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tsdgeos sudo touch /userdata/.adb_onlock14:46
alan_gracarr: is the lp:~mir-team/mir/touch-validating-client MP missing a prerequisite?15:06
racarralan_g: Haha whoops no I pushed a giant composite branch I was using for testing15:09
alan_gracarr: you should read through your on MPs before lettings us see them.15:11
racarrFixed. Thanks.15:11
racarralan_g: Yeah sorry things are a little chaotic here.15:12
racarralso I guess I gave up reviewing my own mps I used to review them all every line15:12
racarrbut noticed it made no difference in review time/comments15:12
racarrso ti doesnt seem I can15:12
racarreffectively review my own code15:12
racarranyway sorry for wasting time15:12
alan_gat least it ensures we're reviewing what you intend to propose.15:13
racarryes sorry lol15:13
alan_gI find that scanning the MP diff before setting status "Needs Review" catches a lot of debug & experimental code. (And some bzr weird stuff.)15:19
mterryRAOF, where did you get your copy of ubuntu-clock-app?  The ones in the daily coreapps ppa are ftbfs17:28
RAOFmterry: I got the trusty version :)17:28
mterryRAOF, hrm17:28
mterryRAOF, guh it's ftbfs because it uses online sites during tests17:29
* mterry builds locally17:29
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alan_galf__: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-wily-amd64-ci/33/consoleFull21:30
alan_galf__: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-wily-amd64-ci/33/consoleFull21:48
alan_galf__: ClientLibraryThread.does_not_interfere_with_client_signal_handling21:48
mterryRAOF, after a long time fighting with getting to the point of seeing the clock-app failure, I've determined it's something inside the Ubuntu.Components plugin.  Digging deeper22:10
RAOFmterry: Thanks22:11
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