kokutHello, anyone knows how to give apache write permissions to a folder?00:04
daftykinswhat are you trying to set up?00:04
OerHekschown it to www-data i guess00:05
VanDerGrootwp-content/uploads perhaps?00:06
daftykinswell we can all guess :)00:06
daftykinskokut: ?00:08
aimnanowell i hosed that VM00:10
daftykinslucky they can be backed up!00:10
aimnanoso after i restore it from a backup, who knows how to resize a LUKS partition00:10
daftykinsnot me00:10
aimnanonot only that, it's BIOS, and i want to extend it over 2TB aka i have to convert it to GPT without breaking it?00:10
aimnanois this even possible?00:11
daftykinsonly a boot volume need be GPT over 2.xTB00:11
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
aimnanowell it is a boot volume00:14
aimnanoit's basic ubuntu partition layout (with LVM)00:14
aimnano(and LUKS)00:14
aimnanoi think it's only 2: swap and root00:14
daftykinsright but a VM? so anything can be changed00:15
daftykinsanyway nm i don't do encryption00:15
Johnny_Linuxgood LUK00:15
guest211211ok so00:15
guest211211i installed the mini iso00:16
guest211211it asked me to remove my boot media, so i did, the system restarted00:16
guest211211and now im at a black screen with a white blinking cursor. should i reboot again or just wait more?00:16
daftykinshit enter a few times00:16
daftykinssee if anything becomes visible00:16
aimnanoit doesn't sound like it successfully installed GRUB00:16
aimnanodid you tell it not to?00:16
daftykinsthat'd be unlikely since the system would print a boot error message surely00:17
guest211211i told it to go ahead and install grub00:17
guest211211should i reboot?00:17
daftykinsno harm in trying00:17
daftykinsbut hit a few keys as i say00:17
guest211211rebooting jsut takes me to that same screen00:18
guest211211should i pop the usb back in?00:18
daftykinshold left shift as it boots00:18
daftykinssee if you get the GRUB menu00:18
daftykinsand you haven't replied about my suggestion to press keys?00:18
guest211211sorry, thought i did. i tried hitting a bunch of keys00:18
guest211211shift also didnt work00:19
daftykinsok try both shifts (one at a time) and also escape00:19
daftykinsas in repeatedly, rapidly press them00:19
linuxuz3rhow do i use libboost properly00:20
linuxuz3rplease help00:20
guest211211neither shift works, esc takes me to boot device00:20
guest211211im going to try reinstalling00:21
daftykinshit enter on the hard disk then hit escape again00:21
daftykinsno, you give up too easy00:21
daftykinsEriC^^: ^^00:21
guest211211ok hitting enter just takes it to the black screen with blinking cursor and then hitting esc from that point does nothing00:22
daftykinsno you have to do it quickly00:22
daftykinstry the shift keys again after powering off fully00:23
Ender_WigginHey hey. I'm having display issues with my 14.04. Did some fiddling around with xrandr and tried multiple drivers, but kept issues. Right now, if I use the current X.org nuevo driver (Nvidia GT 520), I get a blank screen after BIOS boot and have to reboot and select to launch Ubuntu from GRUB menu. When I switched to the latest Nvidia driver, I no longer have to boot twice, but both drivers lock the display resolution to 800x60000:26
Bashing-omguest211211: MBR booting grub looks for the shift key, UEFI looks for the escape key . press escape repeatedly as soon as the firmware screen clears . Maybe ?00:27
LeEarlhello guys00:27
Ender_WigginCurrently running Nvidia 331.113 from Additional Drivers00:27
LeEarlis it true the kde is made with qt and gnome is made with glide?00:28
LeEarland if so then how to make a pure x gui app?00:28
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: so right now you're in, but @ 800x600?00:30
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: what type of monitor and which kind of cable connection?00:30
Ender_WigginHey dafty =]00:30
Ender_WigginViewsonic 21" LCD DVI, 1680x1024 max res i believe00:31
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:31
Hilikuswhat is the "quiet splash" option on grub's parameters?00:31
daftykins1680x1050 mmk00:31
daftykinsHilikus: suppress boot messages (quiet) and display splash screen (splash - via plymouth)00:31
guest211211hitting esc does bgring up the BOOT device screen. i can choose either one of the boot devices which just leads tot hat black screen00:31
Hilikusdaftykins: can i use spash without quiet?? it doesn't make much sense00:31
Ender_WigginIm currnetly using the Nvidia driver, still want a pastebin from Xorg.o.log?00:31
guest211211i think i can also enter bios (the usb is NOT plugged in currently)00:31
daftykinsHilikus: not since it'd be in the way of the messages i suspect :> why not just use GRUB at boot time and edit the boot parameters to try once00:32
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: yep00:32
Hilikusdaftykins: ah ok, will try that. thank you00:32
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: also if you would paste "lspci | pastebinit"00:32
daftykinsah yes failed to read EDID from display, common one that00:33
daftykinsare you using any form of cable adapter, or is it directly DVI to DVI?00:33
Ender_Wigginis it fixable?00:33
Ender_Wigginno adapter, DVI - DVI00:34
Bashing-omguest211211: What release did you install ? and with a desk top ? Maybe we can boot with the boot parameter "nomodeset" ??00:34
daftykinsweird. ok first up, power off the computer - pull the mains power supply cable to the LCD, let it stay off for a minute, reseat the cable and then power on the screen and reset it to factory defaults. then fire up the PC again and see if it changes00:35
guest211211its on a laptop00:35
guest211211i  cant even GET to grub though is the thing00:35
daftykinsguest211211: my message was to Ender_Wiggin00:36
guest211211got it00:36
guest211211hey hey00:38
guest211211I DID SOMETHING00:38
guest211211I THINK I GOT IT WORKING00:38
Bashing-omguest211211: Try; Boot in CCSM (legacy) mode , and as soon as the bios screen clears depress and hold the shift key . Do you now get grub boot menu ?/// Great ^^00:38
guest211211i plugged the usb in, hit enter, tried to enter the USB, mashed osme letters like what daftykins suggested, and im back at a login screen00:38
guest211211it says Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS Icarus ttyl (i named the computer Icarus during installation)00:38
guest211211ok so00:39
guest211211I think I might have not installed Ubuntu desktop? but i got ubuntu00:39
Bashing-omguest211211: OK, Thst is the minimal install right ? Now to install the aps you want to use ??00:39
guest211211im logged in and now its like, username@icarus:~$00:39
daftykinsnow you need a network connection00:40
daftykinspreferably wired00:40
guest211211if i go wired i wont be able to stay in contact with you00:40
daftykinswhy, one cable?00:40
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=== Guest99908 is now known as DarylM
Bashing-omguest211211: Problem is that the minimal install only supports wired on the initial install .00:41
=== DarylM is now known as _Daryl_M_
EriC^^guest211211: great00:42
guest211211no, im on a desktop which is downstairs and the connection is UPSTAIRS00:42
daftykinsso go plug it in :)00:42
JinjaNinjaThis may be a noob question, but I seriously need to know. My laptop used to hold up to 7-8 hours of battery life (when I was running Windows 8), now my battery dies faster. Maybe there isn't a difference of battery lifetimes, maybe I'm just remembering wrong. Is there a way to increase battery life/ see if the battery is being used inefficiently?00:43
JinjaNinja(Running ubuntu)00:43
Johnny_Linuxel oh el00:43
EriC^^JinjaNinja: there's powertop00:43
daftykinsWindows will pretty much always give better battery life00:43
guest211211ok laptop is plugged in, what command00:43
EriC^^guest211211: which desktop would you like to install?00:44
EriC^^guest211211: i think the mini iso is supposed to ask that though?00:44
JinjaNinjaEriC^^: Not aware of it. What is that?00:44
daftykinsif i were you i'd "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" first00:45
EriC^^JinjaNinja: it's like top but for power i assume, never used it myself00:45
daftykinsbut bear in mind you likely won't have an IP from having plugged the network cable in after boot, so you might need to "sudo dhclient eth0" first00:45
daftykinsyeah it's intel's prog for pointing out what's waking up the CPU and so on00:45
guest211211ok, so "sudo dhclient eth0" and then ""sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"00:46
JinjaNinjaSee, my laptop only gets 5-6 hours of battery life now. That concerns me a bit. I'll be using my Laptop throughout college, and I LOVE Ubuntu. I'd like to see better battery lifetimes though.00:46
Ender_Wiggindaftykins ok reset to factory defaults. Still cant change resolution00:47
daftykinsok well it was worth a try00:47
Ender_Wigginany other solution suggestions?00:48
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: you can either look up how to pull an EDID on Windows or Ubuntu and then use it in a xorg.conf, or you can look up how to add a resolution with xrandr00:48
daftykins_or_ you can try different nvidia drivers :)00:48
daftykinsas i think you only mentioned 304 and 33100:48
=== tenach is now known as cptmashek
JinjaNinjaI know 5-6 hours is "Okay" But that's not an option for me, I love seeing my technology at it's peak battery lifetimes.00:48
daftykinsJinjaNinja: not gonna happen off Windows.00:49
Ender_Wiggindaftykins, yeah i tried all the drivers available from Additional Drivers00:49
Ender_WigginI attempted to add resolutions through Xrandr as well00:49
daftykinsto what end?00:49
JinjaNinjaI wonder if I could just get a stronger battery :P00:49
Ender_Wigginno effect, as far as i know00:49
Ender_Wigginis there a way to view the Xrandr resolutions?00:49
Ender_Wigginas in what's been added00:49
=== cptmashek is now known as tenach
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: well you need to add it then select it, right now i'm sure it has nothing above 800x600 - run "xrandr | pastebinit"00:50
Ender_Wiggini can try to readd the resolution, can ya link me to a guide?00:52
daftykinsno i can't, as we can both google :)00:52
daftykinsyou seem to be connected to DVI-1 now00:52
daftykinsand not DVI 000:52
Ender_Wigginshould I change that?00:53
Ender_WigginI never moved it before00:53
Ender_Wiggintheres only 1 DVI port on the monitor actually00:53
daftykinsthis is in relation to the card.00:53
=== Sax_ is now known as Knave
guest211211daftykins, did you see the order of commands i asked were ok?00:54
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: hrmm i'd look in nvidia-settings for any res adding, or see something like - http://sammart.in/2012/05/29/enabling-resolutions-in-ubuntu-12-04-lubuntu-12-04/00:55
daftykinsjust remember it's 1680x1050 - but boot Windows to confirm if available. or just look up the LCD model00:55
guest211211daftykins ok, so "sudo dhclient eth0" and then ""sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"00:56
Ender_Wiggini can confirm its 1680x1050 from manual and previous resolution set at that on this machine00:56
daftykinsdon't run the first bit just because, only run it if the latter doesn't work00:56
guest211211ok, gog it00:56
Bashing-omguest211211: Cjeck that networking is up after the 'dhcp' command ' ping -c3 ubuntu.com '. Then update .00:58
daftykinsthis guy is gonna be up and down stairs ;)00:58
Johnny_Linuxhe will be in shape by morning00:59
MadBroDude, Ubuntu Gnome get your shit together! http://i.imgur.com/1NZpYe9.png WTF?? Its been like this forever00:59
Ender_Wiggindaftykins I get this error http://pastebin.com/rtyCvE1G00:59
Bashing-omdaftykins: Now that might make for a long night , huh ?00:59
daftykins!language | MadBro nobody here is responsible for whatever woes you are facing00:59
ubottuMadBro nobody here is responsible for whatever woes you are facing: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList00:59
MadBroYes Ubuntu Gnome is responsible because it's their product and I just installed it and I am not able to update anything.01:00
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: is it one of these funny 144Hz displays ?01:00
Ender_Wiggindaftykins the manual says 60hz01:01
Ender_Wigginits an old monitor01:01
guest211211bashing-om ok so i should now go in and enter what command? "dhcp ping -c3 ubuntu.com01:01
daftykinsMadBro: no i'm saying don't bring your attitude here because no *user* in here is responsible.01:01
daftykinsoh it's MHz anyway01:01
guest211211i downloaded a ton of files i think, it said 0 files changed, removed, updated, downloaded or whatever but i saw LOTS Of lines of code that were like, HIT datacenter.us or something like that01:01
Ender_Wigginah sorry01:01
daftykinsguest211211: yes that's normal01:02
MadBro@daftykins Got you but I don't have an attitude, I'm pissed off at this problem I'm getting for no reason at all. I chose fulll disk encryption and it encrypted my swap partition so now it's causing me not to be able to update.01:02
MadBroI've never had this problem before until 15.0401:02
Ender_Wigginok so actually looks like it goes up to 1680x1050 85x 93.9hz01:02
daftykinspoor you01:02
MadBro@daftykins Go fuck yourself dude01:03
daftykinsMadBro: well now that's just rude!01:03
Ender_WigginMadBro heasy dude01:03
Bashing-omguest211211: OK, ypu should be good with networking then . Sp What do tou want for a desk top as EriC^^ asked ?01:03
guest211211alright daftykins (i'm still figuring out IRC, i assume saying your full name just pings you and shows the message in red so you dont have to search for it), what should i input next01:03
MadBro@daftykinds Seems tome you have the attitude here01:03
guest211211oh sorry, i would like the ubuntu desktop please01:03
Ender_WigginMadBro he really doesnt.01:03
guest211211MadBro I understand you're upset but getting mad's not going to solve anything, and pissing off the people here realllly isn't goingt to help you at all01:03
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: i don't know anymore than you about getting xrandr to accept that command, i'd read the man page or find another guide perhaps - dunno01:03
Ender_Wigginhes one of the most helpful dudes in this channel.01:04
daftykinshe quite literally is Mad Bro :(01:04
guest211211now i'm laughing because someone named "mad bro is m"01:04
Ender_Wigginhaha yup01:04
guest211211you said it01:04
MadBro@Ender_Wiggin he was sarcastic to me for no apparent reason, you don't call that tude?01:04
Ender_Wigginsarcasm is the wine of conversation, you sip it, not chug it.01:04
MadBroHe can go fuck himself01:04
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: oh it wouldn't hurt to try 1680 1050 59 - sometimes they're 59Hz01:04
Bashing-om!tab | guest21121101:04
ubottuguest211211: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:04
guest211211oh ok, thanks01:05
guest211211Bashing-om: i'd like the ubuntu desktop01:05
Ender_Wigginsame error, ill look into it01:06
MadBroI'm out faggots01:06
Ender_Wigginare you MadBro?01:06
MadBroNo you're mother is because I never called01:07
guest211211MadBro: are you twelve?01:07
MadBroAre you?01:07
guest211211No, I'm a big boy.01:07
Ender_WigginJust ignore, he'll get tired of talking to a wall.01:07
guest211211I go pee pee standing up.01:07
MadBro12 x 201:07
EriC^^MadBro: you disappoint, missed an obvious that's what she said joke01:07
Bashing-omEriC^^:  guest211211 :: If we install "ubuntu-desktop" do we also 1st need to install the DM "lightdm" ??01:08
daftykinsBashing-om: nah it's a meta package that'll pull it all in01:08
=== lepusfelix is now known as luckybunny
EriC^^i found a cool command the other day, sudo ubuntu-drivers devices01:10
EriC^^it's like additional drivers but cli, handy if no gui is booting and nomodeset isn't working01:10
Bashing-omguest211211: ^^, Then I guess it is time for ' sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ' ; see what happens .01:10
Ender_Wiggindaftykins attempted to input without Hz, got this error http://pastebin.com/ie0Xa6hi01:10
daftykinsEriC^^: yip! they renamed jockey a while back afaik01:11
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
Ender_Wigginand tried newmode01:11
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: i really don't know, wouldn't hurt to try skipping those two as well i guess.01:11
daftykinsi've not had to deal with bad EDIDs personally, thankfully01:11
guest211211alright! lets hope for the best01:12
JinjaNinjaI want to use the function keys on my keyboard. The problem is, not all of the "function keys"... Function. **Bud dum tss**01:14
BlackPearlFolks. Can someone assist in getting me a registration code?01:14
Exploiter-h4x0rhi i am l33t exploiter01:14
Exploiter-h4x0rneed help?01:14
Exploiter-h4x0r##worldhacker.iso World Hacker International Association01:14
daftykinsExploiter-h4x0r: no thanks please leave.01:15
Exploiter-h4x0ru developing kernel?/01:15
guest211211ok guys, i inputted the code on the laptop and i think its currently installing01:15
guest211211i gotta move my desktop so i'm going to disconnect, i'll reconnect in a moment01:15
JinjaNinjadaftykins: Would you know how to make certain function keys work, if it's not an ACPI key?01:16
Exploiter-h4x0ris not acpi key01:16
daftykinsplease address the channel rather than users01:16
Exploiter-h4x0racpi just a checker of firmware01:16
Exploiter-h4x0rkeyboard is pci01:16
Exploiter-h4x0rcheck it01:16
Exploiter-h4x0rubuntu is my code01:17
Exploiter-h4x0rwhat do u think gay01:17
Exploiter-h4x0ru though ure winer?01:17
LeEarlExploiter-h4x0r! u nutz?01:17
Exploiter-h4x0rno i am l33t01:18
cjuoHello all - I'm, at present, using xubuntu, but as the machine is elderly, wanting to move to lubuntu for better performance. I just transferred all my files and bookmarks to a usb and am now intending to install the new OS over top of the old one. Anything else I should be doing, or files I might be forgetting? Any suggestings or insights would be welcome.01:18
Exploiter-h4x0rnut  is that ubuntu ceo01:18
Exploiter-h4x0ri am yohanes patra01:18
Exploiter-h4x0rfather of all OS01:18
EriC^^i read that pocahantes at first01:19
* EriC^^ wishes he said that01:19
JinjaNinjaExploiter-h4x0r: Actually, if you do an acpi_listen on terminal and press 'FN' + (Any function key), terminal listens to see if that key launches an 'ACPI' event01:19
sebastian_with what terminal command01:19
LeEarlExploiter-h4x0r, u heard of Hamza Bendellaj? http://www.fbi.gov/atlanta/press-releases/2013/algerian-national-extradited-from-thailand-to-face-federal-cyber-crime-charges-in-atlanta-for-spyeye-virus01:19
sebastian_can i check what kind of microprocessor i have01:19
LeEarlHe was one tough guy01:19
sebastian_what can i type on the terminal so i know what kind of microprocessor i have01:19
daftykinssebastian_: cat /proc/cpuinfo01:20
LeEarlExploiter-h4x0r, so for every NUT there is a CRACKER, Mr. Xploitah01:20
* JinjaNinja shots fired...01:20
LeEarlExploiter-h4x0r, u better start counting your nutZ before BSing a lot.01:21
* JinjaNinja nuke dropped...01:21
Exploiter-h4x0r<sebastian_> what can i type on the terminal so i know what kind of microprocessor i have --> dmesg | grep processor01:21
LeEarlExploiter-h4x0r, u wanna keep them in a level where they IS neither too lil nor too much01:21
Exploiter-h4x0rLE EARL01:21
sebastian_is Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz good?01:21
Exploiter-h4x0ru sure u don'' know me01:21
JinjaNinjaSebastian, thats very good.01:21
Exploiter-h4x0rsaid to fbi01:22
Exploiter-h4x0rwho is yohanes patra01:22
Exploiter-h4x0rif they dare01:22
JinjaNinjaThat's an i7 intel core processor.01:22
JinjaNinjaThat's a very good processor.01:22
Exploiter-h4x0reven to America Supreme Court too01:22
Exploiter-h4x0ror swat01:22
LeEarlwho is Johannes Petra?01:22
Exploiter-h4x0rcall them in01:22
Exploiter-h4x0rYohanes Patra01:22
Exploiter-h4x0rwho live in metra01:22
Exploiter-h4x0rsudirman number 22501:23
Exploiter-h4x0rgreen gate01:23
Exploiter-h4x0rtell them if they dare01:23
Exploiter-h4x0ru can't talk right01:24
Exploiter-h4x0rif u said fuck just now01:24
Exploiter-h4x0ru become la junkie01:24
sebastian_thank you!01:24
Exploiter-h4x0ru know that fbi la junkie code right01:24
pavlossebastian_, you can also try, cat/proc/cpuinfo | grep name01:24
LeEarlExploiter-h4x0r, how can a latin be asian! this is crazy https://immanuelyp.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/20130110_122336.jpg01:24
LeEarlExploiter-h4x0r, is that ur son? r u married to some asian woman?01:25
pavlossebastian_, there is a space after cat01:25
JinjaNinjaExploiter-h4x0r: if you do an acpi_listen on terminal and press 'FN' + (Any function key), terminal listens to see if that key launches an 'ACPI' event01:25
sebastian_I have a 17 inch screen, HP laptop, 1tb storage, 4gb ram, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz, with integrated numeric right hand side keyboard, backlit keys, matte anti-reflexion screen, extra battery, logitech speakers included01:25
sebastian_is $1000 reasonable?01:25
sebastian_used of course01:25
LeEarlExploiter-h4x0r, u r indonesian? I like kretek cigarettes! ;D01:25
EriC^^sebastian_: that sounds expensive i think01:26
LeEarlExploiter-h4x0r, There is Sampoerna, L.A. djarum, Surya pro, Gundang Garam ;D01:26
daftykinssebastian_: you're in the wrong place for sales talk01:26
Exploiter-h4x0rmy cigarete is surya exclusive01:26
sebastian_what´s sell-able, then i leave the chat01:26
Exploiter-h4x0rand marlboro light nigger01:26
LeEarlExploiter-h4x0r, I wish I can find some Djarum Black :/01:27
Exploiter-h4x0ryuxi is too expensive to make01:27
JinjaNinjaWatch the language, tough guy.01:27
Exploiter-h4x0rno that bullshit01:27
Exploiter-h4x0rorder from here01:27
Exploiter-h4x0ris just 5 buck01:27
Exploiter-h4x0ri know surya exclusive is casino nigger01:27
Exploiter-h4x0rremember if you want this cigarate01:27
RedRabbitand taste the worst..01:28
Exploiter-h4x0ralways prepare malboro light mentol01:28
Exploiter-h4x0rbecause is polution + clover01:28
Exploiter-h4x0rure dead01:28
JinjaNinjasebastian_: You should put 16 or 32 GiB RAM in to that bad boy ;D01:28
Exploiter-h4x0rmarlboro mentol light01:28
Exploiter-h4x0rthrow all you'r lung overdose and carbon dioxide01:28
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang01:28
Exploiter-h4x0rrember that01:29
Exploiter-h4x0rwait i am searching for u01:29
Exploiter-h4x0rthis is the yummy one01:29
phunyguyExploiter-h4x0r: problem?01:29
LeEarlExploiter-h4x0r, man this shxt is crazy http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dji_Sam_Soe01:29
phunyguyHey can we stay on topic here?  This is a support channel...01:30
Exploiter-h4x0rure teeth is black asshole01:30
Exploiter-h4x0rthat stupid01:30
JinjaNinjayour intel core i7 processor could easily handle up to 32 GiB RAM, I'd imagine. I'd definitely love to use Ubuntu suite on that.01:30
KindOnephunyguy, just ban evaiding the last two bans against him.01:30
Exploiter-h4x0ralways smoke filter01:30
Exploiter-h4x0rdji sam soe once a week01:30
LeEarlyeah there is filter01:30
JinjaNinjaSomeone kick or mute Exploiter-h4x0r ;P01:31
phunyguyI just did......01:31
phunyguyPlease carry on with support.01:32
JinjaNinjaYes, so as I was saying, I need some help getting some non-ACPI event function keys to work on Ubuntu.01:32
JinjaNinjaFor instance, I'd love to be able to turn up/ down the brightness with my function keys. Example:  'FN' + 'F4' (or) 'F5', to turn brightness up and down.01:34
JinjaNinja 01:36
hghgHullo - trying to install lubuntu 14.04.2 and want disk encryption and disk-overwrite (of empty space). But get error message  :01:45
hghgAn unsafe swap space has been detected.  This is a fatal error since sensitive data could be written out to disk unencrypted. This would allow someone with access to the disk to recover parts of the encryption key or passphrase.  Please disable the swap space (e.g. by running swapoff) or configure an encrypted swap space and then run setup of encrypted volumes again. This program will now abort.01:45
hghgAny thoughts? More info : it is a MacBook with a broken optical drive, so the only way to install is via usb... but Macs are a bit finicky at times, so I have to do a live boot into the desktop and then from there select the <install lubuntu option>....01:45
daftykinssudo swapoff01:48
=== Warrigal is now known as tswett
daftykinsor create an encrypted swap, as it suggests01:48
hghgdaftykins: Hmmm. So I ran sudo swapoff and tried again and got :'An error occurred while configuring encrypted volumes.  The configuration has been aborted.'... any thoughts? Maybe it is better to do encrption after?01:55
daftykinsno idea01:56
StevvvI did it!01:57
Zerkalerkahey guys, I am stuck in a login loop, doing chown username:username .Xauthority    does not seem to help02:09
daftykinsany other files in ~ not owned by you?02:09
Zerkalerkaerr sorry 2 are owned by root02:10
Zerkalerka.gvfs and .ICEauthority02:10
daftykinsls -al ~/ | pastebinit02:11
daftykinsoh wow your xsessionerrors is huge02:12
daftykinspastebinit ~/.xsession-errors02:12
Zerkalerkait wasn't so big.. it was only as big as the old one, then I tried to fix stuff and then it got huge02:13
daftykinsand in the meantime "sudo chown -R username: ~/"02:13
daftykinsso run my chmod above, now "sudo service lightdm restart"02:14
daftykinsand see if it lets you log in02:14
Zerkalerkashould i reboot computer02:14
Zerkalerkait was just sitting at the lightdm screen02:15
daftykinsnot if you use the method above02:15
daftykinsrestart lightdm regardless :)02:15
EriC^^on the 4th day, Tux said, let there be lightdm, and Tux was happy02:16
Zerkalerkaok yeah it works02:19
Zerkalerkait just auto logins now like before02:19
Zerkalerkaim confused on what might of happened.. only thing I did was setup ssh on that machine and the one I am on now.. and I copied 2 .deb files and installed them through ssh02:20
Zerkalerkathen boom that happens02:20
Zerkalerkaskype and teamviewer02:20
daftykinscould've run startx at some point02:20
daftykinsas root02:20
Zerkalerkayes I did02:21
daftykins*slaps you on the wrist*02:21
daftykinsdon't do that again ;)02:21
ZerkalerkaI did it from this computer02:21
Zerkalerkathat makes sense02:21
Zerkalerkawanted to see if it would load lol02:21
daftykinsit will not!02:22
Zerkalerkanope :(02:22
Zerkalerkaand it will break things02:22
Zerkalerkaso that just means root took over permissions in my ~/ directory where the user could now not access?02:23
Zerkalerkathats what was causing the issues?02:23
daftykinsZerkalerka: in the last pastebin i asked you to do, have a look at the line before last02:23
Zerkalerkaah good eye02:24
Zerkalerkai see so we changed ownership of the files that root was locking02:25
daftykinswell that root owned, yep02:25
daftykinsso then your user had access and wasn't booted02:26
Zerkalerkaright, would explain why i was on the desktop and after i ran that stupid command i went back and i was all of a sudden stuck in login screen :P02:26
Zerkalerkamy xsession errors down to 3 lines now :P02:27
Zerkalerkaappreciate the help02:28
=== Zachary_DuBois is now known as ^-^v
Zerkalerkajust been using for a few weeks, gonna take awhile to memorize all these day commands and look for the easy slipups :P02:29
daftykinsusing a notebook is the best way to start imo02:30
Bashing-omZerkalerka: next is a text editor for 'notes' :)02:34
hplcif the cache in aptitude is far far beyond the latest version, and repo doesnt understand that. Is it possible to tell aptitude where to find more modern versions to install? sourceforge? or somethi9ng02:36
brasilblz galera02:36
=== ^-^v is now known as Tokyo
daftykinshplc: are you saying you want packages newer than in repos?02:36
brasilPoderiam me ajudar com error: /dev/sdc: no medium found?02:37
hmei7need help02:37
daftykinshplc: you either need to move to a newer release, or find the software you want in a PPA02:37
daftykins!br | brasil02:37
ubottubrasil: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.02:37
daftykinshmei7: you'll need to start with a question02:37
hmei7english please02:37
hplcon 14.0402:37
hplcdist-upgrade soesnt do anything02:38
hplcwhere to find public PPAs?02:38
daftykinsthat's because dist-upgrade does not upgrade version02:38
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.02:38
hplcok ok ok forget it!, try this, i want to get and compile the latest source, how to do that in ubuntu terminal?02:39
brasilboa noite!02:39
hplcapt-source install bla bla bla?02:40
daftykinsapt-source just gets the source for packages in your repos02:41
daftykinsyou have to go out and find new source yourself :)02:41
HiroProWhat does -$(uname -r) do in "dkms build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r)"02:44
HiroProtalking to a linux retard here02:45
somsipHiroPro: inserts the current kernel version that is in use02:45
HiroProahh ok02:45
HiroProuname -r02:45
riceNbeansWhen my computer sleeps it wakes and WiFi is disable. I run killall wpa_supplicant and that doesn't work. Running trusty thar stable. Any ideas?02:50
xymind914try using a newer development non-stable kernel02:51
=== jeremy_ is now known as Guest19301
daftykinsriceNbeans: "sudo service network-manager restart" not your kill command02:54
riceNbeansDamn that ducking works ur a G02:56
Guest19301i have a problem with my linux operating systen02:56
Bashing-om!ask | Guest1930102:57
ubottuGuest19301: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:57
multiverseI installed Ubuntu 15.04, but I am unable to disable the GUI that was installed.  How do I just get the terminal?03:05
multiverseOn start up of course03:05
helios__Still looking for someone who can help me figure out how to create an internal tld for development purposes using dnsmasq.  How do I have the box llisten to an asset on the local network when calling for a .dev domain?03:07
Bashing-ommultiverse: Ubuntu 15.04+ needs to disable gui via systemd . Try ' sudo systemctl enable multi-user.target --force ; sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target ' .03:07
daftykinswhy use dnsmasq at all? :>03:07
helios__Honestly, I don't know.03:07
helios__Disclaimer:  It doesn't have to be dnsmasq03:07
daftykinssounds like you want to work on running your own in-house BIND9 server then03:08
helios__I did configure bind9.  daftykins, do you know of any article which would explain this to me thouroughly?03:09
helios__Darn.  Okay.  Well thanks daftykins.  I'll look more into bind9 then.03:10
multiverseThanks for the tip!03:10
Bashing-ommultiverse: :) Workie ?03:11
multiverseDoes that mean non desktop stuff is up?03:11
multiverseDoes this mean that desktop services are not running?03:12
daftykinsyou always have TTYs even if X is started.03:12
Bashing-ommultiverse: Great ! keep on keep'n on .03:12
multiverseI am worried about GUI, not used, consuming resources in the background.  As long as I don’t boot into GUI, GUI services and such are off?03:12
helios__sudo service lightdm start03:13
Bashing-ommultiverse: There is a systemdctl command to see what services are running . gimme a bit to hunt it up .03:14
multiversefound it03:14
Bashing-ommultiverse: How 'bout ' dpkg -L systemd-services ' ?03:16
multiversenot installed - but I’m going with what I have now.03:17
multiverse2nd topic!  What’s the quick way to connect to WAP from CLI in Ubuntu 1503:18
al2o3-crlist all running services with "systemctl"03:18
multiversevia wireless03:18
=== erwin is now known as PHPLearner
daftykinsCLI wireless is not gonna be a good time03:19
Bashing-ommultiverse: WIFI: can not advise . Services Try : ' systemctl list-unit-files --type=service ' .03:19
al2o3-crmultiverse: wpa_supplicant -B -i "int" -c <(wpa_passphrase "ssid" "psk")03:20
multiversewhat does psk stand for?03:21
al2o3-crmultiverse: pre shared key03:22
al2o3-crbasically you wifi password03:22
multiversesooo…   wpa_suuplicant -B -i “init” -c (xyz “NeightborWireless”)03:23
al2o3-crmultiverse: so like this: wpa_supplicant -B -i wlan0 -c <(wpa_passphrase "MYWIFI" "PASSWORD") && dhclient wlan003:24
multiverseWhat if I don’t have wpa_passphrase?03:24
al2o3-cruse iwconfig03:25
daftykinssure hope you're paying your neighbour :P03:26
multiverseSuccessfully initialized wpa_supplicant03:28
multiverseI guest I am waiting to hear back from dhclient at this point03:28
multiverseIt sorta hangs03:29
multiversenever comes back03:29
multiverseflashing line03:29
al2o3-crtry doing it on seperate lines03:29
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=== payko1612 is now known as Zonyth
al2o3-crmultiverse: what dhclient just hangs?03:32
multiverseI can see wpa_supplicant in top03:32
multiverseNever seems to finish03:32
=== sleepypc is now known as `hypermist`
al2o3-crtry dhcpcd03:35
batabatuhow can I determine which tty port my phone is on when it's plugged into my linux machine?03:35
wafflejockbatabatu, check dmesg after plugging it in03:40
batabatuhmm, tried that, I get "[    0.000000] console [tty0] enabled"03:40
batabatuwhich doesn't seem to mean much03:40
batabatuI get the same result whether or not the phone is plugged in03:40
batabatuI'm unsure whether or not the phone should be in "USB debugging mode" or not for me to get it to show up as a tty device03:41
batabatudmesg | grep tty03:42
batabatu[    0.000000] console [tty0] enabled03:42
wafflejockbatabatu, pretty sure you'll want it on debugging mode to communicate via the serial connection otherwise should show up as a USB disk I believe03:42
wafflejockbatabatu, are you using this for android development?03:42
batabatuhmm I did try debugging mode and got the same result03:43
batabatunot really for development03:43
batabatuI'm trying to use a program to change settings on my phone03:43
batabatuand that program requires me to enter the serial port that the phone is connected to03:43
batabatua seemingly simple bit of information which I haven't been able to find03:44
_unreal_hello, what is the comand for listing your video card?03:44
Ben64batabatu: just type "dmesg" and see what comes up, don03:44
Ben64't grep03:44
_unreal_lspci or dmesg?03:44
Ben64_unreal_: might pop up in both, but i'd recommend "lshw -C VIDEO"03:44
batabatuBen64, tried that too, not sure how to interpret it03:45
_unreal_lswh command not found03:45
batabatuNew USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=303:45
batabatudoes that correspond to /dev/ttyS3?03:45
Ben64_unreal_: read again03:45
wafflejock_unreal_, lshw03:45
_unreal_lshw command not founbd03:45
wafflejock_unreal_, lspci -k will show it along with the loaded kernel module03:45
Ben64_unreal_: ok so you're not running ubuntu, what are you running03:46
wafflejockthought lshw was always around?03:46
_unreal_i'm just trying to list the video card so I can find a driver03:46
Ben64_unreal_: so don't ask for support in the #ubuntu channel03:46
sammiewhats the difference between man and info pages03:47
_unreal_there is no dsl chan......03:47
Ben64thats not our problem, maybe try ##linu03:47
Ben64##linux *03:47
sammieis the answer the same in all linux ditro03:48
Ben64sammie: nope03:49
_unreal_omg..... lspci |grep VGA gives me intel vga compatable video card03:49
sammiethen y ##linux03:49
al2o3-crman info || info man03:50
al2o3-cr^^ sammie03:50
sammieah good thinking thnx :)03:51
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=== pepigno75 is now known as devuser
sammiewhats the difference between the freenode and ubuntu servers03:54
haxor_big difference03:55
al2o3-crsammie: stop acting daft03:55
UllarahIf only there was something on the internet that allowed you to search for certain information like that.03:56
Ben64sammie: what do you mean freenode and ubuntu servers03:56
haxor_if only the web had a search engine03:56
Ullarahhaxor_, let's invent one! /s03:56
haxor_we'll call it yahoo!03:56
UllarahGreat name! Did you just come up with that?03:57
haxor_it just popped into my mind.  good isnt it03:57
N3X15Oh yeah?  Well, mine's gonna be called duckduckgo.  Because ducks.03:57
haxor_ducking hell03:57
xrosnightwhat networking manager do you guys use? on your linux?04:13
siddharth030i want to make .sh file to elf04:13
siddharth030because i want user to just click and run04:14
Nando3you want to create shellcode??04:14
siddharth030.sh will start apache will start mysl and also browser04:14
siddharth030ya Nando04:14
siddharth030but i want user to click a software04:14
siddharth030not elf file04:14
siddharth030i mean elf04:14
SmileyChrisi'm trying to get elasticsearch running as a service (on 15.04) and having problems04:15
SmileyChrisstandard apt-get install04:15
SmileyChrisI can run the /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch binary fine (and elasticsearch runs)04:15
SchrodingersScat!info shc | siddharth030 and it's actually in the repos04:15
ubottusiddharth030 and it's actually in the repos: shc (source: shc): Generic shell script compiler. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.8.7-2 (vivid), package size 14 kB, installed size 69 kB04:15
=== Guest16797 is now known as Tonvin
SmileyChrisbut the service doesn't seem to work... `systemctl status elasticsearch` says: Active: active (exited) [...]04:16
SmileyChrisalso from status: Process: 5016 ExecStart=/etc/init.d/elasticsearch start (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)04:17
SmileyChrisis this some weird unfinished systemd transitional issue?04:17
Nando3@siddharth030 you can test run shellcode made by vivid, find it in google04:18
SmileyChris(alternatively, is there a better place to ask this?)04:19
SmileyChrissolved: needed to edit /etc/defaults/elasticsearch (and then fixing some permissions problems after initially running it as root)04:22
=== LinuxUser is now known as Guest35420
Guest35420\whois LinuxUser04:34
=== Z_ is now known as Guest76513
aremisHello.  I've been trying to play minecraft for quite a while and it refuses to work.  I'm in Ubuntu 15.04 and I have tried the Iced Tea java and now I have the official java files in my /usr/java folder.  When trying to connect in the mojang launcher it throws me a bunch of SSL errors and other errors. In the technic launcher it tells me it cannot connect to auth.minecraft.net.  I can get on the website and none of the services are04:43
aremisdown and resetting my router does nothing.  Also the Ubuntu firewall is not active, I have checked.04:43
xrosnightHELP! xfce4 indicator icons disappear! in ubutnu 14.04! after removing Unity DE and installing the Xfce4 DE.   How to fix this? thanks!!04:47
aremis:P  I never really had a problem with that personally.  However XFCE is installed and tries to use a config that isn't there.  I haven't used XF in a while but the icons menu should be in with the deskrop pictures settings.  If not it will be in the all settings dingus.  You should be able to fix it there.04:50
sorvastashi all04:50
Toir33What is the best way to kill a process? #kill -15 , or -1?04:50
xrosnightToir33:  Kill -904:51
aremispkell -9 <process>04:51
Toir33ok thanks04:52
xrosnightaremis:    nm-applet disapears.04:52
xrosnightthat does not happen in 12.0404:52
aremisI'm inherently an arch user so the best i can say is fuck with everything until it works.  That's what I do.  Try restarting.  If that doesn't work dig into the options.  Since XFCE is actually managed it doesn't have 80 menus for everything like KDE.04:54
=== aremis is now known as Aremis117
xrosnightAremis117:  hey i use Archlinux as well.  the reason why i am using ubuntu for instead now is to be less painful. but that failed.04:56
Aremis117Ubunto is honestly a pain in my ass.  Not as much as windows is.  At least in arch I can play some bloody minecraft04:57
Aremis117I regret my decisions of running ubuntu on my desktop04:58
xrosnightAremis117:  if you have to re-install an OS. what's your choice then, and why?04:59
xrosnightAremis117: i have just fixed that... you have to enable indicator plugin in the panel settings  if alternating to Xfce4 from Unity05:01
tgm4883Aremis117: you couldn't get minecraft to work in Ubuntu?05:02
tgm4883what was the problem?05:02
Aremis117tgm4883:  I cannot connect to the servers05:02
Aremis117Hello.  I've been trying to play minecraft for quite a while and it refuses to work.  I'm in Ubuntu 15.04 and I have tried the Iced Tea java and now I have the official java files in my /usr/java folder.  When trying to connect in the mojang launcher it throws me a bunch of SSL errors and other errors. In the technic launcher it tells me it cannot connect to auth.minecraft.net.  I can get on the website and none of the services are05:02
Aremis117down and resetting my router does nothing.  Also the Ubuntu firewall is not active, I have checked.05:02
tgm4883Aremis117: odd, I just connected fine a few days ago05:03
Aremis117As stated I get SSL errors in the mojang launcher05:04
Jagst3r15is there any way to see how much memory MySQL is using on a server?05:04
Aremis117use top05:04
tgm4883Aremis117: I use multimc to launch, but I don't see why it would be different05:04
Aremis117also xrosnight:  I have been looking at GhostBSD, I enjoy arch, netrunner is decent, haven't tried redhat, love suse, fedora is shit, why would I touch windows, light OSX on fire05:05
Aremis117tgm4883:  I imagine that the way to launch has nothing to do with the actual connection05:06
tgm4883Aremis117: yep, IDK. I run it with OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.5.5) (7u79-2.5.5-0ubuntu1)05:07
xrosnightdo you guys use nautilus as the file manager or others ?     ( nautilus has no feature of viewing splitting( Button F3) the current working  dirtectory any more. it sucks)05:07
tgm4883Aremis117: 32 or 64 bit05:07
Aremis117xrosnight:  I prefer thunar.  I hate gnome :P05:07
Aremis117tgm4883:  64 bit i7.  Again, i doubt that it has anything to do with much but networking05:08
xrosnightAremis117:  im also using thunar. but nautils just sucks ... I am liking the KDE one -- dolphin.05:09
Nandoei like xfce05:09
xrosnightNandoe: me too.05:09
xrosnightNandoe: what networking manager (GUI) do you use?05:09
NandoeI use wicd05:10
Aremis117Dolphin is very pleasent05:10
Nandoethat's more simple05:10
Nandoeyes, dolphin beautiful environment but my hardware too old to use kde.. hehe05:11
xrosnightAremis117:  yeah. Dolphin is the best i guess. So handful05:11
xrosnightNandoe:  then xfce or lxde05:11
Aremis117I still prefer thunar05:12
Aremis117Caja is ok05:12
xrosnightAremis117: im going to uninstall nautilus now05:12
Nandoethat's right @Aremis11705:12
tagyelp...just going crazy-town05:13
Nandoewhen I first ubuntu, I like gnome 2.x version05:14
Nandoegnome 3.x more heavy for my pc05:15
Nandoe@xrosnight i like xfce05:17
Aremis117I found mate recently05:17
Aremis117My life is complete05:17
xrosnightAremis117:  im going to reboot the PC now05:18
NandoeMate is good environment, like gnome classic05:19
xrosnightNandoe: KDE is really good. if your PC is really capable.05:20
xrosnightEven the KVIrc is much better than Xchat.05:21
xrosnightthe IRC client05:21
Nandoehmm.. I agree with you05:21
Nandoehi sizel05:21
NandoeI haven't try kvirc05:22
sizelhow can i subscribe linux kernel maillist05:22
ki7mthello all, I should know this but Im brain locked at the moment, what the other command line check for version info as opposed to lsb_release ?05:24
Nandoewhat your means subscribe maillist kernel.org?05:24
EriC^^ki7mt: cat /etc/issue ?05:24
ki7mtEriC^^, Thanks05:24
EriC^^no problem05:24
sizelI have sent email  to majordomo@vger.kernel.org with content " subscribe linux-kernel", but there is not any responses.05:27
xrosnightswitching to KDE now05:29
liliI want your opinion on IRC clients available for Ubuntu.05:29
xrosnightsee you guys soon :D05:29
liliWhat clients are available?05:30
agent_whitelili: Do you prefer GUI or TUI?05:40
agent_whiteNevermind, already gone. :P05:40
notanoldmanAnyone here have a launchpad account?05:42
notanoldmanI've found a bug if someone wants to submit it.05:43
Guest55870good day05:45
notanoldmanIn Ubuntu 15.04 with qemu-kvm setting KSM_ENABLED=1 or =AUTO in /etc/default/qemu-kvm does not start ksmd.  If you echo 1 > /sys/kernel/mm/ksm/run and restart qemu-kvm it works.05:45
Guest55870cant install mysql on 15.0405:46
Guest55870The following packages have unmet dependencies:05:46
Guest55870 mysql-client : Depends: mysql-client-5.5 but it is not going to be installed05:46
Guest55870 mysql-server : Depends: mysql-server-5.5 but it is not going to be installed05:46
Guest55870I have tried lots of stuff and google search is not helping05:46
Guest55870tried:  aptitude install mysql-server:05:47
Guest55870tried:  apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client05:47
Guest55870any ideas05:47
=== LinuxUser is now known as Guest44340
HashNukeNoticed that $TMPDIR is not set on Ubuntu 14.04. When write shell scripts, do I use /tmp or is there anything else I should be using?05:51
HashNukeah found it. mktemp. thanks05:52
infHi all, systemd always asks me for my LUKS passphrase (?!) when using systemctl start ..., any guesses? (kubuntu upgraded since 13.04 or something like that)05:57
haxor_have you tried putting water on it?05:59
infhaxor_: it's all lennartd now, i have no power06:01
haxor_more water?06:01
inf>systemd-cryptsetup@crypt\x2dlvm.service                                                   loaded activating start     start Cryptography Setup for crypt-lvm06:07
haxor_i like candy06:15
EriC^^who doesn't?06:16
haxor_the devil... the devil does not like candy...06:16
haxor_what happens when my ubuntu becomes bunted...06:18
EriC^^haxor_: what happens?06:24
haxor_bunted hell...06:25
haxor_its all bunted up06:25
Ben64haxor_: define 'bunted'06:26
cfhowletthaxor_, for the record: no detailz = no helpz06:27
haxor_its ok now. I have re-bunted it and now its buntu again06:27
haxor_all good06:28
Ben64haxor_: if you want to be off topic, do so in #ubuntu-offtopic , don't play here06:28
RoBo_Vseems like wakeonlan works after sudo halt not after sudo shutdown -h now. But thing is my system freezes during halt when going down.06:36
=== nano is now known as Guest55153
danteVergilalguien habla espanol06:48
Seveasola danteVergil06:48
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.06:48
bojanI have one lvm partition mounted on /mnt and it has some directories and files with acl permission applied on user basis...I want to make users not to delete the main directories inside the /mnt06:50
Seveasbojan: chattr +i /mnt will make it impossible to add/remove any files/folders in /mnt06:53
bojanSeveas:Can u explain clearly??06:53
ki7mtAnyone know off hand if zsync works over SSH similar to rsync ?06:54
notanoldmanI don't know.  I started using btrfs and send receive and haven't looked back06:54
_nedRHello my friend tried to install some package, his ubuntu partition is filled to 100% and now he cannot boot into it06:55
Seveasbojan: that's about as clear as I can make it. For more details, see the manpage for chattr.06:55
notanoldmanbtrfs is the best thing since sliced bread06:55
_nedRwe tried to clean from ubuntu advanced option it freed 8mb but even that is gone after booting06:55
bojanSeaveas:Yes its clear and i have done that06:57
roundcirlehi, trying to install rose compiler, can someone who installed rose successfully please tell me where to find the configure script?06:59
_nedRWent into root terminal, tried to delete some files but it is saying something about being a read-only file system06:59
Ben64_nedR: went into root terminal how07:00
_nedRBen64, thanks for reply through recovery mode in grub07:00
Ben64_nedR: then you need to mount it read-write, 'mount -o remount,rw /dev/null /'07:01
roundcirlewell got it07:04
michagogoSomething really weird is happening to me. A few minutes ago, I was trying to find out what was in a .tar.gz file.07:17
michagogoI downloaded it into /tmp, `tar xf`'d it, then looked around with ls and file07:18
_nedRBen64, i got in, uninstalled some stuff and now booted back in ubuntu.. Thanks07:18
michagogoBash was giving me a weird error when I tried to tabcomplete, so I was using *s07:18
michagogo(there wasn't much in there)07:18
michagogoA couple times, it crashed, and popped up a window about Terminal crashing.07:19
cfhowlettmichagogo, please stop using07:19
michagogoThen I tried to do something else, it crashed silently, and I did it again and it crashed, this time saying something about an internal Ubuntu error. It suggested rebooting, so I rebooted, opened a terminal, and noticed that my environment variables didn't automatically get set. Now, when I run `ls -a` in ~, it just crashes silently.07:21
michagogoDoes anyone have any idea what might be happening, or how I could try finding out?07:22
Seveasmichagogo: where did you download this tar.gz from?07:25
michagogoSeveas: it's a detached signature for Bitcoin Core07:25
michagogo(yes, it's a trusted source, I'm pretty sure it's not malware)07:26
cfhowlettmichagogo, ehhhh, no.  items in the repos are "trusted".  packages outside the repos ... ain't.07:26
michagogocfhowlett: huh? I mean *I* trust it07:26
michagogoI don't mean from the perspective of the system07:27
matthew_kimcan anyone view an image with w3m-img pakage on gnome-terminal? I've just installed w3m-img but it doesn't work07:27
Seveashmm, can't connect to bitcoincore.org to download and check it out07:27
=== TechnoGen_ is now known as TechnoGen
michagogoSeveas: odd, works for me atm07:31
Seveasmichagogo: I'm on a rather sucky 3g connection :) But it worked eventually and there's nothing odd in the file. I think it's unrelated to your issues.07:32
michagogoSeveas: yeah, I would think so07:32
michagogoIs there any chance it had to do with me working in /tmp?07:32
Seveashighly unlikely07:33
michagogoAnd, is there any way I could try figuring out what's making it crash?07:33
Seveasis your ~/.bashrc missing?07:33
Seveasand what crashes if you do ls -a ~?07:33
michagogoThe Terminal07:33
michagogoIt just closes07:33
michagogoNo, `less .bashrc` works07:34
Seveastry from a vt (ctrl+alt+f1 to switch to it, alt+f7 to switch back)07:34
michagogoThat works07:35
michagogoIs there a way I can try tracking what makes Terminal crash exactly?07:35
michagogoOr even, what it's actually doing?07:35
Seveasin the terminal window, first open a new bash shell (just type bash) and then do the ls thing.07:35
Seveasif that doesn't crash the terminal, it's bash that crashes. Otherwise it's the terminal emulator.07:36
lalaHello there. I seem to have uninstalled some software using the Ubuntu Software Center. Now I seem to be unable to open System Settings.07:36
lalaI tried to restart Ubuntu.07:36
lala HexChat: 2.10.1 ** OS: Linux 3.19.0-16-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "vivid" 15.04 ** CPU: 2 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2557M CPU @ 1.70GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 1.70GHz ** RAM: Physical: 976.6MiB, 30.1% free ** Disk: Total: 13.7GiB, 61.6% free ** VGA: VMware SVGA II Adapter ** Sound: ENS1371 - Ensoniq AudioPCI ** Ethernet: Intel Corporation 82545EM Gigabit Ethernet Controller ** Uptime: 11m 36s **07:36
Seveaslala: then reinstall it :) (sudo apt-get install unity-control-center)07:36
lalaSeveas: Okay. I'll try that.07:37
Seveasalso, don't spam with useless irc client scripts.07:37
michagogoOkay, WTF? Now the problem mutated07:37
michagogoI can run `ls -a` and it works07:37
michagogobut when I do it a second time the window closes07:37
Seveasthat's actually what I expected07:37
Seveasso bash is crashing, that's a fun one. Try sudo apt-get install --reinstall bash07:38
michagogosame with `ls -l`, which was working fine07:38
michagogoSeveas: no, you misunderstand07:38
michagogothis is even the case when I reopen the window and *don't* run another bash07:38
Seveastry creating a new user. See if it crashes for that user.07:39
michagogookay, created new account07:42
michagogorebooting just for good measure07:42
michagogoSeveas: it happened again07:47
michagogobut only after a handful of `ls -a`s, not just 207:47
michagogoThe first time it said that Terminal closed unexpectedly07:47
michagogoAnd both times that I just did it it said that Ubuntu 14.04 has experienced an internal error07:48
michagogoIt says that the terminal "crashed with SIGABRT in g_assertion_message()07:49
michagogoAnd both "internal error" boxes say that unity-scope-loader crashed with SIGABRT in __gnu_cxx::__verbose_terminate_handler()07:49
michagogoAny idea what might be going on?07:50
michagogoCorrection: I did get a second (seemingly identical) Terminal crash box07:50
Dediany suggestion of lightweight linux distro...I am using toshiba l31007:50
k1l_!lubuntu | Dedi07:52
ubottuDedi: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.07:52
Dediwhat about lxle vs lubuntu? which one is good..?07:55
DediI`ve used lubuntu, sometime my laptop goes black because of heating, i guess...07:56
michagogoOh, and one single `ls -la` triggers the crash08:02
tsushiSomeone know an easy to setup log analyzer ? I tried to install Graylog08:04
tsushiBut, now i just wanna kill myself08:04
iptablemichagogo, 1. check if you have enough ram, 2. check another terminal (xterm or something, you may need to install it), 3. run memtest (need reboot to grub), 4. run fsck08:04
iptabletsushi, what logs?08:05
michagogoiptable: I have 3034 MB of RAM, and it's in a VM. And yes, I already tried xterm and it's fine.08:05
tsushiGood question lol. Both for networking gear and another linux server08:06
iptabletsushi, tried logwatch?08:06
tsushinah, only been wrestling with graylog so far08:06
tsushii'll check it out08:07
iptabletsushi, there is also nagios for log monitoring. try both then.08:07
iptablemichagogo, so we know it's that particular terminal emulator that's faulty. tried reinstalling? apt-get install --reinstall ...08:07
michagogoeep, fsck is giving a scary warning08:07
tsushiokay, thanks08:07
michagogoI guess I need to unmount the fs08:07
michagogoso... reboot from the iso?08:08
michagogoiptable: sudo apt-get install --reinstall gnome-terminal?08:08
michagogoI'll try that08:08
iptablemichagogo, it's possible somehow it's got corrupt, in which case I would also run a full fsck and smart test (install smartmontools and run smartctl -a to see if overall disk status is passed). Could be bad sectors.08:09
michagogoReinstalled gnome-terminal, still happening08:09
michagogoiptable: is memtest/smartctl relevant in a VM? I'd assume not.08:10
iptablemichagogo, fsck should be done in offline mode, so yes. boot from liveCD and perform an fsck. there is a switch to make it not repair errors but just report them to begin with if you want (man fsck).08:10
iptablemichagogo, fsck is relevant. memtest is too (VM could be allocated faulty RAM bits). smartctl, depends. if you have bad sectors on the physical HDD, then yes, most relevant. You need to run memtest and smartctl on physical host though.08:11
michagogoOkay, booting from the iso to fsck in the vm08:11
michagogoHost is Windows.08:11
iptablemichagogo, ugh, liveCD the host, install and run smartmontools (smartctl -a), and reboot liveCD into memtest. let it do 5 passes.08:12
michagogoErm, i tried running fsck08:12
jpentlandI have some problems with APT and DPKG - does anyone know what could be up? http://pastebin.com/VXZWcXff08:13
michagogoit just printed "fsck from util-linux 2.20.1" and exited08:13
iptablemichagogo, should memtest, smartctl and fsck not fix your issue, then the problem is most likely somewhere else, within the VM installation. I would try then to: remove gnome-terminal from /var/cache/apt, run apt-get install --reinstall again, or even purge and install instead to make sure binaries are gone (assuming gnome-terminal purge will not try to remoe hell load of stuff as dependency)08:13
iptablejpentland, gzip: stdout: No space left on device08:14
michagogoiptable: looks like SMART status on the host is OK08:14
iptablejpentland, as stated by the error, you have no space left on device. df -h to see. you will notice that /boot partition (as you put it on a separate partition and made it too small) is full.08:14
jpentlandiptable, oh its my /boot partition08:14
michagogoiptable: and how do I run fsck from the livecd?08:14
=== badon_ is now known as badon
jpentlandiptable, so "apt-get autoremove" will remove old kernels and make space for the new one?08:15
iptablemichagogo, fsck /dev/sdX08:15
michagogoActually, makes sense that it wouldn't do anything :P08:15
iptablejpentland, theoretically08:15
iptablejpentland, if not, you will have to run dpkg -l |grep linux, and remove the relevant linux-image kernels (all except what is currently running from uname -a).08:16
jpentlandiptable, ok thanks08:16
michagogoiptable: it said "permission denied while trying to open /dev/sda", and said I must have r/w access to the fs or be root08:16
iptablemichagogo, yes. sudo08:16
michagogoSo I added sudo, and now it says that it's in use08:16
iptablemichagogo, exact error please08:17
michagogo"/dev/sda is in use.\ne2fsck: Cannot continue, aborting."08:17
iptablemichagogo, fsck /dev/sdX i.e. your partition too.08:17
iptablemichagogo, fsck /dev/sda1 for example08:17
iptablemichagogo, fdisk -l /dev/sda to see your partitions08:18
iptablescan 'em all08:18
michagogothere/s sda1, sda2, sda508:18
iptableapart from swap, that will be pointless ;)08:18
michagogoum, that was very fast08:18
michagogo/dev/sda1: clean, ######/####### files, #######/######## blocks08:19
iptablemichagogo, I need to run, but following fsck, still do: remove /var/cache/gnome-terminal, reinstall gnome-terminal using apt-get, login as another user (create another user) and try gnome terminal (could be your user profile is damaged causing this, need to test that), run smartctl on host and memtest on host.08:19
iptablemichagogo, clean means it's good08:19
michagogoWas that supposed to work instantly?08:19
danieelanybody who got knowledge of UbuntuTouch?08:20
michagogoiptable: I already tried in a new user account, so shouldn't be the profile08:20
somsip!touch | danieel08:20
ubottudanieel: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch08:20
michagogoI'll try the purge thing08:20
danieelsomsip: i need some rather interactive approach :)08:20
somsipdanieel: the irc channel for touch may have interactive people in it08:21
iptablemichagogo, /var/cache/apt/ is where apt cache for deb packages is. you need to remove gnome terminal from there. otherwise you could be reinstalling a broken version08:21
iptablemichagogo, are you running ubuntu/gubuntu/lubuntu/what?08:21
k1l_danieel: that channel is where the specialists are.08:21
michagogoiptable: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS08:21
michagogo(upgraded from 12.04 a while back, I think)08:22
iptablemichagogo, ok, standard ubuntu, not some lubuntu/xubuntu or other variant? also, did the issue start after the upgrade?08:22
michagogoIssue started just now, upgraded a long time ago08:22
iptablemichagogo, silly question, df -h shows you got space on both partitions still free?08:23
michagogoThe issue started after I unpacked a .tar.gz into /tmp and was looking around with file and ls08:23
michagogoThough I don't know if that's just a coincidence08:23
iptablemichagogo, as asked, do you have space on your partitions? pls provide output of df -h in pastebin08:24
iptablecould be full /tmp :D08:24
michagogoOkay, as soon as gnome-terminal reinstalls08:24
iptablemichagogo, /tmp will be a virtual filesystem that is VERY small. you are not supposed to do that there from what I remember08:25
michagogoiptable: cannot remove /var/cache/apt/gnome-terminal, no such file/dir08:27
iptablemichagogo, you need to be a bit inventive08:27
iptablemichagogo, cd /var/cache/apt ; ls |grep gnome-terminal08:27
iptablemichagogo, ls /var/cache/apt/archives even08:28
michagogothat dir only has apt-file, archives, pkgcache.bin. srcpkgcache.bin08:28
michagogoin archives there are a bunch of debs, is it there?08:28
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iptablemichagogo, feel free to remove all files from that dir08:28
michagogookay, got it08:28
michagogoOkay, wiped cache, reinstalled, still crashes08:31
michagogoGetting df -h now08:31
michagogoHere's the output:  https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/UJJsuCwz08:31
jpentlandiptable, ok autoremoved worked although it took longer than usual - thanks08:33
michagogoiptable: so nothing's full. Also, that tarball is about .1 MB08:34
iptablejpentland, no worries08:34
iptablemichagogo, can you sudo rm -rf /tmp/* ; sudo shutdown -r now08:34
iptablemichagogo, and test again08:34
iptablemichagogo, test using a different user08:34
michagogoiptable: already using a different user08:34
iptablemichagogo, try agnother one now that it's reinstalled08:35
michagogoIt's rebooting now (though, doesn't that clear /tmp anyway?)08:35
michagogoI'll test in crashtest, and if it still crashes I'll create crashtest208:36
iptablemichagogo, not on your system08:36
michagogoOkay, still crashing08:37
michagogoOkay, almost same problem in a new user08:38
michagogoThis time is takes 2 runs of `ls -la`08:38
* michagogo is confused08:39
Guest42524bom dia...08:39
=== Guest42524 is now known as Madelyn
michagogo!pt | Madelyn08:40
ubottuMadelyn: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.08:40
Madelyntks :*08:40
michagogoiptable: Is there any way to try and get some kind of trace or dump that someone could use to figure out wtf is going on?08:41
iptablemichagogo, yes, you can enable crash dumps for it or run it with strace (strace gnome-terminal) to see08:42
iptablemichagogo, though I don't play with those so either google or ask for someone to assist with those. It's the last thing you can do apart from a reinstall08:43
michagogo(BTW, I first realized this was happening when I noticed my automatic environment variables weren't set after I rebooted after that tgz thing, so I ran `ls -a` and it crashed)08:43
iptablemichagogo, I will bet it's some library that gnome-terminal uses08:44
michagogoRan strace gnome-terminal | tee gnome-terminal-strace08:45
michagogoTons of text flying by08:45
michagogoSeeing lots of "Resource temporarily unavailable"08:45
iptablemichagogo, ah, if you messed up your variables, that could cause gnome-terminal to crash. DO check env.08:45
iptablemichagogo, which resource? what is it trying to access08:45
michagogoiptable: no, I didn't change anything in the environment any time resently08:46
iptablemichagogo, you need to check strace or do a crash dump and gdb analyze it. one of those will tell you where it's failing. I REALLY need to go now.08:46
michagogoIsn't `| tee filename` supposed to write output to that filename?08:46
cromagHi, i am trying to get my apps ungrouped when switching between them. https://askubuntu.com/questions/432022/disable-gnome-compiz-task-switcher-grouping this i have tried without luck, even after reboot.. Any ideas ? :)08:50
michagogoHere's the strace output: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/YMUxYDWe/term-strace-err08:52
Number5Hello guys, I have an Asus Eeepc 901 just collecting dust. I'd like to install the latest suitable ubuntu so my son can play with. What's the best distro to install? I googled a bit and found out that Eeebuntu is discontinued, but EasyPeasy's website is still alive. I hope you have some nice recommendations.08:57
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k1l_!lubuntu | Number508:57
ubottuNumber5: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.08:57
k1l_that first atom cpus are really really slow. so lubuntu is the best bet on ubuntu basis08:58
Number5ubottu, thnx, but I need a bistro specially tweaked for Eeepc 901 model. Eeebuntu and Easypeasy was specially tweaked for it.08:58
ubottuNumber5: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:58
Number5oooh :P08:59
DediNumber5, xubuntu anyone?08:59
iptablemichagogo, open("/tmp", O_RDWR|O_EXCL|O_DIRECTORY|O_NOATIME|0x400000) = -1 EACCES (Permission denied)09:00
iptableopen("/tmp/vte51IMYX", O_RDWR|O_CREAT|O_EXCL, 0600) = -1 EACCES (Permission denied)09:00
Number5k1l_, It's not like I want the latest of the late OS. I have no problem if it's a bit old, as long as it is tweaked well for Asus 901.09:00
iptablemichagogo, ^ fiddled with and changed permissions of /tmp then?09:00
k1l_Number5: since that devices are really old (and really slow) there are no special distros anymore. and since this is #ubuntu we stick to the official ubuntu releases. therefore try the lightweight Lubuntu09:00
michagogoiptable: nope.09:00
Number5Dedi, no that's too heavy.09:00
k1l_Number5: Lubuntu is tweaked for old and slow hardware. so yes09:00
michagogoWell, not knowingly... Might `tar xf` change permissions of cwd? o_O09:00
iptablemichagogo, by the sound of the above, yes. looks like your untarring did somrthing09:00
iptablemichagogo, drwxrwxrwt   1 root root  888 May 19 09:58 tmp09:01
DediNumber5, sorry if it doesnt fit your needs...09:01
Number5k1l_, hmm ok thnx, I'll check it out.09:01
iptablemichagogo, ls -l / <- check it shows the above09:01
Number5Dedi, you don't have to apologise :)09:01
michagogogod dammit09:01
Dediseriously what make a distro lightweight?09:01
k1l_Dedi: the used desktop, the settings it comes with. just read about Lubuntu. the bot just gave the link09:02
michagogoso... chmod 777 /tmp?09:02
Number5k1l_, I know that Asus 901 is old and slow, but it's awesome to learn bash scripting, wget websites and get images and stuff. Nice hacks for my son of 9 years old.09:02
Dedithe Desktop Environment?09:02
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michagogoand chown root /tmp and chgrp root /tmp?09:03
citroniks /msg NickServ identify 123409:03
k1l_citroniks: change that pw to a stronger one :)09:03
iptablemichagogo, sudo chmod 1777 /tmp09:03
michagogowhat's the 1?09:03
iptablemichagogo, temp flag09:04
DediI have same problem, my laptop frequently make noise when I use it...09:04
iptablemichagogo, notice rwxrwxrwt09:04
Dediit heats..09:04
iptablemichagogo, then sudo chown root:root /tmp09:04
iptableDedi, all electronics with fans make noise when you use them09:04
michagogoDoes this look right? https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/LLJ44u0y/09:05
Dediha...ha..I mean too much noise...09:05
iptablemichagogo, yup.09:05
Night_ElfDedi: Maybe bad GPU drivers. Does the same thing happen if you are on text mode only and remain such for some time?09:05
iptablemichagogo, you *may* need to reboot now if gnome-terminal still doesn't work. a LOT of things weren't running properly due to lack of /tmp09:06
michagogoiptable: just spammed a bunch of `ls -la`09:06
michagogoit's working09:06
michagogothank you SO much for your help...09:06
DediI am using toshiba l310...09:06
iptablemichagogo, mkdir ~/tmp/sometar ; cd ~/tmp/sometar ; tar xf /some/where/file.tar09:06
citroniksk1l_, how to change pw im new09:06
iptablemichagogo, that will normally help fix th issue of tar having permission set to ..09:06
Dedifrequently happen when browsing...09:06
michagogoiptable: yeah, I expect I'll remember that for next time09:07
Dedican I install for example xfce for crunchbang(the os I am using now)?09:07
iptablemichagogo, tar can set . and .., so keep the tar file below 1 dir for safety if you don't know what it is. glad we solved it :)09:07
Night_ElfDedi: More often when you browse flash content sites, or javascript content sites?09:07
iptableDedi, sound-cancelling-headphones?09:08
Dediflash, like youtube, using Iceweasel 20.009:08
michagogoiptable: as am I. Again, I can't thank you enough09:08
iptablemichagogo, no worries09:08
michagogoAt annoying as it was to lose 2 hours to this, it would have been much worse to have to reinstall and set the VM up from scratch09:08
Night_ElfDedi: You might ned to check what flash player you're using. Adobe or gnash, for example.09:09
Dediadobe I guess...09:09
Night_ElfDedi: Ubuntu has Iceweasel? Wow!09:09
iptableDedi, flash is very buggy, but that would be your CPU fan spinning. 1. buy compressed air and clean up your fan using that. 2. install chrome/chromium and enjoy youtube and other sites via HTML5. 3. buy faster laptop if  you can,, 4. DO check what flash player you are using as Night_Elf suggested, 5. make sure you installed GPU drivers09:09
iptableDedi, actually, FIRST make sure you have GPU drivers installed if you are running ATI/nvidia, not the default opensource ones. you will not get GPU performance on nvidia/ati unless you use their proper drivers. so your CPU could be doing GPUs job09:10
Dedimy laptop is using intel...I ll try chrome/chromium then...09:11
Night_ElfDedi: actually, when that fan noise appears, do you have high cpu load ?09:13
Dediyes, like 10 % and 500 MB of 1 GB ram...09:14
Night_ElfDedi: 10% of cpu load is not that bad. My laptop starts to fan-up when cpu load goes around 70%09:18
k1l_Dedi: crunchbang is dead and not supported here anyway09:18
DediI guess my RAM is very low, yes, cruncbang is not supported, but i think it lightweight, so why dont give it a try...09:19
k1l_Dedi: because its #ubuntu in here. if you want to talk about crunchbang see their support channel or try ##linux09:20
Dedievery time i send text it says ##linux :Cannot send to channel09:20
DediI dont know why...09:20
Dedithats why I am here...he..he..09:20
k1l_maybe you need to register or you are banned. see #freenode for help with channels09:21
_Stifleryou need to register your nick, Dedi09:21
SirVashanhey all. i have a question regarding ubuntu 15. does it handle touch screen? and if so, is there any issues with drivers?09:22
lotuspsychjeSirVashan: wich device are you trying?09:22
k1l_SirVashan: yes, but that depends on the actual hardware used09:22
SirVashan@ lotuspsychje I'd like to dual boot on Acer Aspire V5 MS237709:23
lotuspsychjeSirVashan: thats a touch laptop or a tablet?09:24
mcphailSirVashan: try out the live USB and see if it works09:24
SirVashanmcphail: Thanks. I'll try the live demo. As long as Ubuntu is capable. didn't want to waste my time.09:25
SirVashanlotuspsychje: Yeah, it's a touch laptop.09:25
mcphailSirVashan: it is the quickest way to check. Works well with my wife's Dell touchscreen laptop09:26
lotuspsychjeSirVashan: if it works report back to us ok09:26
SirVashanmcphail: lotuspsychje: great. thanks guys.09:26
Guest55153i have doubt about raspberry pi supported bluetooth09:27
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=== alumno_ is now known as aparicio
lotuspsychjeFlo_K: welcome, what can we do you for?09:37
Flo_Klotuspsychje: i'm looking for a good app menu editor on ubuntu 15.0409:38
lotuspsychjeFlo_K: apt-cache search menu editor09:39
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MehrzadWhat should I do in order to upgrade gtkmm sdk opn ubuntu 12.0409:49
lotuspsychje!info gtkmm09:50
atomtmHi there ! Is there any way I can configure my box to act as ntp server , but sending my local time ,i.e UTC time +timezones +DST ?09:51
ubottuPackage gtkmm does not exist in vivid09:51
=== josh is now known as Guest4212
lotuspsychjeMehrzad: whats the packagename09:51
Mehrzadlibgtkmm I guess09:51
lotuspsychje!ntp | atomtm09:51
ubottuatomtm: Information about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)09:51
lotuspsychje!info libgtkmm precise09:51
ubottuPackage libgtkmm does not exist in precise09:52
solsTiCeatomtm: so you want your ntp server to send bogus time stamp ?09:52
atomtmsolsTiCe, bogus?09:52
Mehrzad!info libgtkmm-3.0-dev09:52
ubottulibgtkmm-3.0-dev (source: gtkmm3.0): C++ wrappers for GTK+ (development files). In component main, is optional. Version 3.14.0-1 (vivid), package size 480 kB, installed size 4694 kB09:52
atomtmsolsTiCe, what do you mean by that ?09:52
solsTiCeatomtm: why do you want it to send your local time ?09:53
k1l_Mehrzad: you will need to look out for a ppa for that09:53
MehrzadSo, what terminal commands should I enter to install version 3.14?09:53
atomtmsolsTiCe, I need it for an application09:53
atomtmsolsTiCe, the important part is to send local time09:54
atomtmbrb in 30 min09:54
zen_WOW, Ubuntu 14.04 is burning up my cpu's :( is 14.10 a better choice?09:54
zen_i tried P-senser, nvidia-prime. have it set to powersave.. still burning up :(09:55
iptablezen_, burning up CPUs? install official nvidia driers09:57
iptabledrivers even09:57
iptablezen_, not just prime.09:58
zen_i did09:58
iptablezen_, are they running? dd they compile? lsmod |grep -i nvidia09:58
zen_and thermald as well09:58
iptablecheck above lsmod09:58
iptableand then what do sensors say? what's the current temp.09:58
zen_nvidia               9704627  7109:59
zen_drm                   255469  6 i915,drm_kms_helper,nvidia09:59
iptablezen_, ok, what's the temp, what's the machine spec09:59
zen_current temp is 70c with 1-2% load09:59
zen_Intel® Core™ i3 CPU M 380 @ 2.53GHz × 410:00
iptablezen_, fan running really fast or not?10:00
zen_GeForce GT 540M/PCIe/SSE210:00
iptablezen_, if you run top, what does it say about CPU use, what's using it?10:00
zen_yes.. the fan speeds up very fan and runs way more then it used to in inbuntu 1210:00
zen_xorg and plugin contain from firefox uses the most10:01
iptablezen_, if you kill firefox, is it still an issue?10:02
iptablezen_, also, LOAD is NOT in %10:02
Apk-Sslwho here is a pc espert ?10:02
Edistodoes unity free unused memory without having to use commands?10:02
zen_but even with very low loads i get insane temp10:03
iptablezen_, load of 2 means 200% CPU use (more or less, loads more factors involved there, but take that as a rough guide assuming no network or HDD problems are involved)10:03
k1l_Edisto: ram or disk space?10:03
Apk-Ssl.o who here is a pc espert ?10:03
iptablezen_, so, if you kill firefox and wait 5 minutes, what's the temperature?10:03
k1l_!ask | Apk-Ssl10:03
ubottuApk-Ssl: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:03
zen_thx for the help iptable.. im a little new to linux still10:03
k1l_Edisto: yes.10:03
zen_if i kill firefox its still an issue yes10:03
iptablezen_, typically, I need you to kill firefox and tell me what happens to the temperature10:04
k1l_Edisto: see linuxatemyram.com for an explanation on how linux uses the ram and why a "full ram" is not the same as you know it from windows.10:04
iptablezen_, also once you ill firefox, check with top to see what is using the CPU again.10:04
iptablezen_, also check free ram with free -m (shows in MB). and once done, check if you run xubuntu/lubuntu/ubuntu gnome 14.04 if this is still an issue or just with official main ubuntu. (boot from liveCD/liveUSB to test). We will then know what we are troubleshooting.10:05
zen_cpu usage dropped to 4% after killing firefox.. temp is still 70c10:06
zen_xorg is on top10:06
iptablezen_, where you getting % from?10:06
iptablezen_, from top output?10:06
Edistok1l: thanks. Was trying to figure why my system was slowing must have been gimp and flash plugin from firefox10:07
zen_from psenser10:07
iptablezen_, ok, apt-get update ; apt-get dist-upgrade10:07
iptablezen_, as root10:07
zen_em:          3722       2069       1653         29        293        91910:08
iptablezen_, once done reboot to new kernl (just reboot) and chek again. if issue persists, give us output from top (first full page), full output from dmesg, and output from free -m - all in a pastebin.10:08
zen_sry.. free mem10:08
iptablezen_, we don't work with cutouts, full output in passtebin10:09
zen_ok thanks abunch Iptable, brb10:09
iptablezen_, I might not be here, but someone else should pick up10:09
iptablezen_, to clarify, I believe something may be wrong with compatibility of kernel module which handles CPU timing and sleeps10:10
zen_oki thanks alot ip10:11
zen_ill do the dist-upgrade10:11
zen_but i should have the newest.. brb10:12
PathfinderHey guys how do I set netcat to connect to a specific ip via a specific port using a username and password?10:19
yhOn shutdown, is a stop sent to all services started by init.d ?10:23
yhDisclosure: already asked this on #debian but nobody seems interested in deviating from their existing conversation :)10:23
ktechmidasyh: I think it's a SIGTERM then a SIGKILL10:25
ktechmidasbut that's every process, each process should be able to deal with a SIGTERM10:26
DazPettyhey, I just created RSA keys on my laptop and desktop, and now I can access either without the need for password10:26
DazPettyI want to know how does PAM work with this?10:27
DazPettyI dont understand why my system lets this happen? PAM still think I require password and google auth10:27
zen_iptable, if u are still here. http://pastebin.com/J5rZd6ip10:27
ktechmidasDazPetty: key auth isn't dealt with by PAM10:28
zen_i just did a fresh install from 14.04 lts so dist-upgrade didn't do anyting10:28
ktechmidasDazPetty: key auth actually bypasses the PAM auth module :)10:28
zen_iptable, feel very free to pm me, if the pastebin outputs tells you anything10:29
=== flogen is now known as flog
yhktechmidas: is it not /etc/init.d/servicename stop that gets called, rather than a signal ?10:33
iptablezen_, apart from firefox, rest looks normal10:34
iptableWHAT did you open in firefox?10:34
zen_2 tabs10:35
zen_no flash or anything10:35
iptablezen_, 2 tabs of what? flash?10:35
zen_playing flash does make it very hot10:35
=== root is now known as Guest870
iptablezen_, paying flash makes my core i7 hot10:36
zen_just the pastebin site and a blank one10:36
iptablezen_, doesn't look right, shouldn't be that load for 2 tabs of nothing. try xubuntu/lubuntu/ubuntu gnome, see what happens then.10:36
iptablezen_, also do try to check bios settings for acpi/apic10:36
iptablezen_, pm me when you checked (livecd/usb check will do).10:37
zen_i just don't understand how it got worse after i went with a fresh install. it was not this bad on ubuntu 1210:37
zen_oki.. that take some time to get the distros down.. but many thx.. wilml do10:37
zen_u want the same outputs. running the other distroes?10:38
iptablezen_, yes10:38
zen_ok :)10:38
iptablezen_, did you fresh install or upgrade?10:38
zen_fresh install10:38
iptablezen_, ok10:38
iptablegotta go10:38
zen_see you mate. and thx again10:39
DeepfriediceHey. I've recently run into an issue where I lose HDMI video signal after logging in on Kubuntu 14.10 (64bit). I can swich to other VTs and still get an image, but trying to view the graphical desktop just cuts straight to the monitors "HDMI No signal" message.10:39
DeepfriediceI've tried going through some of the system logfiles, but none of them seem to show anything weird. Any idea where else I can look?10:39
brine_what is the best ubuntu shell around10:42
brine_need to change my interface10:42
brine_any help10:42
cfhowlettbrine_, "best" is subjective.  the one that works for you is best.10:42
brine_i know but just one to know what you also think is the best10:43
cfhowlettbrine_, default works fine IMHO10:43
calimero_82hi, sometimes evince-thumbanailer crashes, what's the problem? thanks10:46
calimero_82what is evince-thumbnailer?10:47
bluenemohi guys. I'm trying to use kvm on a server system via virt-manager, which tells me "No hypervisor options were found". I installed qemu-kvm on the server and executed kvm-ok, which says its ok. Kernel modules are loaded, no strange log messages when I restart service libvirt-bin.10:47
bluenemoah got it10:52
brine_any new software out10:57
brine_any mind blowing software out yet10:57
cfhowlettbrine_, ubuntu and linux have THOUSANDS of packages so, merely statistically, yes there's "new" software all the time10:57
g0tchahey guys, anyone here has oidentd working with IPv6 by any chance?10:58
DeepfriediceCan anyone here help me with my video issue?11:03
cfhowlettDeepfriedice, details, people, the details!11:04
DeepfriediceI've recently run into an issue where I lose HDMI video signal after logging in on Kubuntu 14.10 (64bit). I can swich to other VTs and still get an image, but trying to view the graphical desktop just cuts straight to the monitors "HDMI No signal" message.11:04
DeepfriediceI've tried going through some of the system logfiles, but none of them seem to show anything weird. Any idea where else I can look?11:04
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muresanvladHello guys! I have a big problem.I cant install CodeLite because some libs are missing and I dont know how to fix it11:07
muresanvladThe following packages have unmet dependencies:11:08
muresanvlad codelite : Depends: libhunspell-1.3-0 (>= 1.3.3) but 1.3.2-6ubuntu2 is to be installed11:08
muresanvlad            Depends: libstdc++6 (>= 4.9) but 4.8.2-19ubuntu1 is to be installed11:08
muresanvlad            Depends: libwxbase3.0-0 (>= 3.0.2) but it is not going to be installed11:08
muresanvlad            Depends: libwxgtk3.0-0 (>= 3.0.2) but it is not going to be installed11:08
muresanvlad            Recommends: lldb (>= 3.4) but it is not installable11:08
yellabs-r2hello all11:11
yellabs-r2when logged in with ssh , and the terminal is busy installing software , can i switch to an other console ( terminal ) ?11:12
Deepfriediceyellabs-r2: Look into "screen".11:14
DeepfriediceIt's a tool for doing exactly that type of thing.11:15
popeymuresanvlad: how are you installing codelite?11:16
Ned_When using 14.04 I used i3 (window manager) and ran gnome-settings-daemon so that things like global media volume keys worked nicely (i.e. used the gnome daemon for it). While I can run unity-settings-daemon (or gnome-settings-daemon) in 15.04, it seems the volume keys don't work (although they do if I actually log in to unity). Anyone have any ideas on that ?11:22
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muresanvladHas anyone managed to install codelite?11:56
Xatenevfast question, im using ubuntu, if i drag a window to the border to maximize it, i have to stop moving the mouse for like 1 second to maximize it. if i move the mouse too fast after dragging the window to the border its not maximizing, is that due to a configuration issue or do i just have to change my window manager away from compiz?11:57
Xatenevdunno if u understand what im asking :p11:57
Johnny_Linuxtry it without compiz enabled11:58
Johnny_Linuxive never used unity, so, maybe thats not possible11:59
XatenevJohnny_Linux: ok thanks11:59
Xatenevwhat are u using?12:00
ioriamuresanvlad, it's not in the repo ?12:03
ioria!info codelite12:03
ubottucodelite (source: codelite): Powerful and lightweight C/C++ IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.1.1+dfsg-4ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 4495 kB, installed size 16982 kB12:03
ioriamuresanvlad, you have to select source , maybe12:04
muresanvladAh,now I get what you mean.I tried to install it from repo and from software center but it gives me the errors I listed above.12:04
hjemhello guis12:04
BluesKajHowdy folks12:04
ioriamuresanvlad, no,it's ok12:05
ioriamuresanvlad, let me try12:05
hjemu guys suck12:05
hjemno i kidding12:06
Uzzivi è la possibilità di lanciare un processo in una sessione video di un utente, da una sessione ssh remota?12:06
cfhowletthjem, take your jokes elsewhere please.12:06
sgo11hi, my wireless network card "Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200" is very unstable. (ubuntu 14.04). the card keeps turning off randomly and I have to reboot my laptop to fix this issue. I did google. Many posts about this problem since the year 2012. there is also a bug: Bug #1180787 which is opened on 2013. Some talk: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1919003.html The same issue in Archlinux: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=19723312:06
ubottubug 1180787 in linux (Ubuntu) "Thinkpad X201 iwlwifi module stopped working in latest -21 kernel (OK in -19)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118078712:06
Uzzioj sorry12:06
yhcfhowlett: levity is good for the soul12:07
sgo11Do I have any chances to fix this issue? thanks.12:07
cfhowlettyh, random insults are against the guidelines.12:07
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines12:07
muresanvladsgo11: your problem sounds like it can be only fixed by a dev12:08
ioriamuresanvlad, it's ok    did you install gcc & company ?12:08
sgo11muresanvlad, the problem exists from 2012 until now. maybe it's hopeless. :)12:08
muresanvladioria: I have gcc installed12:09
muresanvladwhat do you mean by "company"12:09
ioriamuresanvlad, purge codelite ,  install build-essential , and reinstall codelite12:10
sgo11maybe, I should just buy a USB wireless network card. but the speed of a USB wifi card will be slow...12:10
muresanvladioria: done12:11
ioriamuresanvlad, you cannot have done already :-P12:11
muresanvladioria: I have done the command : sudo apt-get install build-essentail some time ago12:12
muresanvladioria: http://www.pasteall.org/5853712:12
ioriamuresanvlad, oh.... that's another story....12:13
k1lmuresanvlad: "apt-cache policy codelite"12:13
muresanvladk1l: sudo apt-cache policy codelite - http://www.pasteall.org/5853812:14
k1lmuresanvlad: there you go. the 3rd party repo from codelite is the issue here. tell them to fix the depencies to match the proper vivid packages12:16
bazhang!info codelite12:17
ubottucodelite (source: codelite): Powerful and lightweight C/C++ IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.1.1+dfsg-4ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 4495 kB, installed size 16982 kB12:17
k1lmuresanvlad: if that is a vivid install at all. or is it a 14.04?12:17
ioriak1l : i have just installed it....12:17
ioriamuresanvlad, gcc -v   and g++ -v ?12:18
k1lmuresanvlad: "lsb_release -d" gives you what?12:18
robholDoes this crontab line do something unexpected?  */5 * * * * /path/script.py >/path/asd.log 2>/path/errors.log      I was expecting stuff (python script print()s it) in asd.log, errors in errors.log, but nothing shows up anywhere even though the script itself works when invoked manually12:19
muresanvladk1l: Description:elementary OS Freya12:20
k1lmuresanvlad: ok, then ask the elementary guys to  fix their stuff, too.12:20
ikoniayay, elementary12:20
k1l!elementary | muresanvlad12:20
ubottumuresanvlad: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.12:20
ioriamuresanvlad, oh....12:20
muresanvladwhat should I tell them?12:21
muresanvladwhat exactly should I tell them*12:21
k1l(this is why we say you should ask the proper support if its not a ubuntu you are  running. just waisting time finding out its not ubuntus fault....)12:21
cfhowlettmuresanvlad, pro-tip:  ask freya about freya issues.12:22
muresanvladTheir irc channel is not so active like this.And to be honest I did not know it's an issue related to Freya,cfhowlett12:23
cfhowlettmuresanvlad, as you are running elementary OS, it IS their issue.  not supported here.  sorry.  I assume there are multiple support options.  If you need more than they offer, consider your choice of OS>12:24
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XatenevJohnny_Linux: Ok im using mate aswell now12:25
XatenevJohnny_Linux: works a lot better now^^12:25
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=== FloK is now known as Flo_K
snowlyhello folks, i have trouble changing an applications icon on unity launcher. the application is started through another one so there is no .desktop file for it afaik.12:32
snowlyis there a way to change the icon or group the window with the parent application so that i have either the desired icon for the child app or have it under the parents icon in launcher?12:34
lv_i'm trying to pin a specific kernel version and still run aptitude full-upgrade --- i pinned in /etc/apt/preferences, verified with apt-cache policy linux-image-virtual, but still the kernel upgrades -- any ideas?12:40
lv_is somehow the kernel exempt from pinning? is there a better way to do this?12:41
b4tm4ni'm setting up a virtual server that will have two hard drives.  one will be for the OS (ubuntu server) and the other is going to be used for storage (databases and etc).  A colleague suggested I set up the data drive as a logical volume rather than creating a partition.  Does that mean i need to use LVM?12:42
nosdaemonIs there anyone how make this work when you have em0 and dual nic? My net install stops att select network. d-i netcfg/choose_interface select auto12:42
nosdaemonI try to change to em012:42
nosdaemonBut it didnt work12:43
nosdaemonb4tm4n: Yes, I think so.12:44
b4tm4nnosdaemon, but i don't really need a logical volume group.  I'm not trying to combine multiple disks into one and i'm not trying to do any striping.12:45
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AlexPortableMy touchscreen seems inverted, what can I do to fix it?13:06
AlexPortableIf I press the top right, it presses the top left on the monitor, if I press the right bottom, it presses the top right13:06
AlexPortableI tried installing sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-evtouch13:09
AlexPortablebut there is no package for this13:09
davidczrdo  guys know about the "fistiniere" ?13:10
cfhowlettdavidczr, off-topic.  play somewhere else please.13:11
PigDudeI’m running an Ubuntu VM via VMWare. ntpd seems to crash on this VM whenever it is paused for some time (whether by pausing the image in VMWare, or by suspending the host OS which has the same effect). (on `sudo service ntpd stop` I get “start-stop-daemon: warning: failed to kill 1248: No such process”, for instance). What logs can I look at to troubleshoot this?13:12
PigDudeThe VM is Ubuntu 12.0413:12
ikoniaPigDude: the process is killed at pause13:13
ikoniabecause you can't keep a time server running13:13
ikoniaso it can't kill it because the process the pid file is referencing is gone13:13
PigDudei don’t understand, i never have this issue when suspending a linux host OS13:13
PigDude(meaning, not a VM)13:13
PigDudei’ve also never had this issue with a VM before. i just wanted to find out why ntpd was crashing13:14
AlexPortableUsing xinput_calibrator can't help me either13:14
ikoniaPigDude: because time dies13:15
PigDudewas hoping for some other info ... man ntp says I can pass -l $log_path, so I guess I can patch init.d/ntp ... but i expected this to be logged somewhere. your explanation also doesn't make sense ikonia, like i pointed out, i've never had this issue when suspending a Linux OS before, physical or virtual13:17
ikoniawhy would -l help ?13:17
PigDudebecause it would allow me to specify a log file location, being unable to find any log now, or relevant messages in dmesg, syslog, etc.13:18
PigDudewhy *wouldn't* it help?13:18
ikoniawhat has the log file got to do with anything ?13:18
PigDudeare you trolling me?13:18
PigDudewell can you offer some useful advice?13:18
ikoniaPigDude: I have13:18
PigDude"because time dies" is an idiotic explanation13:18
ikoniathere is nothing idiotic about it13:18
ikoniait's just high level13:19
PigDudeok bugger off13:19
ikoniatone it down13:19
ikoniathere is no need to be rude13:19
PigDudewell i'd appreciate some real help13:19
cfhowlettPigDude, drop the attitude please13:19
ikoniaI can offer me detail if you explain where you are in debugging13:19
ikoniaso you understand why the error is actually erroring right ?13:19
MrAristo"it's just high level" - Obviously that didn't help him, so it's not useful.13:19
ikoniathe question was "why do I get this error"13:20
PigDudeno it wasn't!13:20
ikoniathe answer is "because time/ntp is dead"13:20
PigDudethe question was *how do i investigate this*.13:20
PigDudecolored with an assumption that logfiles would be the answer13:20
ikoniaok - so you understand why you are getting the actual error right ?13:20
PigDudeof course i do ikonia, i'm just teasing you all13:21
digitsmI have an ubuntu server in Europe, but personally I live in asia13:21
digitsmShould I set timezone of my server to EU's timezone, or can I set to be my living timezone?13:22
TheNumbdigitsm: I always set them to my timezone.13:22
digitsmTheNumb, Oh, so I won't get any problem in the future?13:22
TheNumbdigitsm: It's *your* server after all ;-)13:22
TheNumbdigitsm: everything will work just fine.13:22
TheNumbIt's just a timezone.13:23
PigDudedigitsm: i set to the host timezone or UTC. you can export TZ in your bashrc for local timezone, etc.13:23
digitsmTheNumb, I am not sure whether a different timezone than your geographical timezone can make a problem or not?13:24
digitsmFor example problems in SSL, some communications, etc.13:24
mcphaildigitsm: the timezone is different, but the _time_ is the same. Set it to what suits you best and be heppy. Everything will be fine13:25
digitsmmcphail, Hmmm. Thanks13:25
mcphaildigitsm: if the server was only being used by you, you'll probably prefer your own timezone. If it is being shared by your European colleagues, you can set to UTC or have a fight :)13:26
digitsmmcphail, Hmmm. No it's only mine. It's  a personal VPS13:29
kopeleany ideia how to install kasteroids ? :d13:29
cfhowlett!info kasteroids13:30
ubottuPackage kasteroids does not exist in vivid13:30
kopeleit`s an old game on kde13:30
kopelei remember it from 6-7 years ago13:30
mcphaildigitsm: the VPS is "yours", though.13:30
TheNumbkopele: it's dead.13:32
digitsmmcphail, I never had any vps before. I am excited about abilities it can bring to me13:32
mcphaildigitsm: enjoy it, and enjoy running Ubuntu on it13:33
kopeleTheNumb, damn :D13:33
kostkon!find kasteroids13:34
ubottuFile kasteroids found in check-mk-multisite, fvwm-crystal, kde-icons-mono, nuvola-icon-theme, openclipart-png, openclipart-svg13:34
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chintani have issue when do call in skype. when someone share screen with me from windows i can not see clear screen13:36
chintanany one have solution for this ?13:36
hamid9041hi all13:42
hamid9041any body13:42
cfhowlett!ask | hamid904113:43
ubottuhamid9041: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:43
hamid9041i have problem with adding repos to ubuntu13:43
hamid9041im from iran13:43
cfhowlett!repos | hamid9041,13:43
ubottuhamid9041,: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.13:43
cfhowlett!farsi | hamid904113:43
ubottuhamid9041: #ubuntu-ir baraye Farsi zabanan mibashad ke channele rasmie goroohe Iran-ie ubuntu ast. #ubuntu-ir  برای فارسی زبانان می‌باشد که کانال رسمی گروه ایرانی اوبونتو است.13:43
hamid9041ok thanx13:44
hamid9041sorry guys13:46
hamid9041but no one answered me13:46
cfhowletthamid9041, what version of ubuntu do you have?\13:46
hamid9041the latest lts13:47
cfhowletthamid9041, good.  what repo are you adding?13:47
=== pete_ is now known as petegwell
hamid9041let me tell u13:47
hamid9041even when i try it from app center it tells me check ur internet connection13:48
cfhowletthamid9041, "it..."   ????13:48
hamid9041do u think its because of censorship13:49
hamid9041i mean adding the repo13:49
cfhowletthamid9041, iran?  possible.13:49
hamid9041i mean should i use vpn or somthing13:49
cfhowletthamid9041, WHICH repo?13:50
hamid9041and if yes13:50
cfhowletthamid9041, if you have vpn, use it.13:50
hamid9041how can i set a vpn/proxy13:50
cfhowlett!vpn | hamid904113:50
ubottuhamid9041: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN13:50
mcphailhamid9041: maybe - you could try a different mirror first: the one you are using may not have universe13:50
hamid9041explian more mcphail13:51
hamid9041what do u mean by mirror13:51
hamid9041i checked it13:52
hamid9041i mean the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN13:52
hamid9041but the problem is first i need to add repo13:55
hamid9041i mean universe repo13:55
mcphailhamid9041: under /etc/apt/sources.list (and the sources directory) will be files listing your mirrors for the repositories. That is set up when you install, but you can switch to other mirrors from elsewhere in the world13:55
hamid9041then i can install pkges from it13:55
SNowHi, I have ubuntu 15.04 and when I do ip -6 addr add 2A03:280:6000::2/64 dev eth013:55
hamid9041ahhha thats interesting13:55
SNowI get operation not permitted13:55
cicciosomeone up to help with a permission issue13:55
hamid9041how can i change the mirror13:55
jellow!ask | ciccio13:55
MrElendigSNow: as root?13:55
ubottuciccio: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:55
EriC^^ciccio: what's up?13:55
MrElendigciccio: permission denied13:55
SNowMrElendig: yes13:55
cicciook the thing is that i have a drive mounted in /media/xxx/13:56
ciccioand need to set up a web-server with apache, i symlink from /var/www to /media/xxx/yyyy/my/public/folder and, after enabling the site i get 403 permission denied13:59
ciccioso I try to login with www-data (the user apache uses to connect to the server) and discovered that that user cannot access /media/xxx13:59
ciccioi suspect it is a permission problem. any idea?13:59
aikidoukeso i believe i pulled a bonehead move adding myself to groups and am no longer in sudoers. How do I re-add myself?13:59
cicciothese are the permissions for the /media/xxxx: drwxr-xr--+13:59
aikidouken/m sorry, I RTFM14:03
ssalenikHi, not sure if its the best place to ask, but I added my google account to my addressbook via gnome(ubuntu?)-online-accounts in 14.04.. later I upgarded to 14.10 and the account seemed to be gone, so I added it again. But now sometimes when my addressbooks load I get 2 sets of google contacts leading me to believe that the first addressbook is still there, just not recognized by the updated version of goa. What would be the best way for me to14:09
ssalenikdelete the old addressbook?14:09
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* metallic rolls 2 6-sided dice: 2 514:26
metallicsorry people if you read odd things from me :/ I am getting used to pidgin14:26
nothingmuchI recently bought a lenovo w550s laptop, and installed xubuntu which has been working fine for several days. since this afternoon the system fails to boot, it seems to hang before init/upstarts gets going, on both the installed system and the live cd. ctrl alt del reboots it. on the live cd switching to tty output from the splash screen works and it hangs after the nouveau drivers load, on the installed version ti hangs after discovering the trackpad (th14:26
nothingmuchrandom pool message shows up a bit after that) and switching with ctrl-alt-f1 etc just puts escape sequences on the screen. recovery mode fails in the same way, never getting past that point either14:26
nothingmuchheh, just as i was going to speculate that it’s btfs a message showed up on the screen14:26
nothingmuchhow do i avoid mounting it so that I can reinstall?14:26
mcphailnothingmuch: May not help, but I had a similar problem a few months ago. It was related to windows-specific "fast boot" options in the bios. All sorted when I switched those off. Worth a look?14:26
nothingmuchi tried fiddling with those bios parameters, it doesn’t seem to make a difference14:26
mcphailnothingmuch: ok14:26
nothingmuchi had issues with the internal battery, so i pulled out the external one to test14:26
nothingmuch==> unclean shutdown14:26
nothingmuchand btfs just confirmed my suspicions ;-)14:26
nothingmuchi was just too impatient to notice it before14:26
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=== 17WABWRBR is now known as stoysho
nothingmuchadding the arg break=premount let me go into fdisk and zap the offending partition so i can reinstall14:29
hamid9041how to change mirror in ubuntu14:29
xanguahamid9041: software center, edit menu, sources14:29
Voyage how to write automated scripts for linux with max possibilities and control?14:29
nothingmuchVoyage: i think you need to be a bit more specific than that… you mean scheduled tasks?14:29
ElysiaVoyage: look up a bash tutorial and become master of all things.14:29
asdkjhHello, I just installed Xubuntu 14.04 and the highest screen resolution I can get is 1024x768 which is pretty low, I tried modifying the xorg.conf file but it didn't work, I tried this command: xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1280x1024 --rate 60, my screen flashed and I didn't get any error, but the resolution didn't change at all.. any thoughts? thanks!14:29
Voyagenothingmuch,  you know scripts that would do stuff that I do in commandline. rsync ssh, copy files, change configs, connect to another server, do stuff, return back. what ever.......14:29
asdkjhsorry, I got this error: xrandr: cannot find mode 1280x102414:29
VoyageElysia, ^14:29
Voyagenothingmuch,  Elysia  so bash is one option or bash is the only best option?14:29
ElysiaVoyage: yeah, that's mostly just a shell/bash file.  it's just a series of instructions14:29
nothingmuchVoyage: what Elysia said… your command line is a scripting envrionment14:29
Voyagenothingmuch,  Elysia  ok. any other ways?14:29
nothingmuchif you want to flash back to the 80s then you can learn csh/tcsh, otherwise bash is pretty much standard14:29
ElysiaVoyage: was there something unsatisfactory with bash?14:29
nothingmuchzsh is perhaps nicer as an interactive shell but will make little difference for programming14:29
ElysiaVoyage: there are things you can install that offer GUIs, but without clear purpose, it is hard to recommend or judge what you need.14:30
VoyageElysia,  nothingmuch  I just heard that doing this with python is smarter?14:30
Elysiawell, nearly every programming language allows you to call command line (os) functions and interact with them in your own way.14:30
Elysiabut your question is overly vague and it need not be.  I suggest you just ask what you'd like to achieve.14:30
nothingmuchit depends on the task at hand… python, perl, ruby, etc are more general purpose programming languages, all of which have numerous libraries for calling out to external commands, and doing much more complicated interprocess communication etc… shell scripting is optimized for that task in the language itself14:31
nothingmuchyou can also write shell scripts that use python or any other languages, or write programs in those languages that use shell scripts14:31
nothingmuchit all depends on what you know and what you’re trying to achieve14:31
nothingmuchit sounds like you’re trying to automate administration, in which case maybe you’d rather look at a tool for managing installations/deployment14:32
Voyagenothingmuch, k14:32
Elysiayo kryptsec14:33
VoyageElysia,  Nothing4You  can anyone give an example of things that cannot be done by bash and we need python to do so?14:35
mcphailVoyage: floating point arithmetic14:36
Voyagemcphail,  hm ok. thats on that python can do and bash cant?14:36
Voyagepcarrier,  can we mix pythong scrypt in bash file?14:37
Elysiaare you just randomly highlighting people14:37
Elysiai think it might be time you do some research for yourself. I'm not sure if we're getting anywhere to the core of your question14:38
Nothing4YouVoyage: no14:39
Nothing4Youi cannot help you14:39
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kokutso if i give permission of a folder to a group all the members of the group have permissino right?14:52
Ntemishelp me fix 14.04 please14:57
Apple314Hello all. Running ubuntu 14.10 64, all is well, but I dont understand why there is dhcpclient sitting on 2 random ports, besides port 68. Thanks in advance.14:59
Ntemisi have distro packages issues please someone help me out switch back to my trusty name http://pastebin.com/5q71za7r14:59
Ntemiscan someone tell me how to fix this issue?15:00
hasanhi all. I am missing websrvmng from plesk. any hints where I can find it? which package does it belong to?15:02
ioriaNtemis did you install a ppa ?15:05
Ntemisioria: aha :(15:06
Ntemisedited /etc/lsbrelease15:06
Ntemisnow ubuntu center works ok15:07
ioriaNtemis yep    take a look : http://askubuntu.com/questions/147279/importerror-no-module-named-peppermint-after-installing-ice-from-peppermint15:07
k1lNtemis: what ubuntu is that? or is it some other os?15:07
Ntemisdeepin china  os15:07
Ntemiswas tryint to install a package from them15:08
Ntemisand f** up my system15:08
k1lNtemis: well, that sort of trouble is expected if you have a non official ubuntu version15:08
Ntemiseven grub has deepin in kernel selection15:08
ioriaNtemis what you mean ? ^o^15:09
islandmonkeeeHi all, I have a Lenovo Z500 with a combo jack. Today I bought a splitter so I could record input from my synthesiser, but I am having no luck. The only indication that ALSA is finding something is that when I turn the volume on the microphone setting down, the noise that comes with the splitter decreases (this is not really a problem its a bit of loose connection). I have no problems with hearing what is coming15:09
islandmonkeeethrough my synth via the splitter though.15:09
Ntemisk1l: my ubuntu is official15:09
Ntemisbootloader is edited with deepin name15:09
ioriaNtemis ok15:10
k1lNtemis: you said you changed lsb-release and installed deepin packages15:10
Ntemisinstalled a deepin package from ppa and THAT edited my lsb*15:11
PanVI am a new Ubuntu user and I really like it by now. But... I really need help spicibng ubuntu. Could I have some help?15:11
Ntemisand grub15:11
Ntemisadd peper15:11
islandmonkeeeOutput of aplay -L, list of devices and aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/3fkrf0Jm15:11
PanVCould you explain me what are those? Or I shall google it? :P15:11
PanVOops soz.15:12
Ntemismy laptop with vivid has reboot freezes with systemd, any fixes ahead?15:12
ioriaNtemis i don't trust so much ppa .... too much trobles15:12
Ntemisioria: yeap seems like it15:12
islandmonkeeePanV: So you wish to customise the appearance of Ubuntu?15:12
hjfis it possible to enable root logins via ssh? I'm using ubuntu on Amazon EC2. I need to be root. NOT sudo root. i need to port forward a low port and that can only be done by root15:12
blorg<Ntemis> my laptop with vivid has reboot freezes with systemd, any fixes ahead? : Try Werewolf. :)15:13
blorgUbuntu 15.1015:14
k1lblorg: Ntemis 15.10 is earliest alpha. that is not gonna help a regular user15:14
Ntemisis out?15:14
PanVExcuse me, could I interrupt one of you, or pm you about my problem, because my problem is not that important than Ntemis's seems.15:14
islandmonkeeePanV: I asked you what you wanted!15:14
PanVOops sorry I didnt see it15:14
PanVI am a new Ubuntu user15:14
PanVeverything works perfect by now15:15
PanVbut I want to.. "spice" it up15:15
blibdoes anyone know of a good GPS I can buy that will work with ubuntu and is USB?15:15
PanVany suggestions?15:15
islandmonkeeePanV: In what fashion? In terms of looks/eye candy or something different?15:15
NtemisPanV: here you go http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spice15:16
PanVI think in terms of looks15:16
islandmonkeeeHi all, I have a Lenovo Z500 with a combo jack. Today I bought a splitter so I could record input from my synthesiser, but I am having no luck. The only indication that ALSA is finding something is that when I turn the volume on the microphone setting down, the noise that comes with the splitter decreases (this is not really a problem its a bit of loose connection). I have no problems with hearing what is coming15:16
islandmonkeeethrough my synth via the splitter though.15:16
islandmonkeeeOutput of aplay -L, list of devices and aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/3fkrf0Jm15:16
nandoeUbuntu 15.10 code name werewolf? I waiting for final release :D15:16
PanVI like werewolfs, I prefer Unicorns....... -.-15:16
Ntemisam looking forward for next LTS release my self15:17
PanVNtemis, I am not sure this was exactly I was looking for.15:17
Ntemisi was teasing you man15:17
islandmonkeeePanV: Ah, a good tool for that is Unity Tweak Tool: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/unity-tweak-tool/15:17
PanVik :P15:17
Ntemisyou should try google for themes/icons15:17
hjfis it possible to enable root logins via ssh? I'm using ubuntu on Amazon EC2. I need to be root. NOT sudo root. i need to port forward a low port and that can only be done by root15:17
islandmonkeeePanV: But yes, of course, you can always install custom themes as well15:17
PanVthe *15:18
NtemisSearch for noobslab ;)15:18
PanVnoobslab is... installer for themes?15:18
Ntemisi have it look like a mac OS my self15:18
Ntemiswith MATE 1.8.215:18
islandmonkeeePanV: No, that's a PPA15:18
PanVUnity Tweak Tool seems interesting, thank you for your help. If I need anything else I will post here15:19
pavloshjf, http://askubuntu.com/questions/469143/how-to-enable-ssh-root-access-on-ubuntu-14-0415:19
NtemisPanV: check this out http://www.noobslab.com/2015/05/mbuntu-y-macbuntu-transformation-pack.html15:19
PanVomg... thank you so much.15:20
xanguaworst theme ever Ntemis15:20
NtemisPanV: http://www.noobslab.com/2015/05/all-icon-sets-are-now-available-for.html15:20
ricardI installed the kernel 3.16.0-37 putting sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic-lts-utopic because sudo apt-get dist-upgrade I did not update anything15:20
PanVI prefer Unity Tweak tool, but thanks, I will have a look at it15:21
Ntemisxangua: i cherry-pick what i install and tweak over to suit my taste15:21
Ntemisexample i use cairo dock my self15:21
Johnny_Linuxyou dont need all that to make it look like a mac, cairo-dock and a couple wallpapers do a better job.15:21
k1lPanV: just go on the hunt for screenshots of ubuntu desktops or theming pages. most guys write down what they used so you can get that too if you liked it15:21
hjfpavlos: Permission denied (publickey).15:21
PanV:) Thanks.15:22
ricardplease help15:22
PanVI thought I was screwed with that Desktop. Now I am saved and can customize it even more. Screw you Mac and Windows! :D UBUNTU rocks15:22
islandmonkeeeHi all, I have a Lenovo Z500 with a combo jack. Today I bought a splitter so I could record input from my synthesiser, but I am having no luck. The only indication that ALSA is finding something is that when I turn the volume on the microphone setting down, the noise that comes with the splitter decreases (this is not really a problem its a bit of loose connection). I have no problems with hearing what is coming15:23
islandmonkeeethrough my synth via the splitter though.15:23
islandmonkeeeOutput of aplay -L, list of devices and aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/3fkrf0Jm15:23
PanV*Too complicated for me* and I thought I had some skill with computers.15:23
ricardI installed the kernel 3.16.0-37 putting sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic-lts-utopic because sudo apt-get dist-upgrade I did not update anything15:24
k1lricard: what ubuntu are you running?15:25
k1lricard: and what is the issue?15:25
PanVWait, can I change the "where the bar with programs" is?15:25
k1lPanV: with unity its on the left side.15:25
xanguaPanV: no15:25
k1lPanV: but you could run another launcher bar or use another desktop15:26
PanVI can change it kil?15:26
PanVOh wait.15:26
blibdoes GlobalSat BU-353-S4 USB GPS  work on ubuntu? Is there an easy way to check?15:26
ricardI've done well15:27
=== alfa is now known as Guest7534
ki7mtricard, I dont understand your problem, you installed a kernel manually, is it not working or something?15:29
k1lricard: if you installed 14.04 or 14.04.1 you will need to install that enablement stack kernel like you did. just 14.04.2 comes pre installed with 3.1615:29
k1lricard: butbe aware of the shorter support from that kernel15:30
k1l!enablementstack | ricard15:30
ubotturicard: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases. see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack15:30
cykingIs there anyone that can assist me with a kernel bisect / bug report?  Please?15:31
hremdhi folks15:31
ricarddo not use the same desktop and everything is fine but I want to know if I have done well15:32
ricarddo not use the same desktop and everything is fine but I want to know if I have done well15:32
hremdthere is some issue with lubuntu root pass does not work in terminal  and when I want to install extra language support via settings it says it cant do it and adviced sudo apt-get install -f15:32
hremdwhats the easiest way to reset user sudo pass15:32
Bluekingforgot passwd ?15:33
k1lhremd: sudo pass is the same as user pass15:33
hremdkll yes however user claims she changed it via GUI15:33
hremdnow it works via logon in terminal no15:34
k1lthen its still the same for her when she wants to use sudo15:34
sh0tHI guys can anyone tell me what's wrong with this very simple Makefile: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11227062/ i get Makefile:9: *** missing separator (did you mean TAB instead of 8 spaces?).  Stop.15:34
sh0t when i try to make15:34
flaburganhi guys, just log in on the wiki.ubuntu.com for the first time, looks like I can't edit this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/diaspora15:34
hremdkll I have tried it I can login with it15:34
hremdhowever sudo does not work15:34
hremdso perhaps simply reset it somehow without reinstall15:35
k1lthere is no root password. its always the users password. only thing is the user needs permission to use sudo15:35
hremdkll correct15:35
hremdand that same pass does not work in terminal when use sudo there15:35
k1lis she in the sudo group?15:35
mcphailsh0t: The error message tells you your problems...15:36
hremdkll sudo:x:27:niina15:37
hremdseems like it15:37
mcphailsh0t: Makefiles are specific about whitespace - the "indents" for the recipes have to be tabs instead of spaces15:37
Midoshi27I have an ubuntu web server and I just checked auth.log... I'm getting mutliple failed attempts for login from some unknown ip address on random ports for ssh2. I looked up the IP address... some China Telecom Jiangsu company. I'll be blocking them with iptables but is there more I should do to prevent them from even attempting to crack into my server?15:37
t3kg33kGreetings all15:38
hremdkll any more ideas?15:38
t3kg33kAny Conky experts here?15:38
pbxMidoshi27, that's not an ubuntu question per se but it's a common problem.15:38
sh0tyeah mcphail thanks do u know how i can fix it15:38
Midoshi27pbx: can you still help me? Or direct me in the right direction?15:39
hremdI could enable root temp however I need sudo pass to work for it too15:39
SchrodingersScat!info fail2ban | Midoshi2715:39
t3kg33kI want to display the Desktop Environment name with my Conky and I can't find the variable15:39
ubottuMidoshi27: fail2ban (source: fail2ban): ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.1-1 (vivid), package size 209 kB, installed size 1075 kB15:39
mcphailsh0t: change the spaces to tabs. Make sure your editor doesn't cheat and switch them back to spaces15:39
SchrodingersScatMidoshi27: maybe if you host enough freedom, you will get banned on great firewall, solves problem on their end?15:39
Midoshi27ubottu: thanks robot!15:40
flaburgananyone to explain me how the wiki works?15:40
mcphailsh0t: btw, that is a fairly useless makefile. It won't detect and rebuild an individual component when a single source file changes. You'd have been as well just writing a shell script15:40
flaburganwho has write permission on wiki.ubuntu.com/diaspora?15:40
hremdkll maybe visudo is corrupt_15:40
pbxMidoshi27, sounds like you're doing the right things.  block ip ranges if the failed attempts annoy you. for hardening, you could turn off password auth and just use ssh keys. e.g. https://www.debian-administration.org/article/530/SSH_with_authentication_key_instead_of_password15:40
sh0tthanks mcphail %s/^ \{8}/^V<Tab>/ this worked15:41
k1lhremd: well. now it depends what the user did there.15:41
Brayden5234I have a support question.15:41
mcphailsh0t: a lot of editors do stupid things like converting tabs to spaces. Causes endless frustration15:41
reetbearBrayden5234: ask and see15:42
Brayden5234Is it possible to run Ubuntu off of a 3tb external hard drive? But like when you make changes or download something when you are running ubuntu it saves if you shutdown the computer?15:42
mcphailsh0t: (of course, the real problem is "make" being specific about whitespace. That was always a bad design)15:42
hremdkll imo she used gui to change user pass15:42
hremdand it backfired15:42
=== Dreaman is now known as CrackerJack
al2o3-crBrayden5234: sure15:42
hremdI cant open visudo as it needs sudo lol15:43
hremdmaybe boot for live cd and change visudo from there?=15:43
mcphailBrayden5234: I was just reading a blog from popey explaining this process...15:43
k1l!password | hremd15:43
ubottuhremd: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords15:43
hremdkll password does not work :D15:43
Brayden5234Oh really mcphai? Can you give me the link please? Thank you.15:44
popeyBrayden5234: yeah, you can do that - as mcphail says http://popey.com/blog/2015/03/25/making-a-portable-persistent-ubuntu-usb-stick/15:44
k1lhremd: afaik changing the password in gui works. dont know what was done or where it failed.15:44
popeyBrayden5234: I used a usb stick but you can do it with a hard drive in a caddy15:44
Brayden5234Thank you guys so much :D15:44
k1lhremd: the bot mentions the lost password link. see that15:44
mcphailpopey: I wasn't stalking you, honest :)15:44
reetbearBrayden5234: helpful15:45
Brayden5234So when I install Java or install a game on the ubuntu running off the hard drive and I turn off the computer and turn it back on it will save?15:45
mcphailBrayden5234: yes15:45
hremdkll ty15:45
hremdits clear now15:45
sh0tyeah mcphail it seems to be an issue as i keep reading15:45
Brayden5234Awesome just what I was looking for :D15:45
sh0tis cmake something better?15:45
mcphailsh0t: cmake isn't a replacemant for make. It replaces autotools. You still use make at the end15:46
reetbearBrayden5234: mcphail he's running a hard drive not a thumb drive15:46
mcphailreetbear: that doesn't change anything15:46
sh0tok mcphail thanks i still have to read a lot about these tools15:46
sh0tthanksa gain.15:47
b4tm4nis there a difference between mkfs /dev/sdb and mkfs /dev/sdb115:47
Brayden5234Yeah I need to put it on a 3.0 USB 3TB external harddrive15:47
mcphailsh0t: worthwhile learning how to write a proper makefile. It makes life a lot easier. And I'd recommend the autotools book (?by caldicott) if you want to learn how to automate the process15:47
mcphailsh0t: john calcote, not caldicott15:48
mcphailsh0t: http://www.nostarch.com/autotools.htm15:49
reetbearBrayden5234: set bios or efi to boot from that drive. Install normal to that drive15:49
ki7mt^That is a good autotools book15:49
Brayden5234Reetbear why send those messages to me? He sent racial and hatful personal messages to me. :(15:50
b4tm4nsame here15:50
Brayden5234Why? What did I do?15:50
reetbearBrayden5234: that is a stinking slandering lie15:51
reetbearb4tm4n: you liar15:51
b4tm4nreetbear, right, we're ganging up on you...15:51
xanguatake it elsewhere15:52
M4caHi... why there isn't the Chromium 45 in the repos?? I have the version 4115:52
b4tm4nis it possible to create a logical volume without lvm?15:52
Brayden5234Guys these are the messages reetbear sent me for no reason. http://i.imgur.com/vDLSopg.png15:53
Brayden5234Reetbear you are a lier, can someone ban him? Well I really do not know how these chat's work but if a mod could it would be nice.15:54
PanV1 op is online, 1845 are online. I think about... 90% is afk.15:54
PanVIncluding the op15:54
* PanV is bored.15:55
ki7mtThere are many more ops in the channel than one, they just don't have channwl ops assigned to the all the time, which is the right way to be.15:55
k1lguys, he is made gone. so lets focus back on support. if there is further pm harassment while he is not in this channel anymore report to #freenode for network staff to handle that15:56
Brayden5234Alright thank you k1l sorry for getting off-topic.15:56
Brayden5234Alright so I must have Ubuntu or a linux OS to do what I said above?15:58
Brayden5234The guide here: http://popey.com/blog/2015/03/25/making-a-portable-persistent-ubuntu-usb-stick/      is a guide for linux. What about windows?15:58
k1lBrayden5234: for windows support ask in ##windows15:59
PanVSupport: I want to get some themes with the help of NoobsLab. MacBuntu OS Y Theme, Icons and cursors... but I cannot install those.15:59
PanVi have installed ppa:noobslab/themes15:59
youdmaniwBrayden5234: no16:00
Brayden5234Alright will do k1l16:00
mcphailBrayden5234: you can try installing onto the USB drive directly from an install USB stick16:00
Brayden5234mcphail what? I didn't follow that sorry.16:01
k1lPanV: what ubuntu are you on? "lsb_release -d"16:01
daftykinsBrayden5234: do you also have a flash drive spare? you can boot that and install to this external HDD.16:01
ki7mtWindows installed on USB stick? Don't think that is possible (may be wrong), even if it were, would be old-dog slow16:01
mcphailBrayden5234: download ubuntu, put the installer on a USB stick, reboot into the installer and choose to install onto your external USB drive. It often works, but sometimes needs some tweaking16:01
Brayden5234ooohhhhhhh that is brilliant daftykins! Does it really work though?16:01
PanVki7mt, it is possible, since it is on a drive.16:02
k1lPanV: so what package do you want to install now?16:02
daftykinsBrayden5234: well i'm suggesting installing properly, not any of this persistence rubbish16:02
ki7mtHe said Stick .. not drive16:02
youdmaniwBrayden5234: your drive will appear as a internal drive16:02
reisioit's possible, but not fun16:02
PanVI have installed ppa:noobslab/themes16:02
reisioMicrosoft isn't really a fan of flexibility16:02
Brayden5234Alright yeah that makes sense that you16:02
reisiodunno why, they could just charge for it16:02
jostHi... I just updated from XUbuntu 14.04.2 to 15.04. Now my VPN connection does not work any longer, although the configuration stayed the same. Can someone help me debug it? Here is the relevant part of the syslog: http://dpaste.com/119XH1Z16:02
PanVbut I cant get the mbuntu-y-ithemes-v5 or16:02
reisioprobably because they only bought the OS, and don't know the full ramifications16:02
cowbaconyou can also do it in virtualbox. attach usb hdd to vm. install to the usbhdd16:02
daftykinsBrayden5234: i'm referring to Ubuntu there of course, you can't do this with Windows.16:03
youdmaniwjost: one word. SYSTEMD16:03
k1lPanV: its only v4 in that ppa for 14.0416:03
Brayden5234Yeah I want to do it with ubuntu not windows16:03
PanVSo.. I cant have it?16:03
Brayden5234I want to put Ubuntu on an external hard drive16:03
k1lPanV: see this list. its sorted for the 14.04 version already: https://launchpad.net/~noobslab/+archive/ubuntu/themes?field.series_filter=trusty16:03
EriC^^Brayden5234: do you currently have ubuntu installed?16:03
jostyoudmaniw: ok... how to fix it?16:03
daftykinsBrayden5234: yes so put it on a flash drive first.16:03
reisioBrayden5234: that you can plug into random boxes?16:03
Brayden5234No I have windows 816:03
PanVBrayden5234, you can install I think Ubuntu on any drive.16:03
Brayden5234So put ubuntu with unetbootin on a flash drive. Boot my PC with that then plugin my harddrive and install ubuntu on to it?16:04
daftykinsdon't use unetbootin, use UUI from pendrivelinux.com16:04
Brayden5234Oh alright16:04
PanVBrayden5234, use UNetBootIn, I did this on Windows 8. Then launched the USB Stick, chose "Try Ubuntu without installing" and in the desktop there is an icon16:04
PanVdaftykins, in windows 8 it is better16:04
PanVI believe it is a better solution.16:05
Guest8000If I have 3 servers and I wish them to have the same date & time down to microseconds, is ntpdate the way to do it?16:05
daftykinsBrayden5234: yep, then boot "try ubuntu" and come on webchat from here - because you'll need to make two critical changes to make this work properly and not mess with your Windows install16:05
daftykinsPanV: "it" ?16:05
daftykinsunetbootin is not better than UUI :)16:05
PanV? UNetBootIn16:05
PanVthan pendrivers16:05
Brayden5234Alright will do. Be back on here later16:05
PanVWell, it worked fo rm16:05
BluesKajjost,  "The synchronous pptp option is NOT activated" is there an option to activate that?16:05
PanVfor me better16:05
youdmaniwJost all scripts are handled by systemd now, not upstart. Subunit in version 15.04 just threw it in without changing the scripts16:05
daftykinsPanV: so you're claiming you used both programs and UUI caused trouble?16:05
PanVI claim I used Pendrivers.16:06
=== khisanth__ is now known as Khisanth
PanVbut it didnt work for me good.16:06
daftykinsi don't know what that is.16:06
PanVbut UNetBootIn helped me.16:06
PanVit installed and launched the USB stick16:06
daftykinsok well that's all well and good, but you're one user - versus all the people we regularly help :)16:06
BluesKajyoudmaniw, dunno about pptp vpn but openvpn is not affected by systemd16:06
jostBluesKaj: nothing that I can see16:06
youdmaniwJost all scripts are handled by systemd now, not upstart. UBUNTU version 15.04 just threw it in without changing the scripts16:06
PanVI just tell my opinion, I dont make a war.16:06
PanVIf you want use Pendrivers, perhaps the problem was..16:07
PanVoh s* the problem was me.16:07
PanVMy hard drive of 500 GB wasnt appereantly supported, both of programs.16:07
PanVso I used an 8 GB usb with UNetBootIn16:07
* PanV says My Fault!16:07
daftykinsdon't even really know what you mean by "pendrivers"16:08
omgitsmit"pendrive" maybe?16:08
nandoehi all, anyone know how to connect vpn from ubuntu?16:08
=== esc_type is now known as jews
daftykinsnandoe: network manager16:08
skweekit's like, I'm thinking drivers.. i'm trying to type pendrive... pendrivers came out16:08
ubottuFor more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN16:08
PanVwait... I am confused.16:08
tewardnandoe: through Network Manager provided you have the VPN plugins for it installed16:09
youdmaniwnandoe: run chrome. Add extension16:09
omgitsmityoudmaniw: no16:09
PanVomg.. here isn't support anymore. Here is WarZone lol16:10
youdmaniwnandoe: vpn extension in Firefox or chrome16:10
daftykinsPanV: can you take the non-support chat to #ubuntu-offtopic please?16:10
linuxuz3rhey daftykins16:10
omgitsmitnandoe: don't trust your VPN through a browser, plus that wont be system wide.16:10
omgitsmitnandoe: follow the proper way to setup a VPN on your system.16:10
=== mike_ is now known as Guest48480
daftykinslinuxuz3r: do i know you?16:11
nandoe@omgismit: ok16:11
youdmaniwomgitsmit: only if you run another extension like flash.16:12
nandoe@omgsmit: btw, I tried connect VPN via OpenVPN, I use vpn from vpnbook.com16:12
nandoebut I have a problem16:12
omgitsmitnandoe: i too run openvpn that i installed myself on a home server16:13
nandoeIP address has change but why I cannot access website blocking from my provider?16:13
PanVExcuse me. sudo (auto remover command)? please?16:14
youdmaniwnandoe: how about TOR16:14
omgitsmityoudmaniw: tunnelbear and such is great for a quick private browsing connection, but i would never trust a BROWSER to handle my most sensitive company data16:14
EriC^^PanV: sudo apt-get autoremove ?16:14
omgitsmityoudmaniw: plus, im sure this user wants to use the VPN for something other than just a browser.16:14
PanVThanks EriC^^16:15
omgitsmitnandoe, test with a "what is my ip" website. make sure your actually using the vpn.16:15
omgitsmitnandoe: if its a connection issue, please pastbin your errors from the logs16:15
nandoe@youdmaniw: I also try TOR browser, but still many website blocking from my provider16:15
=== CrackerJack is now known as Dreaman
EriC^^nandoe: if you're using tor the websites can't know your provider16:16
EriC^^nandoe: maybe it's a browser setting or something?16:16
omgitsmitnandoe: EriC^^: unless the tor node they happent o be using is also not allowed to browse said wesbite16:16
=== Dreaman is now known as CrackerJack
EriC^^omgitsmit: yeah, nandoe try pressing on new identity under options16:17
jostOk, I searched a bit through the logs, and this could be the problem: error> [1432052107.082741] [platform/nm-linux-platform.c:1714] add_object(): Netlink error adding via dev ppp0 metric 1024 mss 0 src user: Unspecific failure16:17
jostcan someone tell what that error message indicates?16:18
kokutHello, i changed the permission of my /var/www/ folder i now i cant save files i'm editing in sublime text for example, anyone knows which user should i add to the group that has permission over the files?16:18
Midoshi27Installed fail2ban 10 minutes ago, have already jailed 4 ip addresses16:18
omgitsmitjost: "Unspecific failure" - gotta love that detail16:18
jostomgitsmit: I do. Really.16:18
daftykinskokut: ls -al /var/www/ | pastebinit16:18
youdmaniwkokut: run your text editor as root16:19
nandoeMy connection to vpn is no problem, but I read from documentation vpn to route all traffics networks need ethernet bridging. I stuck until here16:19
daftykinsyoudmaniw: no that is TERRIBLE advice16:19
omgitsmitjost: custom /etc/network/interfaces?16:19
omgitsmitnandoe: did you add your routes?16:20
kokutyoudmaniw: no man i just want to add the user that is running the text editor to the group that has permission over the folder16:20
daftykinskokut: run the above please16:20
kokutdaftykins: it doesn't say anything i didnt know, www-data is 4096 in the web-content group16:20
kokutthat has permission in /html/16:21
jostomgitsmit: nope, at least I didn't get any notification while upgrading, and it also looks unmodified (content: \nauto lo\niface lo inet loopback)16:21
somsipnandoe: vpnbook does not support all traffic unless you are paying for it. The free account is limited16:21
daftykinskokut: yes but *I* want to see it in order to help :)16:21
omgitsmitjost: eh, thought i might as well ask haha16:21
kokutdaftykins: can i just have two users with permission there? like my main user and www-data ?16:21
nandoeMaybe no, can you give me reference how to ethernet bridging? I read from documentation from openvpn still confuse16:21
omgitsmitjost: they might ask for a hardware pastebin, if you want to have that ready16:22
daftykinskokut: sigh. own the files as www-data:www-data then add your user to the www-data group, then add write permissions on the path for www-data - which i can confirm by seeing the pastebin i asked for :)16:22
daftykinssorry *group write permissions16:23
ioriajost if you have static ip, try automatic16:24
omgitsmitioria: jost: no custom networking, brand new install16:24
jostioria: everything works via dhcp16:24
jostJust found this: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=733296#c416:24
ubottuGnome bug 733296 in VPN: PPTP "networkmanager-pptp add route fails" [Normal,New]16:24
omgitsmitl ask haha16:24
omgitsmit[09:22] <       kokut>| daftykins: can i just have two users with permission there? like my main user and www-data ?16:24
omgitsmit[09:22] <      nandoe>| Maybe no, can you give me reference how to ethernet bridging? I read from documentation from openvpn still confuse16:24
omgitsmitthats what i get for trying to click a link ;)16:25
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
omgitsmitjost: so... you're missing a route?16:26
omgitsmitthat seems trivial16:26
jostomgitsmit: the workaround there just worked... I remove the gateway from the routing config16:26
jostomgitsmit: thanks for the support16:27
omgitsmitjost: i did none of the sort!16:27
omgitsmitman, xubuntu 15.x is really nice16:32
reisioomgitsmit: twss16:33
omgitsmitreisio: i respect a woman that knows her distros ;)16:34
reisioyou know what, so do I16:35
reisioI respect all women, in fact16:35
reisiothey have interesting parts16:35
omgitsmitmerp, is there no software center GUI rolled with xubuntu?16:37
reisioomgitsmit: there should be a GUI package manager frontend, but it's not software center16:38
reisioyou can install software center, though16:38
reisiobut it'll gnome up your xfce16:38
reisioa little more16:38
stephenjudkinsi am running `openjdk-8-jre-headless` on vervet and am getting `java.security.InvalidAlgorithmParameterException: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty` whenever I attempt to make an https connection in Java16:39
reisioactually it might have software center after all :p16:39
stephenjudkinsis this a known issue?16:39
reisiostephenjudkins: Java™ being incredibly insecure is16:39
xanguaactually software center comes preinstalled in xubuntu16:39
reisioyou'd probably have to go into the jvm prefs and say "hey, let's been even less secure!"16:39
stephenjudkinsreisio: what do you mean?16:39
reisioxangua: hey look at you, catching up :p16:39
reisiostephenjudkins: ?16:40
stephenjudkinsreisio: whatever16:40
jKaideNhey guys, just setting up Ubuntu 14.04, i don't have physical access to the server, so i had to install the OS remotely via cpanel and they had the OS for ubuntu16:41
jKaideNbut I'm not sure if it's the latest version, should i be doing a do-release-upgrade16:41
omgitsmitjKaideN: would it harm anything if you did?16:41
OerHeks14.04 is the latest LTS.16:41
reisiowell, the real question is would you have to spend time/money you don't have to undo it if it broke16:41
jKaideNOerHeks, there's like 14.04.2 ?16:42
omgitsmit+1 reisio16:42
OerHeksjKaideN, yes, update brings you to 14.04.216:42
omgitsmit"If it aint broke, upgrade it"16:42
reisionot sure I'd bother, though16:42
reisioif you're using cpanel, your whole system is already that much less secure/unreliable16:42
* reisio shrugs16:42
omgitsmitreisio: eh, that's arguable16:42
jKaideNreisio, it's not as if everything is pre-configured. It's just an ISO they they hold16:43
turbo_Fuck you canonical Buguntu16:43
omgitsmitjKaideN: reisio: tin foil hat me says "Do i trust this ISO?"16:44
jKaideNomgitsmit, how else can I install it then?16:45
omgitsmitjKaideN: if they give you shell access to kvm, i would just roll my own ubuntu install.16:45
omgitsmitassuming that's the hypervisor they're using16:45
ColonelPanic001anyone happen to know how long it typically takes to get a new releases mirror reviewed?16:45
jayjoI'm trying to use matplotlib (python) on an ubuntu server, what is an X11 header?16:45
ColonelPanic001not a big deal really, but my mirror was registered on April 2, and is still "pending review"16:46
ColonelPanic001shut up and take my mo...er, bandwidth16:46
omgitsmitjayjo: X11 header files, usually needed to compile stuff16:46
reisioit's not really arguable16:46
reisioa webUI has root access to your system16:46
reisiothis webUI did not come from a .deb16:46
jKaideNomgitsmit, its ILO2 access. How can i prompt my own/custom ISO through this ?16:47
omgitsmitreisio: my cpanel does not have root, it only conrtols physical stuff like power management and networking16:47
omgitsmitjKaideN: you may have to contact them first16:47
reisioomgitsmit: which it does by having root16:47
omgitsmitreisio: root to the host system, but not to the guest vm16:48
jayjoomgitsmit: what is an X-server? What are the search terms to read up on this? Is it jsut an apt-get...? I have a private machine so I can put what I need on it to get matplotlib running16:48
jKaideNomgitsmit, oh is it Virtual Media ?16:48
reisioVM, oh lord16:48
reisiobasically just look at http://web.archive.org/web/20051230181349/http://www.cpanel.net/images/header.swf16:48
reisiozoom in on her lips16:48
reisiothat explains cpanel16:48
Piciomgitsmit: you only have access to cpanel? or do you have real cli access?16:50
omgitsmitPici: shell access16:51
omgitsmitcpanel only controls physical power connections, not hypervisor or system operations16:51
omgitsmiti thought it would be more "secure" that way16:51
Piciomgitsmit: I got confused who was asking what somewhere, nevermind me ;)16:52
PicijKaideN: How are you trying to install matplotlib?16:52
jKaideNPici, what ?16:53
PicijKaideN: I'm just being terrible at irc today.  Sorry.16:53
Picijayjo: How are you trying to install matplotlib?16:53
jayjoI originally did it unsuccessfully via pip, now I used apt-get install python-matplotlib and it installed properly16:55
Picijayjo: okay16:55
jayjobut matplotlib still wants to diplay the graphics16:56
jKaideNguys anyone have experience with ILO2 (HP Integrated Lights-Out 2) ?16:57
PicijKaideN: you may want to ask in #ubuntu-server16:57
jayjoit's not an installation issue I don't believe, it requires something to write graphics when it can't display and it's X1116:57
Picijayjo: This is for something that you're writing in python yourself?16:58
=== arya is now known as Guest55751
Brayden5234Hey guys do you remember my problem?16:59
IrfanAlamnot able to play audio and video17:00
Brayden5234I am on the USB and the hard drive is plugged in... What next17:00
IrfanAlamThe playback of this movie requires a MPEG-4 AAC decoder plugin which is not installed.17:00
Brayden5234Guys anyone on that remembers my problem?17:01
reisioI for one, do not17:01
wafflejockBray90820, nope write it all in one line or give us a pastebin if it's a long explanation17:02
Brayden5234I am trying to install Ubuntu 15.04 on a external hard drive via running the try ubuntu on a USB stick17:02
nemithI can't seem to figure out how to map the caps lock key to ctrl on 15.04.  Any clues?17:02
wafflejocknemith, haven't tried 15.04 yet but you may want to check out xbindkeys I've used it for some key mapping stuff before17:03
Brayden5234Someone said it would be possible choosing the external hard drive to install it to it.17:03
=== john is now known as Guest44884
wafflejocknemith, ah take it back just looked that up again, recall now I was just using that for keybindings to do various operations for the window manager, not mapping keys17:06
nemithyeah looks like I can run commands to key bindings17:07
wafflejocknemith, you try this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/149971/how-do-you-remap-a-key-to-the-caps-lock-key-in-xubuntu17:07
Brayden5234Hello guys, sorry I went off line for a second.17:08
Brayden5234Any thoughts on my problem/idea?17:08
wafflejockBrayden5234, no worries, no replies came in so far17:08
Brayden5234Oh alright17:09
wafflejockreisio, Brayden5234 is trying to install via a USB live image to an external USB drive17:09
nemithwafflejock: i though so17:09
wafflejockif I understood correct, but isn't seeing the external17:09
nemithlet me try again17:09
Brayden5234Yeah, so basically.... I am right now running Ubuntu 15.05 off of try ubuntu and trying to click the install icon on the desktop and install ubuntu to an external hard drive17:10
wafflejockBrayden5234, I can maybe help with checking your devices that are hooked up and checking if the external is mounted or if we can mount it manually, but I'm not familiar with the process for installing to an external drive17:10
al2o3-crBrayden5234: why don't you just install ubuntu fully on the external hd17:10
Brayden5234Thats what I am trying to do.17:10
Brayden5234I do not know how though.17:11
nemithwafflejock: yeah that doesn't work for whatever reason17:11
al2o3-crBrayden5234: the same way you would an internal one17:11
al2o3-crjust make sure you install grub to the external drive17:11
Brayden5234Oh really? So just choose the external hard drive and install?17:11
al2o3-crBrayden5234: yeah17:11
Brayden5234How do I do that?17:11
=== rodrigosavian is now known as rodrigosav
Brayden5234Install grub I mean.17:12
al2o3-crBrayden5234: sudo fdisk -l # check to see what your ext drive is17:12
OerHeksBrayden5234, start live session, mount that hdd, and start install ?17:12
al2o3-crBrayden5234: the installer will do that17:12
wafflejocknemith, what does this show setxkbmap -query ?17:13
Brayden5234So that is it? Basically click the install ubuntu icon on the desktop and choose to install it on the external?17:13
wafflejocknemith, there's some more details on xkb here https://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/769644-hacking-your-linux-keyboard-with-xkb and a link in there for xmodmap think thats the other one I was thinking of earlier17:13
reisioBrayden5234: should ask you where you want to install grub17:13
al2o3-crBrayden5234: yeah but make sure you pick the external one17:13
Brayden5234Alright. Awesome thanks guys :D17:14
Brayden5234Also one more question? What IRC program on Ubuntu do you guys use?17:14
reisioworst case, you re-boot the live OS and fix it17:14
al2o3-crBrayden5234: I use weechat :)17:14
wafflejockBray90820, hexchat17:14
reisioI use hexchat for GUI, and irssi for not17:14
wafflejockBrayden5234, ^^17:14
dprcIrfanAlam, try installing: gstreamer1.0-libav17:14
reisioweechat's okay for not GUI, too17:15
Brayden5234Which is the best user friendly interface?17:15
wafflejockBrayden5234, hexchat is pretty simple and lightweight17:15
Brayden5234Basically the easiest one to use for a noob?17:15
zykotick9Brayden5234: which is the best colour?17:15
Brayden5234Alright I will try that one thanks :D17:15
wafflejockBrayden5234, Quassel has it's own DB for backing the logs so you get longer history but it's heavier and more to manage than it's worth IMO17:16
charlie_sandersHi all, trying to install some libraries with "sudo apt-get install libc6-i386 libstdc++6-i386", but get the error "lib32gcc1 (>= 1:4.1.1) but it is not going to be installed" , trying to install lib32gcc1 and all the dependencies gets me nowhere,, it finally ends in  "libc6-i386 : Depends: libc6 (= 2.19-10ubuntu2) but 2.19-10ubuntu2.3 is to be installed" , how do I get these libs ??17:20
charlie_sandersalso what happened to the ia32-libs package in 14.10 ??17:22
charlie_sandersAnd why is no one in here it's usually very busy17:22
blakwirehi guys, I have installed ubuntu on my usb stick, everything is perfect expect I am trying to use my vpn connection to connect to internet through my college network, which doesn't work17:22
OerHekscharlie_sanders, try sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libstdc++6:i38617:23
blakwirein windows I can connect just fine, but in ubuntu I can only connect to a hotspot, but my internet vpn doesn't work17:23
OerHekscharlie_sanders, ia32-libs are depreciated, ubuntu is multiarch since 12.0417:23
OerHeksjust add :i386 to the package.17:23
ioriacharlie_sanders, i think you need multi-arch17:24
charlie_sandershttp://pastebin.com/5mcnTmVd is is the error , something is really broken it seems17:24
charlie_sandersOerHeks, ^17:24
blakwireis there a way to convert a windows 8.1 vpn connection to an ubuntu vpn?17:24
al2o3-crioria: OerHeks just said ubuntu is multiarch since 12.0417:24
OerHekscharlie_sanders, did you update before installing?17:24
BluesKajblakwire, ubuntu on a USB live media ?17:24
charlie_sandersyes :(17:24
blakwireBluesKaj: yes, why?17:25
jKaideNOerHeks, ok I've just opened a ticket to my server hoster. Meanwhile i'll be doing the "do-release-upgrade"17:25
blakwireBluesKaj: and it has presistence space enabled17:25
BluesKajdo you have the vpn script installed etc17:25
blakwireBluesKaj: i dunno what you talking about17:25
BluesKajwhich vpn protocol , blakwire?17:26
blakwirein windows?17:26
BluesKajon ubuntu17:26
charlie_sandersOerHeks, that page just talks about ia32-libs, which is what I want.  ioria how do I do multi-arch ?17:26
blakwireBluesKaj: don't know17:26
blakwireI tried pptp17:27
blakwirebut did not connect17:27
al2o3-crcharlie_sanders: like OerHeks said with :i386 at the end of the package name17:27
blakwireI know it must have a pretty easy procedure, but I am stupidly missing it17:27
ioriacharlie_sanders, what are you trying  to achieve ?17:28
blakwireBluesKaj: is that what you were asking me?17:28
charlie_sandersal2o3-cr, ioria, I'm trying to run android studio, which requires  lib32stdc++6 , but every combination of packages I put it comes back with broken dependencies17:29
BluesKajblakwire, install pptp-linux?17:29
MaendirI was thinking to change in full OpenSUSE after trying it for 5 days on a secondary drive. Any opinions?17:29
BluesKajMaendir, no polls please17:30
blakwireBluesKaj: can't actually connect to the internet with my  ubuntu  without a vpn17:30
MaendirBluesKaj, done :)17:30
zen_iptable, you in?17:30
ioriacharlie_sanders, how are you installing it ?17:31
charlie_sanderssudo apt-get install -y libc6:i386 libgcc1:i386 libstdc++6:i386 libz1:i386 , this is the output http://pastebin.com/hWSn4XyC17:31
BluesKajbla sorry i don't understand your setup then... you haven't told me enough about it to help you17:32
charlie_sandersit looks like it really doesnt want libc6 in both amd64 and i386 versions17:32
ioriacharlie_sanders, no, i meant ... android studio17:32
=== cyborg is now known as Guest53627
charlie_sandersioria, it's already installed, when I start the config tool it dies with "Unable to run mksdcard SDK tool"17:33
ioriacharlie_sanders, how you installed  android studio ?17:33
blakwireis my ubuntu already prepackaged with pptp and pptp-setup packages? cause the university webpage says linux users should do "step 1 =yum install pptp pptp-setup" as the first step17:34
charlie_sandersioria, by running the install script17:34
blakwireand then pptpsetup --create vpnconnection --server --username *** --password17:35
aeon-ltdblakwire: well if you try installing does it tell you that you are reinstalling?17:36
BluesKajblakwire, I asked you earlier which vpn client and server you're using17:36
ioriacharlie_sanders, from here http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html ?17:36
al2o3-crblakwire: sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn network-manager-pptp network-manager-vpnc and use network manager17:36
charlie_sandersioria, yeah I think I got it, I already have lic6 in a 64 bit version, it won't install them both17:37
BluesKajal2o3-cr, he's using pptp17:37
al2o3-crBluesKaj: you can use pptp through network manager17:37
BluesKajal2o3-cr, yeah , but openvpn isn't what he needs17:38
al2o3-crthen just sudo apt-get install network-manager-pptp17:38
al2o3-crnice to have all though17:39
al2o3-crthen create a new vpn add your server username password17:40
ioriacharlie_sanders, apt-cache policy lib32ncurses5 ?17:40
gaandubuntuJust installed ubuntu. Why is the brightness setting resetting to max on every bootup. How can I make it stick?17:50
GevoxHello, i suddenly found my server rebooted and i need to know the reason of this reboot. I have ran last -d reboot17:51
Gevoxand i got the following message reboot   system boot          Tue May 19 17:54 - 19:46  (01:51)17:51
Gevoxcan somebody help me discovering the reason behind this reboot?17:51
=== tanuki_ is now known as tanuki
jnxdcan somone help me? I am trying to install ubuntu 15.04 on my device, but it seems to be stuck on "creating ext4 FS for /boon on SCSI1..."17:53
EriC^^gaandubuntu: you have to add a startup app that sets it17:53
daftykinsjnxd: /boot ? did you create a separate partition for /boot, or use encryption?17:53
jnxdthe former17:53
daftykinsjnxd: is Ubuntu to be the only OS?17:54
jnxddaftykins: I had it this way ubuntu 14.0417:54
jnxddaftykins: I plan to install fedora 22 when it comes17:54
jnxdfor now it is the only OS17:54
daftykinsi'd say a separate /boot is a waste of time these days17:55
jnxdis it? Please elaborate17:55
daftykinsthere's not much else to say really, don't make a separate /boot - it'll only become a maintenance chore17:55
daftykinsanyway as per why the installer is stopping there, can you give anymore detail as to what type of system this is?17:56
=== ken is now known as Guest69707
jnxdit's an HP laptop. pretty much mid-range17:56
kokutHello, how can i change the location where ubuntu is getting the packages? instead of us.archive to use es.archive17:57
daftykinsjnxd: booting 15.04 as EFI or legacy?17:57
daftykinskokut: by selecting a different mirror from system settings -> software and sources17:57
kokutdaftykins: k lemme try17:58
jnxdI'm confused as to how it is booting. I installed 14.04 as legacy. THen kubuntu 15.04 and when the opton came, I asked to continue with UEFI. Now UG is giving the same option saying there's already a compatibility mode one installed17:59
daftykinsjnxd: sounds messy, is there any data on there you're trying to keep?17:59
jnxddaftykins: yes, though its not in the same partitions that I am using18:00
daftykinsjnxd: so you're preserving a /home ?18:00
jnxdI mean that I'm going to use as / and /home/18:00
daftykinsjnxd: sounds like you're going mixed mode legacy install -> installing on top with EFI - you're gonna have a bad time18:01
daftykinsare you in a live session on this system right now?18:01
jnxdHelp me undo everything and start over please18:01
jnxdyes, live session18:01
daftykinssudo apt-get install pastebinit && sudo parted -l | pastebinit18:02
daftykinsrun the above please :>18:02
jnxdE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?18:03
daftykinsyou have a package manager of some kind open18:03
jnxdthis is SOME boss fight18:03
daftykinsyou'll need to close it18:04
jnxdthe installer18:04
jnxdI cant close it18:04
molimetalbuenas a todos!18:04
daftykinsjnxd: reboot18:04
daftykinsmolimetal: #ubuntu-es18:04
jnxddaftykins: cya in a while18:04
molimetalos voy a hacer una pregunta, compañeros. Qué versión de MAME es la mejor para ubuntu studio?18:04
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.18:05
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Guest60172i am running a live session and the USB drive is mounted at /cdrom, but only root can write to it. can i make my user have write access?18:08
reisioGuest60172: what for?18:09
Guest60172it's a big drive so i want to save files to it18:09
Guest60172and not in the casper-rw file18:09
daftykinsthat's not how you write to the flash drive18:09
jnxddaftykins: could you repaste the install commands?18:10
reisioGuest60172: well, ideally you make another partition to store things on18:10
Guest60172well my casper-rw is only 4 gb, so want so save movies to the whole fat 32 drive and read in windows18:10
reisioif it's unpartitioned space you can do it from the live OS, probs18:10
Guest60172I understand that windows can only see the 1st partition on a removable drive18:11
reisioI don't know about that18:11
reisiobut it's also not likely to matter18:11
reisioyou can make the storage partition the first if you want, though18:11
daftykinsjnxd: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && sudo parted -l | pastebinit18:11
daftykinsGuest60172: definitely wrong on that one18:12
Guest60172cause right now i have the whole 32 gb drive formatted as fat32 with a 4gb casper-rw file for linux18:12
kokutHello, i'm trying to connect my desktop via wifi and its not resolving for some reason, i just notice in the router admin that its showing the same name for my desktop twice with 2 different network ips18:12
reisioGuest60172: uhuh...18:12
reisiomake another partition for storage if you want18:12
daftykinskokut: yes one lease per OS18:12
kokutdaftykins: what?18:12
reisiosome of the usb imaging tools will even do it for you if you tell it to18:12
hzutHi - Please, let me know a good successor for emule?18:13
kokutdaftykins: it keeps showing 2 ips for my desktop man18:13
daftykinshzut: for obtaining what?18:13
daftykinskokut: gonna need more info than that to go on really18:13
cykinganyone using ubuntu mate 15.04?  what happened to Gvfs ? how can i located my samba mounts ?18:13
jnxddaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11229473/18:13
cykinghttp://askubuntu.com/questions/620584/gvfs-folder-location-in-ubuntu-mate-15-04  < all i can find18:14
daftykinsjnxd: ok, so do you need any data that's on this 1TB Hitachi right now or can you start from scratch?18:14
jnxddaftykins: I need the ones in 6 and 718:15
kokutdaftykins: i think ill just turn my router on and off because it keeps showing my desktop twice even after disconnecting the wifi/ethernet18:15
daftykinsjnxd: ok you're going to need to boot 15.04 in legacy mode and install like that then, attempting EFI won't work18:15
kokutdaftykins: well now it only shows it once18:15
daftykinskokut: ok18:16
kokutdaftykins: but its not even connected18:16
daftykinskokut: i am not getting a support question from what you're saying :)18:16
Happzztrying to fsck /dev/sda, getting /dev/sda is in use. i umounted /dev/sda, /dev/sda1. still getting the is in use error.18:17
Happzzi've booted from a live cd.18:17
daftykinsHappzz: type "mount" and check if it's in use or not18:17
daftykinsalso ensure your terminal is not on a mount point of any of the mounted partitions18:17
jnxddaftykins: Okay18:17
Brayden5234I am trying to install ubuntu on an external hard drive and when I choose the hard drive it says "No root file system is defined.18:17
Brayden5234Please correct this from the partitioning menu."18:17
jnxdhow do I do that?18:18
daftykins!efi | jnxd see here for the difference between legacy and EFI boot18:18
ubottujnxd see here for the difference between legacy and EFI boot: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI18:18
daftykinsBrayden5234: yes you need to set up some partitions on that disk - is it blank right now? nothing on it you need to keep?18:18
Brayden5234Yeah it is formatted blank. What now?18:19
daftykinsBrayden5234: the ubuntu installer has an option of 'use entire disk' or 'something else' - which did you pick?18:19
=== al2o3-cr is now known as gr33n7007h
hzutHi - Please, let me know a good successor for emule?18:19
daftykinshzut: as i already asked, what do you want it for?18:19
=== gr33n7007h is now known as al2o3-cr
Brayden5234That is for the computers hard drive, that is not an option for an external hard drive18:19
daftykinsBrayden5234: quit the installer, run it again and see if you get to the 'something else' option so you can partition manually.18:20
OerHekshzut, emule provides piracy software and music/films, offtopic for #ubuntu.18:20
Brayden5234That is where I am at daftykins18:20
daftykinsand for Freenode :)18:20
daftykinsBrayden5234: so how big is this disk? do you want some space for ubuntu and some other space for storage that Windows can access too, or?18:21
Brayden5234No just 100% ubuntu. And it is 3TB18:21
daftykinsok because that's a lot of space18:22
Brayden5234Haha yeah it is18:22
daftykinsBrayden5234: so the window should show /dev/sda and /dev/sdb yes?18:22
daftykinswhere sdb is the 3TB hopefully18:22
=== Elimin8r is now known as Elimin8er
daftykinsoh ok18:22
EriC^^Brayden5234: you need to make a gpt partition if you want 2+TB partitions18:22
daftykinsso in that window you should be able to select to create new partitions?18:23
Brayden5234How do I do that?18:23
Brayden5234Yes I can daftykins18:23
daftykinsor better yet a new partition table on the disk to start with18:23
EriC^^Brayden5234: open gparted > create new partition table, gpt or something along those lines18:23
daftykinswhich is what will offer the GPT format as EriC^^ suggests18:23
Brayden5234Yes it says new partition table18:23
EriC^^try to see if the installer can do that first as daftykins said18:23
hzutI want to say protocol P2P and no emule for piracy using, ok?18:24
daftykinshopefully it offers msdos + GPT18:24
daftykinshzut: sorry, still a forbidden topic. try a different IRC network18:24
hzutI am lookink for the successor of P2P proptocol and tools?18:24
hzutHave a good day18:25
KWhat_Workwtf provides /etc/mysql ?18:25
daftykinsmysql-server is a meta package which will install MySQL server 518:25
=== mm-work is now known as mmercer
Happzzthat's after fsck from livecd.18:28
daftykinsboot back into live18:29
daftykinsand give me a "sudo apt-get install pastebinit smartmontools && sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit"18:29
Brayden5234Ok on gpart I choose create new partition table and which should I choose?18:30
daftykinsGPT yes18:30
daftykinsdid you boot ubuntu as EFI or not?18:30
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI18:30
daftykinssee there for the difference18:31
Brayden5234I am confused what?18:31
daftykinsthere are two modes of booting ubuntu installation media, legacy and EFI18:31
daftykinssee the above link to say which one you did18:31
EriC^^Brayden5234: open a terminal and type ls -l /sys/firmware/efi18:32
Brayden5234alright one sec18:32
EriC^^Brayden5234: just tell us if it says it doesn't exist18:32
Brayden5234it says no such file or directory18:33
EriC^^ok, good18:33
Happzzdaftykins sec18:33
EriC^^Brayden5234: if you need to boot it on another machine that has uefi enabled, you'll have to enable legacy mode/ccsm and then boot it18:33
Brayden5234No root file system is defined.18:33
Brayden5234Please correct this from the partitioning menu.18:33
Brayden5234It is giving me that error when I try to install18:34
EriC^^Brayden5234: you have to make the root partition and a swap if you want18:34
EriC^^swap is up to you, mostly18:34
kokutHello, anyone knows how to share files between two ubuntu computers connected to a router via wifi?18:34
Brayden5234How do I make the root partition?18:34
Brayden5234dropbox kokut18:35
EriC^^Brayden5234: create new partition > ext4 > mountpoint "/"18:35
EriC^^use all the space if you don't want a swap18:35
k1lkokut: use the samba share option18:35
kokutBrayden5234: nope18:35
k1lkokut: or use a usb stick :)18:35
AvengerLiveskokut: sshfs also works18:35
EriC^^Brayden5234: also, at the bottom, set the bootloader to your usb's name18:35
daftykinskokut: scp18:36
daftykinsthough i suspect you want a GUI friendly way? :)18:36
kokutare you kidding that ubuntu doesnt have a nautilus option to use the network? i can browse windows computers easily with my ubuntu laptop18:36
AvengerLiveskokut: you can also run a command like: nautilus ssh://<username>@<second_computer's_ip_address18:36
kokutbut i want to use nautilus man18:37
AvengerLivesthat will do exactly what you want18:37
mcphailkokut: press ctrl-l in nautilus and you can type the url18:37
kokutssh is much slower i have to type the names of the folder in the same exact way etc18:37
user0how to install flash player for firefox and chromium-browser?18:37
AvengerLivesnautilus ssh://<username>@<second_computer's_ip_address18:37
Happzzdaftykins the dude im trying to help had to go. sorry for the bother. i'll be back with the info you asked later tonight.18:37
daftykinsHappzz: oh so this was a middle man job, mmk - don't do that in future please :)18:38
kokutAvengerLives: and what do i put in username18:38
AvengerLivesthat gives you open access to the other system within the confines of that user's permissions18:38
xAndreLopesxhi ubuntu chat18:38
kokutwhat do i put in the user man18:38
AvengerLivesthe user account that you use on the other machine18:38
xAndreLopesxim accessing an ubuntu server though ssh and when i try to execute a file, it says : command not found18:39
daftykinskokut: the username... :D18:39
EriC^^xAndreLopesx: which file?18:39
daftykinsxAndreLopesx: a script?18:39
xAndreLopesxi have a file named : haar.exe18:39
xAndreLopesxso i cd to the folder.. and18:39
xAndreLopesxtyped : haar.exe18:39
mcphailxAndreLopesx: are you prepending the command with "./"?18:39
AvengerLivesI use that command all the time without any speed issues btw18:39
daftykinsthat's a Windows executable. you can't run those directly on Linux.18:39
xAndreLopesxi see18:40
AvengerLivesyou are only limited by your intranet bandwidth18:40
daftykinswhat is it?18:40
daftykinsAvengerLives: network :P18:40
daftykinsnot intranet18:40
xAndreLopesxso i need to get a ubuntu executable18:40
scropewhat are your change permission?18:40
AvengerLivesyou are correct18:40
EriC^^xAndreLopesx: yeah, what does it do?18:40
xAndreLopesxopencv haartraining18:41
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
kokutAvengerLives: you don't have permission to access the requested location18:41
user0I just saw that I did update and the apt-get upgrade. then opened muon and there was a button highlghted "full upgrade" . I clicked and still some packages showed as upgradable. Why did apt-get upgrade didnt covered that?18:41
kokutdaftykins: any tips?18:42
daftykinskokut: you're already receiving help18:42
mcphailxAndreLopesx: You cant just use "scriptname" as a command, anyway. By default, the current directory is not in your user's $PATH so the shell will not see the script in that directory. Instead, use "./scriptname"18:42
scropemaybe error try apt-get autoremove18:42
kokutdaftykins: i was also receiving help from u m818:42
daftykinskokut: too many cooks spoil the broth18:42
mcphailuser0: a normal "apt-get upgrade" will not upgrade packages which uninstall other packages as part of the process. For a full upgrade, run "apt-get dist-upgrade"18:43
AvengerLiveskokut: on what I'm calling the second machine (the one to grab the files from), are they located in the home directory of the user for that system?18:44
user0mcphail,  thanks18:44
kokuti'm trying nautilus sftp://username@
Brayden5234I think it is stuck on creating ext4 file system18:45
daftykinsBrayden5234: give it time18:45
AvengerLiveskokut: in the event that they are in a different location, it is likely that the permissions of that location are not accessible to the user you are loggin in as18:45
user0how to install flash player for firefox and chromium-browser?18:45
Brayden5234Go to adobes website18:46
Brayden5234pretty easy18:46
Brayden5234it tells you how at the download page18:46
kokutAvengerLives: operation not supported :ssh18:46
daftykinsBrayden5234: not correct18:46
AvengerLivesthe user on must have proper access permissions for the directory as well as the files you wish to transfer18:46
mcphailuser0: ubuntu provides a flashplayer installer script which you should use18:46
AvengerLiveskokut: make sure openssh-server is installed on the machine18:47
AvengerLivesuse apt-get18:47
AvengerLivesbest to have it on both so this will work both ways in the future18:47
psycompIs this the best Linux distro for a normal PC to replace windows? Excluding the chromeOS that isn't a full-blown OS18:47
psycompI guess18:47
psycompSorry I'm new18:47
mcphailuser0: I can't remember the package name, but it is brought in if you install ubuntu-restricted-extras18:48
Brayden5234Nothing has happened. I think it froze18:48
kokutAvengerLives: package 'openssh-server' has no installation candidate18:48
AvengerLivespsycomp: it's a matter of personal preference... Mint is another option18:48
daftykinspsycomp: depends what you do18:48
psycompdaftykins: General computing. Like browsing, programming and games now and then. Which is best for me?18:49
mcphailpsycomp: the beauty of Linux is you can try them all and choose what works best for you. Ubuntu is a pretty safe bet18:49
AvengerLiveskokut: sudo apt-get install openssh-server18:49
daftykinspsycomp: what games do you play? some are available via Steam but not all18:49
Brayden5234in the more details of the installer it says: 'NULL' failed18:49
AvengerLiveskokut: it's in the ubuntu repos for sure18:50
psycompdaftykins: ah don't worry. Nothing very demanding, I saw these games are already available for Linux18:50
psycompmcphail: Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, MATE, which one is appropriate?18:50
mcphailpsycomp: I prefer default Ubuntu. You can install one and switch to the others very easily18:51
AvengerLivespsycomp: I concur18:51
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.18:52
psycompMy machine is fairly decent, so should run them all according to the system requirements, so hardware specs aren't a problem18:52
Brayden5234I would say Ubuntu is the best IMOP18:52
mcphailpsycomp: When you switch to Linux you have the freedom to try them all. Most people spend a few eeks switching between distros and desktops to see what suits them. The choice can be overwhelming18:53
psycompmcphail: To be honest I wouldn't have the time to spend too much time worrying about that, that's why I thought Ubuntu would be a safe bet..18:54
mcphailpsycomp: standard Ubuntu has become the Linux benchmark. It is an excellent choice18:54
Brayden5234Ubuntu looks the sexiest... Also has more support.18:54
psycompBrayden5234: Yes support was one of the primary reasons. There is a great amount of info for ubuntu compared to other distros...18:55
dubeyHas anyone successfully implemented Two factor authentication on ubuntu Gnome ?18:55
Brayden5234Yeah exactly.18:55
psycompmcphail: Does Ubuntu work well with Android for transferring files?18:55
dubeyI am following http://labs.packetverify.com/guides/using-google-two-factor-authentication-for-ubuntu-login/18:55
mcphailpsycomp: yes18:55
dubeynot working for me18:56
Brayden5234Yes it does18:56
Brayden5234Android phones works great with Ubuntu18:56
psycompBrayden5234: Does Ubuntu use GNOME?18:56
mcphailpsycomp: also makes a good platform for developing Android apps, if you like programming18:56
dubeyAfter doing all the steps when i logout/reboot the system, it doesn't even recognize my correct password18:56
Brayden5234Ubuntu is light wieght as well18:57
mcphailpsycomp: GNOME is an option, but by default Ubuntu uses Unity18:57
psycompmcphail: That's precisely one of the uses I would like to use Ubuntu for :)18:57
pbxmy mouse pointer disappeared on wake.  how might i get it back short of rebooting?18:58
psycompCan Ubuntu be customized like windows? the desktop and that stuff...18:58
mcphailpsycomp: perfect18:58
reisiopbx: replug it in?18:58
reisiopbx: and then look into disabling usb power saving18:58
pbxreisio, laptop, trackpad.  14.04 unity FWIW18:58
daftykinspbx: laptop? try ctrl+alt+F1 then alt+F7 to switch back18:58
mcphailpsycomp: of course. You have limitless choice, even changing the whole desktop manager if you wish18:58
pbxdaftykins, mode switch did it. nice. thanks18:59
reisiobest hack ever would be pm-utils chvt 1 and back to 718:59
mcphailpsycomp: make a live USB stick and give it a try. If you like it, install18:59
psycompmcphail: And hardware support is provided out of the box right?18:59
blorgpsycomp : Ubuntu is 200 times more customizable than anything you tired before :P18:59
Brayden5234Ubuntu is by far one of the most customizable OS's there is.19:00
mcphailpsycomp: for most things, yes. There are still some sticky patches. That's why it is worth trying a live USB first19:00
Brayden5234I mean you can completely change the look and feel of Ubuntu if your wish19:00
al2o3-crBrayden5234: i'll think you'll find that is arch19:00
psycompDo most people here use Unity?19:00
Brayden5234Haha yeah19:00
reisiopsycomp: I'd wager so, given it's default19:01
mcphailpsycomp: you may need to install some things like proprietary graphics drivers, but Ubuntu tries to make that easy for you19:01
blorgnope i'm gnome :)19:01
psycompblorg: Is there much difference between Unity and GNOME?19:01
daftykinspsycomp: i don't even use ubuntu desktop :P19:01
reisiopsycomp: "Unity" is mostly GNOME19:01
reisiothe difference is in the very top level of the UI19:02
reisioif you want your own feel for the differences, try both19:02
mcphailpsycomp: it is easy to install unity, gnome, KDE and whatever else. You just pick between them at login19:02
blorgyeah, try them.19:02
mcphailpsycomp: if you choose Ubuntu with Unity, you don't need to reinstall to switch to GNOME19:02
Brayden5234There are also many themes for Ubuntu... Unity is very customizable though19:03
psycompOk everyone. I'll download and try the default Ubuntu for now, see how it fares and if I can get used to it ;)19:03
mcphailpsycomp: enjoy, and ask here if you run into problems19:03
psycompBrayden5234: I read that Unity was known for not being so customizable as others...19:03
psycomplike KDE or xfce19:03
=== mate is now known as Guest93011
Guest93011Hello guys, I have a problem with printing I can't print more than one docoument in a row, after I print one I have to close and open the printer for it to continue printing. My printer is HP Deskjet D4200 series19:03
Brayden5234KDE is the best for themes19:03
mcphailpsycomp: KDE is prob the most customisable, but it take customisation to the extreme. Too much for me19:04
Brayden5234The ext4 file system creation in partition #1 of SCSI8 (0,0,0) (sdd) failed.19:04
Brayden5234I got that error trying to install ubuntu to an external hard drive19:04
Brayden5234What to do?19:05
kokuti'm trying to access with nautilus to my other computer in the network that's also running ubuntu but i'm having a lil hard time with ssh, anyone knows the right way to call nautilus with ssh for networks browsing with root privileges?19:05
psycompI see. Thanks everyone for your enlightening support. I will create the liveUSB now19:05
Brayden5234Guys any idea on what I said above?19:06
zorak8hi, i just installed an ubuntu server in an old laptop to use over ssh19:06
daftykinsBrayden5234: use gparted instead to make them19:06
mcphailBrayden5234: does your external HDD have enough power to spin correctly? Do you need external power?19:06
daftykinszorak8: ok...?19:06
zorak8but when i close the screen of the laptop i lost the ssh conection19:06
zorak8until i open the laptop again19:06
daftykinszorak8: mm, don't do that :)19:06
daftykinsroot: it's unsafe to come on here as root!19:07
=== root is now known as Guest5934
Brayden5234Yeah the external hard drive is a 3tb hard drive, it uses external power19:07
daftykinsGuest5934: ^19:07
Brayden5234Alright I will use gparted instead of the installation one.19:07
zorak8how can i configure the power options to only turn off the screen when is closed?19:08
AvengerLiveskokut: you didn't say root privs before. If you want to login as root you will need to edit your ssh config.  Never a good idea btw.  just grant your primary user the proper permissions and go from there19:08
daftykinsHappzz: just a heads up, that friend of yours hard disk looked faulty - so don't let them attempt any further fsck operations as it'll likely make it worse! :)19:08
blorgbrayden what are you trying to do?19:08
Brayden5234Install ubuntu on an external hard drive19:09
blakwirehi folks I am experiencing the worst level of pain in the ass and the head and neck, I am trying to install Ubuntu 14 on my virtualbox inside a windows 8.1 host, I get this error message Fast TSC Calibration Failed19:09
blakwirewhat should I do?19:09
daftykinsblakwire: power off the VM and check 3D acceleration is enabled under graphics19:09
blakwireok, w819:09
ubottuShortened English is difficult for some non-native English speakers to read. Please use full words instead. Thanks!19:09
blakwiredaftykins: no it is not19:10
daftykinsit's a polite request to not type like that :)19:10
al2o3-crblakwire: yes it is19:10
Brayden5234I am getting errors with my hard drive now19:10
blakwiredaftykins: no it is not enabled under graphics19:10
daftykinsblakwire: oh, then enable it...19:10
blakwireit is turned off19:11
daftykinsgreyed out? you need to power off the VM first.19:11
Brayden5234It says output/input error19:11
daftykins!ops | doo-doo inappropriate spamming19:11
ubottudoo-doo inappropriate spamming: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang19:11
blakwireok, let me see how it goes on, I got it enabled19:11
Brayden5234It is saying on my hard drive /dev/sdd: unrecognised disk label19:11
Brayden5234What to do?19:11
daftykinswhat reported that?19:12
compdocBrayden5234, install gparted and create one19:12
compdocBrayden5234, is there data on the drive?19:12
blorgbrayden did you wipe your drive first? Gparted is ggod for that... Use a live USB, unmount/delete/reformat any partition not wanted.19:13
compdocor is this a new drive?19:13
Brayden5234Input/output error during read on /dev/sdd getting this when I try to create a partition tabel19:13
daftykinsBrayden5234: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && dmesg | tail | pastebinit19:13
blakwiredaftykins : now 3d is enabled but the installation would not go on, just like it was before19:14
daftykinsblakwire: how did you download? check the ISO isn't corrupted19:14
blakwiredaftykins : you there?19:14
daftykins!md5 | blakwire19:14
ubottublakwire: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows19:14
daftykinsblakwire: yes you gave me 5 seconds to respond.19:14
daftykinsblakwire: show some patience.19:14
blakwiredaftykins : I did check it, it works just fine if the machine boot from the DVD.19:15
daftykinsBrayden5234: something is up with your disk.19:15
Brayden5234What does that mean haha19:15
daftykinsblakwire: check what? you are not being clear19:15
Brayden5234This is a brand new external hard drive19:15
blakwiredaftykins : the md5sum19:16
blakwiredaftykins : the iso is not currpt19:16
Brayden5234I have only transfered a few movies on it before. No heavy use.19:16
mcphailBrayden5234: you are _sure_ it is getting power to spin?19:16
zorak8how can i configure the power options to only turn off the screen when is closed?19:16
zorak8with the cli19:16
Brayden5234Yeah the hard drive is spinning19:16
daftykinsblakwire: so are you installing from a DVD, or the mounted ISO?19:16
blakwiredaftykins : I am installing from a mounted iso, I mean I also burned the iso file on an actuall dvd and it works fine19:17
blakwireso the iso is fine19:17
ioriaBrayden5234, i don't know your issue, but when i did it turned out that i could only install on 1 primary partition disk, and not a partitioned one. don't know why19:17
blakwireis there a way to help with this issue?19:17
mcphailBrayden5234: there is spinning and there is spinning properly. Check/replace both wires (USB and power)19:18
daftykinsblakwire: alright. delete and recreate your VM19:18
blakwiredaftykins : did that a million times19:18
daftykinsa million and one time lucky then19:18
blakwiredaftykins : I am kind of sensing you are trying to mock me in someway... is that true?19:19
daftykinsno it's called light hearted humour, it's used to cope with the tough tasks of sysadmins lives day to day19:19
blakwireoh it is painful and distressing while I am trying to solve an actual issue19:20
AdasserYeah, not sure though...19:20
daftykinsblakwire: i think that's a bit of a dramatisation. further help can be had in #vbox19:21
blakwireit does not feel like light hearted humor over here, btw I didn't know we could horse around, and tell jokes on this channel... shall I start?19:21
ioriakokut you have to be sure that openssh-server is installed on your other machines19:21
daftykinsblakwire: goodbye then19:21
blakwire:) ok...19:21
blakwireyou take care19:21
kokutioria: i just managed to do it but it was extremely slow so i'm going to use a usb stick19:22
ioriaBrayden5234, then do 'Connect to server'19:22
ioriaBrayden5234, it's slow ?19:22
ioriakokut it's slow ?19:22
zorak8how can i configure the power options to only turn off the screen when is closed with the cli?19:22
kokutioria: yea, now i'm compressing the files to put them in the pendrive but it's stuck in the middle of the operation like something went wrong... could it have a permissions issue?19:23
mcphailzorak8: not sure the CLI does that by default, but I might be wrong. Is your BIOS sending a message to suspend when the lid is closed?19:24
ioriakokut ssh is more  practicable19:24
Brayden5234I had the external hard drive plugged into an extension cord so it is working now plugged into the wall lol.19:24
ioriakokut samba is better19:24
mcphailBrayden5234: thought so!19:25
Brayden5234Haha how did you know?!19:25
mcphailBrayden5234: many years of problems with external USB drives. Power is always the problem19:25
NGuerrero* NGuerrero sa19:26
NGuerrerowrong chat19:26
ioriamcphail, true, i lost one week to understand that i needed a double usb cable19:26
Guest93011Though when I run things like hp-check It continues??19:26
mcphailYes - the problem is the controller doesn't need much power and appears to work correctly. But when the disk needs to spin for a while it all goes horribly wrong19:27
Brayden5234Damn managed to format it partition it as ext4 and now it is saying Input/output error during read on /dev/sdd19:27
ioriaBrayden5234, but it's related to i/o error not with the failed installation, i'm afraid19:28
Brayden5234What does that mean?19:28
Ben64Brayden5234: usually a bad drive19:28
mcphailBrayden5234: your probably still needing power. Is your USB connection going through a powered hub?19:28
Brayden5234What?! Bad drive?19:28
Brayden5234No the hard drive is plugged into the desktop directly19:29
Ben64thats usually what io error means19:29
ioriaBrayden5234, if i may, save what you have on that drive and wipe it19:29
Brayden5234I want to wipe it. Nothing is on it19:29
ioriaBrayden5234, movies ?19:30
Brayden5234Nope nothing19:30
AvengerLivesBrayden5234: Go for it then.  Also once you have conduct a SMART sacn to determine the health19:30
Brayden5234I already formatted it19:30
mcphailBrayden5234: in my experice it boils down to 3 things (in this order): 1) bad power, 2) bad cables, 3) bad disk19:30
ioriaBrayden5234,  sudo parted -l19:30
Brayden5234Model: ATA ST3250410AS (scsi)19:32
Brayden5234Disk /dev/sda: 250GB19:32
Brayden5234Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B19:32
Brayden5234Partition Table: msdos19:32
Brayden5234Disk Flags:19:32
Brayden5234Whoa I am so sorry19:33
jnxddaftykins: Okay, legacy boot also doesn't seem to work19:33
blorgbrayden5234 what is your problem? If you hve any.19:34
noveltyHi. im fairly new to ubuntu and linux and am trying to install digikam on 14.04 LTS server. This question may be more general than to just this application... I managed to install the package on the command line. Do I need to install a GUI on ubuntu for it to run or does the install integrate the necessary parts required to operate?19:34
Brayden5234I did not mean for that to happen.. I thought it would put it in a paragraph19:34
OerHeksnovelty, yes, you need a gui.19:35
Brayden5234What does that mean, thats what terminal said when I typed that sudo parted -l19:35
kokutfor some reason i'm randomly losing internet access in my desktop connected via usb stick en tho it's connected to the network, is there anything i can try?19:35
ioriaBrayden5234,  it's sdd  your external ?19:36
noveltythanks OerHekx. I installed LXDE-CORE this morning. but haven't had a chance to experiment much since then. Will that suffice or do specific programs need components from specific GUI?19:36
Brayden5234Yes sdd is external19:36
ioriaBrayden5234,  and you cannot wipe it from live ?19:37
daftykinsBrayden5234: so again, fire up gparted and partition that disk as GPT and create some partitions :)19:37
OerHeksnovelty, that might work yes19:37
Brayden5234Gparted isnt showing the hard drive anymore19:38
Brayden5234It basically is telling me it isnt plugged in19:38
jaapiohi, does somebody here know any package that supports the asus transformer series?19:39
blakwirefolks I need to change the boot parameters of the live DVD boot loader to something like this: "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="LANG=en_US.UTF-8 rd.md=0 rd.lvm=0 rd.dm=0 SYSFONT=latarcyrheb-sun16 rd.luks=0 KEYTABLE=us rhgb quiet clocksource=acpi_pm" how should I do that ?19:39
ioriaBrayden5234,  it's a dock, the usb cable is single or double ? what ?19:39
jnxddaftykins: I'm now backing up the contents of the HDD. Better start from scratch. Instructions?19:39
le_compere_touraPlease Help me19:40
Brayden5234Its a usb 3.0 and has a weird connection port19:40
blakwirejnxd : I would probably not want to listen to daftykins, he is all about lightening the heart and all19:40
le_compere_touraI am looking for a successor of P2P protocol and amule tool Please?19:41
daftykinsjnxd: after backup? "sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda" then run install when booting EFI19:41
daftykinsle_compere_toura: changing your name will not help, your topic is still not welcome here. please stop.19:41
jaapioI'm looking for a driver that supports the screen-brightness buttons on my keyboard19:41
kokutfor some reason i'm getting randomly disconnected form the internet in my desktop connected via usb dongle, is there anything i can try?19:42
OerHekshzut, le_compere_toura please NOT AGAIN, emule provides piracy software and music/films, offtopic for #ubuntu.19:42
noveltyOerHeks I think I eventually would like to try and use the individual program from an offsite machine running OS X via ssh forwarding and X11 without installing it. From what I've read, this sounds feasible. Is this possible/the best method to do this?19:42
OerHeksnovelty, ssh -X user@<ip> -p Mypassword19:43
ioriaBrayden5234,  can you change port ?19:45
blakwirecan someone give a list of all the options available for "clocksource=" option of the bootloader ??19:49
OerHeksblakwire, i know 2 of them, clocksource hpet or acpi_pm19:53
ruviaro 19:53
noveltyOerHeks, cool. That's what I read. Thanks for confirming. Now for a really basic questions... do I need a display manager such as gdm or kdm to run LXDE?19:53
OerHeksnovelty, gdm and kdm are old, current is lightdm19:54
noveltyOerHeks, good to know. I will definitely need this to run everything, including the X11 interface offsite?19:55
OerHeksnovelty, if you want to run digikam, i guess so19:56
noveltyOerHeks, I'll give that a try. thanks19:57
b4tm4nnormally, i use uid and gid options in fstab to auto mount a file system. however, ext4 does not support this.  What is the best way to provide a user with permission?19:58
daftykinsb4tm4n: set them on the file system19:59
b4tm4ndaftykins, how do you do that?19:59
daftykinsor just mount as "auto,user" options19:59
daftykinssudo chown user: /path/on/mounted/ext4/19:59
b4tm4ndaftykins, oh, so just chown after the mount?20:00
b4tm4ndaftykins, the mount options are confusing to me so i've just been using defaults.  if i use the "user" option that implies noexec.  is defaults ok?20:01
jaapioI found that some function keys on my keyboard don't work. they are not reported xev?20:01
daftykinsb4tm4n: see how you get on. things can be changed20:02
daftykinsgotta run, back later20:02
jnxddaftykins: you had mentioned a way to start from scratch. Can you elaborate on that? That seems to be the only option available to me.20:05
zzxcHow does one disable vi mode for terminal20:07
zeebwhy has the mouse sensitivity slider never worked on ubuntu?20:10
zeebso insane20:10
zzxcfigured it out to disable set -o vi you just have to do set +o vi20:12
=== Samul` is now known as Samul|AWAY
zeebmouse control in ubuntu is too horrible to use...back to windows20:15
zeebsucks that the settings are half broken as well20:15
Dumle29Hey there. I want to use my media keys to controll an extension in chrome. This works just fine in windows, but ubunto (gnome) seems to catch it before chrome gets it. Any way to allow me to use this key for other programs than the ones gnome recognize as media players?20:16
docmurMy server just rebooted and now when we try to boot we get a "General Filesystem Error enter maintance mode",  when w do that we can see the / and it's fine.  We can run a fsck and it's fine.  I use a GPT parition table, and I have 1MB at the front for Grub, then 4TB for /, what should I check, becaue I can't find reason this should happen, going to older releases doesn't fix anything.20:17
VlanXHello guys... Anyone knows how to fix the grub of ubuntu 14.04 after I accidently inserted a FreeBSD disk at the startup? Now ubuntu wont boot up by any mean....20:23
EriC^^VlanX: what do you mean by inserted a freebsd disk at the startup?20:24
tatoim a new user20:29
VlanXEriC^^ it means that it was already inside the dvd reader when ive swapped on the machine. Of course ubuntu 14.04 is still on the ssd but i probably have messed up the grub i guess20:29
niklas_eI am helping a friend who has problem with ubuntu. It is some problem updateing.20:29
EriC^^VlanX: no, just remove it from the dvd, or set the dvd's boot priority to be lower20:30
EriC^^niklas_e: what's the problem?20:30
DexterFhi. if I copy firmware to /lib/firmware, will it stay or would any upgrades overwrite/delete them, say kernel upgrades or the like?20:30
VlanXEric^^ unfortunately the dvd is already out. It must have wrote stuff to the mbr or something like that. Is there a guide on how to recover it?20:32
EriC^^VlanX: do you have an ubuntu live usb?20:33
niklas_eit says a lot  of "failed to fetch http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/os/Linux/distributions/ubuntu&ubuntu/dists/saucy/main/source  Sources 404 Not Found [IP: 80]20:33
niklas_eand a lot of simmular20:33
EriC^^niklas_e: which ubuntu version is he using?20:33
ubottuUbuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) was the 19th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 17th, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/saucy20:33
EriC^^ok, it's unsupported, he should upgrade20:34
Piciyou have a & where a / should be. also ^20:34
VlanXEric^^ no but i have the ubuntu dvd20:34
niklas_eis lts 13.1020:34
EriC^^VlanX: ok, boot it20:34
k1lniklas_e: no20:34
k1lniklas_e: 12.04, 14.04 (and 16.04 will be) lts20:34
k1lniklas_e: 13.10 sources are shutdown. you need to change them to upgrade to 14.04. see the bots message:20:35
k1l!eolupgrades | niklas_e20:35
ubottuniklas_e: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:35
Asmodeewhat would you think if someone was telling he would need 10 hours to install a ubuntu server on a nas ?20:35
VlanXEric^^ I belive i will need to type smth on the console right?20:35
yuciyuarhi. is it ok using php 5.5 on ubuntu 12.04?20:36
EriC^^VlanX: yeah20:36
EriC^^VlanX: after it boots20:36
dina_OK, I'll ask it here: I try to make my old Lexmark Z815 work on Xubuntu, but cannot find the CUPS files on the internet. Does anyone have them?20:37
VlanXEric^^ I had to leave my parents house where this pc is so I will be able to do this only tomorrow. Could you please give me a hint on what thus command is or how to look for it?20:37
Garheadeyuciyuar: I don't see a reason why not.20:38
Garheadeyuciyuar: see here for help installing | http://askubuntu.com/questions/109404/how-do-i-install-latest-php-in-supported-ubuntu-versions-like-5-4-x-in-ubuntu-1/109544#10954420:38
niklas_eThanks ;)20:38
niklas_eThat explained a lot20:38
EriC^^VlanX: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#via_ChRoot20:39
EriC^^VlanX: follow the guide from step 6 probably, sudo fdisk -l or sudo parted -l ....20:39
VlanXThanks so much EriC^^ means a lot20:40
EriC^^VlanX: if you're using uefi you need to mount the fat32 efi partition to /mnt/boot/efi before chrooting20:40
EriC^^VlanX: no problem20:40
yuciyuarsudo apt-get upgrade, upgrades distro or repo?20:41
k1lyuciyuar: neither20:42
EriC^^yuciyuar: it upgrades the packages that are installed20:42
k1lyuciyuar: on ubuntu it just upgrades packages20:42
EriC^^yuciyuar: without the kernel, and some others maybe20:42
bazhangyuciyuar, perhaps you meant dist-upgrade20:42
yuciyuari mean if it will upgrade from 12.04 to 12.04.x its bad for me20:42
k1lyuciyuar: why is it bad?20:43
yuciyuarmy ati card driver, supporting up to 12.04.120:43
k1lyuciyuar: 12.04.2 is "just" a pointrelease. think of it like a servicepack from windows. its a summarized updates state.20:43
k1lyuciyuar: why exactly? because of the kernel? you can stick to the main kernel version it was shipped with20:44
yuciyuark1l, yes, kernel i guess20:44
yuciyuarim new to linux, and dunno settings deeply20:45
k1lyuciyuar: to install updates you need to run the apt-get update commmand to get the updated package list from the servers. but the apt-get upgrade program will update the packages on your system then. but it will not change the kernel version20:46
DexterFyuciyuar: what ati card is that? (by the way, technically should be an AMD card unless it is really, really old)20:46
Asmodeemy ati card is ati and is only 8 years20:47
yuciyuark1l, i tried, and it updated to 12.04 to 12.04.5 with upgrade20:47
k1lyuciyuar: yes. that is correct.20:48
k1lyuciyuar: so does the card stil work?20:48
yuciyuarDexterF, ati mobility radeon hd457020:48
yuciyuarit works with 12.0420:48
DexterFshould be perfectly supported by the open drivers in any recent or semi-recent linux.20:49
k1lyuciyuar: you said you updated your 12.04 which made it 12.04.5 which is actually as intended20:49
=== neorpehus is now known as neorpheus
yuciyuarDexterF, open source drivers work well, but i cant tweak such as contrast settings20:50
yuciyuarand its really necessary for my lcd to reduce contrast20:50
neorpheushello there, anyone know  where i might find some info about relocating programs from the package manager to another partition/hdd? im not entirly sure what im looking for hence my google foo is failing20:51
DexterFyuciyuar: and in .5 the binary ati/amd driver does not support that chip anymore?20:51
yuciyuari can only tweak contrast with amdccc20:51
k1lyuciyuar: so does that card work after you upgraded the 12.04 install: yes or no?20:51
yuciyuarDexterF, yes, up to 12.04.120:51
DexterFyuciyuar: xcalib --contrast [percentage] -- alter20:52
DexterFabsolutely can be done, might not be as gui-click-slider as amdccc, given20:53
k1lyuciyuar: so did you try it?20:53
DexterFwelcome to the console :)20:53
yuciyuark1l, try what20:53
k1lyuciyuar: you said you updated your 12.04 install. is that right?20:53
k1l(so it became a 12.04.5, which is intended)20:54
yuciyuaryeap  i did20:54
k1lso you actually have a 12.04.5 now?20:54
yuciyuarbut i format and install again to 12.0420:54
k1lwhat is "lsb_release -d" and "uname -a" then?20:54
guest2121212hey daftykins^, you here?20:55
neorpheusi guess im asking if there is some way to set up a /usr /bin /etc and what not on /dev/sda2 instead of the default locations on /dev/sda1 which ubuntu created during install20:55
guest2121212i left my laptop sitting overnight and when i just checked it, it seems to have finished installing the desktop, but still sitting at the command line thing where i typed the commands to install the desktop last night20:55
yuciyuark1l, Description:Ubuntu 12.04 LTS20:55
guest2121212is it safe to reboot the system or should i put in another command?20:55
k1lyuciyuar: you cant stay on 12.04 without running updates. actually your system will have security issues that a 9 year old can use.20:55
k1lyuciyuar: so what was the issue on 12.04.5?20:56
k1lyuciyuar: did it change the kernel?20:56
guest2121212EriC^^: ^ are you here as well? or Bashing-om ^ ?20:57
EriC^^guest2121212: what's up?20:57
guest2121212i think the desktop finished installign (its me again), im sitting back at that command line area where i had input the command previously, i just want to make sure i can reboot and dont have to input any other commands first20:58
k1lyuciyuar: i still try to get to know what the issue is. besides "amd says only up to 12.04.1" because that is not really a technical reason. the .1 , .2 ,.3 .... releases are just servicepacks states. they only have a new kernel if you make a clean install with them or manually change the kernel20:58
DexterFwill ubuntu on a fresh install detect SSD by itself and apply trim@boot time, noatime n fstab and such itself?20:58
yuciyuark1ll, i'll give link20:59
k1lDexterF: iirc it will make a cron trim thingy once a week. yes20:59
bekksDexterF: Trim will be applied, noatime will not be applied.20:59
EriC^^guest2121212: yeah you should be able to reboot21:00
k1lyuciyuar: i dont mind what amd/ati says. i want to hear what it was when you tested the upgrade (which is just an update actually).21:00
guest2121212ok, just like, turning the thing off and on with the power button, right? no need to reboot via command?21:01
EriC^^guest2121212: no, don't do that21:01
Bashing-omguest2121212: I just arrived, playing catchup .. OK, booting to a terminal, at the terminal what results ' sudo service lightdm start ' ?21:01
EriC^^guest2121212: always reboot using the menu or sudo reboot21:02
guest2121212oh man21:02
guest2121212that explaisn so much21:02
guest2121212ok so i should just go hit sudo reset on it now right?21:02
EriC^^sudo reboot, it won't harm, let it boot into the new kernel21:02
EriC^^you did type sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade as daftykins suggested, right?21:03
yuciyuark1l, i used update manager, and click update as i remember21:03
b00b00i am trying to create a script to install nagios as auto install, how can i do it so nagios will receive postfix, admin pass and so on needed details when installing from within the script? thanks21:03
Bashing-omguest2121212: Will not hurt to 'sudo shutdown -r now ' and see what results . A hard reboot from button is a bad bad thing ! as it leaves files open and liable to file system corruption .21:03
guest2121212ok, will do21:04
yuciyuar even i dont remember i used upgrade21:04
Pathfinderb00b00: Lol...wanted to ask the exact same thing21:04
b00b00Pathfinder: good, lets create a channel dedicated for that :)21:04
k1lyuciyuar: like i explained. that apt-get upgrade command is actually doing an update. and you need to do that to get security updates.21:04
k1lyuciyuar: so i still dont know why you dont want to run that updates besides someone saying its only supported up to 12.04.1. which technically is wrong without any further reason21:05
guest2121212haha, so21:05
guest2121212remember that black screen with the blinking cursor? its back21:05
EriC^^guest2121212: boot using nomodeset21:06
yuciyuark1l, the reason is that. nothing more; Automated installer and Display Drivers for Xorg 6.9 to Xserver 1.12 and Kernel version up to 3.421:06
=== jeremy_ is now known as Guest64842
k1lyuciyuar: see this picture: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack#Kernel.2BAC8-Support.A12.04.x_Ubuntu_Kernel_Support that are the available kernel versions. but you dont need to upgrade to 3.13. you still can run with 3.221:06
k1lyuciyuar: see above.21:07
guest2121212i'll try to, like i said last night, the black screen shows up whenever i turn the thing on, im trying to maybe get to grub by a boot device21:07
guest2121212what was the command again21:07
EriC^^hold shift to get grub21:07
wafflejockguest2121212, tap shift to see the grub boot menu if you aren't already getting to it, e to edit, add nomodeset where you see quiet or nosplash, x to boot21:07
EriC^^press e, add nomodeset21:08
guest2121212ok so the only boot option i can get is the usb21:08
guest2121212wait a minute21:08
yuciyuark1l, u're right, if i can disable updating kernel and xorg properly, i will try21:08
guest2121212I'M AT MY DESKTOP21:08
Pathfinderb00b00: Haha..cool..lol..what would the name even be ... :o !!!21:09
guest2121212i just have to boot from usb for some reason21:09
guest2121212i cant believe its finally fixed21:10
k1lyuciyuar: read the page i linked: "Anyone running an original Precise stack will NOT be automatically updated to the new Trusty HWE stack. Users can electively choose to install the Trusty enablement stack meta package if they wish to do so."21:10
yuciyuark1l, right, i didnt choose, but anyway it updated to 12.04.0521:11
k1lyuciyuar: so you did that upgrade manually last time. if you have a 12.04 or 12.04.1 install it will stay on the "old" kernel and x stack.21:11
k1lyuciyuar: its is called 12.04.5 every time21:11
yuciyuarand i didnt know how to manually choosing and didnt checked what it make update21:11
k1lyuciyuar: its not naming the kernel or x stack. dont mix that21:12
Bashing-omyuciyuar: Background: Existing restricted drivers from AMD won't work either, because they require X-server v1.12 and Ubuntu 12.04.2 ++ uses X-server v1.13 ; That's because, starting with Ubuntu 12.04.2, the X-server version was updated to a newer version that is now incompatible with the HD 2x/3x/4x series AMD cards. Terminal command ' X -version ' to determine the x-server version.21:12
k1lyuciyuar: every 12.04 install will be named 12.04.5 now. no matter if the old kernel or the new kernel is used.21:12
yuciyuarBashing-om, right21:13
yuciyuark1l, i get you. i'll try21:14
yuciyuarin fact, i dont really need 12.04 if i can tweak lcd contrast via an open source driver21:15
yuciyuarthe reason why i use this version is, amdccc work and i can tweak lcd contrast with it21:16
k1lyuciyuar: not running the updates is not an option because you will not have security updates like shellstorm or heartbleed then.21:16
OerHeksyuciyuar, twesk contrast on the lcdmonitor itself?21:16
yuciyuarbtw, i rly need for twak contrast, not brightness setting, coz my lcd making humming noise if i reduce via brightness21:17
yuciyuarOerHeks, i use laptop and it doesnt have any contrast button21:18
OerHeksoh i c21:18
b00b00Pathfinder: i asked here because of apt-get, i assume if we install (compiling) .tar.gz version, so it easier21:23
b00b00but longer install ofcourse21:24
docmur_2I had an update go back and now when I try to chroot into my 12.04 install i get: Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-close.c: 759: _dl_close: Assertion `map->l_init_called' failed!21:26
docmur_2how do I fix this21:26
daftykinsdocmur_2: what was the actual command that resulted in that message?21:26
docmur_2chroot /mnt/root which is the mounted corrupted root file21:27
daftykinsmechanical disk?21:27
daftykinscan you check the SMART info from it first before going any further?21:27
docmur_2I was able to chroot it until it tried to access /dev/pts and then it crapped the bed21:28
daftykinssudo apt-get install smartmontools pastebinit && sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX | pastebinit21:28
pmp6nlHey, eye of gnome doesnt appear to be displaying jpgs correctly. If I convert from tif to jpg eog displays the jpg with less color. This doesnt happen with other viewers. Any ideas? Thanks21:28
docmur_2and okay I'll check smart21:28
daftykinsobviously where sdX is the disk21:28
=== florian__ is now known as hoarak
docmur_2doing that now21:29
docmur_2have to install it first21:29
docmur_2http://pastie.org/10197475  The disk doesn't support smart according to the tool21:31
daftykinsdocmur_2: "HP" is this a server?21:31
daftykinsoh that looks like a RAID.21:32
docmur_2yes the disks are raided, we have 8 disks functioning as 121:32
docmur_2sorry should of mentioned that21:32
daftykinsindeed you should! what is the HBA?21:32
daftykinsis it software or hardware RAID?21:32
docmur_2Hardware Raid21:32
daftykinsis it in a good state? not degraded?21:33
docmur_2should be fine, was working up until this morning, we've done a fsck on it with only 0.9 non continous21:33
daftykinsyou mentioned /dev/pts access - did you mount all of the required extras after mounting the RAID's / ?21:34
=== mkv is now known as m4v
docmur_2mount -o bind /dev/ /mnt/root/dev;  mount -t proc proc /mnt/root/proc;  mount -o bind /run /mnt/root/run/;  mount -o bind /dev/pts /mnt/root/pts21:35
docmur_2then chroot /mnt/root21:35
daftykinsdoes the live USB version match the host installed version?21:36
docmur_2The live cd version is the same, should I move from live 12.04 to live 14.0421:37
daftykinsnah just hoping they matched closely21:37
Bashing-omyuciyuar: What you can do is install 12.04.1 from: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04.1/ . Do Not enable the HardWare Enablement stack, update and upgrade as nornal, you will remain on the supported Xserver version . ( I too fall into that catagory, so I do know ) .21:37
MadHatter42i'm trying to add a custom kernel module21:38
MadHatter42(its a simple hello world really)21:38
MadHatter42its for an asingment21:39
k1lBashing-om: he did install a 12.04 and was just irritated since its called 12.04.5 after the regular upgrade no matter what kernel it got.21:39
MadHatter42but the kernel that i downloaded has a different structure from the one i was working on my lab21:39
docmur_2what about removing /mnt/root/dev/pts?21:39
MadHatter42when i try to compile my kernel i get a21:40
MadHatter42undified reference to sys_hello21:40
Bashing-omguest2121212: Still setting pretty ?21:40
daftykinsdocmur_2: mmm don't think so, what's the plan after getting it mounted?21:40
guest2121212havent checked it in a while, but yeah, if i run into any problems i'll be back!21:40
daftykinsMadHatter42: may be better in ##linux since technically your query is not ubuntu OS support21:40
docmur_2once we get it to chroot then I can continue with the apt-get dist-upgrade which should sort this issue out21:40
Bashing-omk1l: ;) .. Then he should be good .21:40
daftykinsah yeah bad update you sad, my bad21:40
MadHatter42daftykins, i was using ubuntu 1221:41
MadHatter42but my the later version of the kernel have this weirder dir structure21:41
daftykinsMadHatter42: yes but your query is not of Ubuntu support :)21:42
MadHatter42daftykins, asking in #linux21:42
MadHatter42daftykins, ever compiled a custom kernel ?21:43
MadHatter42just asking21:43
skinuxUbuntu keeps wanting me to install updates, but every time I try it tells me to check my internet connection. This makes no sense as the internet is working fine, I'm on a high-speed cable connection.21:43
daftykinsdocmur_2: i guess you can try, i think i'd just start looking up your initial error online21:43
k1lskinux: please show in a pastebin "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"21:43
luisalonsocnHi all. I have a Lenovo Ultrabook u310 on a distro based on ubuntu 14.0, and my laptop running too hot21:45
LeEarlguys does office 2013 work on ubuntu 12/14 ?21:45
daftykinsluisalonsocn: 14.04?21:45
k1lskinux: holy moly. you are mixing raring and trusty repos. and maverick ones.21:46
skinuxWell, I'm not doing that on purpose.21:46
k1lskinux: please show a "cat /etc/apt/sources.list" and a "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d"21:46
skinuxI updated the Gist21:47
edistoare there any gui programs that monitor and kill processes that you can call with commands like ctrl+alt+delete when you're frozen?21:48
Johnny_Linuxtry htop21:49
daftykinsskinux: wow you've been through a lot of upgrades on the same system huh? or just kept some old PPAs21:49
OerHeksskinux, my best advise:  do a fresh install.21:49
skinuxMust be a few old PPAs21:49
skinuxNo, I'm not doing a fresh install.21:49
edistoJohnny_Linux: thx21:50
skinuxI'm guessing the connection errors are because it's trying to pull from repositories that no longer exist.21:50
k1lskinux: see at your sources.list file. on line 62 and 63 its a maverick source.21:50
k1lskinux: then the nemh-gambas3-trusty ppa doesnt exist anymore21:50
k1lskinux: and the ia32-libs-raring is just a very bad idea anyway21:51
skinuxI'll remove any sources entry which shows as ignored in the apt output.21:52
skinuxThat should resolve it.21:52
skinuxHow come security and us.archive repos for trusty don't work?21:52
k1lskinux: they do21:53
skinuxHmm. Because they are ignored as well.21:53
k1lskinux: ign is not err21:53
k1lign means: no new stuff21:54
skinuxOh, okay.21:54
skinuxWell, there is no reference to raring in apt sources.list, so it must be PPAs and I don't know how to get a list of installed PPAs nor remove them.21:59
e4946I'm new to this22:00
daftykinsskinux: the commands k1l gave you were how, they are stored in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/22:00
e4946can you tell me how this works22:00
e4946no one22:01
e4946ok bye22:01
k1l<k1l> skinux: then the nemh-gambas3-trusty ppa doesnt exist anymore <k1l> skinux: and the ia32-libs-raring is just a very bad idea anyway22:01
daftykinse4946: this channel is ubuntu OS support only, you can ask how the IRC network of freenode works by visiting the channel ("room") #freenode - "/join #freenode" to get there.22:01
e4946I will be back later22:01
OerHekse4946, step one, bepatient.22:01
daftykinsstep #1 failed.22:01
skinuxYes, but I don't know how to remove PPAs.22:01
k1lskinux: easiest way is open the system settings: updates and software, then the 3rd tab22:01
skinuxwait...maybe it's apt-remove-key22:02
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html22:02
daftykinsskinux: ok but that is why you phrase a question asking how isn't it22:02
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docmurthis is still docmur_2, I'm going to see if using Ubuntu 14.04 will let me chroot22:05
daftykinsi don't think that's a worthy approach but hey, it won't hurt22:05
kokutHello, anyone knows how to configure a FTP server in ubuntu that uses a username and password ?22:05
daftykinskokut: do not use FTP, still stuck on this file sharing between two networked PCs thing huh?22:06
tgm4883FTP very bad22:07
kokutdaftykins: nope i resigned and used a usb stick22:07
kokutwhich is stupid because i'm on the same network22:07
tgm4883kokut: both linux machines?22:07
kokutanyways i need to connect via ftp to the web server from outside the network too so22:07
kokuttgm4883: ubuntu in both yea22:07
tgm4883kokut: why not use scp?22:08
daftykinskokut: yes, so SSH + SCP22:08
tgm4883SFTP FTW22:08
k1lkokut: ssh gives sftp login. but sshfs is slower on network due to overheat. easiest would be samba which is somewhat faster. fastest is nfs.22:08
kokutmight give it a try, now i need to find a way to configure ftp like you use with hosting providers and stuff22:08
daftykinssomeone suggested kokut browse the second system via nautilus with SFTP earlier, but was unable to help get it working i believe22:08
OerHeksfilezilla works great to connect to a ftp-service22:09
daftykinskokut: no, FTP is a really bad idea. are you trying to share hosting with other people?22:09
kokutdaftykins: in the future yes22:09
tgm4883kokut: really, use SFTP, not FTP22:09
kokutnow i just need to get my own websites going22:09
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
tgm4883unless you like your passwords in plaintext22:09
daftykinskokut: with my respect the hurdles that you've been tripping up on so far show that this is a great undertaking.22:09
daftykinsand likely unwise.22:10
kokutdaftykins: i know man i just want to get my websites going then ill have time to worry about security22:11
daftykinsi'm afraid that you're doing it backwards22:12
daftykinsbecause if you achieve what you want to achieve, you won't go back for the extras :)22:12
daftykinsit's the human condition, you need to learn it properly first time22:12
tgm4883kokut: I'm not sure what would be difficult about installing ssh and then connecting to it with something like filezilla22:12
kokuttgm4883: mkay let me try22:13
luisalonsocndaftykins: sorry for afk. Yes 14.0422:13
kokuttgm4883: u have any guides22:13
daftykinsluisalonsocn: and what situation leads you to consider it's overheating / getting too hot? just physical case temperature vs. windows?22:14
Jordan_Ukokut: sftp is actually easier to setup than FTP. That's partly because everyone knows that putting an FTP server on the public internet is a terrible idea, no matter how "temporary".22:14
tgm4883kokut: any guides for what? Step 1) Install ssh "apt-get install ssh" on the server. Step 2) connect to it with something like filezilla22:14
Jordan_Ukokut: tgm4883: While installing filezilla from Ubuntu's repositories is perfectly safe, the fact that their sourceforge download for Windows includes malware prevents me from ever recommending it.22:16
tgm4883Jordan_U: what malware?22:18
daftykinsthere's WinSCP for Windows anyway22:19
tgm4883or any other sftp client.22:19
OerHeksI thought download.com is corrupted, not sourceforge :-(22:20
barnexSoooo... How do you guys keep track of multiple servers running multiple things?22:20
tgm4883barnex: define keep track of22:20
barnexI'm thinking maybe a mind map or some kind of UML-like diagram?22:20
Jordan_Utgm4883: Sourceforge's own malware, that they pay projects to give to their users. http://trac.filezilla-project.org/ticket/8888 (Note that the developers refuse to fix this problem, they're doing it intentionally for money).22:21
barnextgm4883: well, knowing which service is where and which vm is located on which real machine22:21
barnexwhat domains point to where etc22:21
barnexGeneral human-readable information22:21
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tgm4883Jordan_U: bummer22:22
luisalonsocndaftykins: I was using distro based on Ubuntu 12.04 and my battery and temperature ran good, only I had problem with overheating when I playing video games. One month ago, I migrate to a distro based on Ubuntu 14.04 and my laptop is overheating all time.22:23
tgm4883barnex: I used lucidchart in the past for that22:23
tgm4883luisalonsocn: moral of the story, don't migrate to distro's based on ubuntu ;P22:24
Jordan_Uluisalonsocn: This channel doesn't support "distributions based on Ubuntu". It only supports Ubuntu.22:24
daftykinsluisalonsocn: is this Mint or elementary or some such?22:24
daftykinsJordan_U beats me to it ^_^22:24
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docmurUsing 14.04 didn't help, but it was worth a try, not I'm doing a fsck to see if that helps22:31
linuxuz3rdocmur: what do you need fsck for22:32
daftykinscorrupted RAID22:32
docmurwhen I try to chroot I get root@ubuntu:~# chroot /mnt/root/22:32
docmurInconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-close.c: 759: _dl_close: Assertion `map->l_init_called' failed!22:32
Bashing-omlinuxuz3r: Hello, A ubuntu support question ?22:32
docmurWhich happened during a apt-get update22:32
linuxuz3rcheck your sources22:33
docmurand now I can't chroot into the root again22:33
docmurI have it side running a live cd right now22:33
linuxuz3ryou cant chroot even on ubuntu live usb?22:33
docmurwell I'm on live cd, but no22:33
docmurI was chrooted in and then ran the apt-get update and it crash with that message22:33
docmurnow I can't get back in22:33
EriC^^try to restart the live usb22:34
linuxuz3ri dont know how to trouble shoot raid but you raid a ubuntu install22:34
docmurIt's not a raid issue, Ubuntu can see the root data, just something got corrupted in the process22:34
docmurit's a data corruption, not a raid issue22:35
EriC^^docmur: it's probably to do with the live usb, as chroot just runs /bin/bash from the install i think22:36
linuxuz3rwhy would you raid a root directory22:38
docmurfair but I have to figure out how to get around this error and whats causing it22:38
luisalonsocndaftykins: elementary :P22:38
linuxuz3ris that even a good practice22:38
docmurHardware raid22:38
ironhoofI accidently had the ATI-update drivers installed, and it updated the update had some problems but it still seems to work, but the driver it updated too has skinning issues, is there a way to gt the old drivr back? I tried switching it back from updates to fixed, but it keeps the old driver it seems.22:40
daftykinsironhoof: you mean AMD, manual download or packages from default repos?22:41
ironhoofI used the drivers in settings, so which ever that uses.22:41
daftykinsfglrx packages then22:41
daftykinsgo back in there and try switching to the other, it should offer you fglrx and fglrx-updates22:42
ironhooffglrx-updates is the one i had on, it did update the driver it gave me has issues, so I switched to to fix where I thought I had it, when it did install though it said something about replacing a document gave me a window keep-replace i put the password in, and it didnt proceed, so i rebooted and fixed the packes through dkpg. I was kind of wanting the original driver back though.22:44
HoloIRCUserHello there. I am having some trouble with my TTY after installing the package kubuntu-desktop. Can anyone help me?22:44
kokutso i connected to my web server via sftp and i'm getting the home folder instead i want to get the /var/www/ folder22:44
daftykinskokut: yes so browse to it, .. goes up22:45
linuxuz3rhi kokut22:45
HoloIRCUserUnless I boot into sddm or open KDE, my Ctrl + Alt + FX hotkey will not open any TTY22:45
kokutdaftykins: i know but i just want to be on the /www/ folder when i connect22:45
daftykinsironhoof: yeah so pick the other one?22:45
kokutlinuxuz3r: hi man22:45
daftykinskokut: so set that up in the program... honestly you will need to begin thinking for yourself :)22:46
kokutdaftykins: what program?22:46
daftykinswhatever one you're using to connect22:46
ironhoofHas the same issue, but it didnt prior, im wondering if i should use the open driver, and purge reinstall it again.22:46
kokutdaftykins: i dont know if you can do that in filezilla22:46
daftykinsironhoof: worth a go, just run sudo apt-get purge fglrx*22:46
daftykinskokut: _yes_ read the readme/manual for the program it will describe how22:47
SchrodingersScatkokut: if it's sftp then you just need sftp server.com:/var/www/22:47
kokutSchrodingersScat: didnt work22:48
SchrodingersScatdid on my machine, what did you do?22:48
kokutdaftykins: k found it in advanced tab :) ty anyways22:49
kokutSchrodingersScat: dont worry i went to the advanced tab in filezilla and set the directory there22:49
TyrfingMjolnirDoing a dist-upgrade from lucid to precise22:50
TyrfingMjolnirWARNING: The following essential packages will be removed.22:51
TyrfingMjolnirThis should NOT be done unless you know exactly what you are doing!22:51
TyrfingMjolnir  lzma (due to dpkg)22:51
=== wafflej0ck is now known as wafflejock
daftykinsTyrfingMjolnir: you cannot dist-upgrade like that22:51
daftykinsit is not supported22:51
TyrfingMjolnirHow to fix?22:51
daftykins(i'm assuming you mean you edited sources.list and are running a dist-upgrade)22:51
daftykinsTyrfingMjolnir: tell me what you ran first22:52
daftykinsyes very bad idea22:52
daftykinscancel the current process then revert22:52
TyrfingMjolnirI have always done like that22:52
enkifast & fourius 722:52
daftykinsTyrfingMjolnir: it's not supported :)22:52
HoloIRCUserHow can I modify a package's purge script?22:52
daftykins'here be dragons' etc22:52
TyrfingMjolnirHow can I revert?22:52
daftykinsTyrfingMjolnir: like i just said, cancel then edit the sources.list back again22:53
HoloIRCUsersddm's purge script is broken and I would like to modify it manually22:53
TyrfingMjolnirdaftykins: and then?22:54
=== brandon is now known as Guest69739
tgm4883TyrfingMjolnir: and then update the proper way22:54
OerHeksHoloIRCUser, did you stop lightdm before purging that displaymanager?22:54
daftykinsTyrfingMjolnir: sudo do-release-upgrade22:54
Guest69739hey yall22:54
daftykinsTyrfingMjolnir: after backing up22:54
Guest69739what is that porn22:55
OerHeks!ot | Guest6973922:55
ubottuGuest69739: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:55
TyrfingMjolnirImportError: No module named GnuPGInterface22:55
HoloIRCUserNo, but I want to keep lightdm22:55
OerHeksHoloIRCUser, that is not what i asked, and purging sddm does not remove lightdm.22:55
HoloIRCUserIt's working well, the problem is whatever KDE has installed that is taking the TTY as a hostage22:56
OerHeksNormally one would stop a service before romving components.22:56
daftykinsJordan_U: do you have a moment for Guest69739 ? :)22:56
HoloIRCUserI guess it is sddm22:56
Guest69739who am i22:57
HoloIRCUserShould I try to remove lightdm again? I don't think it's what's causing the problem22:57
agent_whiteGuest69739: Pong22:57
HoloIRCUserGDM also fails to use the TTY22:57
hexafractionI'm trying to resize an NTFS partition with small inconsistencies, and am in a difficult spot because the partition has loads of data that I'd prefer not to have to format away, but I no longer have a windows *installation* from which to run a disk check which ntfsresize insists upon. Is there a way to force ntfsresize to do its actions?22:58
hexafractionWill -f be a good way to go about this?22:59
OerHeksHoloIRCUser, no, stop lightdm, by going to ctrl alt f1, login, sudo service stop lightdm, then remove sddm and start your gui again with ctrl alt f723:00
OerHeksor reboot23:00
HoloIRCUserI actually can't use Ctrl Alt FX, that's the problem23:01
OerHeksHoloIRCUser, why not? else i have no clue how to fix it.23:03
TyrfingMjolnirsudo do-release-upgrade takes med here: https://bpaste.net/show/61d45ab1e3a623:03
HoloIRCUserI have no idea. After installing kubuntu-desktop, that function stopped working altogether23:03
Guest69739hey i need help with alice 2.423:04
HoloIRCUserSeems like booting into sddm does the trick, but I want to use lightdm23:04
docmurit appears it's ld.so which is broken23:04
docmurdoes anyone know how to fix that from a live cd?23:04
HoloIRCUserOh wait, finally managed to fix it.23:05
HoloIRCUserAfter purging sddm by fixing its script, it removed the sddm group and now lightdm can manage TTY again23:05
rusticplagueset height 7"23:10
rusticplague<img src="">23:10
rusticplague/ hello23:10
rusticplague* 000)))23:10
rusticplagueprint "hello"23:11
Jordan_Urusticplague: Please stop.23:11
ruthhi, guys, we have two computers each with a headset. We want to talk to each other on the headsets. We thought Mumble would work, but we can't get it to work right. Does anyone know what to do?23:11
docmurThis is the data from the apt-get update, if it helps http://pastie.org/1019757623:13
SchrodingersScatruth: mumble should work, are you both connected to the same server?23:14
rusticplaguecan someone please tell me the command to leave current chat room?23:14
Jordan_Urusticplague: /part23:15
EriC^^rusticplague: /quit or /part to just leave the channel23:15
rusticplaguethank you23:15
ruthWell, we don't know what server to get, but other people are connected to it. How do we get our own server?23:16
ruthWe tried one and other people were connected to it.23:16
SchrodingersScatruth: if you want to run your own server, install mumble-server on a machine you can both connect to.23:18
TyrfingMjolnirFollowing this approach: https://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/04/upgrade-to-ubuntu-12-04-from-ubuntu-10-04-via-the-terminal/ giving me this: https://bpaste.net/show/a0d247927915 how to fix?23:21
CryptoSiDis vivid still the last ubuntu version?23:23
SchrodingersScat!vivid | CryptoSiD23:23
ubottuCryptoSiD: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/ - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/vivid23:23
SchrodingersScatCryptoSiD: yes23:23
CryptoSiDno testing ver?23:24
Jordan_UTyrfingMjolnir: While that guide seems to be fine, you should never use a blog post when there is official documentation available.23:24
CryptoSiDwily is the last version:)23:24
SchrodingersScat!ubuntu+1 | CryptoSiD23:24
ubottuCryptoSiD: wily werewolf is the codename for Ubuntu 15.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+123:24
yeatsTyrfingMjolnir: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1767358&page=2&p=12219409#post12219409 might help23:25
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TyrfingMjolniryeats: and we are on23:26
CryptoSiDho sorry didnt knew about ubuntu+123:26
SchrodingersScatCryptoSiD: yeah, alpha/beta is offtopic here, feel free to have fun with those guys though :)23:28
CryptoSiDim just addicted to updates so:D23:28
vannawhy i'm update cannot install on store23:28
shudonhi all :) what video card should i buy if i want opengl 4.2+ with an open source driver? (good performance might be nice, too...)23:29
shudonuse my nick to reply, gotta brb 5 minutes :)23:29
nagersti am having problems with bumblebee, i have followed the official install guide, but nothing seems to work for me. I have tried reinstalling the entire os several times.23:32
blue403what happens with a shell background process that requires input from stdin?23:33
lillinuxandmacguI am currently running ubuntu 15.04 on a macbook pro 2011 (not my only linux laptop, the rest are on PCs) and I am having problems getting the trackpad to work properly, anyone got any ideas. Its a late 2011 macbook pro i723:34
bekksblue403: It wont get input, because it is in background.23:34
blue403bekks: but it's running23:34
bekksblue403: It runs because it waits for input.23:35
blue403what does it mean that a process is in the background?23:36
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bekksblue403: Imagine having two sheets of paper, you're writing on. The sheet in the background "waits for input", because the is a question printed on it. As long as that sheet is behind the foreground sheet, it "waits".23:39
LeEarlblue403, it means it is not in the foreground ;D23:40
blue403bekks: well.. the bg process is running afaik.23:41
LeEarlblue403, it simple laymen terms it means it is running but u cant see it. Just like your tummy is digesting food but u r not seeing it23:41
blue403bekks: if the bg process prints, it gets printend to the console. But what about input?23:41
bekksblue403: Of course. "Running" means, the background sheet of paper exists,23:41
BuffyThat awkward moment when you realize you're a version behind23:41
LeEarlblue403, u saw the processes of food input and output but never digestion.23:42
LeEarlso digestion is happening in the background23:42
bekksblue403: you cannot input stuff on the background sheet of paper / the background process.23:42
blue403LeEarl: is the bg process in running or blocked?23:42
bekksIt is RUNNING and WAITING for input.23:42
LeEarlof course running23:42
LeEarlbekks why u keep asking?23:43
blue403bekks: what if it's just in a for loop, then it isn't waiting for input.23:43
LeEarlwhat is going on there?23:43
bekksLeEarl: I am not asking.23:43
LeEarlsorry I mean blue40323:43
blue403LeEarl: but if it happens to be waiting, it means that it has done a system call to read, right?23:43
bekksblue403: If something in that loop waits for input, it waits for input.23:43
bekksblue403: forget system calls.23:43
blue403bekks: and how'll that be noticed in the shell?23:43
LeEarlblue403, it does whatever it is intended to do23:44
bekksblue403: It doesnt get noticed on the foreground sheet, that there is a question to be answered on the background sheet.23:44
LeEarlblue403 u need an app to show the running processes23:44
LeEarlor programs23:45
bekksblue403: It is like pinning a sheet of paper with a question on it to your living room wall. you can walk around it, look at it, laugh at it, but never answer it. It still is pinned there and waits in despair.23:45
blue403are you guys trolling?23:46
blue403I'm asking kernel specific implementations23:46
bekksblue403: You did not.23:46
bekksyou asked about background processes.23:46
LeEarlblue403, http://hisham.hm/htop/23:46
LeEarlblue403, is this #kernel ?23:46
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)23:47
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bekksbackground processes are nor kernel specific, but happen in userland.23:47
bekksThe kernel itself is a big "program" with a hive of threads doing specific things.23:48
Angi12hola como estan23:51
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Jordan_Ublue403: A program that tries to read from stdin when there is nothing to be read will block on that read. If a program is in the background then there is nothing to be read from stdin.23:52

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