rcjcjwatson ^ Would could I ask about this?00:06
rcjI can't branch open-vm-tools from trusty-update through vivid00:06
elopioveebers: sorry, I fall asleep while waiting for the isos to download.00:10
elopiothanks for trying to replicate. I'll talk to ci tomorrow to see what's different. Maybe only upstart missing.00:11
elopioabout the other error, don't know. I got it while running autopilot3 run ubuntuuitoolkit00:11
elopioand about it installing autopilot legacy, not sure either.00:12
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veeberselopio: ack, I'm going afk now to get ready for travel. I might be around otherwise see you in a wee bit :-)00:13
elopioveebers: safe travel.00:13
veebersthanks :-) You too00:16
rcjwgrant, having an odd issue with 'bzr branch lp:ubuntu/utopic/open-vm-tools' failing http://paste.ubuntu.com/11138204/ can you point me in the right direction?01:49
rcjsame problem for lp:ubuntu/trusty/open-vm-tools/trusty-updates and lp:ubuntu/vivid/open-vm-tools/vivid as I have with utopic01:50
rcjIssue recreates on clean VM as well01:50
wgrantrcj: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/88861501:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 888615 in Bazaar "UDD branch freshness checker breaks on incomplete history" [High,Confirmed]01:52
wgrantrcj: Workaround in the comments.01:52
wgrantrcj: rcj But open-vm-tools can't be imported into bzr, so you'll want to use the traditional source package until we have git up and running.01:53
rcjwgrant, I see that there is now a file in open-vm-tools with a \ in the name so it will fail import.  Is that what you're referring to?01:54
wgrantrcj: Yep :/01:55
rcjwgrant, okay, thanks. and if I ask upstream to rename the file will it unblock this as well, or is it doomed since there will be one bit of the history that can't be imported?01:56
wgrantrcj: UDD requires the history to be imported.01:56
rcjwgrant, thanks.  I'll wait for git then :)  Thanks again.01:56
wgrant(but seriously, who has a backslash in a filename)01:56
rcjwgrant, I was surprised when I ran into it today.01:57
* mwhudson reads /usr/share/perl5/Dpkg/Shlibs/Objdump.pm, cries02:46
mwhudson} elsif ($section eq 'dynreloc') {02:47
mwhudson    if (/^\S+\s+(\S+)\s+(\S+)\s*$/) {02:47
mwhudson$self->{dynrelocs}{$2} = $1;02:47
sarnoldmwhudson: ouch. does that mean you've got to introduce mangling? or patch up dpkg..?02:55
mwhudsonsarnold: yeah, i guess one of those02:55
mwhudsonlet's file a bug in debian and see how much they laugh02:55
* sarnold passes mwhudson the asbestos pants02:56
mwhudson" Is the bug you found listed above"02:57
mwhudsoni'm really guessing not02:57
mwhudson    if ($line =~ /^[0-9a-f]+ (.{7})\s+(\S+)\s+[0-9a-f]+(?:\s+(\S+))?(?:\s+$vis_re)?\s+(\S+)/) {03:09
mwhudsonmaybe i can rewrite dpkg-shlibdeps in go03:24
mwhudson(it would actually be fairly easy i think)03:24
mwhudsonargh, dpkg from git doesn't build on vivid?03:52
infinitymwhudson: Please tell me you're joking about dpkg-shlibdeps in Go.04:39
dholbachgood morning06:11
tjaaltonanyone here with gm45 (intel) graphics and on vivid?07:57
tjaaltonpci-id 2a4207:57
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* mdeslaur hugs cyphermox for network-manager metric fix19:11
cyphermoxmdeslaur: you're out of date! don't you know the werewolf is out?19:12
mdeslaurcyphermox: heh, I like it when my laptop still boots so I can work. But thanks :)19:12
ogra_it only doesnt boot on full moon19:12
cyphermoxhehe. my laptop still boots... for now.19:13
mdeslaurcyphermox: wait, I have 23 pending merges to do :)19:13
mdeslaursorry, 2919:13
Unit193cjwatson: Sorry to bother you again, but any chances of git support in germinate?21:05
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cyphermoxUnit193: you'd like to keep seeds in git?22:40
Bluefoxicyplant seeds in the ground22:41
Unit193Add water, then wait 3 weeks.22:41
cyphermoxUnit193: could you file a bug against germinate about this? that way if it's cjwatson who does the work or someone else, we can know when it's done :)22:42
Unit193cyphermox: Well, I more wondered if it was planned, and if not then I didn't want to hassle people about it,  But if you really want one, sure I could do that.22:44
cyphermoxI don't know if it's planned. my gut feeling is that it's not a bad idea, and say maybe I felt bored sometime I could work on implementing it.22:45
Unit193I still owe you a plymouth bug too, I believe...22:46
cyphermoxah? :)22:46
Unit193Yeah, we talked a bit back.  Plymouth has seemingly never been merged, missing a boat load of files (as seen with --list-missing, lack of manpages, and lack of whatever file dracut needs.)22:48
cyphermoxah, ok, dracut stuff22:54
Unit193And manpages++22:55
Unit193I just never rebuilt the package with --fail-missing to give you the list, it's on my TODO.22:56
cyphermoxUnit193: that's fine, I can deal with that, if you just open the bug report23:02
Unit193I tend to be vauge, tell me if 1455688 isn't enough.23:06
Unit193Bug #1455689 too23:07
ubottubug 1455689 in germinate (Ubuntu) "Please support git in addition to bzr" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145568923:07
cyphermoxUnit193: looks just fine :)23:10
Unit193Great, thanks!23:10
cyphermoxUnit193: thank you!23:12
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