hghgHullo - trying to install lubuntu 14.04.2 and want disk encryption and disk-overwrite (of empty space). But get error message  :01:43
hghgAn unsafe swap space has been detected.  This is a fatal error since sensitive data could be written out to disk unencrypted. This would allow someone with access to the disk to recover parts of the encryption key or passphrase.  Please disable the swap space (e.g. by running swapoff) or configure an encrypted swap space and then run setup of encrypted volumes again. This program will now abort.01:43
hghgAny thoughts? More info : it is a MacBook with a broken optical drive, so the only way to install is via usb... but Macs are a bit finicky at times, so I have to do a live boot into the desktop and then from there select the <install lubuntu option>....01:45
Madserlubuntu is great.03:41
Madseris xubuntu core better?03:41
Unit193"Better" is usually a matter of opinion.03:43
holsteinif one liked xfce better, that would make it better03:52
Madserwhat is the window manager used by lubuntu? lxde or something? i like that, lightweight.04:08
ubottulubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.04:08
holsteinlxde is the desktop environment..04:08
Madserah yes, sorry04:08
Madsercan lubuntu run on pi2 yet?04:12
holsteinMadser: nothing about lubuntu is preventing that04:12
holsteinMadser: if i want a "desktop computer" i get one.. the pi is more for learning..04:13
Madseri would like to see it on pi2 to help more people use lubuntu cheaply. running openelec on pi2 and very impressed with the hardware compared to pi 1. power consumption very low too holstein.04:14
holsteinMadser: sure.. ask the pi creators to support it.. lubuntu is completely open04:15
ubottuARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.04:15
holstein^ that will be relevant04:15
holsteinthe issue is, its not the intention of that hardware to be a "cheap desktop machine" for anyone04:16
Madserholstein: yes, I know it's not geared towards being a desktop, but it's sure getting there with each iteration. i'm running lubuntu on 9 year old laptop and it works great too.04:18
holsteinMadser: its not the goal of the project, friend04:18
holsteinMadser: its not intended to be a cheap desktop replacement. .its a project board that happens to have the facility to run linux04:19
holsteinMadser: i have the pi.. the original one.. i run lxde raspian on it.. no problem04:19
holsteinthere is no reason you cant install ubuntu and lxde and lubuntu on a pi2.. there is nothing preventing that04:19
holsteinit will "just work"04:19
holsteinbut, if you are giving it to someone else, there are "issues" and limiatation with the arm chips for desktop use04:20
Madseryeah have the original too, pi2 openelec is nice, much snappier... is there a distro for pi2? i'm just curious, i think i will continue using lubuntu on laptop, in fact it is replacing windows...04:21
holsteinMadser: there are *many* operating systems that support arm chips04:22
Madserholstein: i will check it out04:23
lubuntu14436536What is Lubuntu for Powerpc ? Is that an ordernary lubuntu ?12:24
MuntoI'd like to edit keyboard shortcuts but I can't find obkey in the repository12:28
Muntohow do you do it ?12:28
ianorlynMunto: you can edit keys by editing the xml in ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml directly but make a backup first12:49
Auctuswhen i boot, the brightness buttons on my laptop dont work, but ifi suspend and then resume, they do13:14
Auctusin 15.04, they worked in previous releases13:14
ianorlynAuctus: maybe learn to use xbacklight as a workaround13:16
Auctusyup that was what i did first, i dont reboot often anyway but its a curious thing13:18
ianorlynI usually thought stuff broke after suspend not got fixed so that is wierd13:19
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Chelsea_JurgensHi, I'm using lubuntu and am wondering if there is a way to "arrange" desktop icons to be in line? Right now they just land where you put them and is hard to line up exactly17:20
ArovineDoes anyone have some experience with running games on lubuntu? I recently migrated from win 7 becausw the pros out weighed the cons immensely in my situation. Was curious what to expect relating to gameplay.18:43
ArovineSource and other cpu intensive games specifically (:18:43
ianorlynArovine: I have played mount and blade warband on steam and it works ok18:44
ianorlynwesnoth will run even on ancient stuff but is turned based strategy18:44
ianorlynI find synaptic useful for browsing unkown stuff in repos18:44
ArovineGood to hear. I felt as though even a loss of performance would be okay, because the programs would run more consistently in the less bloated environment18:45
ArovineBut I was suprised when my fps in counterstrike was exactly the same. And came to find it smoother in my ten minutes or so of trying it out18:46
ArovineSeeking out the configuration files for mouse input was a hassle though. Anything that the distro does particually well?18:48
ArovineLxinput? I just went etc/xdc/lxsession/desktop.conf18:54
ArovineAnd used leafpad with root to edit the accel threshold and accell multiplier.18:55
ArovineWould lxinput be a better way to do it?18:55
Powersourcei'm thinking of installing lubuntu on my netbook which currently has win7 on it. of what i understand my battery life would be pretty bad with ubuntu but how is it with lubuntu (i'm guessing it's a lot better than ubuntu, but is it better than win7?)18:59
ArovineI'd be forced to assume that is the case.19:03
PowersourceArovine: this page says he gets about half battery life on lubuntu compared to win http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/119606/19:04
Powersourcenot encouraging :(19:05
ArovineThank you for that.19:05
ArovineI'm new to the distro and it just seemed logical in my head19:05
ArovineBeing designed to have less bloat, was not trying to mislead anyone19:05
PowersourceArovine: np, i'd have assumed that too. but drivers etc. seem to be screwing us over.19:06
ArovineBut I'm putting it on a couple year old hp sleekbook later today to see how I like it for laptop use.19:06
ArovineI just finished configuring my gaming rig to run csgo in lubuntu, so I'm not the best to amswer lol. It seemed quiet in here, didn't want you to feel ignored.19:08
ArovineWhat are the specs of your netbook?19:10
chashi some one runs magine tv on lubuntu`19:10
ArovinePowersource: sorry, forgot to tag you. What specs does the netbook have?19:11
PowersourceArovine: pdf-warning http://www.lenovo.com/shop/americas/content/pdf/notebooks/ThinkPad/X-Series/ThinkPad_X100e.pdf19:27
ArovineWell unfortunately it uses amd graphics technolgoy19:31
ArovineSo thats a downside with driver interaction19:31
ianorlynArovine: powertop can help tune powerstuff19:32
ianorlynnot sure how well it works on amd as it is an intel tool19:32
ArovineWell tell Powersource :p i was just curious on his specs to see if I had any input for him19:33
ArovineBut, the battery life is minimal to begin with.19:33
Powersourcewell i'm mostly gonna use it in places with access to power, but would have been nice to move it around more19:33
ArovineBut the lucky break is it is a linux os, which means if you put in the effort, you can configure most any kind of setting for extra performance19:34
ArovineDepending on what your system can and can't play nice with (:19:34
Powersourceyeah i'm gonna hunt down every battery optimization program i can find19:35
ArovineHave you thought about mint?19:35
Powersourceisn't it a lot heavier than lubuntu?19:35
ArovineIt ran well on an old pavilion i put it on for a friend19:35
ArovineYes it is, but it didn't seem to perform worse than win 7 that was on there before it.19:35
ArovineBut before I talk much more concerning lubuntu, I need to spend some time actually using it now that it's installed lol.19:37
ArovineOr else I'd be liable to blow smoke up your ass19:37
ArovineI got it because I was looking for more consistent performance on my higher end gaming pc.19:37
Powersourcelol well it's better than no response19:38
ArovineVishera and bulldozer amd cpu's don't like win7 :/19:38
Powersourcei'm not too knowledgeable about battery life in general, but it feels weird that lightweight os's can at the same time consume a lot more power.19:39
ArovineMy hardware configuration may be one of the few that make gaming on linux a good benefit19:39
ArovineFrom what I've gathered.19:39
ArovineBut at the same time. Whats wrong with your win7 install on the netbook right now? Any particular reason to switch?19:40
Powersourcei'm studying computer engineering at school and i keep running into reasons to use linux instead19:41
Powersourceand it doesn't exactly perform well. i'll take better performance over battery life19:42
ArovineMakes sense. I mostly dislike how if i'm desiring a computer to be used for a single task, I'm forced to deal with bloat just in the off chance I may need a feature. 019:43
ArovineI don't appreciate windows assuming I'll want to use each and every one of the functions it can do.19:44
holsteinlooking into driver support can help with battery. linux is open, if any manufacturer wanted to provide "good" battery performance for linux running on the hardware they make, they could do so19:44
ArovineBut isn't it the case that often times users are left out, because a manufacturer wouldn't put in the effort towards it?19:47
ArovineLike end users of the laptops, pre built desktops etc.19:47
holsteini mean, you can look at it that way, i suppose, but, if a "user" buys a machine with windows, and the promise of windows support, and they decide *not* to use windows, then, thats the choice19:48
holsteinthe creators of the hardware *could* provide the same support for linux, and they are always welcome to.. but, if they dont, then, it can be a compromise19:48
ArovineYou're completely right. That was a bit of a entitled way to look at it on my part19:48
holsteinits not that linux is doing anything to prevent the hardware from running linux.. linux, or lubuntu, or ubuntu.. they are not preventing the user from having *excellent* support for the hardware19:49
holsteinbut, there is little it can do, other than provide the entire code freely for *everyone* to look at19:49
ArovineLuckily some put some time towards it. The Nvidia proprietary drivers I'm usig right now are suprising adequate. I assumed there would be a much more noticable disconnect when compared to their win. Drivers19:52
holsteinyeah.. if they want, they can make linux a "first class citizen", to use the popular buzz word19:55
ArovineLuckily more games are finding a decent amount of linux support. Makes this nerd happy as a clam.19:58
holsteini dont game, but i did buy a few steam games..19:58
ArovineTheir nice little distractions. (:20:01
ArovineI'm not sure how confident I would be in Steam's kernel though.20:01
ArovineSeems like while the games do better, the Steam OS is subpar20:02
Powersourcejust booted it live. the program icons are adorable :D20:15
Goose_Anyone here? Need help with lxpanel issues23:52
wxl!ask | Goose_23:52
ubottuGoose_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:52
Goose_Just making sure people are here haha23:52
wxlGoose_: people are ALWAYS here. whether or not they're at the keyboard is another question. but you won't get answered unless you ask the question.23:53
Goose_Anyway, on lxpanel my opened window color is white, as well as the text making it really hard to read. How can I change just the window color?23:53
wxljust on the panel itself?23:53
Goose_I'll post screen in a sec23:54
Goose_Apparently my prtscrn doesnt wanna work ahha23:55
wxlGoose_: so right click on the panel to get to the context menu and go to panel settings23:57
wxlGoose_: then under the appearance tab you can change either the background or the font color23:57
Goose_https://www.imgur.com/GvyP0r2.png top panel boxes23:57
Goose_wxl: under panel settings?23:58
wxlGoose_: yep23:58
wxlGoose_: i'm pretty darn sure that you can't dictate whether or not the unique color for the active window is on and what the color may be23:58
wxlbut if you change the font color you should be good to go23:58
wxli see you have encountered a similar problem to myself in the past23:59
* wxl prefers dark, too :)23:59
Goose_That just changes the overall panel color. I need to change the color of the white active window boxes23:59
wxlwhat i'm saying is just change the font23:59
Goose_It doesnt change23:59

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