kilonuxhello, I d need some help .I am on a live usb lubuntu02:30
kilonuxdo anyone read me_02:30
krytarikkilonux: Yes, just ask your question.02:33
kilonuxahh nice...02:33
kilonuxi wonder if i should install  it on my laptop. firdefox does not work02:34
kilonuxI am on lubuntu 3.19.0-15-generic02:36
kilonuxkrytarik:  still there?02:37
krytarikkilonux: Yes, we'd need a bit more details than it "does not work" though.02:37
kilonuxit starts,but connect nothing and freeye02:38
kilonuxkrytarik:  blocking on a message like  .. transferring data from...02:42
krytarikkilonux: Since you are here, using the same system, the internet connection seems to be fine though. Just some specific sites?02:43
kilonuxsince I am here internet connexion is ok, yes . ff blocks at startup02:45
kilonuxdo a real  install and then ev reinstall ff_02:46
krytarikkilonux: You could run "firefox about:blank" from the terminal, and go from there.02:47
kilonuxI ll trz02:48
kilonuxkrytarik:  still same freeze02:50
krytarikkilonux: Then it's definitely Firefox, and not an issue with loading a specific (the default startup) site.02:52
kilonuxkrytarik:  so if I install lubuntu, i reinstall ff and hope?02:53
RemobothJust downloaded and installed LXLE.02:53
RemobothI love it so far as a Windows user who is very new to LInux.02:54
RemobothA question, though --- WHere do I Find the path for a usb drive I've placed into my laptop within LXLE?02:54
ianorlinRemoboth: lxle isn't fully supported here but usually on anything based off ubuntu it gets mounted /media/user/02:55
RemobothTHanks. Checking now.02:55
krytarikkilonux: I'm not sure you have a proper install media there. But you could also reinstall it there, and pull in the new version along with it.02:57
kilonuxstrange though that ff does not work03:00
kilonuxlack of memory?03:01
kilonuxsylpheed does not start either...03:03
ianorlinas !md503:03
ianorlinyeah there are differneces between lxle and lubuntu03:03
RemobothARe there any apps that allow me to lock my screen in LXLE?03:11
kilonuxkrytarik:  in fact it work, it s just incredibly slow03:14
kilonuxkrytarik:  no I was fooled by some lubuntu cache...03:16
krytarikRemoboth: This is not LXLE support.03:16
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