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ahoneybunwhen someone gets around to it can you tell me what is old and out of date other then the screenshots on this page: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs/Reporting. I'll be working on it during lunch break tomorrow03:09
* ahoneybun sleeps03:09
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: Plasma-desktop05:13
ovidiu-florinThis seems outdated 05:13
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: that page is for intermediate to advanced users 05:17
ovidiu-florinDo we have something for new users? Beginners? Non technical people? 05:18
Riddellmicahg: Mirv: who knows why we have a hardcoded plugin path? https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/plasma-devel/2015-May/041692.html09:25
* mitya57 looks09:33
mitya57Riddell: we pass '-plugindir "/usr/lib/$(DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH)/qt5/plugins"' to Qt's configure so that *our* own plugins are installed there. But I think that env variable should still work.09:34
mitya57I.e. in some packages we set QT_PLUGIN_PATH=$(CURDIR)/plugins when running tests, and that seems to work.09:35
mitya57qtsensors is an examples09:35
Mirvyes, env var should be working, I think it's used in a couple of packages run build time tests09:38
Riddellsitter: no kubuntu_wily_archive branches for frameworks?09:56
sitternot created yet09:58
sitterRiddell: https://github.com/apachelogger/kubuntu-repo-merge09:58
sitterRiddell: are you doing 5.1009:58
Riddellsitter: I was thinking about it09:59
Riddellshould I?09:59
sitterjust asking because of the command :P09:59
sitterif you are doing 5.10 -> ./merge.rb -o kubuntu_unstable -t kubuntu_wily_archive frameworks09:59
sitterif not ./merge.rb -o kubuntu_vivid_backports -o kubuntu_vivid_archive -t kubuntu_wily_archive frameworks09:59
sitterformer derives the branch from unstable, latter derives it from vivid_backports or if that doesn't exist from vivid_archive10:00
Riddellsitter: what about merging in debian's master branch ?10:01
sitterRiddell: that should happen via CI10:01
Riddellsitter: does it?10:02
sittersomeone needs to step up and resolve the conflicts10:02
Riddellsitter: right, so it needs a manual merge first then CI an do it magically?10:02
sitterI'd have CI merge into unstable/stable and then land that into a release branch once a new upstream release comes out10:04
sitterwhich would be a merge through CI with manual intervention being needed when there is a conflict10:04
sitterthe other option is to use the merge tool to merge master into a release branch (such as kubuntu_wily_archive) and the release branch then gets merged into CI10:05
sitterthere's no real difference between the two as far as work is concerned10:05
sitterwhat needs to happen is someone telling me that master or exermpeintal was merged into branch foobar such that I can enable automatic merges using CI moving forward10:05
sitterso we don't have to do these batch merges anymore10:05
Riddellsitter: it's not happy with something https://paste.kde.org/pfacotuih10:13
sitterRiddell: did you run bundle install?10:15
Riddellah no good point10:15
Riddellhowever some documentation saying what this script does would be useful10:16
sitterRiddell: --help not clear enough?10:17
Riddellstill no luck https://paste.kde.org/p7bjdbcq910:17
sitterthat makes no sense, bundle gives you exactly the same versions as I have10:21
sitterRiddell: bundle show git; ruby -v10:21
Riddelljr@gallus:~/src/frameworks/kubuntu-repo-merge (master)>bundle show git; ruby -v10:22
Riddellruby 2.1.2p95 (2014-05-08) [x86_64-linux-gnu]10:22
Riddellooh works if I  apt remove ruby-git10:23
Riddellsilly apt package10:23
sitterI wonder if maybe I should just change the instructions to bundle into the directory10:24
sitterbundler is really neat. you can basically make it put the dependencies inside the directory itself and then simply call the script through bundler so it always picks the right versions of the gems regardless of whatever else is available in the system10:24
sitterexpanded readme a bit10:26
Riddellpushing wily branches for frameworks10:48
Riddellwow there's lots to merge when merging in debian's master branch10:53
Riddellsitter: not dealing too well with conflicts? https://paste.kde.org/p3ljhmbvj10:57
sitterRiddell: go into the repo, merge manually, then run script again11:00
sitterand push after merge mind you11:00
sitterthe workflow is a bit meh as it cannot pick up where it left off, though tbh the code is mostly meant to end up in some KCI job and resuming is not a thing there ;)11:02
sitterwgrant: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/26711111:02
Riddellug, pesky debian adding in patches without dep3 headers or even changelog entries11:03
Riddell"New patch: renamed_header"  ug renaming headers?11:03
sitterRiddell: it occurs to me that is an upstream bug11:04
sitterlibkf5dnssd-dev: /usr/include/KF5/KDNSSD/dnssd/domainbrowser.h11:05
sitterso this probably wouldn't ever work -#include <kdnssd/domainbrowser.h>11:05
sitterincomplete_header probably also should go upstream as it appears to remove headers that do not actually go anywhere because their underlying thingies were removed (such as Solid/AudioInterface)11:07
yossarianukhi - found a bug with 'ubuntu-bug' / apport-kde - it crashes 100% of the time in 15.04 if you choose certain options11:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 1456579 in apport (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-bug segfaults, Kubuntu 15.04 (100% reproducible - multiple machines)" [Undecided,New]11:18
Riddellug more patches in kio with no indication of their origin11:23
Riddellyossarianuk: I'm pretty sure that's a known bug in pyqt , check release announcement for 15.04, sorry I'm too lacking in energy to investigate11:23
sitterRiddell: tell maxy to dep3 and upstream ^^11:23
yossarianukRiddell: thanks - this appears different to this one (which I also raised) 11:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 1437803 in apport (Ubuntu) "kubuntu 15.04 ubuntu-bug broken - File "/usr/share/apport/apport-kde", line 43 from PyQt5 uic ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax" [Medium,Fix released]11:25
BluesKajHowdy folks12:04
KDDAhi BluesKaj12:04
BluesKajhi KDDA12:05
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Riddellsitter: pushing kubuntu_wily_archive with merges from master for frameworks13:02
sitterRiddell: you didn't pause integration13:03
Riddelloh hmm, does that mean I just broke the world?13:03
sitterhttp://kci.pangea.pub/ pointless red :'<13:03
sitternot too bad actually13:04
sitterthe odd thing is13:04
sitteronly part of the repos triggered a build Oo13:04
sitterah uh oh13:27
sitterRiddell: there are some legit build failures13:27
sitterhttp://kci.pangea.pub/job/wily_unstable_kwindowsystem/5/console failing patch for example13:27
sitterI think it'd be good to go through all the red willys13:27
sitterRiddell: so the reason not all jobs triggered was because most repos had nothing to push (e.g. ECM's master is from november)13:30
sitterI am not sure that is correct13:30
sitterRiddell: ECM for example still has its changes in the experimental branch13:31
sitterI think you should talk to maxy about which stuff needs merging13:31
sitterMirv, mitya57: since sebas asked me about it ... do we have any plans on getting qtwebengine?13:34
sitterI understand lisandro isn't too happy with it13:35
Mirvsitter: no plans. Ubuntu uses Oxide-qt which is also chromium based but with constant security updates.13:35
Mirvwhich means there's no pressure on the Unity side of things to get qtwebengine13:36
sebasqtwebengine also gets constant security updates, btw (sounded a bit like qtwebengine doesn't while oxide does)13:37
sebasoxide is entirely tied to Unity though, it's really useless for anything non unity13:37
sebasI'd personally trust Qt more to maintain a chromium fork in their package13:37
Mirvsebas: ah, ok. my impression was that at least release wise upstream only releases it when doing 5.x/5.x.x releases, not when CVE:s are filed.13:37
sitterI trust no one to maintain a fork of anything :P13:38
sebasMirv: I doubt that's practical13:38
sebassitter: fair enough :)13:38
Mirvsebas: I'm not that familiar with Oxide myself, but I didn't know it'd be tied to Unity? looking at the build deps at least it seems all standard libraries aside from one armhf-only dependency that's probably not really optimally implemented that way13:40
Mirvboth the library and QML module seem pretty standard too13:40
sebasMirv: I tried to build it a few months ago, there's unity specifics everywhere I looked, I gave up eventually13:40
Mirvsebas: it should be just bzr bd with nothing Unity needed on x86 http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~oxide-developers/oxide/packaging.vivid/view/head:/debian/control13:42
Mirvthey have a funny way of having packaging outside of the main lp:oxide though13:42
sebasMirv: yes, I tried to build it on Debian13:42
sebasit's already a few months back, maybe things have changed, perhaps I don't remember it well enough13:43
Mirvsebas: ok, interesting that you hit blockers with that list of build deps. although chromium is never fun, I don't want to even look at those ;)13:43
sebasyes, chromium is horrible to build13:43
sebasI think the wider usecase of qtwebengine serves us a bit better mid-term13:44
sitterthat makes me wonder whether steam also forked chromium for their inapp browser o_O13:44
sitteror perhaps they used the gecko13:44
sebasor webkit13:44
swizgardhi. what is the best place to start reading about compiling/packaging kdepim?13:44
sittersomeone should make a gecko fork for qt13:44
sitterswizgard: google. unless you can ask a more concrete question 13:45
sitterdepending on what you want to do you'll want to read up on general debian packaging and using cmake at the very least13:46
swizgardsitter: i'm suffering from a bug in how kdepim handles recurrence-ids in ics-files and i want to see if i can make some crude fixes to investigate the problem further13:47
swizgardand then i want to run my own package until fixes in master trickle down to kubuntu stable13:48
sitterswizgard: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11225592/13:49
swizgardok. but when i want to pull in git master it gets complicated, doesn't it?13:50
sitterassuming you simply want to create or apply a patch (which is what I would suggest) you want to read up on a tool called 'quilt' and possibly on the general subject of 'dpkg-source patches'13:50
Mirvsitter: well there's Jolla's https://github.com/tmeshkova/qtmozembed ...13:50
sitterswizgard: yeah, with master in the picture it gets lots more complicated13:51
swizgardok. then maybe i will leave that for now (-: thank you!13:51
sitterswizgard: general outline is clone -> copy debian/ from existing package -> use a tool called dch to manipulate the changelog -> use that dpkg-buildpackage line I pasted to build binaries13:51
sitterdepending on how far diverged master it this can be all that is necessary or but the beginning13:52
sitterswizgard: I would probably suggest that you find the exact commit that fixes your problem and import it as a single patch into the packaging13:52
sitterthis would then also allow the change to be applied to official the official packages13:53
sitterMirv: oh my xD13:53
swizgardthank you again (-:13:53
Mirvsebas: I tried to build the wily proposed Oxide in Debian. I don't see any Unity dependencies, and it starts the build, but I'm hitting some python problem. on sid.14:03
Mirvanyway if someone wants to play with it chrisccoulson on #ubuntu-devel can help understanding what's needed on Debian14:04
Mirvsince I noticed it, I'll file a bug against Oxide to not use the transitional qml module packages, Debian already dropped them while we carry them until 16.04 LTS14:04
* sitter still would like something better to handle qml dependencies :|14:05
sebasMirv: thanks for that ... I've moved on by now though, so don't spend too much time on it for my sake14:10
Mirvyeah, I was just curious14:31
sebasMirv: aye :)14:31
BluesKajshadeslayer, did you file a bug about dolphin places ? I didn't get the chance to so and I checked this morning and someone already had filed one.14:35
shadeslayerBluesKaj: didn't you see the bug link from yesterday14:39
shadeslayerBluesKaj: https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/1422469/comments/5514:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 1422469 in kio (Ubuntu Wily) "Dolphin won't keep the folder shortcuts on Kubuntu 15.04 with Plasma 5." [Medium,Confirmed]14:39
BluesKaj!bug 34789314:40
ubottubug 347893 in eyeOS "insert image window from eyeDocs is "always on top"" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34789314:40
BluesKajnot launchpad , kde-bugs14:41
shadeslayerkde bug 34789314:41
ubottuKDE bug 347893 in panels: places "Dolphin does not remember Places in Plasma 5.3 / Kubuntu 15.04" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34789314:41
BluesKajthe bot has it wromg14:41
shadeslayerBluesKaj: there's a fix in vivid-proposed14:41
shadeslayerplease test it out14:41
shadeslayerand report with results on 142246914:41
BluesKajhmm proposed eh , I'm on Wily already14:42
shadeslayersitter: ^^ wasn't pushed to wily right14:42
BluesKajI could switch over to the Vivid install and check it out 14:46
shadeslayerwould be nice14:46
sittershadeslayer: twas not because I've been ignoring all the notifiers that told me to upload15:08
BluesKajok what's the proposed ppa url? not finding it on launchpad or anywhere else15:14
BluesKajfor vivid15:16
sitterRiddell: please be fixing that frameworks stuff15:35
BluesKajactually Wily is performing better wirh plsama5 and 4 integration than Vivid15:40
EtriaphRiddell: ping17:29
Riddellhi Etriaph17:29
EtriaphRiddell: Can I query you with a quick question?17:29
Riddellyou can try17:29
EtriaphCongratulations to the winners!18:02
EtriaphKDDA: Council election winners; it's on both the mailing lists.18:07
EtriaphSo is there any thing else that has to be wrapped up prior to tomorrow with respect to the election?18:12
EtriaphI can't change the council details on Launchpad, I'm assuming someone with take care of that?18:12
yofelI just did that18:13
EtriaphExcellent.  :D18:13
sgclarkcongrats winners :)18:14
KDDAwho are the winners?18:16
EtriaphRohan, Phillip and Valorie18:17
* genii throws a bunch of confetti in the air and goes to make a fresh pot of coffee18:20
KDDAwhat do the council do?18:28
EtriaphPackage furiously?  :D18:30
KDDAsounds like amzing fun!18:30
sgclarkdon't have to develop as council, they make decisions on direction and such18:31
KDDAis jonathan head of the council?18:31
yofelnot officially, but we treat him as such18:32
sgclarkI think he like a more equal rights heiarchy18:32
KDDAbig chair and a crown ;)18:32
KDDAI need to book an appointment to get more lessons!18:34
yofelKDDA: really all we do is approve membership applications and we more or less have the last word in discussions. Most of the time we're invisible18:35
KDDAhow does one package for different distro, say I have a CentOS RPM package, how does that transfer to Ubuntu with its different paths etc?18:38
yofelthe paths shouldn't be different, the biggest issue would be translating the packaging.18:40
yofelThere is "alien" which can attempt that on a binary package if you're desperate18:40
yofelFor sources, you would really have to repackage18:41
yofelhow much work that is depends on how you later build the packages, e.g. launchpad requires pretty much proper debian sources, the opensuse build service can also build debs from a bit simplier packaging18:42
yofelKDDA: how far did you get with digikam?18:42
KDDAhavent got any further, waiting for another session with Riddell18:43
BluesKajok gents , what's the proposed ppa url for the dolphin places patch ?18:48
soeeBluesKaj: wasnt it fixed in apps ?18:54
EtriaphBluesKaj: Check 'Pre-released updates' while configuring software sources in Muon18:54
soee15.04.1 maybe ?18:54
Etriaphsoee: It's fixed in 15.04.118:54
Etriaphsoee: But there was a patch in proposed that didn't work (at least for me)18:55
soeeyeah so wait for 15.04.1 backport :)18:55
* Etriaph nods.18:55
EtriaphDo we have a timeline on 15.04.1 backport for 15.04?18:55
Etriaph(out of curiosity)18:56
BluesKajyeah I'll wait for the backport. I'm on my Wily HDD atm and don't feel like switching18:56
soeeEtriaph: probably not, packages are ready for Willy18:57
soeeso we need some packager to backport them :)18:57
EtriaphWhat volume of information would I need to learn to begin that?18:58
KDDAhow do I test on wily?19:01
soeeKDDA: its in ppa https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/next-stage2/+packages19:16
KDDAyou mean the "Packages in “Kubuntu Next Stage 2 (DON'T USE)”" one?19:17
BluesKajKDDA, I changed my sources.list with this: sudo sed -i 's/vivid/wily/g' /etc/apt/sources.list , then update and upgrade. Of course you'll need to backup your data 19:30
KDDAI have wily installed19:31
soeei would say: wait for alpha :)19:31
KDDAI want to learn how to package19:31
soeeRiddell: ^ :)19:31
BluesKajthat's my method of upgrading to Wily ... it's working fine , just don't use it on a critical pc 19:32
soeeKDDA: i want to tbh19:32
soeebut my time is limited atm19:32
KDDABluesKaj: there was an appeal to test KApps19:32
KDDAbut the PPA says do not use19:32
KDDAin capital letters!19:33
BluesKajthat's true KDDA , but if you're a brave tester then ignore warnings :-)19:33
KDDAbut its capital letters, thats shouting!19:34
soeeKDDA: those packages that are ready to test must land somewhere19:34
soeeso we are using thise ppas19:34
soeeiv been testing a lot of releases from them19:34
soeeyou can always ppa-purge it if you get some critical errors19:35
KDDAany major bugs so far?19:37
* BluesKaj takes the plunge with ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next-stage219:45
BluesKajwell ,so far so good with the ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next-stage220:46
ahoneybuncongrats to valorie shadeslayer and yofel 20:48
shadeslayerahoneybun: thanks! :)20:58
shadeslayerahoneybun: and thanks for running!20:58
yofelahoneybun: thanks :)21:00
ahoneybunnp shadeslayer and yofel21:00
yofelyour next chance is in a year, make yourself famous till then ;)21:01
ahoneybunhave anyone of you use a ISO to fix Windows EFI bootloader?21:01
soeewhat did just happend ?21:02
yofelsoee: council elections ended21:06
soeeoh and i missed it :(21:06
yofelsoee: nothing changed ;P21:06
soeeanyway congrats to to new council members :)21:06
KDDAdo they get new company cars and benifits?21:22
shadeslayerI wish21:23
* shadeslayer wants a BMW M421:23
shadeslayerthe performance model :P21:23
* yofel wants a tesla model X when it's out21:26
KDDAanyone know why shutdown sometimes fails from within my session?21:28
shadeslayeryofel: meh @ suv's21:30
shadeslayerthough those gull wing doors :321:30
yofelshadeslayer: usually I agree, but that's the only one I could settle wiith ;)21:31
shadeslayerI'm willing to settle for a Electric DMC 1221:31
shadeslayerone that goes upto 88 KMPH21:31
shadeslayeryofel: http://delorean.com/dmcev/21:33
shadeslayerwhat a lovely car21:33
yofelthat slogan XD21:33
yofeljust perfect21:34
shadeslayerI don't think they're making new chassis for those anymore21:35
shadeslayerwhich is sad21:35
shadeslayerso they only have pre owned ones http://delorean.com/for-sale/21:35
shadeslayeronly slightly unreasonable prices :P21:36
shadeslayerI was expecting them to be upwards of 60K USD21:36
KDDAthey dont need gas, they need petrol21:36
mparilloI am running Plasma 5.2.2, with oxygen yellow cursor theme, but otherwise pretty stock Kubuntu. When I mouse down to reveal the panel, my cursor goes black on one laptop (15.04) but not the other (15.10). (1) Can anybody replicate? (2) If so, can anybody guess the component to file a bug report (I assume at bugs.kde.org).21:55
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valoriewow, used Deloreans cost more than my nifty new hybrid Subaru23:29
valoriealso, thank you to all who ran for the Council, and Etriaph for running the election!23:29
* ahoneybun yells at silly UEFI23:48

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