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kroq-gar78Hello, does Launchpad support using native Git repos for build recipes (i.e. without importing the repos into bazaar)?20:21
dobeynot yet20:26
dobeyfurther integration with launchpad for git repos is still being worked on20:27
kroq-gar78dobey, sound good20:27
cjwatsonYup, not in the current batch of work but it'll probably be in the next couple of months.20:36
kroq-gar78sounds good. One project I've been working on used submodules at one point in Git, so I couldn't import it into bzr at the time. Does bzr support subtrees, or is that still in progress?20:38
cjwatsonThat's unlikely to happen.20:38
cjwatsonOverwhelmingly likely that we'll do git mirroring and recipes first ...20:38
cjwatson(Neither is especially hard; mirroring is basically just some extra bits in the database and some kind of import job; recipes just involve writing a more-or-less-compatible replacement for bzr-builder)20:40
cjwatsonBut git submodules -> bzr would be a bunch of fundamental thinking about how to round-trip it, and very probably extensions to bzr that we simply aren't staffed for any more.20:40
cjwatsonSo I can see how it might look as though doing it within the existing import-into-bzr framework might be easier, but actually it's the other way round.20:41
cjwatson(You can certainly run your own manual import if you can hack it up to work, but then any automation of that is up to you)20:42
cjwatsonCurrent priorities for git support are fixing up a bunch of stuff we cut corners on in the initial deployment, and adding support for webhooks (not really git-specific but that's a major use case)20:45
kroq-gar78Ah, I understand - seems like a good plan to me. I'll look into manually importing stuff for now, but thanks for the response!20:48
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