eggbeaterAl__: hey00:23
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mukathis is only a suggestion. Digit keyboard is missing negative sign.01:17
vthompsonDoes anyone know if there's a freely available plugin for the QtLocation.GeocodeModel that allows reverse geocoding (lat/long to address)? I tried with the Nokia HERE plugin and it says 1) that it doesn't support reverse geocoding and 2) that I need to register with developer.here.com. This is for the weather core app--so perhaps we could use the application id used elsewhere in the platform?01:29
cwaynevthompson, i dont know about plugins for QtLocation.GeocodeModel, but OSM has a reverse geocoding api we've been using called nominatim01:51
jcbjoeanyone know when 15.0 is coming out ?01:59
jcbjoei found http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/02:01
jcbjoeits 15.1002:01
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vthompsoncwayne, thanks! I saw that there was a osm plugin and started using. It's working great. Thanks!03:19
nhainesjcbjoe: Ubuntu 15.10 comes out on October 22nd (and doesn't exist until then): https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/ReleaseSchedule03:21
vthompsoncwayne, for reference here's a small diff to get the OSM reverse geocoding working with the QtLocation API: https://code.launchpad.net/~vthompson/ubuntu-weather-app/reboot-location-qml/+merge/25946203:26
vthompsoncwayne, oh and happy birthday :)03:47
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dholbachgood morning06:38
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bqphoneany idea how can we see the details of every update?07:34
bqphonelike i just updated the camera, can i see what is changed?07:34
bqphonedid change07:34
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danieelhi guys... we are developing a tablet like device - and were looking for some base OS / ui manager... so found this ubuntu-touch08:22
danieelwe are really trying to avoid having an android layer in between.. as the system is supposed to operate on/with high-res video feeds08:23
danieelanybody who did something similar? preferably on imx6 or tk1/tx108:24
iptabledanieel, from memory ubuntu-touch uses android drivers and a few other things from it to run compatibly on mobile devices08:26
mcphaildanieel: I'm no expert, but the Ubuntu touch architecture seems to utilise Android drivers. You don't have a stock android kernel, and don't have the android userland, but you need the android drivers08:26
mcphail(i think)08:26
iptabledanieel, if you want to avoid android backend altogether, you need to use apple or windows devices. Android does work with high-res vieo feeds though, what's the problem with that? My note4 has HD video and works with streaming.08:27
danieelthe device we designed uses pcie x4 card to capture multiple FHD streams, and the gpu does processing on top of that..08:28
mcphaildanieel: and you have access to the kernel drivers?08:29
danieelyes we do08:30
iptabledanieel, android has a passthrough API to allow you to talk to hardware using C-like code. android, like ubuntu-touch, is opensource. you may feel free to download it, cut it and use what you need. ubuntu-touch does that by using android drivers.08:30
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy May Ray Day! 😃08:31
mcphaildanieel: are your drivers binary blobs or source? Are you tied to a specific kernel version?08:32
danieelours are source code08:34
danieelthe issue is with android.. there are more blobs08:34
mcphaildanieel: what I'd say is take a little time getting used to the ubuntu touch architecture. It is deigned to work in a certain way (basic functions provided by frameworks, with apps being strictly confined in their access and capabilities) which may or may not work with your use case. But if the architecture suits you (and you have the drivers) it is a great system08:37
danieeli thought it is a replacement of android...08:37
danieelso you say, rather an extension?08:37
k1l_no. its due to manufacturers shipping android drivers only in that sort of hardware segment.08:41
k1l_danieel: try this for an idea of why and what ubuntu touch uses for the driver setup: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/porting-new-device/08:45
ogra_danieel, is the device you want to run on an x86 with open graphics driver ? then you should be able to just use the desktop-next image, there is no android container in that one08:45
ogra_if your device is some kind of android tablet using drivers that only have closed binary blob drivers for android available you can follow the porting guide to turn your android source tree into a container (else you wouldnt be able to make use of i.e. the video codecs)08:48
danieelno, it is not x86, it is imx6/tk1, for both there is desktop like ubuntu image08:48
ogra_well, if you have full access to the drivers you dont need the android container ... we dont provide a working image for a non android arm device though (thats extremely rare :) )08:49
danieelfor video processing, probably gstreamer would be used (need to check whether it allows various professional metadata, and what the latency is)08:49
ogra_sure ... ubuntu-touch uses gstreamer too ...08:49
danieelokay... so just compile it like on a desktop08:49
mcphailogra_: would ubuntu-core be up to that sort of job?08:50
ogra_(for the container we have a special android sink)08:50
ogra_mcphail, not yet, not ... bringing up a graphics stack on -core isnt easy yet08:50
mcphailogra_: thanks08:51
ogra_(that will change soon though :) )08:51
ogra_snappy core in the cloud is the perfect backend for your click package on the phone though ;)08:51
ogra_desktop and UI will come with 15.10 ... and yes, that would make it super easy for danieel to create and deploy the right image08:52
danieelone other question - multitouch is handled in ubuntu-touch or in another layer?08:52
danieelthat is for example one of the needs for a touch ui system.. on native linux we got at most a mouse pointer08:53
ogra_by the touchscreen driver ... which ... on phones usually comes from the android layer08:53
* ogra_ hasnt tried desktop-next on any touch device yet to actually see how it behaves with a proper linux driver08:53
danieelso every app has its own gesture resolver ? that does not seems right08:54
ogra_no, Mir does that i think, but i could be wrong08:54
danieelok.. so it seems we just have to try it, and then ask for specifics if wont work08:55
abeatomandel, ping09:40
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ulrichard_Is there a way, I can filter out all webapps from the ubuntu store?11:02
ogra_ulrichard_, https://uappexplorer.com/ ?11:03
ulrichard_ogra_, thanks for the link. I was more looking for a filter in the app store scope. Can I install from that website like I could with android?11:05
ogra_kind of ... the "install" links from there start a search in the app scope11:06
ulrichard_ogra_: ah, there is also an app for that: https://uappexplorer.com/app/uappexplorer.bhdouglass11:16
ogra_yep :D11:16
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sturmflut2mzanetti: https://sturmflut.github.io/ubuntu/baytrail/2015/05/19/an-update-on-ubuntu-on-baytrail/13:13
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mptHmm, why doesn’t my BQ show up to import photos from in Shotwell? My Nexus 4 used to13:29
popeympt: filed a bug for that ages ago.13:30
ogra_missing udev rule on your desktop ?13:30
popeylemme find it.13:30
popeyno, it's because we don't expose the proper DCIM folders13:30
popeybug 128387113:30
ubot5bug 1283871 in mtp (Ubuntu) "Default mount points not suitable for photo import" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128387113:31
ogra_oh, that, yeah13:31
mptAh, thanks popey13:31
* ogra_ remembers that ancient bug13:31
didrocksogra_: it's not the same definition of "ancient" that mpt does I guess. mpt can certainly quotes you bugs from 2006 ;)13:33
ogra_didrocks, and you think i couldnt ? :P13:33
ogra_for the phone a bug in the 12xxxxx area is ancient :)13:34
mcphailwe can probably all quote bug #113:34
ubot5bug 1 in Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113:34
ogra_well, thats a fake :P13:34
mcphailOnly in Malaysia these days...?13:34
mptYou get right on that, Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo team13:34
ogra_we were in the 1000s already when it was added as #113:35
Mirvmardy: are you aware that ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts is stuck in wily proposed? http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts13:35
didrocksogra_: even the data was faked!13:35
ogra_ha !13:35
mpthttp://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/reports/bugs/1 — What is this I don’t even13:37
mpt“Microsoft still has a majority market share, this ISO must be defective”13:37
ogra_i guess the tested perhaps tried to add the "total number of bugs" to the bug field :)13:39
faenilhow can I change the channel the device is getting updates from? (without reflashing)13:39
faenilbonus if you include details about the implementation :D13:39
ogra_faenil, system-image-cli --help ... have a look at the --switch option13:39
faenilogra_: you're a bonus kind of guy, I know it :D13:39
faenilogra_: oh it's python, okay I'll have a look at the scripts then too get more details13:42
faenilthanks ;)13:42
faenilogra_: mmm running as user gives empty output for most of the commands, and running switch as root doesn't give any feedback13:48
faenilit's stuck there, don't know if it's doing anything :/13:48
chrisccoulsontedg, regarding the conversation yesterday about saving state when an application goes in to the background - I'm using QGuiApplication::applicationState, but it's only ever Active or Inactive (never Suspended, which according to http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qt.html#ApplicationState-enum is when you're meant to save state). Is that intentional?13:48
ogra_faenil, yeah, it is rather quiet by default .... you need to use -v if you want more output ... it will also not run if there is a system-image-dbus process active (that times out eventually if you dont want to kill it)13:50
faenilmm ok...I'll check that, thanks13:50
faenilogra_: so, am I supposed to use it as user or root?13:50
ogra_as user iirc13:51
* ogra_ hasnt used it in a while, not sure anymore13:51
faenilokay, np13:51
dobeyogra_, faenil: you need to run it as root (sudo system-image-cli -vvv --switch ...)13:52
ogra_ah, thanks13:52
dobeyuser doesn't have permissions for blacklist file and such13:52
ogra_i thought it just calls the dbus service13:52
faenildobey: ok, it would be good to have some output when run as user...just plain nothing is worrying :D13:53
ogra_faenil, well, normally a "user2 doesnt ever use that command :)13:55
dobeyfaenil: there's no output by default when run as root either. i think there's a bug about the lack of output already. right barry? :)13:55
faenildobey: ah, ok :D13:55
faenilogra_: well, whoever the "user" of the script is :P13:55
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dobeyjeff bridges13:55
faenilbut thanks dobey :) at least now I know it's stuck on "Running group download reactor" :)13:55
ogra_dobey, he uses ubuntu ?13:55
barrydobey, faenil not sure there's a bug, but even if there was, i'm not sure it wouldn't be "won't fix" ;)13:55
dobeyogra_: bad tron joke :)13:55
barryall output always gets logged to /var/log/system-image/client.log which you can tail13:55
dobeyi don't know if he uses ubuntu or not13:55
barryvarious -v levels copy that to console13:55
ogra_dobey, ah, i didnt get the reference ... damn13:55
faenilbarry: :/13:55
faenilso, it is a cli tool, which however writes nothing to stdout most of the times :D sounds innovative to me :D13:55
barryfaenil: you normally don't want that crud filling up your console anyway (well, at least *i* don't ;)13:55
ogra_faenil, it is temporaray anyway ...13:55
faenilogra_: oh, ok13:56
ogra_snappy will replace the world ...13:56
faenilogra_: right...13:56
barryogra_: snappy update multiverse?13:56
ogra_barry, haha, yeah13:56
dobeybarry: normally, you do want to see progress for long-running actions. like downloads :)13:56
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faenilbarry: there's a big difference between filling the console and showing 0 :D13:58
ogra_dobey, you get them ... one dot per line ... if you add -v13:58
barrydobey: i think -v and tailing the log file give you plenty of options13:58
dobeybarry: if wget made me tail a file to see download progress, i'd burn things :)13:59
faenildobey: +1 XD13:59
faenilI'm not aware of any tool which forces you to tail a file, really...but I'm young :p13:59
dobeyogra_: i always use -vvvv with it, and even with that it only shows "Group download reactor running" and doesn't print dots or anything13:59
barrydobey, faenil maybe, but that's wget's reason to live.  downloading is not si-cli's reason to live (in fact, on mobile, it technically doesn't even download anything :)13:59
ogra_dobey, intersting, i just ran it on my arale ... and it prints one dot per line13:59
ogra_only using -v though ...13:59
barrysi 3.0 will give you other console output progress options too13:59
faenilbarry: "Running group download reactor" this is what's been on my console for 5mins, no sign of life13:59
dobeyogra_: also ugh at one dot per line. it's not 1965 any more :)13:59
faenilbarry: cool13:59
ogra_dobey, it helps people with a 1x24 terminal14:00
barryfaenil: that's basically saying "i handed everything off to ubuntu-download-manager, please enjoy a nice cup of tea while we wait" :)14:00
dobeyfaenil: yeah, it's downloading the 500 MB or whatever14:00
faenilbarry: what about "blablabla, downloading..." :D14:09
dobeyogra_: for those people we should rotate the progress meter and use ANSII block chars to fill it :)14:09
barryfaenil: if udm gives us progress signals, we pass them on.  it can be ridiculously chatty14:09
faenilbarry: not even talking about progress feedback...just something more explicative :D14:09
faenilwhich doesn't require -vvv, possibly :D14:09
faenilbut that's just my opinion, just bitching here :)14:09
dobeyeh, it should have a progress bar14:10
dobeyit's not like progress bars in terminals isn't a solved problem already14:10
faenildobey: sure that would be better14:10
barryfaenil: maybe.  it feels pretty niche.  -cli is intended to be a developer tool.  but otoh, contributions welcome :)14:10
faenilbarry: ha, that's why it's stuck14:10
faenil  File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/systemimage/download.py", line 294, in get_files14:10
faenil    raise TimeoutError14:10
faenil[systemimage] May 19 14:03:11 2015 (32212) state machine finished14:10
faenilof course I read that by tailing the file :P14:10
barryfaenil: that's udm ignoring you :)14:10
barryfaenil: udm does sometimes crash or misbehave14:10
barry(and yes, there are bugs filed there ;)14:10
barryfaenil: in si 3.0 you'll be able to tweak things to use a built-in curl based downloader instead of udm.  curl is default on snappy, but udm is still default on touch14:10
faenilbarry: ok, good :)14:10
faenilI guess I'll just reboot the device then :/14:25
jcbjoedoes ubuntu-touch have daily builds or nigtly's ?14:26
dobeythere are channels that are built daily, yes14:26
dobeywell, assuming things changed during that day, anyway14:26
ogra_jcbjoe, i guess that completely depends on your timezone :)14:29
ogra_(if they are nihtly or daily)14:29
dobeyor fortnightly14:38
notruteIs this the place to get help flashing a Nexus 7 (2013)?14:53
balloonsnotrute, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/installing-ubuntu-for-devices/ if you haven't seen it14:56
notruteI have, thank you.  I am here because ubuntu-device-flasher is giving an error.14:57
mariogripabeato: can you help me with some reverse engineering to a qcom chip (MSM8974) that uses OEM_HOOKs? (Talked with awe yesterday)14:57
notruteerror pushing: failed to copy '/home/laz/.cache/ubuntuimages/ubuntu-touch/devel/ubuntu/flo/version-2.tar.xz' to '/cache/recovery/': Is a directory14:57
mariogripofono ^14:58
rvrmardy: ping14:58
rvrmardy: Silo 17 has a branch that hasn't been reviewed and the local storage feature has no tests. So it is blocked.14:59
mariogripnotrute: I get error to (trying to flash Oneplus One), I have no idea why? it's a wired error...14:59
rvrdbarth_: ^^14:59
abeatomariogrip, sure, I have a meeting now, let me ping you later15:00
mariogripabeato: k15:00
cwayneabeato, if you + mariogrip can get it working, I will buy you infinity beers next sprint15:02
abeatocwayne, hehe, noted15:02
cwayneand mariogrip you too if i ever meet you :P15:02
mariogripcwayne: hahaha :)15:04
awecwayne, what about me?15:04
* awe is thirsty15:04
cwayneawe, whiskey for you15:04
* cwayne really wants to be able to use opo + ubuntu as daily driver15:04
awein a jar?15:05
cwaynealways whiskey in a jar15:05
* awe misses jono15:05
notrutejava whiskey?15:05
* ogra_ bets jono misses us too15:05
awemariogrip, abeato is in a meeting atm; I just gave him a dump of what we discovered yesterday... you should hear back from him in awhile15:08
mariogripawe: That's fine, I will try to make so rild logs the requests from android15:09
jgdxmpt, how's the device flash and silo coming?15:12
mariogripcwayne: Also, you should give ogra_ infinity beers too, he helped when I stared the port, to get it to boot ubuntu on the opo :D15:14
awemariogrip, great...15:14
awecwayne, do you have one?15:14
cwaynemariogrip, i already owe him infinity beers for other stuff15:14
awehiow much?15:14
cwayneawe, ya15:14
cwayneill only pay for infinity beers if we have another sprint in budapest, where beers were like a nickel15:15
notruteso no clues on the "is a directory" message?15:16
cwaynei think its running out of space on recovery15:17
notruteAh! that could be helpful15:17
mariogripcwayne: adb should not give that error then15:17
cwaynemariogrip, on your server where are you pulling the rootfs from?15:18
cwayneit's not adb but u-d-f iirc15:18
notrutecorrect cwayne15:18
mariogripthe system-server the cdimage does not use xz compression15:18
cwaynei think that's the issue, it should15:19
notruteso could I recompress locally?15:19
notrutebut then file sigs would mismatch.  if it checks...15:20
cwaynei think this would be the best bet: https://github.com/janimo/imageserver15:20
cwaynemariogrip, ^15:21
cwaynei believe that pulls the rootfs from s-i rather than cdimage15:21
cwayneas there's some repacking magic that needs doing15:21
mptjgdx, installing the silo now (this is the furthest I’ve gotten so far)15:54
mptjgdx, ok, I installed silo 36 successfully (at least, there were no errors), but the APN interface is the same as before16:03
mptjgdx, “OS Build Details” says build number 6, Ubuntu image part 20150515, customization image part 1431017611. Is that all correct?16:08
mardyvrruiz: hi! About silo 17, I can give you instructions on how to test it, it involves using a certain click package17:04
mardyvrruiz: I'll comment on the MP17:04
cwaynemardy, hi17:05
mariogripcwayne: sorry, i just got busy with trying to fix ofono17:06
mariogripi got some ideas from abeato :)17:07
vrruizmardy: Thanks, but the feature also needs test automation.17:10
cwaynemariogrip, nice!17:13
tsdgeosguys any idea where i get the rtm image 226 that Pat mentions here? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/145671117:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 1456711 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "crash on incoming sms" [Undecided,New]17:23
dobeytsdgeos: 14.09-proposed channel?17:26
tsdgeosdobey: that gives me something like image 917:26
dobeyor not, there seems to be no more 14.09-proposed17:27
dobeytsdgeos: http://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/devel-proposed/mako/ has a 226 at least17:27
tsdgeoslet's try that one17:27
tsdgeosdobey: awesome, thanks17:28
dobeyde nada :)17:28
JMS_touchhello all17:33
JMS_touchdoes anyone know of a way to blacklist sms numbers at all?17:34
JMS_touchspam is driving me nuts17:34
jgdxmpt, might have to look at what ubuntu-system-settings is installed (apt-cache policy ubuntu-system-settings) and did you restart the app? :)17:35
kenvandinejgdx, mpt: i bet it's apt pinning the version from the overlay ppa17:41
kenvandineapt-get install {ubuntu-system-settings,libsystemsettings1}=VERSION17:41
kenvandineshould force it to install the version you want17:41
jgdxkenvandine, thanks17:45
mardyvrruiz: OK, can you please add a comment to the MP about it?18:02
vrruizmardy: Sure18:02
mardycwayne: hi :-)18:02
cwaynemardy, heya, was wondering if you'd had any luck with that fbphotos click18:04
mardycwayne: nope, I was off this afternoon18:08
mardycwayne: I'll try tomorrow18:08
mardycwayne: there's also a bug about shotwell being unable to share pics to facebook, it's probably about API changes18:08
cwaynemardy, yeah, i'd have to guess so, since the click didn't change at all and seemed to break late last week-ish18:10
cwaynemardy, so if you keep us in the loop that'd be awesome :)  one other thing -- is it possible to access an account-plugin using password mechanism from libaccounts-glib? or just oauth-based ones18:10
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dobeycwayne: you can use password from libsignon/libaccounts, yes. that's how the u1 account plug-in works18:42
mardycwayne: yes, it's possible: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~danielholm/owncloud-app/trunk/files/head:/plugin/qml/18:53
cwaynemardy, right, I got an account-plugin, but I'm trying to be able to access the secret from a scope19:09
cwaynewhich isnt currently possible using go-onlineaccounts, and jamesh pointed out it would need to be available via an api in libaccounts-glib to be supported19:10
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dobeycwayne: you need to use libsignon to read the secrets19:34
dobeylibsignon-glib in this case i guess19:34
cwayne_dobey, ah, so maybe that's what needs adding to go-onlineaccounts.. dobey do you have a pointer to any docs on that?19:36
dobeycwayne_: i don't recall where the docs are exactly. we use the qt5 versions of the libs in ubuntuone-credentials to implement the plug-in there. you get the account from libaccounts, and then it should have a CredentialsID, which you use to get the secret from libsignon19:38
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jgdxhey awe, hope you're having a good evening!21:26
awethanks jgdx21:47
mariogripawe, you still there?22:35
awehow's it going?22:36
mariogripI'm modifying rild, to log every respond22:37
mariogripi found this in libril  #define RILC_LOG 022:37
aweyup, that sounds familiar22:37
mariogripand, what socket do ofono/22:38
mariogripuse* to access rild22:38
mariogripthe same as JAVA version? dev/rild22:38
aweso essentially in the past, I've rebuilt libril, enabling that flag, and gotten full ril traces on a device running CM or stock AOSP22:39
aweI modeled the ofono RIL logging on the code in libril22:40
aweof course as the architecture is totally different the impl is much different22:40
awebut the format's the same22:40
awethat said you won't get a full hex dump of the requests/replies with this on22:41
mariogripi think there might be a problem with rild not receiving the requests22:43
mariogriprild logs that it got new connection, but noting more22:44
mariogripI might be wrong, but it seems like it22:45
mariogripi was wrong, i does receive requests22:53
mariogripawe, on android RIL_REQUEST_SET_TTY_MODE get called before power23:02
mariogripalso OEM_HOOK_RAW is called before it turns on23:04
mariogripthis might be harder than I think23:04
awemariogrip, it's doubtful that the lack of SET_TTY mode is causing the problem.  I'd be highly surprised23:04
awethere's also a HOOK_RAW in there as well23:05
aweif I were a betting man, that's where I'd put my money.  But again, this kind of trace is hard-to-follow ( vs. a trace generated by libril )23:06
aweif you can capture the raw hook string, it shouldn't be too hard to extend ril.c to send the hook request before the power request23:07
awethat might do the trick23:07
mariogripI will give it a try23:08
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