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alan_galf__: IIRC the mesa support did/does some unusual stuff with loading symbols?11:56
anpoki think the interesting part is that the mesa egl library does not link against mirclient11:58
anpok(while it links against wayland c/s and libX*)11:59
anpokalan_g: mesa does lib = dlopen(null) dlsym(.. "mir_egl_mesa_display_is_valid") ..12:00
alan_ganpok: Ah. That's probably what I'm seeing.12:01
alf__alan_g: anpok: yes, it assumes that libmirclient/server is linked by the executable, and searches for that function at runtime12:01
alan_gI tried removing the ensure_loaded_with_rtld_global() hack and mesa "blew up"12:02
anpokthen it knows that the surface is of a specific type and uses function pointers there to advance buffers..12:02
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alan_galf__: @1455109 - so we change status to confirmed? And push to the kernel team?14:44
alf__alan_g: that's one way to go, although I still haven't verified that the commit really fixes the problem.14:47
alan_galf__: OK, then just update the status for now?14:47
alf__alan_g: yes14:48
* alan_g is glad that all the cleanup of linkage to static libraries allows us to remove the ensure_loaded_with_rtld_global() hack from libmirclient and libmirplatform14:51
alf__alan_g: I will mark confirmed in Mir for now, although the kernel crash is of course the kernel's fault.14:52
alf__alan_g: Not sure what's so special about "sudo mir_demo_server --vt 2 --test-timeout 1 --test-client mir_demo_client_basic"14:52
alf__alan_g: the command also fails on radeon too (but doesn't crash the kernel)14:52
alan_gIndeed, especially as I couldn't get the error with the non-installed build (even with use_debflags)14:53
alan_gdavmor2: not nagging, but what timeframe are we expecting for mir-0.13.0?15:27
davmor2alan_g: I have been blocked for 2 days and the fubar images in the channels so it should be by end of day today hopefully15:28
alan_gThanks. :)15:29
davmor2now that we finally have vivid images all round15:29
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alan_galf__: FYI it is now "vivid all round" ^^16:07
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