Kilosmorning alphad  octoquad  and other za peeps05:33
barrydkMore almal05:41
Kiloshi barrydk  05:42
inetprogood mornings06:41
Kilosmorning inetpro  06:41
Kiloshi TinuvaMac  07:21
TinuvaMacmorning Kilos07:21
Squirmdoes anyone know if I can use a variable as a default value in jinja2 ? Like {{ my_var | default(my_default_var)}}08:25
Squirmand I got an answer to my question :)08:27
Kiloshi Squirm  08:28
Squirm'lo Kilos08:28
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  09:07
Kiloshello drussell  09:08
drussellKilos: yo! :oD09:25
Kiloshi SDCDev  09:56
Kilosohi Neo31  10:26
Neo31ohio Kilos :p hh11:46
SDCDevhey Kilos12:07
SDCDevsorry been working :O12:07
mazalLo everyone12:15
Kiloshi mazal  12:15
mazalGaanit oom ?12:15
Kilosgoed dankie en self?12:15
mazalRaasie baie nie , lekker lui op die oomblik , Vrydag :)12:16
* mazal sees is archiving is 2 weeks behind :P12:18
* mazal makes note12:18
* mazal puts note where he won't see it12:18
melodiemazal what about a kanboard? http://kanboard.net/12:19
mazalUhm.....that will remind me of the work that needs be done12:20
mazalNotes better , disapear and don't need to do the work lol :)12:20
mazalOn Fridays I use notes and open window wind for some "air" :)12:22
mazalwide even12:22
melodieso you send the work to be done to the universe, right?12:24
mazalBye everyone , have a nice weekend. God bless12:43
* Squirm lewks around16:50
SquirmHow is everyone?16:50
Kiloswe alive Squirm  and you?17:20
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:31
superflywhat now inetpro?19:43
inetprosuperfly: Kilos sleeping early today :-)19:43
inetprogood evening everyone 19:43
inetprosuperfly: how are you doing?20:06
superflyinetpro: not too bad, and yourself?20:26
inetprogood good thanks20:26

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