fginthermichi, for lp:thumbnailer and lp:thumbnailer/devel, should MP -ci builds be done using wily or vivid+the overlay PPA?00:52
michifginther: vivid for the time being, as far as I know.00:53
fginthermichi, thx00:53
michiDang, I should fill in the spreadsheet for that, my apologies.00:53
fginthermichi, we've already collected changes, but if you know of other projects to change. now is easier then later00:55
michiunity-scopes-api and thumbnailer are the ones I’m directly involved with at the moment.00:55
fginthermichi, ok, someone already spoke up for u-s-a00:56
michiThat was me :)00:56
michiI just forgot to fill in thumbnailer00:56
fginthermichi, I'll get thumbnailer updated00:56
fgintheroh :-)00:56
michiAh. Looks like thumbnailer isn’t in the spreadsheet00:57
michiWeird. It’s there.00:57
michiBut, when I search for it in the spreadsheet, it’s not found00:57
michifginther: I just filled in unity-api01:00
michiPawel is the right contact, I believe. Or possibly mzanetti.01:00
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jhodapprobru, ok...so I'll retarget for wily then03:54
jhodapprobru, is the sync back to vivid+overlay automatic?03:54
robrujhodapp: nope, i set you up with a second silo there for the sync03:55
jhodapprobru, ok...I got line 68 pointing at wily now03:55
jhodapprobru, ready for a silo then03:55
robrujhodapp: not sure if syncing is working, there was trouble with that earlier. Will have to watch it.03:55
jhodapprobru, ok03:56
robrujhodapp: 24 for wily and 25 for vivid. http://people.canonical.com/~platform/citrain_dashboard/#?q=jhodapp03:57
jhodapprobru, nice, thanks much03:58
robrujhodapp: you're welcome03:58
jhodapprobru, I didn't know I could just look at the silos that I own03:58
jhodappthat's nice03:58
robrujhodapp: heh, that features been there for a few months now, I've been trying to promote it but i guess not everybody knows yet ;-)03:59
robrujhodapp: bookmark it ;-)04:00
jhodappit's so hard to keep track of what our tools are capable of doing, at least for me04:00
jhodappAlthough I tend to stick to what I know until someone points out something new that I can't live without after04:00
robrujhodapp: yeah it's a moving target04:00
jhodapprobru, what does that error mean?04:01
robrujhodapp: you built the wrong one first. 25 is just a sync, but there's nothing in 24 to sync from yet04:02
jhodappoh right04:02
jhodapprobru, cool thanks, I'll leave that to build now04:02
jhodappoff to bed, have a good one robru04:02
robrujhodapp: you're welcome!04:03
Mirvkenvandine: no I didn't have an idea what's wrong, but thought to try out if it05:26
Mirvkenvandine: 's something temporary. turns out it wasn't.05:26
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oSoMoNgood morning trainguards! can I have a silo for line 71, please?06:57
robruoSoMoN: 404: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/prepare-silo/4915/console06:59
oSoMoNrobru, d’oh, sorry about that, wrong copy/paste, the list of MRs is fixed now07:00
MirvoSoMoN: sure, robru should be asleep anyway or else he doesn't see any sunlight during his "day"07:10
Mirvbut there it is already, right07:10
robruMirv: I got it ;-)07:13
oSoMoNrobru, Mirv: thanks :)07:16
robruoSoMoN: you're welcome!07:16
MirvMirv: sure, assigning07:53
MirvMirv: thanks!07:53
bzoltanfginther: hi, would you have little time for us, please? the UITK CI tests keep failing for no reason.08:26
Mirvsil2100: what do you think about https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-015-2-publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/indicator-network_packaging_changes.diff - moving connectivity-api src package to indicator-network? like, we can't "remove" connectivity-api src package from overlay PPA, but it shouldn't conflict as such as it's providing all the same packages, just a newer version08:26
sil2100hm, well, I remember someone mentioning the plans to move connectivity-api to indicator-network but I don't remember the rationale for that... seems a bit controversial, but besides that there shouldn't be anything against this move08:29
sil2100So I would say it's ok if that's how upstream wants to manage it08:29
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oSoMoNubuntu-qa: any chance silo 32 can be validated today ?09:42
rvrThere is a chance09:42
rvrIt's the only card in the "ready for testing" queue right now :)09:43
bzoltanMirv: sil2100 ^10:23
sil2100On it10:30
sil2100robru: btw. could you take a look today at why certain landings aren't set as Landed in the spreadsheet but are cleared? Probably the train's doing something too quickly for the spreadsheet to notice10:32
sil2100robru: since the spreadsheet issues aren't related to update frequency I might simply re-enable spreadsheet updates once-per-5-minutes now10:33
sil2100bzoltan: assigned!10:33
Mirvsil2100: robru: that happens to maybe 1/3 of the landings10:36
MirvI don't mind, we're sooo near getting rid of the spreadsheet, right?10:37
sil2100Right, although it gets in the way of commitlogs :< As it's not marking the released version numbers10:37
sil2100Mirv: I think most of the time the spreadsheet Landed bug happens on overlay landings, as it's too fast for the spreadsheet to notice10:57
Mirvright that's good thinking10:59
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cjwatsonSaviq: Is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ci-services-itself/+bug/1408626 the same as https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ci-services-itself/+bug/1348535, or are you talking about some other builder jobs?11:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1408626 in Ubuntu CI Services "Builder jobs should build and collect dbgsym packages" [Undecided,New]11:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1348535 in Ubuntu CI Services "Need -dbgsym packages from silos" [Undecided,Fix released]11:31
bzoltansil2100: Mirv: I would like to ask a reconf of the silo20 because I have added the gles MR to it.11:32
Mirvbzoltan: ok11:33
Saviqcjwatson, I *think* it's about the jenkins -ci jobs11:33
Saviqcjwatson, so bug target might be wrong11:33
cjwatsonSaviq: The bug target for 1348535 was wrong, but the bug target for 1408626 is probably right if it's talking about Jenkins jobs11:33
cjwatsonSaviq: Thanks for clarifying the bug summary11:34
SaviqI updated the title to be cleare11:34
* sil2100 off to lunch11:39
fginthercihelp, can you please have a look at bzoltan's request above? "<bzoltan> fginther: hi, would you have little time for us, please? the UITK CI tests keep failing for no reason"11:43
bzoltanfginther:  for about 11 days nothing passed Jenkins11:51
fgintherbzoltan, which branch is this for? I'll start by collecting some info11:52
bzoltanfginther:  the staging11:52
bzoltanfginther: lp:ubuntu-ui-toolkit/staging11:54
fgintherbzoltan, this error "ASSERT failure in QTest::fetchData(): "Test data requested, but no testdata available.", file qtestcase.cpp, line 2044" was discussed a few days ago. let me try to find the notes11:56
bzoltanfginther: thank you11:59
fgintherbzoltan, so the tst_components_benchmark.benchmark_creation_components failure (same as the above output) appears to have been introduced by this MP: https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/separate-uitk-versions/+merge/25745512:00
fgintherkalikiana, have you had a chance to follow up on that ^ ?12:00
kalikianafginther: yes, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/whereDidMyBenchGo/+merge/25892512:07
kalikianaunfortunately it's failing on yet other issues12:08
kalikianabut we merged it manually12:08
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fgintherkalikiana, this testcase? "test_tst_listitem.qml.xml.<init>" I was seeing this a few times in my search too12:09
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ogra_bah, seems the new vivid channel has the image numbers reset ...12:21
fgintherkalikiana, bzoltan, we'll look some more, but I have to drop offline for a bit. I've started some notes in case someone else can pick it back up before then12:21
kalikianafginther: yep. it might be a crash, but it's hard to reproduce locally12:21
kalikianaI think zsombi managed to see it on his machine12:22
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mpt(Followup from yesterday: reported bug 1455506)13:54
ubot5bug 1455506 in phablet-tools (Ubuntu) ""citrain device-upgrade" claims there are only 20 silos" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145550613:54
elopiocihelp: UAL doesn't work yet without upstart as session manager. So for testing in wily we need it installed, for the moment.14:05
elopiothis is related to kenvandine's error from yesterday. I'm not sure what to do next, can you take care of installing upsptart in the wily machines?14:06
kenvandinewe need UAL!14:07
kenvandinetedg, ^^14:07
* ogra_ wonders if the initial idea to not build on wily at all wasnt perhaps the better idea14:13
* sil2100 is not chaning the rules for the third time14:14
sil2100I would look stupid14:14
ogra_naah ... just point at someone else14:14
tedgUpstart should be a dependency of Unity814:14
tedgWe're months away from not having Upstart as a session manager.14:15
elopiodon't point at me, I'm just the messenger :)14:18
elopiowell, and the one who didn't update the initctl scripts early...14:18
elopiotedg: shouldn't gir1.2-ubuntu-app-launch-2 depend on upstart?14:20
tedgelopio, Well, that's a discussion you're going to have with foundations. I contend that libraries should depend on the services that make them work, but I've lost that battle a few times :-/14:21
tedgTo be clear, I think the gir should depend on the lib which should depend on the base ubuntu-app-launch which does depend on Upstart.14:23
elopiook, we could make autopilot or ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot depend on upstart for now. Or just make sure that it's installed on the lab until it's no longer required.14:23
tedgI'm really confused on why this is necessary. Upstart is seeded.14:24
elopiotedg: the error kenvandine was getting yesterday was because upstart is not installed.14:24
tedgelopio, What are you using as an image that doesn't have Upstart?14:24
ogra_tedg, upstart is onl yseeded on touch images14:24
tedgogra_, It's needed for Unity7 session14:25
tedgSo it's seeded for Ubuntu Desktop as well.14:25
elopiotedg: not me, the lab.14:25
ogra_tedg, are you sure it still is ?14:25
tedgelopio, Which seed is the lab image based on?14:25
elopiocihelp ^14:25
tedgogra_, Yes, we have no unit files for any indicators :-)14:25
ogra_tedg, no, i meant are you sure it is still seeded on desktop :)14:26
tedgI know that the desktop won't work without it. So if we have any quality, it's getting into the image somehow :-)14:26
kenvandineand this isn't the CI lab machines, it's the adt stuff14:26
kenvandineso whatever those run14:27
Ursinhaelopio: hi, in the standup now but I'll get to the scrollback here in 5 minutes14:27
elopiotedg: I got a question left from yesterday. Once I have systemd and upstart installed, how do I tell my machine to use upstart as the session manager? It happens just by installing upstart?14:27
elopioUrsinha: ack.14:27
tedgelopio, It happens by running a Unity desktop session14:29
ogra_tedg, so it isnt seeded in the image in either vivid or wily ... must be a dependency that pulls it in14:29
tedgogra_, Yeah, just looking at that.14:29
ogra_it is only in the supported seed14:29
ogra_(which just mmeans it is kept in main)14:29
tedgunity-greeter depends on it.14:29
tedgSo we're probably not getting it into the image in the best way :-)14:30
jhodappsil2100, ping14:31
sil2100jhodapp: pong14:31
jhodappsil2100, hey, what's going on here...any idea? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-024-1-build/147/console14:31
rvrpstolowski: Can you change this to "approved", is already reviewed, to unblock your silo? https://code.launchpad.net/~stolowski/ubuntuone-credentials/get-consumer-key-15-04/+merge/25878714:31
sil2100jhodapp: taking a look14:32
tedgReally ubuntu-session should depend on Upstart14:32
sil2100jhodapp: ok, it seems that your silo (or wily) is missing a newer version of media-hub which is a dependency for your qtubuntu-media14:33
sil2100jhodapp: and since those are builds of main architectures, the train is looping and waiting for the deps to be resolved14:34
jhodappsil2100, yeah that's weird, I bumped the version of media-hub and kicked off a rebuild, yet it seems to be building the 3.1 version instead of 3.214:34
sil2100jhodapp: it seems it needs media-hub of 3.214:34
kgunnsil2100: on line 63, i have it for vivid...but with all the "settling" of images/branches/landing approaches....i wanna change this to target wily14:34
sil2100hm, let's take a look at that then, one moment14:34
kgunncan i just change in the spreadsheet ? and rebuild ?14:35
kgunnor does it need a manual reconfig14:35
sil2100kgunn: hm, uh, sadly we'll have to reassign the silo14:35
sil2100kgunn: and a full rebuild14:35
jhodappsil2100, it could be something I forgot (or didn't know) to do with the media-hub debian package14:35
kgunncan i leave that with you to move  it ?14:35
sil2100Let me do that after the RTM meeting  :)14:35
sil2100jhodapp: let me take a look deeper, I'm in a meeting so it might take a few more minutes than usual14:36
jhodappsil2100, sure, thanks14:36
sil2100jhodapp: ah, I think I see what needs to be done - since you changed the minor version, you'll need to add a new debian/changelog entry14:38
jhodappsil2100, ok...what's the command line app used to do that again...I forget the name of it14:38
sil2100jhodapp: for this merge: https://code.launchpad.net/~jhodapp/media-hub/signal-duration-changed/+merge/259177 - do `dch -i` and change the version there to 3.2.0 and leave it as UNRELEASED14:40
jhodappsil2100, yes, dch that's the one...thanks :)14:40
sil2100And in the contents of the changelog, just enter the commit message as from your branch :)14:40
jhodappcool thanks14:40
cjwatsontedg: Probably best to just put it into debian/tests/control for the autopkgtests14:40
sil2100yw, poke me if there's anything else14:40
cjwatsontedg: Since the base that those start from won't include all the desktop stuff14:40
jhodappsil2100, can you kill that silo build?14:41
cjwatsonelopio,kenvandine: ^-14:41
sil2100jhodapp: sure, you can abort it as well, just make sure you only abort the build job when it's done uploading the packages and just 'checking packages'14:41
sil2100It's safe in that phase14:42
jhodappsil2100, ok, but isn't it stuck now so it won't get there?14:42
sil2100jhodapp: well right now it's in the state where it's safe to abort :)14:42
sil2100As it's waiting for packages to build14:42
jhodappok cool14:42
elopiocjwatson: the autopilot tests are not yet autopkgtests in all the projects. So it should be put in the jenkins job config, I guess.14:42
pstolowskirvr, working on it / asking the reviewer14:43
sil2100Once you see "INFO Looking at PPA: ..." then it's safe to cancel the jenkins job14:43
jhodappsil2100, good to know14:43
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Ursinhaelopio: hello, I'm here now14:46
Ursinhaelopio: let me see if I got this right: you are saying that as part of the setup to run tests, you want us to install upstart in wily?14:48
Ursinhawhich sounds a bit... crazy?14:48
elopioUrsinha: yes.14:48
elopiowell, any other alternative that gets upstart installed could work.14:49
Ursinhaelopio: and that would be because tests themselves depend on upstart, not the packages?14:49
elopioI'm wondering how you managed to install wily and unity7 in the lab without upstart, which according to the discussion in here shouldn't work.14:49
elopioUrsinha: the tests depend on ubuntu-app-launch which needs upstart.14:50
Ursinhaelopio: thanks for clarifying, we're moving things to wily since we got the images (one week ago), these things are coming up slowly, I'm sorting that out14:52
elopioUrsinha: ok. kenvandine worked it around landing on the overlay instead, and nobody else has mentioned this blocking them, so it seems we don't need to get it solved today.14:54
elopiobut as people start landing things in wily, they will get the same error.14:55
elopioin the meantime, we will prepare some branches for the tests that depend on upstart. That will be solved mainly by an extension on the toolkit.14:55
sil2100kgunn: ok, so line 63 (silo 004) - you want it to target wily, yes?14:55
kgunnsil2100: yes please14:56
sil2100I have your permission to reassign it?14:56
Ursinhaelopio: that's a very interesting problem14:56
Ursinhaelopio: I'd say that if upstart isn't part of wily, tests should be modified accordingly to test the real thing, but then I'm not sure we could (even that being necessary) afford implementing smart tests that know what to depend on14:58
elopioUrsinha: once UAL is ported to systemd, the tests will be able to work with upstart or systemd, whatever is being used as pid1. Not hard to do, I think.14:59
sil2100kgunn: reassigned, you even got the same silo14:59
kgunncool, thanks14:59
sil2100robru: hey! Once you're around, since you probably know your way around this, there seem to be some issues with our staging instance on wendigo15:00
sil2100robru: did you tinker with it recently? I have a branch I'd like to test15:00
Ursinhaelopio: I'd say people should stop the line and just fix it, as injecting upstart is fundamentally modifying the tested environment15:02
sil2100ogra_: hey! Did you find some time to fix up the changes generation? :)15:04
ogra_sil2100, still on it15:05
Ursinhaelopio: kenvandine, I think proposed-migration isn't wrong by blocking the package, that is a valid failure15:14
kenvandineyeah, sort of... it's a missing depends for the test15:15
kenvandinebut actually ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts itself doesn't need upstart at all15:15
kenvandinebut the test infrastructure needs it to run it's tests15:15
kenvandinepromoting it wouldn't break devices with the package15:16
Ursinhakenvandine: right.. but for that we need dependencies that aren't in the archive, right? should that be allowed? I think that's a policy decision to make15:18
kenvandineupstart is still in the archive right?15:19
kenvandinebut installing it in the test environment might be wrong though15:19
dobeyupstart is still required on the phone no?15:19
kenvandinei don't think the autopkgtests run on phones15:20
ogra_yes, it wont go out of the archive before 16.0415:20
dobeythe deb ones don't15:20
dobeythe click ones do15:20
kenvandinethis is just the tests that run in proposed15:20
Ursinhakenvandine: if the package is in the archive, why are tests failing? now I'm confused15:20
dobeykenvandine: for dep8 tests you should add test/runtime dependencies in debian/tests/control15:21
kenvandinethey aren't installed in the VM or whatever the autopkgtests are run on15:21
ogra_Ursinha, because nothing requires the package to be installed while testing15:21
mzanettisil2100, does the sync: thing work again already?15:21
kenvandineogra_, well it does... autopilot tests that uses uitk do15:21
ogra_and there is no dependency since upstart is not needed for the package to work right15:21
pstolowskirvr, there is some confusion right now about where to land our changes from silo 33 wrt to target branches and distro, we may need to split the silo and retarget the branches15:21
kenvandineso i'd argue the autopilot package for uitk should dep on it15:21
sil2100mzanetti: not yet, the branch is ready but I couldn't test it on staging yet as it's b0rken15:21
ogra_kenvandine, that might be an option, yeah15:22
kenvandinei think that's the right thing15:22
kenvandineit's what depends on it15:22
mzanettisil2100, if I want to release something to wily and then sync it to vivid-overlay. what's the way to go atm?15:22
kenvandinenot even the tests in uss-oa depend on it15:22
kenvandineit's the helpers in uitk that do15:22
dobeyanyway, i need to get lunch15:22
ogra_mzanetti, lots of praying ... (for the first bit of your question)15:23
sil2100mzanetti: the easiest way is to poke trainguards for that ;)15:23
mzanettiack. works fo rme15:23
* kgunn gets poking finger ready15:23
sil2100mzanetti: I can help you if you want it now, or robru if you want to do it later15:23
Ursinhaogra_: I'm trying to understand why that package isn't being installed, I first assumed the test dependencies were automatically pulled and the only reason a package wouldn't be installed is if that wasn't available15:23
mzanettipstolowski, is the silo ready to be released?15:23
dobeymzanetti, pstolowski: if you need me to discuss with cihelp/trainguards after my lunch about this, to get things moving along, i'm happy to15:23
sil2100I hope that once robru's back he'll be able to deal with the staging issues and I can test my branch proper15:23
Ursinhaogra_: but I'm clearly missing something, and I'm looking into finding out what that is15:23
dobeyjust tell them to bug me for the silo and i'll help get it sorted out15:24
ogra_Ursinha, well, you just said it "the test dependencies" ...15:24
kgunnsil2100: so, we did have one thing, mir landing to vivid+ in flight...and then things changed to "we should land in wily first" and "no more syncs"...15:24
ogra_Ursinha, upstart isnt in the test dependencies :)15:24
dobeybut i really do need to get food rignt now :)15:24
kgunnso do we need to do one follow up sync landing to wily for mir ?15:24
pstolowskimzanetti, no, cause my MPs target 15.04-touch branches meant to land in vivid-overlay ppa and yours unity8 targets trunk/wily15:24
Ursinhaogra_: hmm I thought that was defined in the package?15:24
kgunnor can we ask for a copy that direction (from vivid+ to wily)15:24
pstolowskimzanetti, so I think you need to take your MPs and just land them in wily and then sync into vivid-overlay15:24
elopiokenvandine: with my branch the toolkit will work either with upstart or systemd: https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/systemd/+merge/25921015:25
elopiowhat remains depending on upstart is UAL.15:25
Ursinhaogra_: as I said, I'm clearly missing something here :)15:25
ogra_Ursinha, as kenvandine said, the package itself doesnt need upstart to function correctly ... only the test needs it15:25
sil2100kgunn: did the mir landing already land in vivid? A copy in both directions is fine, it's just that landing in wily is 'safer'15:25
sil2100kgunn: so we can copy the package from vivid overlay to wily if you want15:25
ogra_so the package itself has no dep ...15:25
Ursinhaogra_: I thought test dependencies were defined in the package15:25
jhodappsil2100, does this look normal now or is it still stuck in a dependency checking loop? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-024-1-build/148/console15:25
kgunnsil2100: sure...it's been in "waiting on QA" for some time for landing in vivid+15:25
kgunnnever landed in vivid (regular)15:25
Ursinhathat's what I said15:25
mzanettipstolowski, ok. moving the branches over to the other silo then15:25
elopiobut as tedg said: <tedg> elopio, Well, that's a discussion you're going to have with foundations. I contend that libraries should depend on the services that make them work, but I've lost that battle a few times :-/15:25
elopio<tedg> To be clear, I think the gir should depend on the lib which should depend on the base ubuntu-app-launch which does depend on Upstart.15:25
pstolowskimzanetti, ok15:25
ogra_Ursinha, right, in which packae then ... ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts does not need upstart installed to function properly, so it will not define a dependency15:26
sil2100jhodapp: it's good now I hope, let me kick the dep-waiting packages15:26
kenvandineuss-oa dep8 tests depends on the uitk autopilot packages15:26
jhodappsil2100, ok great, I couldn't remember if "Dependency wait" is normal in this situation or not15:26
cjwatsonogra_: autopkgtests have separate test dependencies though, in debian/tests/control15:26
ogra_Ursinha, which means that some test specific package needs to add this dependency15:26
cjwatsonnothing wrong with sticking things there15:26
kenvandinethat pakcage should depend on upstart15:26
Ursinhaogra_: what cjwatson said15:27
sil2100kgunn: is that mir landing purely bug-fixing? Maybe QA didn't want to touch it because they thought its too invasive, hmmm15:27
kgunnsil2100: it's bug fixing goodness15:27
sil2100kgunn: let's ask QA what's up15:27
kenvandineUrsinha, i'm just saying adding that depends to debian/tests/control of the uss-oa only fixes it for uss-oa15:27
tedgIt probably should just depend on "ubuntu-app-launch" instead of upstart-bin15:27
tedgubuntu-app-launch depends on upstart-bin, and will be changed as it gets ported.15:27
sil2100kgunn: I see it's being tested by davmor2 now!15:27
kenvandinemaking ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot depend on upstart does15:27
Ursinhatedg: sounds sensible to me15:28
kenvandineor more specifically depend on ubuntu-app-launch15:28
Ursinhabut I don't know the details15:28
sil2100kgunn: once that lands we can do a manual sync for you to wily15:28
kenvandinethen it fixes all packages that this affects15:28
kenvandineor... we land elopio's fix that makes it support both upstart and systemd :)15:28
elopiokenvandine: we can't land it yet, because of UAL, some of the tests in the toolkit fail15:29
kenvandinewhich we'll need anyway15:29
elopioI see now that the online accounts tests use xvfb15:29
elopioso they don't have unity installed.15:29
kenvandineis anyone arguing that ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot shouldn't depend on ubuntu-app-launch ?15:29
elopioso I think I can put upstart in their debian/tests/control as cjwatson suggested, and that could work.15:30
kgunnalan_g ^^ we can just poke sil2100 when mir lands, and he'll do a manual sync to wily for us15:30
elopioor make the dependency in upstart explicit in ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot, while UAL is updated and my branch lands.15:30
kenvandineelopio, that isn't the right place to fix it...15:30
sil2100kgunn: maybe when that happens my branch will land and we'll be able to do that through the train even ;)15:30
kenvandineif ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot depended on upstart or ubuntu-app-launch, all is fine15:31
alan_gkgunn: ack15:31
Ursinhakenvandine: so the "fix" for now would be change the dependency in ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot?15:33
kenvandinethat's what depends on upstart here15:33
kenvandineand it should fix any of the packages that are currently blocked for promotion15:34
Ursinhakenvandine: would people object pushing this change? (even if that wasn't failing, this looks like the right thing to do anyway)15:36
kenvandinei think it's the right solution...15:36
alan_gcihelp - Is this known? I see "W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/mir-team/staging/ubuntu/dists/wily/main/binary-amd64/Packages 404 Not Found" - http://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-wily-amd64-ci/5/console15:36
Ursinhaalan_g: let me see15:37
Ursinhaalan_g: looking at the staging ppa it doesn't seem to have wily packages, so that is a valid failure15:38
Ursinhabut then it looks wrong, because that was vivid + overlay ppa that is supposed to be vivid..15:38
Ursinhafginther: would you know about that?15:39
Ursinhaalan_g: I'll have a look, we have migrated to the overlay ppas yesterday and this might have been overlooked in the checks15:39
elopiokenvandine: Ursinha: https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/upstart/+merge/25926215:41
elopioluckily, online_accounts_ui doesn't launch with Ubuntu App Launch. It just calls the binary.15:42
Ursinhahm, okay15:44
pstolowskitrainguards may I ask for reconfiguring of silo 33 and purging its ppa?15:44
Ursinhaalan_g: I can see that camako asked that mir ci/autolanding jobs start using wily, I think that as a consequence (maybe) it started pulling mir staging PPA wily and there are no packages for wily there. Wild guess, I have to wait for fginther to confirm this is the right reading of the problem15:45
kenvandineelopio, that looks good to me15:45
Ursinhaelopio: looks "right", let's see if that solves the problem :)15:46
elopiobzoltan: https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/upstart/+merge/25926215:46
fgintherUrsinha, alan_g, This is a consequence of moving to wily, let me see if there is simple fix for this15:50
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fgintheralan_g, updating this recipe to build for wily should fix the problem: https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/+recipe/mir-daily15:53
alan_gfginther: That's new to me. I need to add wily to "Distribution series"?15:59
sil2100Mirv, robru: hey, so I fixed as many landings as I saw in the spreadsheet that weren't set as 'Landed' - I also added the 'package versions published' information which is required by commitlogs16:00
fgintheralan_g, yeah, that should be all it takes, and then request a new build16:00
sil2100Mirv, robru: if you see any landings that are landed but the spreadsheet fails to set those as 'Landed', please either leave them for me or, if you want to fix them, please be sure to fill in the version infos in column S16:01
sil2100Mirv, robru: it's troublesome so I can do that basically, but without that my commitlogs will be sad (once they're back operational)16:02
dobeycihelp: will ps jenkins pick up MPs on new branches that were listed in the spreadsheet, automatically now?16:53
Ursinhadobey: in my understanding it should work exactly as before, what changed are the dependencies considered16:54
fgintherdobey, if a *new* branch was added to that spreadsheet, it should have some MPs picked up by now16:55
dobeyfginther: hmm, ok16:56
oSoMoNubuntu-qa: hey guys, any chance silo 32 might be validated today?16:56
dobeyfginther: doesn't seem like https://code.launchpad.net/~stolowski/ubuntuone-credentials/get-consumer-key-15-04/+merge/258787 was picked up16:56
fgintherdobey, I'll take a closer look17:02
dobeyfginther: ok, thanks17:03
fgintherdobey, I found part of the problem and put in a partial fix. The job that searches for and triggers all these MPs is now taking much longer is was timing out before finishing.17:06
fgintherI increased the timeout to hopefully grab the MPs it was missing, but will need to revisit it as to why it is so horribly slow17:06
dobeyprobably so many branches it's looking for?17:08
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dobeyprobably needs to be parallelized17:08
dobeyfginther: i also pinged cihelp yesterday to ask for https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/unity-scope-click/refunds-previews/+merge/257444 to have jenkins re-run the build tests against wily, but i didn't see any response about it17:30
alex-abreutrainguards can you reconfigure silo 26?17:38
robrualex-abreu: done17:40
alex-abreurobru, thx17:41
robrualex-abreu: you're welcome17:42
fgintherdobey, sorry about that. I've retriggered https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/unity-scope-click/refunds-previews/+merge/25744417:52
dobeyfginther: ok, thanks.17:52
dobeyi tried to do so, but i guess i got something wrong that i didn't notice17:52
ogra_sil2100, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/vivid/196.changes ... there is also 19717:53
ogra_(wrt your landign mail)17:53
sil2100ogra_: do we have wily changes too?17:59
ogra_sil2100, nope, that vivid changelog is from yesterday still ... but i'm confident to have all set up later today18:01
ogra_(i'll fillow up on the landing mail with the locations once i'm done)18:01
kgunnrobru: if i'm using citrain tool...i assume ubuntu==wily and ubuntu-rtm=vivid18:04
robrukgunn: uh, no? ubuntu is ubuntu and ubuntu-rtm is ubuntu-rtm.18:04
kgunngot it18:06
robrukgunn: I guess you're trying to verify a wily silo on a vivid phone image and having problems? that case is not well defined.18:07
kgunnrobru: nope...wasn't anywhere yet, was just asking18:07
kgunnthinking it could get weird18:08
kgunnrobru: i did notice tho....landing-030 is now against wily but also has "target ppa" set for overlay18:08
kgunnthat would seem invalid atm ?18:08
kgunnrow 54 in ci train sheet18:09
robrukgunn: yeah that would be invalid18:11
ogra_sil2100, 196 and 197 and upwards wont work anymore though ... the vivid channel for mako is ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu ... but that ends at 13218:11
kgunnrobru: so does that need to get rebuilt or something ?18:11
robrukgunn: just reconfigured, hang on18:11
ogra_sil2100, in the new channel schema we dont seem to have anything corresponding to vivid 196 actually18:12
robrukgunn: not sure what you're looking at. silo 30 says "vivid primary" (which is also wrong) and row 55 says the same. do you want it for vivid overlay or wily?18:12
robruoh, row 54.18:13
robrukgunn: if you're switching it from vivid to wily it does need a rebuild.18:14
robrukgunn: yeah I'm really confused. your silo says vivid primary but your row says wily overlay, both of those are invalid, and I'm not sure what you're trying to do. your choices are vivid overlay or wily primary.18:15
kgunnrobru: wily primary - i think zanetti changed it earlier and forgot the other bits18:15
robrukgunn: ok18:16
kgunn(as we generically wanna target wily first, we did a switcheroo this morning)18:16
fgintherdobey, ah! I found the problem. the branch is named lp:ubuntuone-credentials/touch-15-04, we have it stored ast lp:ubuntuone-credentials/touch-15.0418:17
robrukgunn: ok, just one hiccup, train can't reconfigure from vivid to wily. so I had to free it, will assign a new one18:17
fgintherdobey, I'll adjust the config18:18
kgunnrobru: yep, i thot that'd be the case, np18:18
robrukgunn: ok you're in silo 3 now for wily, also note conflict with unity8 in silo 4.18:18
dobeyfginther: ah ok. i wonder if the same happened for unity-scope-click too then18:18
robrukgunn: alright, good luck. hopefully we figure out this wily/vivid stuff soon.18:19
dobeyfginther: oops it is. that's totally my fault. i typed them wrong in the spreadsheet. sorry about that.18:19
fgintherdobey, I should be able to have it updated shortly18:21
dobeyfginther: ok thanks18:21
robrucyphermox: ^^ silo 23 configured for vivid, surely you meant wily? or is that an SRU?18:47
cyphermoxyeah, it's a SRU18:48
robrucyphermox: ok. you wanna publish it or should I?18:48
cyphermoxeither way :)18:48
robrucyphermox: publishing!18:49
cyphermoxthank you!18:49
robrucyphermox: k, I think this is our first SRU to vivid ;-) please poke that along with SRU team, I'd hate for that to languish for months18:50
robrutrain's first SRU to vivid I mean18:50
robrubrb, lunch18:52
fgintherMirv, there are a number of -ci jobs for working with https://code.launchpad.net/kubuntu-packaging branches. Are these still useful?19:06
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