JonathanDHow's it going?09:42
rmg51everything seems ok so far10:12
JonathanDSounds good.10:12
rmg51but it's still early10:12
JonathanDI replaced my server with an HP workstation I had laying around with similar specs.10:13
JonathanDIt's so much quieter I can't tell if it's powered on or not.10:13
JonathanDI think part of it is it has a quiet PSU installed since the orig failed and I dropped one I had in.10:13
rmg51must be nice to have all that extra "stuff" sitting around10:15
JonathanDrmg51: sometimes.10:15
JonathanDI have 2 servers in my trunk I'm giving away.10:15
rmg51all I have is six laptops :-D10:15
JonathanDWe just got new laptops at work.10:16
JonathanDSo now I have a distinct home laptop (my thinkpad) and work one... previously they had given me a mac which I almost never used.10:16
JonathanDrmg51: I need to get rid of a lot of things.10:16
JonathanDrmg51: likely only to replace them with different things that are more useful to me...10:17
JonathanDI did request one of the switches on the plug list yesterday :)10:17
rmg51out with the old, in with the new ;-)10:17
JonathanDrmg51: are you in need of some sort of hardware?10:17
JonathanDThere's a couple things I rarely get rid of. Like RAM.10:18
JonathanDIt's compact enough to hold on to.10:18
rmg51no place to put it all10:18
JonathanDrmg51: that's why I'm cleaning :)10:18
JonathanDRetired my windows server, got rid of the big power hungry beast.10:18
JonathanDI have 4 IBM servers I need to dispose of.10:19
rmg51keeping six laptops around is hard enough10:19
JonathanDWhy so many laptops?10:19
JonathanDWhat I'm trying to accomplish is merge everything down to this HP server under kvm.10:19
rmg51I never threw any of the old ones away10:23
rmg51two Windows boxes10:23
rmg517 and XP10:23
rmg51the rest are linux10:24
JonathanDI have my thinkpad with mint and my work dell with mint.10:25
JonathanDand a chromebook.10:25
JonathanDThe dell and chromebook travel with me for work, the thinkpad I mostly leave home now.10:25
JonathanDI still have a windows desktop for the games that aren't steamed over to linux yet.10:26
JonathanDEven crissi is using mint now :)10:26
rmg51I have one running Mint 1310:27
JonathanDHow do you like it?10:27
rmg51it's too old to run anything new10:27
rmg51it's a PAE thing10:27
rmg51the rest run Ubuntu with the xfce desktop10:28
rmg51never liked Unity10:28
JonathanDYeah I don't like it much myself.10:29
rmg51breakfast time10:29
JonathanDI can deal with it but if I have a choice... no thanks.10:29
rmg51can't customize it10:30
rmg51I like adding things10:30
rmg51like wed short cuts10:30
rmg51I have several for the Inquirer10:31
waltmanwhat's a wed short cut?10:33
JonathanDThis box takes foreeeeeeeever to boot.10:33
JonathanDIt's the darn raid and iscsi adapters.10:33
JonathanDLike 30 second wait on each of them.10:33
waltmannot to mention the time it takes to rejoin all your irc channels...10:34
JonathanDAnd then it boots in like 4 seconds.10:34
JonathanDwaltman: I run my irssi elsewhere to avoid that.10:34
waltmanok, breakfast time.10:34
JonathanDWhen irssi first connects it's unusable for about 4 minutes until it gets all synced up.10:34
JonathanDgot kvm up and running.10:51
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else12:04

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