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aikidoukeis there a community qa meeting today?16:52
wxlaikidouke: yep, in about 5 min16:53
aikidoukehey wxl! :) thanks16:53
wxlnp aikidouke :)16:53
voxophhow does this work16:58
voxophthe comunity qna16:58
balloonsyou ask us questions and we answer them :-)17:00
voxophcool :)17:00
voxophI was wondering, does ubuntu plan on updating UI/ UX in the future?17:01
elfyballoons: normal protocol QUESTION: foo ?17:01
mhall119elfy: yup17:01
mhall119waiting for everyone to get on the hangout, then we'll start17:01
elfyQUESTION : Up to early December last year I often went to https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Ubiquity/view/Xubuntu/ to check how my images were faring - it gave some indication of whether an image at least got through basic testing - that is now still showing fails from over 5 months ago- what gives - any plans to get visible reports back17:01
elfyQUESTION : A while back Canonical made the decision to not take part during milestones until the Final Beta, while that's great for Ubuntu I'm sure - it makes things less certain for flavours who do take part. Often during the last cycle or two things have failed which do so for Ubuntu too - but it's left to people like me (more interested in Xubuntu) to flag Ubuntu issues affecting flavours. That said - I have had nothing but help from the17:02
elfylikes of infinity, cyphermox, pitti, Laney and others when I have shouted. Is the Final Beta only going to continue?17:02
elfyQUESTION : When you all get really excited about Snappy - is that going to mean that flavours not going that way get sidelined, what's going to happen if we're worrying about something *Ubuntu* isn't?17:02
mhall119elfy has been saving these up17:02
* elfy got asked :p17:02
aikidoukeQUESTION: How long do we expect Unity 7 to be maintained?17:03
elepantsis it on? i can't see teh videoh17:03
ChloeWolfieGirlI cnat see either17:03
elepantsmaybe we blind  :(17:03
elepantsOMG WE BLIND X-(17:03
mhall119it hasn't started yet17:04
elepantsso we no blind?17:04
balloonsstarting up now :-)17:04
mhall119going live now17:04
aikidoukeQUESTION: How will packaging things like non-free video drivers work with snappy?17:05
GralakQUESTION: Please tell, will MX4 be available in June in Europe? When will be another flash sale in China?17:05
elepantsQUESTION: how to install mir on ubuntu snappy core?17:06
DS-McGuireQUESTION: What happened to the new design for the headers on Ubuntu Touch. One day they were and the next they were gone.17:07
elepantsQUESTION: is Snappy Ubuntu Core Fun Pack available for sale?17:08
wxlQUESTION: is there going to be any more organized, official community testing for Touch/Phone beyond exploratory testing like there is for every other image? :)17:09
GralakQUESTION: Please tell, will MX4 be available in June in Europe? When will be another flash sale in China?17:09
wxlGralak: please, ask only once.17:09
DS-McGuireLoving the banter! :L17:10
aikidoukeQUESTION:If he colors the hair and the beard, is that convergance? :)17:10
wxlaikidouke: HAHAHAH17:10
wxlargh brb17:11
DS-McGuireOpps, sorry about the caps17:13
DS-McGuireQUESTION: How long after applying for an Ubuntu membership should I expect to hear something back from it?17:14
GralakQUESTION: Please tell, will MX4 be available in June in Europe? When will be another flash sale in China?17:14
mhall119any QA/CI/Testing questions, please get them in now before it's too late17:15
elfyDS-McGuire: are you on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/Boards17:15
DS-McGuireelfy, No not yet, I need more testimonials for my wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/daniel-mcguire35117:16
elfyDS-McGuire: right - so once you have those, the board meets twice a month :)17:16
DS-McGuireelfy, Thanks a lot! I am suppose to have at least two, yes?17:17
elfymhall119: so where's Daniel and Nick reading these questions from?17:19
mhall119elfy: the questions we're answering here?17:19
elfyI guess - can't see the questions they're answering :p17:20
mhall119elfy: I'm skipping around from what was asked in here17:20
mhall119trying to hit the QA related ones first17:20
balloonselfy, :-) i have a feed straight into my brain from irc17:20
mhall119elfy: did I miss one?17:20
balloonsalways running ;p17:20
mhall119cat /dev/random > balloons17:21
elfymhall119: well I don'tknow how many where in here before mine17:21
mhall119none before you17:21
elfywell I missed mine then I guess somehow17:21
mhall119elfy: your first 2 were answered first17:22
wxlstupid customers interrupting my uoa session17:22
wxlwhat did i miss?17:22
elfymhall119: is this recorded?17:22
mhall119elfy: yes, it'll be on ubuntuonair.com for a while17:22
elfyI'll see if I can hear the answers then :)17:22
mhall119elfy: or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBeRaSjqrmg anytime17:22
mhall119elfy: I summarized the questions, rather than reading them out fully17:23
elfymhall119: I had --verbose ...17:23
wxlQUESTION: same question about Touch above for Snappy. tl;dr how can average joes and janes contribute to testing much in the way that testing for desktop images has a low point of entry?17:24
wxlmhall119: FIELD TRIP :)17:24
wxl…raspberry pi TWO17:26
balloonsany last minute questions for us QA folks?17:28
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: will snappy snap at us? ;-;17:30
* wxl facepalms17:30
KamilionNegative; it will snapshot at you.17:30
mhall119in soviet Ubuntu, snappy packages you :)17:31
* wxl groans17:31
mhall119I'm here all week :)17:31
* Kamilion throws some change in the hat17:31
* wxl takes mhall119's wife17:31
ChloeWolfieGirlbeautiful mhall11917:32
wxlQUESTION: what about tests in Common Lisp? XD17:32
KamilionQUESTION: What about tests for Xen?17:32
KamilionAw. Too late.17:32
wxlwell, thanks everyone17:33
KamilionQUESTION: when will we see something like the casper livecd ISO for snappy?17:34
wxlQUESTION: how exactly do flavors start integrating Snappy? taking all their particular packages and making Snaps out of them?17:35
KnightmareQUESTION: Is there any development that can be done for the phone in python?17:38
balloonsthanks for all the questions guys! As we said, #ubuntu-quality is the place if you ever want to chat with myself or anyone from the QA team :-)17:39
GralakQUESTION: Please tell, will MX4 be available in June in Europe? When will be another flash sale in China?17:39
wxlGralak: he just answered.17:39
elepantsmhall119: fun pack https://twitter.com/adzankich/status/59929840264443904117:39
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: How will canonical advertise Ubuntu Touch and Ubuntu desktop to the public to make them more aware of ubuntu?17:40
wxlKamilion: he's answering your question btw17:40
KamilionI'm watchin'.17:41
DS-McGuireQUESTION: Do you know weather the minimum price of an app in the store drop to something lower? I want to charge a small fee for apps I am creating but 1.99 is too much to ask.17:41
KamilionAye -- appliance images, I currently use casper's TORAM to load the squashfs on boot from the ISO for my xen project.17:42
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: Do you know if/when we'll get bitcoin support in the store and could you intergrate the payment with a bitcoin app?17:42
wxloh man i am so making a lubuntu snappy image17:43
wxlwanna help, Kamilion ?17:43
wxli got a pi 2 that i'd love to put it on17:43
DS-McGuireStream down?17:43
Kamilionfroze for me too.17:43
Kamilionand it's back.17:43
wxlDS-McGuire: buffering17:43
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: What will happen to apps I paid for in the current ubuntu store with unity8 and the new store?17:44
wxlQUESTION: is there any documentation anywhere about making a flavor Snappy image?17:45
wxlshoot work calls brb17:45
GralakQUESTION: Please tell, will MX4 be available in June in Europe? When will be another flash sale in China?17:47
elepantsmhall119: it was given away for free at ubuntu booth IoTWorld17:48
KamilionQUESTION: Has anything been looked at re Stripe or Coinbase for micropayments?17:49
KnightmareQUESTION: Will 16.04 have support for high resolution displays i.e. 4k17:49
Geek500Is anything happening with Ubuntu for TV?17:51
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: Will Ubuntu on the Phone be a bit neglected when making unity8 desktop exclusive features that you'd only beable to use on desktop or coverged devices?17:55
KnightmareQUESTION: Do you feel that maybe Canonical/Ubuntu might be getting spread a bit thin due to the work load?17:57
aikidoukeQUESTION: Does the QA team have a weekly meeting?17:58
KamilionQUESTION: What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?17:59
aikidoukeAn African or European Swallow?17:59
KamilionIt's irresponsible to answer a question with a question, aikidouke ;)17:59
Kamilionpython3 can answer it.18:00
Kamilionjust import antigravity.18:00
mhall119thanks eveyrone18:00
Kamilionpsst, the answer is 10 meters per second.18:02
wxlaikidouke: btw there is no regular QA team meeeting18:04
aikidoukewxl: I thought I saw one on the wiki a while ago, but havent been able to find it. TY18:05
balloonsaikidouke, if you can't use IRC there's also the mailing list18:05
balloonsaikidouke, https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-quality18:05
aikidoukeballoons: ;) well i did ask first in IRC, i've been in and out thought, so i might have missed it18:06
aikidoukeballoons: I am on the mailing list and have done a tiny bit of testing18:06
aikidoukeballoons: i just need to give myself some more time to do more I guess18:06
balloonsaikidouke, feel free to contact me directly anytime if you get stuck. But in general the IRC channel and mailing list gets you in touch with the rest of the community and they are happy and more than capable of pointing you in the proper direction18:08
aikidoukeballoons: thank you, I will, soon!18:09
elfyballoons: thanks -must have missed the beginning on -on-air - caught it all now18:11

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