davecheneyGOD DAMN CI BOT00:03
davecheneylet me commit the fix that fixes that flakey test ... bastard!00:03
davecheneymenn0: yes, we need to move off code.google.com00:05
davecheneyi can take that if everyone else is busy00:05
davecheneyi think there is a bug00:05
davecheneyor maybe a few00:05
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wallyworldthumper: ?00:33
davecheneyARGH, failed again!00:35
davecheneycan someone please review https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/232100:36
davecheneythis fixes the panic that causes the tests to fail00:36
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thumperwallyworld: yes?01:04
thumperwallyworld: gah... that damn meeting01:05
thumperwallyworld: I've missed it every time since daylight savings01:05
thumperwallyworld: we need to push it out another hour01:05
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mupBug #1455284 was opened: Juju run doesn't displays returncode 0 <juju-core:New for niedbalski> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1455284>01:52
thumperdavecheney: got a few minutes?02:08
davecheneythumper: sure02:18
davecheneynow ?02:18
thumper1:1 hangout?02:19
davecheneygive me 2 mins02:19
axwwallyworld: do you know what the regex for MAAS storage tags is?03:07
thumperaxw: has bug 1455224 passed CI yet?03:32
mupBug #1455224: TestListBlockDevicesDeviceFiltering fails on ppc64el/gccgo <blocker> <ci> <regression> <unit-tests> <juju-core:Invalid> <juju-core 1.24:Fix Committed by axwalk> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1455224>03:32
axwthumper: nope03:33
thumperaxw: actually, yes03:34
axwyes, sorry03:34
axwjust realised I looked at the wrong place :)03:34
* thumper marks it fix released03:34
thumpernp, I'm trying to land something on 1.2403:35
wallyworldaxw: sorry, missed ping, after vivid upgrade, quassel doesn't make any sounds :-(04:59
wallyworldSTORAGE_REGEX = re.compile(04:59
wallyworld    r"(?:(?P<label>[a-zA-Z0-9]+)\:)?"  # Optional label04:59
wallyworld    "(?P<size>[0-9.]+)"                # Mandatory size04:59
wallyworld    "(?:\((?P<tags>[^)]+)\))?",        # Optional tag list between parentheses04:59
wallyworld    re.VERBOSE)04:59
wallyworldthat's what it is currently04:59
axwso, basically anything other than a right parenthesis? I guess it's processed further down the line again05:01
axwwallyworld: thanks. I'll just leave it as it was, but I've added internal whitespace checking to validation05:01
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anastasiamacaxw: wallyworld: storage add, next layer :D http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/1702/05:41
anastasiamacaxw: tyvm ;D05:43
anastasiamacaxw: i was not too sure about input as map of map of map is scary05:44
axwanastasiamac: yes, I'm about to comment on it :)05:44
anastasiamacaxw: i seem to recall seeing params structs05:44
anastasiamacaxw: would prefer to use that :D05:44
anastasiamacaxw: oh, must b gr8 minds and all...05:44
axwanastasiamac: couple of comments, please change the signature and revert apiserver code - then I'll take another look05:49
anastasiamacaxw: tyvm :D05:50
axwanastasiamac: if you did that map^3 thing because it made testing simpler, add a helper in the test code instead05:50
anastasiamacaxw: i did this thing coz i was coping from a place that had it :D05:51
axwanastasiamac: can you point me? just curious05:51
anastasiamacaxw: annotations api05:52
* anastasiamac hides05:52
wallyworldooh, i like hide and seek05:52
axwhm yeah, that's kind of bad :)05:52
anastasiamacwallyworld: can't hide from u :D05:53
axwit's only in code though, wire format is fine05:53
anastasiamacaxw: :)05:53
anastasiamacaxw: i wrote it originally to have ErrorResults as rturn05:54
anastasiamacaxw: but then we had a discussion about having success messages05:55
anastasiamacaxw: actually could u do a quick hangout?05:55
axwsee you in tanzanite05:56
mupBug #1455368 was opened: Expose juju version to the hook environment <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1455368>07:41
dimiterndooferlad, hey there08:15
dimiterndooferlad, I've discovered an issue yesterday with cloudinit on precise - it seems after the centos support has landed some of my workarounds for supporting 0.6.3 c-i (the one in precise) were dropped or changed08:16
dooferladdimitern: yikes!08:17
dimiterndooferlad, I've also had mixed success with bootstrapping on precise and then adding a trusty machine; it seems the precise cloudinit has been upgraded to 0.708:17
dimiterndooferlad, so can you spin up a few tests locally with master on maas with precise and trusty + lxc/kvm containers?08:18
dimiterndooferlad, if you can see issues in the /var/log/cloud-init*.log around apt-get install, I think we should file a bug08:18
dooferladdimitern: I don't think I have tested with multiple Ubuntu releases before. Fun!08:19
dooferladdimitern: will take a look08:19
dimiterndooferlad, :) cheers08:19
dimiterndooferlad, the issue is around using e.g. apt-get install --target-release precise-updates/cloud-tools cloud-utils - it becomes apt-get install '--target-release foo/bar cloud-utils'08:20
dimiternfor cloud-tools packages08:20
dooferladdimitern: so how do I ask juju to add a machine running $ubuntu_version?08:30
dooferladdimitern: or do I just create it in maas then add-machine with ssh:<machine name>?08:31
dimiterndooferlad, assuming you "default-series" is missing from envs.yaml, it defaults to yours or trusty (not sure); when you add-machine --series precise it should spin up another node08:49
dimiterndooferlad, you'll need precise images on maas up to date as well08:50
dooferladdimitern: thanks. Will start pulling images08:51
dimiterndooferlad, standup09:04
voidspacedimitern: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/1694/09:05
voidspacedimitern: I have a review from Eric - but in case you want to take a look to09:05
frankbanperrito666: ping09:55
perrito666Frankban pong10:00
frankbanperrito666: hi, I am getting those errors while trying to merge a branch: http://juju-ci.vapour.ws:8080/job/github-merge-juju/3280/console10:01
frankbanperrito666: this is due to the fact that my branch updates to the last charm.v5, which includes the new UpdateStatus hook kind, which in turn is not mentioned when validating hooks in worker/uniter/hook/hook.go:Validate10:02
frankbanperrito666: so, to move forward, I can either 1) comment out that new kind in charm.v5, or 2) just add it in validate (perhaps line 50?)10:02
perrito666frankban: that is master right?10:03
frankbanperrito666: what is master?10:04
perrito666frankban: you are trying to merge with master10:04
frankbanperrito666: yes10:04
perrito666frankban: pass me the v5 version please10:05
frankbanperrito666: 39463053128b672308c459958d00f260b58ce79e (current master trunk)10:06
frankbanperrito666: your change is in https://github.com/juju/charm/pull/122/files10:06
frankbanperrito666: UpdateStatus is the offending hook not recognized by core10:07
perrito666I know10:09
perrito666frankban: there https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/213310:16
perrito666that branch, which was waiting on other work to land, is now merging10:17
perrito666it contains what you need10:17
frankbanperrito666: great10:18
frankbanperrito666: I'll merge trunk back after it lands and try again with my branch10:18
perrito666frankban: until recently, the head of charm.v5 had other issues that made it impossible to merge10:19
frankbanperrito666: out of curiosity, what issues?10:19
perrito666frankban: worker/uniter/hook/hook.go:54: undefined: hooks.StorageDetached10:20
perrito666that changed names10:20
perrito666it was changed in 1.24 but not in master so until it was fwported we could not use charm.v5 tip10:20
frankbanperrito666: ok10:21
frankbanperrito666: so, good timing10:22
mupBug #1455445 was opened: Instance ERROR status not noticed by Juju <landscape> <openstack-provider> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1455445>10:56
natefinchoh we noticed... we just didn't care ;)10:56
mupBug #1455445 changed: Instance ERROR status not noticed by Juju <landscape> <openstack-provider> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1455445>10:59
mupBug #1455445 was opened: Instance ERROR status not noticed by Juju <landscape> <openstack-provider> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1455445>11:11
wwitzel3natefinch: are you talking to the bot again?11:25
mupBug #1454143 changed: Deployer failure upgrading to proposed 1.23.3 from 1.23.2 client <blocker> <deployer> <landscape> <upgrade-charm> <juju-core:Triaged> <juju-core 1.23:Triaged> <juju-core 1.24:Triaged> <juju-deployer:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1454143>11:26
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ericsnowwwitzel3: ping13:07
wwitzel3ericsnow: pong13:12
mgznate died...13:18
perrito666mgz: that is what children do to you13:19
sinzuiericsnow, can you help with bug 1454678. This issue might be a dupe of bug 140846713:26
mupBug #1454678: "relation-set --file -" doesn't seem to work <landscape> <relation-set> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1454678>13:26
mupBug #1408467: juju help-tool does not reflect all options available to relation-set <audit> <docs> <help> <juju> <papercut> <relation-set> <ui> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1408467>13:26
mupBug #1455490 was opened: Panic: no reachable servers in unit test <intermittent-failure> <panic> <unit-tests> <juju-core:New> <juju-core 1.24:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1455490>13:29
ericsnowsinzui: I don't think it's a dupe, but I won't be able to look at it for a little while13:30
sinzuithank you ericsnow13:30
mupBug #1452796 changed: template download failed <deploy> <lxc> <juju-core:Incomplete> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1452796>13:42
mupBug #1455222 changed: juju doesn't see MAAS' "failed deployment" state <landscape> <maas-provider> <oil> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1455222>13:42
mupBug #1452796 was opened: template download failed <deploy> <lxc> <juju-core:Incomplete> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1452796>13:54
mupBug #1455222 was opened: juju doesn't see MAAS' "failed deployment" state <landscape> <maas-provider> <oil> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1455222>13:54
mupBug #1452796 changed: template download failed <deploy> <lxc> <juju-core:Incomplete> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1452796>14:00
mupBug #1455222 changed: juju doesn't see MAAS' "failed deployment" state <landscape> <maas-provider> <oil> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1455222>14:00
katcowwitzel3: ericsnow: bonus points: make the timing of the registration more explicit than init so we can control ordering14:42
katcowwitzel3: ericsnow: see bug 1452422 for why that might be important. init registrations are getting overwritten by --metadata-source which should not be happening14:44
* perrito666 sees ordering and time and panics14:44
mupBug #1452422: Cannot boostrap from custom image-metadata-url or by specifying metadata-source <sts> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1452422>14:44
ericsnowkatco: k14:45
perrito666I am SO going to build one of these https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CDC9FfDWEAAYgfS.jpg:large15:07
katcoperrito666: i often dream of doing something like that, but the steady stream of old computers makes it too easy to use them as servers.15:16
perrito666katco: that seems to be something that can be built here for 1k USD15:16
perrito666given the right prices :)15:17
katcoperrito666: $1k > 0 ;p15:19
perrito666katco: that is true, I dont have a stream of old computers (yet, if I did, I would make a rack like that one)15:29
katcoperrito666: i tend to get a new one every 5 years or so15:29
katcoperrito666: and the servers last that long easily15:29
katcoperrito666: so i use my computers ~10 years :)15:29
perrito666katco: I have not used a desktop in 5 years15:30
perrito666or more15:30
perrito666I do change my laptop every one or two years15:30
katcoperrito666: i always have a desktop for the graphics card15:30
perrito666katco: I felt behind too much on my hardware so I only play in consoles now15:31
katcobleck consoles15:31
perrito666katco: consoles are non updatable hardware, which is a very convenient thing15:31
perrito666especially living in noNewHardwareGoesTroughCustomsLand15:32
perrito666I really deeply hate juju local15:36
mattywcherylj, ping?16:33
cheryljmattyw: what's up?16:49
* natefinch is totally rocking some actions for his CI tests.17:53
jw4 /natefinch totally rocks17:54
natefinchthey really make this test way easier.  I'm testing log rotation, so I'm writing a charm that I can tell to dump a bunch of data into the logs, and then ask it how big the log file is :)17:55
natefinchjw4: docs are pretty good, too.  I was afraid it would be difficult to figure out how to do it, but it's totally not.17:56
jw4natefinch: bodie_ is responsible for all the good docs17:57
natefinchnice, well done, bodie_17:57
jw4natefinch: glad to hear its working well17:57
natefinchjw4: I haven't actually tested it yet, but writing it has been pretty painless :)   Not really any different than writing a regular hook.17:58
jw4natefinch: heh.. well I'll be happy to get any feedback along the way17:58
cheryljericsnow: ping?17:59
ericsnowcherylj: hi17:59
cheryljericsnow: I have some questions about systemd unit files.  Got a few minutes?18:00
ericsnowcherylj: sure18:00
Argon]hi. first time using such a (semi) automated review/merge system. my PR was marked "ship it", am I supposed to do anything else now?18:01
natefinchjw4: I do think it's kind of weird that the input is schema'd and the output is not.  I kept looking to try to find how to define in the metadata what it returns.18:01
* bodie_ tips fedora to natefinch18:01
natefinchbodie_: fedoras are not allowed here ;)18:02
jw4natefinch: yeah that was discussed quite a bit - rationale for not using output schemas is lost in the mists of my memory18:02
natefinchjw4: haha... that's ok18:02
mgzArgon]: I (or someone else) will need to do the $$merge$$ comment for you18:02
natefinchjw4: I figured it was one of those things that went back and forth 1000x :)18:03
bodie_depends on the rationale for schemas18:03
bodie_although I have thought it would be nice for the charm to document what would come back from various actions18:03
bodie_and, obviously for building UI around it on the GUI, it would be good18:03
natefinchI guess the input schema makes web page controls configurable... but for output you don't want to write to a number picker or whatever.18:04
Argon]mgz: ah ok, that's fine, thanks18:04
bodie_but for the purposes of validation, clearly the contents of the charm are expected to be trustworthy18:04
mgzArgon]: was going to get someone else to look at it as well, but there's no real need18:04
mgzArgon]: I was confused about storage types/virt types initially, but have now read up again and basically understand18:06
Argon]mgz: no need to hurry. but this turns out to be a little problem (not related to merging the patch), because while I can patch my local juju, I can't patch the agent version juju is installing on the remote machine18:12
Argon]so I can bootstrap an amazon env using t2 instances (because my local juju is patched), but subsequent actions like "deploy wordpress" (I'm following your introduction tutorial) fail because it, once again, tries to use paravirt images on a hvm type instance18:12
mgzArgon]: so, there's a developer hack around that18:14
mgzgenerally, we pick a released juju out of streams.canonical.com that matches the version of your local client18:14
natefinchrick_h_: little bit of feedback on jujucharms docs... it's really hard to find the docs on hook tools and environment variables (super important and used pretty much every time you write a charm).  They're under "how hooks are run"... which was not an obvious place for me to look.  They're important enough that I think they deserve their own page.18:15
mgzbut, you can tell juju to use your own streams instead, which can be whatever juju binaries you want18:15
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rick_h_natefinch: please file a bug on the github.com/juju/docs on that please. We'll see if we can get the docs folks to look at/split that up.18:15
natefinchrick_h_: cool, will do18:16
mgzArgon]: limits you to arches you can built locally, but that's likely not a problem for ec2 (except when I'm using my arm chromebook... why no arm instances ec2)18:16
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Argon]mgz oh that's fine, I could spin up a instance and build it there anyway. however, I'm not exactly sure how to specify this, are you talking about the config var "image-stream"?18:21
mgzArgon]: so, the robust way is with the `juju metadata` plugin and then the agent-metadata-url pointing at the streams you generate18:23
mgzArgon]: for throwaway environments, you can just bootstrap with --upload-tools param18:24
Argon]mgz: great, thanks!18:25
sinzuimgz: let me correct your. there are no arm instances that "run" in ec2. there are several that walk so slowly that it takes 12 hours to build a juju and jujud18:30
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cheryljericsnow: just fyi - the containter still didn't stop, but I didn't get that same error this time.  Looking more...19:00
ericsnowcherylj: k19:01
perrito666upgrade-juju --upload-tools will upgrade every time even if the toos have the same version?19:13
natefinchCan anyone think of a way for a charm to get something written to the machine log?19:15
perrito666natefinch: ?19:15
natefinchperrito666: I'm testing log rotation with a custom charm... but it occurred to me that while the charm's output is written to the unit agent's log (making it easy to spam the log to make it big), there's no direct way for a charm to output to the machine agent's log19:16
perrito666you mean to machine-N.log?19:17
perrito666mmm, nope, cant think of a nice way19:19
natefinchI suppose I could do something like stop the machine agent, manually dump a bunch of data to the log file, and then restart the agent... but I'd prefer a way to do so through normal log output.19:19
mupBug #1455627 was opened: TestAgentConnectionDelaysShutdownWithPing fails <ci> <intermittent-failure> <test-failure> <juju-core:New> <juju-core 1.24:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1455627>19:30
natefinchjw4, bodie_: can I call action-set multiple times?  So like action-set result-map.foo=bar   action-set result-map.baz=bat   etc?19:33
jw4natefinch: yes19:33
bodie_overwrites if you collide keys, btw19:33
natefinchjw4: I thought so.  It seemed implied in the docs, but not explicitly stated.19:33
natefinchbodie_: ok...  but result-map.foo=x and result-map.bar=y  don't count as collisions, correct?19:34
mupBug #1455628 was opened: TestPingTimeout fails <ci> <intermittent-failure> <test-failure> <unit-tests> <juju-core:New> <juju-core 1.24:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1455628>20:00
natefinchI wish juju help action do would actually do the right thing20:13
natefinch'juju help action do'  that is.... it just returns the help for action generally20:13
perrito666natefinch: juju help action do sounds like something yoda would say20:14
natefinchyeah, I kinda hate the way nested commands end up being reverse polish notation20:14
perrito666natefinch: http://i.imgur.com/qVbuAPU.jpg20:15
perrito666here for you to hang on the wall20:15
natefinchjw4: so, I guess we don't automatically log the output of actions the way we do with hooks?20:24
aisraelWhat's the best practice for upgrading juju (from beta2 -> beta3)? After install, I run juju upgrade-juju --upload-tools so my current (local) environment is in sync. After that, though, juju status, ssh, etc all hang20:26
natefinchjw4: nvm, may be my fault20:28
natefinchwow, now there's an interesting bug20:37
natefinchif you forget to make your action hooks executable.... no one actually complains, but they just don't run20:38
natefinchjw4: ^20:38
alexisbaisrael, that sounds like a bug20:39
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aisraelalexisb: ack. I'll file a bug20:50
ericsnowwwitzel3: ping:q20:55
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mupBug #1455646 was opened: Juju doesn't complain if action files aren't executable <actions> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1455646>21:06
ericsnowcherylj: did that work out with LXC?21:48
cheryljericsnow: I had to go take my daughter to the doctor for a well check, so I haven't been able to look much more at it.22:06
ericsnowcherylj: np :)22:06
cheryljBut it didn't shut down and I'm not sure why22:06
cheryljericsnow: I'm seeing a lot of "peer has disconnected" errors and I don't know if that's a separate issue22:06
cheryljericsnow: what is cloud-final?22:07
wwitzel3katco: ping22:09
katcowwitzel3: pong22:09
wwitzel3katco: have time to jump in to moonstone real quick?22:09
ericsnowcherylj: the cloud-init service or something like that22:10
katcowwitzel3: for a short bit, need to EOD22:10
wwitzel3katco: shouldn't take long22:10
wwitzel3katco: thanks22:10
alexisbhappy weekend all!  I am off to pick up kiddo so granny can head to a dinner party22:15
perrito666cheers, happy weekend22:15
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