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nevermamThanks arosales and tvansteenburgh..I will go though the charm store best practies, and look forward for the new addition to the review docs by arosales05:02
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stubjamespage, Tribaal : I don't want it to be opt in, as I'm also hoping that juju-log, leader-set and everything else will grow --file for similar reasons.07:31
stubjamespage, Tribaal : Maybe that requires bug fixes in juju-core. Maybe the haproxy charm is relying on weird quoting behavior it can no longer rely on. It would be nice to know.07:33
Tribaalstub: jamespage: I'd like it to be default as well, it just makes more sense to me.07:52
Tribaal(design the problem away)07:52
stubTribaal, jamespage : I've set the bug to incomplete and added a comment. Without an actual example of the problem, it is just going to get broken again.07:57
arosalesnevermam, thanks for the ping here. Feel free to ping if you have any other questions13:16
arosaleslazyPower, aisrael   upper-- found some interesting bits with vagrant workflow (https://jujucharms.com/docs/devel/howto-vagrant-workflow)13:35
arosaleslazyPower, aisrael https://gist.github.com/anonymous/508af728f342ecc7da5613:35
lazyPowerah, the genghis workflow. Probably needs some attention, the last time I'm aware that was touched was early 2014. I'm not surprised there's some bitrot there.13:37
arosaleslazyPower, if those comments looks ok perhaps upper-- would be interested in a merge request (ref https://jujucharms.com/docs/devel/contributing)13:37
* arosales grabs some coffee13:37
lazyPowerarosales: seems to be in order. If they get a PR issued against the docs to update those bits, aisreal or myself can run through them for validation and get it merged.13:40
lazyPowerupper--: ^ if you've got the time for a PR against the docs, it would be much appreciated.13:40
beisnercoffee indeed...13:40
upper--lazyPower: sure, ill have a look when i get a minute :)13:41
pmatulistried to deploy n=4 nova-compute but 2 got stuck in 'allocating'. tried to remove machines but same 2 machines associated with stuck services now stuck 'pending / dying'. what to do? - http://paste.ubuntu.com/11412201/13:43
mbruzekpmatulis: I haven't had much experience on maas13:52
mbruzekpmatulis: But if that were local provider I would think your vm image is corrupted.13:52
mbruzekpmatulis: Can you `juju destroy-environment maas --force` and start over?13:53
pmatulismbruzek: i'll keep that as a last resort. but thanks13:53
mbruzekpmatulis: OK.  Again it reminds me of a local issue where the lxc images were only half downloaded.   A destroy-environment --force and deleting the cloud images off my machine usually clear up a problem like that.  Since this is maas it may not work.13:55
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lazyPowerpmatulis: do your nodes provision properly through MAAS without juju spinning them up?13:59
lazyPowerpmatulis: also, which version of maas/juju?13:59
pmatulislazyPower: i haven't tried installing a pure 'buntu with this maas setup yet14:06
pmatulislazyPower: maas 1.7.4+bzr3366-0 + juju 1.23.3-0ubuntu114:07
pmatulisgoing to try 'juju remove-machine <#> --force 1'14:08
lazyPowerpmatulis: that should drop it from the juju env and force power it off, you dont need to pass 1 to force though14:09
lazyPowerjuju destroy-machine # --force should do what you want14:09
pmatulisah ok14:09
lazyPowerpmatulis: however, i would ensure that booting the machine w/ maas works before you go the juju integration route, that will help you flush out any problems w/ the underlying maas provider14:09
pmatulislazyPower: yep, good idea14:09
lazyPowerand if the machines boot properly through maas, we can start looking at the cloud-init logs emitted from the machine to identify the issue juju may be causing. typically this is due to networking config14:10
lazyPowerat least in my experience14:10
lazyPowerbut i've also got a weird vmaas setup that is hinky because I like to do things without reading instructions first :)14:10
pmatulisthing is, 2 of my nova-compute services came up. just 2 got borked14:11
pmatulisi didn't test anything though, just according to 'juju status'14:11
lazyPowerthat may or may not be symptomatic of the machines being bum in maas14:12
lazyPoweri would still give the broken machines a cold boot directly from teh maas ui and see what happens14:12
pmatulisfyi, entire environment is housed in a single openstack instance (acting as kvm hypervisor)14:14
pmatulisthe load went over 9 on it when i deployed these 4 nova-compute. may be part of the problem. dunno14:15
lazyPowerthats possible pmatulis15:37
lazyPowerif it couldn't get the requested resources the VM boots may have gotten hung up, i know that happens to me occasionally in our over-subscribed openstack instance15:37
lazyPowertypically killing the machine and requesting again seems to have some merit as it works in 90% of the cases that happens, but its not ideal :)15:38
pmatulislazyPower: ok, --force worked on those 2 machines; they're gone and the maas GUI shows them as 'Ready' instead of 'Failed something or other'15:49
pmatuliswill try to deploy one at a time15:50
lazyPowerpmatulis: ok good, so it seems like it might have just been intermittant15:50
lazyPowerexactly my suggestion15:50
lazyPowertake it one at a time and see if they come online as they should15:50
evilnickveitchjust FYI, as there is now content for 1.23 in docs (GCE got added earlier) the new default version for stable docs is 1.2316:04
evilnickveitchAnybody wanting to check out the combination of Juju and Google Compute Engine should take a look at: https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/config-gce16:04
jcastroNice work dude!16:05
evilnickveitchjcastro, thx16:08
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hatchI have a service that appears to be stuck 'dying' with two units - is there a way I can force it to destroy?16:25
jcastrowithout just killing the machine out from underneath it?16:29
hatchjcastro: trying that right now...doesn't appear to be destroying the machine either16:30
jcastroI assume you tried to destroy the service first of course?16:32
hatchjcastro: yeah - it doesn't appear to be doing anything16:33
hatchno errors16:33
jcastroanything in the machine logs?16:38
hatchjcastro: when I try to destroy the unit I get this error16:39
hatchERROR no units were destroyed: state changing too quickly; try again soon16:39
hatchit's been in pending for a long time16:39
jcastrostate changing too quickly sounds odd to me16:39
hatchyeah... especially since it's not :16:41
hatchjcastro: on the machine there is this error in the juju logs16:45
hatchFATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/3.13.0-53-generic/modules.dep: No such file or directory16:45
jcastrono clue on that one, pastebin then to the list?16:45
hatchyeah I can do that16:46
hatchthanks for the help16:46
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lazyPowerhatch: is there a subordinate service on the unit?17:25
hatchlazyPower: there wasn't17:25
hatchit was just mysql17:26
lazyPoweris this 1.24?17:26
lazyPowerhmm ok, im' on beta4 atm17:26
lazyPoweri haven't run into that bu ti'll keep my eyes peeled17:26
lazyPowerlink to bug if you file one plz, i'd like to track that17:26
hatchwell I'm not sure how to reproduce it17:27
hatchso the bug report is going to suck :)17:27
hatchbut I guess maybe someone can trace it back17:27
firlanyone able to help me verify if what I am seeing might be a bug or not with my juju / openstack set up?17:32
hatchlazyPower: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1459761 it's not much but maybe it'll help :)17:46
mupBug #1459761: Unable to destroy service/machine/unit <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1459761>17:46
marcoceppifirl: we can try, what are you seeing?17:47
firlUsed juju to deploy juju gui17:48
firlworked fine, then used juju gui to deploy owncloud. The box came up fine and everything17:48
firlthe security group wasn’t configured to expose the ports though, had to manually configure it17:48
marcoceppifirl: did you tell juju to expose owncloud?17:48
firlthat would probably do it17:49
firlnope I didn’t,17:49
marcoceppifirl: in the GUI if you click on OwnCloud you'll see at the bottom left of the inspector the Expose option. In the command line its just "juju expose owncloud"17:49
firlyeah; completely user error17:49
marcoceppino worries17:50
upper--lazyPower: i submitted a pull request for the docs, not sure if i have to tell you or you or someone else will just notice17:50
firlyep that did it, thanks for letting me waste your time marcoceppi17:51
marcoceppifirl: it's never a waste! Glad it was something simple17:51
lazyPowerupper--: we'll take a look shortly, thanks for the contribution!17:51
lazyPowerhatch: awesome, cheers17:51
marcoceppiupper--: #431?17:51
arosales_aisrael, have you tried quickstart in vagrant?17:53
upper--marcoceppi: yes17:53
marcoceppiupper--: thanks for the contribution, one of us will take a look soon for sure17:53
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arosalesif you are having issues with quickstart in vagrant perhaps give deployer a try17:54
arosalesspecifically deployer -c <./path/to/bundle.yaml>17:55
arosalesupper--, chcking with aisrael or tvansteenburgh to see if they have had any issues with quickstart in vagrant17:55
upper--ill try deployer17:55
arosalesupper--, hmm but your manual deploy should have worked if your mirrored the bundle yaml17:57
arosalesupper--, checking with asanjar on the timing17:59
josejcastro: want me to host office hours under ubuntuonair?18:01
jcastrothat sounds awesome to me18:06
jcastromarcoceppi: you in for office hours?18:06
jcastrojose: dang, forgot to post a reminder to the list, on it now.18:07
josecool, will be ready by then18:07
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aisraelarosales: upper-- I've used quickstart under vagrant, but not with bundles (successfully)18:13
arosalesaisrael, interesting something we should put a card out for to test18:13
arosalesie testing vagrant/quickstart/bundles18:14
upper--ill see if i can get maas working properly18:14
arosalesupper--, suggest to stick with deployer -c <bundle-file>18:14
arosalesfor now18:14
aisraelarosales: definitely. I'm finding the documentation re launching from a bundle to be lacking18:14
arosalesupper--, also may be worth comparing to AWS18:14
upper--arosales: okay.. yeah or aws18:15
arosalesand isolate if it is the charm or environment18:15
upper--im about done for the day though18:15
arosalesupper--, understood18:15
arosalesbeen a good whack today18:15
arosalesaisrael, thanks18:15
jcastrojose: can you make the IRC channel for the webapp go here instead of #u-o-a?18:27
josejcastro: definitely, just a matter of changing a line of html18:27
jcastrojose: thanks for hosting, I was dreading getting made fun of by marco for not doing the onair properly.18:31
josewhat? what did you do to the page?18:32
josedid you break it again?18:32
* jose scratches head18:32
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joseso, who's gonna join me today?19:52
joseI know everyone wants to be on air, but don't get too excited19:54
josefor anyone that wants to join, here's the link: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYezWWMOvDIBerQVTv3ZjW4XO3xnVhVshfCm-HXeQlkdqnVBtg19:58
jcastrook everyone, office hours starts in 30 seconds or so20:00
jcastroif you want to participate20:00
jcastrohttp://ubuntuonair.com if you want to just listen in20:00
aisrael^^ that link isn't working for me. The video says "An error occurred. Please try again later."20:07
jcastroI'll take questions in here if you have any20:07
jcastroaisrael: try a hard refresh20:08
jcastrojose: ^^20:08
aisraeljcastro: it just started working20:09
joseaisrael: try again, youtube when we didn't start (a bit of lag)20:09
joserefresh and try again20:09
hazmatjcastro: question: are there any good presentations on juju for a business type audience / ie. high level benefits / whose using it /  etc20:09
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hazmatlazyPower: nice recovery (re kubes)20:14
hazmatlazyPower: re kube is there a way (document?) to run kube e2e on the charms?20:15
hazmatlazyPower: flannel does nesc. do overlays, in some cases its directly modifying the iaas substrate networking20:16
hazmater. doesn't20:16
lazyPowerhazmat: thats fair20:17
lazyPowerhazmat: i wasn't ready at all to give that update, so i shot from the hip20:17
hazmatlazyPower: kube is targetting 1.0 end of june.. their already in feature freeze20:17
lazyPowerhazmat: also regarding kube e2e, thats coming in an action. we just landed the ptestore validation, so e2e is expecting (come pass or fail) by the end of the cycle. I'm guessing in 2 to 3 weeks time.20:18
kwmonroethe core apache bits we're working on for big data: https://jujucharms.com/u/bigdata-dev/apache-core-batch-processing20:18
jcastrohazmat: after kevin finishes we'll move on to your questions20:20
jcastrosorry I missed them the first time20:20
hazmatjcastro: no worries, lazyPower got to them already.. and re presentations .. email to the list would be great.20:22
hazmatjcastro: new question.. where is kafka in the big data landscape?20:24
hazmati just see mine and samuel's old charms.20:24
hazmatits an integral part of many data flow pipelines20:24
hazmatjcastro: what's the state of monitoring services in the charm ecosystem?20:25
jcastrokeep the questions coming, this is awesome!20:25
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hazmatre monitoring what about grafana / statsd / heka / collectd / prometheus?20:27
hazmatpls let's all leave nagios in the 90s where it belongs ;-)20:27
hazmatmarcoceppi: is the monitors interface blogged about or documented?20:29
hazmatsounds like its trying to be a generic that different tools could plug into?20:29
hazmatirc lag kills20:29
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hazmatmarcoceppi: what's the state of networking?20:34
hazmatleader elections.. yipee!20:35
hazmateveryone rewrite your charms ;-)20:35
hazmator even a db upgrade from a common webapp.20:36
hazmatthe container networking in aws is kinda of bogus, only works with default vpc20:37
hazmatmarcoceppi: the aws tagging thing is pretty big as well20:40
hazmatthat's how you get chargeback / measure the cost of an environment in aws.20:40
jrwrenare there docs for how to update charms to use those new states?20:42
hazmat'need to know basis' lol20:44
* hazmat translates i could tell you how to status output on your env, but i'd have to terminate your environment after20:45
lazyPowersoudns about right20:45
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hazmatre dockercon, link?20:46
* hazmat already signed up20:46
hazmatjcastro: link? i don't see anything on insights.canonical.com20:47
jrwrenwhat was that charm with the status examples?20:48
kev_What is best way to bridge  the private interface to make it accessible to to the public network20:48
hazmater.. i mean nothing on insights.ubuntu.com that i see20:48
hazmatjcastro: thanks20:48
jcastrowe haven't pushed it hard yet due to openstack news20:50
jcastrobut we'll be pushing/tweeting it way more over the next few weeks20:50
hazmatjcastro: tweeted already https://twitter.com/kapilvt/status/60402751062450176020:53
marcoceppijcastro: you still around?22:13
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