sgclarkoh qt I guess needs patches.. ew00:04
Etriaphsgclark: OK, the problem I was having earlier seems to be a migration issue.  I performed surgery on my .kde .local and .config folders and kept only what I needed; so far Dolphin is fine.02:32
sgclarkoh nice!02:33
EtriaphBut users migrating up will have issues as it affects the performance of kdialog02:33
EtriaphLibreOffice takes about 45 sec. for the open dialog window to work02:33
EtriaphI'd love to know what settings caused all of this.02:33
sgclarkwell I did notice that kdelibs was not uploaded, it has been now, things will probably need rebuilt. I will let you know when I have done that (not likely tonight)02:35
=== ahoneybun changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - 10 years of friendlyness | Status: Applications 15.04.1 Vivid http://goo.gl/nf5Z40 | https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | Kubuntu at SELF! http://www.southeastlinuxfest.org/ | Meeting Log @15:00 http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/05/26/%23kubuntu-devel.html (minutes due shortly) | Blog Posts: http://piratepad.net/SMwdzifGFc
ahoneybunsgclark: the topic is getting so long02:35
sgclarknot sure what can be removed02:35
sgclarkI still need to add paslam to that too lol02:35
sgclarkerr plasma02:36
ahoneybunis it just me but are all the blog posts gone from fridge.ubuntu.com02:39
ahoneybunI'm sure I saw ScottK and Riddell's post there02:39
joseit's just you02:39
ahoneybunnight sgclark02:40
EtriaphNow to reconfigure my desktop02:41
[Relic]Etriaph, found a bug page for the problem I was having -  https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=341930  - But thanks for the help before trying to figure out why it wasn't working right; hopefully the fix for it will be out soon04:19
ubottuKDE bug 341930 in core "Session management in porting preproc branch" [Minor,Confirmed]04:19
Etriaph[Relic]: Ah, good to know someone knows about it.04:19
[Relic]went to force a session, couldn't figure out how to do that and then found that bug listed04:20
EtriaphThe start of a new KDE release can be rocky.  Once it's 5.3.3 or something I'm sure most of these little things will get resolved.04:21
palassosgclark: I just read your post on planet KDE. By reading your post (barrier to entry, CI) reminded me of an interview I had listened to on a podcast and I went on to check, and indeed it was you on Women's Tech Radio! I am happy for you finding your path in the FLOSS way. I will repeat what I said yesterday to Riddell and ScottK. This unprecedented move has no real effect (and probably motive) besides trying to defame Riddell and 06:26
palassodemotivate the Kubuntu team. I say to all the Kubuntu Team to become even more motivated about your project because of this incident and because your project matters. If your project wasn't as important as it is then none of this would happen. You keep alive the true Ubuntu spirit with a true vibrant community and a lot of happy users.06:26
EtriaphHere here palasso06:34
RiddellHugs to palasso!06:54
lordievaderGood morning.07:11
BluesKajHiyas all11:17
sitterRiddell: are you fixing the frameworks on kci?11:17
sitterit appears frameworks being broken now turned half the apps to the dark side as well11:17
clivejohi BluesKaj11:19
BluesKajHi clivejo11:30
clivejoI see Jonathans made it onto the register too! - http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/05/27/kubuntu_ubuntu_loses_head_shuttleworth_riddell/11:32
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sgclarkpalasso: thanks :)11:59
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apolMaybe somebody would be kind enough to provide packages for Kubuntu? https://userbase.kde.org/Kamoso/3.0#Alpha16:00
clivejohi apol16:01
clivejoI have been trying to build purpose16:01
clivejobut not having any luck16:01
sgclarkclivejo: what is the issue? perhaps I can help16:02
sgclarkapol: we will get it done :)16:02
apolclivejo, sgclark: maybe you want to introduce the following patch ef91ff34f6353c30b19f875e5eb15da02c0322e516:03
apolthat helped with KaOS16:03
clivejoQQmlComponent: Component is not ready16:03
clivejo-- Could NOT find QMLModule (missing:  Ubuntu.OnlineAccount) (found suitable version "0.1", minimum required is "0.1")16:03
clivejodbus interface not valid16:03
apolthat's just a warning16:04
apolit's a runtime dependency16:04
clivejoCMake Error at src/plugins/CMakeLists.txt:2 (kcoreaddons_add_plugin):16:05
clivejo  Unknown CMake command "kcoreaddons_add_plugin".16:05
apolclivejo: what KF5 version are you using?16:06
clivejowily + next stage 2 ppa16:06
sgclarkapol: 5.9 I believe16:06
sgclarkwe have not yet uploaded 5.1016:07
apolit was introduced in April 20th, on 5f5c73754d70881837455b3d67ee3994f303cbc716:07
apolmaybe 5.10 is needed16:07
sgclarkok, I will work on 5.10 today then16:08
clivejoIm waiting on new framework 16:08
sgclarkclivejo: I will let you know when it is ready16:08
sgclarkas soon as I figure out where Riddell put it16:09
clivejoI cant build Kamoso as it requires purpose16:09
clivejosaid its on a private ftp somewhere?16:09
sgclarkhmm he said he started it yesterday so it should be in a ppa and needs fixing likely. I will find it.16:10
clivejoI havent updated today as there were reports of bad breakages16:12
ronnocahoneybun: I don't see those articles on the fridge either16:13
clivejoapol what version is purpose?16:22
sitterRiddell, clivejo: kindly do note that the libkf5purpose has a soversion 5, unless that is lowered to 0 I don't think packaging it is a good idea at this point16:24
apolclivejo: yes16:26
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Riddellsgclark: did you find it?17:16
sgclarkRiddell: yep :)17:16
clivejoETA ??  :P17:17
sgclarkgosh it will take tim esorry, got many things going17:17
clivejono problem, Im watching Google IO and having a hearty laugh17:18
clivejoIll have to update my tractor to Android M and it will do everything for me17:19
dsDestruktivHello guys. I'm pretty new to Linux/Kubuntu and just noticed that the authentification dialog for root rights (when clicking a .deb package) is in english, but the rest of my desktop is in german and set to german. So i assume there is just a translation missing for that dialog? How can i "help" with that? Is that a KDE Problem or a Kubuntu problem (because it happens when you click a .deb package)17:56
dsDestruktivexample: http://i.imgur.com/sIYXxZg.png17:56
sgclarkdsDestruktiv: hmm good question, let me investigate17:59
Riddellit's polkit-kde-1 I think18:11
Riddelland it may well be missing picking up some locale setting18:11
Riddellor it may be missing translations18:12
dsDestruktivRiddell: can you give me a quick "starter guide" how i could help with translating stuff that is missing for my language (that dialog ... the "driver manager" in system settings .. when creating new users via gui etc ... parts of it still in english) ..  like where do i have to go/look to help? I'm a noob so sorry for that beginner question ;)18:26
dsDestruktivjust want to give something back for that amazing system I'm using now for 5 days18:27
Etriaphsgclark: OK, so dolphin isn't *quite* fixed.  You can add places in dolphin and the weird behavior I saw was repaired by my removing all non-essential configuration from ~/.local ~/.kde and ~/.config  But, you can't add a place to *only* dolphin.  Setting it to display the place while running Dolphin only has no effect.18:54
sgclarkEtriaph: is this with 15.04.1 ?18:54
Etriaphsgclark: Yup.18:54
sgclarkok, yeah I need to rebuild everything, then, dernit.18:55
EtriaphAww, sorry :(18:55
sgclarkmay as well go back to previous till I get that done18:55
sgclarknp, the life of a packager lol18:55
EtriaphI'd like to get ahoneybun and I together to document that packaging process at some point, if one of us can get trained.  Would speed up getting people in the drivers seat in that regard.18:56
sgclarkbut thanks for testing! imagine that going out to everyone...18:56
sgclarkyes we need more packagers for certain18:56
sgclarkmy problem is time, I put on too many hats between kubuntu and kde : /18:56
sgclarkor I would train everyone! lol18:57
Etriaphsgclark: Give a man a fish, feed him today.  Teach him to fish, feed him for life.  :D18:57
sgclarkvery true18:58
ahoneybunEtriaph: learn RST :)18:58
Etriaphahoneybun: I'm a rails developer, RST and MD were kind of in my path learning their framework.18:58
sgclarkPerhapps we need a "packaging day" where we can all sit down and train en mass18:58
ahoneybun:) then you would teach me XD18:58
ahoneybunsgclark: ++18:59
Etriaphsgclark: At some point when Riddell has the time for it (I know he's working with KDDA on it right now) I'm going to take his training and write a manual of sorts.18:59
sgclarkThat would be wonderful18:59
sgclarkand yes he is a great teacher, he taught me18:59
Etriaphahoneybun: What about RST is troubling you?19:00
Etriaphsgclark: I've written enough manuals in the private sector for clients that it shouldn't be an obstacle to document it.19:01
ahoneybunEtriaph: nothing I'm loving it lol19:01
sgclarkwow great!19:01
ahoneybunatm anything19:01
Etriaphahoneybun: Oh :D19:01
EtriaphUgh, pulseaudio ftl19:02
EtriaphOr alsa rather.19:04
EtriaphOK, quick reboot.19:06
sgclarkerr someone broke the status pages.. can't see what the dependency it is waiting on :(19:16
clivejosgclark: yesterday there was a problem with digikam kgeomap, when I look at the packages I generated there is a libkgeomap2 package19:20
clivejoI did a apt-get update yesterday and got digikam from the archive, which is missing the geomapping stuff19:21
clivejoreinstall the packages I built and it works19:22
sgclarkclivejo: right. We can't use the geomapping version until 15.04.1 gets uploaded. Which unfortunately has to be rebuilt.19:30
clivejoits a shared package?19:30
sgclarklibkgeomap yep19:31
clivejooh right19:31
clivejowhat is holding 15.04.1 up?19:32
Riddellsgclark: I made http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/kf5-status/build_status_5.10.0_wily.html19:36
clivejohi Riddell19:38
ovidiu-florinhello world19:47
ovidiu-florinany council members in here?19:47
ovidiu-florinI'd like to ask for some advice19:49
clivejothat was a long reboot @ Etriaph, did you have problems?19:50
Etriaphclivejo: Uh, no, I rebooted then went to fetch a coffee, then had to make some.. :D19:50
* genii 's ears perk up for a second19:51
EtriaphThough I've learned for the future that if alsa 'glitches' I should unplug then plug back in my headphone jack19:51
EtriaphWhen I want to use the mix I have to do the same.19:52
ovidiu-florinI'll send an email19:52
ahoneybunsend it to the KC ML ovidiu-florin :)19:54
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: that's what I meant19:54
ovidiu-florinactually I'll send it to devel19:54
ovidiu-florinso everyone can comment19:54
clivejohi soee20:08
dsDestruktiv   /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER dsDestruktiv xvyrrvzkskhp20:09
dsDestruktivomg ... this is why copy&paste sucks guys -.-20:09
vipoh, just add credentials to your fav irc client20:10
clivejocongrats on a hard to guess password though!20:10
dsDestruktivclivejo: its just for completing registration/verifying email, not the actual password ^^20:12
clivejoso it is!20:12
sgclarkclivejo: the hold up it I am one person working on 15.04.1 (needs rebuild) , 5.3.1 plasma, 5.10.0 kf5 + I operate the CI @ build.kde.org + I have family in town all next week and I must clean this pig sty I call a home. Sorry.20:14
clivejosgclark: Im not assigning blame or anything like that, just wondering if there are problems and if there is any way to help20:15
clivejoyou guys are doing a great job!20:16
sgclarkperhap figure how to clone people lol20:18
sgclarkI particularily would like one to clean my house. 20:18
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: you around/????????20:21
ahoneybunyea ovidiu-florin20:22
ovidiu-florincan I call you?????20:22
ahoneybunwhat is with all the  "????"20:22
ovidiu-florinfinger got stuck20:23
ahoneybunScottK: around?20:25
ahoneybunthat was a bit over a min btw ovidiu-florin but its cool20:25
ahoneybunnot sure about the price of the call but can't be to crazy of a price20:26
ahoneybunsick_rimmit: Rick!20:27
sick_rimmitahoneybun: Hey buddy :-)20:27
ahoneybunwonderful video you made20:28
sick_rimmitThanks, I just felt like doing it, after reading Scarlets blog20:29
sick_rimmitGot a great comment on YouTube, from a Rich oliver, who lives near by to me and wants to help promote Kubuntu in the UK20:30
sick_rimmitThis is good20:31
soeehave faith guys :) kubuntu is better and better 20:31
* sick_rimmit believes20:31
* ahoneybun knows it20:31
soeemy promo website is under construction 20:31
clivejogot a link?20:31
soeewill promot kubutnu even more :)20:31
ahoneybunthats cool sick_rimmit20:31
sick_rimmitAce, ovidiu-florina ahoneybun and I have a new Kubuntu Podcast ( Video and Audio ) coming, perhaps it can go on your website soee20:32
soeesick_rimmit: i need some time to get it done but yes - i want there a lot of videos20:32
ahoneybunsick_rimmit: be awesome to have a episode at Akademy :)20:33
sick_rimmitsoee: in your own time, no pressure..20:33
* ahoneybun needs to get to work on the Doc move20:33
sick_rimmitWell it will be up on YouTube on the 17th almost as soon as we finish it20:34
sick_rimmitI hope to complete the audio render within 1 week of each recording, and put them somewhere on the web20:34
ahoneybunsick_rimmit: https://github.com/ahoneybun/kubuntu-manual20:36
Etriaphsick_rimmit: Will you be sending a link to those videos to the mailing lists?20:37
sick_rimmitYes, well I hope someone will, like perhaps ahoneybun or ovidiu-florin20:38
sick_rimmitWe have Kubuntu Podcast Google+ page20:38
sick_rimmitand a YouTube Channel20:38
sick_rimmitSo I guess we can promote, the shows before and after production by sharing those channels on list20:38
ahoneybunI'll shot them on all our MLs20:39
sick_rimmitWho is in the Kubuntu Docs team ?20:41
ahoneybunI think me lol20:42
clivejoThats some team!20:42
ahoneybunI mean valorie does help a lot with ideas and proofreads for me20:42
ahoneybunovidiu-florin helps as well from the techinical side20:43
* sick_rimmit dives off to terminal land to clone the Kubuntu-Docs repo20:44
ovidiu-florinsoee: what promo site?20:44
ahoneybunmy -manual on github or the -docs on LP sick_rimmit?20:45
sick_rimmitYour manual20:45
ahoneybunsame stuff really but I took some dead links in my -manual that was in the -docs and userbase pages20:45
ahoneybunok cool20:46
sick_rimmitI thought I might create a branch, and write a bunch of old waffle.. 20:46
ahoneybunon mine I call it -manual to tie into ubuntu-manual and lubuntu-manual to make things more unified20:46
sick_rimmitsee I can get pull request... we'll see20:46
* ahoneybun is doing a talk on it at SELF XD20:47
sick_rimmitOh dear...20:49
clivejocan I see the youtube video?20:49
* sick_rimmit needs a crash course in RST and Sphinx20:49
ahoneybunsick_rimmit: http://docutils.sourceforge.net/docs/user/rst/quickref.html#example-foldin20:50
ahoneybunsick_rimmit: in a few mins I'm going to push a update20:50
ahoneybunjust a heads up20:50
sick_rimmitThen how about something a bit more light heared20:51
* sick_rimmit is such an idiot20:51
clivejoah, you're rick!20:51
* sick_rimmit nods20:52
ahoneybunit was not bad really20:53
ahoneybunpretty good20:54
ahoneybunkrunner is using alt+space now right?20:55
ahoneybunin 15.04?20:55
ahoneybunalt+f2 no loner works?20:56
yofelboth work20:56
ahoneybunok cool20:56
ahoneybunI'll stick with one in the Docs though20:56
ahoneybunsince all the old stuff will have that 20:57
ahoneybunany problems so far with RST sick_rimmit?20:59
sick_rimmitahoneybun: I haven't looked at it yet, I'm afraid that'll have to be enough21:00
sick_rimmittime this evening21:00
ahoneybunoh np21:00
sick_rimmitI suppose I thought it would be an ODT 21:00
ahoneybunI'll be around if you have any question or need help21:00
sick_rimmitor a Scribus file21:00
sick_rimmitBut I need to look at Sphinx for work, so it'll happen21:01
ahoneybunits pretty damn cool21:01
ahoneybunI can get HTML out of it, LaTex, ePub21:01
* ahoneybun looks at ovidiu-florin's email21:03
sgclarkumm, I have my own web server VPS21:05
sgclarkjust an fyi21:05
ovidiu-florinsgclark: so do I21:07
ovidiu-florinbut I'm barely maintaing it21:07
ovidiu-florinand it's the lowest spec21:08
sgclarkI admit it is alot of work21:08
ovidiu-florinI don't think it would handle the Kubuntu site21:08
sgclarkthat I should probably not offer to add on to lol21:08
ovidiu-florinplus, the offer I've presented, takes care of everything21:08
ahoneybunomg Kate why you hate me21:09
clivejois -j4 option in debuild threads or cores?21:09
EtriaphKate doesn't hate.21:12
* Etriaph hugs Kate21:12
* ahoneybun grabs water21:14
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: it's not Kate21:16
ovidiu-florinit's KDEinit21:16
yofelclivejo: processes21:17
ahoneybungot Kate to work21:18
sick_rimmitIs there an issue with hosting for the Kubuntu site ?21:22
* sick_rimmit reads his email and answers his own question21:25
* sick_rimmit is not multi-threaded ;-(21:25
* clivejo adds another thread21:29
clivejosick_rimmit -j221:29
sick_rimmitclivejo: Oo thanks very much21:43
* sick_rimmit look 2 hands21:43
clivejovery welcome21:44
sick_rimmitOK, Folks its that time of night, I've got to go, nite all21:44
Guest2455hi - is there an ETA on the plasma 5.3.1 release ?  (I know you have had some sort of minor 'management issues')21:45
ahoneybunwas going to tell him I pushed the changes21:47
Guest2455ps - seems that the treatment of Riddell was totally unfair.21:49
ahoneybunwho controls the mailing list?21:50
ahoneybunthe both -devel and -user21:51
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clivejoGuest2455: 5.3.1 is a bit delayed, no ETA just as soon as someone with experience gets it sorted!21:55
Guest2455clivejo: groovy!22:06
ahoneybunRiddell: valorie or shadeslayer I need some help with the -devel ML22:11
* ahoneybun got around to getting back on the ML's22:15
valorieahoneybun: back, looking22:40
valorieyou mean you successfully subbed?22:47
ahoneybunyea I'll keep both emails on there22:48
valorieyou can set one as nomail if you want22:48
valoriea convenient way to be able to post from whatever22:48
ahoneybunvalorie: updated: https://github.com/ahoneybun/kubuntu-manual22:50
valoriegotta read up; been weeding out in the yard22:55
EtriaphEr.. k3b doesn't work anymore.23:05
* Etriaph cries.23:05
QuintasanEtriaph: You have to provide more information, does it crash or something?23:05
EtriaphQuintasan: Just going through the steps before I log a bug.  It claims it can't burn the disk due to low disk space; burning an audio disc with 9.8GB free on the / partition23:06
QuintasanThis is a CD I assume?23:06
EtriaphI'm using the next-stage2 PPA23:06
Quintasan>Kubuntu Next Stage 2 (DON'T USE)23:07
QuintasanI'm plenty we the stuff there can be broken.23:07
EtriaphOK, I got it working, it couldn't write to the /tmp folder so I switched the dir to something in /home23:08
EtriaphOdd though, never experienced that before23:08
QuintasanEtriaph: I believe that /tmp is a normal directory in /23:09
Quintasanunless you did something like mounting it to tmpfs23:09
EtriaphAnd I can write to that folder, did: touch /tmp/test.txt23:10
QuintasanEtriaph: Can has output of df -ha ?23:10
EtriaphSysinfo for 'eden': Running inside KDE Plasma 5 on Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) powered by Linux 3.19.0-18-generic, CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz at 1634-2420/3900 MHz, RAM: 7454/7945 MB, Storage: 470/1047 GB, 291 procs, 4.05h up23:11
EtriaphIf that's relevant23:11
QuintasanI could venture a guess that it either ran out of memory23:11
Quintasanor tried to write to /run23:11
EtriaphBut it didn't run out of memory when I changed it to ~/Documents/K3B Temp23:12
EtriaphAnd it was trying to write to /tmp/some_random_string23:12
QuintasanEtriaph: ls -al /tmp please23:12
QuintasanAlright, I'm out of ideas.23:14
EtriaphI burned the disc, I'm all good.23:14
ahoneybunEtriaph: yay! https://github.com/ahoneybun/kubuntu-manual/blob/master/source/docs/repositories.rst23:15
Quintasanahoneybun: Please do note you can use shorthand notation when adding PPAs: ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports23:16
Quintasanahoneybun: I'll do some pull-requests later next week if you don't mind23:17
ahoneybunI don't mind one bit Quintasan and thanks for the tip23:17
* ahoneybun is just learning git23:18
* Etriaph updates clone23:18
EtriaphErr.. my copy is up to date..23:18
ahoneybunI just pushed a update 2hrs ago23:18
EtriaphDid: git pull origin master23:19
EtriaphDid you commit then push?23:21
EtriaphYa, it's on gh, wth23:22
EtriaphOh, nvm, I'm crazy.  I forked it and I was trying to update my fork.23:22
Quintasanahoneybun: Did you read Pro Git?23:23
Quintasanahoneybun: If not then - https://progit.org/ . I have taught several people git and it usually solved most of the problems and/or misconceptions they had.23:25
ahoneybundid not know about that Quintasan, thanks23:25
ahoneybunI'll look at it when I get back brb23:26
EtriaphOK, all good now.23:31
* Etriaph used CVS and SVN for a looooong time.23:31
Etriaphahoneybun: It's coming along nicely, good screen caps :D23:33
ahoneybunthanks Etriaph :)23:41
* ahoneybun reads Pro Git23:47
Etriaphahoneybun: If you haven't used it yet, qgit is a nice graphical client.23:52
Etriaphahoneybun: Until I started using a JetBrains IDE full time, I used that quite a bit.23:53

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