Guest15643can anyone help with preseeding with oem-config? Question 266541 on ubiquity launchpad.10:57
Guest15643I'm not sure if what I'm trying to do is recommended11:13
Guest15643install ubuntu precise server amd64 in oem-mode, install software, run oem-config-prepare, add preseed.cfg to initrd so that keyboard is not prompted user is not prompted and software is installed from hard drive on first boot , reboot, manually add automatic-oem-config and debug-oem-config to command line, preseeding doesn't appear to work11:18
Guest15643can anyone advise the format required for the preseed.cfg file? I've seen lines starting with oem-config, ubiquity and d-i. I've tried all three and can't get the preseed.cfg to work.11:20
XenophonFhey everyone - i'm trying to reverse engineer the ubuntu installation process because ubiquity doesn't support my desired installation scheme16:09
XenophonFmy initial pass at this used debootstrap to install into a chroot  environment, mounted the various special file systems, and called "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" to complete the install16:10
XenophonFhowever there are a few bugs in the resulting installation, so I'd like to get a clearer picture of what the official installer does behind the scenes16:10
XenophonFis this the right place to ask questions?16:11
XenophonFah never mind - i'm going to install ubuntu desktop to usb flash drive instead, and then copy that to my encrypted zfs pool16:32

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