ubottudaftykins called the ops in #ubuntu ()01:29
LMNOPhey just joing ubuntu saying banned14:01
LMNOPdunno wut happen restart client14:02
LMNOPnot sure what the problem is anyone here or no14:10
k1lLMNOP: you know what the problem is. playing the innocent doesnt help14:11
LMNOPanyway let me know in PM thats fine14:11
LMNOPk1l, no i do not14:12
LMNOPjust going to leave but14:12
LMNOPthanks for looking14:12
LMNOPbut from your statement i think you have something in mind already14:13
LMNOPlets have it14:13
LMNOPanyway we spoke before was it bazhang again?14:14
k1lwe had that discussion already. and even you said you will change your behaviour according to the guidelines and Code of conduct. but you did not and you start again with what you think is a funny game.14:15
k1lso on that case i will not remove the ban. you know the reasons, because they are the same as mentioned last time.14:15
LMNOP...  i really don't know but hinting around isn't helping14:16
LMNOPi'm not asking you to remove it but i sure would like to know14:16
LMNOPand 'same reason'14:16
LMNOPall seems arbitrary and subjective14:17
k1li explained quite lenghly to you last time what is not wanted in #ubuntu. you said you will change you behaviour. which you didnt14:18
LMNOPi dont even have logs to prove14:18
k1lso dont blame us ops or other users if you get caught again with behaviour that is not suitable. its your fault.14:18
LMNOPyou never told me exactly last time either you told me to read and i said ok i used !ops trigger14:19
k1land lying to us that you "will change" doesnt help. you already waisted that chance for now.14:19
LMNOPi think so hmm14:19
k1lyou want to play "the innocent" again? should i really make the effort and get the logs just to prove you are lying again?14:20
popeynear the top14:20
LMNOPok i called daftykins a tattletail14:20
popeyjust talking nonsense14:20
LMNOPbut last time he called me an idiot14:20
LMNOPand i called him a smart aleck is that it?14:20
popeypeople in #ubuntu are either looking for support or giving support14:21
popeyyou're doing neither.14:21
LMNOPk1l, ok yeah i have that one in scrollback14:22
k1lthat is from may 14th. so just proven you are lying again to us claiming you dont know why you are banned and what behaviour of you is the issue here.14:22
LMNOPpopey, well i remember convo14:22
k1lyou even didnt change the quite message like you said you did.14:23
LMNOPyeah i did14:23
k1lso i think we are done with you lying and you can leave now.14:23
k1lso i think we are done with you lying and you can leave now.14:23
LMNOPlook i dont care call me names14:23
LMNOPi dont care you are being arbitrary and showing much favor14:23
k1l@mark lmnop first playing the innocent and trying to get the ban removed. then showing his real trolling again for just waisting time14:24
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:24
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
ubottudaftykins called the ops in #ubuntu (doo-doo inappropriate spamming)19:11
genii@comment 67687 Inappropriate spam and hostmask19:12
ubottuComment added.19:12
daftykinsjust an FYI i started getting endless PM spam from blakwire after he couldn't take my humour :)19:46
bazhangwhat humor was that19:52
bazhangis mockery the new humor?19:57
bazhangach he quit19:57
elkynot new for him20:35
bynariemay i please be unbanned from #ubuntu? its been like 2 months and i have not went in there and i have not caused any problems21:07
bynarienor do i have any bad intentions21:08

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