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beunojgdx, I merged intro trunk and filed an RT to deploy, I'll chase the RT01:24
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pepetuxparle t on français ici ?04:40
pepetuxBonjour tout les user ubuntu touch04:45
sturmflut2Good morning!06:02
dholbachgood morning06:11
dodelusergood morning :-)06:12
dodeluserI have a new bq ubuntu phone. What I am missing is a fast possibility to do an internet search (analogue e.g. the search widget on an android phone)... on bq I have to open browser.. then go to www.google.de (because I cannot change start page yet, right?)06:16
dodeluserany tips for me?06:16
sturmflut2dodeluser: You don't have to go to www.google.de, just enter the search term in the address field and press Return.06:20
sturmflut2dodeluser: Swipe in the launcher from the left, press on the browser icon, enter the search term, press Return. That's the fastest way I know of.06:21
dodeluserok, thanks. I will do it like that.. any chance to get search suggestions ?06:22
sturmflut2dodeluser: Hm, that's a question for the Core Apps Developers. rpadovani might know.06:25
dodeluserok, thanks in any case.06:26
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lotuspsychjealot of activity08:07
sturmflut2The most important question is08:19
sturmflut2Will the fridge have Convergence08:19
jgdxsturmflut2, whether or not the fridge will become a desktop if you plug a mouse/keyboard into it?08:21
sturmflut2jgdx: Yes08:22
sturmflut2But the ultimate goal is obviously "Ubuntu Snappy Skynet", when your fridge desktop sends an Erle Robotics drone to get milk08:24
ogra_indeed !08:24
lotuspsychjealot of snappy devices rise these days08:25
jgdxhow will they communicate?08:25
lotuspsychjedid you guys read that article about apt-get and snappy?08:25
davmor2sturmflut2: it already does, not only does it keep things cool, you can freeze things too,   I have no idea where that will lead ;)08:26
jgdx$ thaw chicken08:28
sturmflut2jgdx: Both the fridge and the drone have Wi-Fi and connect to the internet08:28
jgdxsturmflut2, they should communicate locally imo08:29
sturmflut2jgdx: They can, with P2P/mesh Wi-Fi and stuff08:30
lotuspsychjemaybe theyl communicate over the snappy ninja sphere08:30
jgdxsturmflut2, that raises the question, will apps be allowed to perform that kind of communication?08:30
jgdx(for me, I haven't done a app that uses networking)08:30
lotuspsychjethere's a wifi scanner for ubuntu came out recently08:31
sturmflut2lotuspsychje: network scanner, not Wi-Fi scanner08:32
lotuspsychjeright thats the one08:32
sturmflut2Does anybody know why https://uappexplorer.com/app/city.zubozrout doesn't show up in the Ubuntu Store on my bq?08:34
dholbachsturmflut2, maybe available only in a select number of countries?08:34
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy Nylon Stockings Day! 😝08:35
sturmflut2dholbach: That's what I thought as well, but the store API says   "whitelist_country_codes": []08:38
sturmflut2dholbach: So AFAICT it's not restricted08:38
ogra_sturmflut2, probably it uses a too new framework definition08:40
ogra_i see it on my vivid phone08:40
popeyit uses 15.04 framework08:41
ogra_yeah, then it wont show up on the default bq08:41
sturmflut2ogra_, popey: Yes, thanks for pointing that out.08:41
sturmflut2I should propably also list the "framework" field in the RSS feed08:42
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jgdxmpt, any luck with the testing of the thing?11:32
mptjgdx, has the vivid PPA been rebuilt? I was told yesterday it was broken11:33
jgdxmpt, not sure. Not sure of anything when it comes to that anymore.11:36
NIN101what's the difference between http://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/ubuntu/krillin/ and http://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/krillin.en/krillin/?11:53
jgdxdavmor2, ^12:05
davmor2NIN101: custom-tarball but both are on wily and will likely break heavily12:06
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* mhall119 kicks ogra_ 12:46
ogra_morning :P12:46
mhall119congrats on the 10 years though12:47
ogra_heh, thanks :)12:47
mhall119but sending out an email like that before I've had my coffee......not fair12:47
davmor2mhall119: we should of all started our replies with NNNNNNNNNooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  and then it would really of played with your head :)12:48
kenvandineElleo, i have a review for you, when you have a chance https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/content-hub/url-dispatcher/+merge/25903912:50
jgdxkenvandine, I have one for you as well :)12:50
jgdxkenvandine, https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/hotspots-binding/+merge/25229612:51
jgdxit's only 3k lines12:51
kenvandineoh my12:51
kenvandinewell, a bunch of it i've reviewed before... of course no telling what parts of it :)12:51
kenvandinejgdx, actually i can select the diffs, easier to review :)12:52
jgdxkenvandine, indeed!12:52
Elleokenvandine: yeah, just looking at that now12:53
kenvandineElleo, great, thanks12:53
mhall119davmor2: nah,we should have played along and just responded with "good riddance"12:56
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jgdx"Oliver Grawert… rings a faint bell"13:00
mhall119cwayne: ping13:00
cwaynemhall119, pong13:01
mhall119cwayne: hey, regarding scopes API docs13:01
mhall119what's on the site now comes form the vivid archive doc packages13:01
mhall119sorry, utopic's archives13:02
cwayneah, i don't suppose that can be switched to vivid?13:02
mhall119currently, I've got a branch ready that will switch it to vivid and ubuntu-sdk-15.04 framework that should go out next week13:02
mhall119then as soon as ubuntu-sdk-15.10-dev1 framework is created, I'll switch that on too13:03
cwaynemhall119, that'd be great, thanks13:03
mhall119cwayne: but the docs listed under sdk-14.10 are what was in utopic (and what is currently on stable phone images)13:03
mhall119so those are accurate for that target, correct?13:03
cwaynemhall119, right, but we were working on 1504 framework13:03
cwaynebut 14.10 is so yesterday :P13:03
mhall119ok, so as long as the doc package in vivid has the changes, they'll be online soon13:04
mhall119cwayne: yeah yeah, but until vivid phone images are official, that's all I care about :)13:04
cwaynemhall119, :)13:05
cwaynemhall119, thanks for the info though, good to know itll be updated soon enough :)13:08
kenvandinejgdx, reviewed, see my comments13:14
kenvandinejgdx, most important is the test, i think that test should be split into at least 3 separate tests13:14
kenvandineeach test should be something the user wants to accomplish13:15
jgdxkenvandine, okkedoke13:18
dednickkenvandine: where does the pay-ui log to?13:19
jgdxkenvandine, thanks for the review. Re: ui elements always visible: they are not. If WiFi is disabled, so is the hotspot entry.13:19
jgdxso if the test runs somewhere the is no indicator-network, it will be skipped, not fail13:21
kenvandineoh without indicator-network...13:21
kenvandinedednick, no idea... i don't work on pay-ui :)13:21
dednickkenvandine: ah. sorry.13:21
kenvandinedednick, no worries13:21
dednickkenvandine: nevermind. i just found it :)13:21
kenvandinejgdx, so like on the desktop?13:21
dednickah. i think it was mardy ?13:22
kenvandinejgdx, but it'll always run on the device?13:22
kenvandinedednick, i think it's dobey13:22
mardydednick: I'm on Online Accounts13:22
kenvandinehey mardy!13:23
mardykenvandine: hi :-)13:23
mardykenvandine: oh yes, I saw your ping about the tests13:23
dobeyit logs to the per-app file in ~/.cache/upstart/ (i think they are timestamped and have the full app id or something in the filename)13:23
jgdxkenvandine, will wifi always be enabled?13:23
dobeyand also in ~/.cache/payui/payui.log iirc13:23
mardykenvandine: where can I see the test results?13:23
kenvandinejgdx, so i'm fine with that skip as long as we know it'll run on in CI13:23
kenvandinemardy, well... we figured it out13:24
kenvandineuitk is broken in wily13:24
kenvandineautopilot stuff13:24
mardykenvandine: OK, sounds like fun then :-)13:24
kenvandineso anything that runs autopilot tests that also use uitk is broken13:24
kenvandineno /sbin/initctl on wily13:24
kenvandineand they make an assumption that it exists13:24
kenvandineelopio was working on a fix13:25
kenvandinemardy, so in the mean time everything landing in wily that runs autopilot tests as autopkgtests is getting held up in proposed13:25
mardykenvandine: oki13:26
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dednickmardy: how do i set OAU_LOGGING_LEVEL for the online accounts ui?13:40
mardydednick: OAU_LOGGING_LEVEL=2 OAU_DAEMON_TIMEOUT=9999 online-accounts-service13:40
mardydednick: make sure there isn't another running already13:41
dednickmardy: thanks13:41
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kenvandineElleo, branch updated14:28
Elleokenvandine: okay, cool14:28
dednickdobey: what generates the prompt session request for the pay-ui?14:31
dobeydednick: pay-service14:32
kenvandineawe, jgdx, bfiller: i reconfigured silo 13 (hotspot) and kicked another build, so will be ready for more testing  when the build finishes14:34
jgdxkenvandine, thanks14:34
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awekenvandine, thanks14:44
davtihow can I load my app qreated on the ubuntu-sdk  in my bq-aquaris?14:49
mptjgdx, kenvandine: So, what is the exact name of the channel I should flash before installing the silo? (since it’s not devel-proposed)14:51
kenvandinempt, i'm not sure... pmcgowan^^14:55
kenvandinepmcgowan, what channel should mpt use to ensure he gets vivid-proposed?14:55
sturmflut2davti: Enable developer mode, then click on "Devices" in Qt Creator and click the "Refresh devices" button at the bottom.14:55
sturmflut2davti: When your device is detected you can do stuff with it from within Qt Creator14:56
ogra_kenvandine, mpt ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en14:56
kenvandinempt, what device?14:59
kenvandineogra_, i think he might be on mako... but could be wrong14:59
ogra_kenvandine, yes, mako is fine14:59
kenvandineso ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed ?15:00
kenvandinejust drop the last bit15:00
mptkenvandine, krillin15:00
kenvandinempt, great, then the one ogra_ posted15:00
ogra_kenvandine, no15:00
ogra_thats the actual channel name ... you cant drop anything :)15:01
kenvandineogra_, so out of curiosity, what channel to use for mako?15:01
ogra_for vivid that is15:01
mptthanks ogra_15:01
ogra_note that sadly the image numbers were re-set ... it started at image 1 six days ago ...15:02
ogra_(so you will get image 6 now)15:02
kenvandineogra_, wait... bq-aquaris.en for mako?  that is very confusing!15:02
ogra_kenvandine, tell slangasek :)15:03
ogra_it seems to be the only vivid channel we have left15:03
ogra_and it has builds for mako15:03
ogra_(dailies it seems)15:03
kenvandineok then...15:03
kenvandinenobody would figure that out on their own :/15:04
mptThe part I like is that ubuntu-touch/vivid-proposed is apparently a redirect to ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/ubuntu which is wily15:12
mpt“2015/05/15 16:02:01 Start pushing /home/mpt/.cache/ubuntuimages/pool/ubuntu-b32c626f269643e16c08bc08608abd056523a2f7deb1a7ee12e078c8301a06d6.tar.xz to device” … It’s not supposed to take 12+ minutes, is it?15:14
jgdxmpt, phone unlocked and you can access it?15:19
mptjgdx, yes15:24
mpt(22 minutes now)15:25
jgdxmpt, I mean see it using adb ($ adb devices)15:25
mptjgdx, yes15:26
jgdxmpt, it's supposed to take a while, but maybe not that long of a while.15:26
mptjgdx, but “adb shell” hangs — I don’t know whether that’s normal during a flash, I’ve never tried15:26
mptok, I’ll cancel it and try again15:27
ogra_mpt, not normal ...15:28
ogra_you can have as many parallel adb shell connections as you like15:28
mptUgh, now it’s hung before even displaying the first progress bar15:28
ogra_re-plug the phone ... sounds like something on the USB level15:29
mptWelp, I’ll see if it’s finished by Sunday15:31
slangasekkenvandine, ogra_: maybe you're looking for ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu ?15:34
slangasekkenvandine, ogra_: it's confusing that bq-aquaris.en is the only /promoted/ vivid channel for mako; but that's been the reality all along, now it's just made more obvious with the channel namse15:34
sturmflut2ogra, popey, mzanetti, ondra: May I ask for your help regarding one of my upcoming "Hacking Ubuntu Touch" articles?15:35
mzanettiseems a complex topic if you need all 4 of us :D15:35
sturmflut2"The Fantastic Four"15:36
mzanettiso what's the problem?15:36
sturmflut2I tried to identify where the log messages of all default processes on the system go, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11149166/ , but even after putting a lot of effort into it the table still has too many missing or "None?" entries.15:37
popeysturmflut2: seen the log viewer app?15:37
popeyyeah,I guess some don't have logs15:37
popeyor will go to syslog15:38
sturmflut2popey: The Log Viewer app doesn't handle the Android Logging system e.g., and a lot of processes use that one15:38
sturmflut2In the end I sat there with find, grep, lsof, ldd and pals to find every possibility, but as said, too many entries are empty and I'm not sure if I'm missing something.15:39
cwaynesturmflut2, try running adb shell /system/bin/logcat15:41
ondrasturmflut2 logs for system are under /var/log and for user processes are under ~/phablet/.cache/upstart15:42
ondrasturmflut2 and as cwayne said, anything running in the container is then as logcat15:42
sturmflut2cwayne: I did, only to find out that it blocks on my bq while reading the "events" buffer.15:42
ondrasturmflut2 so you need to combine 3 sources15:42
sturmflut2I think I'll just publish the damn thing, it's been in the works for days now.15:48
popeydo it, let the internet tell you you're wrong15:50
sturmflut2You don't want to be wrong on the internet15:50
mzanettichances are it's the new right afterwards15:51
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mzanettisturmflut2, a quick glance over that table doesn't seem to bring up more logfiles in my head...15:53
sturmflut2In the next article I will do some actual work, up till now it was all about laying the foundation16:02
ogra_slangasek, the rootfs in that bq-aquaris.en channel is definitely from today, that cant be the promoted channel16:39
slangasekogra_: in what channel?16:40
ogra_ogra@anubis:~$ ubuntu-device-flash query --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en --device=krillin --list-images|tail -116:40
ogra_6: description='ubuntu=20150515,device=20150511-3912934,custom=20150507-685-29-11-vivid,version=6'16:40
ogra_slangasek, ^16:40
ogra_this looks like a daily vivid image to me16:41
slangasekogra_: I didn't say that was a promoted channel16:42
slangasekit's obviously not, it has "-proposed" in the name16:42
ogra_sorry, i mis-read: "<slangasek> kenvandine, ogra_: it's confusing that bq-aquaris.en is the only /promoted/ vivid channel for mako; "16:43
slangasekright, by which I meant ubuntu-touch/rc/bq-aquaris.en and ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en16:43
ogra_that you re-set the versions for vivid is quite tricky for my changelog generator :/16:44
slangasekogra_: what do you mean? there was no reset of versions on either the ubuntu-touch/vivid or ubuntu-touch/vivid-proposed channels16:51
ogra_slangasek, ubuntu-touch/vivid-proposed is gone, no ? and ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en now gets the daily builds ... latest image in tthe latter is #617:04
ogra_or am i mis-reading something there17:06
ogra_http://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en/krillin/version-6.json has ubuntu=20150515 ... which is todays rootfs ...17:08
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JMS_touchcan anyone help with changelog for killn from devel-proposed?17:16
slangasekogra_: ubuntu-touch/vivid-proposed maps to ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/ubuntu, which is what it always was before17:17
ogra_JMS_touch, not with a recent one ... i need to get the above sorted :) ... generally http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/vivid/ and http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/rtm/ for the daily builds though17:17
JMS_touchthankyou for a v swift response17:17
slangasekogra_: the changelog delta between images on ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en is going to large, because it's "rebase from ubuntu-rtm/14.09 to vivid"17:18
ogra_slangasek, so for vivid dailies i would go with: ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/ubuntu ? ... thats not what https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Channels says ...17:18
slangasekogra_: no. why are you talking about vivid dailies?17:19
ogra_(the wiki says daily wily for that channel)17:19
slangasekthere's "rc-proposed" and there's "devel-proposed"17:19
ogra_slangasek, i'm generating changelogs and run the imagebot in -ci-eng ... i want to keep it functioning for vivid dailies17:20
ogra_(and indeed add wily)17:20
slangasekogra_: the whole reason these channels were renamed is because it's wrong to think of this in terms of "vivid"17:20
slangasekthere is no channel that was vivid last week and is still vivid this week17:21
ogra_well, we do a daily image build from vivid+overlay ... where does that end up ?17:21
ogra_slangasek, ok, and if i want to get the changelog that correspondents to the mako smoke testing image i would use mako from ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en or would it be ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu ?17:23
* ogra_ checks http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/vivid/touch/ and starts comparing numbers 17:24
slangasekogra_: there should be no difference in rootfs between those two channels; per the list discussion, we've recommended ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu be used for mako smoke testing17:24
ogra_ok, then i'll bind the changelogs to that image, thanks17:25
ogra_i really think we need some better concept ... that gets really confusing (and wont become easier with more devices)17:26
ogra_(or at least apply the new channel naming concept everywhere ... http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/vivid/touch/ doesnt seem to map to anything at all anymore currently)17:29
bqphonehi there, any app i can use to resize images?17:33
ogra_the gallery app has a crop tool ...17:34
bqphonei dont want to crop, i want to decrease the size17:36
dobeycrop != scale17:36
ogra_yeah, indeed17:36
bqphonethat means there is no app to resize phone and my only option is to crop it?17:40
bqphonephone = image17:40
ogra_there is imagonario in the store, that i ssupposed to have such features i think ... but i doubt it is ready yet17:41
bqphonei will test it now, and will tell if it work.17:41
ogra_bqphone, in any case file a whishlist bug against gallery so the feature request is on the radar of the developers17:42
dobeyyou want to scale to send as sms? images for mms get automatically scaled, fwiw17:42
ogra_bfiller, ^^ i guess there is already something like a whishlist bug for resize in gallery ?17:42
ogra_dobey, well, with the arale you end up with quad HD pictures or some such ... would make sense to be able to sscale them down for soacial network sharing etc17:43
bqphonelink please so i do the whislist17:43
Ninjamahsim thinking of trying to port touch to a device iv got, but was wondering if someone with a bit of experience with the touch stuff might be able to clear up a few things17:43
bqphonewell if you want to attach photoes to some forums, you are limited with a specific size17:44
popeyyeah, we dont have that feature yet17:45
popeyprobably better filing against camera app17:45
bqphonewhere i can add to the whishlist ?17:45
ogra_bqphone, https://bugs.launchpad.net/gallery-app/+filebug17:45
popeyAIUI camera will replace gallery17:45
ogra_oh ?17:45
Ninjamahslike i recently setup my linux with an android build environment, and did the hefty repo sync not too far back. can the stuff i syncd be used in conjunction or do i have to do another massive sync if i decide to try porting touch to my device17:47
dobeyNinjamahs: if you have AOSP of android 4.4, you should be ok i guess17:48
Ninjamahsi literally repo synced for practically a whole day17:48
Ninjamahswith intent to build android5.0 so im pretty sure it got that in there too17:49
dobeyi think 5.x has some incompatible changes that make ubuntu not work on top of it. afaik, you need the 4.4 AOSP tree to use for ubuntu17:51
ogra_well,, you need the phablet tree17:51
Ninjamahsyes all i mean is, that i think my repo sync covered the source code from android like 1.x something all the way up to the latest17:52
dobeyi guess follow the porting guide then, and i guess if you do need to pull extra stuff it will probably be faster since you've already done the full checkout of android17:54
Ninjamahshttps://github.com/zombi-x/platform_manifest/blob/lp5.1/default.xml thats what i syncd with17:58
Ninjamahspretty sure it includes aosp along with many others17:58
Ninjamahsi could be wrong17:59
dobeyi don't know18:09
Ninjamahshmm ok18:10
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bogdan_Hello, I want to activate tehthering now...18:22
bogdan_I activated developer mode on bq18:23
bogdan_the screen is on18:23
bogdan_and in terminal on ubuntu: adb shell android-gadget-service enable rndis18:23
bogdan_but i am conected on my router not on my bq18:23
bogdan_how to make this to work18:23
bogdan_is someone willing to enter on my computer through TEamWiever... to make this work18:24
bogdan_ethernet on BQ is disconected18:25
ogra_on an ubuntu desktop you simply disable the cable connection ...18:25
dobeydoes your phone not appear as a network device under the network menu in the top panel?18:25
ogra_then it should automatically pick the phone connection18:25
bogdan_#dobey: in the top panel "ethernet (BQ)"  is disabled18:26
dobeyselect it as the connection18:26
bogdan_#ogra: i will disable cable18:26
bogdan_I will lose internet on this chat18:26
bogdan_ok, i wil try18:26
bogdan_I will close the router18:26
* ogra_ only ever tested on laptops ... there it just switches from wlan to the phone automatically18:27
bogdan_you can see on this video18:31
bogdan_that the option to conect to ubuntu bq is disable18:31
bogdan_that is the first option on that list18:33
bogdan_and i have no option18:33
ogra_and it does not get activated when you disable the router connection ?18:39
ogra_weird ...18:39
ogra_works fine here on 14.04 and 14.10 desktops18:39
dobeybogdan_: does your phone not have a data connection?18:46
dobeywhat was the reason for the "/bin/bash: permission denied" error when trying to run scripts and such in the terminal app on the phone?19:01
dobeybut the terminal app is using the "unconfined" profile no?19:04
ogra_the terminal app doesnt give you the equivalent to a full shell ... iirc exec() is prevented19:04
ogra_you can do anything interactively you want and execute system commands too ... but you cant exec scripts19:05
ogra_(not sure thats a bug or a feature ... jdstrand would know)19:06
ogra_ssh to localhost is a valid workaround though ...19:06
dobeywell, some system commands are scripts, which break in that scenario19:07
dobeyor well, i guess chroot isn't, but chroot can't exec the child bash or something as a result19:08
ogra_right, chroot is definitely blocked19:08
ogra_check syslog ... i'm sure you have denials from apparmor19:09
jdstrandthe unconfined template is not equivalent to truly unconfined, however, we use 'pix' for everything, so an exec() shouldn't be blocked19:11
ogra_jdstrand, but a chroot call will, right ?19:11
jdstrandI would not be surprised if chroot didn't work19:12
jdstrandfeel free to file a bug with denials and we can see if we can get it fixed/provide a local workaround19:13
dobeyis there some way we can make chroot work?19:13
dobeywell enabling sshd and doing "ssh localhost" is a local workaround, but i'd prefer to not have that be the recommended way to create a chroot for using CLI tools19:13
* ogra_ really waits for a generic terminal widget ... you could just ship a chroot inside a click along with it and have a chrooted terminal app 19:16
ogra_(that way confinement wouldnt matter at all)19:17
dobeyexcept "chroot" doesn't work because of apparmor, and it requires root19:17
ogra_fakechroot then ;)19:17
dobeythe denials should appear in syslog right?19:20
ogra_or in dmesg19:20
dobeyah there it is19:20
dobeyMay 15 19:19:39 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [ 6512.464939] type=1400 audit(1431717579.681:66): apparmor="DENIED" operation="exec" profile="com.ubuntu.terminal_terminal_0.7.70" name="/home/phablet/vivid-chroot/bin/bash" pid=21562 comm="chroot" requested_mask="x" denied_mask="x" fsuid=0 ouid=019:21
dobeyso it's just that chroot can't exec a child19:21
bfillerogra_: we automatically scale before sending via MMS19:23
dobeybfiller: there's no way for a person to scale when picking from content-hub into a random web page to upload an image, though19:24
bfillerdobey: true, we should do that automatically19:24
bfillerkenvandine: ^^^19:24
bfillerwe've discussed this before19:25
dobeybfiller: i don't think it should be automatic on the client side. if i want to upload a 21megapixel image to a site, i should be able to; it shouldn't be automatically scaled down for that i don't think19:26
dobeymms makes some sense for the automatic scaling, but even then i think i'd like an option to turn it off19:27
t-askHi, I have the bq mobile, but I can't unlock my SIM card, any idea?19:27
t-askI press the "unlock" button but nothing happens... got the newest update19:28
bogdan_dobey: Yes, my phone have 3G, data conection19:28
bfillerdobey: I guess you should be prompted at some point before the transfer happens what size you want, i.e. original, med, small or soemthing like that19:28
bogdan_sorry, i was out for  some minutes19:29
dobeybogdan_: interesting. file a bug report i guess. i'm not sure why that would happen19:29
bogdan_ok, thanks19:29
bogdan_i am on 15.0419:30
bogdan_ubuntu 15.0419:30
bogdan_maybe this could be a cause19:30
jcbjoe bogdan_ how did you get on 15.04 ?19:30
bogdan_i upgrade19:30
bogdan_from 14.1019:31
jcbjoebogdan_: ubuntu phone ?19:31
dobeybogdan_: maybe a bug in networkmanager in 15.04 perhaps. it worked fine for me on 14.04 a couple weeks ago when i tried it19:31
bogdan_oh, no, ubuntu phone is on 14.09 rtm19:32
dobeythat was with a nexus5 too, not a bq19:32
bogdan_is there a setting I can check in terminal?19:32
dobeyi don't have a bq19:32
dobeybogdan_: i'm not sure, but you can probably use nmcli to get a bit more technical info perhaps19:33
bogdan_i have to go to sleep now, thanks all, i will fill a bug one day about thethering19:35
kenvandinebfiller, yeah, when picking in gallery they should be able to scale, crop, etc19:59
t-askDo you know a good source to get background pictures for the bq?20:14
dadexix86hi all! do you know if there is a limit (in minutes or bytes) in the videos recorded by the camera?20:28
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dobeydadexix86: either ram or storage, i would guess, depending on how fast it can be flushed to disk21:14
dadexix86dobey, ok, probably it was the RAM then, since there is enough space for it to go on (that was the first thing that I checked when I noticed it stopped recording)21:36
trickviElleo: hey, a while back when discussing keyboards you mentioned that after I get my MR up I could make my phone writeable and get the keyboard onto it, could you point me to docs I can follow?21:39
dobeydadexix86: did it just stop recording, or did it appear to crash?21:42
dadexix86it just stopped recording, the file is ok :)21:44
dadexix86I was writing things on the whiteboard, preparing a talk for next week and it was on the desk behind me. when I finished and wanted to look at it I discovered that it recorded just 40 mins instead of ~8021:45
dobeyhave a good weekend all!21:46
dadexix86the exact time of recording is 42:50 mins. before this morning I recorded one of 1h and 18mins and of more or less the same size, but some bytes smaller (2.147.371.753 byte against 2.147.378.881 byte)21:47
dadexix86so I was wondering whether there is a size limit on the files...21:47
Elleotrickvi: thinking about it, there's actually two steps you'd have to take, first switch to the devel-proposed channel and then make the phone writable; as the debs are only built against vivid (which has a different Qt version)21:50
Elleotrickvi: and you should only switch to devel-proposed if you're really happy running experimental (and sometimes broken) stuff21:50
Elleotrickvi: so it might be safest to just wait until OTA 421:51
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trickviElleo: I'm happy to run experimental, but is OTA 4 still on for end of May?22:11
trickviElleo: experimental means I might find things I can help out with ;)22:12
jgdxsturmflut2, cool post about logging. System Settings' log is at .cache/upstart/application-legacy-ubuntu-system-settings-.log22:30
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