dholbachgood morning06:11
MooDoohello all07:03
elfymorning MooDoo07:09
dpmgood morning all07:10
elfyhi dpm :)07:14
dpmmorning elfy07:15
dholbachhi MooDoo, hi dpm07:21
dpmhey dholbach, had a nice day off yesterday?07:23
dholbachyes, thanks a lot - how was yours?07:29
davidcalleGood morning o/07:35
dpmdholbach, good, we went for a Weinwanderung around Stuttgart, despite the forecasts we had nice weather, so all good :)07:39
dpmmorning davidcalle and popey07:39
dholbachvery nice07:40
silverlionaloha madame08:48
silverlionbut I'm about to head out for office :(08:48
silverlionhave a nice $daytime everyone!08:49
popeyHaving been ill for a couple of days (and missing czajkowski co-working day on Wednesday) I haven't actually left the house all week.09:24
popeyNeed to find somewhere nearby with wifi and work there.09:24
Tm_TI'm a sucker, I mobile-work with the shared data from a phone09:25
Tm_Tmaybe try working while sitting in a park next week09:26
popeyI know there's a park in a nearby Town where the bandstand has free wifi09:26
popeyand McDonalds and the local pub have wifi.09:26
davidcalledpm, the scopes templates changed are finished, I've just tried to run an existing tutorial on them. It's not that bad, they will all need some rewriting and new code, that should take me ~two days. The merge won't happen until they are ready. Also, there is a new testing framework for scopes (python-harness) used with templates, not sure if ballons tutorials are covering it, but he'll probably need to have a look as well.09:27
davidcallepopey, McDonalds or local pub? Tough choice :p09:27
popeyWell we don't all have haute cuisine french restaurants nearby :)09:28
popey"Le Big Mac"09:28
dpmdavidcalle, great, thanks. Yeah balloons is working on the scopes testing tutorials and is aware of python-harness afaik, but it'd be good if you two could touch base on the template changes09:29
davidcallepopey, hehe09:29
davidcalledpm, ok09:29
davidcalledpm, btw, css fixes have landed for the API website https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/apps/qml/sdk-14.10/Ubuntu.Components.Pickers.Dialer/09:31
dpmdavidcalle, and the Unity docs look much nicer too -> https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/scopes/cpp/sdk-14.10/index/ - good work!09:33
davidcalleAlthough... I feel like the general css for API docs would still need some webteam design input. Not sure if it's us not using guidelines to their full potential or just their CSS guidelines being like that, but it feels "muddy".09:33
davidcalleIndeed, that was an awesome contribution :)09:34
dpmdavidcalle, I think it's a bit challenging to have a unified markup for all the doc formats we support (doxygen, sphinx, qdoc, ...), but mhall119 would have more input on that09:34
davidcalledpm, it's not that, probably just the color scheme not agreeing with me :)09:35
popey\o/ found somewhere! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Retro-Coffee-Shop-Ltd/19461925400330509:44
popeyright next to the best butcher in town09:44
elfywill they cook you a steak though?09:47
MooDoohmmmmm steak09:50
popey\o/ https://twitter.com/Retro_Coffee/status/59915393797181030410:08
popey\o/ coffee10:45
czajkowskipopey: co working next week as you're better?11:46
czajkowskidom tom and jon are on a ham weekend but I'm sure Dom would be up for it next week12:00
czajkowskiWednesdays do work well12:00
mhall119dpm: yeah, each doc source has it's own HTML markup around code snippets, we could style them to look the same as much as possible, but it'll be a lot of work12:44
davidcalleHi dholbach, just seen your email12:48
davidcalledholbach, I think that's a very needed status page, even without translations in mind, as a way to have an overview of recently updated pages.12:50
dholbachyes :)12:55
dpmdholbach, popey, davidcalle, mhall119, balloons, my current call might be running over14:39
dholbachdpm, pretend your network connection doesn't work too well!14:39
dholbachcome on, you like us better than whoever you're talking to now14:40
dholbachdpm, do you still need some more time=?15:01
dpmgo for it15:01
dpmwill be back in a few mins15:01
davidcalleballoons, dholbach, mhall119, popey, who wants to start?15:04
balloonsI can15:04
balloonsDONE: qml template updates, in review. DOING: HTML5 updates, bug reporting / feedback for app developers BLOCKED: still awaiting landings for new docs for scopes and AP helpers. Still awaiting word from akiva15:04
dholbachballoons, what kind of html5 updates? is this for html5 testing developer docs?15:06
balloonsdholbach, bah yes..15:06
balloonsStill working on finishing them.. fingers crossed for this afternoon15:06
dholbachawesome :)15:07
dholbach - help-app: 0.3 release (https://launchpad.net/help-app/+milestone/0.3)15:07
dholbach - help-app: Daniel McGuire finished first mockups, sending to list soon15:07
dholbach - dev site: discussion with dpm about maintenance of Chinese translation15:07
dholbach - dev site: bit of bug triage15:07
dholbach - snappy: community planning with rsalveti, ogra and dpm15:07
dholbach - (misc) public holiday in Germany yesterday15:07
dholbach- dev site: updated spreadsheet to track Chinese translation update15:07
dholbach - help-app: pad.lv/1433210 (reenable .link-cta-ubuntu)15:07
dholbach - china: more China dev plans discussions15:07
dholbach - help-app: part 1 of 1446493 (set up site for content negotiation)15:07
dholbach   (with IS, RT#79340)15:07
mhall119dholbach putting us all to shame again15:08
davidcalledholbach, about the chinese translation, who is going to do it?15:08
dholbachdavidcalle, we still have to figure this out15:09
dholbachdavidcalle, I'm just preparing the discussion - happy to CC you15:09
davidcalledholbach, uh no :p15:09
dholbachall right :)15:09
davidcalleKidding, happy to be part of it15:09
dholbachdpm, here's a snippet I saw slangasek use for their team meetings, adapted to ours... for next time:       $ echo $(shuf -e balloons davidcalle dholbach dpm mhall119)          :)15:10
davidcalle(I want bash support on IRC)15:11
dholbachok, I'm done15:11
dholbachanyone else?15:11
mhall119what could possibly go wrong15:11
mhall119I'll go next15:11
mhall119Deployed devportal update with CSS fixed (with davidcalle)15:12
mhall119so now two of us know how to do that :)15:12
mhall119Fixed the importer to work properly with API docs from1 15.04, have an MP ready to land to enable that15:12
mhall119worked with popey to get the new ubuntu podcast website up and plan for the first episode15:13
mhall119udpate deployment instructions for devportal to clarify the process for webops15:13
mhall119finish reviewing djangosnippets project for integration with the devportal15:14
mhall119prepare for importing ubuntu-sdi-15.10-dev1 API docs that will be in Wily15:14
mhall119that's all for me15:14
mhall119no blockers15:15
mhall119dpm: I do need to follow up with you about a CSS fix you have in an MP15:15
mhall119I remember discussing a change to it with you a while back, but don't recall what the change was or if it was made15:15
mhall119that's the only reason it wasn't included in the last deployment15:16
balloonslol dholbach, bash support :-) how about just going for it and including python?15:16
mhall119or use irssi and do it in perl, like a *real* programmer15:17
davidcallePopey, want to go?15:18
popeyDONE:  - Core apps manual & battery testing on Arale.  - Feedback to didrocks for developer advocacy.   - Setup ubuntu engineering podcast website - Pre-Announce ubuntu engineering podcast internally - Worked with Amrisha on surveys15:18
popeyDOING: Docviewer & Calendar code reviews.15:18
popeyBLOCKED: None (other than not having enough developers)15:18
popeyNEXT: Reminders app rename and other reviews.15:18
dholbachapp rename?15:19
dholbachand for which app are you looking for developers?15:20
popeyRenaming Reminders to "Notes"15:20
popeyWe wanted to land latest updates first15:21
popeythen we're renaming15:21
popeybut we're only renaming the user facing parts, not the click package or other bits15:21
popeyCalendar could do with more devs, kunal is basically alone on that15:21
popeyrenato is working on backend sync stuff, but for the app itself, its kunal15:22
popeyDocviewer also could use help.15:22
* popey feels a blog post coming15:22
dholbachyeah, that sounds like a good idea :)15:22
dholbachI wonder apart from our usual social media targets we could spread something like that15:23
popeyI have a long standing todo which is "Brainstorm where to dig up new developers"15:24
popeypart of my conversation with didrocks mentioned above covered this :)15:24
popeymore on that another day15:24
dholbachahh, nice15:24
* dholbach hugs popey15:24
* davidcalle goes15:25
davidcalle- Tested all published scopes tutorials against new SDK templates15:25
davidcalle- drafted text/code updates for these tutorials15:25
davidcalle- Snappy typos/rewording15:25
davidcalle- Bundling libs in click article (gathered working examples and picked sdk team brains)15:25
davidcalle- Finish new platform page15:25
davidcalle- Finish i18n general tutorial (more looking into apps sources to see what people need)15:25
davidcalle- New scopes tutorials15:25
dholbachare there lots of changes scope authors will have to apply to their current scopes?15:26
dholbachbundlings-libs: nice!15:26
davidcalleballoons, new SDK templates use python-harness for scopes, you might want to have a look at them next week15:26
balloonsdavidcalle, yes ty.. I've been waiting for the templates to update before writing the new tutorial.. I've been watching marcus's branch15:27
davidcalledholbach, nope, the API hasn't moved, but the API team is simplifying all scopes templates15:27
dholbachah, brilliant15:27
balloonsdavidcalle, also, I pushed to get the new API documented so we could of course put it on d.u.c :-)15:27
davidcalleballoons, yup :-)15:28
davidcalleThat's it for me15:28
* mhall119 never thought he would be excited over API docs15:28
balloonsdavidcalle, so we'll be in touch once the template changes are in to make sure the new tutorials go up nicely15:29
davidcalleballoons, yes, won't these changes affect existing tutorials? (as in: are they based on sdk templates?)15:30
dholbachdpm, around now?15:30
balloonsdavidcalle, yes ofc they will. But the current tutorials for testing only cover unit, not functional (which is where most of the changes lie)15:30
balloonsso a bit less of changes for me than you :p15:30
dpmdholbach, I am now15:33
dpmthanks guys for running the standup15:33
davidcalleballoons, yeah, but it's putting me back in a C++ mindset and I like to think of it as a good thing... (glass half-full, but full of awful things :p)15:34
* popey shrugs, french style15:34
davidcallepopey, I like that new style of yours!15:35
dholbach2015 - année de la nouvelle langue du linux desktop15:36
* popey lights a gauloise and taps his beret15:37
balloonsdavidcalle, J'aime ton style15:37
* davidcalle celebrates another victory for la France15:38
dholbach. o O { allons enfants de la patriiihiie ... ]15:39
davidcalle<Something something baguette>15:40
dholbachI don't know... dpm, are we done with the meeting now?15:42
dpmdholbach, I'd say so15:42
dpmon my side, it's been workshop preparation, and I'm not done yet for today15:42
davidcalledpm, good luck, will you be there in Amsterdam?15:43
dpmdavidcalle, yeah, Monday and Tuesday15:43
davidcalledpm, that's a great city, enjoy!15:44
popeydpm: will you be afk mon-tue?15:44
dpmpopey, mostly yes, but will be reading e-mail. I'll try to make it to the team call on Monday, and if I can't make it to the 1:1s, I'll rearrange them15:45
popeyright, need to go and spend some time afk. have a great weekend all!16:39
dpmhave a great weekend all!17:39

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