fobabettyhi. I want to create a desktop link to xfce4-terminal that executes a command:    e.g. like this:    Exec=xfce4-terminal -H -x echo "test"08:09
fobabettyBut I want the terminal to "go to cursor / input mode"... if I do it like this I cannot make an input to the terminal.08:10
fobabettyhow can I do that?08:10
brainwashfobabetty: -x sh -c 'echo "test"; bash'08:15
brainwash-H may be not needed in this case08:15
fobabettybrainwash: oh great. thank you so much08:16
XxHardXtremexXHello ;)08:40
max12345hey, I have a problem installing teamspeak 3 on my system. It's update the problem I get is this https://tinyurl.com/msoepds09:25
max12345*it's updated09:25
knomeyou should ask the teamspeak forums or support channels09:29
max12345the link points to the teamspeak forums, there is no solution there.09:31
Guest27653what's going on?09:42
Guest27653so i'm a long time windows user trying gnu linux xubuntu whatever09:44
Guest27653how do you "always combine, hide labels" like you can in windows 7?09:44
Guest27653i think i got the hide labels by setting mode to "deskbar" instead of "vertical" since i have my taskbar or panel on the left09:44
Guest27653but i can't figure out how to "combine" items or have all the icons on the panel be 1 icon instead of multiple icons09:44
koegsGuest27653: i think the xfce4-panel cannot do that09:48
Guest27653oh alright well thank you very the honest answer09:49
roflboxHello I am encountering an issue with http://docs.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-settings/display and setting up multiple displays. I currently have a laptop and 1 external monitor hooked up through a VGA port. When I use the display settings to mirror my physical setup (Laptop is in the middle and external monitor is on the left) I keep the laptop marked as primary13:37
roflboxdisplay, but whenever I go to drag the external monitor around to the left, the display settings change to the external display behaving like the primary display, despite that primary display is still checked on the laptop display13:37
xucoreHello. First time using IRC, so, not sure how to do this. I am installing the Xubuntu Core from mini.iso16:09
xucoreapt-get install xubuntu-core^ from a mini.iso base and the install is not completeting properly and on restart the system stops at failed to start light display manager a start job is running for wait for... screen to quit (minutes/no limit)16:09
xucoreI have tired twice, it seems that the task is missing some dependancies?16:10
xucoreHas anyone else run across this? Thanks16:10
xucoreOh. this is in a virtualbox guest on xu14.04 host.16:11
brainwash_xucore: reproducible?16:15
xucoremeaning? on another system or?16:15
brainwash_another virtual guest16:16
xucoreI made the guest twice.16:16
xucorefrom clean install, if that is what you mean16:16
xucoremaybe i should try on my laptop first?16:17
brainwash_first you should check the log files, especially /var/log/lightdm/*16:17
xucoreok. i cannot get the system past this a start job is running for Wait to get to the log and alt fx is not giving me a terminal16:18
xucoreand shift at restart did not seem to give me boot options, like recovery16:19
brainwash_not being able to switch to another tty, that's odd16:19
xucoreit switches, but, no >16:19
xucoreso alt f1 shows me .7 aacpi pcc probe failed and starting version 21916:20
xucoreand f2-6 blank f7 the boot waiting screen16:20
xucoreSorry, not sure if I am giving enough info. really not sure what wiil help :)16:21
brainwash_I'm not sure either. recovery/emergency mode would be the way to go, but it's not available in your case16:22
xucoreright, is that because it is a core install?16:22
brainwash_no, maybe you need to trigger it differently16:23
xucoreok. are there any common reasons light disply manager wont start? I am thinking of trying on my computer, maybe a virtualbox issue?16:24
xucoreperhaps some xserver for the vbox not there? no idea, but appreciate your comments16:24
brainwash_it could be specific to virtualbox, quite few problems are16:24
xucoreok. thanks. if it works on my bare metal then I know a vbox issue. Appreciate your time.16:25
brainwash_an obvious suggestion is to search the internet (launchpad.net or just via google)16:26
brainwash_I'm pretty sure that I read about similar cases16:26
xucoreyes, tried that. and was limiting it to just recent dates, but, maybe i should broaden. I figured maybe a systemd issue? but will do16:27
brainwash_good luck :)16:27
roflboxthis is not specific to xubuntu, but what is a good rdp client for linux?16:28
xucoreHello @brainwash. FYI, found the issue for mini.iso install. it is a bug in launchpad. one must install whoopsie, apport and policy-1-kit then do the apt-get install xubuntu-core^18:32
* Unit193 scratches head.18:33
xucoreJust wanted to let you know and not sure if there is somewhere it should be posted to perhaps help others.18:33
xucoresorry unit193, did i stomp on your thread?18:35
Unit193That doesn't make sense why those would need to be installed first, before the task.18:36
xucoredo you want to see the bug report. sorry new here, had a convo with brainwash earlier18:37
Unit193Please, yes.18:37
Unit193I'll read backlog, may help. :P18:37
xucorefrom mini.iso the tasksel would not install it would fail and hang the machine18:37
xucoreyes please i don have it all handy here18:37
xucoreI got the same with the vivid-server-ppc64el.iso . The main point is that polkitd is not running. So a workaround for now is to install first policykit-1 and then other things. I'm digging more to found why the polkitd daemon doesn't get triggered.18:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1436448 in apport (Ubuntu) "Error messages while installing apport package" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1443653 in whoopsie (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 15.04 - Failed installation of ubuntu-desktop package (whoopsie package)" [Undecided,New]18:40
xucoreat any rate, installed the packages as suggested and was able to successfully install xubuntu core from mini.iso18:41
Unit193Annnnnd with that I removed everything I said, never tried on ppc.  By default, policykit-1 is installed with xubuntu-core, but I'd think that may be a difference.  We've only really tried amd64 and i386.18:41
Unit193The deps should be the same, but...18:41
xucoreI am not on powerpc, amd64 but was working in virtualbox guest with 14.04 host18:42
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Alina-malinaah i am installing a xubuntu on my machine, but looks like i should install 64bit version now, i just realize it20:44
xucore@--> Unit193. Hello, was there any information or test you would like with regard to apt-get -d install xubuntu-core^ to a amd64mini.iso in a virtualbox install? I just did it again to verify which action fixed the problem for me.20:45
Alina-malinaah looks like i have to install this again :-/20:45
xucoresorry, should not be a -d in the command.20:46
Unit193xucore: Nope, no idea.  Never saw that one.  Well, other than the workaround of course.20:47
xucoreok, would there be any place in particluar to post what worked for me in case someone else runs across it?20:52
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xucoreOk, I just did this a couple times to make sure. if there is any interest or someone comes across it again, perhaps they can be made available http://paste.ubuntu.com/11119456/21:12
xucoreno need for whoopsie or apport, that was a wrong trail. Thanks for the help and all you guys do.21:17
Unit193Heh, well glad you got it.21:18
Executioneris there a program like WinDirStat for windows, but for linux and in console?21:43
xubuntu45whi guys, can somebody help me?22:08
xubuntu45whow can i setup a user to login at boot with no password?22:10
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