BluesKajHowdy folks12:04
ki7mtI hate that pendrive web-site though. Everything you cursor over has a stupid pop up16:08
daftykinspendrivelinux.com ?16:09
daftykinshmm lets try from a non-blocker browser16:09
ki7mtYeah, the pendrivelinux site16:10
daftykinsyeah some nasty ads all over, hmm16:10
daftykinsi can get to download UUI without any hassle though16:10
ki7mtYeah, just don't cursor over anything that's "Blue" :-)16:11
daftykinsah yes16:11
daftykinsadblockers for the win!16:11
daftykinsdo you not use one?16:11
BluesKajublock is great16:12
ki7mtUm sometimes, but I find adding allot of add-ons always seems to break the browser, so I put with allot of junk16:12
daftykinsan adblocker is practically the only thing i use16:12
daftykinsgot one more on my laptop for sending youtube links to my HTPC16:13
ki7mtand if I get really pisted off, I just use Lynx from the command line :-) no pop-ups there16:13
BluesKajublock is the only blocker you'll need and it's easy on resourecs16:13
daftykinslovely addon16:13
ki7mtAnyways, I got my Ubuntu membership board tomorrow .. hope that goes well.16:14
ki7mtIf I pass .. then the next step is MOTU16:15
daftykinsi don't know anything about membership :)16:15
ki7mtI've been after it for a while now.16:16
daftykinswhat's the purpose, exactly?16:16
ki7mtYOu could probably get it through the IRC Board, as you do allot of work in IRC channel. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership16:17
daftykinswell, there are some more changes coming with Ubuntu that are likely to make me swear off the distro as a whole16:17
daftykinsso i see it as a bit too late now16:17
ki7mtPurpose, well more of a sense of accomplishment and recognition really.16:17
BluesKajwell with a title comes responsibility that obligates your time ... I have too many irons in fire to do that16:18
ki7mtIf they divorce from Debian packaging, that, I think would be a mistake.16:18
ki7mtThere's no obligation that I know of, other that what yo've already done.16:19
daftykinsto be honest i keep considering quitting the IRC channels as it is16:19
ki7mtI get annoyed, especially when trolls attack me, but other than that, I like helping.16:20
BluesKajki7mt, there are some ubuntu memebrs who still shouldn't be giving advice or support due to lack of knowledge and commitment16:20
ki7mtYeah, that may be true in everything, but, at least they are trying :-)16:21
daftykinsyeah i get targeted way too much by assholes these days16:21
BluesKajsome are just happy to have a title, that's where it stops for them16:21
ki7mtYeah, I've had my titles, in real life, they can keep them, as that is allot more work and stress than I want these days.16:22
ki7mtThat why I left Silicon Valley, and moved to Montana :-) no STRESS16:23
ki7mtAnd Im 5 miles away from some of the best trout fishing in the world .. and the only tress I have is trying to figure out how to keel the Elk from eating my lawn :-)16:24
daftykinsthat sounds nice16:24
ki7mtYeah, I use to run around the world liek a chicken with my head cut off, probably logged close to 1.5 million air miles, I dont ever want to see another airplane :-)16:25
BluesKajI live in a tourist area in Ontario surrounded by hundreds of lakes, and I'm retired from work , so life is pretty good16:26
ki7mtThis is my backyard, that house down there is my nearest neighbor: http://files.qrz.com/t/ki7mt/Back_Yard_Jan_09.jpg16:27
ki7mtWe dont even have phone lines here, it's all Wireless Internet service only.16:27
ki7mtWhich kinda suxs for gamming, but oh well.16:28
daftykinshas all the snow gone by now?16:29
ki7mtYeah, most of it, there's some up on the Mountians still, which is the opposite direction of the picture about 5 miles or so.16:30
daftykinshere's where i'm from :)16:31
ki7mtOh yes, I lived in England (York) for about 7 years.  and have crossed the channel many times.16:32
BluesKajthis ia typical view of a Northern Ontario lake http://imagebin.ca/v/22Ha4VklAfTi16:32
daftykinski7mt: ever visited the Channel Islands?16:32
daftykinswow KDE and OS X had a baby16:33
ki7mtNo, I've been by them, but never on them.16:33
ki7mtI spent a fare bit of time up in Scotland also.16:33
ki7mtGlasgow area.16:33
ki7mtAnd of course Ireland, we have allot of machines in the Intel plant there.16:34
BluesKajdaftykins, Jersey isles?16:34
ki7mtJersey., Isle of Man etc.16:34
daftykinsi'm from Guernsey, it's separate from Jersey :)16:35
ki7mtlol; // yeah, I always spell that Is. wrong.16:35
daftykinsJersey is sadly just like little England, whereas my isle has the proper feel :)16:35
OerHeksThis is where i am from https://goo.gl/maps/yeXeT and live now here https://goo.gl/maps/ulUUg16:35
OerHeks2 day swim to daftykins :-D16:36
daftykinsi'll lend you a towel16:36
ki7mtBeen to Eindoven lots of time OerHeks.. the ATMEL plant there16:36
OerHeks6 more days, towelday16:37
ki7mtASML was out channel parnter in metrology.16:37
ki7mtwas our . ..16:37
OerHekski7mt, oh nice, we should meet&greet next time16:37
ki7mtI really miss Europe actually, it has a much more relaxed feel about it than the US does.16:38
ki7mtAnd the Pubs, Sunday lunch, I really miss that !!16:39
ki7mtand a good pint of beer never hurts either :-)16:39
OerHeksEurope if not that much different from the states.16:40
ki7mtAnd Tuesday Quiz Nights, Football, there's lots of things that I miss16:40
ki7mtOerHeks, Maybe not so much in the bigger cities, but the smaller villiges are totally different. London is London, Amsterdam, Paris, all that is jut big city stuff, which I dont miss.16:42
OerHeksHaarlem is a little town, near Amsterdam,  some of us call it village16:43
ki7mtWe have a Harlem too .. but don't want there at night .. come to think of it, probably dont want to drive through in the daytime either.16:43
OerHeksI like it, 5 km from the beach, all sorts of entertainment, shops, and maybe an ubuntu shop in the near future16:43
OerHeks(but how to make money out of that?)16:44
ki7mtWhere I live now, people don't care about technology .. of any kind, we just enjoy the outdoors. Glacier National Park is 2 hours to the North, and Yellowstone 2 hours South, and I live in the Big Belt mountains .. I like it.16:45
JanCki7mt: you mean Harlem in NYC?16:46
ki7mtYes, NYC JanC :-)16:46
JanCI walked there, nothing dangerous about it...16:47
JanCexcept for 1 street maybe16:47
ki7mtWe'll have to agree to disagree on that point.16:47
ki7mtI've no use at all for NY.16:48
ki7mtand New Jersey is just as bad, if not worse in some places.16:48
OerHeksAll towns have a bad side, some warned me to go and live here this side of town, but i feel comfy myself.16:50
EriC^^i've only been to amsterdam in europe, but it was lovely16:50
ki7mtLike Camden, NJ, Detroit MI, Chester, PA .. those are just great places to live "NOT"16:50
JanCone guy got killed in front of our hotel though, 3 min walking away from Times Square  :P16:50
EriC^^i wish to see london maybe one day16:50
OerHeksNever been to England myself, nor USA.16:51
EriC^^usa is different than europe16:51
EriC^^at least from what i've seen, i was born in california and lived there for a while16:51
ki7mtCalifornia is a whole different world :-)16:52
EriC^^actually born in cleveland but my parents moved afterwards, but yeah16:52
EriC^^california is like a big village or something, in the smaller cities16:53
JanCEurope is different from Europe too :P16:54
JanC(and the USA from the USA)16:54
ki7mtCa is just, well it's Ca, what can one say, I only lived there for 3yrs, in Silicon Valley, that was enough :-)16:54
EriC^^yeah that's true :D16:54
OerHeksOne good thing about Holand is: people trow away a lot of duo core pc's :-D16:55
ki7mtI lived about 20 miles form my office in CA. It used to take me almost 1.5 hours to get to and from work.16:55
OerHeks.. not that i can sell them, nobody wants them :-(16:55
JanCki7mt: ugh16:56
ki7mtTraffic in the Valley was Horrific.16:56
ki7mtis still Horrific.16:56
JanCki7mt: not by car, I hope?16:56
EriC^^man amsterdam feels like a big museum or something16:56
OerHekski7mt,  go on a bicycle16:56
ki7mtYes, BART was only in certain areas.16:56
EriC^^all those goth buldings and stuff16:56
ki7mtBay Area Rapid Transit == BART16:57
OerHeksEriC^^, indeed, if a fire breaks out in the old town, big risc16:57
JanCEriC^^: wait until you see Bruges...  ;)16:57
ki7mtOerHeks, You'd have to see the traffic on 101 to understand why that would be suicidal riding a bike :-)16:57
ki7mtIt's close to being suicidal just drive a care, let along a bike L:-)16:58
EriC^^i like cali's weather though, it's pretty odd, in the morning it's freezing but you have to wear a t-shirt cause by 12noon it's so hot you're sweating and sunny16:59
JanCki7mt: ULM plane?  :)16:59
ki7mtULM ?17:00
ki7mtKLM ?17:00
ki7mti used to use KLM, BA, Cathay Pacific, UA Emerits and Singapore Air most of the time.17:01
ki7mtKLM / BA for US and EU flights, CP ann SA for Asia/ South East Asia, and UA Emerits for Middle East17:02
JanCsomething like http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-uH7nQRHeGfE/UVB5JzlbOEI/AAAAAAAAAAU/lB1BTjetZF4/s1600/AVION-ULTRALIVIANO-ULM.jpg17:02
ki7mtLOL .. that's what I need now .. just to get to my mailbox JanC  :-)17:03
ki7mtit's 3 Miles up the dirt road17:03
JanCULM = Ultra Light Motorized17:03
ki7mtYeah, that's what I need.17:04
ki7mtOk, I gotta head out, taking the horses out for a trail ride with the neighbor kids .. CUAL17:05
OerHekshave fun17:06
daftykinswow that blakwire fellow couldn't handle a single light hearted joke so much that i'm not getting back to back joke spam in PM19:34
daftykins*now getting19:34
daftykinsso many nutjobs on this network19:35
OerHeksdaftykins, i am nutjobless:-(22:04
OerHeksnot sure that is even a valid word22:04
daftykinshaha, nope22:04
daftykinshow do you mean?22:04
OerHeks^^  so many nutjobs on this network22:05
daftykinsyou mean you've never had any of these really annoying lusers that take offence to the help given?22:06
OerHeksSure, many of them.22:06
OerHekssometimes i get really bored, like the Q from kokut.22:07
daftykinsyeah that guy is struggling with simple things22:07
daftykinsi'm leaving for a while, just can't stand the amount of trolls anymore.22:58
daftykinsops are nigh on useless in that place22:58
OerHeksits oke daftykins, take a rest man.22:58

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