Jordan_Utapout: That depends entirely on your needs, preferences, and how compatable your hardware is with Ubuntu.00:00
lorddunetapout: i abandoded windows years ago and actually I have been somewhat impressed with them of recent00:00
lordduneJordan_U: did you see my response00:00
lordduneJordan_U: when I try it the 2nd time it says "must be run from a terminal"00:01
Jordan_Ulorddune: Yes.00:01
lordduneJordan_U: haha that's a new one on me. telling me to run it from a terminal when I am in the terminal.00:02
lordduneJordan_U: anything else or are we stuck?00:04
Jordan_Ulorddune: Open another terminal (leave the first open) and run "for dir in dev sys proc; do sudo mount --bind /$dir/ /mnt/$dir/; done".00:05
Jordan_Ulorddune: Then try "su youruser" again.00:05
lordduneno paswd for user entry <name>00:05
EriC^uh oh00:05
lordduneJordan_U: no paswd for user entry <name>00:05
lordduneEriC^: that isn't the root which is really odd. it doesn't even recognize the root, just the name I was using when the update was going on I believe.00:07
EriC^lorddune: hey what is in /etc/fstab btw?00:07
EriC^lorddune: pastebinit /etc/fstab , from your chroot00:07
lordduneEriC^: my (now fried) backup drive I believe00:07
lordduneEriC^: sorry, what?00:08
EriC^lorddune: type pastebinit /etc/fstab00:08
Jordan_Ulorddune: What is your username? I'd rather just have you post exact output of commands.00:09
lordduneJordan_U: it's saying it is "Dave"00:09
Jordan_Ulorddune: What is the exact command you ran?00:10
lordduneJordan_U: but I had set up my root as "Tower"00:10
lordduneEriC^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11138342/00:10
killDoes anyone have skype who would be willing to score me a stats.ethdev secret?00:10
killI'd like to put my 17 MH/s up there00:10
lordduneJordan_U: for dir in dev sys proc; do sudo mount --bind /$dir/ /mnt/$dir/; done00:11
killmicrosoft skype = bullshit00:11
Jordan_Ukill: Please watch your language.00:11
lordduneJordan_U: sudo mount --bind /$dir/ /mnt/$dir/; done00:11
lordduneJordan_U: sudo mount --bind /$dir/ /mnt/$dir/; done00:12
Jordan_Ulorddune: Stop.00:12
EriC^lorddune: he meant to write the whole comment from for til done00:12
lordduneJordan_U: sorry cut / paste working weird with this OS00:12
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lordduneJordan_U: syntax error near unexpected token `done'00:13
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Jordan_Ulorddune: Then you didn't copy / paste it correctly.00:14
lordduneJordan_U: sorry I ran it right the forst time00:15
lordduneJordan_U: as "for dir in dev sys proc; do sudo mount --bind /$dir/ /mnt/$dir/; done"00:15
Jordan_Ulorddune: OK, so why are you mentioning it again now?00:15
lordduneJordan_U: you asked me exactly what I ran00:16
lordduneJordan_U: Are you asking me for something else? Sorry......00:16
Jordan_Ulorddune: I meant the "su yourusername" command that was giving you the "run from a terminal" error.00:16
lordduneJordan_U: Ohhhhh sorry! I ran "su dave"00:17
Jordan_Ulorddune: Please "pastebinit /mnt/etc/passwd" Note that despite the name, this doesn't actually contain any passwords.00:17
lordduneJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11138457/00:18
pythonistaI am trying to get a mysql database set back up with a different directory than the default, but I am getting the error "Table 'mysql.host' doesn't exist" Here is a full description of the problem with error messages: http://askubuntu.com/questions/623797/error-updating-mysql-package00:19
jeeves_mossis there a good program that makes a bunch of fake IRC users?  I want to test if I configured my server correctly.00:20
Jordan_Ulorddune: OK. In the chroot, run "exit". That should bring you back to a "#" prompt.00:21
UmeaboyAnyone that is experiencing that the Tribler gui doesn't show what it downloads when it IS in fact downloading something?00:21
Jordan_Ulorddune: Then run "passwd dave", which will hopefully allow you to set a password for you user.00:22
Umeaboy6.3.0-GIT is my version.00:22
Umeaboyjeeves_moss: Just create duplicate servers and login with other username.00:23
lordduneJordan_U: OHHH YEAH00:23
Jordan_Ulorddune: Once that is done, try "su dave" twice again.00:24
lordduneJordan_U: ahh from the other terminal, right?00:25
Jordan_Ulorddune: No, it needs to be run from within the chroot or it won't have any relation to your installed system.00:25
lordduneJordan_U: dave@ubuntu:/$ su dave su: must be run from a terminal00:25
lordduneJordan_U: yeah, same message about running from a terminal again unfortunately00:26
Jordan_Ulorddune: OK, I'm still not quite sure what's going on there. Unless someone else has any ideas, I'd say just reboot and see if it's fixed.00:26
lordduneJordan_U: I will probably torch the system and do a fresh install after I back everything up00:28
lordduneJordan_U: those upgrades always seem to have garbled packages00:28
lordduneJordan_U: THANK YOU for your help! EriC^ too!00:29
lordduneJordan_U: I'll pop back in and let you know one way or another in a bit.00:30
lordduneJordan_U: no love. might just use Parted Magic to back up some files and format the HDD and start off fresh. Apreciate your efforts thhough.00:34
Bashing-omJordan_U: Question: IRT lorddune's 'passwd' file; " dave:x:1000:1000:Dave Von Duhn,,,:/home/dave:/bin/bash "; what do the edditional fields " Von Duhn " signify ?00:37
EriC^it's his name00:37
lordduneJordan_U: thus my nick here00:38
EriC^from netherlands?00:38
lordduneEriC^: dutch is van, german is von00:38
EriC^oh ok00:38
lordduneEriC^: no worries, I am in USA lool00:39
est31hi, should I file issues with the hexchat package on launchpad or on debian?00:39
est31(as in: is packaging "inherited" from debian, and therefore reporting bugs in launchpad is meaningless)00:40
lordduneEriC^: the crazy thing is I had my root as "Tower" and another user I always logged in as "Dave Von Duhn"00:40
est31is that the case?00:40
bazhangest31, try the channel #hexchat as well, the developer is very active00:40
est31no its a packaging problem00:40
est31bazhang, http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2014/06/where-are-my-systray-icons/00:40
lordduneEriC^: but when the uppgrade went to 14.04 it chopped the folder down to just plain old "Dave"00:41
EriC^lorddune: try creating another username00:41
lordduneEriC^: so when I get to current login screen I can try to login as "My Name" or as Guest00:41
lordduneEriC^: it won't llet me00:41
est31thanks though bazhang :)00:41
EriC^lorddune: why not?00:41
lordduneEriC^: idk00:42
EriC^lorddune: how'd you try?00:42
lordduneEriC^: a lot of stuff was stripped away when I updated such as Ubuntu 2D, Gnome, a ton oof drivers etc00:42
lordduneEriC^: it's not in the menu anymore00:42
lordduneEriC^: so i'm not even sure how to do it now00:43
EriC^try holding shift when the pc boots and go to recovery00:43
lordduneEriC^: nope that fails00:43
EriC^boot the the live usb again00:43
EriC^are you in it right now?00:43
lordduneEriC^: and believe it or not I actually have about 8 recovery versions, and they all have the password login fail loop00:44
lordduneEriC^: I can be, sure. on my laptop typing00:44
gtuckerkelloggHow can I configure the launcher so an application is launched with specific command line options?00:44
EriC^ok, cool00:44
lordduneEriC^: I qm here now00:44
EriC^gtuckerkellogg: edit its .desktop file in /usr/share/applications00:44
EriC^lorddune: ok, type sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt00:45
lordduneEriC^: whoa, you mean reboot the Live USB?00:45
EriC^what do you mean? where are you right now?00:45
lordduneEriC^: OK00:45
gtuckerkelloggEriC^, thank you00:45
TJ-gtuckerkellogg: place the required .desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications/00:45
lordduneEriC^: In the reboot area of the HDD00:46
gtuckerkelloggalso, TJ-, thanks00:46
lordduneEriC^: on the login screen of 14.0400:46
EriC^lorddune: oh ok00:46
EriC^lorddune: try to reboot it00:46
EriC^and hold shift, then press e00:46
TJ-gtuckerkellogg: whenever possible you shouldn't alter system files but override them with user-specific changes, unless it needs to be system-wide. The reason is any package updates may/will replace the system files00:46
EriC^and add init=/bin/bash to the line that says linux vmlinuz ...blablabla00:47
lordduneEriC^: it's actually<TAB> to edit now00:47
lordduneEriC^: I was dumbfounded by that change in 14.0400:47
lordduneEriC^: so I am in the "edit" area of live booot00:48
EriC^ok, cool add the init=/bin/bash part00:48
EriC^and press ctrl+x00:48
lordduneEriC^: I need to add nosplash and nomodeset for my fx card to work00:48
gtuckerkelloggTJ-, thanks, works perfectly00:48
EriC^lorddune: ok np00:48
lordduneEriC^: booting00:49
lordduneEriC^: i am seeing "critical medium errors" thhat i didnt see before00:50
lordduneEriC^: wow this thing all messed up I think00:50
EriC^what happened?00:50
lordduneEriC^: it hung00:51
EriC^boot the live usb00:51
lordduneEriC^: end kernel panic - not syncing00:51
lordduneEriC^: booting without the command you wanted00:52
EriC^the live usb?00:52
lordduneEriC^: yes00:53
EriC^ok, cool00:53
lordduneEriC^: holy what the what seeing those errors again00:53
lordduneEriC^: but it did boot OK00:53
EriC^that sucks00:53
EriC^maybe you should fsck the partition or something?00:54
lordduneEriC^: idk, could be because I had my USB HDD on and that thing is whack-a-doodle now00:55
EriC^try sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt00:55
lordduneEriC^: i was going to try and backup to that but will have to use discs i guuess00:55
EriC^you can backup from the live usb00:55
lordduneEriC^: done00:57
lordduneEriC^: may need to log oout and back in to do this faster00:57
lordduneEriC^: log in onn the live session on my desktop00:57
lordduneEriC^: brb logging00:58
lordduneEriC^: back00:59
lordduneEriC^: ty00:59
lordduneEriC^: what next? su <name> ?01:00
EriC^no, type adduser01:00
EriC^adduser <something>01:00
lordduneEriC^: adduser: Only root may add a user or group to the system.01:01
EriC^oh, nevermind01:01
EriC^type sudo chroot /mnt01:01
lordduneEriC^: just using sudo worked01:02
EriC^lorddune: we have to chroot first01:02
lordduneEriC^: I created a new name, now it wants a "Ful name" ??01:02
EriC^lorddune: nevermind, press ctrl+c01:03
lordduneEriC^: OK01:03
lordduneEriC^: fyi my new username is 'chucky'01:03
EriC^ok cool01:04
EriC^type pastebinit /etc/fstab01:04
EriC^im curious about those other 2 ext partitions01:04
lordduneEriC^: it is making me install pastebin yet again01:05
EriC^lorddune: wait, did you type sudo chroot /mnt earlier?01:05
lordduneEriC^: Nope01:05
EriC^oh man01:05
EriC^type it01:06
lordduneEriC^: just the dev/sda101:06
lordduneEriC^: ok have the # now01:06
EriC^ok cool01:06
EriC^type useradd chucky01:07
EriC^i mean adduser chucky01:07
lordduneadduser chucky01:07
lordduneEriC^: ops lol. (it says already exists)01:07
lordduneEriC^: now the pastebin?01:08
EriC^did you set chucky's password?01:08
EriC^try su chucky01:08
lordduneEriC^: yes, before01:08
EriC^oh ok01:09
lordduneEriC^: su chucky gives me a '$' now01:09
EriC^try login chucky01:09
EriC^type su chucky again01:09
lordduneEriC^: <sigh> same as before, "su must be run from a terminal"01:09
EriC^type exit01:10
lordduneEriC^: ok #01:10
EriC^ok type login chucky01:10
lordduneEriC^: holy toledo it says "Login icorrect"01:11
EriC^type passwd chucky01:11
lordduneEriC^: I have a # prompt ow BC it timed out after 60 secs01:12
EriC^type passwd chucky01:12
lorddunei am using like 9 characters as a password with 1 number01:12
lordduneis that acceptable?01:13
EriC^yeah sure01:13
lordduneEriC^: password updated successfully01:13
EriC^type login chucky01:13
lordduneEriC^: WHOA01:14
EriC^whoa it worked or whoa wth01:14
lordduneEriC^: it did something...it's talking about Ubuntu01:14
lordduneEriC^: it did have a message about awk: cannot open blah blah01:15
lordduneEriC^: awk: cannot open /proc/uptime (No such file or directory) run-parts: /etc/update-motd.d/98-fsck-at-reboot exited with return code 101:15
EriC^what's it doing now01:15
EriC^oh ok01:15
EriC^type id01:15
lordduneEriC^: No directory, logging in with HOME=/01:16
lordduneEriC^: that was the final line01:16
EriC^oh ok cool01:16
EriC^so it worked01:16
EriC^type exit01:16
lordduneEriC^: uid=1001(chucky) gid=1001(chucky) groups=1001(chucky)01:16
lordduneEriC^: OK01:16
EriC^ok, did you give chucky sudo?01:17
lordduneEriC^: Imma gonna have to send you a paypal beer or two01:17
lordduneEriC^: reboot and try logging in as chucky ?01:18
Charcoalcathttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11138975/ I found this solution to the OpenGL errors I've been having for months, which involves purging nvidia drivers, doing "install --reinstall" on several things, and reconfiguring xserver-xorg. Can someone tell me how to make it so I can undo these commands if they break something?01:18
EriC^haha i've been craving for a beer for like an hour since you mentioned it, that night you dont have cigs :(01:18
lordduneEriC^: I did not give chucky anything yet01:18
Charcoalcat(problem description if anyone wants it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11138963/ )01:18
EriC^lorddune: ok, give him sudo01:18
est31heyho I have following issue: a package of a ppa fails to install, because it overrides a file which is set by another package01:19
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est31now that package isn't from the ppa01:19
EriC^lorddune: type usermod -aG sudo chucky01:19
est31but standard ubuntu01:19
est31now I want to remove that package01:19
lordduneEriC^: ok01:19
est31but the command apt-get remove packagename doesnt work01:19
lordduneEriC^: at $01:19
est31because there are unresolved dependencies01:19
lordduneEriC^: chucky@ubuntu01:20
est31which are precisely because of that conflict01:20
est31how can I resolve this?01:20
EriC^lorddune: type exit01:20
lordduneEriC^: it was denied01:20
lordduneEriC^: I changed big G to little g and it worked01:21
lordduneEriC^: oh nevermind, no it dodn't01:21
EriC^lorddune: type exit until you get #01:22
lordduneEriC^: ok01:22
lordduneEriC^: root@ubuntu:/# type usermod -aG sudo chucky usermod is /usr/sbin/usermod bash: type: -aG: not found sudo is /usr/bin/sudo bash: type: chucky: not found01:22
EriC^you wrote type :P01:23
Jordan_UEriC^: Rather than saying type foo, it's much more clear to say something like the following: Please run "foo --bar baz".01:24
lordduneEriC^: OK!01:24
lordduneEriC^: entered it and it didn't vatch fore, no smoke01:24
lorddune*catch fire01:24
EriC^lorddune: ok, cool :D01:25
EriC^Jordan_U: k thx01:25
lordduneJordan_U: OMG that's FUNNY!01:25
EriC^lorddune: type exit and then restart01:25
lordduneEriC^: you mean restart PC?01:26
EriC^type exit first though01:26
lordduneok be back in a sec one way or another01:26
est31so any ideas?01:29
OerHeksest31, you better ask the ppa owner.01:30
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge01:30
est31OerHeks, yes I know01:30
est31it is an error with the ppa01:30
est31just I want to remove a package outside of the ppa01:30
OerHeksest31, help him fixing it.01:30
lordduneEriC^: No love :'(01:30
lordduneEriC^: there was indeed a new user name 'chucky' there, but just like guest and root when I enter password it loops01:31
explodesIs it just accepted that you can enter your passwords in windows that pop up while you're entering your password? It happens like 3 times a day01:35
explodesI changed my settings so windows don't pop up over my active window, but it still freakin happens01:35
explodesActive text-entry-fields lose focus and some other application gets a bank password or a root password or a backup password01:36
explodesSome day you're gonna see my password pop into here I swear01:36
budddcan anyone explain to me this exception error when upgrading pip? And if I need to care about it. http://paste.ubuntu.com/11139275/01:37
explodesbuddd: what is the output of 'ls -al `which pip`'01:38
buddd-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 204 Jan 30 22:02 /usr/local/bin/pip01:39
Jordan_Uexplodes: Are these password prompts from policykit?01:39
explodesJordan_U: nope, just from a variety of applications, my browser, steam, skype, i dont even use skype, but whatever. it is indiscriminate01:40
explodesbuddd: try #apt-get upgrade #apt-get install python-pip01:41
explodesbuddd: nevermind dont do that :P01:41
budddi won't01:41
Jordan_Uexplodes: Depending on your window manager you could manually configure the window to be always on top, which is admittedly not a great user experience.01:42
explodesbuddd: pip is already installed with root access so you should be able to do $pip install --upgrade pip01:42
explodesJordan_U: but at least I wont enter my password to $RANDOM_PERSON_PLACE_THING01:42
budddinstall: unrecognized option '--upgrade'01:43
Jagst3r21how do I check mysql memory usage on the terminal?01:43
explodesbuddd: are you in a virtual environment? i assume not01:43
explodesbuddd: and i dont see that you are01:44
duoihow well does ubuntu play with AMD graphics cards and processors?01:44
budddi'm on my laptop01:44
Jordan_Uexplodes: Indeed. I don't know if compiz/unity support this but in most window managers you can right click the title bar and choose "Always on top". This will keep the window on top of any others until you right click the title bar again and uncheck that option.01:44
explodesbuddd: oh. look into python virtual-environments for python development, it creates an isolated environment so your different projects dont stumble over each others dependencies01:45
explodesbuddd: that doesn't solve your problem now though01:45
explodesbuddd: try $sudo pip install -U pip01:45
explodes"it works for me"01:45
budddsame error01:45
explodestry "pip --version"01:46
explodeswhat do you get?01:46
limberaif i run this command inside a dir01:46
limberarm *.gpx01:46
explodes6.0.7 should def. have the -U or --upgrade option...01:46
limberait will remove only .gpx file's that are inside that dir yes01:46
limberait will NOT do it recursively?01:47
explodeswill NOT01:47
limberaok cool01:47
limberajust making sure01:47
limberahuge problems if it doesn't do that :p01:47
budddpip 6.0.7 from /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages (python 2.7)01:47
est31OerHeks, thanks for mentioning dpkg -r01:47
explodesmaybe make a backup limbera. see http://explod.io01:48
explodesi nuked my whole blog01:48
explodesshouldnt have trusted rm01:48
explodes-and my incompetence01:48
releafsorry newbie question how do you stop default install from going to login screen after period of activity?01:48
releafi looked in power control panel and displays but it wasn't there01:48
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explodesreleaf: security01:49
explodesreleaf: security & privacy01:49
releafbrightness and lock found it01:49
releafi'm still on 14.0401:50
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explodesbuddd: idk what to tell you if you can't just run the damn upgrade :P01:53
budddsome people in #python know whats going on, unlike me01:54
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M4casomeone have troubles shutting down your system?? I mean, when you clic on turn off icon, it only close your active season, but it doesn't turn off the pc... I say that, because I found the solution for that and I can't remember the user...02:10
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=== NotANick is now known as NotANick[BDC]
fox_a brasnet ainda existe?02:20
fox_a brasnet ainda existe?02:20
M4caI question, why sometimes my wlan0 interface is down??02:20
M4cadesconozco en que consiste, fox_02:21
M4cawhen I run the command line ifconfig wlan0 up, then it show me that there is a Input and Output, or write input or something like it... and the command don't set up my wlan0 interface, so, I have to reboot my system02:22
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codepython7771when you partition a new disk to install ubuntu (External drive for mac)- first i make a swap and then a /?02:24
M4caYou mean a dual with OSX?02:24
codepython7771M4ca: I want to boot from an external drive02:25
codepython7771M4ca: do not want to touch the internal ssd02:25
codepython7771M4ca: Also: What do i select for: "Device for boot loader instructions" - is it my external drive where i am installing ubuntu?02:25
M4cabut did you installed ubuntu there??02:26
Guest30343Yes, definately. If you install Grub to your main disk bad things will happen02:26
M4caIm sorry because I don't have an Apple computer, but, like in windows, at start, in the bios there is a option to start device...02:27
codepython7771should / and home be on different partitions?02:28
codepython7771or can i just ask "/" to eat up the hard drive after swap?02:28
theoletomSomehow I turned on get updates from unsupported backports. And now my notification bubbles are screwed up and who knows what else. How do I revert my settings back to normal? I have already used apt-get update and apt-get check. All of my dependencies are fine. Second issue: I downloaded xfce4 to try out the desktop environment. I didn't like it. So I used apt-get purge xfce4. Somehow I could still log into xfce. Then I used apt-get autoremove to ge02:29
theoletomt rid of any worthless files. It got rid of a bunch of xfce stuff. I can still get into xfce and it is very broken. I could barely figure out how to log out. Please help me.02:29
wafflejockcodepython7771, either way lots of people like a separate /home in case they want to re-install the OS but keep their user data and user config files02:29
wafflejockcodepython7771, having both use the same partition is okay too though no harm in it just more work if you want to blow away the OS to reinstall or clean upgrade without moving around your user files02:30
codepython7771wafflejock: i see. Thanks.02:30
codepython7771wafflejock: The only problem is , I've to estimate the size of / vs home in advance02:30
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wafflejockcodepython7771, right it's a bit hard to know, with gparted from a livecd/usb you can typically resize partitions without too much trouble though if you guess wrong and need to reallocate02:31
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theoletomif someone decides to help me. Send me a private dialog please. Thanks in advance.02:31
codepython7771wafflejock: thanks02:32
wafflejockcodepython7771, yup np02:32
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wafflejocktheoletom, you can use sudo apt-get install packagename --reinstall, to have apt-get install reinstall some package/metapackage and redo the configuration for the program as well02:35
codepython7771l - i installed ubuntu on a separate external drive. Now when I boot into mac, the external drive does not show up as bootable. The blue light is on. any ideas ?02:36
Guest54977Hello there. Wondering to anyone who knows, where an ubuntu backup can be retrieved from. I'm backing up my files using the native backups application, and I want to move the result to my external hard drive. This way I can uninstall ubuntu, then do a fresh install, bring the backup back onto the drive and restore my session. My reason for doing this is so I can install windows before installing ubuntu.02:37
theoletomwafflejock: It's not a program. It's a desktop envirment. There shouldn02:37
Guest54977Did some searching on my system and googling, but couldn't find an answer02:37
theoletombe a trace of it left yet there still is.02:38
theoletomI think i might just need a fresh install of Ubuntu. If there isn't a way to revert to default settings02:38
releafwhat's your opinion on a $500 laptop that will be a dedicated Ubuntu machine?02:39
releafare any of the pre-loaded ones good deals?02:39
releafif not, are there any laptops that are known for being oem-heavy or otherwise ubuntu friendly?02:40
codepython7771my usb stick shows up as bootable (EFI) when i boot my Mac. But not my external hard drive on which i just installed ubuntu. How do i make it bootable from mac hardware?02:43
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Jordan_Ucodepython7771: Did you install Ubuntu to this external drive from a different machine?02:47
Umeaboyreleaf: What country you from?02:49
wafflejockreleaf, there are a few Ubuntu dedicated laptop providers like Umeaboy is asking depends on where you are02:50
wafflejockreleaf, Dell's XPS 13 has an option for Ubuntu as well02:50
UmeaboyUse http://www.pricegrabber.com if you're from the states.02:50
wafflejockbut is more pricey than that02:50
UmeaboyThen buy a laptop with the smallest harddrive and replace ut, ;)02:50
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=== icecube45|Home|P is now known as icecube45
wafflejockreleaf, I've got a System76 machine just to support a company that pushes Ubuntu and offers support for upgrading etc. but they're basically rebranded clevo and other laptops from what I've seen and heard, there's another one for the EU but I forget the name Z something02:52
hdonhi all :) ubu 14.04 here. gimp doesn't have gimp hot keys, it has photoshop or somethign hotkeys (control+e = export now, NOT what it used to do!) why is this and how do i fix it? thank you.02:53
UmeaboyAsus EEE PC 701 630 MHz 512 MB 4GB 7" costs 2890 SEK. ;)02:53
Umeaboyhdon: Why not upgrade to 15.04?02:53
hdonUmeaboy: cause i don't have time to install drivers every day02:54
wafflejockhdon, ctrl+shift+e to export I'm pretty sure, didn't notice the keybinding change but I'm a light gimp user02:54
codepython7771my ubuntu 14.04.2 booted on mac does not see any wireless networks. Any ideas how to fix this?02:54
UmeaboyOK. Ask the devs of gimp then. ;)02:54
hdonwafflej0ck_: control+e used to size the window to the size of your image (as best it could, accounting for zoom)02:54
hdoni guess i will have to02:55
* hdon connects to gimpnet02:55
Umeaboycodepython7771: Did you choose to install thirdparty stuff and updates during the installation as well?02:55
hdoni'm just saying... ubuntu and gnome keep copying apple02:56
hdonthere used to be a macports package for gimp that used macosx's native windowing, and came with photoshop-like hotkeys by default02:57
hdonso, someone has gone too far this tim02:57
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=== kolobyte_ is now known as kolobyte
Dusti[n]hello everyone! need to ask if there is a way to update my bios in ubunutu?03:03
est31Dusti[n], yes03:09
est31check out flashrom http://flashrom.org/Flashrom03:10
est31you only need the actual bios rom file03:10
Dusti[n]Do you mind explaining how? is it complicated?03:10
est31perhaps there is a higher level way03:10
est31what is your motherboard03:10
Dusti[n]oh ok03:11
Dusti[n]um all I know this far is its a HP amd64 x403:11
est31can you run this in a console and paste the output at pastebin.ubuntu.com03:12
est31sudo dmidecode -t 203:12
est31and paste the link here :)03:13
Dusti[n]um yes one sec03:15
=== Guest34 is now known as jasonbrr
est31Dusti[n], where is the download page for your laptop's BIOS?03:21
Dusti[n]its a desktop03:21
est31or desktop03:21
Dusti[n]thats kinda what im trying to figure out its an hp but they say goto kernel.org03:25
est31try the command "sudo dmidecode | grep -A3 '^System Information'"03:27
Dusti[n]this is my tower here03:32
Dusti[n]if that helps any03:32
est31why do you want to update bios btw03:34
Dusti[n]its just old and i figure i could get more performance out of it... ive upgraded the ram to the max and video card and stuff and ive seen bios's with alot more options and info about diff things03:37
=== x2f is now known as x2f[away]
GeometrianI upgraded to 15.04 with kernel 3.19.0-17, ran update-grub and rebooted, and yet it still boots to 3.16.0-31. Help?03:39
pEYEdmy wireless apater is missing. lspci -k and lsmod show the kernel driver loaded, but ifconfig -a does not show the device   https://bpaste.net/show/eb1027aab44e  ??03:39
Dusti[n]well i guess ill try again another day thanks for your help est3103:40
warhawk88Trying to get nginx to run at startup. I issued the following command "sudo update-rc.d nginx enable" but it does not run at boot. Any ideas?03:43
GeometrianInterestingly, the 3.19.0-17 kernel appears in /boot/grub/menu.lst, yet does not show up in the boot menu.03:44
diuneighcan someone help me clear up inodes?  I'm at 100%.03:47
codepython7771Anyone running ubuntu on macbookpro10,1 here?03:53
KionHow can I make Ubuntu prefer one wireless network over another of itks known networks03:56
lotuspsychjeKion: you can edit the connections manually: disable 'connect network automatic' on ssid's you dont wanna use03:58
est31Kion, networkmanager itself supports it.03:58
Kionlotuspsychje: so no way to have two available networks with the connect automatic but prefering one over the other03:59
est31do you use ubuntu or anything else?03:59
est31like kubuntu03:59
Kionest31: Ubuntu03:59
lotuspsychjeKion: i think if 2 ssid's are close its gonna try to connect them randomly the most nearby04:00
riexHi. I run an web server, but on our website the characters Å,Æ,Ø is showed as questioned. How can i fix that issue??04:00
lotuspsychjeKion: so you have to disable network2, you dont using04:01
est31Kion, can you run "NetworkManager --version" in console?04:01
est31err run "sudo NetworkManager --version"04:01
est31funny they require root :)04:02
lotuspsychjeriex: maybe the #ubuntu-server guys might know or ##httpd04:02
codepython7771Whats the best kernel i can move to for 14.04 without getting in trouble? :)04:02
codepython7771most up2date i meant04:03
walsalI have installed nvidia-current and nvidia-settings on xubuntu 14.02. However, when I go to "Additional Drivers" it tells me "No additional drivers available". What am I doing wrong?04:03
lotuspsychje!kernel | codepython777104:03
ubottucodepython7771: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)04:03
lotuspsychjewalsal: if no others showing, you using probably the best04:03
lotuspsychjewalsal: check with sudo lshw -C video04:03
lotuspsychjewalsal: whats behind driver=04:03
gzcwnkif you are uptdate onpatching you are good to go04:03
lotuspsychjecodepython7771: the best kernel, is the one working best for your machine04:04
est31Kion, as it seems, networkmanager 1.0 has this feature, but ubuntu 15.04 only has .04:05
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walsallotuspsychje: This is the output of that command https://paste.ee/r/KUR8k04:05
walsalfrom what I can tell it doesn't specify which driver it is using04:06
est31This means that that feature isn't available yet Kion until ubuntu 15.1004:07
est31and even then it might require a custom tool04:07
Geometrianriex: That's a web design issue. Look into character encodings. Use UTF-8.04:08
walsallotuspsychje: Also in Xorg's log I can see a line saying "(EE) NVIDIA: Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module. Please check your system kernerl's log" and dmesg tells me "nvidia: module verification failed: signature and/or  required key missing - tainting kernel"04:12
KD7JWCi understand this may be th wrong channel but its ubuntu related, i have the 15.04 arm for pi2 installed and i rebooted the system after building some apps and when i log in and try anything with sudo it says i am not a member of that group, before reboot i was, i tried su so i could add user and su will not work with the only password used for the system, could i get a little help with that please04:14
lotuspsychjewalsal: grafix chipset and ubuntu version?04:14
lotuspsychje!su | KD7JWC04:14
ubottuKD7JWC: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo04:14
KD7JWCi fully understand what sudo and su are, i need help reinstating those when even su doesnot accept my password now04:15
walsallotuspsychje: I'm using xubuntu 14.04.2 and nvidia card is a "GeForce GTX 750 Ti"04:16
rofltechKD7JWC: if you can't get su or sudo to work you can always boot to usb and then mount as a chroot and add yourself to the sudo group04:17
rofltechor set a root pw04:17
Ben64shouldn't set a root password04:18
KD7JWCits a pi2 it wont boot to usb but thank you04:19
rofltechKD7JWC: raspberry pi?  take the sdcard out and put it in another comp?04:19
rofltechi have an original one and that works...dont know about the new ones04:20
Ben64KD7JWC: what is the output of "groups"04:20
KD7JWCpi2 syslog04:20
KD7JWCthanks for the willingness to help04:21
Kionest31: my version is
Ben64KD7JWC: you're only a member of two groups?04:22
est31Kion, then networkmanager doesnt support yet, you'll have to wait for 15.1004:22
est31or manually compile04:22
est31don't know though whether you are experienced enough for that04:22
KD7JWCi was a member of almost all of them including dialout04:23
KD7JWCi dont know how this can be re[[aired to be honest and i have 5 hours of build time for this experiment and it just stopped working04:23
jzp113hi guys how to run a script when the system started?04:23
KD7JWCwell sudo and su capabilities04:24
KD7JWCif su was working i could then ad the pi2 account, the only account to the needed groups04:26
Ben64KD7JWC: use single user mode or text mode or recovery mode, not sure what ubuntu on the pi has04:26
KD7JWCdo you know how to access that mode?04:27
Ben64KD7JWC: not on the raspberry pi, you may want to ask in #raspberrypi or #ubuntu-arm04:28
dominolxKD7JWC: sudo raspi-config04:28
dominolxone of the options should have it04:29
Ben64dominolx: sudo doesn't work04:29
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codepython7771dragging a window is not working (mtrack + macbook pro + ubuntu) - any ideas how to debug/fix this?04:29
Ben64KD7JWC: or just pop the sd card out and do it manually04:29
KD7JWCthere isnt a raspi-config on ubuntu 15.0404:29
Ben64and be more careful with commands that mess with groups04:29
KD7JWCi installed x11vnc server set it to auto start and when i rebooted so i could work remotely i was only a member of 2 groups after reboot04:30
KD7JWCbut anyway, might you have time to walk me through how to fix it please?04:31
Ben64KD7JWC: you must have run something like usermod to add yourself to a group but forgot to append04:34
codepython7771when i issue sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-mtrack --- on 14.04 -- I get unmet dependencies?http://yarenty.blogspot.com/2014/08/how-to-fix-macbook-pro-touchpad-on.html04:34
KD7JWCsudo usermod -04:36
KD7JWCgrr sec04:36
KD7JWCmy hands shake sorry04:36
KD7JWCi did sudo usermod -G syslog pi204:36
KD7JWCis that wrong?04:36
KD7JWCoh please enlightenme please do04:37
Ben64usermod -a -G syslog pi204:37
codepython7771does anyone know how to fix this-> http://askubuntu.com/questions/610505/broken-packages-error-while-trying-to-install-xserver-xorg-input-mtrack04:37
KD7JWCwhat does the -a do for it?04:37
KD7JWCinstead of only right?04:38
KD7JWCmy fault then04:38
Ben64easier way is "adduser <user> <newgroup>"04:38
KD7JWCfrom this dekstop how do i fix my flash drive os if you will?04:38
Ben64i gave you a few options above04:38
KD7JWCi will rember the user add04:39
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KD7JWChmm looking up sorry they passed me by04:39
=== Idler is now known as Visitor1
KD7JWCBen64: i went up to the top of the channel but did not see your instructions sorry ould you up arrow and repaste please04:41
Ben64use single user mode or text mode or recovery mode, you may want to ask in #raspberrypi or #ubuntu-arm, or just pop the sd card out and do it manually04:41
KD7JWCok do what manualy modify the group layout?04:42
KD7JWCif so what folder/file do i do that to04:43
KD7JWCive never had to do this so its unclear04:43
Ben64you edit /etc/group , put your username on the line that starts with sudo04:44
KD7JWCmmm ok thank you04:44
KD7JWCwill that solve the problem with su and my password for that not working?04:45
BinaryStatusHey guys when I use the "hdparm --user-master u --security-set-pass p /dev/sda" command on my ssd it completes in seconds. Is this normal? Figured it would take longer. I'm selling this laptop and don't want anybody to be able to recover stuff off my ssd. Advice?04:46
Ben64KD7JWC: you shouldn't be using su04:46
KD7JWCusually i would agree04:47
codepython7771My ubuntu box hangs at the point showing "starting configure virtual network devices" - any ideas whats wrong?04:47
BinaryStatusAny help on wiping my ssd guys?04:51
KD7JWCwell valuabel 2 lessons learned thank you Ben6404:51
KionBinaryStatus: use shred command or srm04:52
BinaryStatuswell its an ssd and I already used "hdparm --user-master u --security-set-pass p /dev/sda"04:54
BinaryStatusthe question is, is it normal for it to complete so quickly?04:54
KionBinaryStatus: if by wipe you mean secure deleting else just use Gparted and format your partition04:54
BinaryStatusI'm talking under 30 seconds quick04:54
jzp113hi guys how to write a init.d when the system start04:54
BinaryStatusthe issue Kion is that ssd's have even wear leveling and a simple format simply won't do for a secure erase04:55
Kionjzp113: I don't know on the new version of ubuntu but would love to hear the answer04:55
BinaryStatusand shred won't work for a ssd04:55
BinaryStatusso I used hdparm to invoke the secure erase command built into the ssd's firmware04:55
KionBinaryStatus: try srm04:55
BinaryStatussupposedly this is supposed to be quite good and secure04:55
BinaryStatuswhats srm?04:56
KionBinaryStatus: Dont trust hardware firmware specially on deleting data04:56
BinaryStatusOk I hear you Kion what is srm?04:57
KionBinaryStatus: another secure remove program, better than shred04:57
KionBinaryStatus: you might need to install srm first, I am not shure if it comes with ubuntu or not, but   sudo apt-get install srm should do04:58
BinaryStatusand this works on ssd's? >.>04:58
KionBinaryStatus: That I don't know I would love to have an ssd, but basicly it overwrites your files with random data, then with zeros then deletes them04:59
BinaryStatusthen it will not work with an ssd04:59
BinaryStatusthank you though for trying to help me I appreciate it04:59
KionBinaryStatus: why not?04:59
BinaryStatusI could 0 out my ssd all day05:00
BinaryStatusbut the thing is05:00
BinaryStatusthe way nand works is it keeps data in layers05:00
BinaryStatusand will redirect the stream to flash05:00
BinaryStatusthus keeping layers of data safe05:00
BinaryStatusit does this so that each nand gets written to evenly05:00
BinaryStatusthus a nand doens't go out05:00
BinaryStatusits a whack thing ssd's do05:00
BinaryStatuswhat I need to do is set all nand states to 005:01
BinaryStatusand thats what hparm can do05:01
BinaryStatusbut it moves so quickly05:01
BinaryStatusim not sure its doing anything05:01
BinaryStatusI'm using some forensic tools right now to see if anything is recoverable and so far so good05:01
BinaryStatusbut man fuck ssd's for that same reason05:01
BinaryStatusor excuse my language05:02
KionBinaryStatus: well sorry, I did not know all that!05:02
BinaryStatusscrew ssd's05:02
BinaryStatusoh no hey its ok05:02
BinaryStatusI don't think it's well known05:02
BinaryStatusI appreciate the help like I said05:02
KionBinaryStatus: After what you said, it seems to me that the only way I would trust to 100% is "Sudo Hit the SSD with all your might with a freaking hammer and repeat with the resulting pieces"05:04
CyberNotif you are trying to securely remove your data; have you considered encrypting then deleting?05:04
BinaryStatusyea if I wsa that worried I would dispose of the drive agreed05:04
BinaryStatusCyber yes I have actually05:04
BinaryStatusafter I run these forensic tests to see if anything can be recovered05:04
BinaryStatusI will do just that05:04
KionCyberNot: Great idea05:06
BinaryStatusright now I'm using testdisk, foremost, and scalpel to run some tests if it passes all three I will feel more at ease05:06
BinaryStatusso far testdisk has passed and I'm running photorec right now05:07
KionCyberNot: the problem is that the cleartext data was already stored on the hdd and the encrypted will be "new" data right?05:07
BinaryStatuswell the issue is that with an ssd05:07
BinaryStatuseven if I encrypt it05:07
BinaryStatusif the data is still on a lower layer05:07
BinaryStatusit will only encrypt an upper layer05:07
BinaryStatusdata will still be present05:07
BinaryStatusso I have to make sure all that shit is gone first05:08
BinaryStatusor it will be for naught05:08
CyberNotI am probably wrong, but isn't the point of encryption to secure all data on the drive? That would mean that  a "container" would be created around all existing data.05:10
BinaryStatusyoure right in the defintion05:11
BinaryStatusbut wrong on how ssd's store data05:11
BinaryStatusthe pain is05:11
BinaryStatusthat you need to imagine each nand container with levels right? Now when data is written to said container it writes at a certain level. It's firmware makes it so that as it writes data it moves up a level if it comes by the same nand space again05:12
BinaryStatusthe reason is that each nand block has a limited write amount05:12
BinaryStatusso if it handeled data like a mechanical you would write to these sections over and over and this would wear it out05:12
BinaryStatusonce a nand block is at it's write life thats it its done forver no brining it back05:12
BinaryStatusso to stop this05:13
BinaryStatusthey made it so it writes in levels evenly05:13
BinaryStatusso for example on a hdd when you delete data say in windows we know that it doesn't it just marks it to be written over right?05:13
BinaryStatusSame thing with nand memory accept it bumbs it up a level and keeps the old version under it05:13
BinaryStatusso when you write data in a stream say encrypting or saving a huge file05:14
CyberNotOkay, so say you have a 128GB drive and you create a 128Gb container. You will reach everything.  There is no way you wont05:14
BinaryStatusit only writes to the surface05:14
BinaryStatusyes and there will be a files underneath that05:14
BinaryStatusnand flash doesn't work that way05:14
BinaryStatuswould you like some sources?05:14
CyberNotYeah, this is really interesting to me05:14
BinaryStatusI would be happy to provide05:14
dprcsome firmwares dynamically remap blocks too05:14
BinaryStatusone second let me look some stuff up for you05:14
CyberNotcool, thanks05:15
CyberNotI haven't had a need to wipe an SSD yet; but sure it will come up05:15
BinaryStatusfirst check this out05:15
BinaryStatuswhoah one sec05:15
BinaryStatusbad url05:15
BinaryStatusmy bad05:15
BinaryStatusone sec05:15
BinaryStatusgood ole wikipedia (I know..)05:16
BinaryStatusFor the same reasons encryption is pointless if the proper steps havent been taken05:18
BinaryStatusessentially what the secure erase command does on a ssd is it voltage spikes it and makes it dump all nand blocks and puts them back to 005:18
BinaryStatusso you're not even writing anything to it05:18
BinaryStatusa bit hard on the shelf life but it works05:18
CyberNotthanks for the link05:19
BinaryStatusnow if I would have encrypted from the start05:19
BinaryStatusI would be in a different situation05:19
BinaryStatusbecause it would have no previous data stored05:19
BinaryStatusso just thing of a 128 gig as a flat plain that has say 20 levels on each block and each time it goes up a level it's another 128 gigs if that makes it any clear05:20
BinaryStatusI know I'm not explaining this right and I'm sorry for that I just have never had to explain this to anyone05:20
nasevzSince upgrade to Vivid, I can only use English text entry. I can change text entry indicator using mouse (shortcut is not working), but even if another entry is displayed, English remains active.05:22
CyberNotokay so I have an Intel  730 series SSD in my system. I just had a look at the Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox it came with. Turns out it provides a "Secure Erase"05:23
nasevzCan anybody help me?05:23
BinaryStatusand that is what you want to use05:23
BinaryStatusmine did not however05:24
BinaryStatusbut the command is still present in firmware05:24
dprc!ask > nasevz05:24
ubottunasevz, please see my private message05:24
BinaryStatusso I had to boot up linux to invoke it05:24
dprcoh that _was_ from you >_<05:24
BinaryStatusbut yea for the most part that secure erase command is legit05:24
BinaryStatusthe whole reason I was worried was that it went to fast I was like dafuq05:24
BinaryStatusbut I'm halfway through my forensic test now and so far nothing05:25
BinaryStatusI'm fairly sure it worked flawlessly05:25
BinaryStatusbut who knows some l33t hax0r might be able to get some headers05:25
BinaryStatusI doubt it though05:25
CyberNotSounds like you are on the right track; and is definitely a learning experience for me05:26
BinaryStatusHey man I'm glad you heard it from me before something bad happened and you had to wipe data and did it the wrong way :p05:26
BinaryStatusYou should check out a defcon sometime I watched a talk a few years back about some forensic experts that worked with law enforcement to recover data cases05:27
CyberNotBut, I have always told my clients - " if you want to securely wipe your drive; a hammer does the trick!"05:27
BinaryStatusit blew my mind05:27
BinaryStatusever since I have been paranoid05:27
BinaryStatusif these guys can do it joe shmoe can05:27
BinaryStatusbeleive that05:28
SpiroThank god I finally ditched windows05:28
BinaryStatusand yea a hammer works05:28
BinaryStatusthen flush the platter shards :p05:28
BinaryStatusI'm not too sure how recoverable a nand chip would be if broken05:29
BinaryStatusI would assume it would be beyond conventional engineering to bring it back05:29
BinaryStatuswithout a hefty pricetag05:29
BinaryStatusif not impossible05:29
dprcthis is an interesting talk for storage and recovery: "Writing a Thumbdrive from Scratch [29c3]"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8Im0_KUEf805:29
Spirogorilla glue05:29
Spiroand a lot of nano magic05:29
dprccould recover with electron microscopy05:30
dprcif that is your threat model have bigger problems to worry about though05:30
BinaryStatusthat stuff is a myth though. Only 3 letter angencies are gonna go that far and only for good reason05:31
BinaryStatusEM I mean05:31
BinaryStatuslike thats some hardcore stuff05:31
BinaryStatusI know it's possible05:31
BinaryStatusbut no way a regular leo or case would use that05:31
BinaryStatusunless it was very high profile05:31
BinaryStatuseven then they can only get such tiny amounts it would be used not for pictures but to recover code05:32
BinaryStatusas far as my knowledge goes on it at least05:32
BinaryStatusI mean for me I used this drive to code on05:32
BinaryStatusso thats my big thing05:32
BinaryStatusI don't want people recovering any source05:32
BinaryStatusas long as they cant do that I'm fine05:33
BinaryStatusHow's it going joey?05:33
BinaryStatusHey guys side question, anybody elses allergies been going bonkers lately?05:33
BinaryStatusMan I feel like I'm going mad05:34
joey_ladits going good binary, you?05:34
BinaryStatusIt's going alright man thanks for asking05:34
BinaryStatuswish I didn't have allergies though :/05:34
BinaryStatusI have popped like 3 antihistamines today no relief05:35
BinaryStatusWhy aren't are scientists making this a priority dang it05:35
BinaryStatuswe just need to formulate a way to block H1-H3 receptors for good and we will be alright :p05:37
joey_ladi love u05:37
BinaryStatusAny of you use reddit?05:40
BinaryStatushttp://i.imgur.com/6Sn1QIz.gifv dah best05:40
somsip!ot | BinaryStatus05:47
ubottuBinaryStatus: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:47
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nasevzSince upgrade to Vivid, I can only use English text entry. I can change text entry indicator using mouse (shortcut is not working), but even if another entry is displayed, English remains active.06:11
dodeluserI have a luks encrypted ubuntu 14.04. luks-device uses the full disk size (except boot partition) and root partition goes over the full size. I now want to install a 2nd ecnrypted system (ubuntu 15.05) without loosing my 14.04... is this possible???06:14
InFlamesanyone here know how to share my desktop over webcamstudio?06:22
=== metaphysician is now known as Guest29878
Afdlaany ideas why my wired network connection disconnects every now and then for ~10 seconds?06:29
Afdlanever happened on windows06:29
bigskyhi all06:32
bigskywhy i cannot find ctags in ubuntu06:32
lym_what does ctags mean?06:33
bigskylym_: ctag is software06:33
lym_maybe you can baidu06:34
bigskylym_: baidu ge dan06:34
lym_wo qu nima06:34
lym_baidu ni tama bu zhidao06:35
bigskylym_: gun duzi06:35
lym_ni zhuang shenme shabi06:35
cq-auxheya, trying to install reaver and it says it needs pcap but  I've got libpcap, so how do I 'tell' ./configure 'where'  libpcap is please?06:35
bigskylym_: no zuo no die, you zuo, you die06:35
lym_bigsky 你是二逼不06:35
bigskylym_: luanma06:36
lym_are you chinese?06:37
bigskyi can install ctags now06:38
lym_are there any people alive?06:38
lym_are you chinese?06:38
lym_are you alive?06:40
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Hali_303hi! I'm using 14.04 and have the problem that the samba version (4.1.6) in this release is very outdated and contain a P5 critical bug. What can I do to use a newer samba version? backport the utopic package? add the utopic repository and pin this package? what's the recommended and most fail-safe way? (so I do not mess up my whole repository and possible other dependencies..) All samba related packages I need to update eg samba, sam06:48
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segaArhola gente alguien que hable español?06:51
Ben64Hali_303: are you sure the version in ubuntu hasn't been patched for it06:52
Ben64!es | segaAr06:52
ubottusegaAr: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.06:52
pagioshello, i am looking for a window manager that would allow me to run programs at certain coordinates (example xcalc on coord 0,0; gedit on coord 100,100; chrome on coord 500,500) ) the Windows manager should provide that basic interface to the users, disallowing them from opening terminals and such. Just use what is provided on the window manager;; can anyone point me to some WM that can allow me to achive that Thank you+06:54
lotuspsychje!windowmanagers | pagios06:59
ubottupagios: A desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a !GUI together". The available desktop environments in Ubuntu are !GNOME (ubuntu-desktop), !KDE (kubuntu-desktop), !Xfce (xubuntu-desktop), !LXDE (lubuntu-desktop), IceWM, !Fluxbox, WindowMaker (wmaker), FVWM and others - See also !Flavors06:59
nathalie__hi :) noob here needs help with empathy problem, i reinstalled ubuntu last night and i can't seem to edit my contacts in empathy to add them in a group or favorite them like i used to be able to06:59
pagioslotuspsychje: how can i enforce the security i want on them?06:59
lotuspsychjepagios: not sure whats your endgoal exactly mate07:00
pagioslotuspsychje: i want to deploy this in a public area07:00
pagiosi want users to only use the applications in the WM07:00
pagiosdont wantthem to right click open terminals, or close applications opened etc07:00
lotuspsychjepagios: you want to make a public kiosk?07:00
pagioslotuspsychje: yea07:00
lotuspsychjepagios: there are some specifi packages for that in ubuntu, to lock users07:01
pagiosbut with my own applications opened07:01
lotuspsychjepagios: if your doing it manually, alot chmod will be involved07:01
Hali_303Ben64: I'm quite sure, because the PANIC I can see in the logfiles.07:02
pagioslotuspsychje: before chmod, i dont want users to be able to close or minimize the opened APPs in the wm07:02
lotuspsychjepagios: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/07/create-ubuntu-kiosk07:03
androidbruceanyone else having issues with this mirror?  503  Service Unavailable [IP: 80]07:03
androidbrucei believe this is an aws ec2 mirror07:03
pagioslotuspsychje: thats for webbrowsers only07:03
lotuspsychjepagios: you want the users play around on the pc also?07:04
pagioslotuspsychje: no i want them to use the opened apps like xcalc gedit etc07:04
lotuspsychjepagios: guest-user perhaps, that cant do harm to the system07:05
xxoxxis there a program that does reliable file transfer?07:07
xxoxxsftp silently corrupts data07:07
xxoxxis there a file transfer program that iteratively checks integrity as it goes along ?07:08
pagiosxxoxx: rsync07:08
xxoxxokay that's right07:08
xxoxxsftp is dangerous07:09
xxoxxif file gets corrupted, you would never know unless you check07:09
knightwisehey , anyone get the Dell XPS 13 yet ?07:09
xxoxxhey is there a problem with network integrity for RTLinux ?07:12
xxoxxdoes RTLinux somehow affect network transfer integrity ?07:12
xxoxxI am getting very wierd corruption with sftp07:12
xxoxxNever seen it before07:12
JustMozzyGood morning. I have a huge problem with my Ubutnu 14.04 LTS. I just enabled on my lenovo t420 the nvidia driver (which is labeled as tested, yeah sure... tested in my ass). now I get a way too low resolution and whenever I log in to my I account I get kicked back out to the login screen. I really need help because this is my work laptop :707:14
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DeePhow r u?07:19
knightwisehey deep07:19
knightwisedoin ok , how are you ?07:19
DeePdoing great07:19
DeePwhere from u ?07:20
DeePwht do u do?07:20
knightwiseBelgium , you ?07:20
DeePwhat do u do?07:20
knightwisePodcaster :)07:20
DeePare u married ?07:21
knightwiseNot relevant, why ?07:21
DeePjust want to imagin07:22
DeePabout u07:22
DeePme doing msatsrs07:22
DeePthis is my facebook address , can i see u ?07:23
JadedFunkIs there a channel on freenode for data recovery using linux?07:24
JustMozzypffft... fuck nvidia, seriously07:26
xangua! Language07:26
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList07:26
JustMozzycant even boot to recovery mode07:26
xxoxxrsycn also fails07:26
xxoxxwhat program ensures transfer integrity ?07:27
JustMozzyxangua: I dont care about that. when I am mad then I am mad. dont tell me what I should do!!07:27
xxoxxis there any file transfer program that ensures transfer integrity?07:27
Ben64xxoxx: yes, rsync as you've been told07:29
xxoxxrsync still fails07:29
xxoxxmd5sum of the transferred files don't match07:30
Ben64then you must be doing something wrong07:30
xxoxxwhat I don't understand is how can this be happening so transparently07:31
Ben64you're not on ubuntu?07:32
xxoxxI am on ubuntu07:32
Ben64you said RTLinux twice above07:32
xxoxxthe sender is a virtual machine running regular ubuntu07:32
xxoxxthe receiver is a real machine running ubuntu with rt patch07:32
xxoxxeverything else apparently fine07:33
xxoxxvery very weird07:33
Ben64bust out the hex editor and see what changed07:33
xxoxxhm ...07:33
xxoxxwhat's that command dumps hex ?07:34
xxoxxbc or o2c or something?07:34
xxoxxoh okay07:34
xxoxxthere was a shorter one from unix days07:35
xxoxxcan't remember07:35
St1gmabc(1)                                                                                                                  General Commands Manual                                                                                                                  bc(1)07:35
St1gma       bc - An arbitrary precision calculator language07:35
xxoxxyeah that's not it07:35
St1gmanothing for o2c07:35
fettlerHello.  Please could someone help me with a message I'm getting while trying to install wine?  It mentions 'unmet dependencies'07:36
Ben64fettler: pastebin it07:37
fettlerwine1.6: Depends: wine1.6-amd64 (= 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu4) but 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu4 is to be installed          Depends: wine1.6-i386 (= 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu4) but it is not going to be installed07:37
fettlerah helo Ben07:37
xxoxxoh wow07:38
xxoxxtwo hex files, each 66 Megs in size07:38
xxoxxonly difference is a few lines07:38
xxoxxactually a handful bytes total07:38
St1gmafor diffin hex I use hexdiff07:38
xxoxxthat's enough to cause gzip error07:38
St1gmait's pretty cool07:38
xxoxxthis is driving my crazy ....07:39
fettlerBen: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11143240/07:39
Ben64fettler: what version of ubuntu07:40
fettlerHow can I tell, Ben?07:40
Ben64you should just know, you installed it07:40
St1gmacat /etc/lsb-release07:41
St1gmafettler: ^07:41
fettlerHow can I tell which version I"m running?07:41
Ben64uh... look up07:41
St1gmafettler: cat /etc/lsb-release07:42
St1gmathat'll tell you the version that you are running07:42
fettlerHello St1gma - thanks, let me do that now.07:42
fettlerSt1gma: Version is "Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS"07:43
St1gmaapt-get install -f07:44
JustMozzyGreat... now my machine is inaccessible07:44
fettlerSt1gma:  Could not open lock file.  I think it wants me to be root07:45
xxoxxhurray hurray !07:45
xxoxxrsync rocks07:45
St1gmarsync is awesome07:45
xxoxxrsync actually breaks apart big file and checks chunck by chunck07:45
xxoxxso if it fails once, just run rsync couple of times07:46
xxoxxand it will do it07:46
fettlerSt1gma:  Please could you remind me the command I must use to acta as root?07:46
Ben64fettler: sudo before the comand07:46
xxoxxanybody familiar with a program called kermit ?07:47
fettlerBen:  0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 265 not upgraded.07:47
xxoxxit's from the early days07:47
xxoxxI recall copying stuff over modem with kermit07:47
xxoxxthose modem lines were really hokey07:47
Johnny_LinuxTerabytes are termite-like desert insects07:47
Ben64fettler: you need to run an update07:48
St1gmalol Johnny_Linux07:48
fettlerBen:  OK, is that something I do from the Ubuntu page?07:48
Ben64fettler: ubuntu page? you open the software updater and ...update07:49
St1gmafettler: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade07:49
fettlerBen:  OH, OK, thanks07:49
fettlerSt1gma:  thanks07:49
St1gmaxxoxx: I vaguely remember something about kermit07:50
St1gmawasn't it something about modems?07:50
St1gmabeen ages since I heard (read) that word07:50
xxoxxhehe ...07:55
xxoxxha ha ha07:55
xxoxxsounds like obiwan the hermit07:55
lotuspsychje!ot | xxoxx07:56
ubottuxxoxx: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:56
javnut1if I want to access my localhost from another computer, do I have to add an iptables exception?08:02
lotuspsychje!iptables | javnut108:02
ubottujavnut1: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo08:02
xxoxxecho 'force be with you' > /dev/lotuspsychje08:06
lotuspsychjexxoxx: this isnt the channel for jokes, plz ubuntu support only08:06
xxoxxmy original question was specifically about ubuntu08:07
xxoxxkermit just reminds me of a funny spelling08:07
lotuspsychjexxoxx: you can re-ask questions here once in a while08:08
xxoxxwho the hell are you ? some kind of police ?08:08
fettlerSt1gma:  It looks like it's working, though it's taking a while.  Thanks for your help08:09
fettlerBen64:  Thanks for your help08:09
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lotuspsychje!pl | micza08:17
ubottumicza: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.08:17
fettlerHow do I get out of here?08:18
Smithertype /part #ubuntu08:18
Smitherremember the /08:19
xxoxxha ha ha08:21
lotuspsychje!ops | xxoxx08:21
ubottuxxoxx: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang08:21
popeyxxoxx: play nice please.08:22
xxoxxlotuspsychje, shut up08:22
popeyxxoxx: that's an example of not playing nice.08:22
xxoxxhow was I not playing nice?08:22
xxoxxI was asking questions, and was being actively policed and told what to say in response of every word ?08:23
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xxoxxare people from Europe have a natural tendency to be NAZI or something ?08:23
lotuspsychjeikonia: tnx08:23
popeyMy work here is done :)08:23
xxoxxlotuspsychje, suck my dick08:23
xxoxxha ha ha08:23
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jackoff!lotuspsychje,  you are a small minded dick.  Come to think of it, perhaps so is your dick...08:35
ubottujackoff: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:35
jackoffoh and please ban this IP too.  ha ha ha08:35
function9xwhat do you guys use for playing mp3s?08:38
dprcfunction9x, mplayer08:39
dprcvlc is pretty good, clementine as well08:40
trol10remember me?08:41
trol10problem drivers nvidia08:41
function9xdprc: cheers!08:41
trol10evrybody here?08:44
lotuspsychje!details | trol1008:45
ubottutrol10: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)08:45
trol10i install nvidia drivers from official repostiries, and i don't login in system, lightdm request login and password08:46
lotuspsychjetrol10: ubuntu version?08:46
trol10ubuntu install fresh08:47
lotuspsychjetrol10: what happens when you try to login?08:47
trol10black screen and back to login windows08:47
noteugeneHi people, my apt-get fails sporadically with "WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!", but after apt-get update it's gone. Does anyone know how to debug it? some kind of a trace why exactly it can't authenticate it?08:47
lotuspsychjetrol10: graphics card chipset?08:47
trol10geforce 21008:48
lotuspsychje!aptlock | noteugene08:48
ubottunoteugene: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »08:48
dprctrol10, try to run nvidia-xconfig from console08:48
dprcis first step08:48
lotuspsychjenoteugene: did you try sudo apt-get update?08:48
trol10I tried not helping08:48
trol10I tried nvidia-xconfig not helping08:49
lotuspsychjetrol10: did you try ubuntu 14.04 LTS on the same grafix card?08:49
trol10it's ok08:49
lotuspsychjetrol10: try a nomodeset perhaps, or check your syslog and dmesg for grafix errors08:50
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | trol1008:50
ubottutrol10: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:50
noteugenelotuspsychje: fuser produces nothing. apt-get update fixes it temporarily. the cache is updated by unattended-upgrades each night, this error appears for different packages08:50
trol10ok i try08:51
lotuspsychjenoteugene: did you by any change add a ppa recently?08:51
noteugenelotuspsychje: is there a way to get exact message why it thinks it can't be authenticated?08:51
noteugenelotuspsychje: nope08:51
lotuspsychjenoteugene: could you pastebin the whole error you getting?08:51
trol10And what if it does not help?08:51
lotuspsychjetrol10: recoverymode08:52
trol10yesterday i re-install system08:52
lotuspsychjetrol10: recoverymode/fix broken packages can help sometimes08:52
lotuspsychje!info libaio108:53
ubottulibaio1 (source: libaio): Linux kernel AIO access library - shared library. In component main, is optional. Version 0.3.110-1 (vivid), package size 6 kB, installed size 52 kB (Only available for linux-any)08:53
trol1014.10 Why it worked without Nomodset but here need this option?08:53
lotuspsychjetrol10: youl have to investigate the logs mate08:54
trol10Where can I get it? Which one?08:54
lotuspsychjetrol10: syslog and dmesg08:55
noteugenelotuspsychje: I've seen the same error with perl dbm packages, and not with mysql but with libxslt. the problem is you can make apt-get be less verbose, but not more, as far as I see08:55
VsyachePuzow to determine which program is clipboard manager in the system?08:59
shiznixhi all, anyone got any clues on howto solve the dreaded sound icon always showing as being muted even when sound is not ?09:00
shiznixcreating a new user fixes the problem temporarily09:01
shiznixso user's profile is being eventually poisoned by the bug09:01
shiznixgoogle suggests it's been a problem in various guises for a few years now ?09:02
shiznixmaybe some foo with /usr/libexec/accounts-daemon, but debug info from /usr/libexec/indicator-sound/indicator-sound-service is somewhat lacking unfortunately :(09:03
shiznixnevermind, had 'Silent mode' set in the user's unity8 phone shell09:14
shiznixsorry for the noise :p09:14
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shiznixadjustments in the phone shell window changed settings on the desktop09:16
SVCR3D-SHVD0WShey dudes, I am trying to compile snort on ubuntu and am following some instuructions but i got to this point "./configure *CFLAGS=-fPIC*" and i keep getting "configure: error: invaled variable name: *CFLAGS"09:17
SVCR3D-SHVD0WSI am using 64 bit version.. please help!!!09:17
jKaideNHey guys anyone here that can help me clarify things regarding Ubuntu server / LTS09:18
bekksjKaideN: So just ask your questions.09:18
jpdsjKaideN: Sure, you might want to go to #ubuntu-server too.09:19
jKaideNOh ok, well I'm just really confused as to which one I should use for my dedi server that will be just file server/ apache server etc.09:19
jpdsjKaideN: 14.04 LTS.09:20
jKaideNi see when the cycle is done does it automatically update or do I need to do things manually09:20
jKaideNwill it reset the configuration files etc?09:20
jKaideNAlso another thing, does apt-get update/upgrade reset/overwrite config files ?09:21
jpdsjKaideN: You need to manual start the upgrade.09:21
jpdsjKaideN: And no, dpkg is built with keeping user changes in mind09:22
jKaideNah what if we use the sudo apt-get instead of dpkg ?09:23
jpdsjKaideN: dpkg is the low-level tool.09:23
jpdsjKaideN: It sits under apt-get.09:23
jKaideNi see09:23
jpdsjKaideN: Do you think everyone worldwide would tolerate it if their conf files snapped back to the defaults?09:23
jKaideNyeah though my Apache server just broke down after update/upgrade09:24
jpdsYou'd have to do some research into what exactly broke.09:24
jKaideNyeah im reading logs but can't find anything specific09:25
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jKaideN^ is that second one normal ?09:33
bekksWhy wouldnt it?09:33
jpdsjKaideN: Yep.09:35
rene_5472398hi all o/09:35
rene_5472398yeeeh \o/09:35
LeMikehello. I have a usb-drive which is encrypted and ubuntu asks me for a password when opening it. but it places it to a folder like /media/me/{longUID} . how can I setup luksopen or (x)ubuntu to mount to another folder like "/home/me/backup" ?09:35
jpdsLeMike: I wouldn't put your backup folder in /home/.09:36
jKaideNjpds, but I keep getting these stuff on syslog when i "tail -F" its like flooding ??09:36
jpdsLeMike: And to do that, you have to mount it manually.09:36
jpdsjKaideN: Judging by the port numbers, it looks lik DHCP traffic.09:37
jKaideNI also see neighbour IP's ??09:37
LeMikeor to "/media/me/backup" jpds ;) damn it, can't I change some kind of fstab for mounting USB-Drives to another dir? :(09:37
SeveasLeMike: give the filesystem a label (e.g. e2label for ext2)09:41
jpdsjKaideN: And?09:41
jKaideNjpds, not sure what it is but its just spamming right now??09:42
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jpdsjKaideN: That's your firewall?09:43
jKaideNthat was syslog09:43
jpdsjKaideN: What you've screenshoted, is a snap of logs of your firewall.09:44
BlankJackfirst time on linux ircs!09:44
BlankJackanybody has any good chanels?09:44
LeMikeyay! thanks Seveas , now I can link/mount "/dev/disk/by-label/backup" to anywhere :)09:45
jKaideNjpds, the second screenshot is "tail -F /var/log/syslog"09:46
somsip!alis | BlankJack09:46
ubottuBlankJack: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*09:46
BlankJackso lost right now :/09:46
jpdsjKaideN: Yes.09:46
jpdsjKaideN: It's showing you logs from your firewal.09:46
BlankJackahh got it09:46
jKaideNjpds, ah i see09:46
somsipBlankJack: Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*09:47
BlankJackkk thanks09:47
jKaideNjpds, if that's my firewall then why is it not stopping at all :D am i getting ddosed or something lol!09:47
jpdsjKaideN: Well, what I can see on there looks like broadcast traffic.09:48
adrien_norihiorisalut a tous, j'utilise plasma 5 et je cherche comment ajouter un théme d'écran de démarrage. Il y a pas de bouton ajouter comme aven c'est un peu chiant car zero indication quoi :s09:56
cristian_c!fr | adrien_norihiori09:57
ubottuadrien_norihiori: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:57
adrien_norihioriho sorry :)09:57
sai-lay_anyone here !10:06
svetlanahow may I help you?10:07
gentlyawesomeAnyone here?!10:13
gentlyawesomeCool. So how does this work? This is my first time in IRC :P10:14
svetlanaa chat room. a few conversations in parallel. each room has a name and a topic - the topic is shown at the top10:14
svetlanayou are at irc.ubuntu.com, also known as freenode, dedicated to collaboration and support of copyleft software, including such software shipped with ubuntu10:15
gentlyawesomeso such place exist :) I was dragged here in my curiosity of looking for a free ssh server. I don't even know if it exist.10:16
svetlanaok, you should check dmoz.org for that; one second10:17
ikoniagentlyawesome: default part of ubuntu10:17
ikoniagentlyawesome: the openssh-server package installs an ssh server10:17
svetlanaoh yes, if you have ubuntu installed then you can already use that computer as an ssh server. but I'm assuming you don't, and you're looking for someone else's ssh server. is that right?10:17
nicolas__Hello everyone, i have a strage problem with partitioning on an  unattended netboot install. in my presseed file i use "d-i partman-auto/choose_recipe select atomic" to tell the installer that i only want a / partition, on most hosts this works, but now i have machines with 300gb hard drives and 320GB of ram, and on this machines the installer creates a home partition. When i reduce the ram to 16 gb it w10:18
gentlyawesomesvetlana: I have already have ssh server on my computer. But is there a free server online?10:19
nicolas__orks correctly10:19
gentlyawesomeikona: yes I have installed it. Your name has a color yellow on it. Hmm...10:19
svetlanagentlyawesome: would you like one online? if you want to use them, see http://www.dmoz.org/Computers/Internet/Access_Providers/Unix_Shell_Providers/Free/ but be careful as they are shared. do not put confidential data there.10:19
svetlana(that list is not official and is not endorsed by ubuntu or canonical)10:20
svetlanagentlyawesome: if you have access to your router, then you can use your existing computer as an ssh server. it would be more secure and more reasonable regarding privacy and the like10:20
gentlyawesomesvetlana: Thanks for the link. Just curious on how I can use one like temporarily saveing some file etc...10:21
svetlanacheck their disk quota. for small files that's okay.10:21
svetlanayou could use GNUnet for anonymous secure peer-to-peer file sharing. see https://gnunet.org .10:22
svetlanadunno how to use it though. with ssh servers I do.10:22
gentlyawesomewow thanks this is a very helpful community :)10:22
gentlyawesomeso is everyone here a programmer or something?10:24
MonkeyDustgentlyawesome  my irc runs on unixssh.com, i's free10:24
svetlanagentlyawesome: no. I don't get a job in IT because doing so requires me to give up copyright on my code. I do program some in my free time though, and enjoy the benefits of releasing my code to the web under a copyleft (www.copyleft.org) licence.10:25
svetlanaMonkeyDust: I'll add that to that list, one mo10:26
iptablesvetlana, in what country?10:26
gentlyawesomeAha, cool, wait that's funny, first time I heared copyleft10:26
svetlanaiptable: Australia10:27
bekkssvetlana: As long as you are coding in your free time, you dont have to give up any copyrights of your privately programmed code.10:27
gentlyawesomehow do you guys do the colored name then my name besides yours?10:27
svetlanabekks: that's what I am doing :)10:28
iptableWas going to say, in EU regulations state the employer is not allowed to ask you to give up your personal copyrights and code that you made in your own time, as long as the code is not in direct competition to company's products.10:28
iptablesvetlana, ^10:28
EriC^gentlyawesome: you type someone's nick and it highlights it for them on their client10:28
bekkssvetlana: So you can safely get a job on IT, too :)10:28
svetlanagentlyawesome: S, V, TAB should do a nick highlight10:28
EriC^gentlyawesome: type the first few letters then press <tab>10:28
svetlanabekks: in some areas, but not as a software developer10:28
gentlyawesomeEriC^ Cool!10:28
iptablesvetlana, although employers still try to do that in contracts, they have no right to. Check Australia law exactly, maybe it's incorporated as well, in which case you are fine.10:28
bekkssvetlana: Why not? :)10:29
gentlyawesomesvetlana: Awesome! My name is colored you yours. Hehe10:29
svetlanabekks, iptable: they usually require to give up copyright to them. I tried finding one which allows me to upload the code to the web under gpl, but none wanted.10:29
svetlanait's not a legal requirement but that's something they dislike doing :)10:30
iptablesvetlana, even coded in personal time? hard to believe. it's like having to give away all your spoons cause you work in a spoon factory :D10:30
svetlanano, coding in personal time is fine10:30
bekkssvetlana: they have all rights to require you to give up copyright on the code produced during your working time. But they have no right to do so on your private code.10:30
svetlanayes, that's right. is my vocabulary that bad? I don't want to go to the factory because I don't like making non-free code, that's all.10:31
bekkssvetlana: And every software company not doing so wont survive, actually :)10:31
svetlanayes, that's why I don't work for the companies10:31
gentlyawesomesvetlana: Wait you also build programs on your free time? Awesome! I also do mine :)10:31
iptableok, I just glimpsed through Australia law. messed up. nevermind.10:32
bekkssvetlana: so you are looking for a company which lets you have to the copyright for coded you are coding for the company?10:32
svetlanabekks: that, or lets me give them the copyright AND includes a clause that all my code is GPLed in the contract10:32
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:33
gentlyawesomesvetlana: well how about companies that don't give you contracts?10:33
iptablebekks, apparently in Australia an employer has rights to code done even in your personal time. Just read it.10:33
svetlanagentlyawesome: I code for friends sometimes and they pay me even though I upload the thing somewhere. but that's not full-time :)10:33
bekksiptable: wow.10:34
svetlanaiptable: no, where did you take that from? I saw you mention it, but it was not what I said10:34
jpdsbekks: It depends on your employment contract really.10:34
gentlyawesomesvetlana: ehem, that's good.10:34
iptablesvetlana, my global copyright law PDFs10:34
iptableanyways, back to ubuntu support10:35
svetlanaah so that's actually not a joke, I didn't know that10:35
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csrockstarCan I maven compile and run java -jar file.java without conflict, to another instance that is already running?10:52
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ubuntuubuntu is mine now11:15
ubuntu0x71 (xc) Our11:15
ubuntuwhat u gonna do11:15
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Guest9125coded by skraito11:16
Craigwellfirst adventure with clonezilla coming up11:20
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voozeIs anyone able to change mouse cursor in 15.04 ? It just shows white cursor so matter what I do.11:21
EriC^vooze: does the selection change?11:22
EriC^if you go back to the options is it still changed?11:23
Guest9125KindOne> do you hate gay people?11:24
Guest9125<Guest9125> of course asshole11:24
Guest9125<Guest9125> gay and lesbian shouldn't have right11:24
Guest9125<Guest9125> to liv11:24
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BluesKajHiyas all11:32
voozeEriC^: sorry for the delay, but yes, it still says DMZ-black and the cursor is white.11:33
ismail_ısmaıl cam11:40
codepython777On an intel mac, i by mistake installed grub. Is there a way to go back to the osx bootloader?11:40
bekkscodepython777: Thats an OSX question :)11:40
codepython777can ubuntu read/write/mount HFS partitions?11:41
NoDRMinBooksI am running Ubuntu , how do i create a bootable USB? I don't have windows.11:41
SeveasNoDRMinBooks: usb-creator11:41
bekksread yes, write no, mount yes.11:41
codepython777bekks: Isnt grub designed to do recovery?11:42
bekkscodepython777: No.11:42
NoDRMinBooksSeveas where do I find that?11:42
EriC^NoDRMinBooks: are you making an ubuntu live usb?11:43
MrElendigcodepython777: write support to HFS is not something you should use11:43
codepython777I had refind installed before grub took over. Is there any way to go back to refind?11:44
MrElendigalso I strongly suggest not using HFS if you can11:44
NoDRMinBooksI want to be able to boot up on multiple machines, instead of using HDD11:44
SeveasNoDRMinBooks: it's actually called usb-creator-gtk and lives in the usb-creator-gtk package11:44
bekksMrElendig: OSX uses HFS+, so he has no choice.11:44
EriC^NoDRMinBooks: so you want a full installation, but on a usb instead of a hdd?11:45
NoDRMinBookscorrect eric11:45
codepython777mounting says wrong fs type.? "hfsplus" is fstype11:45
MrElendigbekks: he can not store all his files on the osX partition11:45
MrElendigcodepython777: you can't write to hfs with journal enabled11:45
MrElendigand disabeling the journal is a really bad idea11:46
bekksMrElendig: But he still want to access his OSX partitions.11:46
EriC^ok, boot an .iso and then install as usual, but to the usb instead of the hdd11:46
MrElendigbekks: note how I mentioned "write support"11:46
EriC^NoDRMinBooks: choose to install to Something else in the installer, and choose the usb and partition it, and choose the bootloader to be installed to the usb11:46
EriC^NoDRMinBooks: you can boot the .iso either using grub, or make a live usb if you have 2 usbs11:47
MrElendigread support is quite buggy too11:47
bekksMrElendig: I was refering to your "also I strongly suggest not using HFS if you can".11:47
MrElendigfun fact: hfs is so bad that osX actually puts a vfs on top of it11:47
MrElendigto hide some of the nasty things11:47
frank1ehi can anyone help me out installing truecrypt? I'm already failing at basics like opening the downloaded archive etc etc11:49
MrElendigfrank1e: truecrypt is dead11:50
codepython777MrElendig: I am just trying to read a hfsplus partition - cant even mount it11:50
MrElendigfrank1e: I suggest using luks or gpg instead11:50
codepython777do i need some extra packages to do that?11:50
frank1eMrElendig I'm using the last audited version, works11:50
frank1eMrElendig I have a tar.gz archive if I recall correctly. No idea how to install it11:50
frank1ebeen a while11:51
MrElendigmount -t hfs /what/ever /some/where11:51
frank1eoh ok hold on11:51
Number5Hello guys, I want to get rid of the TV box of our ISP. Instead, I want to use solely internet to watch tv, like Arab broadcasts or some Soccer channels. If that's possible, I don't need our satellite dish also. Where to look for the right software?11:51
qdiihey guys11:51
qdiiwhen I do an apt-get update, I get this message: "E: Method gave invalid 103 Redirect message"11:51
jpdsqdii: What version of Ubuntu are you running?11:52
frank1eMrElendig: frank@frank-MacBookPro:~/Downloads$ mount -t hfs /truecrypt-7.1a-linux.x64.tar.gz11:52
frank1emount: only root can do that11:52
jpdsfrank1e: You're trying to mount a tarball?11:53
MrElendigfrank1e: that was clearly not for you11:53
frank1eoh btw I'm sorry, I am running ElementaryOS :F but I heard it's basicly the same as ubuntu technically11:53
MrElendigfrank1e: for you: man tar11:53
frank1eMrElendig Uh now I got a long ass page with commans and descriptions11:54
MrElendigfrank1e: it tells you how to use tar to extract that archive11:54
MrElendigfrank1e: it even comes with examples11:54
MrElendigtar -x [-f ARCHIVE] [OPTIONS] [MEMBER...]11:55
MrElendigso tar -xf truecrypt-7.1a-linux.x64.tar.gz11:56
frank1ewas about to try it with just x11:56
voozeIs anyone able to change mouse cursor in 15.04 (unity) ? It just shows white cursor so matter what I do.11:57
jobanHi everyone11:57
jobanI'm installing Ubuntu 14.04 on lots of machines from USB11:57
jobanAt what point in the installation process can I remove the USB stick?11:58
frank1eMrElendig: http://pastebin.com/UGJMFk1111:58
MrElendigI can't open pastebin.com11:58
MrElendiguse a sane pastebin like bpaste.net or gist.github.com11:59
MrElendigjoban: when you reboot11:59
MrElendigafter you are done installing11:59
bekksfrank1e: That file given does not exist.11:59
frank1eMrElendig: https://bpaste.net/show/e00e72bdce0211:59
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duckblasterCan someon help me please, installation of ubuntu studio 15.04 on hyper-v windows 10 hangs12:10
duckblastersomehow modprobe btrfs freezes12:11
jobanMrElendig: Thanks12:13
MrElendigfrank1e: works better if the file actually exists at that path12:14
ioriaduckblaster, windows 10,  ver. 10049 ?12:15
MonkeyDust!btrfs | duckblaster did you read this12:16
ubottuduckblaster did you read this: Btrfs is a new filesystem available for Ubuntu. It is currently marked as experimental, and should not be used for important data. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs12:16
MrElendigbtrfs is not experimental12:16
MonkeyDusti have build 1007412:16
duckblasterit's the installer script, right after the selection for audio/video/etc packages12:17
bekksMrElendig: According to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs it is still under development.12:17
MuntIf I have an rsync backup of my server, can I just rsync it back to my main linux hard disk after a failure and expect it to work perfectly again ?12:17
ioriaduckblaster, which version of win10 ?12:18
MrElendigbekks: guess what: ext4 is still under development too12:18
MrElendigbekks: so are xfs and jfs12:18
duckblasterioria: not sure, where do I go to check12:18
MrElendigbekks: that page is quite outdated btw, note how the latest version it mentiones is from 201212:19
bekksMrElendig: Feel free to update it then :)12:19
MrElendigbekks: last update to the page was in 201312:19
ioriaduckblaster, maybe in control panel12:21
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MonkeyDustduckblaster  normally, you can find the build number on your desktop12:22
duckblasterfound it, corner of the desktop wallpaper, 1007412:22
frank1eMrElendig it does exist :(12:22
ioriaduckblaster, the point is that hyper seems to have a bug, from 10049 version12:23
bekksfrank1e: ls -lha shows that exact file?12:24
ioriafrank1e you changed the file extension ?12:24
rypervencheMunt: Yes, depending on what you are rsyncing.12:24
ioriafrank1e from .tgz to tar.gz ?12:25
ioriaduckblaster, the point is that hyper seems to have a bug, from 10049 version12:25
ioriaduckblaster, sorry,   they say to downgrade  and  upgrade again12:26
duckblasterthat's been fixed12:27
ioriaduckblaster, "web chat", never tried , sorry12:27
Muntrypervenche my rsync command is sudo rsync -azvv -e ssh /* munt@
rypervencheMunt: Yeah, there are some things you won't want to copy over, such as virtual file systems, /dev, /sys,. Let me show you my exclude file that I use.12:30
Muntthanks very much ryperenche !12:31
rypervencheMunt: I use rsync -avhPs --delete --delete-excluded --exclude-from='/home/rypervenche/scripts/.backup-exclude' / /mnt/backup1/hostname/$(date +%F)/12:32
rypervencheMunt: https://bpaste.net/show/2eb36231362e is my exclude file12:33
duckblasterfreezes when I hit cintinue on this screen http://imgur.com/SDtOSc912:33
Muntwhat do the  three astrix’s mean ?12:33
rypervencheMunt: My actual backup script is a bit more complex (using hard links and such), but that is the gist of it.12:33
vindicatorpm-suspend scripts don't seem to get run when using the keyboard "Sleep" key or even the Suspend power menu item. I added logger statements to the script and they only showed when I manually ran pm-suspend.12:34
rypervencheMunt: a trailing "dir_name/***" will match both the directory (as if "dir_name/" had been specified) and everything in the directory (as if "dir_name/**" had been specified).  This behavior was added in version
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rypervencheMunt: Man page ftw :)12:34
Muntthanks :)12:35
* Munt is a uber linux noob12:35
rypervencheMunt: We all were at some point :)12:36
Seveassome of us still are12:36
MuntBaby Steps and mini victories :D12:36
duckblastersystem monitor shows this http://imgur.com/IHXZl2H I eft it for over an hour with no change12:36
MuntI just managed to get my server to connect to the internet via a VPN so that my home ip isnt broadcast.        is there a more widely accepted method of obscuring a servers ip from the web than that ?12:37
rypervencheMunt: For what service(s)?12:38
rypervencheMunt: A simple SSH tunnel will work. Run "ssh -D 9999 user@ip.of.your.server" then in your browser go to Network and use a socks5 proxy at localhost:999912:38
rypervencheMunt: However, if you want all traffic, (not just http), to use your home network's public IP, then a VPN will be your best bet.12:40
Muntrypervenche: forgive my ignorance but that means buy a sock5 proxy and route my connection via it ?12:41
rypervencheMunt: Nope. socks5 proxy support is built into your browser.12:42
rypervencheMunt: The SSH command would create the proxy tunnel that you would then use in your browser.12:43
Muntrypervenche: My goal is to set up a webserver whose ip is not traceable to my home (not for anything bad)12:44
Muntat the moment my vpn method works … but it feels wrong :p12:44
NoDRMinBooksYou should use TOR12:45
rypervencheMunt: Oh, you're running a server from hom?12:45
Muntyes rypervenche12:45
MuntNoDRMinBooks: I dont like tor12:46
Munttoo slow12:46
Johnny_Linuxi think tor is down anyway12:46
simpleuserSomeone using Guake here? When I hide it with f12 I havo no focus. Could I have it on the window underneath it?12:47
NoDRMinBooksit's working perfectly12:47
NoDRMinBooksVPN's are not private by design12:47
NoDRMinBooksTOR is12:47
NoDRMinBooksIt may be slower but it is far safer and anonymous12:48
MonkeyDustin Firefox, I set my proxy to unixssh's ip address, using port 9999... how does that change anything?12:48
Muntthe only thing i want is for joe bloggs not to be able to get my home ip.    if the gov. or isp can trace it back to me that's fine12:48
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ubottuGuest17852: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:55
vindicatorAnyone familiar with pm-suspend?12:57
causticshello there, happy day! what is your recommended firefox add-on for https?12:58
MonkeyDustvindicator  yes12:59
vindicatorMonkeyDust, are the /etc/pm/sleep.d scripts supposed to run under all pm conditions, like the keyboard's "Sleep" key being pressed?13:01
MonkeyDustvindicator  not sure, never used those scripts13:04
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rypervencheMunt: You will need some server that is not at your house, whether it's a small VM that you buy or a proxy that you pay for. Or a friend's computer/server that they let you SSH to or VPN to.13:04
vindicatorMonkeyDust and anyone else interested, I posted my issue in the forums: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=227830613:05
Muntrypervenche: So do you think my paid pptp vpn solution is roughly equivalent ?13:05
starnasHi all. Got to use aclocal 1.13 to compile a software. But in /usr/bin/ i get only aclocal 1.11 although my automake is the newest version available. Any ideas? apt-get does not have aclocal to install, only as automake package13:06
nilujeShould I prefer strongswan to ipsec-tools?13:06
causticshello there, happy day! what is your recommended firefox add-on for https?13:07
MonkeyDustcaustics  better ask in #ubuntu-offtopic13:07
causticsrecently I could discuss here a full-length firefox security problem.13:08
causticsand I was recommended to use a https addon13:08
MonkeyDustcaustics  i'm sure you can find a suitable https plugin in the firefox menu13:10
causticsMonkeyDust, yes, there are several. that's why I am asking.13:10
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causticsearlier there used to be https everywhere, now it's gone13:11
MonkeyDustcaustics  yes, maybe it was no longer maintainded or so13:13
causticsthank you MonkeyDust. seems I'll need to scratch a bit13:15
MonkeyDustcaustics  or choose anothe13:15
causticsMonkeyDust, yes. will go for "try and see".13:16
jack-zhangwhy my Ubuntu system own two default routers? One is eth0 the other is ppp0, and the point is it doesn't work!!13:18
pbxmy status bar has become unresponsive to clicks.  alt-f10 seems to work. how can i kick/fix it?13:28
MonkeyDustpbx  status bar of what?13:30
pbxMonkeyDust, unity13:30
XenophonFis it possible to tell the ubuntu installer to skip partitioning entirely?13:35
jack-zhangHello guys, Could anybody told me why my Ubuntu system own two IPv6 default routers? One is eth0 the other is ppp0, and the point is it doesn't work!!13:35
jack-zhanghttps://p.6core.net/p/3X19w3NFVwb86K7Y2e4nMOGL message13:36
ash_just  booted pi for first time amazined13:37
pbxash_, if you have a question, just ask.13:37
ash_u guys running on rasberry pi?13:38
Pumpkin-_jack-zhang: because something on both eth0 and ppp0 sent a RA and claimed to be an IPv6 router ?13:38
jack-zhangAnd I observe this file root/net/ipv6/route.c find that /*always select the same router if it is (probably) reachable*/13:38
jack-zhangSo it alwalys choose eth0, which doesn't work13:38
Pumpkin-_I'm assuming you are surprised at getting one from eth0 ?13:38
jack-zhangPumpkin, yes13:39
Pumpkin-_go find whatever it is that is sending it and turn it off, or turn off the net.ipv6.conf.eth0.accept_ra sysctl if you can't do that for some reason.13:40
jack-zhangPumpkin-_ ip -6 change default dev ppp0 will make it work13:41
jack-zhangPumpkin-_ bbut i want to know why it never choose ppp0 to send packets13:41
ravihi, got error on connecting DSL. Error: Creating object for path '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/ActiveConnection/51' failed in libnm-glib.13:43
Pumpkin-_ahh, go digging in the code then. Two equal routes, same prefix length, same metric.13:43
zerowaitstatejack-zhang: check the metric the two interfaces13:43
zerowaitstatejack-zhang: "ip route"13:43
jack-zhanghttps://p.6core.net/p/3X19w3NFVwb86K7Y2e4nMOGL here13:44
ravican any one help me?13:44
raviCreating object for path '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/ActiveConnection/51' failed in libnm-glib.13:44
jack-zhangzerowaitstate ,https://p.6core.net/p/3X19w3NFVwb86K7Y2e4nMOGL13:44
jack-zhangzerowaitstate it seems the same13:45
MonkeyDusttiet veu a paafke13:46
ravii got fe80::/64 dev wlan0  proto kernel  metric 25613:46
jack-zhangPumpkin-_, yes all the same but why it always choose eth0? That really confuse me13:48
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ravihow to solve "(1) Creating object for path '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/ActiveConnection/60' failed in libnm-glib."? I got this error message when connecting DSL.13:49
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jack-zhangPumpkin-_ I find that it follow the RFC 2461 6.3.6 https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2461#section-6.3.6 but I never the point. Any advice?13:50
zerowaitstateravi: http://askubuntu.com/questions/469783/ubuntu-14-04-cant-connect-to-new-password-protected-wifi-network13:50
ravithanks zerowaitstate13:51
ravitrying to solve13:51
zerowaitstateravi: applies to wlan, but it may relate to your issue13:51
zerowaitstateravi: also, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/143800313:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1438003 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "(1) Creating object for path '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/ActiveConnection/0' failed in libnm-glib." [High,Triaged]13:52
ravizerowaitstate: ok13:53
Craigwellhey guys,13:53
Craigwelli just finished using clonezilla to copy partition to partition,13:53
Craigwellfrom an internal hd to a new one that i had connected via usb13:54
Joshunare the ubuntu torrent trackers down for anyone else?13:54
Joshunthey just time out13:54
Craigwelleverything seems to have gone ok,13:54
Craigwellbut wondering what next..13:54
Joshundon't have the problem for any other torrents, just ubuntu's13:54
Craigwellthe target drive is larger, and i increased the partition sizes accordingly,13:54
eliezerHi Josh13:54
Craigwellbut the partition to partition copy seems to have retained the source drive sizes somehow?13:55
somsipCraigwell: that's how it works. You need to resize it13:55
Craigwellsomsip: can I do that with gparted?13:56
somsipCraigwell: yep13:56
zerowaitstateCraigwell: you have to resize the filesystem as well after you resize the partition13:56
zerowaitstateCraigwell: if you're using ext4, I think the command is resize2fs13:56
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Craigwelllooks like my ext4 partition automatically resized13:57
zerowaitstatesome tools will do that for you.13:57
XenophonFwill the ubuntu installer skip partitioning if /target is already mounted?13:57
Craigwelli used clonezilla,13:58
XenophonFCraigwell: partclone or whatever should resize ext4 volumes for you13:58
Craigwellchose "local partition to partition" copy,13:58
Craigwellafter I created the partitions I wanted on the new drive13:58
Craigwellyeah it seems to be the ntfs partitions that have issues14:01
XenophonFCraigwell: http://askubuntu.com/questions/24027/how-can-i-resize-an-ext-root-partition-at-runtime14:01
Craigwelltrying to resize one now via gparted - > partition -> check14:01
Craigwellwell the ext4 partition is another story alltogether14:01
unity_newbiehi guys, is there anyway i can hide the close/maximize/minimize buttons when i invoque the Dash?14:01
Craigwellthe original one was 12gb with like, 1gb free (14.04)14:01
Craigwellthe new one on the target drive was 50gb,14:02
Craigwellbut somehow gparted is still reporting only 1gb free on the new larger partition ?!14:02
Craigwelli'll ignore that for now..14:02
XenophonFCraigwell: precisely what options did you use with Clonezilla?14:02
Craigwelli kept it simple with gui,14:02
Craigwellno filechecking14:02
Craigwelljust "local partition to partition" copy14:03
ravi(1) Creating object for path '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/ActiveConnection/6' failed in libnm-glib.14:04
ravinot solved14:04
raviDoes any one have idea to solve "(1) Creating object for path '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/ActiveConnection/6' failed in libnm-glib."?14:06
unity_newbiehi guys, is there anyway i can hide the close/maximize/minimize buttons when i invoque the Dash?14:08
Joshunfound out the problem with torrents - my uni seems to be blocking them. pretty bad considering the university of sheffield uses ubuntu for some of its servers14:08
Craigwellyeah i have problems here14:09
Craigwellor i can't trust what gparted is reporting14:09
Craigwellall of it is incorrecy14:09
Craigwelli think i need to startover14:09
XenophonFCraigwell: iirc there's an option in Clonezilla where it will copy the file system contents14:11
Craigwellyeah I'm starting over.14:11
CraigwellNot impressed.14:11
Craigwellthere hasn't been much in the way of ease trying to sort this out, and it doesn't seem too complicated to me14:11
Craigwellold drive: small partitions. New drive: larger partitions. Clone contents, and go. I understand there is possibly some Grub / UUID stuff to sort out when I swap the old drive for the new, but otherwise why is this complicated?14:12
EagleDeltaQuick question: Can I use SELinux on Ubuntu with minimal issues (like I can in RHEL/CentOS). I work for a Network Security company and our CIO is moving us to Ubuntu Server, but Security requires us to use SELinux, NOT AppArmor14:12
Craigwellanyway, I'll try again14:12
Craigwellthe options I saw in clonezilla were to clone drive to drive locally, remote etc14:13
Craigwellor clone partition to partition locally, remote etc. Should I try the drive cloning? Will that deal with multiple partitions ?14:13
Craigwelli have a swap, an ext4 and two ntfs partitions to deal with14:13
Craigwellgoing from 120gb to 500gb wd black drive14:14
CraigwellDell D63014:14
cn28hso I upgraded from 14.10 to 15.04 and now Ubuntu stopped automatically mounting my usb hdd.. it's probably fine, I'm sure I can still mount it myself.  Just wondering if anybody had an idea what would cause that14:14
XenophonFCraigwell: there's an option in clonezilla to resize at restore time14:16
XenophonFoption "-k" i think14:16
Craigwellok. I guess I'm going for it again now14:16
XenophonFthen you can use ntfsresize or resize2fs to expand the file systems14:16
XenophonFor you can use diskpart in windows14:17
XenophonFgood luck14:17
CraigwellI was using this guide14:17
Felishiahey guys :3 would you recommend faking my ip or doing something so that every service runs as if I was in the US?14:17
a7i3n_anyone here experience their usb mouse stop working in 15.04? Have to unplug and replug to temporarlilly fix this...14:17
FelishiaI'm tired of web services that show me all stuff in spanish14:17
cn28h(in fact, I manually ran "udisksctl mount -b /dev/sdb" and it worked...)14:17
cn28her, /dev/sdb1 rather14:17
EriC^^Felishia: it'll make your internet slower i guess14:17
EriC^^Felishia: cause it'll have to go through that server14:18
FelishiaEriC^^, :c isn't there then a different way?14:18
Craigwellhmmm wait a second14:18
Felishiafor example, when I go to X website all if contents appear in spanish and is usually bad translations or not the same content14:18
Craigwellonce i clone partitionm is there an image I have to restore on new partition ?14:19
EriC^^Felishia: just switch the language in the website and tell it to save your settings14:19
Craigwellthat might explain weird info reported by gparted14:19
EriC^^Craigwell: if i were you, i'd make the partitions as i wanted in the new hdd, and just rsync the data over14:19
FelishiaEriC^^, problem is when I'm googling XD and I go to a random site... and it gets in "es" moe14:19
Craigwellrsync.. terminal command I can execute from within OS containing source drive mounted?14:20
Craigwellor am I usb booting again ?14:20
Felishiadamn web services should use the language of the OS instead the IP to track what my language is!14:20
EriC^^Craigwell: you'd want to boot a live usb, so that the virtual filesystems aren't loaded and you just rsync -av / /path/to/usb14:21
EriC^^or rather rsync -av /mnt/your/installatio\n /path/to/usb14:21
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Craigwellok. seems reasonable.14:22
CraigwellI'm going for it14:22
EriC^^Craigwell: i think if you clone the drive and then resize it would take a long time to resize everything like you wanted14:22
EriC^^ok, also there are the bootloaders14:22
EriC^^are you using mbr partitions?14:22
Craigwellyes, I was understanding I might need to modify grub to change uuid?14:23
Craigwellor something like that14:23
EriC^^ok, well after you copy the data, chroot into the installation from the live usb14:23
EriC^^and do grub-install /dev/sdX (where sdX is the new hdd)14:23
EriC^^and change /etc/fstab so that it has the proper uuid's14:24
EriC^^also sudo update-grub14:24
CraigwellI am not sure about mbr14:24
EriC^^it's ok, grub-install will write to the mbr14:24
EriC^^if you're using uefi you have to do something else14:25
Craigwellyes the grub thing sounds simple, I've done similar recovery / mod before14:25
Craigwellwasn't too worried about that14:25
Craigwelljust the proper cloning is hard to wrap my head around for some reason14:25
Craigwellbut I will get to a live usb, and go the rsync message14:25
EriC^^go for it14:26
Craigwellthank you, i'll be back to report on it14:26
Craigwellno uefi14:26
EriC^^Johnny_Linux: haha :D14:26
CraigwellI think its ok. Just cluing into something14:28
Craigwellgparted can't deal with the ntfs partitions14:28
EriC^^yes it can14:28
EriC^^what do you mean14:28
Craigwellto report on them without he following list of software packages is required for ntfs file system support:  ntfsprogs / ntfs-3g.14:28
Craigwelli don't have ntfs packages installed14:28
Craigwellfor gparted that is14:29
Craigwelli just looked at my source drive for a minute, and clued in14:29
EriC^^try creating the partitions from scratch14:29
Craigwellmy clone might have been a sucess,14:29
Craigwelli did originally create them from scratch14:29
Craigwellthen used clonezilla for partitiion to partition copy14:30
Craigwelldisks is reporting the correct partition sizes14:30
Craigwelli just couldn't mount them / examine in gparted, hence my confusion14:30
EriC^^mount them as usual14:30
EriC^^sudo mount /dev/sdxY /mnt14:30
Craigwellyup it works14:31
tete_hi, is there some tool to automount an usb drive in e.g. /mnt/usb(1,2,3...) in ubuntu 15.04 with systemd?14:34
Tomassois there some way to install a web proxy, and make it access https sites allowing me to visit them using plain and normal http ?14:34
yaccDoes Ubuntu 14.04 manage decrypt multiple devices on boot, if they are required for root? (root on LVM with two PV that are encrypted)?14:34
=== kernel is now known as Guest85911
tete_Tomasso, i guess squid should be able to do that14:34
yaccTomasso: That does not make sense, because webbrowsers/javascript/... usually need to know if they are http/https.14:34
EriC^^tete_: just add it to /etc/fstab14:34
tete_EriC^^, i dont have any information about the device14:35
EriC^^tete_: you mean you want it to automount any device you put?14:35
tete_i dont care about the name or mount point, but it should get automounted14:35
Tomassommm the thing is that I need to do some scripting on a couple of internal sites, and they are https, and I deal with problems all the time from my scripts14:35
EriC^^there was a program for that14:36
EriC^^hold on14:36
=== Guest85911 is now known as Bayangan
tete_EriC^^, is it usbmount?14:40
EriC^^tete_: yeah i think so14:40
tete_ok will try that, thanks14:41
EriC^^no problem14:41
tete_hah perfect, works instantly :)14:41
yaccTomasso: what are you using for scripting?14:41
tete_dev/sdb1 on /media/48EE20DBEE20C2D414:41
tete_is the name always the same for that device?14:41
Tomassoyacc, ruby mechanize14:41
tete_i mean the mount point14:41
yaccTomasso: and what's the problem?14:41
TomassoSSL connections sometimes fail, and cause trouble.. if the site changes something breaks my scripts14:42
yaccTomasso: if they are internal sites, you might have an issue with certificates, then the easiest way is to configure ruby mechanize not to do any certificate checking.14:42
yaccTomasso: And why would you expect your scripts to be more resistent to changes as http?14:42
Tomassobecause i have no problems with http14:43
EriC^^tete_: i think so14:43
Tomassohttps makes me waste a lot of time14:43
EriC^^tete_: i think you can configure it to use what you want14:43
EriC^^tete_: i think that's the uuid14:44
MonkeyDustTomasso  tip: Mozilla plans to make Firefox usbale for https only14:44
yaccTomasso: well, nginx, Apache can handle your needs in "reverse proxy mode", squid probably too (as in rewriting locations)14:45
Tomassojezz.. i hate passwords forms encriptionnnn14:45
MonkeyDustTomasso  http://www.techweekeurope.co.uk/security/mozilla-unencrypted-web-16759214:48
Tomassoexageration on security... with the pretext of securtiy they build the access for a porn site more secure and complicated than a bank account ,, come oooon14:49
Tomassonobody is going to hack that |!14:50
Tomassoand if they do whats the problem14:50
BlankJackWhos hacking porn sites?14:50
ikoniaBlankJack: no-one said anything about that, please don't be silly14:51
Tomassoits a way of saying implementing huge security for things that are not worthy14:51
BlankJackI read port...and hacking14:51
Tomassoand bother users with that14:51
ikoniaBlankJack: right, which is not what you said14:51
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almarkeverything should be https on the web imo14:52
ikonianot quite sure how any of this is anything to do with ubuntu ?14:53
almarksortof of topic14:53
BlankJackit doesnt...14:53
ikoniaso perhaps not for this channel then please.14:54
BlankJackok :/14:54
ikoniaeg: ##security14:54
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kappa1I've installed ubuntu on an iMac, anyone knows about a program to automatically control the fan speeds?15:09
somsip!mac | kappa115:09
ubottukappa1: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages15:09
donofriohumm, wondering why I thought virtualbox was *not* included in venom issue.....I thought it only effecte quem type of vm's (old dos games and the like) not VB???15:10
MonkeyDustdonofrio  venom issue?15:12
tewarddonofrio: AIUI, VENOM affects multiple VM frameworks, not just qemu15:12
jpdsMonkeyDust: VENOM.15:12
tewardMonkeyDust: the recent VENOM vuln.15:12
tewarddonofrio: many things were affected, including VBox, AFAIK15:13
shubhankarAnyone knows how to enable notifications on some terminal function completion?15:21
MonkeyDustshubhankar  use notify-send15:22
pi-How do I, from the command line, show the chunk(s) of a config file that contain a particular text string (in my case DocumentRoot)15:22
MonkeyDustshubhankar  like so:   notify-send "System Update Successful"15:22
craig__hmm. not sure how my doppelganger (Craigwell) remained here15:23
pbxpi-, grep DocumentRoot foo.conf15:23
craig__the second Craigwelll is my iphone irc client,15:23
craig__but anyway..15:23
pi-Thanks pbx15:23
craig__I put the new drive in, booted live cd and did grub restore15:24
craig__but the ntfs partitions are wonky15:24
craig__one was just a common partition to share files between win7 and 14.04 easily,15:24
craig__the target drive version of that is filled up somehow'15:24
craig__when there should be 250gb free lol15:25
craig__the win7 partition wont boot15:25
craig__seen by grub and restored, but it's not happy15:25
craig__i'll work at it lol15:25
marushello, any fix to this bug? lpq: Error - add '/version=1.1' to server name.15:27
Craigwellthat's better15:27
Craigwellgparted hangs when i try "partition"->"check" for the ntfs partition15:29
Craigwellat least the 14.04/ ext4 operation went flawlessly15:30
Craigwelli have the new drive in the system now,15:30
Craigwelland will just keep the old drive around with enclosure and tinker / redo until I get it right. liveusb is a pain in the ass though15:30
Craigwellis there a way around it where the ntfs partitions i'm working with aren't mounted?15:30
bsuniversewhat's the main difference between samsung s6 duos s9200 and s920FD15:32
ikoniaask samsung15:32
ikonianot #ubuntu15:32
bsuniversejust a test15:33
Craigwelltesting ikonia's reflexes15:33
marushello, lpq: Error - add '/version=1.1' to server name.15:37
adnani'm using xubuntu and having problem to browse facebook & gmail, and some other sites suddenly15:38
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tim_just showing someone the help that is available on Ubuntu Servers15:48
ikoniatim_: just ask your question15:49
tim_ikonika - thanks. My friend works for lots of small businesses and I was just showing how friendly Ubuntu Server was as well as the support network available15:50
Craigwellyes, the freenode room seems to be the most active15:51
tim_cya everyone15:51
Craigwelli used to use the dalnet and efnet ones,15:52
Craigwellbut they are pretty quiet these days15:52
Craigwell#ubuntu channels on those servers, that is to say15:52
ikoniatim_: so whats actually the question ?15:52
Craigwellikonia: i dont think there was one15:52
tim_There is no question. I was just explaining how support works on Linux15:52
Craigwelltim_: they aren't all so grumpy15:53
ikoniano different than windows in the ##windows channel15:53
ikoniaor debian in the #debian channel15:53
tim_I know - was part of the TV project :D15:53
xanguaYou mean how a community, volunteer support works?15:53
Craigwellis this more a demonstration of irc perhaps?15:54
tim_My friend is impressed with how quick responses came back..... demo for a new user base hopefully15:54
tim_many thanks everyone15:54
* Craigwell goes to high five the room. The room leaves him hanging15:55
Craigwell1839 people, and I can't get a high five? :-(15:55
tim_Craigwell - High 5 back matey15:55
Craigwellall i can suggest, on a more serious note - the people active in here vary at random, and you may not get instant help15:56
Craigwellgoogle is also the best first step15:56
jpdsCraigwell: ⁵15:56
Craigwellor a search engine of your choice15:56
Craigwellthe knowledge base, forums are extensive in most cases,15:56
Craigwellbut for tricky or hard to resolve issues, yeah, I always come back to irc, regardless of the subject15:57
Craigwellkodi/xbmc, ubuntu, hardware related etc15:57
tim_I know :D As I said b4, this was just a quick demo of what support can be like15:57
Craigwellwe are all a bunch of dorks in one way or another15:57
somsipCraigwell: I think he got it. Can you tone done the -vvv a bit now...?15:57
tim_for newbies to Linux15:57
Craigwellsomsip ? wha ?15:57
tim_:d - cya all15:58
somsipCraigwell: not so verbose.15:58
Craigwellrandom chatter discouraged ?15:58
somsipCraigwell: yes15:58
Craigwellwell i was idling looking for more help on my cloning / partitioning scenario,15:58
somsipCraigwell: feel free to idle in #ubuntu-offtopic. Thanks15:58
Craigwellfigured i'd be (obliquely, verbosely) helpful15:58
somsipCraigwell: or ask if you have a direct question. But back to support now please.15:59
YamakasYI'm looking for a way with a bashscript to remove all old kernel images before the running from /boot would that be doable ?15:59
somsipYamakasY: script is linked here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/RemoveOldKernels15:59
Craigwellused clonezilla15:59
Craigwellold drive 120gb, new 500gb15:59
somsip!enter | Craigwell15:59
Craigwellmade 4 partitions on the new drive first: a swap, ext4, and two ntfs. One contained win 716:00
somsipCraigwell: try to be concise. otherwise people wont follow and you wont get a clear answer16:00
YamakasYsomsip: you cannot run that when /boot is full and apt was not able to finish the installation of the newest kernel16:00
Craigwelli connected new drive to system via usb enclosure, booted tuxboot/clonezilla liveusb,16:00
Craigwelland did local partition to partition copy. The target drive partitions were all larger16:00
Craigwellorked perfect for ext4, 14.04 moved onto new partition with extra space, and all is well after grub-update16:00
somsipYamakasY: more info is always helpful. Manual script is here but *be careful* http://askubuntu.com/questions/401581/bash-one-liner-to-delete-only-old-kernels16:01
Craigwellthere are issues with the ntfs partitions however,16:01
Craigwellcan i deal with repairing or redoing the ntfs partitions without liveusb where they aren't mounted? using gparted, gnome disk utility, etc?16:01
YamakasYsomsip: can also not be runned when apt didn't finish :)16:01
YamakasYsomsip: I need to create room in /boot by removing the images16:01
somsipYamakasY: /boot is on a separate partition?16:03
YamakasYsomsip: yes16:04
YamakasYsomsip: always :)16:04
somsipYamakasY: best to always manage it before a crisis then...16:04
YamakasYsomsip: no this is no crisis, I'm testing it out as it always can happen16:05
CraigwellDo i need to boot from liveusb to grow an ntfs filesystem to fit a new larger partition, if it's not mounted ??16:06
ikoniaYamakasY: just remove the old kernel packages from the package manager then16:06
ikoniaCraigwell: if it's not mounted, no16:06
Craigwelloptions beyond gparted or gnome disk utility in that case? ntfs seems to be giving gparted issues. I can mount the partitions via nautilus however, so the filesystems are intact16:07
YamakasYikonia: that cannot be done, it's cli only and apt didn't finish so the package manager fails16:07
ikoniayes it can be done16:07
ikoniaremove the packages you don't need via the command line16:07
YamakasYI know I can remove the images manuallu from /boot and it works but I need to get a command for that16:07
YamakasYikonia: I need to16:07
ikoniano, you dno't remove the images16:07
ikoniayou remove the packages16:07
ikoniathe packages will remove the images for you16:07
YamakasYikonia: but that cannot be done if a install -f is needed first16:09
ikoniayes it can16:09
YamakasYikonia: how ?16:09
ikoniaclean up the failing installs16:09
YamakasYikonia: cleanup ?16:09
YamakasYexample ?16:09
CraigwellDo I need to change the uuid in order for gparted to handle the ntfs filesystems?16:09
ikoniadepends on why it's failing16:09
ikoniaCraigwell: change it where ?16:10
YamakasYikonia: it was not able to finish the last kernel install because /boot is full16:10
Craigwellin the gparted options for partitions containing ntfs filesystems, it gives me the option for "new uuid"16:10
YamakasYmy best approach is to remove the unsed images by script16:10
ikoniaYamakasY: so stop that change - clear up then clean up the packages16:10
ikoniaCraigwell: you don't touch the UUID16:10
Craigwellok. i was confusing that to changes in /etc/fstab perhaps16:11
ikoniaCraigwell: after the resize you may need to16:11
Craigwelli saw mention of uuid in the cloning process, wondered about it16:11
ikoniayou're not cloning16:11
ikoniayou're resizing16:11
Craigwelli already cloned, now need to resize yes16:12
Craigwellgparted will not let me do it,16:12
Craigwelleven with filesystems not mounted16:12
Craigwellit hangs16:12
Craigwellgparted itself will also not mount the file systems, but will recognize them once i mount via terminal or nautilus, file systems themselves are fine16:13
Craigwelli just need a way to resize16:13
YamakasYikonia: so how would you clean that up than ?16:13
ikoniaYamakasY: cancel the failed install16:13
YamakasYikonia: how ?16:13
Craigwelldo i need gparted on liveusb, or if it doesnt work here with the fs unmounted, do i have other issues?16:13
* YamakasY is confused16:13
ikoniaYamakasY: read the apt-get / dpkg docs - I'm trying to work here16:14
ikoniaCraigwell: as you've been told "no"16:14
YamakasYikonia: aren't we all ? you are wasting your time by suggesting instead of telling what is needed16:14
ikoniaYamakasY: I've told you what's needed16:14
ikonialooking up the exact syntax shouldn't be too hard16:14
Craigwellikonia: is there another option for this rather than gparted? is the gnome disk utility advisable to try this?16:15
ikoniaI don't advise it16:15
YamakasYikonia: yes but I was asking for a way of removing the images with a reason16:15
YamakasYthis might not work as I need16:15
ikoniait will work as y ou need16:15
ikoniayou're asking how to do it wrong16:15
ikoniaI'm telling you how to do it right16:15
bon0how do i recover a root password on trusty server without grub?16:16
ikoniayou can't recover it16:16
ikoniayou need to reset it16:16
bekks!root | bon016:16
ubottubon0: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo16:16
bon0i mean to get root access16:17
YamakasYikonia: yes but everything has a reason, so that's why I do it like that16:17
ikoniaYamakasY: yes and it's wrong16:17
ikoniaYamakasY: what reason do you have to not use the correct process ?16:17
auronandaceYamakasY: manually removing kernel images will mess up the package management hence you are getting the error of install -f16:19
CraigwellI see a program called ntfsresize16:19
YamakasYauronandace: no it won't I already tested that out, works well16:19
ikoniait will16:19
ikoniabecause parts of the packages are missing16:19
Craigwellit doesnt mention win7,16:19
ikoniaYamakasY: why are you not doing the correct process ?16:19
YamakasYikonia: if you are stuck and you automate stuff, you might want to force it16:19
Craigwellbut says it will work with ntfs, 32 or 64 bit,16:19
ikoniaYamakasY: that is not forcing it16:19
ikoniathat is breaking it16:19
Craigwellso i'll give that a whirl16:20
YamakasYikonia: no it's not because when you have room you can do what you want and apt managed well16:20
ikoniano you can't16:20
ikoniayou are breaking the package manager16:20
ikoniaand to be honest - if you're that sure, why are you just not removing the kernel images16:20
aardmarkDoes anyone have suggestions on a easy to use tool for managing apache virtual servers, etc? Terminal based is ideal, but Web-based would be OK too…16:20
ikoniawhy are you asking what to do ?16:20
ikoniaaardmark: vi16:20
YamakasYikonia: who tested it on 20 machine, you or me ?16:20
aardmarkhahaha vi?16:21
ikoniaYamakasY: then why are you asking for hhelp  ?16:21
ikoniawhat's stopping you ?16:21
Craigwellhow about kdepartition manager?16:21
Craigwellworth looking at?16:21
YamakasYikonia: because I need a script for removing the unused kernel before the running one byt a script and than only the images in /boot16:21
sberlaqualcuno a mai utilizzato il comando lpr per fare una stampa via shell16:21
YamakasYI now did it manually16:21
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:21
aardmark@YamakasY I meant perhaps something more prompt-based / more wizard style16:21
ikoniaYamakasY: so write one16:21
ikoniajust script the manual step16:21
somsipaardmark: it really is best to learn how to set up conf files, and a text editor is the way to go. Maybe nano if vi offends16:22
sberlasomeone never used the lpr command to make a print via shell ?16:22
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
YamakasYikonia: nah I need to see byt script which are in front of it16:22
ikoniaYamakasY: whats the actual problem you are trying to sovle ?16:22
somsipsberla: worst phrased question ever. Can you rephrase?16:22
ikoniayou're not making sense, you're asking for help but saying "no", you've said you've already done iit on 20 machines - so whats stopping you do it on the rest ?16:22
ikoniawhat do you actually need/want from the channel ?16:22
aardmarkheheh - no offense taken.. I've been managing apache with vim for a long time, but enabling/disabling / managing 15 different virtual servers gets tiring with vi … just looking for something a little quicker / easier to juggle many virtual servers16:23
YamakasYikonia: rm -rf image-*beforerunningkernel16:23
somsipaardmark: seriously, something like ansible may be helpful16:23
ikoniaYamakasY: ??16:23
ikoniaYamakasY: whaht do you actually need/want help with ?16:23
YamakasYikonia: creating a script for that, can be a bash line simple16:23
sberlaI have to print more ' file with the command LPTR but I can not find the correct syntax16:23
zerowaitstateaardmark: take a look at chef, puppet, or ansible16:24
auronandaceYamakasY: why not use -autoremove?16:24
ikoniaauronandace: because he doesn't want to do it the right way16:24
aardmarkzerowaitstate: thanks - will explore those!16:24
sberlaone file I was able to print it but to send more files in the queue can not print16:24
ikoniaYamakasY: we are not going to help you break your package manager16:24
YamakasYauronandace: cannot do when a /boot is filled u'p16:24
ikoniaif you can't write a basic script to compare the current kernel against older ones, you really should not be doing this16:24
ikoniaYamakasY: yes you can do it16:24
ikoniaas I've said 3 times16:24
YamakasYikonia: you can't !16:24
ikoniaYamakasY: you can16:24
YamakasYit will fail as it has no room being on 100%16:24
YamakasYit cannot regenerate grub16:25
ikoniacorrect it can't, but it will remove the package16:25
YamakasYnope also not16:25
ikoniaso at the end the final kernel will have room16:25
YamakasYbecause apt fails16:25
ikoniaso it will regenerate grub16:25
zerowaitstateaardmark: note those are not gui-tools. they are for serious scripting of configuration and setup16:25
YamakasYikonia: I'm just testing that now and it won't16:25
YamakasYikonia: and if I want to remove it that way you can help me out, I'm using puppet for all my other stuff so I go around the packagemanager anyway16:26
somsipaardmark: and I found ansible to be the simplest by far for automatic management of small-ish numbers of servers via ssh without needing a controlling server16:26
ikoniaYamakasY: if you can write puppet jobs, but can't write a 2 line shell script to remove your kernel - you should not be trying to remove your kernel with a shell script16:26
ikoniayou could write a puppet module to do it if you are ok with ruby16:26
YamakasYikonia: just say you don't have a clue how to write that line yourself, you are only arguing and not helping at all16:27
ikoniaYamakasY: of course I know how to write it16:28
aardmarksomsip: thanks makes sense16:28
ikoniatrying to make it sound like I don't though won't help16:28
somsipaardmark: np16:28
aardmarkzerowaitstate: thanks for the note - I'll explore this a bit…16:28
ikoniapull the kernel version from uname, diff it against your directory output of boot, rm the others16:28
aardmarkI'm going to also explore webmin to get setup… any other web based tools?16:28
YamakasYikonia: yes and I'm stuf there as I should not go above what I'm running16:29
bekks!webmin | aardmark16:29
ubottuaardmark: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.16:29
ikoniaYamakasY: ok, so do it conditional16:29
zerowaitstateaardmark: scripting the setup is tricky at first, but you can built up your scripts over time, and once you have the config done, it's as easy to do it to 20 servers as to 2.16:29
somsipaardmark: you may find webmin is widely denounced16:29
bekksaardmark: better not touch webmin ;)16:29
somsipaardmark: see16:29
aardmarkthanks for the resounding feedback :)16:29
zerowaitstatethe problem with gui tools is that they are limiting and often don't keep up with changes to the underlying software16:30
aardmarkany suggestions for a web-based tool? or should I just buck up and manage things manually?16:30
aardmarkzerowaitstate: I hear ya… :-/16:30
somsipaardmark: buck up ;)16:30
aardmarksomsip: msg rec'vd…16:30
aardmarkle sigh16:30
zerowaitstateaardmark: automation is better in the long run than easy-button guis16:30
kappa1hi, my ubuntu just crashed, and I had to do a hard reboot. Is there any log file that I can check?16:30
somsipaardmark: whs ^16:30
zerowaitstateaardmark: for one thing, the configs you make for the automation are also a form of documentation16:30
somsipaardmark: which any other sysadmin/devops can pickup and use16:31
trinodeHey, I'm trying to convert an ubuntu gnome install to be able to launch unity too16:31
somsipaardmark: actually this is veering off topic. I think you follow my direction so I'll EOT here16:31
aardmarksomsip: zerowaitstate: those are good points.16:32
trinodeit's all going well but there's an issue with DBus when changing display settings, it's wanting to do something with gnome's settingsdaemon16:32
aardmarkthanks for the suggestions everyone!16:32
trinodeGDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SettingsDaemon was not provided by any .service files16:32
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espritWhat news !!?16:35
somsipesprit: it's more of a 'I have a problem' channel. Support, not chat.16:35
kappa1hi, my ubuntu just crashed, and I had to do a hard reboot. Is there any log file that I can check?16:38
=== mahe_elino is now known as m_elino
zerowaitstatekappa1: /var/log/syslog16:44
zerowaitstatekappa1: however, keep in mind if your machine locked up, it might not have been able to write to the disk. one of the hazards of hard failure...16:45
trinodewait.... my issue is systemd related?!16:45
trinodethat didn't take long16:45
zerowaitstatetrinode: the name GDBus took on a whole new meaning16:45
rektanyone avaiable for some help?16:52
ikoniaif you ask a question16:52
rektI get  "undefined symbol: pthread_mutexattr_destroy" when loading a .so file16:52
rektpthread is up to date, so I dunno whatit is16:52
ikonia"loading a .so file"16:52
ikoniawhat exactly are you doing16:52
rektgameserver, it's a mod16:53
ikoniawhat is the exact command you are running please16:53
rektThe server "runs" the .so file16:53
rektI just run +set fs_game modname16:53
ikoniarekt: so you need to look at what that is calling16:54
fellayaboyis it possible to SSH -X (X11 forward) an applicatin from ubuntu-server that has no desktop environment?16:54
Seveasrekt: your .so is not linked to libpthread16:54
Seveastry ldd on the .so16:54
rektikonia: it loads the library thisway : Sys_LoadGameDll(./ja/jampgamex86_64.so) failed: "./ja/jampgamex86_64.so: undefined symbol: pthread_mutexattr_destroy"16:55
rektlemme try16:55
fellayaboyi have a ubuntu desktop client that will connect to a ubuntu server via SSH -X…16:55
rektthat's the output http://slexy.org/view/s2nvIXPFvL16:56
rektof ldd16:56
Seveasrekt: so rebuild your .so properly, linking it against all the libraries it needs16:57
ikoniayeah, it's not linked against that lib16:57
rektSeveas: Well it's using a Scons script,16:57
rektSeveas: I added -lpthread to the arg and still it didn't16:57
Seveaspoor you16:57
releaf#vbox didn't know but anybody else here have trouble with bidirectional copy paste even after installing guest additions?16:58
releafwith Ubuntu 14.04 desktop?16:58
rektso how do I link phtread? :/16:59
Seveas-lpthread should do the trick in the final gcc/ld call that links the .so. But I know scons only well enough to dislike it, not to actually be helpful :-)17:00
rektSeveas: is there any chance I show you the scons script and locate where the lpthread goes?17:01
rektI already tried -lpthread and nothing17:01
Seveasrekt: sure, pastebin it17:01
rektSeveas: http://slexy.org/view/s21NOYGz8k17:02
Seveasrekt: line 136. Try env['LDFLAGS'] = ['-lpthread']17:05
rektlemme see17:05
Seveasmight need to be LINKFLAGS instead of LDFLAGS, but I've never used that. LDFLAGS is a well known thing17:06
rektso I add it after 136 right?17:07
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vaiobuntuxxquote HELP17:11
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tgaryHi! I just upgraded to 15.04, and the wifi stopped working. Here is the syslog: http://pastebin.ca/3003250 Any idea?17:15
Seveastgary: is the networkmanager applet running?17:16
SeveasI've seen this happen when the applet crashes. "Best" solution is a reboot, possibly followed by deleting and re-adding the network in the applet.17:17
tgarySeveas: Yes. I clicked enable wifi (2 empty lines in pastebin) then clicked on 'Una' (name of AP). Finally could not get IP.17:17
tgarySeveas: I've re-added the connection, rebooted the machine. Others can use the wifi, and I get IP frm the same router using wired conn.17:18
Fr3llDhi all17:23
bladepulaSince Ubuntu 15.04 I have a problem with my desktop. If I have few programs (windows) opened and try to close them, after I close the last program everything freezes... I think maybe it is a problem with unity?17:23
ioriatgary, your wifi ip is static or automatic ?17:24
CraigwelllWhen using clonezilla to clone a booting ntfs win 7 partition, I'm wondering about some of the extra parameters I can use17:24
tgaryioria: dynamic17:24
tgaryioria: (DHCP)17:24
CraigwelllAs seen in that image link17:25
ioriatgary, try to set it static and enter gateway and dns17:25
CraigwelllShould I mess with any of it?17:25
rektSeveas: g++: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1plus)17:25
=== mkv is now known as m4v
CraigwelllSector by sector copy for example? Or the file system geometry for ntfs boot partition?17:25
CraigwelllI tried a clone earlier with no changes to parameters, but filesystems were not resized and I could not get gparted or anything else to do it17:27
tgaryioria: trying... (will disconnect)17:27
ioriatgary, dmesg | tail17:29
xbuntuls usb17:32
vaiobuntuxxNICK one two17:32
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=== vaiobuntuxx is now known as unodos
Fr3llDso.. i think i found a bug in ubuntu 15.10.. but where do i report it? there's soo much info. I've checked fora, ubuntu wiki and other stuff and my case isn't mentioned.. where do i proceed from here?17:34
EriC^^Fr3llD: you mean 15.04?17:35
Fr3llDdo i use launchpad?17:35
Fr3llDnu, im on 15.1017:35
ubottuUbuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) will be the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Discussion in #ubuntu+117:35
Fr3llDah sry..17:36
EriC^^ask in that channel, they probably know17:36
Fr3llDyou are correct17:36
Fr3llDi was on 14.1017:36
EriC^^there's the program ubuntu-bug, type it in a terminal17:36
EriC^^or you could post on launchpad if ubuntu-bug doesn't fit it17:37
EriC^^!bug maybe17:37
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.17:37
EriC^^also check that link17:37
Fr3llDwow.. thats a great tool!17:38
_X_C_V_B_how I set ubuntu to use socks proxy for my account17:38
EriC^^_X_C_V_B_: settings > network17:38
_X_C_V_B_EriC^^: tried that17:39
Fr3llDsry, newbee here17:39
sgfltis there any place where i can some old saucy source packages right now?17:40
_X_C_V_B_EriC^^: I'm using xfce4 and used unity-control-center to there17:40
Lord-ArhemadanSo, anyone have experience with GRUB? :)17:42
EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: what's the problem?17:42
Lord-ArhemadanLet's see if  can remember... haha!17:42
EriC^^hi condor_17:43
Lord-ArhemadanMy brother just got this new computer two weeks ago, and we decided to install Ubuntu on it.17:43
Lord-ArhemadanWell, wasn't simple. I had to disable UEFI and SecureBoot just to get past anything, cause... I have no clue what else to do :)17:43
Kenjirohello there.17:43
EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: are you only installing ubuntu or leaving windows too17:44
Lord-ArhemadanNow it's installed... Except GRUB for some reason doesn't recognize Windows 8, the pre-installed OS.17:44
EriC^^Kenjiro: hello17:44
EriC^^uh oh17:44
EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: you need to install ubuntu in uefi mode17:44
Lord-ArhemadanAnd, knowing this is UEFI and stuff... I have no clue where to start :D17:44
Lord-ArhemadanI do... Oh lordy :/17:44
EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: first off, did you make the recovery disks?17:45
Lord-ArhemadanI guess I can learn something new :)17:45
Lord-ArhemadanI haven't... But I know Windows is still around :p17:45
Kenjiroguys/girls I am in the middle of a nightmare. I was updating an Ubuntu server (12.04). Then it complained about not finishing the process because of udev... because it depended on procps. But then procps depends on udev and.... what can I do now? :(17:45
Lord-ArhemadanPartition shows up, files show.17:45
EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: ok, it's good practice to make those disks17:45
Kenjiro(that's they main thing that makes me deslike dependency management)17:46
Lord-ArhemadanI've never had to do anything with EFI... any guidance would be excellent haha :)17:46
EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: basically just boot the usb in uefi mode, but don't select to reinstall ubuntu, cause it will wipe your whole disk17:47
Lord-ArhemadanUSB... does it have to be USB?17:47
Lord-Arhemadan*Still Uses CDs, like a caveman* :)17:47
EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: press Something else in the installer that will take you to the partitioner and then select the mountpoint and everything and install17:47
tgaryioria: Now with manual config it connects, but can not ping gateway (Destination Host Unreachable).17:47
EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: cd is fine17:47
EriC^^doesn't matter17:48
Lord-Arhemadanok :D17:48
ioriatgary, iwconfig ?17:48
EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: so don't press reinstall in the installer, press on Something else17:48
Lord-ArhemadanOne second...17:49
Lord-ArhemadanI gotta turn UEFI back on in my BIOS haha :)17:49
Kenjiroany hints?17:49
EriC^^Kenjiro: did the upgrade finish?17:49
gdoteofmy ubuntu crashed during an update and now gnome won't load17:49
KenjiroEriC^^: no it didn't17:49
Lord-ArhemadanHmm, what about secureboot? Do I need that on?17:50
EriC^^gdoteof: what do you mean by doesn't load17:50
=== FloKat is now known as FloK
EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: you can leave it on if you want17:50
Kenjiroit complained about udev. Than I tried to upgrade/install only udev and it complained about procps, which complained about udev, ad infinitum17:50
tgaryioria: pastebin.ca/300327517:50
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EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: you have to turn off fast boot from windows though if you want to mount the windows partition in ubuntu17:50
Lord-ArhemadanI see :)17:51
EriC^^cause the shutdown in windows is actually a hibernate, so you can only bypass that by restarting or just disable it which is easier17:51
tgaryioria: on the other machine the output is similar (which is working, I use it now for irc)17:52
Lord-Arhemadanok :) *rebooting now*17:52
gdoteofEriC^^: i mean that it just crashes17:52
ioriatgary, it looks good, maybe Power Management:on17:52
gdoteofif I ctrl-alt fx17:52
ioriatgary, are you sure about the gateway ip ?17:53
gdoteofand lgoin and startx it complains about the nvidia driver17:53
Lord-ArhemadanWell... I have Legacy options and UEFI options when I hit the F12 boot menu. I guess CD via UEFI?17:53
gdoteofaddscreen/screeninit failed for driver 017:53
EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: yeah17:53
EriC^^gdoteof: try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:54
KenjiroEriC^^: any clues?17:54
EriC^^gdoteof: also sudo apt-get -f install17:54
Lord-ArhemadanNow at GRUB: Try, Install, OEM Install, Check Disc17:54
Night_ElfSo then, users of Ubuntu, where can I deactivate the cursed desire for Ubuntu Server to delete the bash history when the hardware is rebooted? This is so annoying, trying to inject this pseudo-security by erasing something as handy as command history. :/17:54
EriC^^Kenjiro: procps doesn't depend on udev17:55
tgaryioria: how can I turn off pwr mgmt? Yes, even route -n is similar.17:55
Lord-Arhemadan(Goodness, EriC^^... You're getting busy today haha! :D )17:55
gdoteofi don't want to upgrade the distro17:55
gdoteofi want to stay on 14.0417:55
gdoteofi did try -f install17:55
KenjiroEriC^^: tell that to the ubuntu-server I am trying to fix *LOL*17:55
EriC^^gdoteof: that doesn't upgrade the distro, it just upgrades the packages and kernel17:56
gdoteofboth of those just return 0 upgraded 0 newly installed17:56
EriC^^Kenjiro: what exactly is it saying?17:56
gdoteofit is asking me to reinstall the nvidia driver int he log file17:56
gdoteofthis is a jetson board which is probably worth mentioning17:56
ioriatgary, sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off17:56
EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: ok, press install17:57
EriC^^and then when you get at the menu choose Something else17:57
EriC^^i can't stress enough :P17:57
EriC^^i wiped my windows by reinstalling and i didn't have a recovery disk, and my os was one of a kind so it sucked17:57
OerHeksNight_Elf, set bash_history to read only :-)17:58
EriC^^ended up recovering the recovery partition with testdisk and manually extracting the windows image, learnt some stuff though17:58
Lord-ArhemadanGotcha! :) I have a little experience with the partitioner thankfully. Shouldnt be as hard as I'm thinking.17:58
Lord-ArhemadanAnd Ouch, dude! :(17:58
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KenjiroEriC^^: a friend just told me to try "apt-get upgrade procps udev"17:58
Kenjirothat solved the problem17:58
tgaryioria: no, still can not ping.17:59
EriC^^Kenjiro: that's great!17:59
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OerHeksNight_Elf, or "execute the following commands to clear history forever > history -c && history -w"17:59
OerHeksNight_Elf, i would leave some important commands in it.18:00
ioriatgary, anyway i was looking at you syslog file and i found this: dbus: Failed to construct signal   warn> could not get interface properties18:00
EriC^^gdoteof: type sudo ubuntu-drivers devices18:00
Night_ElfOerHeks: The freaking whatever has set my user's .bas_history and .mysql_history as owned by 'root', I just found this out. wtf. I want my history to be mine, not root's. It is so annoying to need to add a cronjob to give me back my own permitions.18:00
EriC^^Night_Elf: what freaking whatever?18:01
gdoteofEriC^^: no output18:01
gdoteofstartx still fails18:01
Night_ElfEriC^^: I don't know what did it, but definitely not me. History was fine, untill I rebooted the machine.18:01
EriC^^gdoteof: don't use startx, use sudo service lightdm/gdm restart and login18:02
EriC^^gdoteof: type lspci | grep VGA18:02
gdoteofEriC^^: it still just fails18:02
tgaryioria: it was after I turned on wifi. But the AP shoed up, and the I clicked it to connect. (I don't know if it is a problem or not..)18:03
gdoteoffull output of lspci is just PCI bridge and ethernet controller18:03
gdoteofEriC^^: just two lines out output18:03
ioriatgary, if you give sudo ifconfig wlan0 up ?18:03
gdoteofs/out /of /18:04
Lord-ArhemadanEriC^^: BACK! Had to bestow myself divine food18:04
EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: welcome back18:05
Lord-ArhemadanKimchi ftw18:05
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Lord-ArhemadanAnyhow, let's get through the menus...18:05
KenjiroEriC^^: woooops!18:05
KenjiroEriC^^: the server I issued a "apt-get upgrade procps udev" was not the one with problems18:06
EriC^^Kenjiro: oh18:06
EriC^^Kenjiro: did you issue it on the one with problems yet?18:07
KenjiroEriC^^: the server with problems is a VM which ins't booting. I then boot it with the install disk, so I am on the system by means of chroot.18:07
Lord-ArhemadanAlrighty :) I'm at the partition menu. What do I do?18:07
KenjiroEriC^^: yes, I tried and it complained18:07
EriC^^what did it say?18:07
tgaryioria: Operation not possible due to RF-kill. So I issued rfkill unblock wlan, but still does not work. The connection seems to be up, "only" ping does not work.18:07
ioriatgary, sudo rfkill unblock all18:07
KenjiroEriC^^: http://pastebin.com/NggQ4DDM18:08
tgaryioria: same18:08
KenjiroI guess it won't be able to connect to Upstart because of he chroot, right?18:08
ioriatgary, reboot, maybe :(18:09
ioriatgary, ah... iwlist wlan0 scan ?18:09
EriC^^Kenjiro: it should work18:10
EriC^^Kenjiro: i found this online sudo dpkg-divert --local --rename --add /sbin/initctl18:11
EriC^^ln -s /bin/true /sbin/initctl18:11
EriC^^maybe it'll work18:11
Kenjirolet me see that...18:12
Lord-ArhemadanEriC^^ : I know I should probably set my / to my ubuntu partition. But other than that... I'm lost as to EFI. :(18:12
Lord-ArhemadanMaybe delete the biosgrub partition since I might not need it?18:12
EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: ok, set the efi partition as the /boot/efi partition, it's a fat32 partition at the start of the disk usually or so18:12
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EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: yeah you don't need it, it's like 1mb though18:13
EriC^^if you're sure of stuff go for it18:13
tgaryioria: reboot did not work, iwlist lists available APs. The same that I see in nm applet's list.18:14
Lord-ArhemadanI can't set the mountpoint.. There's an option for /dev/sda1 (efi) in "Device for Boot loader installation:" Is that... any different?18:14
ioriatgary, rfkill list ?18:15
EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: i think it's the same, not sure18:15
tgaryioria: lol. I can connect to the neighbor's AP. They use no pw, at my house WPA is used.18:15
ioriatgary, lol18:15
Lord-ArhemadanWell... you only live once! *picks it*18:15
EriC^^is sda1 the fat32 partition?18:16
ioriatgary, rfkill list ?18:16
Lord-Arhemadansda1 is type efi while sda2 is type fat3218:16
Lord-ArhemadanNot sure if that changes things :)18:17
EriC^^that's probably it18:17
=== dethos_ is now known as dethos
EriC^^you still have to set the swap18:17
Lunariohi guys. i am running ubuntu 14.04 for already one year now. yesterday i changed some themes, installed new ones and some new icon packs etc., and now gnome/unity crashes quite often18:17
EriC^^if you want one18:17
Lord-Arhemadan16GB of RAM. I don't think he needs one ;)18:17
Lunarioit randomly brings me back to the login screen and all applications close18:17
EriC^^Lunario: it's probably segfaulting or something18:18
gdoteofi'm giving up on fixing this thing18:18
gdoteofjust reflashing it18:18
EriC^^Lunario: type less /var/log/syslog and press G18:18
=== oiree is now known as paleolithic
EriC^^gdoteof: a fresh install is probably better if you don't have a problem18:19
LunarioEriC^^: ok, what then?18:19
KenjiroEriC^^: looks like that tip really solved it.18:19
EriC^^just back up the list of installed packages, and backup your home and fresh install18:19
EriC^^Kenjiro: cool18:19
EriC^^Lunario: look for any errors or segfaults18:20
KenjiroEriC^^: I am letting it do a "update && upgrade" now18:20
paleolithichello there, I am asked to upgrade to the current version of firefox, to fix some problems. would it create problems with ubuntu, when I have the most recent version?18:20
EriC^^Kenjiro: ok18:20
=== phunygal is now known as phunyguy
EriC^^paleolithic: you mean using a ppa?18:20
LunarioMay 15 17:30:34 luna-msi kernel: [ 1522.806087] compiz[3222]: segfault at 48 ip 00007f8cf9215840 sp 00007fff0529f028 error 4 in libscale.so[7f8cf9204000+27000]18:20
Lunariothere are quite a few of these segfaults18:21
EriC^^Lunario: ok, compiz is segfaulting18:21
Samul`OK I've got a problem18:21
paleolithicEriC^^, maybe. I havent checked how I can install the latest firefox yet18:21
Samul`ubuntu 15.04 64 bit, vlc is extremely laggy18:21
paleolithicI mean, dont know which methods are available18:21
EriC^^Lunario: did you do any scaling stuff? it says libscale.so18:21
tgaryioria: soft blocked: no, hard blocked: no for everything (including acer-wireless Wireless LAN, phy0: Wireless LAN) (I have 1 wifi card)18:21
Samul`and when I jump to another timestamp of the video I'm watching, the audio disappears18:21
Samul`to avoid this, I have to pause the video first18:22
Lunariouhm i'm not sure EriC, could be18:22
Samul`then jump to the sec I want to go to, and then play the video18:22
Samul`and, again, it's laggy18:22
gdoteofwell i do have a problem18:22
ioriatgary, iwconfig wlan0 | grep "Power Management" ?18:22
gdoteofi just dno' tknow how to solve it18:22
gdoteofother than reflashing it18:22
EriC^^gdoteof: i mean if you don't have a problem with backing up and fresh installing18:22
Samul`this seems not to happen with all videos18:22
EriC^^it would be best cause, cause the upgrade was borked18:23
Samul`with one in particular, which is HD18:23
gdoteofi lose like 7 hours of compilation time only18:23
gdoteofwhich i can just run again tonight i think18:23
tgaryioria: on, but now I tried with off, and still not working.18:23
EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: ok, if he wants to hibernate he needs swap though18:24
ioriatgary, so you can connect to  other's AP but not yours ?18:24
Samul`is anyone willing to help me?18:25
paleolithicI am getting some errors with firefox and I am advised to install the latest version. would this be problematic? I have
EriC^^paleolithic: no, using ppa's though might cause issues18:25
tgaryioria: maybe the wpa can be the cause. Yes,  they use no password, I use WPA Personal. However the password seems to be ok, as I can not get IP, but otherwise seems to be ok.18:25
paleolithicEriC^^, how else could I install it?18:25
EriC^^paleolithic: just upgrade the package through the repos18:26
ioriatgary, did you inset the ,in Network Connection, the ssid and password ?18:26
EriC^^paleolithic: which package do you have right now? type apt-cache policy firefox18:26
paleolithicEriC^^, it says: Installed: 37.0.2+build1-0ubuntu0.14.04.118:27
paleolithic  Candidate: 38.0+build3-0ubuntu0.14.04.118:27
ioriatgary, you selected wpa, wpa2 personal ?18:27
EriC^^ok, type sudo apt-get install firefox18:27
EriC^^paleolithic: i think it will offer to upgrade it18:27
tgaryioria: When I first selected the AP, it asked for the password. Yes, WPA & WPA2 Personal is selected.18:28
paleolithicEriC^^, it began to upgrade straight on, without even asking :)18:29
ioriatgary, try to insert it in Network Connection -> wi-fi security18:30
tgaryioria: I don't get. On the wi-fi security tab wpa & wpa2 personal is selected, and under it there is the right password.18:32
paleolithicEriC^^, now I have 38.0. hope this fixes errors. thank you very much!18:33
EriC^^paleolithic: great, no problem!18:33
ioriatgary, you inserted netmask ?
Lord-ArhemadanWell, install finished :)18:35
HumanBeinghey, installing ubuntu server 14.04 LTS.  By default, the boot partition is 254.8 MB in size but I would like to increase this before I write changes to disk.  Is this possible?18:36
Lord-ArhemadanOh cool18:36
Lord-ArhemadanDUDE, THANKS SO MUCH :D18:36
Lord-ArhemadanWindows boots with Ubuntu now, Eric^^ :)18:37
tgaryioria: You mean the IPv4 settings: now I wrote them manually but still does not work. However the connection is made.18:37
EriC^^Lord-Arhemadan: great :)18:37
ioriatgary, iwconfig ?18:37
ioriatgary, sorry, ifconfig ?18:38
tgaryioria: nm writes: "connected to Una", but Destination Host Unreachable during ping18:38
ioriatgary, but ifconfig  ? and what is your gateway ip ?18:39
tgaryioria: ifconfig and route: pastebin.ca/300329418:41
ioriatgary, you know exactly you gateway ip ?18:43
MonkeyDusttgary  run this   sudo resolvconf -u18:44
aktomariel_2012I am from Kiev, Ukraine18:45
daftykinsthat's nice, do you have a support question?18:45
Johnny_Linuxel oh el18:45
ioriatgary, have you put in gateway ?18:46
Flo_Khi, i'd like to install & run an other DE under 15.04, is it possible without conflict between GNOME/Unity (base) and Cinnamon ?18:47
tgaryioria: no, it should be
aktomariel_2012I have virtualboix on Windows 7 and guest Cyborg-Hawk ( it betrter alternave to akli linux) I need have sound iputy to Ubuntu guestr I get windows vwrsion of jack2 driver ho econnetr netjack betwenn on Windows I use virtual adio cable anan Ubuntu guest ? form guert I play soun but no able recor form sound input18:47
MonkeyDustFlo_K  yes, install it, logout, switch, login18:47
tgaryioria, MonkeyDust: resolvconf -u is empty18:48
ioriatgary, try with
ioriatgary, sorry
tgaryioria: why? This is not my gw. The other laptop works with gw using the Una AP.18:48
Flo_KMonkeyDust, where should i switch between the DE ? at login screen ?18:48
MonkeyDusttgary  that's what I thought... run this, change it and then run sudo resolvconf -u -- first this   sudo -e /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base18:49
MonkeyDustFlo_K  yes18:49
aktomariel_2012I run sdrsharp rtl-sdr on wondpws an need send audio to linux programs18:49
MonkeyDustaktomariel_2012  that's hard to read, please rephrase18:50
Flo_KMonkeyDust, ok thanks18:50
ioriatgary, usually the gateway is, or, or 0.1   , not always18:51
Flo_KMonkeyDust, this pkg cinnamon 2.2.16-5ubuntu1 is the correct one for the full DE ?18:52
tgaryioria: I don't know why, but this modem works this unconventional way. Other machines work with this config.18:52
tgaryMonkeyDust, ioria: I wrote the resolv.conf, but it is DNS config. I even can not ping the gateway.18:52
MonkeyDustFlo_K  not sure, simply use what's in the repos18:53
ioriatgary, your ifconfig is ok18:53
tgaryMonkeyDus, ioria: while the connection seems to be up..18:53
MonkeyDustFlo_K  try   sudo apt-get install cinnamon18:53
ioriatgary, ping
Flo_KMonkeyDust, ok, i was wondering because of its size (10mo)18:54
Flo_K(there are dependencies)18:56
tgaryioria: Do you want broadcast? (-b) I tried, nothing.18:56
ioriatgary, no,    unlikely18:57
ioriatgary, sorry, what is  ?18:59
MonkeyDust169.254 is an automatic ip address18:59
MonkeyDustit's set if no other gateway is set19:00
daftykinsAPIPA no less :>19:00
ioriatgary, don't you picked up an already used ip ?19:10
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Craigwellstill having trouble with clonezilla. I'm ready for another approach.19:11
CraigwellI have two ntfs partitions I want to copy to a larger drive.19:11
Craigwellresizing the file systems upward to take advantage of larger partitions19:11
Craigwellclonezilla is quite versatile, I understand - and I did ensure the parameter -r to resize was set when I did a device-device local partition copy - but it's not working19:12
Craigwelltried twice. file system is copied intact, but will not resize to new partition size19:13
robert__i forgot the admin passwoed for my computer can someone please help me19:13
hemphillI am trying to completely remove a a package and reinstall it.  Even with the purge and remove flags apt-get doesn't seem to want to do it. What is the correct way to completely remove a package including all of it's data and directories?19:14
hokaidoGrub is bug i am fix grub for http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd but ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo mount --bind /proc /mnt/proc mount: mount point /mnt/proc does not exist not worked, where is my mistake19:14
robert__i can log in but i cant run sudo or install programs etc19:14
SchrodingersScat!password | robert__19:14
ubotturobert__: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords19:14
robert__what does "!password | robert__" mean19:15
daftykinsrobert__: read what ubottu said, it's a bot trigger19:16
hokaidomount: mount point /mnt/proc does not exist why it is problem, it is imposible19:17
robert__thats the one i need the root password, i  forgot it and i have work to do but cant now :(19:17
daftykinsthere is no root password19:17
daftykinsif you set one and bypassed the entire way that ubuntu works, then you are very silly indeed19:18
ioriatgary, you have - Encryption key:off  - in iwconfig19:18
hokaidoHow ubuntu live CD no see system HDD disk but terminal view partition sda419:19
daftykinshokaido: you mean the installer can't see the disk?19:20
hokaidoI am use live cd my grub is not worked i am use http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd but not worked sudo mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev && sudo mount --bind /dev/pts /mnt/dev/pts && sudo mount --bind /proc /mnt/proc && sudo mount --bind /sys /mnt/sys terminal send text mount: mount point /mnt/dev does not exist19:22
daftykinshokaido: what language do you normally speak?19:23
daftykinsyour mount commands must have failed.19:23
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.19:23
hokaidoI know my command19:23
hokaidoHelp for irc pl ha ha it is imposible19:24
killNew to ubuntu, trying to update a package.  After running Git Pull - do i just Cmake again or do I need to rm Build first?19:24
daftykinsthat's not a package, kill :)19:24
nuszi try to get sound via my hdmi device. but there seems to be no hdmi device (from alsa: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11152208/).:-)19:25
killWhat ever it might be called19:25
killA program, an application19:25
killA software package19:25
killI pulled a repository and built it, now i run    git pull to update it19:26
daftykinsnusz: what is your HDMI port provided by? intel on-CPU graphics, or a graphics card?19:26
killdo i need to rebuild?19:26
ioriait's not gentoo19:26
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SchrodingersScat!build | kill19:26
ubottukill: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)19:26
hokaido== Cannot send to channel: #ubuntu-pl19:26
MonkeyDustkill  are you a developper?19:26
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solsTiCekill: rebuild yes but not necessarly clean it19:26
daftykinshokaido: you probably have to be registered19:26
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode19:26
hokaidoMy account is on ubuntu, but ubuntu from pc not worked19:27
killI might have forgot to run Make after Cmake19:27
killLet me see if this updates the version19:27
daftykinshokaido: sorry but you don't make any sense.19:27
nuszdaftykins: yeah, intel, on-CPU19:28
hamza_hello, i'm using Ubuntu with multiple screens perfectly, but looks like there's isn't any hardcoded screens sections of the default /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d directory19:29
daftykinsnusz: and your only display is HDMI attached?19:29
hamza_how do i refer to a specific screen from within a script with say, an environment variable?19:29
daftykinshamza_: no X auto detects at boot these days19:29
nusznusz: intel haswell mobile; my display connection is great, but there is no sound to my tv.:-)19:30
hokaidoterminal - http://paste.ubuntu.com/11152505/19:30
hamza_daftykins: than how does it plug and play? also auto detection?19:30
daftykinshamza_: read your /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see what it does.19:30
solsTiCehamza_: or xrandr output19:30
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daftykinshamza_: are you serious? your graphics adapter queries the displays connected and receives the modes they're capable of via EDID information19:31
hamza_daftykins: looks like your right, this is what it does at boot from the Xorg.0.log19:32
hamza_[    42.178] (II) GLX: Initialized DRI2 GL provider for screen 019:33
hamza_[    42.180] (II) intel(0): switch to mode 1366x768@60.1 on LVDS1 using pipe 0, position (0, 0), rotation normal, reflection none19:33
hamza_[    42.200] (II) intel(0): switch to mode 1920x1080@60.0 on HDMI1 using pipe 1, position (0, 0), rotation normal, reflection none19:33
hamza_[    42.208] (II) intel(0): Setting screen physical size to 508 x 28519:33
daftykinsplease don't paste in here19:33
daftykinsyes the Xorg log tells you how it arrives at the settings it does19:33
nuszdaftykins: intel haswell mobile; my display connection is great, but there is no sound to my tv.:-)19:34
daftykinsnusz: yeah i saw your highlight to yourself ;) nothing in audio settings huh? sounds odd.19:35
daftykinsnusz: which ubuntu version?19:35
nuszdaftykins: :-), 15.0419:36
daftykinshmm, does it work from a Live session?19:36
hamza_so there isn't anyway to refer except hardcoding the default Xorg file or adding my own in $HOME to define an environment variable?19:37
nuszdaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11152574/19:37
daftykinshamza_: i don't have a clue about going about what you are, but displays usually get referred to by numbers19:38
tgary_ioria, MonkeyDust: first I reinstalled networkmanager (that did not help) then set the router to "WPA2 Only" instead of "WPA/WPA2". I think it is some weird Ubuntu bug, which is workarounded now. Thanks for the help!!19:38
daftykinsmixed mode WPA always fails ^19:39
ioria_2tgary great19:39
hamza_daftykins: the question is how do i get that number, in the log it refers only screen 019:39
hamza_while i use two screens19:39
ioria_2tgary i was telling you this in your iwconfig Encryption key:off19:40
hamza_i'm asking because i want to run an opengl application in a seperate X session, but the screen spans multiple screens19:40
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ioria_2tgary maybe it's a router bug :-P19:41
hamza_there are only differences in the log by pipe, the HDMI screen is sent through the integrated card by pipe 119:41
daftykinshamza_: check out the answer here - http://askubuntu.com/questions/68354/is-there-any-way-to-specify-which-workspace-and-or-window-to-launch-a-program-in19:42
Guest33732Anyone know how to install a DS3?19:42
ioria_2tgary_ maybe it's a router bug :-P19:42
Guest33732I'm running PCSX2 and the right stick is always moving to the left, despite being mapped properly19:42
tgary_ioria_2: It can be, but the other (Gentoo, Windowses) can handle it, Ubuntu 14.04 could handle it.19:45
ioria_2tgary_ oh, that's interesting19:46
tgary_ioria_2: Now on my "good" laptop Encription Key is also off which connects to the WPA2 only AP.19:46
ioria_2tgary_ other wifi chipset maybe19:47
bobobob_bobI am trying to make a computer for traveling the US.  I want to use it to basically keep bad guys out and let me and family do our internet thing without too much hassles.  So it will be used sort of like router.  Possible connections  ISP on it could be wireless, wired, or USB tether from cell.  Question is how can I make it more "automatic" on moving from wireless to wireless automatic as most wireless will be hotels and starbu19:48
ioria_2tgary_ how it worked before  ?19:48
tgary_ioria_2: it worked with all computers before with the WPA/WPA2 setting.19:48
ioria_2tgary_ i see19:48
bobobob_bobwill Gnome networking do this?  I've used it in single house but could it find new wireless networks and connect or even balance usage between connections?  just curious19:49
tgary_ioria_2: Now I think my router somehow "hated" my MAC since the upgrade, and in the process when I rebooted the router maybe it reset itself..19:49
ioria_2tgary_ you have broadcom ?19:50
tgary_ioria_2: I did not want to disturb others, as for them the internet worked (only this one laptop was excluded).19:50
tgary_ioria_2: It is an "ADB" router, the ISP sent it.19:51
daftykinsbobobob_bob: router? so not just connected and used directly?19:51
daftykinsbobobob_bob: no it will not load balance connections19:51
ioria_2tgary_ no, i mean the wifi card19:51
bobobob_bobdaftykins: doh19:51
bobobob_bobdaftykins: no worries.19:52
TheNumbNickeLodeoN: please stop.19:53
tgary_ioria_2: lspci says: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6235 (rev 24) (It is in an acer travelmate.)19:55
ioria_2tgary_ ah, ok ... glad you have solved !   Üdvözlet19:57
tgary_ioria_2: Thanks for the help! Szia!19:58
hamza_daftykins: that didn't work, as i have singular screen(but two pipes), i'll have to check at what the integrated graphics render pipeline looks like19:59
hamza_thanks anyway19:59
daftykinshamza_: no idea what you're talking about with pipes20:02
hamza_daftykins: http://pastebin.com/D0qt51fv20:04
hamza_the xorg parameter works this way, :$(SESSION):$(SCREEN) or something like that20:04
hamza_i have only screen 020:04
daftykinsoops, i don't think what you are pointing out there disproves what i gave you as a suggestion of how to put things to multiple displays20:04
daftykinsi think i just don't know the topic well enough perhaps20:05
hamza_it's ok, i'll go a lot of hurdles my way, because i'm also going to be launching through optirun, which launches yet another X session to make things more complicated20:06
hamza_i jsut jumped here for suggestioms, and i appreciate you helping me20:07
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marecohi ppl20:29
mareconew here!20:29
marecocan anyone help me?20:30
daftykinsnot until you ask a question20:30
marecobooting linux from pen drive. system freezes and unfreezes continuously20:30
daftykinsmareco: which version? how did you create the drive? was the download corrupted?20:31
daftykins!md5 | mareco20:31
ubottumareco: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows20:31
marecoused unetbootin20:32
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rap424mareco: Is the system booted and functional (when it's not frozen)? Does your system have the minimum requirements (RAM, disk space, etc) for 14.02?20:37
marecoso is this from my pen?20:37
marianne_hello,  anyone out there have any success with installing ubuntu 14.04 on a late 2012 iMac? just want to know if there are any gremlins I should be aware of20:37
marecoi'm re-creating the boot drive20:37
rap424mareco: How much RAM does the machine you are using to boot from the drive have?20:38
maarhartI get a segfault with libice.so.6. so I guess the issue is libice6. I want to remove it and install again but there are all these issues with dependencies. who could help me?20:39
marecorap424 4GB20:39
daftykinsmareco: which OS did you make the drive from?20:40
rap424mareco: Ok, that's plenty =) so that's not the issue. You may also want to try another USB port to rule out any hardware issues20:40
daftykinsmareco: it's possible the drive is at fault yeah, so i'm suggesting measures to avoid that20:40
daftykinsthere is no such version as 14.0220:41
marecocreated ir with mac os20:44
OerHeks 14.04.2 maybe20:44
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daftykinsmareco: ah. i'd say try 'dd' but i don't know how device naming works in OS X so i can't help20:46
JDTamCó tên VN nào không :320:46
maarharthelp anyone?20:46
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Neo33hello everybody in the matrix!!!Let's fuck all the bots around us!!!20:46
JDTeamWhat'up maarhart20:47
geniiNeo33: That's not appropriate language for this channel.20:47
Neo33I am looking for Morpheus20:48
SchrodingersScat!ot | Neo3320:48
ubottuNeo33: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:48
Neo33i dont give a fuck about u and this channel20:48
YokoBRguys, i've inserted /dev/sda5       /mnt/backup     ext4    remount-ro,acl,user_xattr,usrquota,grpquota,acl         0       0  in /etc/fstab, but it didn't worked20:50
YokoBRwhat would be the correct way to do it?20:50
daftykinsmost of those options you've used are wrong20:50
reisioYokoBR: to do what20:51
Ben64YokoBR: yeah, where did you find those options20:51
daftykinsYokoBR: delete all of remount-ro,acl,user_xattr,usrquota,grpquota,acl and put "auto,user" instead and replace the second 0 with a 220:51
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fj_I am having this error. Is there something that can fix it? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/143800320:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1438003 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "(1) Creating object for path '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/ActiveConnection/0' failed in libnm-glib." [High,Triaged]20:52
fj_when i try to start a dsl connection this error pops up20:52
YokoBRdaftykins: but what about acl, usr_xattr?20:53
YokoBRi need those parameters when i mannually mount it20:54
fj_i suppose i should wait for the fix20:54
Ben64YokoBR: how do you "need" them20:54
daftykinsYokoBR: i 100% doubt it20:54
YokoBRBen64: Because i have shared folders, it's a file server20:55
daftykinsYokoBR: can you just give what i suggested a go, and start from there?20:55
daftykinsYokoBR: edit fstab then run "sudo mount -a" to confirm it mounts. ensure the same partition isn't already mounted elsewhere20:55
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YokoBRThanks, daftykins and Ben64 , that did the trick :D21:02
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mgmuscarihey - i'm trying to set up ubuntu on a laptop i just got - MSI GS60. this machine has two 128GB SSD's in RAID 0 configuration using Intel's hardware RAID21:09
tortalin byobu, what is that number before the prompt ? sometimes there, sometimes not.. orangy-red. e.g. " 1 user@comp:~ " ? Another thing. When connecting with ssh - i enter the same tty that byobu is running in. can i change that behavior ?21:09
mgmuscariwhen i try to set up partitions for linux and continue the installation, i get an error window, titled "??? ???", with the message "??? ???"21:10
mgmuscari… super not helpful. thoughts?21:10
daftykinsmgmuscari: first up, it is not hardware RAID - that is fakeRAID21:11
daftykinsand you won't be able to install to that without having mdadm installed in the live session prior most likely21:11
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto21:11
mgmuscaridaftykins: so you're saying that intel RST isn't hardware raid?21:12
mgmuscariugh firmware raid21:13
daftykinsmgmuscari: correct21:14
daftykins100% factual21:14
mgmuscariwell it doesn't look like the partition manager broke my windows installation21:15
mgmuscariso that's good21:15
mgmuscariso next step is install mdadm before i try to run the ubuntu installer21:15
daftykinsmgmuscari: well, life would be a lot easier if you resized Windows from Windows, too21:15
daftykinsunless you've already done that21:15
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mgmuscaridaftykins: yes, i already shrunk the volume21:16
mgmuscarias usual this thing is gunked up with various restore partitions that i'm just gonna leave in place21:16
daftykinsyou could use the Windows utility to back them up then just nuke them21:17
mgmuscarieh, i'll get around to it. i don't have any external drives on hand right now21:17
daftykinsbut you might need that backup in a few minutes ;)21:18
mgmuscarinot gonna wipe the recovery partitions21:19
mgmuscariso here's a question:21:19
mgmuscarithis is a UEFI system21:19
mgmuscariwhere should i install the bootloader to?21:19
mgmuscarii don't want to put it in the MBR of the raid 0 array that has windows on it21:19
mgmuscarithere's a second 1TB platter drive21:19
mgmuscarifigured i'd stick it there21:19
daftykinsyou did boot in EFI mode yes?21:20
mgmuscariyes, ubuntu was booted in EFI mode21:20
daftykinsisn't it a win 8 machine?21:20
mgmuscarifrom USB21:20
mgmuscariit is21:20
daftykinsthen it doesn't boot from an MBR21:20
daftykinsthe laptops EFI boots from the FAT32 partition21:21
daftykinsthe installer should detect that and mount it as /boot/efi or some such21:21
mgmuscarii see the volume but it's not mounted21:21
daftykinsis this the manual partitioner stage now?21:22
daftykinsok well then yeah it won't be, you'll have to do it yourself :)21:22
mgmuscariso i want to mount the windows efi partition at /boot/efi?21:22
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI21:22
daftykinsi think you want to read this21:22
mgmuscarii've done this all before with arch linux, i just don't understand how to make the ubuntu install wizard do what i want21:23
daftykinswhat's so hard?21:23
mgmuscarii'm done with arch because the community sucks21:23
daftykinsmake your /, swap and mount the partition as i suggested and as my above link points out21:23
daftykinsoh the page claims you don't need to mount it, it thinks the installer will do it auto21:24
mgmuscariyeah doesn't seem to be detecting it, tho it shows as an EFI type in the list of devices21:25
daftykinswhat do you define as detection?21:25
daftykinsit likely won't show you at this stage21:25
mgmuscariwell if i click "change" on that partition, it shows "use as EFI boot partition"21:25
daftykinsbecause the installer has to mount it beneath the target - and you don't have a target yet.21:25
mgmuscaridoesn't give me the option to give it a mount point21:25
mgmuscarii suppose i don't need a separate /boot partition21:26
daftykinsnope leave it as root21:26
mgmuscarii used to do that in case i ever hosed /21:26
mgmuscarii prefered the BIOS days. things were easier21:26
daftykinsnone of this is a hassle21:27
daftykinsonly your silly laptop RAIDing SSDs for nothing other than bragging rights is :)21:27
mgmuscarihey, it was $700 cheaper than a MBP :p21:27
daftykinsi sure as hell would not be saying buy a mac21:28
function9xtalking about bios, I got a laptop with UEFI. If I have windows 7 installed the time in the uefi works well. But If i install linux, the time stops. any ideas?21:28
Borealixwhy does everyone hate apple products?21:28
mgmuscarii think what's throwing me off here is that i still have to choose a device for boot loader installation21:28
daftykinsBorealix: not accurate and not on topic :)21:28
mgmuscariwhich makes me think it wants to install grub into an mbr21:29
daftykinsmgmuscari: just let it do it, it won't be a problem21:29
mgmuscariwhen i boot from the usb stick it says UEFI: blah blah21:29
function9xBorealix: I don't hate apple21:29
mgmuscariwell, i'll choose a device that isn't the raided ssd's then21:29
daftykinswhat? what other device do you have? :P21:29
mgmuscarii got this stupid little popup again that says "??? ???"21:30
mgmuscaribut i seem to be able to continue the installation...21:30
mgmuscarithere's a 1TB platter drive in it too21:30
mgmuscarioh, no, the dialog is blocking the installer window from being clicked on21:31
mgmuscariand now i can't dismiss the dialog21:31
function9xmgmuscari: pc/laptop?21:32
mgmuscaripc laptop - MSI GS6021:32
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function9xmgmuscari: have you disabled the secure boot in the bios?21:33
Jordan_Umgmuscari: Did you do an integrity check on your install media?21:33
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grenddaftykins: now I copied files I wanted up to date  one via test disk21:34
grenddaftykins: what was that command again to reformat hd?21:34
daftykinsgrend: i don't remember your situation21:34
mgmuscarii'll check the media...21:34
grendthere was a disk with 1 bad sector21:35
mgmuscarishould be ok, created it from a verified image21:35
daftykinsoh yeah the screwed disk21:35
grendit wont boot yet21:35
grendthe wonderful disk21:35
daftykinsgrend: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=2M21:35
daftykinswhere sdX is this disk21:35
daftykinsi.e. don't literally type that21:35
grendI understand21:35
grendthis disk hmm21:35
grendthere is LVM21:36
function9xmgmuscari: fast boot disabled aswell?21:36
daftykinsnot after the above command there won't be21:36
grendso  instead of sdX what do I type? what does this disk means? linux path to it?21:36
mgmuscarifunction9x: yup21:36
grendthere is /dev/lubuntu-vg/root21:36
daftykinsgrend: run 'sudo parted -l' and confirm which it is21:37
daftykinsmaybe sda, maybe sdb21:37
xangua! Info xfce421:37
daftykinsxangua: no leading space :>21:38
grendModel: ATA HITACHI HTS72201 (scsi) Disk /dev/sda: 100GB21:38
grendso sda21:38
daftykinsif that's the one, sure21:39
grendsudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=2M then?21:39
daftykinswow you really want it step by step eh?21:39
grendlol yes21:40
daftykinsfrom a live session yes21:40
daftykinsand consider applying your own brain :)21:40
daftykinsi had already handed you the answer :)21:40
grendbetter be sure sure21:40
daftykinsthen you can repaste the SMART info afterwards21:41
mgmuscariok, i didn't do anything different21:41
mgmuscaribut now it seems to be working21:41
daftykinswhat after another boot?21:42
daftykinsmaybe your media is funky as suggested21:42
mgmuscarimaybe it was loose21:42
demetrisam on vivid and reboot doesnt work21:42
demetriseven from terminal21:42
demetrisi have to hold power to shutdown laptop21:43
mgmuscarioooh, installer crashed21:44
mgmuscarimaybe my usb stick is bad21:44
daftykinsdemetris: upgrade or clean install?21:44
daftykinsmgmuscari: yeah time to remake that drive. what OS + program did you use?21:44
demetrisclean install21:44
demetris14.04 was ok21:45
mgmuscariwin8… mounted the image and copied all the files over to a fresh fat32 partition on it21:45
demetrisi suspect systemd issue21:45
Lunarioso apparently i have exactly this bug since i changed my themes and appearance of ubuntu yesterday: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/144876221:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1448762 in compiz (Ubuntu) "kernel: compiz[4554]: segfault at 48 error 4 in libscale.so" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:45
daftykinsmgmuscari: yeah no, MD5 your download and use universal USB Installer from pendrivelinux.com21:45
Lunariodo you have any suggestion on what to do? as its really annoying... ubuntu crashes every half an hour or so21:46
mgmuscaridaftykins: it seems to have installed the base system ok21:46
demetrischeck your rams21:46
Bashing-omdemetris: Maybe: http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/Debugging/ will point to the booting solutiion ?21:46
daftykinsmgmuscari: doubt it21:46
mgmuscaribooted all the way to the desktop21:46
function9xmgmuscari: usb is formatted on fat 32?21:47
daftykinsah well a dist-upgrade would be handy21:47
mgmuscarierr, compiz just crashed21:47
demetrisBashing-om, interesting21:47
demetrislet me test these21:47
Jordan_Umgmuscari: There is a self test option in the boot menu for Ubuntu's installer. You should use that to be completely sure that the data was written to, and is being read from, your USB drive correctly.21:49
mgmuscariJordan_U: did that, it checked out ok21:49
mgmuscariapt works21:49
Jordan_Umgmuscari: Try memtest to see if your RAM is OK.21:49
mgmuscariwondering if an apt-get dist-upgrade and/or apt-get upgrade will fix me up21:49
mgmuscariJordan_U: guess i could do that. brand new machine.21:50
daftykinsmgmuscari: use dist-upgrade instead of upgrade21:54
hedHow mount btrfs partition from live cd, i have turn on root22:01
demetrissync && poweroff -f works22:01
reisiohed: 'mount'22:01
demetrissync && reboot -f dont22:01
demetrisnow what?22:01
hedHitler kaput heh troll22:02
demetrissync && reboot -f freeze system on rebooting message22:03
demetrissystemd issue ?22:03
hedHow mount btrfs partition in liveCD Ubuntu22:03
hedmount -t btrfs -o recovery /dev/sda1 /mnt22:04
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xubuntu42whi, why does xubuntu not support mtp by default?22:12
daftykinsno idea.22:12
lrsI tried switching from nividia drivers to noveuau22:14
lrsBecause steam didnt seam to work with my optirun driver22:14
lrsAnd now its broken22:14
lrsIf I dont go into alternative options and pick a previous kernel or whatever it is22:14
daftykinswere you using bumblebee or nvidia-prime?22:14
lrsIt just says22:14
lrs"kernel panic" blabla initramfs"22:14
lrsdaftykins, bumblee i think22:14
lrsi write optirun22:15
lrsSo i think its bumblebee22:15
daftykinsok so purge all bumblebee* and nvidia*22:15
lrssudo apt-get purge ?22:15
ukinamiboa tarde sou novo aqui e no uso de linux será que alguem me poderia ajudar em duas coisas ? uma coisa eu já andei a presquisar no google por repositorios mas al fazer o apt-get update aparece sempre erros e quase não tem nada e quando tento ir ao email e quero imprimir so o conteudo do email não consigo emprime a pagina toda email e tudo22:16
genii!pt | ukinami22:17
ubottuukinami: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.22:17
lrsdaftykins, It says22:17
lrsdaftykins, http://pastebin.com/LWCYZX7A22:18
xubuntu42wI have permission problems with mtp support on ubuntu. I need help.22:18
daftykinslrs: totally unrelated problem but ok, "ls /boot" and pastebin it please22:18
lrsdaftykins, http://pastebin.com/g6Y9RWcs22:19
daftykinslrs: sudo dpkg -r linux-image-3.13.0-24-generic22:20
daftykinslrs: repeat the same command for 35, 36 and 3722:20
daftykinsthen run sudo apt-get -f install22:20
lrsdpkg: dependency problems prevent removal of linux-image-3.13.0-24-generic:22:20
daftykinslrs: "dpkg -l | grep linux-image-3.13.0-24" should refer to an 'extra' package?22:21
daftykinstaydon: welcome back22:21
taydonthank you @daftykins22:22
lrs linux-image-3.13.0-24-generic22:22
taydonhow have you been22:22
daftykinsnot bad ty but this channel is support only and not chat (:22:22
taydoni understand22:22
daftykinslrs: hrmm "dpkg -l | grep linux-" should list the 'extra' named one22:22
daftykinslrs: ah sudo dpkg -r linux-image-extra-3.13.0-24-generic22:23
daftykinsthen do 35, 36 and 37 - then do it as my initial command above without extra22:23
lrssudo dpkg -r linux-image-extra-3.13.0-35-generic22:24
daftykinsafter doing -24- yes22:24
lrsOk done and now22:24
lrssudo apt-get -f install22:24
daftykinsdepends if you got rid of 4 packages with -extra- in22:25
daftykinsand then 4 without22:25
daftykinsas i have been saying :)22:25
lrsOh ok without22:25
lrsAlright done22:26
lrsSo now its -f install?22:26
daftykinswhich should reattempt and finish installing the -5222:27
lrsYeah! looks like it did22:27
lrsSo what do i do now?22:27
daftykinsjust to be sure, re-run sudo apt-get purge bumblbee*22:28
daftykinssorry typo22:28
lrsI want to get the nvidia drivers back btw. the nouvea seems to just destroy everything22:28
daftykinsjust to be sure, re-run sudo apt-get purge bumblebee*22:28
daftykinsyeah well to start with just be sure bumblebee is gone :)22:28
lrsYeah it seems to be gone22:28
lrsdaftykins, http://pastebin.com/hVF7Xb8w I got this when purging bumblee22:29
lrsIs it something to worry about?22:29
daftykinslrs: nope it's fine, just already done. you've got some junk there to clean up, "sudo apt-get autoremove"22:29
daftykinsalso run sudo apt-get purge nvidia*22:30
daftykinsnow reboot and see that it boots into the -52 kernel ok, (uname -r after boot)22:30
lrsAlright brb22:30
pEYEdwhat's the fix for loading the 'Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8188EE Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)'?  no kernel driver in lspci -k22:32
ubottusome help for recent Realtek chipsets can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/RealtekRTL8187b22:32
lrsThanks! Seems to work22:34
daftykinslrs: cool, so that should still be on nouveau right?22:34
lrsHow do I get the drivers to work though?22:34
daftykinsso now sudo apt-get install nvidia-331 nvidia-prime22:34
daftykinsthat should set you up with the newer tech that should handle auto switching better i think22:34
grenddaftykins: my awesome disk got nearly 30% bad data here and 70% good22:35
grendI am yet to format it however checking testdisk recovery stats22:35
daftykinshow did you come up with these numbers?22:36
grendCopying, please wait... 380971 ok, 85856 failed22:36
rangemongerare the intel drivers that come with 15.04 the "best" or are there some proprietary ones like with nvidia?22:36
daftykinsrangemonger: built in is the best you'll get22:36
daftykinsintel work with Linux to make it built in22:36
rangemongeri was under that impression, just wasnt certain22:36
grendimpressions are nuts :D22:37
lrsdaftykins, ALright. Do I need to install bumblebee too?22:37
grendhi mothership_22:37
rangemongerso i guess its normal for vmware to blacklist 3d support from an intel 2500 gpu then22:37
daftykinslrs: no prime is the replacement22:37
lrsSo how do I do if i want to run steam with optimus on?22:37
daftykinsrangemonger: what? you didn't mention using a VM22:37
lrsDo I just.. run it?22:37
daftykinslrs: yeah just run it and see what happens22:38
rangemongerdaftykins: when using 15.04 as a host, vmw wont do 3d22:38
rangemongerdaftykins: unless you modify every vmx that uses 3d with a no blacklist option22:38
pEYEddaftykins: that doc must be 2yrs old +22:38
daftykinspEYEd: possibly22:39
lrsdaftykins, Wow22:39
lrsMy whole computer instantly started rendering faster after this22:39
daftykinswell yeah.22:39
pEYEddaftykins: according to option #2, as of 2.8~ it works out of the box?  o.022:39
daftykinspEYEd: *shrug*22:39
daftykinsi gave you the link i didn't write it :)22:40
pEYEddaftykins:   :)22:40
lrsANyways, thanks alot for the help!22:40
lrshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbovJbKALzA Remember this too :P22:41
rangemongerits a classic22:41
Ev0luti0n_hi guys22:42
grendwhy dont u greet the girls too?22:43
rangemongerthanks for info, see yaz22:43
daftykinsgrend: what, you?22:43
grenddaftykins: what about me? :D22:43
Ev0luti0n_searched around on firefox options, but couldn't find any option on where to disable image loading22:44
daftykinsgrend: were you asking why i don't greet you?22:44
daftykinsoooh you meant ev022:44
daftykins'guys' can be gender agnostic22:44
grendtrue that22:44
grendhowever if u say hi girls many guys would be blah :D22:45
grendanyway disk operation is nearly done22:45
Ev0luti0n_girls on IRC?22:45
Ev0luti0n_that's a myth22:45
grenddont tell u mates :P22:45
daftykinsinappropriate talk peeps, please drop it and stick to support only22:45
daftykinsfeel free to ramble on in #ubuntu-offtopic22:46
Fuchsthat topic isn't terribly welcome there either, and it is fortunately mostly nowhere on this network.22:46
grendfunch: did u hear what dafty said22:46
grendstop breaking da rules :D22:47
daftykinsgrend: please stop it.22:47
grenddaftykins: so it a selective shut up them22:47
grendwell at least u been honest22:47
daftykinsyes stick to support chat only22:47
Ev0luti0n_i'm trying to disable image loading on firefox, for data saving22:48
grendso do it22:48
Ev0luti0n_but found nothing on standard options22:48
daftykinsgrend: i've already warned you, either be helpful or don't talk22:48
Ev0luti0n_and i'm currently searching on about:config22:48
Ev0luti0n_kinda lost22:48
FuchsEv0luti0n_: permissions.default.image22:48
Fuchs(in about:config)22:48
grenddaftykins: helpful to u?22:48
Fuchsset it to 1 to disable image loading22:48
grendoki how can I help u? :D22:49
grendwith ubuntu22:49
Ev0luti0n_lemme check22:49
daftykinsgrend: i'm getting really tired of this - do we need to kick you?22:49
grendwhat do u mean?22:49
grendu request me to help u22:49
daftykinsno i did not22:49
grendso what do u need ubuntu wise?22:49
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Ev0luti0n_ lol... do it daftykins... troll foud22:49
daftykinsgrend: i said be helpful to others or shut up22:49
grenddaftykins: then others can decide whether what I say is helping them to use ubuntu or not22:50
daftykinsnope i just did it22:51
Ev0luti0n_switched to 0, but didn't seem to have much effect22:55
FuchsEv0luti0n_: I told you to set it to 1, didn't I?22:56
FuchsEv0luti0n_: oh, actually ... on more recent versions, set it to 2 instead of 122:56
Ev0luti0n_working like a charm now22:57
Ev0luti0n_thank you so much. I have currently, a 50mb data cap on my connection.22:57
Ev0luti0n_so gotta have some supper agressive saving, and couldn't be so to speak searching around on the web at will.22:58
grendwhat kind of connection is that? :)22:58
Ev0luti0n_3g vodafone.22:58
FuchsEv0luti0n_: you're welcome22:58
MadHatter42hello everyone22:58
MadHatter42i've got this ubuntu server in a small office22:58
MadHatter42that started to make a tremendous amount of traffic22:59
grendhere I can get unlimited data on cell phone22:59
MadHatter42just broadcasting22:59
MadHatter42i started to check what was and its dhcp traffic in part22:59
MadHatter42but it wakes like all the link to that server22:59
MadHatter42and i lose connectivity with it23:00
grenddaftykins: yes u just did however your desires are urs alone :)23:00
MadHatter42any ideas on how to troubleshoot  this issue23:00
FuchsMadHatter42: if you have local access to that server, running nettop and tcpdump might be an option23:01
Gr1zzlyHey, how can I make something like VAR="file1 | echo toto" then make $> rm $VAR remove file1 and print toto?23:01
daftykinsGr1zzly: ask in #bash23:02
MadHatter42Fuchs, i get lots of these23:02
MadHatter4201:07:23.609358 STP 802.1d, Config, Flags [none], bridge-id 8000.64:a0:e7:0b:8c:9c.8001, length 4723:02
MadHatter4201:07:23.609361 STP 802.1d, Config, Flags [none], bridge-id 8000.64:a0:e7:0b:8c:9c.8001, length 4723:02
daftykinsnot relevant to OS support23:02
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MadHatter42and these23:02
MadHatter4201:07:23.609248 IP > BOOTP/DHCP, Request from 00:26:8b:03:0e:29, length 54823:02
Gr1zzlydaftykins:  k23:02
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FuchsMadHatter42: the dhcp could be normal if there are clients in that network configured to use DHCP and sending out requests23:03
docmurWhen I nmap my server from home I can see port 25 is open but filtered, I've gone over the iptable rules are correct so what23:03
docmur                is there is a good chance the ISP blocked it.  Is there anyway23:03
docmur                I can check that or anything I can do to unfilter the port?23:03
MadHatter42Fuchs, i'm using nload and i see lots of band23:03
MadHatter42any idea whats this23:05
MadHatter42May 16 01:10:41 gateway rsyslogd-2177: imuxsock begins to drop messages from pid 1311 due to rate-limiting23:05
moinodocmur: some ISP blocks port 25, check google with ISPName open port 2523:11
daftykinsdocmur: if you nmap from LAN to LAN it won't read filtered on the server if there's a daemon sat listening23:13
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duckblaster1Anyone able to help with a problem installing ubuntu studio on windows 10 hyper-v? it's hung for 9 hours so far after hitting continue on this screen http://imgur.com/SDtOSc9 system monitor shows http://imgur.com/IHXZl2H23:26
=== duckblaster1 is now known as duckblaster
duckblasterseems to be something wrong with modprobe btrfs23:26
daftykinskill that?23:27
duckblastertried about 5 times23:27
daftykinsas root with kill -9 ?23:27
duckblasterdoesn't respond23:27
duckblastersudo kill -9 3750?23:28
duckblasterworked this time23:28
duckblasterdidn't the other time i tried23:28
duckblasternow it's stuck on modprobe jfs, kill -9 didn't do anything23:29
MrElendigduckblaster: sounds more like there is a problem with your vm23:31
duckblasterany idea what?23:32
MrElendigtry installing to some real hardware to test23:32
duckblasteronly go one machine23:32
MrElendigdon't you have a usb stick?23:32
daftykinsyour download might be bad23:32
duckblastershouldn't torrent check for dab data23:33
daftykinsyes, but i couldn't read your mind to tell you torrented it :)23:33
duckblasteryeah, true23:34
daftykinstbh you're using Hyper-V which has many issues already, added to the fact of a pre-release OS23:34
duckblasterit could be a motherd problem too23:34
daftykinswith a VM? what23:34
duckblasterhas fried 2 sticks of ram23:34
duckblasterand never been able to install any vm recently23:35
duckblastermanaged ages ago, but never with hyper-v, or virtualbox23:35
duckblasterno, that was before I upgraded to new motherboard, ram, cpu, gfx card23:36
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Smokiehey guys, i upgraded my ubuntu server from 12.04 to 14.04 and for some reason Apache wont start and its giving me this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11156020/23:48
Smokiecan someone help me out by any chance?23:49
daftykinswell you can fix the config line error first can't you23:49
daftykinsthere's a big change in the apache version between those editions, so your configs aren't compatible23:50
daftykinskeep a backup of apache2.conf then check what line 55 is23:50
wafflejockSmokie, search for Lockfile on this page http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/upgrading.html23:50
wafflejockSmokie, it's been replaced by Mutex but you'll have to see the documentation and your current config to see how to update23:51
wafflejockSmokie, for the module warning you may need to install a package with that module or just enable it using sudo a2enmod nameofmodule23:51
daftykinssounds like a plan!23:52
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Smokiei removed the module that was giving issues23:56
Smokienow its just complaining about the Lockfile23:56
daftykinsall it wanted was you to enable another :P23:57
Smokiei dont know which one, so i just want to run apache firs then i can check what modules and so on needs to be reenabled23:59

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