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Guest85596AAh that's me.02:02
Guest85596can someone tell me how to convert the Galaxy tab3 8" tablet from Android to Ubuntu 14.XX02:04
ibeardsleenot if you don't hang around02:05
gondor33Hi ,02:09
ibeardsleeDidn't know you could.02:10
ibeardslee.. but the things you learn from google eh?02:11
gondor33I've sent a few messages about Galaxy tab 3  8" tablet conversion from Android to Ubuntu. Being new on this message board, Ive cut myself off once or twice as a guest.02:13
ibeardsleeIRC is not really a message board02:14
gondor33It's a similar thing02:15
ibeardsleeAnyway, I think google will be your friend there.  Seem to be a good number of posts about it .. or at least devices similar .. may not be your particular model.02:17
gondor33anyway can someone advise me with some technical help?02:18
ibeardsleemaybe, what help are you asking about?02:19
gondor33read my 14:13 message!02:22
ibeardsleehmm my 14:17 message is my response to that02:22
ibeardsleehow far have you got?02:23
gondor33 This appears to be of no help to me.  Thanks, anyway. Cheers02:37
* olly rolls eyes02:44
ibeardsleeheh .. I've got a problem, I haven't done anything about it, you are of no help, I'm going.02:44
ollyis 14.04 supposed to have a toolbar thing along the top with volume control, wifi status, a way to suspend/reboot/etc?02:46
ollyafter a double upgrade via 12.04, I don't have one02:46
ollyand I have to start the unity dock by hand02:46
ollyoverall, I'm underwhelmed by the upgrade experience - both of them failed and I had to continue by hand, which is probably why it's hosed02:47
ollyany idea what the program is called which does that toolbar thing?02:50
ibeardsleetry creating a new user and log in as them to check that everything really is working as expected02:50
ollyoh, that's a thought02:50
ibeardsleeI had someone with a similar problem, although well after an upgrade.02:51
ollyalso need to figure out how to put the window buttons back on the right side, as it seems to have overwritten that02:51
ollyand most of the other custom settings02:51
ibeardsleeremoved ~/.config and reset all the unity stuff to default.02:51
ollyhmm, if I have to lose all the config, I might as well reinstall02:53
ibeardsleeI wonder if there is just an old custom tweak that is just clashing with the 14.04 settings02:53
chiltsibeardslee: you tried so ++ on that (which is more than can be said for the original asker)04:31
chiltsso yeah, I didn't realise, perhaps I should put Ubuntu Touch onto my old Nexus 704:36
chiltsseeing as the 5.x release of Android has pretty much hosed it into being unusable04:36

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