diddledanawilkins: WAT00:00
diddledanthe woman says "does it buzz? does it hiss? does it beep?" and then says "no" as though she expected it to00:03
diddledanhttps://pbs.twimg.com/media/CFUlGMhWMAAko2N.jpg <-- nawww00:08
daftykinsnice find :D00:08
diddledantwitter's emergency kittens ftw00:09
daftykinsflapjack calls but i'm wary of how bad an idea it is00:23
daftykinsgiven i eat the whooooole lot00:23
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mappshi all03:46
mappsnoone awake? O_o03:52
knightwisemorning everyone06:46
knightwisehey diddledan06:58
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:26
elfygood morning07:27
brobostigonmorning elfy07:28
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MooDoohello all07:44
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:00
bigcalmHo ho and a bottle of rum08:02
MooDoobigcalm: as long as it's the kraken spiced rum :D08:14
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy May Ray Day! 😃08:30
zmoylan-pinamed after people named ray born in may?08:32
zmoylan-pior people named may soaking up some rays?08:32
aquariusIt's a day to enjoy the sunshine, apparently. Presumably if you live in, say, Florida :)08:32
zmoylan-piand not ireland...08:32
* zmoylan-pi links to obligitary funny pic of irish person sun bathing... http://funnyasduck.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/funny-pale-irish-girl-sun-bathing-sand-pics.jpg08:36
JamesTaitzmoylan-pi, it's lovely and sunny here, but give it five minutes....08:37
bigcalmThe sun just went away. About to get some rain I think08:54
zmoylan-pior fog, hail or an outbreak of snow...08:54
JamesTaitAha, here comes the rain!09:24
MooDooholy cr*p just noticed it out the window :D09:28
JamesTaitYou have Windows?09:31
MooDoolol yeah just the one though09:31
JamesTaitIt gets mighty loud in here when the rain gets heavy. Polycarbonate roof.09:32
zmoylan-piwhen you can't hear a radio beside you from heavy rain...09:34
bashrcgood moaning09:35
TwistedLucidityAre you jist pssing by?09:36
zmoylan-pihe 'as the butteries for the ridio down 'is poonts09:37
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selinuxiumHi all   o/13:22
MooDoohi selinuxium13:27
selinuxiumHey MooDoo  How's tricks ?13:28
MooDooselinuxium: not bad thanks :D13:32
popeyfun comment from Mr Srobot14:43
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daftykinsinteresting, a client with a place in the south of Spain has found someone selling access to a local WiMAX product17:41
daftykinsoffering 20Mb down and 6Mb up17:41
diddledanbeen messing with polymer today: http://diddledan.github.io/validate-string/19:49
ali1234anyone want to guess how the checksums are calculated?21:16
ali1234nope, tried that21:16
ali1234it's not xor either21:16
diddledanis this your photoframe again?21:17
ali1234different handset now21:17
ali1234hacking the address book21:17
ali1234it stores 16 byte string for the name and 13 bytes bcd for the number, and then a checksum21:18
moreatiDoes anyone have Chrome (not Chromium) installed? Does https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-tone/nnckehldicaciogcbchegobnafnjkcne?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog work? I get a an error about being offline21:18
ali1234seems to work for me21:19
diddledansurely there's a privacy nightmare in that?21:20
moreatididdledan: how so?21:20
diddledanrandomly broadcasting your browsing to anyone within earshot21:23
moreatiit only broadcasts when you click the button21:23
diddledanis it actually audible to humans or supersonic?21:24
moreatididdledan: audible, sounds like a synthesiser riff.21:24
diddledanI'm guessing it's the same tech they use in android to connect to chromecasts without knowing the wifi details21:25
moreatia variant, the ChromeCast tech is ultrasonic21:25
moreatiali1234: were you saying Tone works for you? If so, on Chrome or Chromium?21:36
ali1234i didn't try running it21:37
moreaticd src21:44
moreatiFTR Tone probably works in Chrome, but not Chromium because it requires Chrom(e|ium) 43.x, and Universe  currently ships 41.x - once universe catches up all should be well23:33
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