Kiloshello africa05:34
inetprogood mornings06:41
Kilosim trying to remember where alphad  comes from06:42
Kilosinetpro  ami india seems to be UTC + 5.30 in punjab anyway07:00
Kilosi forget why i put ami07:00
Kilosas far as i can tell i meantr07:01
Kiloshi elacheche08:32
elachecheHey! :) How are you today Kilos & inetpro :)08:33
Kilosgood ty and you?08:33
Kilosstill sorting a letter for the board08:34
Kiloswhat more can i say?08:35
elachecheHappy that you're good :) And writing that letter x) I'm busy & lazy.. So didn't take a look yet at it08:36
Kiloswe gotta find a way past toddy08:37
elachecheo/ Neo31 :D You're alive! :p :D10:26
Kiloshaha hi Neo3110:26
Kiloshe is scared if he shows his face he will have to work10:27
elachecheI'm sure that this not true.. I know Neo31 for years now :) He never hesitate to help if he's free10:28
Neo31yes i am elacheche11:45
Kiloshi melodie11:45
Kiloswb Neo3111:45
Neo31thx Kilos11:45
melodiehi Kilos !11:46
Neo31how r u doing guys11:46
Neo31u good Kilos ?11:46
melodiehello Neo31 elacheche11:46
Neo31yo melodie11:46
melodieit's cold here, with thunderstorm, you people can you send a bit of sun please?11:46
Neo31how r u doin11:46
melodie(exchange with rains.. )11:46
Neo31come enjoy it here melodie :)11:47
* melodie dcc rains to #ubuntu-africa 11:47
melodieNeo31 where is your here? :D11:47
melodieNeo31 what is your country?11:48
Neo31thx Kilos  :)11:54
Neo31yep Tunisia :)11:54
Neo31perfect time to visit in mai :)11:54
Neo31or june11:54
Neo31July is hell lol11:54
Neo31august and september are also great :)11:55
Neo31melodie, where do u live ?11:55
melodieNeo31 south west France11:56
melodieNeo31 are you working in computing?12:09
melodieKilos for your install of Bento, I think you might appreciate an "anti-swapping" file. I have seen in one of my installs it is missing, so what do you think? does the kernel do any swapping?12:10
melodieI am talking of unnecessary swapping, when it starts using the swap disk long before the ram is filled12:11
Neo31yes i do melodie12:11
Kilosi dont know melodie  been too busy to even use it12:11
melodieKilos ok, if you need one, you'll tell me, it's online12:12
Neo31Linux, Drupal and FLOSS related to drupal dev :)12:12
melodieNeo31 with linux distros?12:12
melodieoh ! Drupal, my respects12:12
Kilosty melodie12:13
melodieI keep myself happy with WordPress and related tips and tricks, I can't do Drupal. :)12:13
Neo31what about u melodie ?12:13
Neo31WordPress is quick and does the job for most of the cases :)12:13
melodieI help users, as a freelancer but working with kind of an umbrella company (the French kind)12:13
melodieNeo31 yes, this is quite true12:13
Neo31i see12:13
melodieNeo31 I do Bento Openbox, for them and for the buddies on the web:12:14
melodieand some pics here: http://linuxvillage.org/en/12:14
Neo31that's cool melodie12:15
Neo31yep i have just checked on launchpad and github :)12:15
Neo31bravo ;)12:15
melodiethere is still a lot to do12:16
melodieit's used, usable, but needs more improvements12:16
melodieand documentation too12:16
melodiewondering what to do first for the next steps, docs maybe?12:17
melodieNeo31 do you work for a company or on your own?12:18
Neo31i guess some wiki pages would be great12:19
Neo31I work for a company12:19
melodiewe do have a wiki, http://wiki.linuxvillage.org12:22
melodieI just thought I need to upload a full blown version first, up to date and with one or two more tweaks in it12:22
melodieI have done one at home, which I can improve before releasing, as I have installed it to a laptop and used it a little12:23
melodiea Trusty 14.04.212:23
Neo31u know what I think melodie !12:29
melodieI don't, so, please tell me12:29
Neo31we always give less importance to documentation and marketing stuff in the Linux world12:29
Neo31we make awesome stuff but many doesn't hear of it12:30
melodieI don't, but it's a huge task which I am not in a hurry to start12:30
melodiehello elacheche !12:30
Neo31I think you should work on the documentation eventhough the project is not perfect yet and ask friends to blog about it!12:30
elachecheyou're good?12:30
elachecheNeo31, ;)12:30
Neo31then ppl will be following the project and you finish the last awesome stuff :)12:31
Neo31hmd elacheche :)12:31
Neo31i'm fine12:31
melodieelacheche tired but happy, because I have given a 2 days linux administration course to a guy who takes care of a non for profit association (5 people employed)12:31
melodierelated to Africa and ecology12:31
elachecheCool .. Good luck melodie12:32
melodiehave given them 4 of the 10 hard drives that phillw has offered to me, and put some Linux Mint recent, up to date, tweaked and well configured on them12:32
melodieelacheche done, the contract is over, and he might call me back for more next autumn12:32
melodieand tought him one install method which isn't talked a lot about:12:33
melodieonce you have your system well configured and ready for deployement, you can attach a second hard drive to the machine with an empty partition table, and just do "copy/paste" of the partitions using gparted in a live usb or live cd12:33
melodieneat and fast12:34
melodieonce done, chroot, install grub and go.12:34
Neo31perfect elacheche :)12:34
melodieI have not had the opportunity to test udpcast yet... needs space12:34
Neo31that's related to ur job or on free time ?12:34
melodiewell, that was an extra which I offered their association, while I was teaching how to manage the linux system12:35
melodiewe did some hardware too12:35
melodieI prepared the hard drives at home between the two days course, and tought him how to do the same thing on an extra drive they had12:36
melodieit had to be organized in such a way that we would do all that needed to be done in a very short time12:37
melodieso starting with the machine that didn't work anymore at their place, we cleaned the dust away, I changed the thermal paste, we changed the ram, then I fired one of the 4 hard drives prepared at home: the machine was working again.12:38
melodieonce I was sure it was working, I pulled the 3 other drives from the box and explained the idea to him : surprise ! :D12:38
melodiethey have other machines with some Linux Mint of an older version which need to be renewed : he can now migrate them all one by one without pain.12:39
elachechemelodie, association en Afrique ou France?12:39
melodiethat's the trick12:39
melodiethey are in France, work in France and when the have earned enough they go for a mission in Africa. Mali mostly as I understood12:40
melodiethey teach how to make ovens for the cooking, that burn less wood, and things such as that12:40
melodiecan I past the link to their website here?12:40
* Neo31 going out13:28
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Kiloshi Guest22613  lol you lost your nickname again17:36
Kilosoh i wanted to ask you something17:37
Kiloslemme think17:37
Guest22613ok. I'll save it later. It's irc client testing for now. ;)17:46
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melodie_a va Benno-007 ?20:40
Benno-007Francais? ;)20:41
melodieoui, fran├žaise21:01
melodieet toi ?21:01

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