BlubberbopIs it a known problem that certain file actions take literally like 5 minutes? if I do "save as", the requester does not show, sometimes for like 30 minutes.. then suddenly, tadaaaaaah, its there.. Same with then uploading a file.. krunner, comes up, I start typing, and it freezes for 5 minutes..00:10
BlubberbopAnd its only the first time.. after that its alright until I reboot00:10
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rosco_yWhat's a good way to update my Flash Player Plugin for FireFox?02:42
rosco_yI found this, but I'm using 15.04, does it matter?  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/i386/flashplugin-installer/
rosco_yDoes this look like the installer file I should use?  flashplugin-installer_10.1.53.64ubuntu0.10.04.3_i386.deb (19.5 KiB)02:44
rosco_y(Are there separate files for 32 bit / 64 bit?02:44
rosco_yWell, I downloaded it and tried to open it with the installer, and it failed.02:46
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s0n1c__666whos here.05:47
s0n1c__666cool. good05:48
s0n1c__666i did not know05:48
s0n1c__666who else ?05:48
s0n1c__666anyone can answer a question ?05:49
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:50
s0n1c__666Question.... can someone help me mask my nick please.05:50
s0n1c__666i had some issues doing it earlier.05:50
__dan__morning :)05:58
__dan__have a look at this https://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup05:58
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode06:00
__dan__lol you get that question often? ;) neat trick06:01
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arishi room i d like to ask in the Kubuntu 15.04 ppa s will we kf  5.10.0 Applications 15.04.1 or Plasma 5.3.1 thanx06:44
__dan__aris: at the moment the backports PPA is plasma 5.3.0, kf 5.9.0, apps 15.04.006:48
lordievaderGood morning.07:11
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VagaStormI have a rather od problem on the latest version of kubuntu. If I plug my laptop into a monitor, the application menu sometimes stops working. Unplug the monitor, and it's back on the laptop... Loging out and back in will bring it back on my monitor to...08:49
mefistosome icons don't appear which worked in the past. eg thunderbird shows a blank icon. anyone know why, or how to fix it?09:03
mefisto_some icons don't appear which worked in the past. eg thunderbird shows a blank icon. anyone know why, or how to fix it?10:23
hateballmefisto: http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2014/06/where-are-my-systray-icons/10:28
BluesKajHiyas all11:17
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williamjhey, i want to collect all data from my huawei p6. a hisuite alternative is what i'm looking for. thx11:35
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patrick__I am trying to set up a network folder via ssh in kubuntu 15.04, it keeps telling it is unable to connect to the server - i have pinged the server its there.11:54
tim__I originally loaded and used Ubuntu and now Kubuntu.  The K is King !12:20
xennex81KDE is indeed king these days. I must say in the past I also prefered KDE when it was still an infant ;-).12:57
xennex81It just looks a thousand times better now.12:57
xennex81At least, when the icons are not Breeze....................12:57
xennex81I have usability issues with Breeze.12:57
Rezacan i install and use clonezilla on ubuntu?13:03
mparilloLooks like you can (not that I have tried): http://paste.ubuntu.com/11411702/13:08
BluesKajReza, yes it's in the package manager/repos13:10
RezaBluesKaj i didnt see any repos of it if had please let me know13:11
BluesKajReza, it's in the universe repository , sudo apt-get install clonezilla13:13
zaapielhello world13:14
BluesKajwell the world of kubuntu anyway :-)13:15
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RezaBluesKa thanks man13:17
Rezai only see it website and they didnt mention it at all13:17
BluesKajReza, did you see it in the software center?13:19
lordievader!info clonezilla13:19
ubottuclonezilla (source: clonezilla): bare metal backup and recovery of disk drives. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.10.11-1 (vivid), package size 678 kB, installed size 2624 kB13:19
BluesKajdd also works13:20
BluesKaj!info dd13:21
ubottuPackage dd does not exist in vivid13:21
BluesKajguest it's just a command13:21
lordievaderdd is in coreutils.13:22
lordievader!info coreutils13:22
ubottucoreutils (source: coreutils): GNU core utilities. In component main, is required. Version 8.23-3ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 1137 kB, installed size 6564 kB13:22
BluesKajanyway I used dd to copy an install from one drive to another and it worked like a charm13:24
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James0ris it true that kubuntu is merging with Manjaro?14:37
badbodhJames0r, show your face coward14:38
BluesKajJames0r, don't believe internet rumours14:41
BluesKajJames0r, I suppose that was meant as a joke14:42
badbodhJames0r, get over here, NOW!14:48
badbodhflap it, m off14:49
* James0r is not here. please move along14:49
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kaddihi, i have a problem with my kubuntu (64bit, 14.10). The clock in the system tray only updates if I switch windows or click on the systrem tray.. it can be off by more than 30min if I work on something for a long time16:20
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Guest93539I need a quick help. can anyone here?16:54
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:56
kaddihi, i have a problem with my kubuntu (64bit, 14.10). The clock in the system tray only updates if I switch windows or click on the systrem tray.. it can be off by more than 30min if I work on something for a long time16:57
Guest93539I just installed Kubuntu 15.04. but my laptop has nvidia go 6200 and Plasma doesn't show correctly. I already tried to manually install via krunner the nvidia-304 , and now it get stuck on logo. already uninstalled the drivers, but still stuck in logo. any idea?16:58
mparilloGuest93539: Have you tried nomodeset? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313217:02
Guest93539let me check17:02
BluesKajand once you're logged in , Guest93539 , open ssytem settings and open driver manager , there install the recommended driver, which might not be the 30417:06
Guest93539the problem is that I can use the graphic interface17:06
* genii ponders kde bug 30866317:06
ubottuKDE bug 308663 in widget-clock "Clock gets stuck in multiple monitor setup" [Normal,Confirmed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30866317:06
Guest93539it is frozen. I only have access to terminal window17:06
Guest93539*CAN'T use17:07
geniikaddi: Is the clock on a panel which is not the primary screen?17:07
Guest93539I will try to add the nomodeset17:07
kaddigenii: no, this is a laptop, i only have a single screen.. I dont' think i've even connected this to a beamer at any point17:08
kaddibut I'm not using the default resolution if that's of any importance?17:08
geniikaddi: OK. ..the resolution should not really matter. The KDE bug I found above has same problem of clock freeze but only on secondary monitors. So likely not the same root cause.17:09
geniikaddi: This is only the second time I've heard of this happening, and the first time it was the mentioned bug at fault17:10
kaddigenii: yeah, it's not a big deal only when I'm 30min late because I didn't realise the clock was broken :p17:10
kaddigenii: what is the default font for the digital clock, do you know? I wonder if it has something to do with that17:12
geniikaddi: I think Ubuntu font17:13
kaddiok, now to wait a minute :D17:14
kaddino, that's not helping17:15
geniikaddi:  Is your time and date being synchronized from an external server, or just off the motherboard clock?17:15
kaddiexternal server17:16
kaddiand i checked hwclock is updating correctly, while the applet isn't17:16
geniiSymptoms seem to point towards something like power saving of the video area by not refreshing it, or not refreshing the panel which could be due to a number of causes like process scheduling or such17:17
kaddihmm, ok, lemme check the power saving17:18
geniikaddi: Have you tried to see if the problem persists if you take it off of power saving?17:18
geniiFood here, nominally AFK17:19
kaddii don't think it's on powersaving now.. the ac is blugged in17:19
kaddikk, me too.. we could just reconvene in 20min ;p17:19
Guest93539cannot fix it.. I will try to install it all over again. can I force the nvidia drivers during the installation?17:21
BluesKajGuest93539:  can you get to the login screen ?17:23
naught101Is there a way to enable krunner command history in plasma 5?17:23
BluesKajnaught101:  afraid not17:24
geniikaddi: If you put the clock on the desktop does it freeze there also, or just when it's on the panel?17:25
kaddii'll check17:25
kaddigenii: only in systray apparently17:27
kaddithat's fascinating17:27
kaddii'll remove the clock and readd it17:28
kaddisee if that helps17:28
kaddigenii: removing and readding it didn't help.. so it's to do with the refershing of the systray?17:31
geniikaddi: Sure looks that way. Probably something in dbus17:32
kaddican you highlight me again in 5 seconds.. let's see if the konversation icon will appear in systray :p17:32
geniikaddi:  ping ping17:33
kaddik go :)17:33
kaddiplease once more :17:33
geniikaddi: Try #217:34
kaddiyeah, not updating17:35
geniiwork, afk17:35
kaddigenii: k... I feel stupid now.. Reboot solved it.. When I was looking for the konversation icon, I noticed a reboot-needed from the last update I did... I guess there was a loss of communication due to some update...17:40
kaddiIt's weird I could've sworn that it's been broken for longer than I haven't rebooted17:40
geniikaddi: Well, let's hope it doesn't re-occur :) Very unusual to see that problem17:41
kaddiyeah, I'll come back and update you if it does ;)17:41
geniikaddi: I'm pretty much always here Mon-Fri 9-5 EDT17:41
kadditimezones >.>17:42
kaddiUS, yes?17:42
geniikaddi: Toronto, Canada17:42
kaddiah sorry :p17:42
kaddiyeah, similar time zone though :)17:42
geniiYep :)17:42
kaddik, i'll try to make the mental arithmatic to get it right :D17:42
geniikaddi: If the problem was persisting longer it might be due to not actually powering off but maybe hibernate/suspend instead of actual cold power off or reboot17:43
kaddiyeah I should've done an uptime before rebooting to know :p17:44
kaddihindsight is a great thing :D17:44
excalibrin kde5, where is konsole theme saved in?17:46
kaddiis kde5 shipped with 15.04?17:46
Gamayunexcalibr: ~/.local/share/konsole ?17:47
excalibrThanks. I was searching for it in ~/.kde I thought everything kde would be kept in that dir17:49
lordievaderkaddi: Yes, plasma5 is shipped with Vivid (15.04).17:54
Gamayunexcalibr: ;) The logic beats me too, sometimes.17:54
kaddilordievader: thanks.. I might wait a bit longer with migrating then :p17:54
Irish_canonanyone here17:56
lordievaderIrish_canon: See /names ;)17:57
Irish_canonid like monitor the files that are copied movied to a usb17:59
excalibroh my18:13
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grzeshey i install kubuntu . Where is telepathy and configure ?18:30
xennex81< telepathically configuring telepathy for you >18:35
geniigrzes: It's in backports18:40
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ni291187anyone know if 15.04 has a bug fix for x11_kwin yet21:14
N3X15Welp.  Kubuntu 15.04 just went from merely cosmetically dysfunctional to completely broken when updating to the latest VirtualBox guest additions (4.3.28)21:35
N3X15Task switcher is completely missing, for one.21:35
N3X15Desktop is also missing.21:36
clivejodid you "sudo dolphin" or any other GUI?21:38
N3X15Second, it's in the middle of removing
N3X15I'll reinstall it and give it a shot21:40
N3X15Yep, dolphin comes up fine.  Still no task switcher.21:47
N3X15All I have is Konsole from a prior session and the dolphin I opened from Konsole.21:48
clivejohave you tried to sudo dolphin from a konsole window?21:49
clivejothis tend to break it21:49
N3X15No, I did it because I thought you told me to21:50
clivejoI asked have you ever done it21:50
clivejook not sure what the problem is then21:51
N3X15I'm just going to assume it's the VirtualBox modules, then21:51
clivejoI use VB and have had no issues21:52
N3X15Possible with a sprinkling of Plasma-5.3-isn't-stable-but-someone-marked-it-stable-for-Kubuntu, too, which has had its own rash of problems.21:53
clivejostable for me :/21:53
clivejoNVdia is my only issue21:53
N3X15https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=346481 It's buggy as hell on every PC I've tried it on.21:55
ubottuKDE bug 346481 in Theme - Breeze "15.04.0 Breeze dark theme doesn't change some UI icons - hard to see" [Minor,Unconfirmed]21:55
N3X15Dark Breeze, for instance, changes the taskbar into a white-on-white eyesore21:55
N3X15Plus, theme selection doesn't work, changing individual app themes doesn't work, colors don't apply half the time, and some other stuff I can't remember off the top of my head21:56
N3X15Yeah, just checked dmesg, getting a bunch of GL errors from the VirtualBox kernel modules.22:08
N3X15So stay away from 4.3.28's guest additions22:09
scottn_workclivejo: From my perspective it seems stability of plasma largely depends on what you're doing. For me it's mostly stable (provided I use the Intel chipset on my hybrid laptop and not Nouveau/Nvidia) and provided I don't try to do any actual work and just do the "normal" things people do like browse the web and read their email.22:20
clivejoI do run a lot of stuff22:22
scottn_workclivejo: The bug's that particular affect me (most are logged as bugs) are lack of usable session management, right click on Konsole causing to hang, graphics corruption on resume when using Nvidia, complete failure to start X when using nouveau, no support for legacy system tray programs (e.g. pidgin and teamviewer) and others I don't remember off the top of my head right now.22:28
Irish_canondoes %USER% mean the same in bash that it does in Windows22:30
scottn_workOn the plus side I like the Breeze theme mostly and I like the new default font22:31
N3X15Here's the log from plasma-desktop, if anyone cares: http://pastebin.com/dYcQb4zF22:47
kibouIrish_canon take a look at bash convention it's shell dependant, u want to use $USER ($ kinda replaces %...% )22:47
Irish_canonjust a single $ or $user$22:47
kibou$USER   put echo $USER in your shell22:48
kiboushould echo your username22:48
Noob137I am having a sound problem related to ALSA, HDMI, Realtek 892 on an Asus Z97-A mobo, and my googlefoo has not found solutions but only infinitely many ways to break my PC.23:19
Noob137I can post lspci -v, aplay -lL etc., if someone is able to lend a hand.23:20
Noob137Quiet room for how many folks are in here.23:36
GamayunNoob137: What exactly is the problem?23:38
Noob137@Gamayun: I have sound on Line Out, but can't get it on HDMI, and have no HDMI device listed23:41
Noob137Even though I'm using HDMI to my TV to type this.23:41
Noob137Google revealed many folks had similar problems back with Ubuntu 12.04 and earlier, and many odd changes, like /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-sound.conf adding a line or whatnot, but nothing similar to that seems to work for me.23:44
Noob137Other people seem to have had the device listed under aplay -L, and just had to add it as a preferred device or something similar - but I don't even have it listed there.23:45
GamayunNoob137: Hm... it's not listed in the 'profile' drop down menu under hardware? (it's not in the device preference tab)23:45
Noob137All I have is "Built-in Analog Stereo" listed.23:46
Noob137This all with an Asus Z97-A motherboard with a Realtek ALC892 card, which apparently is all kinds of trouble for all varieties of Linux?23:47
GamayunCould be..23:50

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