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bzoltanMirv: ogra_: I have a patch for the phablet-test-run script to make it behave better when running silly applications who do not drop deprecated APIs06:09
bzoltanI need it to land with the silo20 UITK -> https://code.launchpad.net/~bzoltan/phablet-tools/suppress_deprecated_notes/+merge/25946806:10
bzoltanbrendand_: robru ^06:20
robrubzoltan: you should be able to add that to the spreadsheet and reconfigure and rebuild on your own. Do you need help?06:21
Mirvbzoltan: since phablet-tools I think doesn't have a real owner, you should be fine to land it as part of your silo06:23
robruoh it's a new package, sorry, duh06:26
thostr_robru: would you have the link to QA review board for me quickly?06:28
Mirvthostr_: https://trello.com/b/AE3swczu/silo-testing-for-questions-ping-eu-jibel-us-jfunk-nz-thomi-or-ubuntu-qa-on-ubuntu-ci-eng06:29
thostr_Mirv: thanks a lot06:29
robruthostr_: also it's permanently in the channel topic.06:39
bzoltanMirv: robru: should I self approve that MR or would you take a look and say OK?07:13
bzoltanAnd I guess I am not able to reconf the silo since it is a new project07:14
robrubzoltan: looks fine. I'm just on my phone so i can't approve for real, go ahead07:14
robruMirv: you around to reconf? I'm afk07:15
Mirvrobru: yes, you are :)07:28
Mirvbzoltan: reconfing. maybe self top approve as I don't think the project has an owner.07:29
* thostr_ wonders why ubuntu-silo38 is successfully QA tested but not marked as such in ci spreadsheet...07:30
Mirvthostr_: ask the person who handled the QA. it might be a mistake or then something not communicated.07:31
thostr_Mirv: will do07:32
bzoltanMirv:  thanks07:33
Wellarktrainguards: how do I enable the vivid overlay on my development machine?08:29
WellarkMirv: ?08:32
sil2100Wellark: you can add the silo PPA on your system, not sure if the higher pin-priority would get in your way08:33
Wellarksil2100: I need the whole overlay08:33
Wellarknot just a sile08:34
Wellarkand I have no idea where the overlay ppa actually lives08:34
sil2100When adding manually, probably best if you set its pin-priority to 1001, as this is what priority it has on the devices08:34
jodhAnybody about that can give me perms to update the CI train spreadsheet, or do I need to wait for the US?08:41
sil2100I can give you the power08:42
sil2100jodh: I only got your landing request e-mail today in the morning, so I couldn't help with landing your change yet :)08:43
sil2100Anyway, let me add you to the right teams08:43
popeycihelp I'm getting build timeouts on jenkins, can someone please help?
jodhsil2100: thanks!08:44
Wellarksil2100: I've never set a priority on a ppa08:45
Wellarksil2100: do you have a link or something describing how it's done?08:45
Wellarkbut anyway, it should not matter, as I'm running stock vivid and anything in the ppa has never version numbers08:46
Wellarksil2100: thanks! :)08:46
sil2100Wellark: yeah, normally it shouldn't matter, it's an edge-case when it actually should ;)08:46
sil2100Wellark: but in case you need instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto08:46
Wellarksil2100: <308:46
sil2100Uh oh! You're welcome ;)08:47
Wellarksil2100: relax, I don't know your IP08:47
Wellarkyet ;)08:47
jodhsil2100: I can now update the doc, but getting a couple of errors every few secs: "There was a problem while" and "The action you're trying to perform is causing a fatal error and cannot be performed."08:48
sil2100Oh no08:48
sil2100Oh crap08:48
sil2100jodh: ok, the spreadsheet is in a broken state again ;/08:48
Wellarkwill we get a new new new spreadsheet? :D08:48
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo or CI Train support? ping trainguards | Need help with something else? ping cihelp | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: otto is broken for a while now and in process of being removed; Whole QA team in the US timezone this week; Spreadsheet broken again
Wellarksil2100: could we start using version numbers on them08:49
jodhsil2100: gulp, sorry if I borked it :)08:49
Wellarkas the current is called "new"08:49
Wellarkand the old one was called "new"08:49
Wellarkand it got confusing :)08:49
sil2100Wellark: hah! Yeah, soon we'll have to ;/ But let's wait a bit, maybe it'll settle by itself08:49
Wellarkoh you sweet summer child..08:49
sil2100jodh: no worries, I see it's broken since the morning...08:49
Wellarkbut I found your optinism inspriring08:50
Mirvthe newest spreadsheet ever08:52
* sil2100 wants robru to be done with the replacement soon08:54
abeatotrainguards, you can remove line 24 of the spreadsheet and clean silo 27, we are not going to land that08:54
sil2100jodh: you can *try* adding your landing request, but there are chances it'll disappear ;) You wanted to land using a merge-request, or a source upload?08:55
Mirvabeato: thanks08:56
Mirvwell, cleaning the silo but since spreadsheet gives fatal errors not removing the line yet (maybe)08:59
abeatoMirv, yes, I have noticed that :-(09:00
abeatoMirv, mind assigning silo to line 86 too?09:00
jodhsil2100: hmm, the upstart fix we need to land is now in wily, but I'm not seeing an appropriate branch to cherry pick the fix into for the vivid overlay (can't even find the rtm one?)09:03
sil2100jodh: I guess we'll just sync it over09:05
sil2100jodh: let me prepare everything for that09:05
jodhsil2100: thanks again09:06
Mirvabeato: only fatal errors unfortunately :(09:06
Mirvabeato: trying manually atm09:08
Mirvabeato: manually typing ok, silo 01609:08
abeatoMirv, awesome, thanks09:08
Mirvwon't be in the spreadsheet since I can't insert even the request id there09:09
Mirvbut is on the dashboard09:09
abeatoMirv, so which is finally the procedure for landing in both wily and vivid?09:09
abeatoMirv, ok09:09
abeatoMirv, is doing a sync to wily fine?09:09
sil2100SYnc to wily should be fine09:10
abeatosil2100, ok, thanks09:10
Mirvabeato: fine for now, dual landing feature will be available later09:12
ogra_abeato, ^^^09:45
abeatoogra_, great, thx09:46
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popeycihelp: anyone around?10:54
jodhsil2100: can I see the upstart build logs? I'm guessing this is kernel bug 1429756 (which required manual intervention to migrate the package out of -proposed for wily).10:55
ubot5bug 1429756 in linux (Ubuntu Vivid) "FTBFS: upstart test_job_process fails in majority of cases / Kernel returning unexpected EIO at end of file" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142975610:55
sil2100jodh: sure, let me give you the link to the silo PPA10:55
sil2100jodh: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-02110:55
jodhsil2100: I've never seen that failure before. seems to be ppc only. Can you retry the build for that arch to rule out cosmic rays? :-D11:03
sil2100jodh: on it ;)11:07
sil2100jodh: rebuilding11:08
alecuHi trainguards! May I ask for a wily silo for line 84 in the spreadsheet?11:08
Mirvalecu: you may, and I can try to battle with the spreadsheet :)11:09
cjwatsonWe can try that upstart build on a different builder if it fails again on sagari, just in case it's somehow builder-specific.11:09
alecuMirv: oh, it's line 83. Was 84 last night.11:10
* sil2100 still weeps in terror seeing google error notices in his mailbox11:12
sil2100whoops, I think the spreadsheet might have reverted itself11:19
sil2100Yep, it's reverted alright11:20
sil2100jodh: so, it seems your landing got wipped of the spreadsheet11:20
sil2100We'll have to re-input it...11:20
Mirvyep, last modified by sil2100 8 hours ago... right11:22
Mirvalecu: ^ 02211:22
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alecuMirv: the dashboard does not seem to match the spreadsheet rows...11:25
alecuMirv: well, the MPs match, but the description and state does not11:25
alecu"Packages built. Testing pass. QA signed off. You can publish" <- seems wrong11:25
alecuand "Make sure recorded videos continue to play (fixes bug 1451816) (spreadsheet row 55). Tested with image 208" too11:26
ubot5bug 1451816 in Media Hub "VIVID: krillin doesn't playback video it has recorded in camera or gallery but does via mtp to a pc" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145181611:26
alecuand that msg from queuebot does not seem right either11:26
alecushould I go ahead and build anyway?11:27
alecuah, just caught up with sil2100's email that the spreadsheet is broken.11:29
sil2100alecu: yeah, and the topic also says it all ;)11:30
sil2100And it reverted again?!11:30
* sil2100 gives up on restoring entries11:31
alecuok, even though the dashboard is wrong, jenkins seems to be building the right thing11:38
abeatosil2100, my lxc-android-config landing has disappeared from the spreadsheet :-(11:43
sil2100Yeah, f*cking spreadsheet11:43
abeatosil2100, should I try to re-create it?11:44
sil2100abeato: yeah, if you could...11:45
sil2100We'll try to re-hook it to the train11:45
abeatosil2100, ok' I'll try11:45
sil2100But knowing our luck it'll revert again in some time11:45
sil2100We have backups though, so nothing is lost completely11:46
sil2100But still, it's crazy to re-enter stuff all the time11:46
abeatosil2100, I have re-created lines 86 and 8811:53
abeatosil2100, the silo I have is 1611:53
jodhsil2100: I've re-added as row 87, but getting a stream of errors so who knows if it's actually there or not :-(11:54
abeatoyep, same for me11:54
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davmor2sil2100: is image 10 broken on krillin vivid11:54
abeatodavmor2, no, it is working for me11:55
davmor2then it has screwed p the download again bum11:55
sil2100abeato, jodh: I need to start preparing lunch, afterwards I'll try getting your stuff hooked up again12:02
Ursinhapopey: I'll have a look12:08
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popeyUrsinha: thanks.12:12
bzoltanMirv:  I am not sure if the CI sheet is good or broken again... but the silo20 is tested and ready to release.12:24
bzoltanMirv:  for example my instance of the sheet does not contain the phablet-tools mr, but the PPA does have it.12:24
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Mirvbzoltan: it's pretty much broken yes..12:44
Mirvbzoltan: thanks for pinging12:45
Mirvthostr_: it looks to me the 038 issue is just the spreadsheet being broken, so I can publish it12:50
Mirvthere's nothing unclear really in trello12:51
bfillerMirv: can you create a silo for line 85 please?12:52
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bregmasil2100, how do I get one of my team members enabled to do ci-train landings?13:08
sil2100bregma: you make sure to pass knowledge to him, send him the link to the docs and poke me ;)13:08
sil2100Who is it you need added?13:08
bregmasil2100, ChrisTownsend13:13
Mirvbfiller: sure13:13
sil2100bregma: adding13:14
* sil2100 tried getting back a few entries to the spreadsheet13:14
bzoltanMirv:  thank you13:14
Mirvbzoltan: you're welcome13:15
sil2100bregma: done13:15
bregmasil2100, thanks13:15
alecucihelp: ping! Hi, we are setting up a new project with kyrofa: https://launchpad.net/unity-scope-snappy and would like to have jenkins know about it, and do the builds for autolandings and MPs.13:20
Mirvbfiller: ^ silo 03013:21
thostr_Mirv: thanks13:22
bfillerMirv: thanks13:22
bfillerboiko, salem_ : silo 30 has mission control fix13:23
boikobfiller: ah nice, I requested that yesterday, but didn't get a silo until the end of the day13:23
salem_bfiller, thank you.13:23
boikokenvandine: would you mind uploading the source package with this change to silo 30: https://code.launchpad.net/~tiagosh/ubuntu/wily/telepathy-mission-control-5/allow-getprop-execution/+merge/25917413:24
kenvandineboiko, sure13:25
boikokenvandine: thanks :)13:25
popeyUrsinha: any luck?13:26
kenvandineboiko, uploaded13:32
boikokenvandine: thanks!13:32
Ursinhapopey: one moment13:35
Ursinhapopey: yesterday we had another report of these jobs being slow, we're investigating what is going on there13:41
Ursinhamaybe jenkins slave is in trouble13:42
evalecu: hi. Can you send a mail to ci-engineering-private@lists.launchpad.net about this with "autolanding" in the subject? Please provide detail on this kyrofa project, what resources or websites it requires access to (including internal ones), and anything else that might require some investigation or coordination with IS.13:48
evalecu: if you want something to refer back to, this is all covered in the "new CI/Autolanding requests" mail I sent at the end of April13:49
alecuev: sure! but the project is unity-scope-snappy. kyrofa is our new starter!13:49
kyrofaev, hi!13:49
alecuev: thanks for the pointers.13:49
kyrofaev, the kyrofa project is amazing, by the way13:49
evlol, whoops13:50
* ev makes another coffee13:50
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alan_gsil2100: camako said you wanted to know when mir-0,13,0 reached overlay to sync to wily; It's there.13:59
* kenvandine hopes the spreadsheet isn't dieing... 13:59
kenvandinei'm getting fatal errors again13:59
ogra_you like it ?13:59
sil2100alan_g: ok, let me prepare a sync silo then13:59
sil2100kenvandine: yep, see e-mail and topic ;)13:59
Wellarkhey, do we have a series added to Ubuntu in LP for vivid+overlay?13:59
WellarkI can't nominate stuff for the overlay to vivid proper13:59
Wellarkas that's not where they are going to land13:59
sil2100jodh: so, upstart still seems to fail on powerpc from what I see...13:59
Wellarktrainguards: plz, see above13:59
sil2100Wellark: sadly, there's no series for that, it's vivid basically... but if you want to track it in bugs, please open up an Ubuntu-RTM task14:00
sil2100We have a script that will close those14:00
alan_gcihelp: just seen two failures that look like reboot problems on mako. Could someone have a look? - https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-mediumtests-runner-mako/14:10
Wellarksil2100: thanks!14:10
Ursinhaalan_g: images and channels are broken/acting weird now, there is investigation going on14:10
alan_gUrsinha: ok, thanks14:10
Wellarksil2100: do you remember the project name of "Ubuntu-RTM"?14:10
Wellarksil2100: ah, got it. it was Ubuntu RTM distribution. not project14:26
cjwatsonsil2100,jodh: really?  https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-021/+build/7443824 worked14:26
Mirvsil2100: before I forget it again, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts would need to be resolved. I tried to rerun it last week so it doesn't seem random. it's preventing a bunch of vivid-overlay from entering wily proper14:32
sil2100Uh oh!14:36
sil2100cjwatson: oh, ok, the dashboard lied to me then14:36
sil2100cjwatson: thanks for clearing that out :)14:36
sil2100jodh: ignore me ;p14:37
sil2100Mirv: hm, ok, thanks for pointing this out14:37
jodhsil2100: cjwatson: thanks.14:41
jodhsil2100: so, I now need to reflash with channel=ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed, then 'citrain device-upgrade 021' right?14:41
Ursinhasil2100: hi :) what is ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu? stable... vivid?14:42
Ursinhaveebers: ^14:42
ogra_Ursinha, vivid community channel14:43
Ursinhaveebers: there you go :)14:44
ogra_(read: vivid but without the specific customm tarball and HERE stuff etc)14:44
veebersUrsinha, ogra_ ack cheers.14:46
veebersUrsinha: Who would know what goes into the smokedash? I'm not seeing the imageversion that was used in the gatekeeper in the dash14:46
Ursinhaveebers: I think plars sent an email explaining why is that, if I haven't misread that14:47
veebersUrsinha: oh right, I'll go read my emails14:48
sil2100Ursinha: yep, vivid+overlay ;) There was an e-mail on phablet@ with the list14:49
Ursinhasil2100: I failed to parse that :/14:49
veebersUrsinha, sil2100: Me too. Thanks for getting that clarified Ursinha14:51
Ursinhaveebers: you're welcome :)14:52
sil2100Uh, but every channel mentiones from which place it builds right now, even in bold and italic ;)14:54
ogra_thats the problem14:55
ogra_missing <blink>14:55
mzanettisil2100, ping14:58
sil2100mzanetti: pong14:58
mzanettisil2100, so... I've finished testing silo 3 and it's now waiting for QA signoff14:58
mzanettisil2100, when QA acks it, can we land it in both, wily and vivid?14:58
sil2100mzanetti: we would need to assign a new silo, sync silo, for vivid14:59
sil2100mzanetti: ah, the silo is for wily?14:59
sil2100Let's create a sync silo for vivid now, as QA only signs-off vivid silos right now14:59
mzanettisil2100, erm.. wat? :D15:01
sil2100mzanetti: so, silo 003 is for wily, right?15:01
mzanettisil2100, yes15:02
mzanettibut we want to keep unity8 in sync between wily and vivid as long as possible15:02
vrruizkenvandine: ping15:08
kenvandinevrruiz, pong15:09
vrruizkenvandine: Why there are no merge proposals on silos 35 and 39?15:09
kenvandinethey are syncs15:09
kenvandinewell, 35 isn't15:09
kenvandineit's a dput to the silo15:09
kenvandinevrruiz, i noticed on the trello board it has the wrong package name for silo 3515:10
kenvandineit should be systemd-shim15:10
kenvandinebut the fix can be tested using the system-settings UI15:11
kenvandinebut was in the systemd-shim package though15:11
kenvandinesilo 39 is a package sync from wily15:11
kenvandinealready landed in trunk15:11
vrruizkenvandine: Title fixed15:12
kenvandinevrruiz, silo 35 is on the ota4 milestone, so i'm quite anxious to get that landed15:12
Ursinhaogra_: after all that confusion, you can't blame people for not trusting what they are reading :)15:12
kenvandinevrruiz, thx15:12
vrruizkenvandine: Silo 39 has no description of the changes in the spreadsheet15:14
kenvandineoh... sorry i thought the changelog would be enough there15:14
kenvandinevrruiz, it's the same as line 79 on the spreadsheet15:15
kenvandinevrruiz, the testplan is updated to include the url-dispatcher test15:15
vrruizkenvandine: I don't see automated tests on that silo :-/15:18
kenvandineall we have is unit tests, no automated integration tests for content-hub15:18
kenvandinebecause to test it you have to run multiple apps15:18
kenvandinethis silo adds a helper, that uses functions that are all unit tested already15:19
alex-abreutrainguards can you reconfigure silo 2615:27
sil2100alex-abreu: sure, could you refresh the page and make sure the spreadsheet shows the right merges?15:27
alex-abreusil2100, yes it seems to be the case15:28
sil2100alex-abreu: reconfigured15:29
alex-abreuthx !15:29
* sil2100 needs to AFK for a while15:30
sil2100Be back later15:30
Wellarkjodh: sorry, because of the sync problems in the spreadsheet I accidentally overrode your description in line 87 and I have no idea what was there15:50
Wellarktrainguards: how can I request silos now that the spreadsheet is broken?15:51
Wellarkunity8 CI builds are broken and I have a fix to get them unblocked15:51
ogra_Wellark, mindwaves ... or postcards15:52
Wellarkwell, it's not bothering me, but the unity8 team might have different opinions :)15:53
Wellarktsdgeos: hi! ^^15:53
tsdgeosyeah getting that landed would be relaly nice15:54
tsdgeosotherwise we can't land anything15:54
ogra_(i guess you simply have to wait for a trainguard to be around and do it ... )15:54
tsdgeossince our build is broken15:54
jodhWellark: np, fixed. Dare I reload the page I wonder...16:04
Wellarkjodh: the chances are that now you overrode a wrong cell :)16:05
jodhWellark: :) I'm wondering if the google back-end is actually Lotus Notes...16:09
Wellarkjodh: well, google acquired GoogleDocs from some other company so who knows what they inherited16:11
robrujodh: if you reload the page and it's not fixed, then it was never really fixed.16:15
robruWellark: anyway you can just email me the landing details and I can assign a silo then add it to the spreadsheet later16:17
jodhrobru: sure, I'm being facetious - seeing a lot of google errors today.16:18
Wellarkrobru: wily: https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-api-team/indicator-network/lp1456307_15.10/+merge/25950216:18
Wellarkrobru: vivid+overlay: https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-api-team/indicator-network/lp1456307_15.04/+merge/25951816:18
Wellarkrobru: no testing needed. it's just a .pc file fix16:19
Wellarktsdgeos: ^^^16:20
robruWellark: ok you got silo 3816:20
Wellarkkgunn: ^^^16:20
Wellarkrobru: I need to eod :(16:20
Wellarkbut maybe tsdgeos can keep an eye on it16:20
Wellarkas he is in the US16:20
Wellarkor charles or ted, maybe ?16:20
tsdgeoswhat do you want me to do?16:20
Wellarkrobru: need two silos :)16:21
Wellarkthey are separate MP's fro separate trunks16:21
robruWellark: well just do the wily one first as there is only one silo left, don't want to assign it if you're not around to land it16:21
Wellarktsdgeos: can you land them? --^16:21
tsdgeosi'm not really confortable landing anything else than unity816:22
tsdgeosWellark: we can land it tomorrow, no hurries16:22
Wellarktsdgeos: ack.16:22
Wellarktsdgeos, robru: I'm trying to lure ted or charles to take care of the landings today16:24
robruWellark: ok16:28
* tedg resists :-)16:29
tedgIs this the pkgconfig change?16:29
Ursinhapopey: that job is passing now, jenkins was feeling unwell16:31
popeyUrsinha: thanks!16:31
Wellarktedg: yes. no code changes16:31
Ursinhapopey: no problem, if that happens again just let me know16:31
Wellarktedg: .pc filename was accidentally modified. so this restores it. and the contents of the .pc file were wrong as well16:32
WellarkI inspected the resulting -dev .debs and the contents of .pc on both MP's16:32
Wellarkthey are now correct16:33
Wellarkno additional "testing" to do16:33
Wellarkso it's just a matter of getting the silos for both wily and vivid+overlay and as soon as the packages have been build, set testing to DONE and someone hitting publish16:33
tedgWellark, Cool16:34
tedgWellark, Publish then get beers from tsdgeos? This I can do ;-)16:34
tedgWellark I only see one silo16:37
tedgWellark, Is that right? http://people.canonical.com/~platform/citrain_dashboard/#?q=ubuntu%2Flanding-03816:37
dobeytedg: btw, i guess you can get row 21 in the spreadsheet archived or deleted or whatever now?16:43
tedgdobey, Yeah, I think that happens automatically when they archive lines at some point.16:55
tedgI deallocated it and all that16:55
tedgtrainguards, Oh, I get it now, I need a silo for line 9316:56
robrutedg: yeah there's a shortage of silos so I only assigned the wily one. once that lands I'll give you the vivid one17:03
tedgrobru, Ah, I see. /me was confused17:03
vrruizping cihelp17:23
Ursinhavrruiz: oui17:23
vrruizHi Ursinha17:23
vrruizUrsinha: As part of silo testing, I'm taking a look to merge proposals17:23
vrruizUrsinha: This one https://code.launchpad.net/~jhodapp/qtubuntu-media/fix-1438115-take2/+merge/259178 has a failed job17:24
vrruizUrsinha: The job failed because it couldn't install a package17:24
vrruizUrsinha: Depends: libmedia-hub-dev (>= 3.2.0) but it is not going to be installed.17:25
vrruizUrsinha: Version 3.2 is what the merge proposal provides17:25
Ursinhavrruiz: let me check17:26
evthanks Ursinha17:28
vrruizkenvandine: Silo 39 needs an automated test, either autopilot that checks messaging app, or a unit test that check that new feature works properly.17:40
kenvandinevrruiz, it can only be tested with an integration test, which means running multiple apps17:42
vrruizkenvandine: Right, if you need some guidance tips for that, ping ubuntu-qa17:43
kenvandinevrruiz, can autopilot run multiple apps and introspect the interaction?17:43
kenvandinelast i heard we still couldn't do that17:43
vrruizkenvandine: I think so, they has been developing some cool integration tests that span different applications17:44
kenvandinevrruiz, it's fully unit tested, the only thing that isn't is wrapper that gets exec'd by url-dispatcher17:44
kenvandinebut all the functions are unit tested17:44
kenvandinevrruiz, and this branch doesn't change anything else, just adds that wrapper that gets exec'd... so it can't cause regressions of existing features17:46
kenvandinebut would be good to test in the future17:46
vrruizkenvandine: A new feature was added, and a new test case is in the test plan. If it can be automated, needs to, instead of adding a manual test.17:47
kenvandineyeah, we haven't figured out how to automate testing of the transfers17:48
kenvandineso we've relied on unit tests and manual tests17:48
kenvandinevrruiz, it'll be significant work that wasn't planned for this sprint to step back and figure out how to automate testing of the transfers17:49
vrruizkenvandine: Can you ping ubuntu-qa and ask whether it is possible or not? If not possible, I'm ok as it is right now.17:50
kenvandineit won't be trivial... of the tooling is available to do it, we can plan the work to do that soon17:50
dobeycihelp: if we have coverage reporting support in our cmake for a project, what do we need to do, to have the pretty coverage stuff in CI/jenkins enabled for that project?17:53
evdobey: looking17:53
Ursinhavrruiz: I'm looking into that to try and understand why it can't find that package17:54
om26erkenvandine, Hi!17:54
vrruizUrsinha: Thanks17:54
om26erkenvandine, re: silo35, it doesn't seem to fix the bug17:54
kenvandineom26er, did you reboot?17:55
om26erkenvandine, multiple times17:55
kenvandinei tested it on krillen and arale, fixed it for me...17:55
om26erkenvandine, I am on arale17:55
om26erkenvandine, I have systemd-shim 9-1bzr317:55
om26erI change it to manual, reboot the phone and its back to automatic17:56
kenvandineso when you change auto to manual then go back a page, then enter the time/date it doesn't show your change?17:56
kenvandineyou can test it without rebooting, it wasn't changing the value at all17:56
kenvandineom26er, try this in a terminal17:56
kenvandinewhat does that say for "NTP enabled"17:57
om26erkenvandine, 'no'17:57
kenvandineok, without the systemd-shim fix, that would have said 'n/a'17:58
kenvandinebecause it didn't support NTP at all17:58
kenvandineso that means it should be working17:58
kyrofaHey all. I have a project written in Go, and I'd like to see if I can get it hooked into the CI's pretty coverage graphs and such. I don't really know where to start17:59
kenvandine     NTP enabled: yes18:00
om26erkenvandine, change to manual, reboot, its automatic.18:00
kyrofaWhat sort of format does the CI expect for coverage?18:00
kenvandine     NTP enabled: no18:00
om26erkenvandine, ...and NTP enabled: yes18:00
om26erlet me try without the silo18:00
kenvandineso it is changing it without rebooting?18:00
kenvandinejust losing it on reboot?18:00
kenvandinewithout the silo it would say "n/a"18:01
kenvandinebecause ntp just wasn't supported at all18:01
kenvandinewith the other version of systemd-shim18:01
evdobey: what autolanding job is this for?18:01
dobeyev: for lp:unity-scope-click18:01
evhttp://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/unity-scope-click-ci ?18:03
kenvandineom26er, i'm confused... i just tested it again, and rebooted 3 times, each time my arale preserved the change18:03
kenvandinecurrent build number: 518:04
kenvandinedevice name: arale18:04
kenvandinechannel: ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/meizu18:04
kenvandinebfiller, can you test silo 35 too?  it definately works for me on arale and krillin, but doesn't seem to for om26er18:06
kenvandineat least it shows his device supports ntp now, so must have the right version18:06
om26erkenvandine, it could be you are on r/w image ?18:07
kenvandineoh... perhaps!18:07
kenvandinethen we have a lower level problem18:07
dobeyev: so i think so, but i'm a little confused as that seems to have even branches for vivid building in wily, while also is apparently doing the testing on the trunk branches too18:07
kenvandinei don't know how any of that works18:07
kenvandineom26er, even if that is the case, this definately fixes a big part of the problem though18:08
om26erkenvandine, what directory does that write to, we might need to get that whitelisted for r/w18:08
kenvandinewithout this systemd-shim thinks ntp isn't even supported18:08
kenvandineno idea18:08
om26erkenvandine, I agree, I can verify its better than 'n/a'18:09
kenvandineany of fix would be in addition of this fix18:09
evdobey: on it18:10
kenvandineom26er, but... how are you testing this if your device isn't "rw?18:11
om26erkenvandine, installed the deb after remount as r/w18:12
kenvandinei see18:12
om26erkenvandine, let me permanently enable r/w and check what happens18:12
robrutedg: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-038/+build/7445002 oops, that's not off to a good start, just noticed18:13
om26erkenvandine, yeah, its fine with r/w18:14
robrutedg: i'm not familiar with cmake-extras but whoever's hiding v0.4 forgot to ever release it to ubuntu: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cmake-extras18:18
om26erkenvandine, while it fixes the core issue, I am afraid that alone won't change much for the user. Personally I think it needs to go in with the other relevant fix18:20
kenvandineyeah, just need to figure out the path that needs to be made writable18:20
kenvandineom26er, how do we whitelist writeable paths?18:21
kenvandineis that in a package somewhere?18:21
om26erkenvandine, I think, yes its in a package. I once landed a silo doing something similar. ogra_ would know18:22
om26erperhaps it was his landing18:22
kenvandinelooks like it's in lxc-android-config18:23
tedgrobru, So it seems that cmake extras was updated in vivid overlay, but not wily. Is it possible to get a copy there?18:33
robrutedg: well you'd have to do a landing of some kind. I'm not sure how possible it is to sync really.18:34
tedgrobru, Ah, okay. I thought there was going to be some copies of stuff that had landed before wily opened.18:35
tedgrobru, It's blocking that indicator-network silo as it needs the new version (build dep)18:35
robrutedg: i heard that happened, cmake extras must have missed it18:35
tedgPerhaps this is something the super sexy slangasek can do?18:37
robrutedg: I'm not sure how best to handle this. I guess i need you to branch cmake extras so there's a vivid branch and wily branch. Then null mp against wily in a silo to trigger a release.18:37
slangaseksuper sexy slangasek is out to lunch; you'll have to settle for grumpy codger slangasek18:37
tedgMan, I always get grump codger slangasek! ;-)18:38
slangasekrobru: we should not be asking upstreams to create separate branches for vivid vs. wily if they don't have any code differences.  how's dual landing support coming along?18:38
robruslangasek: so cmake-extras 0.4 was released to vivid overlay but not wily. Now we need it in wily18:38
slangasekrobru: is there any reason not to do this as a straight archive copy in this case, since it's been tested for vivid?18:39
robruslangasek: dual landing code exists but is bitrotty. Been working on spreadsheet replacement18:39
vrruizjhodapp: Hi. Silo 25 is blocked, it has no information about the merge proposal, lacks infot about how to test it and comes with automated test.18:39
slangasekrobru: ok - let's sync on that this afternoon18:39
robruslangasek: I'm not sure what the implications are of a copy vs a new branch landing18:39
jhodappvrruiz, how to test it is in the bug report18:40
slangasekrobru: the only implication is that the code will not have been separately tested against the wily archive in a silo before landing18:40
robruslangasek: isn't there some problem with vivid and wily having identical version numbers?18:40
vrruizjhodapp: Which bug report?18:40
jhodappvrruiz, let me link you to it, it was linked to the MR18:41
slangasekrobru: there's only a problem with them having identical version numbers if they're not the identical /packages/.  In this case I'm doing a binary copy18:41
robruslangasek: Ooooooooooh ok thanks.18:42
jhodappvrruiz, sorry it was not linked, that was in the other MR that mistakenly got landed for this fix18:42
kenvandineseb128, do you know where the ntp setting gets saved to disk?18:42
kenvandineLaney, ^^18:42
jhodappvrruiz, https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/143811518:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 1438115 in qtubuntu-media (Ubuntu) "Music App: Sometimes the "length" of the song is displayed as 0:00" [Undecided,Fix committed]18:43
slangasektedg, robru: what's the exact version number of cmake-extras I should be looking to copy?18:43
jhodappvrruiz, let me share the media used to reproduce the bug18:43
tedgslangasek, 0.4+15.04.20150513-0ubuntu118:43
kenvandinewe found that systemd-shim fix only partially fixes it, it only works on a device that's rw, readonly doesn't persist18:43
kenvandineso we need to add a path to the writeable paths18:43
slangasektedg, robru: copied18:44
tedgslangasek, Thanks!18:44
jhodappvrruiz, https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzU5F_BCeEOHQlZ2RC10UEp2ZE0&authuser=018:44
slangasektedg, robru: note that going forward the goal is that the silo will support a "sync" landing request (this is something sil2100 is working on), and we will also need to support dual landings so that we can land to both releases in parallel18:44
slangasekbinary copies are ok right now but will become increasingly unreliable over time18:45
sil2100Yeah, although it's only in the works still ;)18:45
robruslangasek: right18:45
vrruizjhodapp: Do silo 24 and 25 fix the same bug?18:50
jhodappvrruiz, yeah, just vivid/wily silos18:50
vrruizjhodapp: Which one is wily? You can land that directly.18:51
jhodappvrruiz, yeah it mistakenly got labeled as needing QA...it's silo 2418:52
vrruizjhodapp: Ok, I'm approving it.18:53
jhodappvrruiz, ok18:53
kyrofacihelp: I have a project written in Go, and I'd like to see if I can get it hooked into the CI's pretty coverage graphs and such. What sort of format does the CI expect?18:55
evkyrofa: gcov18:56
kyrofaev, like .gcno/.gcda files, or gcovr xml or html?18:59
evit specifically looks for a coverage.xml file19:00
evfginther might be able to say more to that19:00
kyrofaev, thank you for the information!19:00
evsure thing19:00
evdobey: just an update; rolling out the change now. I'll let you know after I've kicked off a new build to confirm the coverage stuff works19:01
davmor2sil2100: vivid tarball is good I've mailed alextu19:02
dobeyev: ok, thanks19:02
sil2100davmor2: \o/ tahanks!19:04
vrruizboiko: ping19:20
=== vrruiz is now known as rvr
boikorvr: pong19:21
rvrboiko: I'm in silo 28, and I'm not sure whether I am doing anything wrong19:22
boikorvr: what's up?19:22
rvrboiko: Tapping back on the messaging app should go back to address book, right?19:22
boikorvr: let me check the bug description19:23
rvrboiko: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/messaging-app/+bug/132891519:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 1328915 in messaging-app (Ubuntu) "[address-book]Go back to contact app when SMS is created from Contact" [Medium,Confirmed]19:24
boikobfiller: do you know if that's the expected behavior? ^19:25
bfillerrvr: which scenario exactly?19:26
boikobfiller: go to address-book-app, tap messaging icon of a contact, compose a message, send it, once tapping back should go back to address-book-app?19:27
sil2100btw. everyone, the spreadsheet seems to be better now19:27
bfillerboiko: not sure, let me try19:27
rvrbfiller: Well, I'm testing silo 28, and it links to the above bug. I opened the messaging application, tapped on a contact, tapped in the message icon, which opens the messaging app, and when I press the back button there, it shows the main messaging app, doesn't go back to address book.19:27
sil2100The last failure seems to be from 4 hours ago19:27
bfillerrvr: that seems wrong, but it's what it does without silo 2819:28
boikobfiller: that will require changes in messaging-app that are not present on that silo19:29
bfillerrvr: so that bug is not fixed by this silo, it shouldn't have been marked as such19:30
boikorvr: it's my bad, I was focused on testing and looking for regressions and I actually didn't test that the bug was fixed. The main purpose of this silo is actually to support contact editting from inside dialer and messaging apps19:31
rvrboiko: I see, where is the test case for that?19:32
boikorvr: not sure renato updated the manual test case, but he wrote autopilot tests for that for sure (I reviewed those)19:33
boikorvr: I am updating the MRs with the correct bug reports linked, sorry for that, I will also add entries to the manual test plans regarding contact editing19:38
rvrboiko: Nice19:39
boikorvr: should be ready pretty soon, but other than the contact editing and the expansion removal, it is worth going through all the test plan to make sure there are no regressions19:39
boikorvr: sorry for the confusion, btw19:45
rvrboiko: No problem19:46
robrusil2100: are you still using staging area? i might need to blow it away soonish19:49
sil2100robru: feel free :)19:52
robrusil2100: thanks19:52
rvrboiko: Share contact doesn't work in dialer app19:53
sil2100robru: not sure if I'll need it tomorrow or not, I don't seem to be in the stage that I could use formal testing19:53
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo or CI Train support? ping trainguards | Need help with something else? ping cihelp | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: otto is broken for a while now and in process of being removed; Whole QA team in the US timezone this week
rvrboiko: Neither in address book19:53
rvrboiko: Tapping on the share button shows nothing, whereas doing that in the address book shows some Tagger and Messaging19:54
robrusil2100: ok I'll try not to leave it in a broken state at the end of my shift ;-)19:54
boikorvr: let me check20:00
boikorvr: reinstalling the silo to check, just a sec20:03
rvrboiko: Also, the address book has now a settings button. Nothing happens when tapped.20:18
robrutedg: ok looks like silo 38 built, can you verify that it works as advertised and then we'll move forward with the vivid fix20:18
tedgrobru, It's still publishing, give it a couple seconds more :-)20:19
rvrboiko: Actually, something happens. The contacts disappear.20:19
robrutedg: oh heh, thanks for keeping on top of that ;-)20:20
elopiokenvandine: rvr: you can run multiple apps in an autopilot test.20:20
elopioyou just have to make sure that they have the testability enabled. And if you don't launch them with self.launch_*_application, you will have to use the method to get the proxy object from the process name.20:21
sil2100robru: just for your info, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/citrain/SyncSilos20:21
elopio(sorry for the late pong)20:21
sil2100robru: in case you need it ;)20:21
robrusil2100: is that active in production now?20:22
sil2100robru: yes, works for CI Train released packages20:22
boikorvr: let me look into those, I will get back to you once they are fixed and reviewed20:22
sil2100I wouldn't use it for non-train projects as then it doesn't change the versions ;/20:23
sil2100Since I don't want to play guessing game about how upstreams version their packages20:23
elopiokenvandine: rvr: you just have to be careful of not adding an unnecessary dependency on the branch. For example, it's not necessary to test that the messaging app launches the address book app. We can just test that the messaging app sends the right message to url-dispatcher.20:24
sil2100Ok, I need to go now20:24
tedgrobru, I think we're gonna have to wait on Wellark here.20:54
tedgrobru, It seems the previous version of indicator-network wasn't sync'd to Wily as well.20:54
tedgrobru, So that silo is actually huge20:55
robrutedg: erk, ok20:56
robrutedg: oh i see, yes changelog is epic20:57
elopiocihelp: can you help me figuring out what went wrong here? https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-deb-autopilot-runner-wily-mako/11/console21:05
plarselopio: it looks like it just failed to install21:06
plarselopio: probably related to the email I sent earlier, it should just be retried I think21:06
elopioplars: ack. I'll retry and look for your email.21:08
fgintherkyrofa, ev had it right, a gcovr xml file is the expected format21:09
evdobey: it's set up, but not properly collecting the coverage data yet. I won't have another chance today to dig at why, so I've kicked it off to the next vanguard (tomorrow)22:29

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