diddledanfrom a kerbal person: "Jebadiah says the new KAS harpoons are safe: http://i.imgur.com/GtDtt2W.jpg"03:49
zmoylan-pimerely a flesh wound03:54
diddledanI think most wounds tend to be in the flesh, no?04:26
mappshi kids04:28
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.05:56
knightwisemorning everyone06:50
diddledanno, wait, that's for MooDoo06:52
diddledanerm. <insert witty retort about knightwise's nick>06:53
MooDoohello all07:02
MooDoogood timing there diddledan :D07:02
diddledanthat's not right!07:03
knightwiseanyone get the Dell Xps 13 developer ed yet ?07:05
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diploMorning all07:35
MooDooknightwise: is this just a dell with ubuntu on it?07:35
MooDoomorning diplo07:35
knightwiseMooDoo: sort of.07:37
knightwisethey have 2 models , one with a QHD display and one with a FullHD display07:37
knightwisei'm kinda wondering which one I should get07:37
davmor2morning all08:06
davmor2Laney: hows the windows work going08:06
knightwisemorning davmor2 Laney08:06
Laneysome of them seem to be in place08:07
Laneycan't really tell how it is going to look when they're done08:07
Laneywill be fine if they do good quality work *cough*08:07
Laneyhaven't started on the kitchen windows though so i'm dubious they will finish today as planned08:08
Laney(been sitting in their van outside for 30 minutes now)08:22
awilkinsWe had that. Wardrivers in the car park.08:27
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy Nylon Stockings Day! 😝08:35
diddledanoh myy08:37
popeyNylons! Well sir!08:40
davmor2JamesTait: thanks now I need some mind bleach you in Nylons is not an image I need this early in the morning08:42
JamesTaitBut davmor2, it's Friday!08:43
knightwiseNylons + hairy manleggs !08:49
knightwisehas anyone seen the Dell XPS13 in action ? the 2015 edition08:50
* diddledan puts rocky horror on to watch08:50
diddledannow that's how you wear stockings!08:51
MooDooI loved going to watch that at the theatre08:53
davmor2It's just a jump to the left09:03
davmor2and then a step to the riiiiiight09:05
popeywell, today I learned http://danielpocock.com/android-betrays-tethering-data09:09
davmor2put your hands on your hips09:09
awilkinsThis is one of the reasons I like GiffGaff - at least their tethering policy is clear09:15
awilkinsThey let you tether on anything that has a limited data plan09:15
awilkinsBut not the unlimited plan09:15
awilkinsI think it's silly - if you actually use enough data for it to be worth the unlimited plan on a phone, you're probably a real YouTube addict09:16
diploThey didn't use to, it was explicit no tethering at one point09:16
diploStill used to do it occasionally, but never had an issue09:16
awilkinsThey do seem to be reasonably open to influence from their customers09:16
awilkinsI think unlimited data plans are silly though09:17
diploSeem to be having worse signal though in recent months even though my friends on O2 have great signal in the same area09:17
diploNot sure why09:17
awilkinsOffering unlimited usage of a limited shared common resource is inherently destructive to that resource09:17
awilkinsdiplo, Same phone?09:17
awilkinsdiplo, you should test it by swapping SIM cards some time, see if it's an antenna issue09:18
diploBrand new phone ( for me ) but friend has similar issues on GiffGaff09:18
diploHe's debating leaving because of it, different model.. S5 I think, I've got G209:19
diploOdd that O2 and Giffgaff have different signal strengths, I'm guessing some limiting by O209:19
diploAs 4G is being picked up by O2 users here now, not getting it myself but I do in other towns/cities09:20
jpdsdiplo: Do you have a 4G goodybag?09:21
diploSignal I'm sure got worse since switching over to it too09:21
jpdsI get 4G around most of London.09:21
diploI've debated changing back to the non 4G to see if things improve09:22
directhexawilkins: unlimited data isn't about using unlimited data, it's about not needing to think about it. on orange, i couldn't click youtube links when not at home09:28
directhexor i went over quota by downloading an album i wanted to listen to in the car09:28
zmoylan-pistorage is so cheap, it's as easy to carry a large part of your music collection with you09:43
awilkinszmoylan-pi, Yeah, I used to carry my whole music collection with me (N900 with a 32GB SDCard in it)09:45
awilkinsWhole music collection is around 18GB09:45
popey\o/ found local cafe with free wifi09:45
awilkinsSo I can't do that on my Nexus409:45
LaneyI don't really have a digital music collection any more09:45
Laneynever bother to rip things09:46
awilkinsLaney, Heh, I only rip things09:46
zmoylan-pii don't like depending on the cloud as it's not reliable09:46
Laneyplus I usually buy vinyl HOF HOF HOF09:46
awilkinsCDs have the following lifecycle in my house i) ripped to OGG ii) put back in the case iii) Filed in the attic09:46
zmoylan-pii don't do step ii.  i throw out the case and put the dvds and cds in storage boxes as the cases take too much space09:47
LaneyI have premium so can save songs locally if I want to09:47
awilkinsYeah, I do also09:47
Laneygot a few albums stored that way09:47
awilkinsIt annoys me that Spotify streams are Vorbis but their player won't play OGG files09:48
popeyfiled a bug?09:48
awilkinsIt means I can't use Spotify as the one single ubermusic client09:48
awilkinsA Spotify Plugin for Rhythmbox would be the other solution :-)09:48
awilkinspopey, Have raised it on the forums09:48
awilkinspopey, Also, hang in an IRC channel with a Spotify dev (she worked on the new PS4 client)09:49
awilkinsIt has to be a conscious choice, I can't imagine any developer not taking the chance to make their client play local OGG files when all the libraries are there anyway09:50
popeywonder if it's possible to make a library that you could pre-load before loading another app (like RB or Spotify) which faked the metadata and dynamically transcoded audio files09:53
popeyso when the app searched for mp3s the library said "yeah, these Oggs are mp3s" and when the app opened them it just used lame (or whatever) to transcode09:54
popeyonly really useful for proprietary apps though, and we don't care about them :)09:54
directhexpopey: several upnp apps do that09:55
directhexwas always a problem for me trying to find guides on serving mkv files to my tv09:55
directhexmy tv will play mkv files as long as the MIME type says "this is mpeg-2" not "this is mkv"09:55
directhexbut the web i swamped with guides for transcoding to mkv09:56
directhexer, to mpeg209:56
davmor2pull your knees in tiiiight10:11
TwistedLucidityPretty sure that "faking the media type" is someting Universal Media Server does....not played with it much10:20
foobarrypandoc(markdown+latex)= easy to write beautiful docs11:18
foobarryuse markdown whenever you just want to write texty things , use latex for latexy bits11:18
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AzelphurManaged to squeeze a little more out of my clock, seems stable so far... https://owncloud.azelphur.com/owncloud/public.php?service=files&t=1ZXVoQOTeM12RDk \o/12:56
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TwistedLucidityAzelphur: Is that oc v8?12:58
Azelphuroc v8?12:58
diddledanI just don't "get" overclocking. at all.12:59
TwistedLucidityWell, if you double your speed you have the mean time to failure. :-P12:59
TwistedLucidityBut one can also run games better, faster simulations etc13:01
diddledanbut warranty13:01
TwistedLucidityAnd some folks just like the challenge. Once you get up to high speeds, you have to worry about head dissapation etc13:02
diddledanI'd rather know that my simulations and games aren't killing my pc13:02
TwistedLucidityMeh, it's just like anything. Some people mod motorcycles, cars etc; other's dont'13:02
diddledan<-- doesn't13:03
TwistedLucidityThe car isn't really modified (unless you count the roof rack).13:03
TwistedLucidityThe motorcycle...well...I have the pieces of paper/certification stamps that state each individual component is road legal....13:04
TwistedLucidityAnd who leaves their GNU/Linux OS at the default settings? It's half the fun breaking it? Err, making it fit your needs?13:07
Azelphurdiddledan / TwistedLucidity I'd disagree on halving your mean time to failure13:08
AzelphurIf you're going for a small OC it won't affect the life at all I'd imagine13:08
Azelphurwith larger OCs like mine, it might, but I've mitigated most of that with sufficient cooling13:08
TwistedLucidityAzelphur: The MTF was a joke.13:09
Azelphurah, it's also a common misconception13:09
Azelphurdiddledan: but yea the answer is essentially better performance for the price of a decent cooler13:10
Azelphurand my decent cooler is a water cooling setup which I can keep between builds/sockets13:10
TwistedLucidityOld fish tank, mineral oil....13:10
Azelphurdoesn't actually work so well - great for a media center / silent PC though13:10
diddledandon't forget the fishies13:11
TwistedLucidityAnyhoo Azelphur, are you using ownCloud 8?13:11
Azelphuroh, yes13:11
Azelphurso that's what oc v8 was :)13:12
TwistedLucidityAny good? Stable etc? I'm still on v7 y'see.13:12
diddledanI saw one of those years ago on early youtube - he didn't take the fans off so they were sat submerged in oil, yet still spinning away13:12
AzelphurTwistedLucidity: I'm a developer, so I'd say yea it's good/stable :P13:12
* TwistedLucidity makes note of where to send stroppy emails13:12
AzelphurI worked on the new file browser integration in v813:12
mappsalmost bed time:D13:13
mappsdone my days work:D13:13
TwistedLucidityI mostly use it for syncing game saves between computers. A trivial task may be, but it works really well.13:13
TwistedLucidityApart from when I mess it up....13:13
davmor2TwistedLucidity: so most of the time then :P13:14
mappswork at 365 and then translating Bhagdis speach from arabic to english13:14
AzelphurTwistedLucidity: I mostly use it for sharing photos, which is a shame because its kinda bad at it13:14
TwistedLuciditydavmor2: Only during upgrade usually. For some reason some Kerbal stuff isn't propagating properly.13:14
AzelphurownCloud has no easy way to direct link to a file, always have to go through the silly middleman page which is actually bad for photos imo :p13:14
TwistedLucidityAzelphur: I found the photo-app OK13:14
diddledanAzelphur: you're the dev13:15
TwistedLucidityOh, don't think I've done it like that. Horses of courses, MediaGoblin or something might be better for that use case.13:15
Azelphurdiddledan: I'm a dev :)13:16
diddledanexactly :-D13:16
TwistedLucidityAnd...you clock like just works. I see the pic straight away.13:16
* TwistedLucidity is confused, it's easy to do13:16
MartijnVdSHello from Margate :D13:17
diddledanMartijnVdS: what brings you to these shores?13:17
AzelphurMartijnVdS: oh hey, we should coffee or something xD13:17
diddledanMartijnVdS: welcome to backwards-internet13:18
MartijnVdSdiddledan: excess days off :P13:18
MartijnVdSfeels like dialup indeed13:18
* diddledan mutters something presumably offensive about MartijnVdS' 500/500 connection13:18
Azelphurbackwards? bitch please, MartijnVdS if you come to the right area of beach I just set up my WiFi to cover a significant area13:18
TwistedLucidityMargate? Haven't we built that wall yet? Summon the UKIP Shock Troops!13:18
Azelphur80mbit direct with enta.net, real fast ;)13:18
MartijnVdSAzelphur: nice.. not near Oval Gardens I guess :)13:19
diddledanAzelphur: exactly, compared to MartijnVdS ' that's dialup13:19
AzelphurMartijnVdS: nah you're on the other side of Margate13:19
TwistedLucidityI'm happy enough with 50mb down, but the 2mb up is kikking me13:20
diddledanTwistedLucidity: yeah and we're letting random dutch into the country too it seems13:20
AzelphurMartijnVdS: https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Margate,+Kent+CT9+5NU,+UK/The+Oval+Gardens,+Queen's+Promenade,+Margate,+Kent+CT9+2GB,+United+Kingdom/@51.3884858,1.3635858,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x47d95256955d587d:0x400f789f59d7516d!2m2!1d1.3662595!2d51.3849268!1m5!1m1!1s0x47d953bd567d3ac3:0x2df0e97b8053e5b9!2m2!1d1.397878!2d51.391513!3e2 :)13:20
diddledanthat's badly encoded13:20
Azelphurindeed lol13:20
diddledan' breaks my parser13:20
Azelphurbut yea, if you go to the beach where my dot is, you'll see an Azelphur-5ghz and Azelphur AP :P13:21
diddledanthe black dot?13:21
diddledanlike the scarlet pimpernail?13:21
Azelphurdiddledan: the postcode, not Oval Gardens.13:21
diddledanAzelphur: nah, I'm being historically humorous13:21
Azelphuroh :P13:22
MartijnVdSfirst.. a shower... I've been driving/on a boat since 5am13:23
Azelphursure :)13:23
AzelphurLemme know if you want me to show you around Margate or whatever, there's not a whole lot here but we do have a pretty kickass sweet shop in town, a small art gallery if you're into that, there's some arcades too13:24
AzelphurI can sneak out of work, perks of working at home lol13:25
TwistedLucidityMartijnVdS: Welcome to Blighty, please form a queue. :-)13:27
MartijnVdSAzelphur: thanks, but I think today will be "rest", mostly13:28
zmoylan-piforing a queue... by yourself... that sounds like fun13:28
Azelphurhehe yea makes sense, let me know anyway if you feel like it later / another day :)13:28
AzelphurI'm mostly lurking around at home working anyway13:28
Myrttigah, spotify is broken13:30
Myrttiand you're on 1404?13:32
MyrttiI get an error with libgcrypt11 being missing on 15.04, so had to resort to dirty tricksies13:34
popeyI'm on 15.10 :)13:35
davmor2Myrtti: there is a fix let me find it for you13:37
Myrttialready found it13:37
Myrttidon't bother13:37
Myrtti"had to resort to dirty tricksies"13:38
davmor2Myrtti: ah no worries13:38
ali1234do they no longer have a web player?13:38
davmor2works fine on upgrades just not fresh installs13:38
TwistedLucidityHeh, that's like having to install some extar HAL stuff to get Flash working13:38
Myrttiali1234: doesn't have offline downloads13:38
Myrttior if it does, good for them?13:39
Myrttiright, music is on, might put some coffee on and start cleaning the house13:39
popeyweb player doesn't respond to media keys13:42
ali1234i thought thats what web apps are for?13:43
* popey shrugs13:46
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)16:19
bigcalmWho likes and understands static routes?16:20
bigcalmMy workstation has an iptables rule to send traffic for a given subnet to a VPN16:21
bigcalmI want to allow traffic from another machine to be able to send to that VPN via my machine16:21
bigcalmDo I need to tell my workstation to allow this?16:22
bigcalmOr should it just happen?16:22
dutchieyou'll need to do a few thigns16:22
dutchieenable packet forwarding on the hypervisor box and add a route to any other machines that need to send to the subnet16:23
bigcalmWhat's the hypervisor box?16:23
dutchiethe one hosting the vm16:23
bigcalmWhat VM?16:23
dutchieer, brain full of vms from work16:24
dutchieimagine i said "vpn gateway" instead of hypervisor16:24
ali1234ugh why does everything you buy on ebay either smell like an ashtray or an explosion in an air freshner factory?16:26
intrbizbigcalm: you probably need to configure your workstation to NAT the other traffic down the VPN16:28
bigcalmOh good point16:29
intrbizotherwise you might hit issues with routes which need to be on the VPN server, which you probably can't control16:29
intrbizbigcalm: you'll also need to turn on ipv4 forwarding16:30
bigcalmJust found out about ipv4 forwarding and have enabled it16:30
intrbizbigcalm: shorewall is pretty easy for configuring that kinda stuff16:30
bigcalmThis is while waiting for the hosting company to give one of our client's machines a public ip address. Trying to route all traffic via my vpn connection. It's annoying me that this isn't as simple as I thought it would be16:31
bigcalmI guess when the network connection is shared in windows, it's doing nat16:32
intrbizprobably yes16:32
bigcalmI should learn to do this properly as it'll be needed when the office server has a site to site vpn connection. I will want allow all office workers to send via the local server to that vpn16:33
intrbizif the other machine is not your workstation, then it'll need to know who to route to you etc16:33
intrbizbigcalm: you also need to be careful of triangular routing and other such gotchas16:36
bigcalmTrying to work out if the office router will make a site to site connection with ipsec16:53
bigcalmHave a feeling that it won't be able to16:53
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awilkins_Are the ubuntu repos being hammered or something?20:53
awilkins_Upgraded 14.10 to 15.04, for some reason my kernel has stayed at 3.1620:56
daftykinshow odd20:57
daftykinsdid it even throw a 3.19 on?20:57
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