Kiloshello africa and philipballew05:34
philipballewKilos, hey man05:41
Kiloshi lin07:33
linhi kilos07:34
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Kiloshi elacheche08:53
psyatwwow, it exists11:01
psyatwthe channel11:01
Kiloswell duh! didnt you know about it long ago?11:02
Kilosfew months old now11:02
psyatwbecause I wasn't around a few months ago11:02
Kilosgo see http://ubuntu-africa.info11:02
Kilosrefresh a few times and watch the change11:02
Kilosbeautiful site imo11:03
Kilosand fast11:03
psyatwI see that11:03
Kilosthe fly is a master11:03
psyatwso that means Ubuntu is going to be translated into local African languages?11:04
Kiloswe have guys here that help peeps with othe languages like french11:04
psyatwthat's good11:05
Kilospsyatw  how did you find this channel then?11:24
psyatwKilos, I just looked at the backlog in #ubuntu-za when I got a little bit of time11:25
Kilosplease advertise the site with you friends all over11:28
psyatwyes, I will11:29
psyatwmy colleague is from Rwanda11:29
psyatwand I have many friends from North Africa as well11:29
Kilosthey can all join here, many african locos still missing11:30
psyatwI think his native languages are Swahili and some Rwandese language11:30
Kilosi have got those to join11:30
Kilossome seem dead11:31
psyatwoh, I see11:31
Kiloshi melodie20:25
melodiehello Kilos !!20:25
melodiehow are you?20:25
Kilosyou catch me as im coming to say  night20:25
Kilosim good ty and you?20:25
melodieI'm a bit tired of the actual days without sun20:25
melodiebut I'm fine20:25
melodiealthough longing for sun20:25
melodiehow are your community projects?20:26
Kilosyeah sun is healthy , i spend some hours daily in the sun'20:26
Kilosstill waiting for more to join20:26
melodiehow are you going to catch them? :)20:26
melodie"free beer!!!" XD20:27
Kilosim trying to get the site to show quicker in google searches20:27
Kilosthe thing is to get contact, the site needs to show quick when peeps google ubuntu africa20:28
melodiewe can start a discussion about this some time in the next evenings if you want20:28
melodieI'll try to come earlier20:28
Kilosas long as you are well thats good though20:28
Kilosi have some guys adding the link on their sites20:29
Kilosactually the more people use the site the better20:29
Kilosyou must look after yourself melodie20:30
melodieI have a idea for the coming years some day20:31
melodieI'd like to visit linux users in different countries20:31
melodieso visiting countries would be the goal20:31
melodielinux users the pretext20:31
Kilosexpensive travelling, nowadays20:31
melodiewhat isn't expensive nowadays?20:32
Kiloslol yes20:32
Kilosok sleep tight melodie  , keep well20:34
melodiehi lunapersa21:10
lunapersaHi melodie :)21:12
melodiehow is the weather where you are?21:14
melodielunapersa ?21:16
melodieyou don't want to tell me if you had sun?21:16
lunapersatoday  it's very  hot21:16
melodieand here quite cold. Around 17° Celsius max. :-[21:18
lunapersawhere are u  from ?21:18
melodiesouth west France, and you?21:19
melodie(I know, that would be eXtended (ubuntu-)Africa XD )21:20
lunapersatu parles le  français alors ?21:20
melodieok :)21:20
melodiemais je ne parle pas le tunisien21:20
lunapersatu peux venir  chez moi21:20
melodieet là je vais mourir de chaud ?21:21
melodieil a fait combien chez toi ?21:21
lunapersapas de tout21:21
melodietu as dit very hot, ça fait combien de degrés ça ?21:21
lunapersapaske  c'est un climat mediterannéen21:21
melodietu es près de la mer ?21:22
melodieoui 27 ça va encore21:22
lunapersapar rapport à nous  ça fait chaud21:22
lunapersapar contre21:22
melodiedes fois ici en été ça dépasse les 30, ça frise les 38°, et pas assez d'air21:22
melodieoui après c'est une question d'habitude21:23
lunapersace n'est pas le mm  cas pour vous21:23
melodieje suis vers le milieu des montagnes pyrénéennes, la mer est assez loin, genre plus de trois heures de route21:23
melodieet on se baigne en maillot en Tunisie, ou bien on te regarde de travers si tu fais ça ?21:24
lunapersamoi 5 mn uniquement21:24
lunapersaj'habite  à mahdia21:25
melodieje regarde sur maps.google :)21:25
lunapersaje travaille  actuellement  à sousse21:26
melodietu fais le trajet tous les jours ?21:27
melodietu ne m'as pas dit comment c'est considéré, la baignade à la plage ? :)21:28
melodiehello ubuntiste-msakni21:29
lunapersade quelle maniere21:30
melodiewith a bathing suit21:30
melodieis it a problem for women?21:30
melodiehow is it socially considered?21:30
lunapersaah ok21:31
lunapersachaque  femme  est libre  de porter  ce quel  veut21:31
melodiemais est-ce que la baignade en maillot de bain est quelque chose de mal considéré pour une femme ? (quelle que soit son origine)21:32
lunapersatout  depend  des gens21:33
lunapersaça differe d'une personne à une autre21:33
melodieça semble être une question difficile21:33
lunapersapaske  il y'a  des cultures  variées21:34
melodieah !21:35
melodietu bosses dans l'info, à Soussa ?21:36
melodieje sens que je vais m'expatrier pour bosser, un de ces jours :D21:36
lunapersatu vas  aller ou ?21:38
melodielà où ils embauchent quelqu'un connaissant bien les systèmes linux21:38
melodieoù ? c'est une bonne question21:39
lunapersatu  sais21:39
lunapersamoi  par ex  je  suis  chargée  de referencement21:40
ubuntiste-msakniI think that you'll find more people who appreciate your Linux skills in Europe more than in Africa :(21:40
melodieubuntiste-msakni I mostly meet with people (irl) who use computer but deeply dislike it21:40
melodiewhich is the main problem21:40
ubuntiste-msaknimelodie, you should use English to discuss anything with lunapersa.. she needs to practice it more than French.. :p :D21:41
melodielunapersa continue ?21:41
melodielunapersa do you agree with ubuntiste-msakni ?21:41
melodieubuntiste-msakni : continue is the same in French and in English, did you notice?21:41
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elachecheYep :D21:42
melodieI have plenty ideas to talk about, but I feel a bit tired this evening.21:44
melodiekind of, I'd like to, but it seems a bit hard, given some tiredness21:44
elachecheYou should have some rest :)21:44
melodieelacheche I will21:45
melodiehave you tried Bento Openbox latest versions?21:45
melodieif not, I'll invite you to try them21:45
elachecheNot yet melodie.. My personal laptop is too old to install any VM on it.. ANd At work am too busy for that too.. I'll try it as soon as I can have some free time.. Working on a new project and I'm almost out of the deadline x)21:47
melodieomg deadlines are terrible21:48
elachecheyep :D21:49
elachechelunapersa2, you still here!21:50
lunapersa2elacheche,  j'ai  une tache à faire21:55
melodieelacheche lunapersa2 bonne nuit !21:56
lunapersa2melodie,  bonne  nuit21:56
lunapersa2prends soin de toi ^^21:56
melodiemerci, toi aussi :)21:56

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