blrwgrant: have the setproject form toggling nicely now (and it actually makes sense!)00:51
blrerr setbranch00:52
wgrantSetting a project's project is a nice concept.00:52
blryou can never have too much recursion.00:53
blrwgrant: oh btw, there was a sensible reason for the avoidance of selectors, they would require the selector-css3 module which we're not using.01:01
blralthough I can't see any reason not to01:02
blrwgrant: have the comment nav working, it slotted in nicely.08:40
blrwill ping you in the morning when the diff has rendered :P08:41
wgrantblr: Yay :)09:40
blrwgrant: chance of rendering an lp diff preview today?23:04
wgrantblr: New diffs will work fine once the branch scans.23:04
wgrantAnd we'll hopefully have the missing 25TB in place in a few minutes.23:04

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