Anant I have generated the PGP key but I unknowngly clicked on wrong place so My public Key properties says that it is Expired.00:02
Anantand I got msg on my email: Error-Signature Verification failed; click on 'Details' button for more information.00:02
Anantyes I have created valid key in thunderbird using enigmail. after generationg key I have got 3 mails. One of them contains my keys and option for download. I downloaded it but I mistakenly clicked somewhere else and after that There is a message in pink ribbon "Error-Signature Verification failed; click on 'Details' button for more information."00:03
Anantand selected "View key properties" a pop up opened about info  .... on it I selected "Select Action" > "Sign key"00:04
wxlAnant: are you trying to put this on your launchpad page?00:05
Anantyes PGP key to put on my my launchpad page.00:06
wxlAnant: you saw this? https://launchpad.net/+help-registry/openpgp-keys.html#publish00:08
Anantand one thing I forgot to tell you after signing key I have got new key.. which key I can use first one or second one00:08
wxlAnant: that new key is probably a signature, but the first should work anyways unless it is actually expired00:09
wxlAnant: you can post the PUBLIC KEY here: http://keyserver.ubuntu.com/00:09
wxlAnant: once there, just put your fingerprint here: https://launchpad.net/~YOUR-LAUNCHPAD-ID/+editpgpkeys00:10
Anantcan I send you screen shot then you can get my problem00:10
Anantbut how ?00:11
wxlput it on imgur or something00:11
Ananthow to attach file?00:11
wxl!screenshots | Anant 00:13
ubot5Anant: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.00:13
Anantimage location http://i.imgur.com/pvRr13L.png00:19
wxlAnant: you should get rid of that key or change the expiration date if you can. 00:20
Anantmy problem is not to expiration date of key... my prob is which key I can use???00:21
wxlAnant: a "sub"-key means it's a part of a larger key. so both of those apparently separate keys are part of the same one.00:21
wxlAnant: that being said, the expiration date is a problem. you need to resolve that by changing the date or deleting it and creating a new one.00:22
Anantok I can create new key? 00:23
wxlyou could create as many as you want :)00:23
Anantok thanks...... and sorry for panic u.00:24
wxlno problem, and no worries :)00:24
Kilosmorning everyone :)05:34
Kilosmorning dholbach  06:11
dholbachgood morning06:11
dholbachhey Kilos06:11
MooDoohello all07:03
Kiloshi dpm  MooDoo  :D07:03
dpmhi Kilos07:10
dpmmorning everyone07:10
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