elfyanyone about who can help me change e-mail on LP, I get the confirmation in the old account, but nothing turns up in the new one for me to finish the job08:23
wgrantelfy: are you sure it's not in a spam folder or something like that?08:25
elfywgrant: checked that - more than once :)08:26
wgrantelfy: Can you try again?08:26
wgrantTo verify the address, that is.08:26
wgrantTo try to generate some more logs before we go digging.08:26
elfywgrant: yep08:26
elfy"An e-mail message was sent to 'elfy@gmx.co.uk' "08:27
elfyreceived the mail to the 'old' account08:28
wgrantelfy: It looks like gmx.com has decided to blacklist mx.launchpad.net.09:07
elfythat's fun then :)09:08
Mineohi, I'm having trouble resetting my launchpad password - the "forgot password" form claims there's no account associated with the email address I'm entering, but that's the address I've received launchpad emails on for about a year now...09:09
elfywgrant: I'll see if I can get some sense from them then - thanks for looking for me09:09
Mineois there something that can be done about that or can I consider the account lost?:/09:10
wgrantelfy: We're not on any common blacklists, so I wonder if they've blocked us directly.09:10
wgrantelfy: I'd talk to your provider.09:10
elfyit's just a free account09:11
wgrant91.189.90.7 aka. mx.launchpad.net aka. indium.canonical.com is the host in question.09:11
wgrantMineo: What's the Launchpad username?09:11
elfywgrant: thanks09:12
wgrantMineo: Your Ubuntu One login email address doesn't necessarily match your Launchpad preferred address. I can't check your U1 details right now, but there are other addresses on that Launchpad account that might be your U1 address.09:18
Mineohm, ok09:20
elfywgrant: must be a new thing - https://launchpad.net/~davedawson has a gmx address09:24
Mineooh, yes, entering an old address that I no longer have the password for in the reset password form works... I guess that means there's no way to get a new password for that account :(09:24
wgrantelfy: Yes, we have previously had fine deliverability to at least gmx.de09:28
wgrantgmx.co.uk I don't know about.09:28
wgrantMineo: If you use the support link at the bottom of the login page, U1 support can probably sort it out as long as you have access to some of the addresses on the associated Launchpad account.09:29
Mineowait, trying an old password with the old email address actually worked! thanks for the hint with the old address, wgrant!09:34
wgrantMineo: Ah, excellent.09:35
Mineoturns out the problem was exactly as you described - preferred lp address was set to my new one, but the preferred u1 address was still using the old one09:37
wgrantYou can use any U1 address to log in or recover your password, fwiw.09:40
wgrantDoesn't necessarily need to be preferred.09:40
elfywgrant: seems I have the same issue with gmx.com09:40
Mineoyeah, but the only other address in u1 was an @googlemail.com one (google had to use those in germany for a long time for legal reasons) and I was only trying @gmail.com :P09:41
cjwatsonshadeslayer: Thanks.10:13
kwisatzh4der4chHello. I'm uploading a package to my PPA using dput-ng from Debian Sid. The signature is good, the target (vivid) also and dput-ng does not report any error, but I do not receive any email for launchpad. How can I find what's wrong ?15:38
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tewardjeromerobert: is your GPG uploaded to the Ubuntu key servers?  Is it also linked to your Launchpad profile?15:38
jeromerobertNo sure what you mean by "linked" but it appear under "OpenPGP keys" on my launchpad profile and as "Your active keys" on the "+editpgpkeys" web page.15:41
jeromeroberthum the one on keyserver.ubuntu.com is expired.15:42
jeromerobertI guess that's the reason. Sorry for the noise.15:43
tewardjeromerobert: yeah make sure the pgp key isn't expired (that's a good start point xD)15:44
tewardif it still has issues feel free to come back :)15:44
jeromerobertteward, how can I update it ? Should I remove it and upload it again ?15:44
jeromerobertimporting a key with an existing finger print does not seems to be allowed15:45
tewardjeromerobert: generate a new key and upload.  expired keys are expired;.15:46
teward(remember to change the key you use to sign too...)15:51
jeromerobertthat's all good. thanks15:56
mapreriwell, you actually can change the expire date of an expired key...16:20
tewardmapreri: does Launchpad work with that well though?  It seems like maybe they can't update the key16:25
tewardjeromerobert: ^16:25
cjwatsonjeromerobert: Did you actually try sending the update to the keyserver?16:25
jeromerobertI was able to update the key from keyserver.ubuntu.com16:25
mapreriteward: i don't see why it shouldn't16:25
cjwatsonjeromerobert: It sounds like you maybe just tried to add it in the Launchpad UI, which indeed won't work but also isn't necessary.16:26
jeromerobertYes, that's what I understood after updating the key from the keyserver16:26
cjwatsonteward: Launchpad will fetch it from the keyserver afresh each time (to a first approximation, anyway, certainly as far as uploads are concerned), so if you can update it on the keyserver then that's sufficient.16:29
tewardcjwatson: ahh, ok.16:30
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