robert_ancelldesrt, I'm looking at https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=747209 which is now triggered for simple-scan since translatable support for appdata was added (INTLTOOL_XML_NOMERGE_RULE -> INTLTOOL_XML_RULE). What should be done here?00:33
ubot5Gnome bug 747209 in gsettings "glib-compile-schemas ought to reject repeated <summary> and <description>" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]00:33
robert_ancellAFAIK appdata only supports merged translations and autotools/intltool isn't smart enough to merge one and not the other00:33
desrtwith intltool you could give the type explicitly, but i guess autotools gettext support doesn't grok that00:52
desrtto be honest, i don't have a good solution for you other than "stop using autotools gettext" or "get the bug fixed with them"00:53
didrocksgood morning06:06
willcookeGood morning all07:57
TheMusoHey willcooke.07:57
willcookeTheMuso, just making tea.  Be with you in 2 mins07:57
didrocksgood morning willcooke07:58
* didrocks felt alone :p07:58
* willcooke sings ..oo( Lonely. So lonely)07:58
didrocksor "I'm poor, lonesome cowboy…"07:59
willcookeit was pretty quiet yesterday08:02
willcookemorning Laney08:03
didrockshey Laney08:04
Laneywhat up08:05
Laneygood day off didrocks?08:05
didrocksLaney: was nice, walked quite a lot as usual, was quite hot still, but today, temperatures really went done (by 10 degrees)08:06
didrockshow was you non day off? :)08:06
Laneywe have some people fitting new windows08:08
Laneywhich is quite noisy08:08
didrocksyou didn't go outside or in a cafe to work?08:10
Laneydidn't want to leave them alone here ...08:14
happyaronbroke the screen of my phone, :-/08:28
didrockshappyaron: :(08:31
* TheMuso -> EOD, have a good weekend folks.08:34
didrockssee you TheMuso08:34
willcookecheers TheMuso08:40
willcookehappyaron, I replaced my screen on my iphone.  It was quite easy08:41
LaneyI destroyed a phone by trying to replace the screen :P08:41
Laneyhappyaron: your ubuntu phone?08:41
happyaronwillcooke: yep I'll do that tomorrow08:41
happyaronLaney: no, iPhone, I've no Ubuntu phone atm...08:41
Laneyoh I thought you got one08:41
Laneyor was that fj?08:42
willcookeFJKong got one08:42
happyaronyes he got one08:42
Laneymitya57: have you seen http://orangesquash.org.uk/~laney/panel.png before?08:44
Laney(that's -applet)08:44
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chenyuHello everyone, I've got a bug on systemd-shim, this deamon poweroff  the system after resumming from S3.  can I report the bug to maillist or?  I've once reported this bug to freedesktop, but they ask me to report it to ubuntu team instead.13:44
mdeslaurchenyu: open a terminal and type "ubuntu-bug systemd-shim"13:47
chenyumdeslaur: hi, I think there might be someting more I want to offer to desktop team. I've debuged this problem and got some information13:57
chenyushoud I reported to https://launchpad.net13:58
mdeslaurchenyu: doing that will open a bug in launchpad and automatically add details of your environment14:00
mdeslaurchenyu: you can then add more information to that bug if you'd like14:00
chenyuOK thanks. but now I'm not in my problem pc.14:01
chenyucurrently I'm not using that machine14:01
mdeslaurchenyu: it's best if you do it from that computer. If you can't, you can start here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd-shim/+filebug14:01
mdeslaurchenyu: please be sure to state which version of Ubuntu you are running14:02
chenyuok, I'll try to collect as much as possible information and send to launchpad .14:02
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chenyumdeslaur:  I've post a thread , can you please help info the developer to look at it? thanks . I saw the lastest reply for the question is in 2013... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd-shim/+bug/145552014:43
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1455520 in systemd-shim (Ubuntu) " systemd-shim executes 'poweroff' after resuming from suspend-to-memory(S3) " [Undecided,New]14:43
mitya57Laney: do you mean the duplicated nm-applet or the strange thing on the left?16:30
mitya57If the latter, then what's that? :)16:30
Laneymitya57: huuuuuuge spotify16:30
Laneythe icon is sized wrong16:30
Laneydon't worry about the network ones, the other one is indicator-network16:30
mitya57It is an indicator, not a native applet, right?16:31
mitya57let me look then16:32
mitya57Oh, it doesn't have a source code? :(16:33
* didrocks just spent 40 minutes in fear that his ecryptfs home data was broken16:35
didrocksreboot, couldn't get any login, even in prompt16:35
tyhicksdidrocks: what was the issue?16:35
didrocksok, happened again16:40
didrocksso, schroot tries fails and try to remount things16:41
didrockslike crazy16:41
didrocks(more than 500 mounts in 20s)16:41
didrocksnot sure how the click chroots got into that state16:41
didrocksupstart deals a little bit better the priorities, enabing me to stop all schroot sessions16:42
tyhicksdidrocks: ah, so you had schroot sessions open across the reboot?16:43
didrockstyhicks: yeah, which is the expected behavior16:43
didrocksbut a bug triggered this infinitive mount hell16:43
mitya57Laney: can you please paste somewhere the dbus-monitor dump of spotify's startup?16:44
* mitya57 is on Debian i386 now, so can't test16:44
didrockstyhicks: so I had to stops brutally my session (couldn't get anything16:44
didrockstyhicks: and on reboot -> restart session -> same bug16:44
mitya57Laney: it seems to use Qt 4, so it might be our (sni-qt) bug16:44
didrockstyhicks: I have an ecryptfs home, I tried to create my today's chroot with the trick to circumvent the bug due to home being its own partition16:45
Laneymitya57: OK, in a bit, thanks for looking!16:45
didrocksok, on sdk reboot, I see that schroot are now closing after updating16:46
* mitya57 ported sni-qt to qt5 so has some code knowledge16:46
didrockswell, not closing, but at least, the number is stable16:47
didrocksok, just doing a reboot to check if I can connect and avoid this mount hell, and then, calling it a week16:57
didrockssee you guys!16:57
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didrocksfinally cleaned it up, but the workaround didn't do it for me17:12
didrockswell, at least, I can go on week-end with a working machine :)17:12
didrockssee you on Monday!17:12
willcookeI'm on holiday on MOnday17:36
willcooketa ta17:36
ari-tczewLaney: appreciation for merging gnome-screensaver, nice work17:41
qenghoNice. If sikuli had autopkgtests, they would have caught that sikuli was broken and therefore would not enter the repo and then cause failures in sikuli-using chromium autopkgtests.18:10

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