ychaoucheHello #bzr14:01
ychaoucheI have checkouted a branch from my machine to a distant machine. My machine had the IP
ychaoucheThen I changed the IP of my machine to, and now I can no longer commit from the distant machine, probably because it still keeps the old IP in its config.14:02
ychaoucheI can't even do a switch now : I tried a bzr switch but it also times out.I14:07
ychaoucheoops, wrong paste : https://gist.githubusercontent.com/ychaouche/b723dc782d28f795795b/raw/119c324711ede412ce1895f3b640862b899ac5fc/gistfile1.txt14:07
ychaoucheHad to checkout to another directory, manually copy modified files to that directory, commit.14:14
ychaoucheIf there's a shortcut for this I think I would benefit from it.14:14

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