cmaloneyGood morning13:57
jrwreni'm seriously coming around to snappy. I was skeptical at first, but now, I needs it.14:39
jrwrencase: takes 5 seconds to download the deb packages to install. takes 20min to extract them and run setup.14:39
jcastrojrwren: heya, can I get a lift to lunch?14:44
jcastrojrwren: deploy any big data charm, anything with java and co. It takes _forever_ compared to images.14:44
jrwrenjcastro: no car?14:45
jrwrenjcastro: you realize its a 10-15m drive for me to get to lunch, and you are 30min in the other direction?14:45
jrwrenjcastro: yeah, sure i'll pick you up :p14:45
jrwrenjcastro: I didn't even know you were coming.14:45
jcastrojrwren: oh didn't know it was that far out of the way for you14:48
jcastroI shall uber/lyft then14:49
jcastrojrwren: also, mramm told me, since you were like "let's hang out, but why would invite castro?"14:49
jrwrenjcastro: hahahaha. I'm terrible at organizing these things.14:49
jrwrenjcastro: its also an every friday event for me, so I'm just doing my normal friday thing.14:49
jrwrenjcastro: what does an uber across town like that run ya?14:50
jrwrenjcastro: i'll be heading downtown if you want to take the bus to the station I cna pick you up pretty easy.14:51
jrwreni just got off call. I'd not have had time to pickup jcastro and get to lunch at noon :(    poor jcastro15:37
* DrDaemonEye peers in21:23
DrDaemonEyehow is everyone?21:23
jrwrencmaloney: I think you would like this book I got from library. The Synthesizer - Mark Vail21:27
jrwrenDrDaemonEye: i'm well21:27
jrwrenDrDaemonEye: how are you?21:27
DrDaemonEyejrwren: doing better now.  Chilling at the bar, having a brew21:28
greg-gin 38 hours I'll be drinking something from a bar in France :)21:33
greg-gteam offsite in Annecy, FR next week is going to be great :)21:33
_stink_not that he's excited :)21:35
jrwrengreg-g: wine i hope.21:36
DrDaemonEyegreg-g: fancy pants!21:38
DrDaemonEyealso, anyone in the ann arbor area is welcome to join in21:41
greg-gjrwren: I presume, yeah :)21:41
rick_h_greg-g: dude, I'm heading there in July. Let me know what you find22:43
rick_h_greg-g: and take good notes on how you get there. I've got to file travel next week. Thinking of flying into geneva22:43
greg-grick_h_: doing SFO -> AMS - LYS (and then train to Annecy)23:16

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