarlosp: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:12
rebsintente usar stackexchange.com20:12
jcarlospgracias auronandace ya entre20:13
auronandace!rootirc | AL87420:14
ubottuAL874: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.20:14
unlimitedniggahow can we stop wyte ppl from being so fucking racist20:14
unlimitedniggawyte ppl dont belong in society20:14
unlimitedniggaall dey is doing is fucking up da world by makin slaves outa errybody bitch ass racist ass honkkky ass crakkkers20:14
xcpepAlrighty then...20:14
robholshit-tier troll is shit-tier.20:15
=== cheetahw26_ is now known as cheetahw26
jwshi, my Ubuntu 14.04.2 (on a dual-boot laptop) just did a sw update, which asked me about replacing my grub config. I selected "show differenced", but then the update completed without showing anything. Where can I find the old config?20:15
jws(don't dare to reboot now)20:16
robholI'm having an issue where Transmission says "permission denied" for a torrent. My download dir (~/transmission) is set to robhol:debian-transmission, 770. I don't see why it wouldn't have permission to create files/folders there?20:16
MuntHey folks I’m setting up ubuntu server, I’m wondering should/can I use the network-manager to manage my vpn via command line, similar to the way ubuntu desktop does it ?20:17
auronandacejws: you can see the current config at /boot/grub/grub.cfg20:18
auronandacejws: tha file is generated from what is in /etc/grub.d/20:19
deweydb_i just installed nginx from source instead of the package. when i install the packagae i can do: service nginx start/stop/restart. but that doesn't seem to have got setup wehn installing from source. how do i add this?20:20
MuntWhat i mean to ask is, I’m used to setting up my vpn in ubuntu desktop with a the network-manager gui (PPTP, MSCHAP/MSCHAPV2, MPPE).    How do I go about it on Ubuntu server ?20:21
EriC^^deweydb_: is there a .conf or init.d script?20:21
jwsauronandace, I don't seen any old files in either location, only the new grub.d files (15 may) and the newly generated grub.cfg (few minutes ago) does the sw update just delete the my old config is I select "show differenced" from the dialog?20:22
deweydb_there is a nginx.conf file in /usr/local/nginx/nginx.conf20:22
deweydb_i see nothing related to nginx in /etc/init.d20:22
auronandacejws: i've never tried show difference so i don't know sorry20:22
EriC^^deweydb_: what's in the .conf?20:23
deweydb_its the typical nginx.conf file20:23
deweydb_defines where the vhosts are and shit20:23
EriC^^jws: it's supposed to do a diff on the files20:23
auronandacejws: but you can review those files to see if it will work20:23
deweydb_EriC^^: http://pastie.org/1018741820:23
jwsauronandace, thank you.  yes I will inspect the old files. getting it to work with Win 8.1 was not straightforward.20:25
msmith_Anyone know why the lts enablement stacks are not recommended for cloud/virtual images? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack20:25
jws(I won't reboot until monday, Can't really miss this laptop now.)20:26
deweydb_EriC^^: i found an init.d script here: http://wiki.nginx.org/Nginx-init-ubuntu and added it: http://pastie.org/1018742520:26
deweydb_EriC^^: but still can't seem to do: service or start // nginx20:26
EriC^^try sudo service nginx start20:27
deweydb_nginx: unrecognized service20:27
EriC^^deweydb_: try making it +x20:28
EriC^^sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/nginx20:28
deweydb_that worked20:28
deweydb_one more thing. when you start a service with service. it doesn't show you any error output, is there a flag or something ot see the error output?20:30
deweydb_oh i am wrong.20:32
deweydb_the +x did not fix the problem.20:32
deweydb_it should be printing: "starting nginx..."20:32
deweydb_but it just prints nothing. and goes back to the bash prompt20:32
=== cipher__ is now known as qwop2
=== qwop2 is now known as iocopener
jwsauronandace, I found /boot/grub.bak/grub.cfg   About 20 kernel revisions where added to the advanced boot options, as well as some other minor changes. I can fix it.20:36
auronandace!yay | jws20:36
ubottujws: Glad you made it! :-)20:36
arbiter34anyone booted a native windows partition from ubuntu in virtual box?20:40
arbiter34if so, anything beyond the few SO posts about it I should know or difficulties20:41
=== uwishuno is now known as uwishununoware
kokutHello, how well does ubuntu handle two 4 core processors?20:42
kokutin a single motherboard?20:42
auronandacekokut: try it and find out20:44
kokutauronandace: i dont have it yet20:45
kokutbut it would be stupid to use it if only chrome uses the 8 cores20:45
Jabomy hp chromebook 14 is overheating with ubuntu 15.0420:46
Jabothere's no fan control20:46
Jabono pwm-capable sensors20:46
Jabowhat can I do for fan control?20:46
Jabobesides going back to chrome os + crouton20:47
auronandacekokut: you realise that most of the supercomputers in the world run on linux, i'm sure 2 4core processors are easy20:47
kokutauronandace: but they use it for specific applications that have been optimized for multi-core usage20:47
auronandacekokut: the support for the processors is in the kernel, ubuntu uses the linux kernel20:48
=== CrazyH_ is now known as CrazyH
deweydb_stupid question, why would this command work:# sudo /usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx20:51
kokutauronandace: then why wine uses only one thread20:51
deweydb_but this one doesn't: # nginx20:51
deweydb_do i need to add that path to my $PATH20:51
auronandacekokut: so what you mean to ask is what applications in ubuntu utilise all the cores?20:52
=== Benno-007 is now known as Guest82717
geirhadeweydb_: Yes, that's not part of the standard PATH20:56
RogerDodgerGood evening gents20:56
=== Guest82717 is now known as Benno-007
deweydb_weird. i wonder why the nginx install script chose to put it there.20:56
RogerDodgerI have a number of files *.MOD that I want to batch rename to *.mpeg20:56
deweydb_oh well i just did20:56
kokutauronandace: yea20:56
kokutauronandace: i guess20:56
kokutauronandace: i know chrome does20:57
RogerDodgerI am sure it's quite simple to do20:57
Bashing-omdeweydb_: Likely that is so . what returns from terminal command ' echo $PATH ', Is "usr/local/nginx/sbin " listed ?20:57
RogerDodgerAnyone wanna help a poor guy out :-)20:57
deweydb_ln -s /user/local/nginx/sbin/nginx /usr/local/sbin/nginx20:57
deweydb_was this a bad fix?20:57
auronandacekokut: sorry i can't give you a list but there are thousands of packages in the repos20:57
BaribalHello gentlemen. I'm on an ASUS notebook with an AMD GFX card, lspci says "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Robson CE [Radeon HD 6370M/7370M]". I updated fglrx-updates, but the version is 2:13.350.1-0ubuntu2 just like before the update. But now my main displays backlight gets switched off when X starts. Anybody even heard about this before?20:58
BaribalNever mind, I found the relevant... thing.21:00
=== marcus is now known as Guest96790
Guest96790i need help getting my wireless network up and running a;; i get in the status bar is the ability to enable wired ethernet21:09
=== Drone` is now known as Biliskner
Guest96790i need help getting my wireless network up and running a;; i get in the status bar is the ability to enable wired ethernet21:10
=== brunost_ is now known as brunost
Bashing-om!nomodeset | Baribal substitute " acpi_backlight=vendor " for "nomodeset" in this guide21:12
ubottuBaribal substitute " acpi_backlight=vendor " for "nomodeset" in this guide: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter21:12
=== flavius is now known as Guest68122
Guest68122helo!!! how do i install XAMPP???21:12
auronandace!lamp | Guest6812221:12
ubottuGuest68122: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.21:12
Guest96790i need help getting my wireless network up and running all i get in the status bar is the ability to enable wired ethernet im running ubuntu 15.04 on a hp pavilion model g6-1c43nr21:14
Guest68122ubottu: ok21:14
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)21:14
auronandaceGuest96790: does lspci list your wifi device?21:15
Guest9679002:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller (rev 05)21:17
Guest9679006:00.0 Unassigned class [ff00]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTS5209 PCI Express Card Reader (rev 01)21:17
auronandaceGuest96790: so thats your ethernet and a card reader21:17
Guest96790it dont say anything about the wireless but when it was still windows i had wifi so i know there is something21:18
auronandaceGuest96790: can you put in a pastebin the whole output of lspci please21:18
=== Warrigal is now known as tswett
auronandace!paste | guest9621:21
ubottuguest96: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:21
auronandace!paste | Guest9679021:21
ubottuGuest96790: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:21
auronandaceGuest96790: please don't pm it to me21:21
SchrodingersScat!pm | Guest9679021:21
ubottuGuest96790: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.21:21
auronandaceGuest96790: is that the whole output?21:23
Muntany ideas how i can transfer my ubuntu desktop pptp vpn connection to ubuntu headless ?  I used NetworkManager GUI on the desktop and it’s easy.    for the headless server it’s not so easy, I have the VPN listed as a place to connection to with nmcli c list but it has no wired connection to connect to21:23
surgyhow do i change the settings on my graphics tablet?21:23
auronandaceGuest96790: is it a brand new laptop?21:23
BaribalOkay, so I edited /etc/default/grub, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_backlight=vendor", ran update-grub, looked like it went through alright. Rebooted, no change, backlight is still dark.21:24
Guest96790its a fresh install21:24
Guest96790i just redid the paste bin21:24
surgyi want to make it so that my tablet only works on one monitor how do i do this?21:25
auronandaceGuest96790: how new is the laptop?21:25
Guest967902 years21:25
auronandaceGuest96790: which version of ubuntu are you trying? 14.04?21:26
Guest96790fresh install21:26
Guest96790fast as hell21:26
auronandaceGuest96790: hmm, well i see no mention of wifi in there21:27
Guest96790thats what i said21:27
Guest96790and when windows was on it the wifi worked fine21:27
auronandaceGuest96790: do you know what wifi chip you have in it?21:27
MuntAnyone care to hold my hand through making my headless server access the internet via a pptp vpn ?21:30
auronandaceGuest96790: is there a hardware switch that is set to off on the laptop?21:30
FaZe_illuminatihoy guys21:31
Baribalbrb, trying legacy backlight option...21:31
surgyi need help configuring my new graphics tablet. it works fine but i only want it to work on one monitor.21:31
Guest96790yes when i click it it stay off (orange)21:32
FaZe_illuminatitry it21:32
FaZe_illuminatiit usually works21:32
SysAdmin7Surgy: have you tried anything yet?21:32
BaribalThat didn't do anything either...21:32
NatureshadowSorry to bother you, but does anyone how to get Canonical to stop spamming one's e-mail account?21:33
NatureshadowI used the contact form a while ago, but did not opt-in to the newsletter, still theystarted sending it.21:34
NatureshadowI used the unsubscribe link several times without anything changing21:34
surgySysAdmin7, i googled it...21:34
NatureshadowI even sent a fax to tell them to stop, they still send spam21:34
=== x2f[away] is now known as x2f
surgySysAdmin7, and went into wacom settings.... but its not a wacom..... soo21:34
auronandaceGuest96790: so if there is a hardware switch for your wifi to turn on/off you'll want that switch set to the on position21:34
NatureshadowDoes anyone know how to really unsubscribe?21:34
SysAdmin7Wat kind is it?21:34
surgySysAdmin7, would it be in dconf editor?21:34
=== Unibob is now known as DJ_Unibob
SysAdmin7You could try that21:35
FaZe_illuminatiDICK IN mah bUTT21:35
surgySysAdmin7, its a huion580 and like i said all features work great except half the tablet is one monitor and half is the other and i need to restrict it to one monitor21:35
speaker1234I created a bunch of accounts as a batch process and they are not showing on the lock screen?  what should I be looking at?21:35
speaker1234ubuntu 14.0421:35
Guest96790ive done all that through watching videos and it dont work21:36
k1l_Natureshadow: try #canoncial21:36
k1l_Natureshadow: try #canonical   (sry typo)21:36
surgySysAdmin7, its not in there21:36
=== x2f is now known as x2f[away]
cezinhahey ya!21:36
=== x2f[away] is now known as x2f
surgyi just want to limit my tablet to one monitor..... dont tell me i need to go back to win7.....21:37
SysAdmin7that sounds like an xrandr problem. Try detecting displays and see if it comes up21:37
Guest96790ill try again whats the command for checking again please21:37
Natureshadowk1l_: well no. It is almost empty, with the topic referring to a website that says I don't have permission to read it21:37
surgySysAdmin7, umm k....21:37
surgySysAdmin7, how? and what does it do?21:37
SysAdmin7Surgy, try xrandr --query21:39
Guest96790antone know the comman for checking if my wifi switch in on or not21:39
k1l_Guest96790: rfkill list21:39
Hackwar1hi folks, I get an error on my ubuntu server that postfix can't be loaded properly. It always throws "postfix: fatal: main.cf line 1-28 missing = after attribute name and I don't know what to do.21:39
Hackwar1anybody got an idea how to fix that?21:40
Guest96790marcus@marcus-HP-Pavilion-g6-Notebook-PC:~$ rfkill list21:40
Guest967900: hp-wifi: Wireless LAN21:40
Guest96790Soft blocked: no21:40
Guest96790Hard blocked: no21:40
surgyi need help limiting my graphics tablet to only one monitor.21:40
Guest96790thats the output21:40
=== cryptodan_ is now known as cryptodan_laptop
surgywell looks like i might have to go back to windows because i dont even know where to start looking for a solution21:43
SysAdmin7What did the command return?21:43
surgySysAdmin7, dvi-1 is the display that i want it on21:43
surgyshows both of my displays and their resolutions21:44
surgySysAdmin7, is that what it was supposed to show?21:44
surgySysAdmin7, ?21:45
Guest96790i need help getting my wireless network up and running all i get in the status bar is the ability to enable wired ethernet im running ubuntu 15.04 on a hp pavilion model g6-1c43nr21:48
Guest96790it dont say anything about the wireless but when it was still windows i had wifi so i know there is something21:49
=== anthony is now known as Guest85876
Guest96790its a fresh install21:49
Guest96790and when windows was on it the wifi worked fine21:49
=== Faylite is now known as JexSys
surgyso what am i supposed to do?21:51
surgyeff it ill just reinstall windows21:51
OerHeksGuest96790, check the additional driver menu, might have a driver ready ?21:53
Guest96790surgys idea almost sonds good help is limited hmmmm21:53
Guest96790already checked additionals21:53
OerHeksGuest96790, and check if the wifi is enabled , maybe a FN key ( hardware lock)21:53
Guest96790marcus@marcus-HP-Pavilion-g6-Notebook-PC:~$ rfkill list21:53
Guest967900: hp-wifi: Wireless LAN21:53
Guest96790Soft blocked: no21:53
Guest96790Hard blocked: no21:53
OerHekselse give us the laptop model/number?21:54
Guest96790wireless is not blocked21:54
OerHeksoh wait, you did21:54
Guest96790i need help getting my wireless network up and running all i get in the status bar is the ability to enable wired ethernet im running ubuntu 15.04 on a hp pavilion model g6-1c43nr21:54
_RaizDoes ubuntu come pre-installed with non-free software?21:55
dsol_After I upgraded to 15.04 I can't switch channels with alt+number in irssi and weechat. I have tried setting every shortcut to default everywhere. Any suggestions?21:55
k1l__Raiz: as its defined by the eff, yes21:55
zykotick9k1l_: ahhh, i don't think EFF cares about non-free software... FSF does21:57
=== emma_ is now known as emma
k1l_erm. yes. that is right. sorry for the mixing. (multitasking is not working right now)21:58
lickalottgents, looking for some opinions on new laptops that will run linux flawlessly.  I just purchased an MSI GP70 leopard that I am sending back because the bootloader is locked down for windows.   Anyone have any recommendations (from personal use)?21:59
Guest96790i need help getting my wireless network up and running all i get in the status bar is the ability to enable wired ethernet im running ubuntu 15.04 on a hp pavilion model g6-1c43nr22:01
k_jplease help. some kids have played with keyboard in unity. now in order to write anything i need to press the key for long time. how can i undo this unwanted change in the keyboard settings?22:03
Guest96790k_j  system settings-keyboard22:04
k_jGuest96790, yes,but where exactly? a screenshot would help a lot22:05
Guest96790make the delay shorter22:06
Guest96790settings-keyboard-delay shorter22:12
Narikhello, I am getting the error: Failed to open VDPAU backend libvdpau_r600.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory22:19
Narikany fix?22:19
NarikI can't seem to view any Flash video, is it because of this?22:19
WildMinionHi all22:20
NarikWhenever I try to load a YouTube video, I get "an error occurred" - I tried the HTML5 player too but it doesn't work either, and I was getting this error so I think it may be the problem22:20
WildMinionI have 2 questions. First: Which one do you recommend for a dedicated server? Normal edition or LTS? And what's the difference between the normal and LTS edition? Only the support lifetime for security-only updates?22:21
=== Fuchs is now known as zombiefox
pbxWildMinion, depends what kind of server you mean, but given that many/most servers serve a role where downtime has costs and overhead, LTS buys you more longevity22:23
Bashing-omWildMinion: My take . Dedicated server is LTS . Other than LTS you are testing for the next LTS release .22:23
WildMinionpbx: Yeah downtime has costs, so it's better to use LTS?22:24
pbxWildMinion, yes22:24
WildMinionpbx: But what's the difference? updates and support, or only support?22:24
pbxWildMinion, what's the distinction between "updates" and "support" you're making?22:25
WildMinionBashing-om: You mean, LTS for servers, and all other who is non-LTS for testing and desktops?22:25
OerHeksnon-lts needs an upgrade every 6 months, simple22:26
WildMinionpbx: The download tells me the LTS edition is supported for 5 years, more than a non-LTS. And I want to know what "support" is included: security updates? driver updates? support? etc22:26
OerHeksOnly security updates, no new functionality.22:27
EriC^WildMinion: it will keep getting updated packages and fixes for packages etc22:27
EriC^WildMinion: when support stops you won't get any updates, newer kernels or updates for packages22:28
WildMinionEriC^: and support for expired edition is gone too?22:28
EriC^what do you mean by support?22:28
WildMinionlike IRC help or so22:29
EriC^nah, it's up to whoever is helping you22:29
OerHeksWildMinion, there has never been support for expired versions.22:29
EriC^but you could have packages that have security vulnerabilities and bugs etc.22:29
Bashing-omWildMinion: Well, no not ecxactly. The interim releases incorporate the newer software (updates) and try to catch up with "newer" hardware. Now, what works in these releases you can expect to see in the next LTS release .22:29
circ-user-GXFo7Any way to make 14.04 upgrade directly to 15.04 without going to 14.10 first?22:29
EriC^circ-user-GXFo7: no22:30
k1l_WildMinion: there is no sense in running a non-supported version22:30
WildMinionYeah, i never run unsupported editions, i'll upgrade all. I think it's better to use the LTS edition, i don't really need the "new" package versions and features22:31
EriC^WildMinion: you still get updates with the lts, it's just not the latest22:31
k1l_if you go for non-lts you need to upgrade every 6 months.22:31
EriC^isn't it every 9months?22:31
etronikHi all, All of a sudden (probably after last update) I'm having the dreaded high system load, no CPU usage, and when I click to open the file mamager from Unity - it does not show up... any help ? TIA22:32
k1l_the support frame is 9 months, but if you wait 9 months for the first you only got 6 left for the next ones since 3 months are overlapping22:32
etronikthis happened now that I have urgent need to use the system... grr22:32
OerHeksetronik, open terminal: top # and see what process is hanging/zombies22:32
WildMinionOkay, and what happen when i upgrade my system? Will the LTS upgrade to a newer LTS version? (for example, 20.04 LTS to 21.04 except 20.04 LTS to 20.10)22:32
k1l_WildMinion: lts-lts upgrade works, yes. but its 12.04 to 14.04 since lts is every second year22:33
etronikOerHeks, top reports two zombies - how do I find out which ones they are ?22:33
etronikprobably Nautilus...22:33
WildMinionk1l_: Okay, a new LTS version is released every 2 years?22:34
k1l_WildMinion: yes22:34
k1l_!releases | WildMinion22:34
ubottuWildMinion: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases22:34
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WildMinionOkay, i will use the LTS then, thanks to all ;)22:35
OerHeksetronik, here is a howto http://askubuntu.com/a/29001222:36
OerHeksfind the process and the parent, kill parent22:36
ekarlsowhat's the latest unity to use ?22:37
ekarlsoon 15.0422:37
k1l_ekarlso: latest unity?22:37
OerHeksekarlso, the one that comes with 15.04, unity 8 is in development.22:37
ekarlsoOerHeks: but u8 isn't desktop based it seems but for phones / tables ?22:38
etronikOerHeks, no zombie process come up with the command supplid in the howto22:38
etronikoops, zero zombies now...22:38
etronikbut still high system load22:38
k1l_ekarlso: its in development still. unity8 is actual running on phone and tablet and is been made for desktop now22:38
ekarlsok1l_: but it's not like a standard desktop ui no ?22:39
ekarlsoI tried ubuntu-desktop-next and it felt like windows 8 :|22:39
k1l_ekarlso: it is. its just not made ready yet. its in development22:39
etronikI select Nautilus from Ubuntu but nothing comes up - help ?22:39
ekarlsok1l_: u know when ? :D22:39
k1l_ekarlso: which part of "heavy alpha" dont you understand? :)22:39
k1l_ekarlso: see the desktop-next iso and decide yourself. its not getting standard for 16.0422:40
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Felishiamy apt-get install runs at 400 bytes per second >:c22:48
Felishianow 022:49
Felishianow 222:50
k1l_Felishia: switch mirrors then22:50
Felishiawait o.o irc also runs slowly22:51
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Felishiait doesn't affect chrome22:51
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nkooo83francais ?22:53
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.22:53
nkooo83kes tuf ?22:53
zombiefoxtu n'as pas lu ça que ubottu a ecrit?22:53
zombiefoxc'est  1) anglais  2) seulement du support ici, merci :)22:53
nkooo83jsuis tous bourré je papote ! jviens d'instal ubuntu22:54
nkooo83jparle pas anglais22:55
k1l_nkooo83: #ubuntu-fr or in english in here22:55
zombiefoxnkooo83: alors vas-y et demande dans #ubuntu-fr, la il y a des francophones22:55
zombiefoxk1l_: that's a bit pointless, you know? You can let me handle it :p22:55
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:56
zombiefoxFelishia: okay, that was even more pointless.22:56
etronikwell this latest update to ubuntu 14.04 is ridiculous... an unresponsive mounted network share renders most of the system unusable ?!22:56
Felishiayeah XD 1777 people here and 47 there22:57
Felishiazombiefox, I'm a native spanish speaker22:57
pbxetronik, if you want help, dive into the specifics of your problem, including logfiles and/or error messages where applicable.22:58
Silenced_v2Guys i am just trying to theme my ubuntu . Installed some 3 - 4 icon packages . But the icons doesn't seems like loading . What to do ? Its like this http://imgur.com/ToyZXQB22:58
pbxSilenced_v2, tell people what ubuntu version, what specific packages you installed and how22:59
Silenced_v2pbx: Ubuntu version 14.04.2 LTS and icon package is papyrus . Downloaded it from gnome-look.org . Installed it by running the script they provided23:00
Silenced_v2Guys i am just trying to theme my ubuntu . Installed some 3 - 4 icon packages . But the icons doesn't seems like loading . What to do ? Its like this http://imgur.com/ToyZXQB23:04
etronikpbx, here are the specifics... I have no clue about this, came all of a sudden: http://pastebin.com/5JfPL0LL23:11
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etronikamazing as it is, that CIFS error render the system un-usable for just about anything dealing with even local file-system!23:16
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etronikGood thing I have a Windows machine to save the day...:-/ grrr23:22
SmashingX2During a GRUB update, I am asked where to install GRUB. There is Raid1 on the disks. I am not sure where I should. Here is the mount table: http://fixee.org/paste/94jagdp/23:28
SmashingX2my fdisk http://fixee.org/paste/kxeoueh/23:29
function9xhi guys I got an old laptop(x55a) with the intel hd graphics. I'm using xubuntu 15.04. Is there a tool I can use for gpu scaling(connecting laptop to a tv hdmi).23:33
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mehworkis there a way to resize my linux partition from a command i can install (no livecd)?23:35
=== lgodzilla is now known as lenny
zombiefoxmehwork: technically yes, unless the partition is mounted, so / won't really work23:36
bazhangmehwork, no23:36
mehworkit's a virtualbox guest vm23:36
bazhangthats a different story23:36
mehworki've resized the vm on my host os but now i need to resize the partition from inside the guest vm23:37
bazhangfirst, thats not a partition23:37
cisadminWhat is the best way for me to get help here?23:37
mehworkdf calls it: /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root     13574  3859      9003  31% /23:37
utlemmingmehwork: growpart <dev> <part>23:37
EriC^mehwork: you don't have an iso?23:38
zombiefoxoh, an lvm23:38
zombiefoxthat should work with lvresize and then, when done, ext2resize. I still wouldn't do that while in use, to be honest23:38
bazhangcisadmin, what is your issue, what version of ubuntu and so on , all on one line, pastebin with the errors23:38
mehworkzombiefox: hmm i do have the lvresize command installed. Now to learn how to use it23:38
zombiefoxmehwork: you want to make it bigger, right?23:40
zombiefoxmehwork: unless ubuntu doesn't offer that (it's a RHEL thing), lvextend -l 100%FREE /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root23:40
zombiefoxmehwork: again, I'd be careful with that and make a backup first23:40
mehworki have a backup. Lemme try23:41
mehworki take it needs sudo?23:41
zombiefox(that will resize it to the maximum allowed. If ubuntu doesn't offer -l 100%FREE, make that -L 123G     (123 being the size in GB))23:41
zombiefoxmehwork: I'd be surprised if it worked without23:41
zombiefoxmehwork: after that you still have to extend the partition on it to match, I hope it's ext2/3/4, because then that is easy-ish23:42
cisadminHere is a pastebin with all of the info: http://pastebin.com/7int47Jq23:43
mehworkthe vm used to be 15gb and is now 30gb. So maybe i should make / 25gb to leave some space for swap and other stuff?23:43
zombiefoxmehwork: that would then be resize2fs -p /path/to/your/device     (again, sudo, again, careful and read what it says)23:43
zombiefoxmehwork: depends on whether you need swap. On a desktop machine you don't need much, the only (dis!)advantage of having swap is that the OOM killer doesn't come to play right away23:43
zombiefoxmehwork: anyway, if these are separate LVM entries (usually they are), don't use -l 100%FULL if you want to resize the other ones, too. Use -L and the size in GB instead as per above23:44
SmashingX2During a GRUB update, I am asked where to install GRUB. There is Raid1 on the disks. I am not sure where I should. Here is the mount table: http://fixee.org/paste/94jagdp/23:45
SmashingX2my fdisk http://fixee.org/paste/kxeoueh/23:45
sargas_if anyone can help with my questions I'd appreciate it23:45
mehworkzombiefox: it said it extended it and then said: Insufficient free space: 2920 extents needed, but only 8 available23:46
mehworkis that just because i still need to run resize2fs?23:46
zombiefoxmehwork: odd, usually that is the lvm and not the partition,23:47
zombiefoxbut if it resized it anyway, I assume that is just ubuntu being odd with -l 100%FREE23:47
zombiefoxmehwork: see with the command vgdisplay   whether the size looks about correct23:47
zombiefoxmehwork: if yes, go ahead and do the filesystem resize23:48
mehworki used -L 25G23:49
zombiefoxah, note that this has a difference between GiB and GB, so maybe you have to go a tiny bit smaller23:49
mehworkzombiefox: not sure how to read the vgdisplay output to tell23:49
zombiefoxanyway, check with vgdisplay when done and happy, then resize the partition -> done. Still something I'd never recommend, but given you have a backup ...23:50
mehworkit says VG Size is 15  GiB23:50
zombiefoxmehwork: it should give you a Free  PE / Size       1234 / 12.34 GB23:50
zombiefoxmehwork: then you need to resize the VG first,23:50
zombiefoxcheck the id (thing on the left)  with the vgs command23:51
zombiefoxthen use vgextend23:51
mehworkFree PE size says 8 / 32.00 MiB23:51
zombiefoxmehwork: http://usefulubuntu.blogspot.ch/2009/01/add-extra-storage-on-fly-with-lvm2.html   should have all the steps  (old, but correct. Just adapt the device names)23:52
zombiefoxhttp://serverfault.com/questions/501895/used-vgextend-lvextend-to-add-addtional-8gb-space-but-it-is-not-reflected-in-df   also has it23:52
zombiefoxI'm afraid I have to leave you with that, because it is way beyond bed time for me, but that should cover all from what I can see23:53
ilkenhey guys i mistakenly hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 did I kill my X session or is there a way to switch back to it?23:53
bazhangf7 ilken23:53
zombiefoxilken: CTRL+ALT+F7 usually23:54
zombiefox(if not, try through them until you find your X)23:54
ilkenomg ty !23:54
sargasCould anyone help me with my question? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30226104/why-is-ubuntu-machine-not-being-able-to-access-github23:55
ki7rwgrr, i'm trying to get my swap partition activated but it won't mount on a reboot - i used gparted to activate the partition with swapon but it doesn't stay23:55
mehworkthanks zombie it still helps23:55
zombiefoxki7rw: is it in the fstab?23:56
zombiefox(/etc/fstab  that is)23:56
zombiefoxki7rw: and is it really valid swap? Maybe you forgot an mkswap somewhere23:56
zombiefox(careful with that command)23:56
ki7rwzombiefox, yes, but it is remarked out23:56
zombiefoxki7rw: well, duh, fix that, then :p23:57
* zombiefox -> bed23:57
ki7rwzombiefox, i unremark it but it gets remarked on a reboot23:57
zombiefoxki7rw: ensure it's valid swap  (else: make it so, mkswap), read log messages  (dmesg, mainly, and /var/log/*) on what could be going wrong. Else: hopefully someone else can guide you further23:58
ki7rwzombiefox, #UUID=c54d0e4e-6c13-47ea-a6f1-9c2d82046420 none            swap    sw              0       023:58

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