xubuntu48whow do i turn of the screesaver on xubuntu 14, peeps pls?04:45
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dodeluserhello. how can I remove certain items from xfce menu. if you look here http://snag.gy/sA8t2.jpg     I want to remove the items "file manager, webbrowser, terminal emulator"08:16
dodeluservia config files.. I have these 4 files that I can edit, which are saved under /home/username/.config/menus/08:16
dodeluserBut I cannot find where to delete those entries08:17
El_Presidentehello, i updated two weeks ago to xubuntu 15.04 and since then the login into my user takes ages till i can use the desktop. i have a pretty decent system with an ssd and xubuntu 14.10 was on that particular spot extremely fast09:58
brainwashEl_Presidente: can you describe the time frame until the desktop is usable in more detail? is the wallpaper only visible? did other elements like the panel load immediately?10:03
El_Presidentethe top bar is almost immedately visible10:04
El_Presidentethe background is grey10:04
El_Presidenteit takes then about 10 seconds till the background and the icons appear10:04
El_Presidentealso the xubuntu start button acts very delayed till the wallpaper / icons appear10:06
brainwashEl_Presidente: you could run "killall xfdesktop" and see how much time it takes to reload the desktop10:07
El_Presidenteokay will do10:07
brainwashand look at the session log file ~/.cache/upstart/startxfce4.log10:07
El_Presidenteits there instantly10:07
El_Presidentedo you want a pastebin of the file?10:08
brainwashI guess10:08
brainwashoh, one important step in the debug progress is to check if the strange behavior is reproducible with the guest session (or a new user account)10:10
El_Presidenteok i will check that asap10:10
brainwashyou've upgraded to a newer release, so you are reusing an older user account most likely10:10
El_Presidentehmm it seems the logfile rotation grabbed my log file in this moment10:11
El_Presidentei will test with a new user first10:12
El_Presidentewell the new user has its desktop icons almost immediately there10:15
El_Presidenteand my other account takes the 10 seconds10:15
brainwashcould be something in your ~/.config/autostart10:16
El_Presidentebrainwash, http://pastebin.com/SJS0MpAD this is the old startxfce410:17
brainwashor maybe the result of restoring the previous session on session start10:17
brainwash(settings manager > session and startup > session > clear cache)10:17
El_Presidentewell there are no windows open or so10:18
El_Presidentebut i can give it a try10:18
El_Presidentewell that was notably faster10:19
El_Presidentestill not as fast as the pristine account10:20
El_Presidentebut ok10:20
brainwashtake a look at settings manager > session and startup > startup apps10:20
El_Presidentei make a screen10:21
brainwashyou can also rename ~/.config/xfce4 to reset your Xfce specific settings, and see if this helps10:21
El_Presidenteits not much in there10:22
El_Presidentexfwm4  / thunar / xfce4-panel / xfsettingsd / xfdesktop / energieverwaltung / pulseaudio10:22
brainwashfrom the session tab?10:23
brainwashand the startup applications tab?10:23
El_Presidentenow i will upload both ...10:24
El_Presidenteit looks pretty standard for me10:26
brainwashit does10:27
El_Presidentewell the delay is now at 2 seconds10:27
El_Presidentethat is tolerable for me10:27
brainwashyeah, the difference may be result of you having many desktop icons or panel plugins added to your panel or something like that10:28
El_Presidentecould be10:28
El_Presidentethank you for your time brainwash10:28
brainwashyou're welcome :)10:28
knobGood morning everyone!!12:07
redrawit would be nice if network manager indicator icon tells you there's no internet15:02
drcredraw: Actually, it does.  I just disconnected my (wired) connection and the indicator icon changed from a bright white to dull grey, Plugged it back in and it returned to the origibal white.15:04
drcThis presumes one is using the default icoon set, of course.15:05
redrawdrc, mm yes15:05
redrawin wireless connection I may be connected to a router15:05
redrawand because router is working, and I am connected to a LAN, it shows as connected15:06
drcSo what you want is to be told that "the router" is not connected?15:06
redrawyes = no internet on the machine15:06
drcSo, if one is connected to an "intra"net and not a "inter"net, it will show the connection as down?15:08
redrawwell, maybe another color, not as down15:08
redrawwindows shows an alert inside the icon when this happens, which isn't fully right as you point if you are connected to an intranet15:10
redrawbut, using another color could be an option.15:10
drcPut it in the widh list15:10
drcor...code it yourself and submit it.15:11
redrawi'll write it on the wish list15:12
redrawwhere does it live?15:12
redrawi'll code it write now if i knew.15:12
drcNo idea...I <think> one can file a bug report and label it as "wish".  Think, mind you.15:13
drcNot a bad idea...there have been times I could have used something like this.15:14
drcredraw: FYI, what you are looking at is "network-manager-gnome", so I'm not sure whether you'd have to talk to 1) ubuntu or 2) gnome.15:18
redrawi haven't talked yet15:20
redrawso that's the package15:20
redrawdo you mean that is the package to make the request, or you are saying that what I am saying is already implemented?15:21
drc1) yes, 2) no.15:22
drcredraw: You might as on #xubuntu-devel as to the correct way and place to file-the-bug/make-the-request...they'd probably know.15:24
redrawok, thanks!15:25
drcYou misht nort get an immediate answer, but soon or later someone will know and answer (probably :)15:26
drc  sudo fingers-learn-how-to-type :(15:26
redrawthat isn't fixed with regex :p15:29
drcFor me, it's not fixed with anything.15:30
eatmyidJust about to d/l & try xubunu, is there any reason not to choose 15.04?16:56
pleia2eatmyid: I recommend reading the release announcement and deciding for yourself: http://xubuntu.org/news/15-04-release/16:56
drceatmyid: Unless you have a problem with any of the Known Issues listed in the link pleia2 gave you, nope, no reason not to...has worked flawlessly for me since Beta 1.16:59
eatmyidYa, can't see any problems. Does 14.03 have the same pkg versions/updates, inc xfce 4.12?17:02
pleia2only 15.04 has 4.12 supported by default, 14.04 and 14.10 do not (there is no 14.03)17:03
drcYou mean 14.04?  Nope, 15.04 has xfce 4.12, not 4.1017:03
eatmyid;) my mistake.17:04
drchttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/VividVervet/ReleaseNotes/Xubuntu should give you more information.17:04
drcand http://xfce.org/download/changelogs/4.12 for the updates in xfce 4.1217:05
eatmyidOk 15.04/4.12 it is then.17:06
eatmyidTY all.17:06
drcnp, enjoy17:06
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eatmyidIs there no checksum for 15.04?18:20
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brainwasheatmyid: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes18:23
eatmyidthanks brainwash18:24
parsnipis there a way to see all workspaces?20:11
parsniplike zoom out to an overview?20:12
Unit193Well, xfdashboard can do that...20:14
parsniphmm, thank you. i was hoping something a little more minimal like https://i.ytimg.com/vi/TpVFQJqQ9nQ/hqdefault.jpg20:17
parsnipxfdashboard looks more like gnome 3 dealy.20:17
bynariehas anyone here installed nvidia-349 on xubuntu 15.04 successfully???20:39
bynarieeverytime i do, it crashes the whole system and cant get to a shell or anything20:40
drcbynarie: Have you tried -349 on any other distros, and did it work (if so, what version of the kernel were they using?)?20:44
drcbynarie: What version of the kernel are you using with 15.04, .15 or .16?20:44
bynariewell i was originally using the stock 3.19 kernel with xubuntu 15.04, tried nvidia349.. no go20:45
bynarieonly ubuntu, no other distros20:45
drcbynarie: Does the 340 kernel that xubuntu lists in Additional Drivers work?20:45
bynariehm.. mine does not have a 34020:45
bynariei got 4 - 346.xx20:46
bynarieand right now im running kernel 4.0.120:46
drcMust be the kernel4 :)20:47
bynarieyea, but i have also tried with the stock 3.1920:47
bynariestill didnt work =[20:47
drcwith the stock .16 kernel I get 2 340's , tested and updates.20:48
bynarieoh well ill figure it out20:48
drcNo idea then, sorry20:49
bynarieim only trying to change because of the bug where the cursor disappears at top of screen20:49
bynariehave you heard of this?20:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1440012 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-346 (Ubuntu) "The cursor disappears on the top of the screen" [High,Triaged]20:49
drcnope, and I don't see that behavior on my box.20:49
drcbut then I use -340-updated.20:50
bynarieare you using the standard repos for nvidia drivers?20:50
bynarieoh my bad.. i do have a 34020:50
bynarieill switch and see if that makes a difference20:50
bynariewhat would be the difference between the 340-updates and 34020:51
drcTBH, not sure, but I've always gone with updated and never had a problem..20:51
bynarieill give it a shot.. thanks20:52
drcbynarie: so what you're going to try is kernel4+nvidia-340-something?20:53
drclet us know?20:54
bynariei will20:54
bynarieone sec20:54
bynariewell i was actually able to install 34921:12
bynarieBUT if i run apt-get upgrade, some reason when i reboot my system crashes21:12
nomicupgrade upgrades version # of your system21:15
nomicubuntu version #21:15
bekksnomic: No it doesnt ;)21:27
bekksdo-release-upgrade upgrades the version of your ubuntu, update fetches repository content files, upgrade installs upgrades of installed packages, and dist-upgrade does the same, but more safely.21:27
nomici see21:28
nomicDIST. upgrade21:28
nomicok tyvm21:28
Ricky_hey, I'm trying to define the a button-up action for the system shortcuts. is that actually possible?22:03
Ricky_and is there any chance, that the shortcut-bug for input methods are going to be fixed in near future? I was trying ubunto about > 6 years ago and it also didn't work back then :/22:07
xubuntu42whi, why does xubuntu not support mtp by default?22:10
xubuntu42wI have permission problems with mtp support on xubuntu. I need help.22:19
bazhang!info gmtp23:12
ubottugmtp (source: gmtp): simple MP3 player client for MTP based devices. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.7-1 (vivid), package size 101 kB, installed size 472 kB23:12
bazhangtry that, never mind the description23:12

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