ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (xxoxx)08:21
* popey hugs ikonia 08:24
rene_5472398hi im seearching for an #ubuntu channel operator09:06
rene_5472398i have been banned from talking in the #ubuntu channel, just because i missunderstood a security issue, and apperntly asked the wrong questions while staying compeetly polite09:07
rene_5472398a day later i was suddenly chat banned09:07
rene_5472398can i please get unbanned as i have no idea which rule i should have violated thanks09:08
rene_5472398i missunderstood that you needed to have administrative rights first to alter the clock and i thought first all user could some how set it, i even came back to apologize that i had misunderstood the security issue, after my apology i got banned i guess ...09:10
rene_5472398i will apologize again, as im just a noob linux user, im very sorry that i do not understand everything09:11
FlannelHi rene_5472398.  Let me take a look.09:21
rene_5472398i think they thought i was trolling09:21
rene_5472398but i was looking for a solution that didnt exist as i misunderstood the problem09:22
Flannelrene_5472398: Sorry, I seem to be having some problems.  When was this?09:22
rene_5472398some time ago09:23
rene_5472398could be 1 or 2 weeks09:23
FlannelAlright, give me a moment.09:23
rene_5472398i would need to go  look at the register article to give a date :)09:23
FlannelNo worries, approximate is fine.09:23
rene_5472398it had todo with ww.theregister.co.uk/2015/05/01/ubuntu_to_shutter_yearold_clock_unlock_bug/09:24
rene_5472398so it was between now and 1 may09:24
FlannelYeah, I found it.09:24
FlannelAlright.  So, I don't think it's worth discussing the specifics, you already outlined them pretty well.  So just to cover the bases, will you please read the IRC guidelines and let me know when you've done so (and that you understand/agree, etc).09:27
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:27
rene_5472398going to read :)09:27
Flannelyep, no worries.  Let me know when you're done.09:27
rene_5472398ow firefox doesnt alow me on the page anymore i need chrome :)09:27
rene_5472398Firefox cannot guarantee the safety of your data on wiki.ubuntu.com because it uses SSLv3, a broken security protocol.09:28
FlannelOh joy.  That's going to be fun to solve.09:28
Flannelrene_5472398: Can you still get there? if not, I can pastebin or something.09:29
popeyrene_5472398: what version of Firefox out of interest?09:31
rene_5472398yes chrome alows me to view the page09:32
rene_5472398i guess the ubuntu channel ops felt i repeated my self too much, while i felt i was just asking for a solution, im surry that i asked on when the ops where unhappy about what i was saying09:32
rene_5472398i have read most of the page, and agree with its terms09:33
Flannelrene_5472398: Alright.  Great.  Please join #ubuntu and say something, just to verify I've successfully removed everything.  Also, what version of Firefox gave you that error/warning?09:33
rene_5472398no i still can't talk09:34
Flannelrene_5472398: How about now?09:34
rene_5472398latest firefox from ubuntu 12 37.0.209:34
rene_5472398i can talk again thanks :)09:35
popeyrene_5472398: have you fiddled some specific security settings in firefox?09:35
popeybecause that page works for me in 37.0.209:35
rene_5472398i thing i have setted it to only alow TLS09:35
popeyyour problem then :)09:35
popey(as opposed to ours)09:36
rene_5472398oke :)09:36
Flannelrene_5472398: Is there anything else we can help you with today?09:36
rene_5472398no that was it :)09:38
rene_5472398i'm happy i can ask questions again or help others :)09:38
Flannelrene_5472398: Ok.  If you don't mind, please part this channel to help us keep track of who we need to help.  As always, if you need anything else from us, you know where to find us :)09:38
rene_5472398sure :) thanks again for the help, and have a good day all o/09:39
svetlana!ops skraito in the channel11:28
ubottusvetlana: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:28
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