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jw4rick_h_: crazy how hard it is to successfully post something on linkedin :)00:11
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rick_h_jw4: :)00:28
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nevermamHello All.. I am writing a charm for my product and trying to set/unset a config.yaml parameter from within a charm.Can anyone please tell me, how it can be done ??05:26
nevermambasically I want to set/unset the option from within a hook05:27
nevermamI am using bash shell scripts for writing the charm/hook05:29
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marcoceppinevermam: you can't13:27
marcoceppinevermam: you can only get values, you can't set them13:27
marcoceppinevermam: you can get a value with `config-get <key>` inside a hook13:28
* Zetas waves to lazyPower14:09
lazyPowerMornin Zetas14:25
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ejathi .. if i tried to run openstack using juju on aws, how can i link it to landscape ?16:16
lazyPowercory_fu: tvansteenburgh: quick question for you re: charmhelpers. I can use the config() object to store machine state as well correct? Eg: i have a slew of incoming relation data I need out of relation context, and i can just stuff those in the config object and have it persist thanks to the data-backend in config now right?16:23
tvansteenburghlazyPower: yes16:24
lazyPowerejat: I dont think OpenStack would run properly on AWS - as nova-compute would be running in a hypervisor. hypervisor in a hypervisor...16:24
lazyPowerejat: but in teh spirit of answering your question - so long as the units you register w/ landcape-client can reach your landscape-server, no crazy config / concerns need apply.16:24
cory_fulazyPower: You should use charmhelpers.core.unitdata.kv().set / get instead16:25
lazyPowerok so unitdata is a different config store that wont bleed into config-get versioning?16:25
lazyPower> "versioned, transactional operation" -  exactly what i was looking for16:25
cory_fuThey are different implementations, and my opinion is that we should move entirely to unitdata16:26
* lazyPower hattips @ cory_fu16:26
cory_fuI think the config tracking should be refactored to use unitdata as well16:26
ejati managed to up the horizon16:30
ejatbut connection timed out to login16:30
ejatlazyPower: i just want to test the openstack charms16:33
ejattesting purposes16:33
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ejatanyone can help me ?16:42
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Zetasejat: have you tried using devstack or are you tied to using aws?17:28
Zetasdevstack works pretty well for simple openstack charm testing17:28
ejat[Tue May 19 17:23:08.034535 2015] [:error] [pid 19918:tid 140668694456064] Login failed for user "Admin".17:29
Zetasplus unless you make modifications to the charms deploying the openstack bundle to AWS will spin up a dozen fairly expensive users17:29
ejat$ keystone role-list17:29
ejat|                id                |   name   |17:29
ejat| 150a57a6033d41978068798b25b99631 |  Admin   |17:29
ejat| 26b0725903ea49fbb1530d336a587e86 |  Member  |17:29
ejat| 9fe2ff9ee4384b1894a90878d3e92bab | _member_ |17:29
ejattried to update password17:30
ejatNo user with a name or ID of 'Admin' exists.17:30
Zetashmm, im very new to openstack so im not sure what the issue would be.17:33
Zetasyou are able to login to the dashboard though right?17:33
Zetasset the password with juju set keystone admin-password="mypass" ?17:33
ejati manage to change the password... case sensitivity ... but i still cant login horizon dashboard ;(17:52
ejatstill getting the same error ; [Tue May 19 17:50:54.594643 2015] [:error] [pid 19919:tid 140668694456064] Login failed for user "admin".17:52
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Zetasejat: when you login to the juju-gui is the openstack-dashboard charm green and have all green relations?18:02
Zetas(you did setup the relations right)18:02
ejatall green18:02
ejative check the horizon setting18:03
ejat#OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_URL = "http://%s:5000/v2.0" % OPENSTACK_HOST18:03
ejatis it correct ? or i need to put the full URL18:03
Zetashmm, thats strange18:03
ejatof the keystone18:03
Zetasrun this command: juju status openstack-dashboard18:04
Zetasget the public IP and in your browser go to https://ipaddress/horizon18:04
Zetasfor me its
Zetasyea i just hit your dashboard heh18:09
Zetasworks great18:09
Zetasmight want to add a constraint to the AWS security group to only allow connections to 443/80 from your home IP18:10
Zetasif this is gonna be something you want private18:10
ejatthis is for testing purpose18:11
ejathorizon up18:11
ejatbut i cant login the admin18:11
Zetaswhat did you enter in the set password line?18:11
ejatdefault .. ive tried to changed a few time18:12
ejatincluding manually change in console just now18:12
ejatapache log still shows login failed18:12
Zetashmm, well from your main juju box you should be able to use the command juju set keystone admin-password="mypass" and then login with admin/mypass18:13
ejatis it because of the security group ?18:16
ZetasIf you deployed the bundle to aws without changing anything it should be fine. If you can access the horizon dashboard it wouldn't miraculously stop you from logging in18:17
Zetasif there was a security group stopping communication between keystone and the dashboard that might happen but then your relation would be red probably18:17
Zetasthats kinda the whole point of the relation thing, if it's green it should be fine. I haven't had your issue before so im not sure how to fix it18:21
Zetasalso i've not deployed openstack to aws fully18:21
Zetasonce i saw it spinning up a dozen servers i killed it lol18:21
Zetashave you changed any of the default config values?18:24
Zetashave you watched the debug log while logging in? It might have some helpful info18:33
Zetasi'll brb18:36
wwitzel3lazyPower: ping18:45
lazyPowerwwitzel3: pong18:46
wwitzel3lazyPower: got time for a quick hangout?18:46
lazyPowerwwitzel3: In the middle of something - can you give me some time to wrap up what i'm working on?18:48
wwitzel3lazyPower: absolutely18:48
lazyPowerif its emergent i can bounce in18:48
lazyPowerack, thanks - i'll ping when i'm at a stopping point18:48
Zetasany luck ej19:26
Zetasoh he left19:26
Zetashope he figured it out19:27
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bdxopenstack-charmers, charmers: Does there exist anyone who has successfully implemented vlan networking using a juju charm deployment>20:32
bdxopenstack-charmers, charmers: Any chance at all??20:33
marcoceppibdx: you mean like using openvswitch?20:34
bdxmarcoceppi: totally20:34
bdxmarcoceppi: It seems the charms support vlan networking to some degree......I haven't been able to figure it out....20:35
bdxI have spent weeks trying to get it working with charm based deployment20:35
marcoceppibdx: the openstack-charmers would be able to answer this the best, but they're all at ODS this week20:35
marcoceppibdx: sorry to hear that! I'd recommend mailing the juju mailing list (juju@lists.ubuntu.com) if you haven't already about what you've tried and the issue you're seeing20:36
bdxmarcoceppi: I feel like the charms support this use case, but it is treated like a corner case in the sense that there seems to be little to no support for vlan networking20:37
bdxmarcoceppi: thanks man. will do20:37
marcoceppibdx: we are beefing up support for that, that much I know, but if there are any special measures the openstack-charmers can help. As I mentioned earlier they're all here in Vancouver at ODS so the email is the best way to start that conversation20:38
bdxmarcoceppi: Thanks, I'll get started on an email to your guys list concerning this......what im getting at though is that vlan networking shouldn't be considered a special measure right?20:43
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marcoceppibdx: no, and it won't in the future, I think it's just an issue with getting the charms updated which I'm sure we'll be doing over the next few months20:50
bdxmarcoceppi: I see. Thanks for the insight on this20:54
bdxmarcoceppi: should vlan functionallity be removed from the charms seeing as they don't support it.....this is very misleading and can be very frustrating from an opperators point of view.20:58
marcoceppibdx: well vlan does work from what I recall20:58
bdx*sp: operator20:58
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bdxmarcoceppi: Yea....21:02
bdxmarcoceppi: vlans work when I handroll a stack21:02
bdxmarcoceppi: I have preformed introspection and post deploy configuration on a juju deployed stack and am just hitting my head on how this is expected to work using juju.....some documentation on networking configs using juju would be a huge plus++ tahts all21:05
bdxmarcoceppi: thanks for your insight none the less21:06
marcoceppibdx: I get your frustration, sorry it's not quite there yet. I'll make sure someone from the OpenStack Charmers team follows up with your email soon!21:06
bdxmarcoceppi: Thanks again21:07
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thumperlazyPower, marcoceppi: are either of you willing to help me on my Friday afternoon to look at imporoving the python-django charm?23:16
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