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pittiGood morning04:17
highvoltagehmm, odd how thunderbird in 14.04 says 'Welcome to daily!', would probably be nicer with the usual welcome to thunderbird message in an lts release.06:02
infinitychrisccoulson: ^06:03
micahghighvoltage: it's actually an upstream issue06:09
highvoltagemicahg: I believe it should be patched in Ubuntu since it will confuse users and may cause some alarm06:11
micahghighvoltage: that would take much longer, I'll see if I can poke upstream06:12
micahgit's not a code issue06:14
highvoltagemicahg: cool :)06:14
micahgI poked, but not sure anyone is awake that this hour that can fix it06:18
micahgmozilla 116604006:23
ubottuMozilla bug 1166040 in General "31.7.0 start page not going to production start page. It goes to Daily page" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=116604006:23
dholbachgood morning06:38
micahghighvoltage: someone will be looking at it shortly, I'm sure Chris can follow up when he comes online06:40
seb128hey dholbach06:50
highvoltagemicahg: great06:56
zygapitti: good morning07:12
zygapitti: I was using adt-run to test qtbase-opensource-src-5.4.1+dfsg yesterday07:13
zygapitti: and the only test that failed was07:13
zygaFAIL!  : tst_qstandardpaths::testRuntimeDirectory() '!runtimeDir.isEmpty()' returned FALSE. () Loc: [tst_qstandardpaths.cpp(411)]07:13
zygapitti: does adt-run provide XDG_RUNTIME_DIR?07:13
pittizyga: no, as there is no login involved, thus no pam and logind07:14
pittiso your test should probably set up a temp dir and set XDG_RUNTIME_DIR to it07:14
zygapitti: well, it's just stock debian qt, I'm interested in patching it so I wanted to run tests on vainlla first07:15
zygaI wonder if it passes in debian07:15
pittino result -- does it even have tests in Debian?07:16
zygapitti: thanks!07:16
zygapitti: ha, good question, let's see07:16
zygapitti: ah, wait, those are not adt tests!07:17
zygapitti: (the build ran overnight so I didn't check the full log)07:17
zygapitti: just regular make check style tests07:17
pittiah, it as needs-build and these are build time tests?07:17
pittisame thing in buildds, no login/pam07:17
* zyga wonders how it gets built then :)07:18
zygaI built it in a vanilla sbuild for wily07:18
zygaMirv: hey, I started looking at the story we talked about during ODS07:21
zygaMirv: on building qt with prefix for /opt/something07:21
zygaMirv: would you be so kind to rebuild qtbase-opensource-src without any patches and tell me if it fails on build-time tests (see above for FAIL that I see)07:22
Mirvzyga: you mean unit tests? yes it does fail, there was a huge work done originally to find out which tests pass on our builders. Debian doesn't have tests enabled in qtbase.07:30
Mirvzyga: see the enable_tests.patch in packaging.07:30
zygaMirv: ah, that makes sense07:33
zygaMirv: so what happens, how do we build it?07:33
zygaMirv: if it fails here for me07:33
Mirvzyga: so it's built by selectively disabling the failing tests07:44
zygaMirv: I still don't get it -- I buit the package straight from our archive07:45
zygaMirv: so why do I hit the failing test07:45
zygaMirv: is there something I'm missing?07:45
Mirvzyga: oh, you built yourself, locally? well, on a desktop Ubuntu a different set of tests fail than on builders.. because of environment differences and assumptions Qt makes07:49
Mirvzyga: the runtimedirectory sounds exactly like that07:50
Mirvzyga: the easy way out is an empty override_dh_auto_test:[C07:50
zygaMirv: I buit it in sbuild07:50
zygaMirv: hmm07:51
zygaMirv: yeah, I can disable tests, no problem07:51
zygaMirv: I just wonder what else I might be missing from my environment07:51
zygadholbach: thanks for sending that email08:01
seb128mardy, hey08:26
seb128mardy, on my wily desktop I see saw warning, is that a known issue?08:26
seb128"signond[12379]: ../../../../src/signond/signondaemon.cpp 390 init Failed to SUID root. Secure storage will not be available."08:26
mardyseb128: oh, we should definitely remove that line... it's a leftover from MeeGo times (we don't run as root in Ubuntu)08:48
seb128mardy, k, I was trying to look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/shotwell/+bug/1453549 ... I guess something changed on the facebook side08:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 1453549 in shotwell (Ubuntu) "Cannot publish to Facebook" [High,Incomplete]08:49
mardyseb128: I'll have a look at it08:55
seb128mardy, thanks09:07
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LocutusOfBorg1ginggs, hi, you there?10:30
LocutusOfBorg1I opened a bug with debdiffs for vbox10:30
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rbasakcyphermox: FYI, I'm lining up another grub2 SRU for Trusty: bug 1443735. I'll wait for your upload of 2.02~beta2-9ubuntu1.2 to clear first.12:39
ubottubug 1443735 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "recordfail false positive causes headless servers to hang on boot by default" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144373512:39
cyphermoxrbasak: ack12:39
cjwatsonapw: I filed bug 1456625 for the ability to set HEAD, which you requested a while ago; feel free to subscribe of course13:04
ubottubug 1456625 in turnip "Can't set default branch ("HEAD") on a Git repository" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145662513:04
apwcjwatson, nice thanks, subbing13:05
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barrypitti: ping, re adt-build-lxc14:23
pittihey barry14:23
barrypitti: hi.  i'm working on si adt failures.  two of my tests are isolation-container and i'm trying to build an lxc container for those tests on vivid.  should i be able to build a wily amd64 container on vivid?  it keeps failing for me14:24
pittibarry: I haven't tested it in this direction (I'm running wily and have trusty/vivid/wily containers), but there's no significant difference between v and w really14:25
pittibarry: what precisely fails for you?14:25
barrypitti: http://paste.debian.net/180374/14:25
barrypitti: yeah, i'm running wily on all but this one particular machine.  haven't upgraded it yet14:26
pitti/var/cache/lxc/wily/partial-amd64/debootstrap/debootstrap.log ?14:26
pittibarry: hm, I just landed a new util-linux, perhaps that broke stuff14:26
pittithe main change was that some binaries moved from sysvinit-utils to util-linux14:26
pittibarry: trying here..14:26
barrypitti: cool14:27
pittibarry: I mean, what does /var/cache/lxc/wily/partial-amd64/debootstrap/debootstrap.log say?14:27
barrypitti: yeah, that's the weird thing!  there's nothing in /var/cache/lxc/wily14:27
pittiah, so perhaps lxc-create cleaned that up14:27
barrypitti: it'll be interesting to see if you can reproduce it.  i'm going afk to try this on my wily box14:29
pittibarry: it's running (but it takes a while)14:29
pittibarry: it'd really surprise me if that would depend on the host's release14:29
pittihttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/priority-mismatches.txt doesn't look related (although I'll clean this up now)14:30
pitti$ sudo http_proxy=http://localhost:3142 debootstrap wily /tmp/wily14:32
pittibarry: ^ that reproduces it for me14:32
pittiand is muuuuch faster than lxc-create (due to tmpfs)14:33
rbasakpitti: is systemd-timesyncd supposed to be active by default now?14:33
pitti(the http_proxy is just to use apt-cacher-ng)14:33
pittirbasak: yes, since vivid; unless you have ntpd, chrony, or another "big" ntp server installed14:33
rbasakpitti: what's the logic it uses to decide whether to be active or not (eg. if ntp server is installed)?14:33
rbasakpitti: I have an item to make NTP syncing default on server. I was planning to seed ntpd. Not sure whether that is necessary now.14:34
pittirbasak: see /lib/systemd/system/systemd-timesyncd.service.d/disable-with-time-daemon.conf14:35
rbasakpitti: and should we change the default to s/debian.pool.ntp.org/ubuntu.pool.ntp.org/?14:35
rbasakpitti: I see - thanks.14:35
pittirbasak: ^ basically that; that's rather simplistic of course, it'd be better to use Conflicts=; but that's only possible once these three get systemd units14:35
rbasakpitti: any opinion on ntpd by default? I guess systemd-timesyncd will suffice for the default server case then?14:35
pittirbasak: timesyncd is simple and efficient for desktops; my gut feeling is that it should be just right for most cases where you don't care about manually configuring stuff14:36
barrypitti: by "reproduce" it means you're seeing the problem too?14:36
pittirbasak: and once you do, I feel that an admin would explicitly pick something to install anyway14:37
pittirbasak: but I don't have a strong opinion whether ntpd is a good default for a server, I'm not that familiar with it14:37
pittirbasak: as for changing the default NTP server -- I'm not sure, maybe14:38
pittibarry: yes14:38
rbasakpitti: that sounds about right to me. Thanks.14:38
barrypitti: and the last dist-upgrade seems to have broken my wily machine's desktop.  i see the greeter and can log in but then never get to the desktop14:38
barrywhich of course may just be unrelated14:38
rbasakpitti: does timesyncd run all the time or is it one shot (i.e. is it ntp or ntpdate?)14:38
barrypitti: i'm going to go try to fix that, but ping me if i can gather any more information from you, or if you want me to file a bug14:38
pittirbasak: hm, no idea about the broken dist-upgrade for you; I'll file a bug and investigate the broken debootstrap for now14:40
rbasaks/rbasak/barry/ ^^14:40
pittirbasak: whoops, sorry :)14:41
barrypitti: cool, thanks14:41
pittibarry: filed bug 145667014:42
ubottubug 1456670 in util-linux (Ubuntu) "debootstrap failure: insserv: Service mountdevsubfs has to be enabled to start service hwclock" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145667014:42
barrypitti: thanks14:44
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pittibarry: I uploaded a new sysvinit which will hopefully fix this; I'm a bit stunnned about this, but there was only one change that really sticks out15:11
barrypitti: interesting!  i'll try to keep watch and update/try again in a bit15:12
* barry now tries to verify that unity updates broke his wily desktop15:16
pittibarry: now I'm scared to reboot :)15:21
* pitti does it anyway, the "unstable" experience!15:21
pittibarry: hm, all hunky-dory here, same boring "never breaks" as always..15:22
barrypitti: yeah, i'm having trouble narrowing it down.  *something* in the last dist-upgrade prevents my desktop coming up.  i thought i narrowed it down to unity but bisecting package installs (and installing just the unity related upgrades) doesn't seem to reproduce it.  fortunately this is a snapshotted disk so it's easy-ish (if tedious) to try each package by hand15:36
cjwatsonpitti: latest util-linux has broken debootstrap, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11227070/15:36
pitticjwatson: tracked in bug 145667015:37
ubottubug 1456670 in sysvinit (Ubuntu) "debootstrap failure: insserv: Service mountdevsubfs has to be enabled to start service hwclock" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145667015:37
pitticjwatson: I uploaded https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sysvinit/2.88dsf-59.1ubuntu2 for now, which is the only change that looked substantial to debootstrap15:37
pittiI'm not 100% sure that this will be the fix, but this is so utterly hard to test with local packages..15:37
cjwatsonpitti: oh, failure to read up on my part, sorry15:38
cjwatsonrcj: ^-15:38
rcjcjwatson, thanks15:38
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shadeslayerrbasak: any news on the docker backport15:49
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rbasakshadeslayer: currently blocked on merging the apparmor delta.15:50
shadeslayeroh ok15:51
rbasakshadeslayer: I've stuck all the dependencies in a PPA now, so you might be able to build the Debian source package for 1.6.1 unmodified against it now.15:51
shadeslayerrbasak: well, I wanted to use it locally on my machine :)15:51
shadeslayeron vivid15:51
rbasakshadeslayer: try sbuild with --extra-repository of my (racb) docker PPA on amd64 against Debian's 1.6.1. I think that may work.15:52
rbasakYou'll be using upstream's apparmor profile then, instead of the standard Ubuntu one. That's something I don't want to regress, hence I'm blocked - but I think it'll work. You'll just end up with upstream's preference instead of Ubuntu/AppArmor upstream's preference.15:53
shadeslayerrbasak: roger :)15:57
hallyn_jodh: infinity: xnox: so does anyone remember of a good reason why libnih is built without --enable-threading?16:05
hallyn_it actually *only* makes __thread be #dfined to nothing when not set, so i can't see any possible safety advantage16:06
xnoxhallyn_: because i believe upstart detects that and uses threads.16:11
xnoxhallyn_: in practice i don't want any threads in upstart code when it is pid116:11
xnoxhallyn_: now that it's no longer pid1 in ubuntu, i'm happy to change libnih to be better suited for normal userspace programs and not as critical as pid1.16:11
hallyn_xnox: i dont' think libnih creates any threads with --enable-thrading.  it only marks some variables as __thread16:14
hallyn_but in any case - cool, it woudl def be nice to have in wily16:15
hallyn_also stgraber suggested adding a 'is-threading-enabled' check in libnih, so i may post a ptach for that16:15
hallyn_(though it's easy to check by hand anyway, but a helper would be appropriate)16:15
hallyn_(better yet would be enabling it on all releases :)16:16
hallyn_xnox: where should upstream libnih patches go these days?16:29
xnoxhallyn_: so github.com/libnih/libnih is ubuntu-compatible thing with (hopefully) all ubuntu patches in place.16:31
xnoxhallyn_: i can add you to that, or i'm happy to transfer it to linuxcontainer umbrella.16:31
xnoxhallyn_: there is also keybuk/libnih which i tried to push things to from libnih/libnih but it has different license - gplv2 only.16:31
hallyn_xnox: cool i just want to post a patch to add a 'bool nih_threaded()' helper.  i'll post it for github.com/libnih/libnih and then we can cherrypick itno wily if not rejected outright16:32
hallyn_xnox: wait.  https://github.com/libnih/libnih no worky16:33
xnoxhallyn_: horum, looks like i only have docs there.16:34
xnoxthere is https://github.com/keybuk/libnih16:34
xnoxand well lp:ubuntu/libnih16:34
xnoxhallyn_: keybuk doesn't take fixes, and e.g. cgmanager will not work with keybuk's libnih16:35
hallyn_heh.  can i bless https://github.com/xnox/libnih as 'upstream' ?16:35
xnoxhallyn_: submit there yes.16:35
hallyn_alright will do.  thx, ttyl16:35
xnoxhallyn_: and as "upstream" i'll talk to "linuxcontainers" project to possibly include libnih/libnih org into their structure.16:35
* xnox runs away for a bit16:36
hallyn_xnox: hah, sounds good.16:36
xnoxhallyn_: btw, maybe it makes sense in ubuntu to compile two variants, -mt and normal.16:36
hallyn_xnox: i'm still not actually seeing where there can be any advantage to !--enable-threading.  The only thing it will do is break things at nih_err checking if the caller happens to use threads.16:37
hallyn_but i'll start with the detection fn and go from there16:38
xnoxhallyn_: ok, cool.17:00
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hzutHi - Please, let me know a good successor for emule?18:19
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pittibarry, cjwatson: hm, that didn't help, debootstrap is still failing; need to investigate more closely tomorrow18:49
barrypitti: gotcha, thanks.  i finally narrowed down my wily problem to unity19:03
hzutHi - Please, let me know a good successor for emule?19:30
Unit193I think you've mistaken this for a support channel, hzut?  I don't know what protocol they used, but there's gtk-gnutella.19:30
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ahasenackhi guys, I have an apt-get crash/coredump file, easily reproduced20:48
ahasenackwhat package do I need to install so the core file has symbols?20:49
ahasenackit was recorded in /var/crash20:49
* ahasenack installs apport-retrace20:50
ahasenackpitti: around?21:08
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sorenIs there some way in which I can disable authentication for just a single repository?23:31
sorenI have a tarball of packages + a Packages file. I trust it implicitly. I'd like to extract it locally, add that dir to my source.list and just trust it, but APT will complain it's not signed.23:33
tarpmansoren: deb [trusted=yes] file:/... ought to do it23:33
sorenLet me try it!23:33
tarpmansoren: personally I have http://paste.debian.net/180638/ saved as ~/bin/mkrepo ... pretty quick23:34
sorenI *could* do that, but I'd be distributing the key over the same channel, so it's not really any safer than just saying that I implicitly trust the repo.23:36
sorenBesides, it's only for testing. Once things are validated, they'll be built and signed properly.23:36
sorenDoh, I can't test the trusted=yes thing, but looking at the docs, it certainly should work.23:37
sorentarpman: Thanks!23:37

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