soeegood morning06:19
valoriedid anybody else lose networking or connections after yesterday's updates?06:32
* valorie wasted a day messing with nmcli again06:32
soeehmm not sure. i think i didnt rebot after those updates06:36
valoriemy cable connection stopped working a few weeks ago, but this got it going again: nmcli connection add type ethernet autoconnect yes ifname eth007:00
valoriewhy in hell it stopped, dunno07:00
valorieI've not tested that I got wireless going as well07:01
valorieI guess I never got to the end of man nmcli before, because I got that zinger from the examples there at the end07:01
Mirvsitter: if you feel like it, feel free to sync also pkg-kde-tools 0.15.17 from Debian :) I'm doing a bit of syncing that (would) rely on that07:17
sitterMirv: noted07:18
BluesKajHiyas all11:32
soeehiho BluesKaj11:39
BluesKajHi so11:39
BluesKaj Hi soee, ...again :-)11:40
KDDAyofel: whats the repro?12:24
yofelKDDA: for +1? Usual archive repo, just with wily as release12:25
KDDAjust do a kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade ?12:25
yofelno, that won't work yet. If you want to switch now you have to edit your sources.list by hand12:26
KDDAI thought I heard someone saying that wasnt ready yet12:26
yofelthe release upgrade thingy only starts working around alpha112:27
BluesKajthis command works,  sudo sed -i 's/vivid/wily/g' /etc/apt/sources.list then update and upgrade12:39
KDDAyeah, just turning off my other repos12:41
KDDAis it stable-ish?12:41
KDDALOL too late now12:42
BluesKajit is, as long as you're not on a production machine 12:43
KDDAdont like fighting with it too much12:44
BluesKajchange your pc-hostname in /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts 12:45
KDDABluesKaj: ??12:45
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BluesKajif you have a version name in your konsole prompt for example 12:46
KDDAis my nvidia card going to cause me problems?12:47
KDDAnotcie a lot of wayland stuff being installed12:47
BluesKajnot yet , my nvidia card driver is fine so far12:47
BluesKajstill using the nvidia-34012:48
KDDAok, well I have to pop out for a while, Ill leave this upgrading!12:50
* KDDA fingers crossed12:51
BluesKajKDDA, probly some wayland/weston libs, but X is still default12:51
KDDAis Wily going to be wayland based?12:51
BluesKajnot until 16.04/10 afaik12:52
KDDAwill Kubuntu have its own repo by then?12:52
KDDAhere we go, time to reboot13:01
KDDAwell my desktop is back how i left it, so thats a good sign!13:04
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shadeslayersitter: what's that13:48
shadeslayerAh kpurpose13:53
shadeslayerApol mentioned it a few times13:53
sitterScottK: please reject pkg-kde-tools from vivid-proposed15:08
sitterMirv: [ubuntu/wily-proposed] pkg-kde-tools 0.15.17ubuntu1 (Accepted)15:09
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gorgonzolaHello all. I just found out that bluetooth in vivid is being transitioned to bluez5, and that the bluedevil package is being kept back in the transitions ppa. Does this mean that it is impossible to use bluedevil in plasma 5 in kubuntu for now?17:06
EtriaphThanks for the link soee_18:33
EtriaphPosted a comment.18:33
soee_valorie: networking works fine for me after all teh updates20:19
valoriesoee_: glad to hear it20:20
valorieit might be an odd bug -- there have been occasional problems for well over a year; very few bug reports/comments20:21
valorieif nobody else reports it, I won't even file another bug report20:21
valoriea little quirky thing: anybody else noticing that the updater icon no longer disappears once updates have been done?20:22
valorieit's green, so perhaps that is intended, but I liked it disappearing when no updates are available20:23
soee_valorie: i can confrm that icons stays after updates, green or redd - depnds on how important the updates were20:24
sgclarkbut on another note, I have not had any wifi issues on lappy20:25
soee_sgclark: hiho, kubuntu-ci poblems solved ? you mentioned yesterday you had some ? :)20:25
sgclarkhiyas, kde-ci issues, not kubuntu.20:26
soee_ah my fault ;)20:26
sgclarkqt devs broke qt O.o20:26
sgclarkanyway, all good now, just alot of re-building. Working on applications while those build.20:27
sgclarkpackaging that is20:27
soee_sgclark: any idea when kf5.10 might be ready ?20:27
sgclarkerr wut?20:27
sgclarkdunno who is working on that sorry20:28
Etriaphvalorie: I have that same bug with Muon Updater20:28
Etriaphvalorie: After you install the updates, it still reports the same number of updates still need to be installed.20:29
sgclarkyeah I think when they fixed the bug when it spammed for every update they introduced a new one :(20:29
EtriaphBut... Media Player (which is supposed to be automatic) doesn't always appear when audio is playing.20:29
EtriaphIf I disable/enable it again it shows up.20:30
KDDAhow do you guys package?20:31
EtriaphBut I see that the IM presence icon is displaying the contact list finally :D20:31
sgclarkKDDA: there is no short answer to that.20:32
KDDAanything easy to try it out?20:33
sgclarkKDDA: Riddell is an excellent teacher! maybe wait till he gets back for a hands on lesson, then you can ask questions after when trying one on your own.20:34
sgclarkthat is how I learned.20:35
valorieright, red for security updates20:35
valoriehas anyone filed a bug for that?20:35
* valorie hasn't had enough coffee yet to have the energy to file bugs20:36
sgclarkdid not annoy me enough haha. The konsole right click menu is about to drive me to bug writing though.20:36
KDDAis there background reading I could do?20:37
valorieKDDA: I think we have a page, sec20:38
soee_this maybe https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/GettingInvolved/Development ?20:38
* genii makes a fresh pot of coffee for the troops20:39
valorieyes, that's the old page -- that will give you a general idea20:40
sgclarkmm coffee20:40
valorieour scripts and so forth have moved/are moving20:41
valoriesome still on launchpad, some on debian git20:41
sgclarkunfortunately there is not alot of great packaging docs out there that fit our workflow..20:41
sgclarkit is on a VERY LONG to do list... kinda at the bottom though20:41
Riddellvalorie: I'm here but I've been away this week at a conference20:42
Riddellvalorie: how can I help?20:42
valorieKDDA is looking to start packaging20:43
valorieand you are the tutor par excellance'20:43
RiddellKDDA: oh excellent20:43
KDDALOL I sense sarcasm !20:44
valorieno sarcasm!20:44
valoriewe love new packagers20:44
KDDAvalorie: are you one?20:45
valorieand one of these days one of them will get our beginner packager docs into order20:45
valorieusually they find some other absorbing work first20:45
valorieno, not a coder or packagers20:45
valoriemostly testing, writing, helping newbies in #kubuntu, GSoC, etc.20:46
RiddellKDDA: well if you have an hour or two free I can do a tutorial now, although I'm a bit tired with a travellers infection20:49
valorieget well soon, Riddell20:49
* valorie is just tired, probably because of the 3-hour time diff20:49
sgclarkjust tired from working too much20:49
valoriecurable with coffee though20:50
valoriesgclark: YES20:50
KDDAup to you Riddell20:50
valoriemy goodness, you need enough sleep and time off having fun20:50
RiddellKDDA: do you have a launchpad account with an ssh key?20:50
RiddellKDDA: make one :)20:51
KDDAdoes it have to link to a person?20:52
valorieof course20:55
valorieyou yourself get the credit or blame for your work20:55
KDDAI dont like that idea!20:58
valorieKDDA: code is also "signed" by the person who writes it21:03
valorieand I used "blame" as there is a `git blame` command to find out who to contact about each line of code if necessary21:03
valoriewe all stand behind and support our work21:04
KDDAok, I setup an account21:12
KDDAbut tried to log in, and its saying bad request - bad robot :(21:13
KDDABad bot, go away! Request aborted.21:13
valorieyou need to set up your ssh key as well21:13
KDDAI have21:13
KDDAI was about to copy the key across when it started this carry on21:14
RiddellKDDA: where?21:15
RiddellKDDA: what url?21:16
Riddellnope, that's the login url21:16
KDDAthinks Im a bot :/21:16
Riddellwhat's your username?21:16
Riddellhmm no ssh key on https://launchpad.net/~clivejo21:17
soee_i have one https://launchpad.net/~soee :) 21:26
valorieoooo, karma ++21:27
valorieoh my, I wonder if I transferred those keys from that old laptop21:27
RiddellKDDA: ssh ubuntu@ec2-54-159-117-153.compute-1.amazonaws.com21:34
KDDAsomething really wrong with my install21:48
Riddellwhat's that?21:48
KDDAplasma-shell keeps crashing21:49
KDDAstrange log-in screens 21:49
KDDA*curses* nothing will work for me!21:50
KDDAjust took a photo of the login screen and sent it via KDE Connect and the file is corrupt!21:51
valorie  KDDA, check and make sure that kdm and lightdm are uninstalled and purged21:51
valorieat one point I had that trouble; removing them simplified things21:51
RiddellKDDA: well I'm afraid I need to go to sleep,let's try for another day21:52
KDDAno prob Riddell, thanks for tyring21:52
KDDAI have gremlins21:52
KDDAits days like today I hate computers21:53
valorieit helps to remove stuff you don't use21:54
KDDAvalorie: http://s29.postimg.org/sscb64crr/Kubuntu15_10_Login.jpg21:57
EtriaphDo we have any input or control over the screenshots available for apps in current versions of Kubuntu?  (Kmail for example, the screenshot is bad)21:58
=== aaron__ is now known as ahoneybun
Etriaphre: apps.ubuntu.com21:58
KDDAdate label is messed up and no labels for the accounts21:58
KDDABRB going to reboot to see if I can get my taskbar back21:59
valorieyikes, that is sddm, but messed up!22:00
valoriestill worth purging kdm or lightdm should they still be on your system22:00
EtriaphI'm hoping the 15.04 install default would be to not install anything but sddm.22:01
valorieEtriaph: I'm not seeing the kmail screenshot to which you refer?22:02
valorieyes, the default install should have only sddm22:02
valorieno idea how kdm still lurked in my system22:02
yofelnothing conflicts it, so there was no reason to remove it22:03
EtriaphI don't have it installed, but ldm and lxdm are installed.22:03
EtriaphAnd KDM themes, oddly enough.22:03
valorieyofel: but we had an oversize image, why would we retain stuff we no longer use?22:04
Etriaphvalorie: The screenshots look like stock KDE4, I'm betting all of the apps should get an upgrade shot for Breeze22:05
valorieyes, I just can't tell from that webpage where their script draws from for the images22:05
yofelvalorie: it shouldn't be on the image..22:06
valoriewell, I "inspected element" and can see the script name but that's all22:06
yofelyep, it isn't22:06
valorieEtriaph: why not file a bug on the website22:06
EtriaphEven the icons are old for those apps.22:06
EtriaphOh, good idea.22:06
valoriethat will start a dialog with whomever is responsible22:06
KDDAevery time I try to switch users my display corrupts22:07
valorieEtriaph: web devels like to know someone is seeing their work22:10
EtriaphThe apps site is a little strange now that I think about it... The available versions for everything is a different list, some show up to 14.04, some to 13.10, does anyone know why?22:13
valorieI've never seen that site before, and wonder why they even have it22:14
valorieseems to be just an ad for their software center22:15
ahoneybunhey Etriaph and valorie22:15
Etriaphahoneybun: Hey man.22:15
valoriehi ahoneybun22:16
yofelwow, the kontact screenshow is kde3 and... in spanish?22:19
valorieyeah, their script is whacked22:20
valorieor we need to put some screenies somewhere for them22:21
ahoneybunovidiu-florin_: ping22:27
EtriaphI'll take generic screenshots from a new user perspective if there's somewhere I can just send them.  I did log a bug against it.22:59
EtriaphIs it OK to say that I'm apalled by some of the shots that are up there?  :D23:01

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