Tooncenatorholstein - well, I got the audio working again! funny thing is - all I had to do was reboot and the input/output interface options changed. I selected the new ones and bob's your uncle. So quickly saved the settings - remembering what you said earlier though - that the interface number might change next time I reboot - so I'll just have to remember to check that every time.04:51
TooncenatorNow I need to work on getting the midi to work as well. :-O04:51
ilovebtclow-latency kernel vs win 8.1 on same mashine, who wins the lowest latency?12:16
sunstaron my hardware it's ubuntu studio12:18
sunstar8.1 is very laggy on my stuff12:19
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Tooncenatorholstein - midi working now too. :-) Thanks again for walking me through everything. Thankfully I didn't have to go to all the extremes you suggested and figured it out early.21:21

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