xubuntu46whi. guys how can i edit the whisker menu? i'm on xubuntu 15.0400:36
xubuntu46whello? is anyone here?00:40
brainwash_xubuntu46w: use menulibre (menu editor)00:41
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jairusboa noite01:35
jairusinstalei o xubuntu em uma maquina e ficou ótima aqui na empresa.01:42
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.01:43
betty4711hello. I want to edit xubuntu's menu files in a remastering script. please look at my menu: http://snag.gy/8x6q9.jpg     I cannot find where to delete the entries for "File Manager, Mail Reader, Terminal Emulator, Web Browser".. so to say the starter that are directly in the menu. can you help me where to delete them?05:39
xubuntu12ihaving trouble getting screen resolution with a dell studio with an Radeon HD 435006:09
xubuntu12iand advice?06:09
xubuntu816installing now, woot woot!07:56
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knobGood morning everyone! =)11:35
ochosisergio-br2: that depends on your gtk theme, that's where the size is set. default should be 48 iirc13:42
sergio-br2hum, here it seems it's 6413:43
sergio-br2programs needs to indicate to the system where it can find the icons, right?13:47
ochosisergio-br2: yeah, it's up to the apps to correctly load the icons13:53
sergio-br2some programs hard coded icons in the binary13:54
sergio-br2dunno why devs do it13:54
sergio-br2and only 1 icon13:55
ochosiyup, submit bug reports, that's the best you can do13:55
ochosiwell, or patches along with the reports13:55
BigEars431how do you change I/O scheduler for Ubuntu?14:04
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xubuntu73wHi there , i just installed xubuntu on a dell optiplex 320 , and the network is working now , but it takes around 10 min withs xubuntu says not internet connection and then it finaly works ..any idea?14:24
cntrfor some reason, my system has become really laggy -- like, when i type or move the mouse, i can see the stuttering. where should i start with fixing this?14:35
xanguastart with telling what have you done recently¿14:36
cntractually, i think i know why14:36
cntrsomething to do with swappiness14:36
cntri'll try that out and come back if it doesn't chaneg anything14:36
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amundsendoes anyone know how to tweak those ugly icons shown when browsing home network?23:04
amundseni'm obviously talking about icons shown in thunar23:06
knomehow ugly? clearly not matching the other icons or just not to your taste?23:12
amundsenknome, network sites in thunar appear as blank icons23:24
xubuntu95wI don't suppose once a [Vido driver]-updates that it leaves remains or documents anywhere of the previous version information?23:30
knomeamundsen, which xubuntu version?23:31
amundsen14.04 14.10 15.0423:32
knomeamundsen, and can you confirm which icon set you are using?23:32
amundsenadwaita, but it happens with all of them23:33
knomeok, then can you please file a bug23:33
amundsennetwork places in thunar appear as blank icons23:33
amundsenthat doesn't mean that network browsing doesn't work23:34
knomei understand23:34
amundsenit works correctly23:34
amundsenit's just it look horrible to me23:34
knomeif some icons are clearly missing, that's a bug23:34
xubuntu95wIs there a way to revert a graphix driver update?23:56

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