Hundhggdh: I would like to change lathund to Hund or Hund0b1 if the first one is02:23
HundNot available.02:24
hggdhHund: welcome to your new cloak name12:52
jpdsPici: -f ?13:17
Fuchsdis someone tell hund that his name means dog? ;p13:17
Hundhggdh: Thanks!14:57
HundFuchs: I'm Swedish. ;)14:58
Fuchsoh, then you are aware :)15:15
Fuchshai dog, and congratulations on the cloak update15:15
HundFuchs: Haha! Thanks.16:04
HundI happen to like dogs. My family have 6 dogs atm. :)16:05
Fuchsaww. I was just wondering, I didn't know that it's the same word in Swedish as in German. Apparently it is. Ah well16:07
HundIt is.16:21
HundI got well aware of it back in the days when I played COD. So many people talking German with me.. I never understood a word.16:22
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