dholbachgood morning06:11
ljagielski1Hi, can anyone tell me whether multiverse is the right place for closed-source packages supported by third-party company like Opera Browser?07:42
ljagielski1What I'm trying to find out is if this submitting such packages is feasible and if not, then if there is some more suitable place for that in Ubuntu07:44
RhondaDoesn't opera offer their own repository for their package?07:46
ljagielski1Rhonda: yes it does, but if it's possible to make it easie07:47
ljagielski1sorry, if it's possible to have it in Ubuntu, then why not try07:48
geserljagielski1: if they are freely redistributable they might fit into multiverse08:02
RhondaI think that was the issue with respect to opera.  They want to track the download amount and that means they don't allow redistribution08:04
RhondaBut my memory could be flawed.08:05
ljagielski1geser,Rhonda: I think so, because repackaging that is done for other distros doesn't break agreement imo08:05
RhondaIs there really a repackaging done, or do they just ship a download script which then does the repackaging for you?08:06
Rhondai.e., do they ship the opera binary itself, or do they download it on installation of their repackaging package?08:07
ljagielski1Rhonda: this doesn't look like download script https://software.opensuse.org/download.html?project=home%3Aruario%3Aopera&package=opera-stable08:11
ljagielski1Rhonda: http://pastie.org/10189960 this is part of copyright with interesting lines08:15
RhondaUbuntu does also produce an embedded OS, not?08:18
ljagielski1Probably this is in the copyright, not to cannibalize Opera embedded OS products08:24
geseryou mean Ubuntu Phone and Snappy Ubuntu Core?08:24
geserI don't know if the repositories are split or shared and how the licenses applies if the repositories are shared with Ubuntu (desktop OS)08:25
ljagielski1so filing a bug in Launchpad with needs-packaging is a good starting point?09:02

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