elfymorning dholbach06:38
dholbachgood morning06:38
dholbachhi elfy06:38
davidcalleMorning all o/07:34
inetprohi everyone07:37
MooDoohello all07:44
popeygah, ubuntu subreddit under spam attack again07:54
* dholbach relocates to the office, brb09:40
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balloonshello world!13:25
MooDoohello balloons13:27
balloonsmhall119, so I was wanting to make some cosmetic changes to https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/autopilot/python/1.5.0/ while veebers and I are in the same place. I've got some layouts changes to ask you to make, and I wanted to get the details on the css changes you need and implement them (so the boxes show up properly)14:07
mhall119balloons: CSS is in sphinx.css, if you can provide me an MP today I'll get it in the next deployment14:08
mhall119but I'll need you to make the CSS changes14:08
balloonsmhall119, sure, how can I check to ensure things show properly?14:09
mhall119balloons: run it locally14:09
balloonsjust apply the css against a local copy?14:09
balloonsahh, so you aren't transforming anything then14:09
mhall119balloons: run the devportal locally, run the import script to get the autopilot docs imported14:10
mhall119I'm transforming them some, but not much, mostly removing header/footer and rewriting links14:10
balloonsok, I'll give it a whirl. For the layout changes, I assume I can simply add those to the mp also yes?14:10
mhall119will the layout changes be in CSS?14:11
balloonsI'm talking about changing the ordering of the groups listed on the page. IE, move the tutorials section up, porting section down, etc14:11
balloonsI don't know how you define the layout of https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/autopilot/python/1.5.0/14:12
mhall119balloons: ah, sorry, nothing to do there, it's ordered based on size of child content14:12
balloonsmhall119, really? So it's completely generated?14:13
balloonswild if so14:14
mhall119balloons: yup14:14
mhall119balloons: if you wanted to make an MP where we can give order info to the sections, I'd gladly accept it, but that will be quite a bit more work14:15
mhall119is dpm still at the phonegap event today?14:15
balloonsmhall119, yes14:17
balloonsI believe it's actually happening today.. that is the presentation14:18
balloonsothers will correct and shame me if I'm wrong :p14:18
mhall119I guess this week it my turn for the Q&A, who's co-hosting?14:20
mhall119and do we have any planned guests?14:20
popeyIf at all possible I'd love to skip today as I have an ill child at home. But if nobody else is available, I'll certainly do it.14:26
mhall119dholbach: balloons davidcalle any of you want to do the Q&A with me?14:37
dholbachmhall119, I already told my brother and sister I'd meet up for dinner with them :-/14:38
balloonsohh, I could go to my room I guess. I was going to say it would be difficult to find a quiet place14:38
davidcallemhall119, I can't (the people in my "office" thing), sorry14:38
mhall119balloons: are you at a sprint this week?14:41
balloonsmhall119, yes14:41
mhall119balloons: oh, hey, want to grab someone from there to talk about QA on the Q&A?14:41
balloonsmhall119, sorry can't get someone. I've got two people instead14:53
balloonswe can only swing 30 mins or so, but it should work14:53
balloonsmhall119, would you mind setting everything up?14:53
mhall119balloons: yay! yes I'll get it all set up14:58
dholbachstandup time15:01
dholbach$ echo $(shuf -e balloons davidcalle dholbach mhall119)15:01
dholbachdholbach davidcalle mhall119 balloons15:01
dholbach(I left dpm out because I guess he's going to be busy anyway...)15:01
dholbach - help-app: asked for feedback on Daniel McGuire finished first mockups15:02
dholbach   need to write a blog post about this still15:02
dholbach - snappy: discuss with davidcalle how to turn snappy blog entries into15:02
dholbach   good articles15:02
dholbach - (misc) CC business15:02
dholbach - help-app: pad.lv/1433210 (reenable .link-cta-ubuntu)15:02
dholbach - snappy: import blog entries into Google doc entries and turn15:02
dholbach   into tutorials15:02
dholbach - china: more China dev plans discussions15:02
dholbach - help-app: part 1 of 1446493 (set up site for content negotiation)15:02
dholbach   (with IS, RT#79340 - dpm to prod(?))15:02
dholbach(oh and short week this week because of pentecost)15:02
mhall119DONE: updated devportal code to import 15.04 API docs, fixed the the bug that kept logging us out while editing15:03
dholbachoops, it looks like I removed popey above as well O:-/15:03
mhall119INPROGRESS: created new deployment for devportal, sent to webops to get that going15:03
mhall119NEXT: recruiting more speakers for UbuCon@SELF, preparing a schedule for that15:04
mhall119BLOCKED: nothing15:04
popeyDONE: Review numerous core apps contributions15:05
mhall119that means popey gets out of it this week, right?15:05
popeyINPROGRESS: Still many contributions left to test and review15:05
mhall119we need a "Get out of standup free" card15:05
dholbachmhall119, not sure I'm the authority you're looking for :)15:05
popeyBLOCKED: Jenkins is running slowly, so some are not landing at all.15:05
dholbachpopey, can anyone help with the reviews?15:05
popeysure, anyone can help if they feel inclined.15:06
popeyhowever the blocked ones are most irritating15:06
dholbachright :/15:06
dholbachi was just wondering if a call for help with the reviews could help15:06
balloonsDONE: talk with popescu about UOS videos, html5 tutorial updates DOING: getting reviews for autopilot plugin, qml template updates, html5 tutorial NEXT: fix css for autopilot doc imports BLOCKED: new documentation imports for scopes and unity8 (helpers)15:06
popeyHave called for specific help here and there15:07
popeySome of them need my input though15:07
dholbachballoons, do you know when the new html5 template is going to land? O:-)15:07
davidcalleSince you have all skipped my turn...15:08
davidcalle...I had time to write my list, thanks :p15:08
davidcalle- Coordinate with Design, API and SDK for scopes updated templates, updated tutorials and design guide imminent releases (all is in sync \o/)15:08
davidcalle- Snappy articles discussion with Daniel15:08
davidcalle- Updating scopes tutorials15:08
davidcalle- Resuming work on 3rd party libs in clicks15:08
davidcalle- Resuming work on i18n general article15:08
davidcalle- New scopes tutorials15:08
balloonsdholbach, I thought surely it had.. A bit weird when I went back and saw it wasn't. I planned to ask the sdk guys today about it..15:08
dholbachok cool - maybe it landed in wily and wasn't backported yet or something(?)15:09
mhall119balloons: who are you blocked on for the doc imports?15:09
dholbachdavidcalle, I might have a few things ready in terms of snappy docs tomorrow - they will surely need a few more reviews... maybe let's just chat tomorrow morning15:10
balloonsmhall119, the docs developers themselves. I found out the unity8 ones won't happen at all this round.15:11
mhall119ok, so long as it's not me :)15:11
balloonsmhall119, nope not you :-)15:11
balloonsI try to leave comments on the cards as to the status15:11
davidcalledholbach, ok, articles or other things?15:11
balloonsnot sure if others do the same,  but I find it helpful to leave a comment occassionally when things run long15:11
davidcalles/articles/blog posts15:13
balloonsdholbach, it is released, hah! you need the ppa for vivid, that's the issue: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/+archive/ubuntu/ppa15:13
dholbachoh... in that case I have it all here - I'll try it out15:13
dholbachdavidcalle, the snappy tutorials articles we were going to look at15:13
davidcalledholbach, ok :)15:14
mhall119popey: have we emailed everybody for the podcast a link to the google doc for them to add their updates?15:14
popeymhall119: no, that's wednesday15:15
popeybut can mail it earlier15:15
mhall119popey: let's do that today, since it's the first time we'll probably need to do extra prodding15:16
mhall119popey: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1T88PYwevUeRUh-p-6AjYa-_5tbM7JDkWwEO6CDqNVhc/edit is the doc you're sending?15:16
popeywe never said we'd send a doc.15:16
mhall119do you have a different one?15:16
popeywe agreed to send a form15:16
popey(which was explained in my mail you recevied)15:17
mhall119oh right, a form15:17
* mhall119 gets too much mail to keep track15:17
* popey sends mhall119 another15:17
mhall119can you link me to the spreadsheet of form submissions?15:17
popeyi already did, it's in the trello card.15:24
balloonsmhall119, we may be late, just be prepared if so :-)15:31
mhall119balloons: ack15:34
mhall119balloons: is the Q&A at 1600 UTC or 1700 UTC?15:39
balloonsI've said 1600 UTC..15:39
mhall119ok, the last one on ubuntuonair.com was 170015:40
balloonsit would be helpful to actually be later heh15:40
balloonsis it always 1700?15:40
balloonsif so, I'll have to update my spamming15:40
dholbachnow it's dinner time over here - see you guys tomorrow - I'll check mails later on again15:41
mhall119balloons: 1700 works for me, let's do that15:41
mhall119bye dholbach15:41
balloonsmhall119, awesome. So confirmed we'll have to leave at 17:3016:23
mhall119balloons: sounds good, we'll get through all of your stuff first16:25
elfybetter choose which question order then ...16:25
czajkowskianyone else seeing please stand by?17:04
czajkowskiUOA ?17:04
czajkowskiah there we go17:05

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