pair0docanyone around and up for some small talk and possibly my poor humor?01:33
cmaloneyI think we are all lirking01:55
pair0docdoes that mean you are done lurking and ready for my poor humor cmaloney ?01:57
cmaloneythat means that we are all likely jist idlimng and will read your scribblimgs later02:04
cmaloneyGood morning13:18
cmaloneyApparently we were spared poor humor13:18
_stink_ hah13:22
_stink_yeah that's a good way to get ignored13:22
brouschDale Dougherty mentioned my name on Facebook. I'm star-struck.19:54
cmaloneyI mention your name on IRC all the time19:55
cmaloney"  I never proselytise about free software unless you want for me to fix your20:00
cmaloney  computer  "20:00
jrwrenI like that quote AND I don't know that this is necessarily a bad thing.20:14
cmaloneyMe either20:14
cmaloneyI have a three strikes rule20:14
cmaloneyfirst time I  fix for free20:14
cmaloneysecond time I fix for some small token (beer, etc)20:15
cmaloneythird time: you're getting Linux.20:15

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