dzhoguys, guys, GUYS18:49
dzhoI have a decision to make.18:49
dzho(this is the gender inclusive "guys" fwiw)18:50
* Unit193 presumed.18:50
Unit193I've used the term "dude" or other when only talking to my sister. :P18:50
dzhonone of the GNU screen instances I currently am using are fully emoji-compliant18:50
Unit193Also, sure it's not the font?18:51
dzhopretty sure, yeah.18:51
dzhowell, apt-get install ttf-ancient-fonts takes care of that, mostly18:51
dzhoSo, emojification didn't come to GNU screen until v 4.2 or thereabouts18:53
dzhoand 4.2 didn't come to ubuntu until utopic, and to Debian until jessie.18:53
dzhoand I'm not ready to go to either.18:53
dzhoSo, the decision is:  Stick with screen, but build a local copy of 4.2 and use that?  Add trusty-backports (on Ubuntu) so that I can get 4.2 that way?  Or switch to tmux?18:54
dzhoso I know it's not the font because tests indicate it works in tmux so long as I have that font package18:55
Unit193Ah right, I questioned that as I'm using screen, and while someone complained that they were unable to see one, I could.  However, I am using 4.2.18:55
dzhowhich OS release?18:56
Unit193Debian testing.18:57
UkikieSystem:    Host: Loki Kernel: 3.16.0-4-686-pae i686 (32 bit) Console: tty18:58
Ukikie           Distro: Debian GNU/Linux stretch/sid18:58
* Ukikie waves to dzho!18:58
dzhoI had missed the naming announcement https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2014/11/msg00005.html18:58
jenni[ Release Team Sprint Results ] - https://j.mp/1FsohUZ18:58
dzhostretch, and then buster18:58
dzhothis came to a head with Friday's xkcd19:04
Unit193💀 - ⚡️ - and I'm having ☕️19:07
Unit193😸 😹 😺 😻 😼 😽 😾 😿 🙀   one of those fail for you?19:07
dzho19:09 < Unit193> � - ⚡️ - and I'm having ☕️19:10
dzho19:10 < Unit193> � � � � � � � � �   one of those fail for you?19:10
thafreakdzho: upgrade to debian jessie :)19:10
Unit193dzho: Yes, add backports.19:11
* dzho throws a ⚡️ at thafreak 19:11
Unit193thafreak: He's on trusty, I believe.19:11
thafreakoh, by upgrade, i mean re-install with jessie :)19:11
thafreakand an SSD19:12
dzhostill on precise, even, on some things, trusty on others, squeeze on others, and wheezy on others.19:12
Unit193Jessie will soon be outdated though, if it isn't already. :(19:12
dzhostill way too soon for me to go to jessie for almost anything yet19:12
thafreakjessie has better stuff than trusty for now19:12
dzhodude, there's a behind-a-firewall-and-on-a-private-network system I just moved up from hardy 19:12
thafreakwell...kvm/libvirt et al19:13
dzhoI used the hell out of do-release-upgrade there for a while19:13
thafreaki thought my clients with squeeze were bad :)19:13
dzhosqueeze-lts ftw19:13
thafreakeh, I'm going to re-install them, just haven't yet19:14
dzhoI *like* slow release cycles.19:14
dzhodebian makes me more sad with every day19:14
dzhothem and firefox19:14
thafreakone is squeeze + xen hypervisor for running vm's :(19:14
thafreakhow come?19:14
dzhobecause they're getting caught up in the brogrammer aesthetic19:14
dzhochange change change!19:15
dzhoI mean, ok, if they were shipping on tablets and cell phones I could see it being a thing, but the fact is, they aren't, but others are, and those others are what is driving the bus.19:15
Unit193Use Xfce, dzho. :P19:16
dzhoone of my precise boxes uses xfce19:16
thafreaki like gnome...and what I know is, gnome and all the stuff i used on trusty, is much nicer so far on jessie19:16
Unit193I mean with 4.12, it's nice, but not going the way of GNOME.19:16
dzhoI played around with it on a laptop but decided that it was a worst-of-both-worlds experience there19:16
dzholike, you get all the hassle of the *kits still being there and trying to run things, without the integration with them necessary to make it mostly just work.19:17
Unit193Did you try Xubuntu?19:17
dzhoI think so19:17
dzhono way in hell I'm going to do this by picking and choosing packages, I think it was just apt-get install xubuntu-desktop19:18
Unit193Nono,  apt-get install xubuntu-core^ on utopic or newer, and apt-get install xubuntu-desktop^ on older.19:19
dzhoutopic.  let me stop you right there.19:20
thafreaki'm upgrading to coreos and then just run gnome in docker ;)19:20
Unit193I'm sorry for you, thafreak.19:21
thafreakdon't be...i live in containers anymore anyway19:22
Unit193I meant GNOME! :----D19:22
thafreakhey, i tried and keep trying everything...gnome is my favorite...not sure why19:23
Unit193I... Nope, not going there.19:23
dzhothafreak: https://twitter.com/ryan_sb/status/60070397165785088019:23
jenni[ Ryan Brown on Twitter: "At the #OpenStackSummit keynote: SAY DOCKER ONE MORE TIME http://t.co/w2RUALwYzP" ] - https://j.mp/1HfpQT619:24
thafreaki don't tknow...some people like pork rinds...some people think they're disgusting19:24
thafreakyeah i know19:24
Unit193thafreak: No, I was joking about not going into the whole "GNOME doesn't care about anyone but GNOME, and if you're not doing it their way you're wrong" thing.19:24
thafreakah, yeah, well you'll have that...it's how most communities are19:25
Unit193Yeah, but when GNOME3 disables customization and controls GTK3?  It's not good. :/19:26
thafreakah, who's using gtk3? not just mate (or cinnamon, i forget which is which)19:27
thafreakis xfce on gtk3?19:27
Unit193Working on it, but it's hard as everything is deprecated because "Oh, we're not using that anymore"...19:27
thafreakdidn't gtk2 get forked with gnome2?19:28
Unit193Nope, and MATE is even moving towards GTK3.19:29
thafreakspeaking of alternatives...anyone try razor-qt?19:29
Unit193I'm noticed missing features as things upgrade to GTK3, remmina is pretty crappy now, even.  Razor-qt merged with LXQt.19:29
Unit193Best place to check it out is Siduction.19:30
thafreaklxqt? is that lxde using qt or something?19:33
Unit193Well, basically.19:33
Unit193http://lxqt.org/ has shots.19:37
jenni[ LXQt - The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment ] - http://lxqt.org19:37
Unit193Kind of looks like KDE3.19:41
Unit193Also, looking into Nikola for sites, it's pretty awesome actually.19:43

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